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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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last night's shooting. spotting skimmers. we show you what these devices look like and why they're so hard to catch. this is wdbj-7 at six. i'm jean jadhon. and i'm chris hurst. we now know how 13 year old nicole lovell died. preliminary results from the medical examiner's office were released this afternoon. also today a new more serious charge is filed against natalie keepers, one of the two virginia tech students charged in lovell's death. wdbj7's justin ward is live at the courthouse. what new learn today about how she died? the commonwealth's attorney says nicole lovell was stabbed to death. that's coming from the medical examiner's office in roanoke. she said it happened last wednesday, the same day lovell went missing. a very upset panda bear stood tuesday afternoon with a message of daughter, nicole lovell. tammy "coley had a passion for
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being on american she left the podium statement, overcome with emotion. lovell's youth pastor finished what was written. josh blankenship/youth pastor: "what it meant to lose you no one will ever know." now the woman charged in the case is being accused of perhaps more involvement, natalie keepers was already charged with improper disposal of a body and being an accessory after the fact. now she faces a third charge- being an accessory before the fact of first degree murder - a charge that is punished the same as first degree murder. mary pettitt/montgomery county commonwealth attorney: "that charge carries a term from 20 years to life in prison." blacksburg police chief anthony enforcement is processing more than 400 tips. chief anthony police: federal investigators assigned to the case progress with reconstructing the timeline of those two individuals' movements and activities leading up to nicole's abduction
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david eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder in lovell's death. i learned he has family in the galax and grayson county area not far from where lovell's body was found in surry county, north carolina. it's not clear if he was familiar with that area. live in christiansburg, justin ward, wdbj7 while they may not understand all the legal proceedings to come, nicole's friends and classmates are mourning her loss this week at school. wdbj7's eamon o'meara is also live with how they are remembering the 7th grader. chris... if you walk around blackburg middle school today you won't hear too much, as the students and staff are still shocked over the loss of nicole lovell. but what you'll see are great memories of the 13-year old made by her classmates. students wrote messages, drawings, and notes for nicole and her family. there are even some messages left on the boards in classrooms. one of the memorials done by four of nicole's friends is on display in the cafeteria for
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the classrooms now have special spaces for students to go to remember nicole. all of these printed signs and messages are going to be shared with nicole's family, along with photos of the boards with what her friends wrote. and it's not just these memorials. you'll see a whole lot of blue inside the school. that's because the principal announced yesterday the students could wear blue throughout the week to honor nicole. as i said yesterday, there are still counselors at the school, and they'll be there as long as they are needed. live in christiansburg, eamon o'meara wdbj7. family and friends will pause to remember lovell's life this week. visitation is scheduled tomorrow from five until eight at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. her funeral is thursday at three also at mccoy funeral home. the cbs evening news will have continuing coverage
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interviewed nicole's father and stepmother. they are pointing to social media as a culprit for this tragedy. you can watch that interview tonight during the cbs evening news beginning at 6:30. youan interesting weather day-to-day temperatures were down about twenty degrees from where we were yesterday and the rain is not that far away it's an interesting pattern because everything is coming up out of the south unfortunately that means some rather severe weather is taking place in mississippi and alabama at this hour about eight million people are impacted by the possibility of tornadoes tonight in there are several on the ground at this hour were still pretty far away from the rain and we are also pretty far away from warming up we will do thattomorrow. and when we do showers and thunderstorms become a dominant weather maker for us right now. it's interesting to watch with easterly breezes are done from lynchburg
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this little code of protection this is actually getting keep severe weather out of our region for tomorrow for a while but then once it warms up in the sixties it could get a little bit noisy during the afternoon and evening wearing a breakdown all the things you can expect were to bre franklin county elementary school teacher now faces d-u-i and involuntary manslaughter charges. a franklin county grand jury indicted lesley wildasin of north carolina for her part in dona minnick's death. you see her here, minnick was from roanoke and a long time teacher at rocky mount elementary. the head-on crash happened in november on route 2-20 just south of boones mill. in search warrants investigators said they found an empty box of wine in wildasin's front seat. the man who survived this train crash is now being treated at the wake forest burn center in north carolina. responders rushed johnny collins to roanoke memorial hospital after yesterday's crash near spring hollow resovoir. his work partner william lineberry died at the scene. appalachian power says collins and lineberry were driving to a sub- station in a work
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clear why they pulled out in front of the train. lineberry was a 30 year veteran of the company. collins worked there less than a year. there are no lights or gate at this crossing, and norfolk southern says its engineers followed all regulations. tonight we're getting a look at a credit card skimmer that was attached to an atm in vinton. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is here with incredibly detailed photos of the devices, shayne? chris, vinton police chief jeff dudley says his investigators are in contact with federal authorities for this case. a skimmer is a device that captures your credit card information while you un-assumingly make a purchase at a gas station or use the a- t-m. most devices are home-made and can be put anywhere you swipe a card. this is what investigators found in vinton. on the plastic where the card goes you can see the electronics stuffed away inside. and then you can see the tiny camera that recorded the key-pad. as you can see, the parts match exactly to the real parts on an a-t-m. they go right on top making it very hard to tell what's real and what's not.
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these devices and them come back for them later. right now vinton police are looking for this woman they believe put the devices on the a-t- m. it's difficult to protect yourself from this type of crime. you can run your fingers around the area where you put your card to check for things that just don't feel right. or you may notice when you're swiping or inserting the card that it feels different. but although home-made, these devices are extremely sophisticated and may be impossible to detect and look completely different depending on where they're placed. chris if you recognize the woman in that picture or saw anything suspicious saturday around first citizens bank on hardy road in vinton police want to hear from you. the city of danville wrapped up its investigation into employee misconduct by announcing new measures to make sure it does not happen again. the city says the misconduct was uncovered in 2013. that started a 19- month investigation which included a review of time sheets, contracts
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statements. six employees were convicted. one of the safeguards announced today includes a whistleblower policy. that will allow employees to anonymously report wrongdoing by other city workers or contractors. we are your hometown news leader wdbj7. how lynchburg leaders are using their arts and cultural community to
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a 10 thousand dollar reward for information that leads to an arrest in a shooting. one of the victims, dr. randolph neal, is currently at a hospital
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and listed in stable condition. his neighbor was also shot and is expected to be okay. today wdbj7's danielle staub spoke with neighbors who are questioning their security after last night's shooting. me: investigators have been walking up and down virginia ave and near by streets speaking with neighbors all day. a noticeable amount of patrol cars were out and about as well. speaking with averett university leaders and area residents - i've found mixed emotions when it comes to security in a neighborhood which many considered very safe. patti clifton, neighbor, " i would walk my dogs every night probably around 11 oclock or midnight and i have very big dogs and i felt fine doing that. until last night." patti clifton lives right down the street from where dr. randolph neal and another neighbor were shot. "my mother is on mt. vernon, she's 84. i don't want her out after dark. i don't want anybody out after dark at this point." while many are on high alert, others are not letting what happened change their daily routinue. lyn joyce, neighbor
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anymore threatened." neigbor lyn joyce says this shooting isn't any different from what's been going on in danville already. happening. but you know, there is a problem and it's not just in our city. it's a lot of small towns and big cities." and it's a problem, that has found itself right at the front of averett university's campus. student averett unviersity , "that it's right across the scary." say they sent out a text alert and follow up email but are reminding students to be aware of their surroundings. lesley villarose, dean of students averett university "if they are seeing some thing suspicious or something is going on that just doesn't feel right or look right, what ever that may be, that they should and can report it. " many students live right near where the shooting occured. the university will be holding a special security meeting this thursday for off campus students. in danville danielle staub wdbj7 can art drive the economy? a national
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to answer that question and research for the project is being conducted in lynchburg. wdbj7's tim saunders is live in our lynchburg bedford newsroom to tell us why. chris, there's a growing energy around arts and cultural organizations in lynchburg. city leaders want to harness that momentum and use it to further economic development efforts. for many years the virginia theater association was headquartered in harrisonburg, but the organization recently moved to an office in downtown lynchburg. perry payne millner/executive director: "i am just so glad to be here, because there is just so much going on with theater in this town." perry payne millner wanted to locate the organization in her hometown because of its growing arts scene. payne millner: "i think it would be really difficult not to know about theater in this town, because it's all the time and everywhere." theater is just one aspect of a larger arts community in lynchburg that's emerging with lots of economic potential. kim soerensen/james river council for the arts & humanities: "the arts are not always seen as an economic driver."
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the james river council for the arts & humanities is working with city leaders on a project that she hopes will prove how much impact the arts are having on things like jobs and tax revenue. soerensen: "we feed off each other's energy, which is just producing even more." recently, lynchburg was chosen to participate in a national arts and economic prosperity study. a group called "americans for the arts" will work with lynchburg's office of economic development to measure the impact arts organizations are having on the city's economy. anna bentson/assistant director of economic development: "we know that the arts is an economic sector and it's a growing one, so when we saw the opportunity to use a national organization to get local data, we leaped at the opportunity." payne millner hopes the study will prove what she already knows. payne millner: "when we nurture the arts in our schools and our communities, it makes society better." research will be conducted at various arts and cultural events throughout 20-16. people at those gatherings will be
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surveys, which will help track how money is being spent. lynchburg is one of nearly 300 communities across the country that was chosen to participate in the project. live in the lynchburg bedford newsroom, tim saunders, wdbj7. new at six, the blue ridge autism and achievement center announced two new programs to help people with disabilities. this afternoon leaders announced the creation of family and adult services.. the programs will help people with disabilities find jobs and help families in crisis find counseling and take part in support groups. angie leonard: "we have a lot of work to do to get our community prepared and get our families expecting a little bit more out of their kids. they're totally able to do things, it just takes a lot of hard work and that's why we're here so we can come in and provide that hard work." you can find out how to sign up for the program by clicking on this story at w- d-b-j-7 dot com. tonight at 11, hear from families on how this program could change their child's life.
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weather just ahead with warm temperatures and heavy rain. here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert
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break absolutelybut would start off
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training or when the heaviest rains might be headed your way so wednesday when you wake up the morning is about seventy percent chance or to be getting wet already in the notice it hangs tough for the rest of the day and might peak in the early afternoon hours around four o'clock after that a quick drop off to the amount of moisture that we will be seen it is a very very big front and it will have a big impact on temperatures theamount of rain may be some win for some of you and then after that behind that front it's about 20 to 25 colder all over again 45) big island elementary dewpoint temperatures in the mid-30s, so the humidity level has gone down a little bit on the david is seen some patchy dense fog hang in tough and some of the western mountain communities and that's because it was a little bit more snow on the ground there so when the moisture moved in the temperatures dropped and saturated images sat there with his easterly breeze throughout the day today big problems with the weather tonight in the southland's
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and mississippi these are all tornado watch boxes and you can see these discrete lines of super cells that have been forming tops to these cards when rising up about fifty thousand feet and that's a big storm for a wintertime seasonal move in a little bit closer to alabama and this is where a tornado has been on the ground for the last half hour or forty five minutes across the state line and win in alabama this is just towhen and alabama. this is just to the west of tuscaloosa. we've seen on the radar pictures on indications of debris in the air meaning that the buildings and things have been thrown up in the air by the tornadoes this is the leading edge of one of the more severe ones that were seen right now flip the page to colder weather and you get in the winter in a hurry when she given to wisconsin it's not so much on the eastern side parts of green bay and a walk you're getting cold rain and maybe some sleep that on the western side the state and in that extends in the central plains it's also very very windy so as you learned not to long ago blizzard conditions have to do
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know how much wind and for how long and they're definitely in a blizzard conditions at themoment wherein between major patterns right now we have plenty clouds and the political breakup from time to time this evening. i think the rain will start overnight and then start to pick up the pace a little bit by tomorrow so let's check out forecast for tonight. we stay steady in the mid-40s in most locations will start to see the showers develop and move our way and then during the day wednesday. we anticipate this bump up in the temperatures as a warm front swings by the warm front all by itself has showers associated with it a bit they're going to be on the lighter side until this cold front starts to make its approach notice that by ten eleven twelve o'clock it's in the new river valley heaviest of the rains along the south side of around one o'clock and in that batch heavy rain continues to track to the east during the course of the day on the backside wednesday night and thursday we might find ourselves in a little of the clearing and it certainly can be colder you just set up now for an impact on wednesday
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thursday sharply colder but not yet unacceptable we've had temperatures like this for a while's were used about that on friday were doing okay saturday sunday great weekend fairly sunny skies and it looks like football forecast is just fine of course we get out about do a few things but i suspect most of us will find this where a tasty, tasty snack and september on six thirty of 637. what do you you know we been so busy with the forecasters and then the chance to really drill down on them but i area high school coaches that are on the move tonight, plus tony stewart is hospitalized two weeks ahead of the daytona 500. we'll tell you why in sports. sot "we wanted to make sure our secondary students were in by 8:50 and what i found out was
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not be possible" tonight - the montgomery county school board will hear a recommendation from the superintendent to keep school start times the same. we'll have much
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11. spring volleyball coach tamalyn tanis has decided to step down to spend more
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tanis has been the knights' head coach since 2002 and has won 5 state championshps with a record of 338-55 and 5. she was the state coach of the year in 2011, and leaves as one of the most successful coaches in school history. to football where mark poston is returning to the area. poston has accepted the football head coaching job at rockbridge county following 3 seasons at nelson county. poston was the head coach at eastern montgomery from 2006 to 2013, leading the mustangs to four playoff appearances and a state runner up finish in 2010. there's some bad news for nascar's tony stewart with the season set to open in two weeks. stewart was injured over the weekend in an atv accident on the west coast, and has been hospitalized with a back injury. stewart is awake and alert and he's able to move all of his extremities. he's a three time cup series champ who plans to retire after this season. further information about his condition is expected to be provided on thursday according to stewart-haas racing officials. the elev8 basketball academy team is in town from del ray beach, florida, preparing to play in this weekend's roy
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shootout. and today, they paid a visit to carilion chidren's in downtown roanoke. elev8 is coached by william byrd grad chad myers, and his players spent time getting to know a few youngsters in the unit while passing out some special gifts. there were also plenty of high-fives, autographs, and smiles to go around. sarah kress, child life specialist: "a smile can go a long way. happiness, really, impacts a child's well-bring, and how fast they heal, and how soon they can actually get out of here. so if they're feeling better emotionally, we see a quicker turn around to healing." rodney culver, elev8 shooting guard: "it kind of makes my day, just being able to make someone else happy, put a smile on somebody else's face, and let them have some joy. it just really makes you appreciate stuff more. other kids want to play and unfortunately can't, so it just makes you appreciate a lot of things more." super bowl 50 is now just 5 days away and to continue our countdown to the big game, we get a hand tonight from galax quarterback carson orton and his number 5. orton was a key cog in the maroon tide's run to the 1a state crown in
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riverheads 7-6 in the title game. don't forget you can catch super bowl 50 right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 sunday night. stocks tumble today after another drop in oil prices. the dow lost 296. nasdaq fell 103.
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