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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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forecast. this is wdbj-7. i'm kimberly mcbroom. police in rocky mount are investigating the suspicious death of an infant. authorities found the baby's body early this morning in a dumpster at the blackwater refuse collection site on route 220. investigators made the discovery after talking with a 24- year-old patient at carilion roanoke memorial hospital yesterday. she was in the e-r with injuries consistent with having given birth recently, but she denied having a baby. police say one of her family members said they has soiled bedding at a franklin county dumpster site. when police went to the dump site they found the infant's the body has been taken to the medical examiner's office in roanoke for an autopsy danville police have for information about a shooting. police are now offering 20 thousand information about the shooting of dr. randolph neal and the reward amount was 10 thousand dollars until an anonymous donor doubled it. the two men were
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night. dr. neal was taken baptist medical center in winston- salem, north carolina for his injuries. the second victim was treated and released. no one has been arrested. call police if you information. galax police are investigating a vandalism incident at the vaughan-bassett plant. tells wdbj7 that the bad that portions of the plant had to close today. someone broke into the plant overnight and vandalized several tanks that for making furniture. it could take several days to clean up. at this point, the more than one hundred thousand dollars. a roanoke man is accused of trying to break into a church. officers say they found angelo fuller, trying to use a cinder block to break into roanoke valley yesterday morning. he's charged with including breaking and entering. police say he also lied to them about he was later served with three outstanding warrants incident. he's in jail this afternoon.
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rain has fallen with the heavy rain prompted several today as rain came down heavy at times. for just how much more we can expect, and when it heads out, let's check in with meteorologist brent watts in for leo hirsbrunner.f most concernededitability coming out bassett gotten some reports of some flash flooding there was us with water rescue doubts and parts of north carolina and heavy rain is moving over the same areas over and over get we call that training so basically the rain is just coming up from the south and in very slowly moving through we get some of those pockets of heavy rain it could dump a quick half an inch to an inch now we could see anywhere from one to two inches of rain with this as it comes through in some of the heaviest downpours with taken luba closer to us and that sherry that somewhere that rain is moving in the martinsville henry county some very heavy rain on the greatest area concern right now is along fifty eight there parts of patrick county sympatric headed over into henry county is where that
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were we have had some flashflooding problems their to more rain moving up the interstate 80 one quarter work within the next ourselves so right now the only one warning the flash flood warning we have right now for patrick county and that does mean that there's flash flooding. that's either occurring right now or imminent some areas stuart war and crites i have the greatest impact for this like concerns a does watch out as you travel out in the by about this afternoon for ponding of water temperatures of been while today were in the forties and the rona valley with a wedges broke it it's actually in the sixties and danville soaks will talk more about what that means is afternoon that's all just part of forecasting weather here in southwe alabama and mississippi, one day after storms triggered tornadoes yesterday that flattened homes and left thousands in the dark. david begnaud shows us some of the damage from collinsville,
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folder: mcmullen.alabama.t oscantlin pj) @:44 "it's hitting the water tower!" (cover with tornado vo from reported tornadoes tore south tuesday. folder: stringer: scooba ms tornado) "tornado on the ground...that things this one mississippi and way to alabama... ...leveling homes and leaving a path of destruction that stretched across both states. in rankin county mississippi, fire fighters rescued at least 8 people flood waters when i seen those lights coming down the road i knew that we were going to be ok. @00"seeing them come that was the best part of it. i seen those lights coming down this road i knew that we were going to be ok." willie jackson and his family hid as a tornado barreled through their home. "we ran in the house but we survived by the grace of god"
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tornado credit aaron pogue@07) (exterior damage vo from ctm begnaud storm bulk nats "it's right there..." the tornado that hit collinsville, mississippi ripped apart the first baptist church. it's pastor wade ricks said he heard it coming and rushed his family to safety. (begnaud stand up) "the pastor loaded his wife and son up into this white suburban and pulled it alongside the church thinking the wall of the building would help protect the vehicle you can see what happened to the back window." the ricks family raced inside the church where they survived by huddling under a desk. sf: the damage is pretty extreme. every building has received substantial damage. the same storm system fueling tornadoes in the south (pause for nats) is creating blizzard like conditions across the central plains. a whiteout in southwestern minnesota prompted a travel ban while more than a foot of snow fell in parts of nebraska. ==begnaud on cam== there are no reports of injuries or deaths related to tornadoes in the south. as for today from tallahassee to delaware the real threat is flash flooding. david begnaud, cbs news, collinsville, ms. hearings orginially scheduled for today in the nicole lovell murder case have been canceled. yesterday, the montgomery county commonwealth's attorney said preliminary results show lovell was stabbed. the woman charged in her death now faces a more serious charge. natalie keepers is charged with being an accessory before the fact of first degree murder. that means keepers was not present at the murder but was aware that there was an intent to commit the crime. keepers is also accused of disposing of nicole's body and being an accessory after the fact. family and friends will pause to remember nicole lovell's life today. visitation is
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from five until eight at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. her funeral is tomorrow at three also at mccoy funeral home. virginia tech engineering professor marc edwards is in washington, dc today. edwards is testifying before a house oversite committee about the flint, michigan water crisis. he was a part of the team that brought the highly contaminated tap water in flint, michigan to the forefront. the tech researchers found the amount of lead in the water is 13- hundred times the legal limit. so i am really begging you to do what we didn't do the last two times i appeared before this committee. which is to fix the epa lead and copper rule. and to fix the u.s. epa lead started leaking into flint's pipes after the town switched its water source from the great lakes to the flint river. the world health organization is warning european countries to start preparing to fight against zika. the virus has never been transmitted there. but health experts warn it could spread, as the warmer months approach. here in the u- s,
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they're not surprised to hear about the first reported case of zika being transmitted through sexual contact. but they saythe disease is generally spread through mosquito bites. it's been linked to thousands of birth defects. plenty of new developments in the presidential race. donald trump sent out a series of tweets this morning, accusing ted cruz of winning the iowa caucuses by committing fraud. and another republican candidate is calling it quits. weijia jiang reports from new hampshire, where all of the candidates are now shifting their focus. donald trump is alleging that ted cruz won the iowa caucus by committing fraud. he tweeted: "ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. that is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. bad!" in a series of tweets, he said the cruz campaign put out a release as the caucuses were beginning that said ben carson was quitting the race and that voters should go with cruz. trump tweeted that a new election should take place or the results should be nullified. nats cruz cruz held a town hall in henneker, new hampshire wednesday morning. sot: (ted cruz/gop presidential
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"the central issue in the 2016 election will be igniting the promise of america." as the two frontrunners battle for supporters, rand paul announced his race for the white house is over. paul's camp issued a statement that said he's suspending his campaign and is focusing his attention on winning another term as senator in kentucky. seven of the republican hopefuls are here in new hampshire today eventsless than a week before the first primary race in the nation. nats rubio marco rubio got a boost from a stronger than expected showing in iowa. he said he will seek paul's endorsement. sot: (marco rubio/republican presidential candidate) "we would welcome him in as part of unifying his party, absolutely." rubio is scheduled to hold four town halls throughout the state today. weijia jiang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. president obama is visiting a u-s mosque today for the first time in his presidency. the president will speak at the islamic society of baltimore. the white house says the president
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people to reject muslim- americans say they're confronting more and country. delivered similar remarks about semitism last week, when he became the first sitting president to speak at the israeli embassy. investigators are looking into whether mid-air explosion on a jetliner in somalia. right out of the plane. as jonathan vigliotti reports, somali they've found no was a criminal act. aftermath of tuesday's explosion as air poured through the gaping hole of the plane. oxygen masks were tossed around and one passenger was sucked out... his body was found later. (interior --see kullane filming) board, awake who shot this video - said everyone was afraid they were going to die. (awale kullane/ passenger) we saw a hole in the plane and the first thing you think about is you know, can we really make it. (interior) the plane was headed to the east african country of djibouti when the
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minutes after takeoff. the plane was at a and the aircraft held together until the pilot was able to land it. they've found no evidence of criminal activity so pilot and aviation experts say the hole showed all the signs of terrorism. (sot denny kelly/aviation consultant) (cbs) that's a bomb. that hole is caused by a bomb. and they'll be able to tell that, or they probably already know. the al qaeda linked terror group al shabaab controls part of the country and isis is expanding in the region. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. parents in montgomery county make their voices heard about a controversial change to school start times. and a whale of a tale gets an unusual
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tech. unanimously to repeal a vote made last year that would change school start times. wdbj7's noell saunders explains why parents didn't like the idea. a packed room with a lot of voices to be heard dozens of montgomery county parents go before ask them to keep they are. (nats) " under the new time change, elementary students would start an hour earlier at 8 a.m. and middle and high school students would start at hour later at 8:50 am. school leaders have been doing research
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that secondary students would be more productive if they had extra time to sleep. are pushing one generational problem to one generation to a younger generation that doesn't know any better" being of their children was the main concerns at the meeting. having three, four, the dark, it's pretty dangerous" "i don't stand here alone. i stand here with people from across all parts of our montgomery county fighting for after an hour of hearing statements, school board members voted unanimously to repeal last's years vote to change the times. (nats) noell saunders, wdbj7 school board members will be taking a closer look at the bus routes in addition to looking for more drivers. puppetry is taking center stage this week in blacksburg, with a special adaptation of the novel moby dick. blair thomas has been working on the production for five years. the world premiere is friday night at the center for the arts at virginia tech. and thomas says "in the shadow of moby dick" is not a traditional puppet show.
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director: and so we use at different times we're using different kinds enhance that story to see video projection. you're going to hear this live music and this visual spectacle. you'll see the ocean come forward. you'll see the giant whale come forward and these kinds of things all through the kind of theatrical magic. "in the shadow of moby dick" is a production of the theater. it premieres at the center for the arts at virginia tech on friday night at 7:30. for more this story on
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t flood riskis deftly a slow goal that this afternoon with that heavy rain that's been moving through ponding water some flash flooding be reported across erie with of the heaviest of rain across patchy county
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warning so we have the watches and warnings watches come first the and warnings me flooding is either imminent or is it the winter kirk we got pretty much stuart will wind air at rocky not in the crites some flooding potential in patrick county were one to two inches of range that's what would to goes until five o'clock now the rain itself stretches all away from the you new england states down towards gulf coast and it's a very slow-moving system as it moves through it's can a be that moisture north so were you still see more rain come swings through here yellows and reds of the heaviest of you can see martinsville all the way up to about the vista and then another round of that to me back into the new river sue pretty much along the i 81 koror to 21 over towards lynchburg and also for 60 to twenty quarter headed south towards martinsville extremely
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potential for some flooding ponding water one to two inches possible in some of the heaviest of downpours something you right now this is the area greatest concern pittsylvania county even parts of northern halifax county is be very very vigilant as you go out this afternoon at our weather app handy you download that for free will be a what update you on any warnings that are issued for your location not everybody along the green here the deeper color green under that flash flood watch which means flash flooding is possible but not occurring just yet and rita see that continue till about six o'clock tonight until that rain clears the area so this is future mode now this is our forecast model which lines are pretty well with where the heaviest of rain is it's headed in the longest timeand lynchburg. still martinsville henry county over towards heavier rain not quite as
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and blacksburg and in the be another pushes some rain becomes out of the carolinas as this front slows down there the evening finally by eight nine o'clock everything begin to clear out of the region will still hang onto the clouds but those at temperatures will start to drop notice forty five are one of but sixty five in danville the warm air slowly starting to take over and will eventually warm-up so my be one of those late day warm-ups you thursday forecast i temperatures only in the mid- and upper forties can be much much cooler the what we have today with those temperatures holding steady into the mid- forties for the rest of the week sunshine returns tomorrow and again will continue through the weekend next chance of any inclement weather is coming on monday even into tuesday with some rain and even snow showers with that thirty seven i next tuesday some colder air begins the move look at 37 i next tuesday some colder air begins the move backend soaks key this afternoon just make sure you slowdown and i have her weather app handy so can send any up push notifications out we do have a flood warnings for your are a new study is looking at how social media can hurt your
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job. to worry about these days. as hena daniels explains, what you post on social media can also play a big role in whether or not you get a job. 1:01-1:11 hena daniels/cbs news/new york like most 22- year-olds anitha (uh-neeth- uh) benjamin spends a fair amount of time on social media. (sot-anitha benjamin/22-years- old) "i use my linkdin, i use facebook, i use instagram, all that stuff." but when the college graduate started looking for a job last year she was careful about what she posted. (sot- anitha benjamin/22-years- old) "i was thinking that i should definitely keep it professional because it's all online and everyone can see everything that you research shows that's a idea because (gfx) the society for human management have job candidate in the past year because of information found on their social media accounts. in another survey, officeteam asked
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common social media mistakes job applicants make. 45 percent said posting negative or inappropriate comments 35 percent said posting or being tagged in inappropriate photos. (sot-dawn fey/district pres., officeteam) "if you are too negative, too opinionated it could really come off to some individuals that you could be a problem in the workplace." (bridge: hena daniels/cbs news/new york) and if you think staying offline is the answer. think again. 17 percent of hiring managers questioned job applicants who didn't post regularly or didn't have a social media profile at all. (sot-anitha benjamin/22-years- old) "the way people perceive us is very important." having a professional presence online worked for benjamin. she recently got a corporate job. her first out of college. hena daniels, for cbs news, new york. your favorite "star wars" characters aren't going to the dark side, but they are going to
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vault in manhattan? jill wagner has those stories and
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moneywatch. general motor turned a profit of 9 point 7 billion dollars last year --- that's more than double the year before. almost 50 thousand workers will each get an eleven thousand dollar profit - sharing check g-m credits strong sales in china and north america. job hiring slowed down a bit in january -- but is still considered growing at a healthy rate. payroll processor a-d-p says u-s employers added 205 thousand jobs ... 50 thousand fewer than december. the numbers show that companies focused on the american economy... like construction and health care, are adding jobs. companies are raising the bar when it comes to perks and benefits ... to attract the best workers. glassdoor compiled some of the best... netflix offers a year of paid maternity and paternity leave. spotify will cover freezing a woman's eggs r-e-i gives workers two paid days off, called "yay days," to enjoy their favorite outside activity. and oreo has
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wonder vault in manhattan... part of a campaign to flavor cookie... that tastes like cupcake. the cookies go week. lined up at the wonder vault for a preview. and that's your cbs moneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at jill wagner cbs. at the nyse, i'm jill wagner. on wall street at noon, the dow was down 128 points. the nasdaq was down 48 points. millions of fans have flocked to theaters to see the latest "star wars" movie. now gamers have a reason to get excited. the game that fans have been waiting for, "lego star wars: the force awakens," hits stores june 28th. the game will feature all the big characters and locales from the film. over the last decade, "lego star wars" games have sold more than 33 million copies
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