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tv   Mornin  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this working mom. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on thursday, february i'm kimberly mcbroom. turner. the cooler temperatures are back today, with highs only in the 40s. so leo, you know this is mild for me right? dense fog early followed by a slow increase in sunshine. highs today near 49.
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in the death of nicole lovell will appear in court today. a bond hearing is scheduled for natalie keepers this morning at 11 in mongomery county. keepers is charged with being an accessory before the fact of first degree murder. she's also accused of disposing of lovell's body and being an accessory after the fact. a hearing planned yesterday was canceled. david eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and abduction in connection to lovell's death. a neighbor of lovell's told the new york times her twin daughters gave law enforcement information that may have had a role in the arrests. according to the report, lovell told friends hours before she disappeared that she texted an 18 year old- on an instant messaging app- and planned for a meeting. wdbj7's justin ward will be in the courtroom today for keepers hearing. we will have updates later today and online at wdbj7-dot-com
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from the community of nicole lovell last night. her visitation was at home in blacksburg. lovell's funeral is scheduled for today at three. bond was denied for a grayson county couple who is charged with murder in the death of a toddler. john underwood and terra connell appeared in court tuesday. both are charged with murder and child neglect after law enforcement say 15 month old payton sawyers was attacked by their pit bull. the two were babysitting sawyers when the attack happened. the toddler later died at a hospital because of the injuries. autopsy results on an infant found inside a franklin county dumpster revealed it was a stillborn. the mother, 24- year-old katherine dellis, is in roanoke city jail charged with a felony count of unlawful concealment of human remains. the investigation started when dellis was taken to carilion roanoke memorial hospital with symptoms consistent to recently giving birth to a third trimester baby. she denied giving birth. investigators searched her home and interviewied her
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franklin county dumpster site, where the newborn's body was found. rocky mount assistant town manager matthew hankins: "finding the body in the dumpster was a difficult circumstance for all of our officers, that's not a siutation you want them to be in or want a family to be in" investigators say they were tipped after a relative tossed soiled linens at the dump site. it will be mostly cloudy today, with the sun having a little trouble breaking through the clouds. here's meteorologist leo hirsbrunner with today's forecast. aheavy a lot better than it was yesterday yesterday over an inch a rain across many hometowns today a little more quiet maybe astray shower down toward the south side that's about it roanoke at 46 alanna 42 new orleans forty seven chicago twenty three look at minneapolis minnesota only eleven degrees that's were the coldest air is locked up east and that will try to drive in our direction over the next week or so head over toward blacksburg looking out from lane stadium across the virginia tech campus forty
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wind right around six miles an hour. of course know wind us to worry about their still you one a bundle up will been a fine clouds streaming through from time to time not can a be a gorgeous blue sky kino day but is you had through the morning and afternoon. we will see a slow increasing sunshine as flood warnings continue down toward the south side along the dan river the roanoke river as well that's the roanoke river in randolph latest observation 19.1 feet projected to crest at twenty three. eight feet friday evening that will cause some minor flooding so down that way just beware of the rivers we have that frontal boundary kind hanging onto the southeastern coastline we get these little systems, riding along that front thrown just enough moisture back that we can't loud astray shower down toward the south side and again tonight. maybe astray shower toward danville south boston places like that and then friday and saturday everyone turns out mostly sunny some nice dry weather returns you forecast for the roanoke valley would talking
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lynchburg ctr., virginia upper forties to near fifty as he head down toward southern virginia low fifties will pretty much do it with a twenty percent chance for shower new river valley southwest low to mid forties partly sunny by this afternoon and the highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia 30s and low to mid 40s you first alert wtvj seven day planner nice weather for much friday into the weekend vegan be outside playing football watching super bowl sunday right here wtvj seven gorgeous conditions later monday early tuesday could see a couple rain snow showers moving back into the area doesn't look like a big deal will have to keep an ion because it could affect the morning commute on tuesday they'll ask you what you may making i like chicken wings is you notice in a break-in investigation and more than 100- thousand dollars worth of vandalism in galax. the president of vaughan-bassett furniture company, says someone broke in monday night and poured black stain into their finishing tanks. the cleanup could
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even longer. the galax city manager says this is the first time he's every seen something this big done to the company. (keith barker, galax city manger) they've had short time before, but to be out of operations for an incident like this, i can't say that i've ever seen it and i don't that they have either. we're trying to work with them to determine the length of time and what the impact may be. police are still looking in to persons of interest. an increased police presence...that's what two danville businesses want out of police all acorss the city. both the six-one-six and the north theatre sit along north main street. both owners say serious issue with crime at their locations yet-- but various shootings worries them. as they invest into their business, the police to invest in their customers safety. steve delgiorno, we think that spawns even more people to come in and want to invest." wayne alan, north an important thing can bind together, one looking after the other danville's police
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community policing could be a good thing but it's not as simple as it sounds. department is short staffed. working to hire four according to a new roanoke college poll, virginia is "feeling the bern." more than 500 likely voters say in a head they prefer presidential candidate bernie sanders over republicans donald and marco rubio. voters only like trump, and she ties professor harry wilson says the poll shows right now sanders has the least amount of people who do not like him. (harry wilson/institute for policy and opinion research director):"from the polls right now we have a lot of un- popular candidates, the only candidate above water right now in terms of favorability is bernie sanders and that could easily change in another month because you could argue the flavor of the month if you will." wilson says he's very concerned how the next president will work to unite the dividing country. virginia voters cast their primary ballots march first. eliminating unplanned
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abortions...that what governor mcauliffe and lieutenant governor ralph northam want. they will be proposing a $9 million program that will allow women with little or no health insurance to receive free birth control.. it's a program that has already worked in colorado. colorado's teen birth rates have declined by 40 percent between 2009 and 2013. this program will provide better options for women while covering long- lasting birth control like intrauterine devices and skin implants. "once you have it implanted you don't have to remember to take it like a pill. the reversible component is you can get it removed when you are ready to have a child or have your second child" state leaders say this program is a bipartisan effort. it will be voted on during the 2016 general assembly session. finding the right day care can be a challenge for any working parent.
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trust, if you have a special needs child. in this week's early years, we're talking with a roanoke mom who's dealing with that struggle. logan dolan is a kindergartner who just turned six, and loves playing his mario game. logan dolan/six year old: it's new mario brothers number two. logan also has autism, and has had a tough time in day care, having been through seven in the past two years. megan dolan/mother: it's really hard the struggle of knowing, like is he doing okay? where is he going to have day care? and then, am i going to have a job. getting logan's autism diagnosis was also a challenge, taking more than a year. megan dolan/mother: so that's a year and a half of day cares without an explanation of what's going on trying to figure out why is he different from everyone else. dolan says logan has an iep for school, it's after school care that's been a challenge, since no day care center in our area offers specialized care for special needs kids. logan just started at a new facility, which is now
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megan dolan/mother: after this, i think my only option would be a babysitter and the hard part about that is babysitters that are equipped to work with him are 20 dollars an hour. longtime autism advocate lavada guthrie says she understand's dolan's troubles. lavada guthrie/autism advocate and mother: there are not a lot of qualified people out there who have proper training. we hear cases about children being abused in school settings or outside of school settings, people who are supposed to have the right kind of training. while our state has moved forward when it comes to autism legislation, parents still have to take a grassroots approach. guthrie recommends reaching out to others in the autism community on facebook. for dolan, it comes down to being able to feel good about who's there for her son, when she can't be. megan dolan/mother: the hardest thing about being a working mother with a special needs child is that you know that no one else is going to be able to care for them or love them the way that you do. and there are moments that it's hard for me to love him, and know the right
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him. if you have a special needs child, or are looking for resources, we'll put up a couple of helpful links for you at wdbj7-dot-com, after the newscast. don't let construction work slow down your morning commute! your i-hometown traffic report is coming up after the break. so how does rural missouri compare with the roanokevalley? we have someone here who can tell us. this morning, we're getting to know our new co-anchor, garrett turner. and in a moment, we'll find out how he made it from the show me state to
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patchy fog early afternoon. high near
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dozens of streets in our area are flooded right now. jeb stuart highway in patrick county is covered in water near woolwine highway. that's the only main road affected so far. you'll also want to watch out for dense fog this morning. workers are replacing a pipe today in botetourt county. one northbound lane of route 11 will be closed near the truck wash off i-81 from nine tonight to six tomorrow morning. crews are also patching pavement in that area from nine this morning to three this afternoon. there will be lane closures during that time as well. this is a live look at i-581 in roanoke from wdbj7's hotel traffic camera. we're not seeing any accidents right now on the highways. garrett's recent work in anchorage. but he didn't grow up in alaska so as we welcome him to the anchor desk here in roanoke, we wanted to find out more about his hometown. wdbj7's joe
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interrogation. that's right kimberly, we are going to get to the bottom of this! 1. garrett, you're missouri born and raised, right? 2. you met your wife in missouri, didn't you? please introduce us to her. 3. so rural missouri and southwest virginia sound similar to me. how does the roanoke valley compare to the community where you grew up?
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roanoke valley. we hope you enjoy living here. kimberly, in the next half-hour, i'm going to ask garrett about his interest outside the television station. i can tell you, we're probably going to hear some fish stories. and joe, another passion of mine is sports. coming up in this weeks hometown hoops weekly, we'll introduce you to a basketball coach from our area who's team gets a lot of
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yettemperatures starting off thirties and forties pretty much across the board the exception danville little bit warmer fifty six only thirty nine louisburg thirty five hot springs at cooler air moving in from the northwest down to the south east over time so we all will continue to cool down a little bit this afternoon with a little more sunshine we have that front along the coastline close enough so they'll throw some clouds every now again in our direction and also care were loud astray shower down toward south side and one just to the south danville now be heading up toward south boston there everyone else relatively quiet again flood warnings along the dan river danville south boston paces area minor flooding and also along the roanoke river in randolph expect some minor flooding but hopefully those will improve over the next several days hour by hour partly cloudy conditions as he head through the early afternoon hours and more clouds filtering and tonight as a coastal system rides along that frontal boundary not really close enough to give us any moisture but close enough to give us
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several days forties and fifties later next week a looks i will get another push some arctic air into the region you forecast today morning fog giving way to temperatures pretty much into the 40s and low 50s head out tonight partly cloudy temperatures dropping down into the twenties and low to mid thirties and checking with you first alert wtvj seven day saturday super bowl sunday fifty one 51 and then later monday early tuesday could see some snow showers drift into our area right now the look sick would a be a little too far to the south and west of the storm system to give us a significant moisture but still a few snow showers could cause some tricky travel conditions
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exactly are are are is are you willand you know on a get about the big weather bug quiz question for today what type of front moves the fastest on average is a you good
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front. i've the answer, talk about a fish out of water. check out what had some shoppers doing a double take at a california mall. a sea lion found his way into a store.. and of course, customers came running to get a picture of him to post online. store owners say they think the animal must have climbed the 145-step
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in. they used a little coaxing and a can of salmon to help get hiim back into the sea. a waitress in new jersey had a surprise waiting for her at work this week. katherine walsh just turned 90, but that isn't slowing her down. she's showed up to work five days a week for the past 13-years. the great- grandmother says she enjoys her work. she is the oldest of applebee's 40- thousand employees and is more than four-times older than her current co- workers. and she says she doesn't plan to retire any time soon. it's only hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing each other on stage for tonight's democratic debate. why the gop presidential front runners are still taking jabs at each other over the iowa caucuses. president obama visits a u-s mosque for the first time in his presidency. what he hoped to accomplish with the visit, and what he says about the fear among muslim- americans. and we're hearing a
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captive for a week. good morning i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the fifth democratic debate tonight in new hampshire, which holds its primary next week. as weijia jiang reports, both candidates made their case to voters during a town hall last night, as the top republican candidates continue sparring over the iowa caucuses. (pkg) at a town hall event in derry, new hampshire last night...bernie sanders and hillary clinton continued to trade jabs over their progressive values. (sot bernie sanders) "i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes 15-million dollars from wall street. that's just not progressive." (sot hillary clinton) "i was sort of amused today that senator sanders set himself up to be
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clinton, who claimed a razor thin victory over sanders in trailing behind him in the granite state. sanders is from neighboring vermont. he's also dominating the attention of young voters like natalie weinstein: (sot natalie weinstein/ sanders supporter) bernie has been very stable the entire time he's been in politics (standup: weijia jiang/ cbs news/ manchester, new hampshire) with less than a week before the new hampshire primary... donald trump and ted cruz remain locked in a war of words...over the results in iowa. -nats- yesterday trump accused cruz, who finished first in iowa, of stealing the state's caucuses...calling for the results to be nullified. (sot ted cruz) it is no surprise that donald trump is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if you like, trumper-tantrum. -nats/sot-emergency issue trump was almost two hours late for a campaign event in arkansas yesterday...after his plane experienced mechanical issues and he was forced to land in nashville. he's expected to hold at least three
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leading cruz in the polls. weijia jiang cbs news manchester, new hampshire. a simple visit with a goal--president obama went to a mosque in baltimore maryland earlier this week--it was a first for his presidency. obama hopes to correct what he called a "hugely distorted" impression of muslim americans. ibrahim hooper is the communications director for the council on relations. he says muslim- americans are more afraid now than at any time in history - even after 9-11. muslim-americans inside the islamic society of baltimore told president obama about the increased bias they face. president obama: "they talked about how their children were asking, are we going to be forced out of the country? are we going to be rounded up? why would they treat us like that?" ibrahim hooper/spokesman, council on american-islamic relations: "thanks to donald trump, ben carson and others, islamophobia has been mainstreamed, which makes it all the more dangerous." president obama called on muslim-
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become cynical. this was his first visit to a u-s mosque since taking office. a pennsylvania judge denied bill cosby's request to throw out the criminal charge in the sexual assault against the comedian. his legal team had argued that cosby was protected by an unwritten agreement from a former district attorney, saying he would not be prosecuted. that deal paved the way for cosby to settle the case with his accuser, andrea constand, 10 years ago. the judge ruled there was never a formal immunity agreement, keeping the comedian from protection against charges of drugging and assault. the case now moves to a preliminary hearing to decide if there is enough evidence to try cosby. ((cold toss w/stinger)) fastyouyeah were seeing that colder air settling into the
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on 2 inches for some causing some flooding concerns but all that has now moved to our south and east would a start to see some dryer air begin to punch in still see the rain lining up with that frontal boundary along the coastline close enough that it still could throw astray shower down toward the south side so vegan be traveling out about wait surprised see a sprinkle on the windshield still finding some clouds in around the area we should see a slow increase in sunshine flood warnings continue along the dan river in danville south boston paces area and also along the roanoke river in randolph all those locations could see some minor flooding the dan river paces flood stages twenty feet projected to crest at twenty one feet friday morning causing some minor flooding there in around those the region just be aware, temperatures today mid upper forties 40s. not really moving all that much during the day we will have a slow increase in sunshine but then more clouds filtering late this afternoon into tonight as a ripple of low-pressure rides along that frontal boundary and throw some clouds back in our direction you forecast
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roanoke valley would talking mid to upper 40s roanoke smith mountlake lynchburg loving stint appomattox bedford all in the upper 40s to near 50 southern virginia low fifties a twenty 20% chance for stray shower few new river valley southwest would talking low to mid forties for the ride new river valley floyd radford with bill highlands greenbrier valley west virginia upper thirties low to mid forties for you and checking in with your first alert wtvj seven day planner mostly sunny friday mix of sun and clouds on saturday super bowl 30s low to mid 40s for you and checking in with your first alert wtvj seven day planner mostly sunny friday mix of sun and clouds on saturday super bowl sunday looking pretty nice 51 later monday early tuesday some rain snow showers moving to the area could cause and impact your morning commute on tuesday not huge system for our area looks i most of that stays toward north and east but something will deftly have to keep a close eye exactly is are are are are is are is a you a you into whether a bomb caused a mid-air explosion on a jetliner that took off
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mogudishu. cell phone video captured the aftermath of tuesday's explosion as air poured through a gaping hole in the plane. oxygen masks were tossed around and one passenger was sucked out. his body was found later. a somali diplomat on board, who shot this video - said everyone was afraid they were going to die. awale kullane/ passenger) we saw a hole in the plane and the first thing you think about is you know, can we really make it. somali officials say they've found no evidence of criminal activity so far, but the plane's pilot and aviation experts say the hole showed all the signs of terrorism. the al qaeda linked terror group al shabaab controls and isis is expanding in the lawmakers on capitol hill held a lead contamination upset that many key players weren't there to give answers. michigan governor rick snyder did not testify in front of the committee yesterday. many democrats called for snyder to appear but the panel's gop majority did not invite the republican governor to the hearing.
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email i've been very open. we're cooperating with every investigation." snyder announced he will propose 30- million dollars for people who live in flint. he says they shouldn't have to pay for water they can't drink. an estimated 21- thousand customers have continued paying their bills despite the water problems. the widow of an illinois police officer pleaded not guilty to money laundering charges linked to her husband's embezzlement of funds. fox lake police lieutenant joe gliniewicz tried to stage his suicide last year as a murder. authorities discovered he feared imprisonment for misuse of funds from a police youth program. his wife melodie is accused of using money from that same program to pay for personal expenses, including a trip to hawaii. prosecutors say she stole up to 100- thousand dollars from 2008 to 20-14. if convicted she faces a maximum of 39 years in prison. a cab driver kidnapped and held captive for a week by
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sharing his story. long hoang ma says he picked the men up outside a restaurant around the same time officials realized there had been a jailbreak. as the manhunt got underway, the inmates took ma hostage, even taking him to hotels several parts of the state where ma says there was always a gun at the ready. one night, they fought over what to do with him, something he learned when one of the men got him away and drove him back to southern california. hoang ma via translator: "on the way back here bac told me, ma, nayeri wanted to kill me. 'that's why, you know, we were fighting'. by that time i knew that they wanted to kill me." all 3 fugitives were recaptured without incident and are now back in jail. parents of 13 year old nicole lovell point to the difficult life at school their daughter had that prompted her to social media personas. police believe she was talking to her accused killer, david eisenhaur on the
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to remain anonymous and send photos that aren't saved on the phone - leaving no trace. experts say parents need to take an aggressive role in knowing what their kids are doing online and who they're talking to. whether it's by monitoring their social media activity or even getting copies of every email and text. ju'riese colon/national center for missing and exploited children: "every phone, every social media site for that matter, has some sort of parental control, whether its blocking software or if its time limits that are set, and that's great. but technology doesn't solve all the problems." the hearing for the woman charged for her role in nicole's death, natalie keepers, is later today. we'll be in the courtroom and have updates available both on-air and online at our website wdbj7-dot-com. the recalls keep rolling in for cars that have takata airbags. honda has issued recall and stop-sale notices to auto dealers for more than two-million vehicles made after 2007. the company says takata airbags in
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when they inflate. at least 30 drivers have been seriously hurt by those airbags, and two have died. more than 20-million cars have been recalled so far. in today's hometown health: florida's governor has declared a health emergency in parts of the state because of the zika virus. health officials have also issued two new u-s travel alerts for jamaica and tonga. concerns are growing about the virus now that us health officials confirmed it has been spread through sexual contact. the patient was infected by a person who picked up the virus in venezuela. nine travel-related cases in florida prompted the governor to declare a public health emergency in four counties - including miami-dade. dr. tom frieden/cdc director: "the bottom-line for the public in the continental u.s. remains the same. if you are pregnant and thinking of travelling to a place with zika spreading.. don't." the virus has been linked to several thousands of cases of a serious birth defect called microcephaly which causes babies to be born with small heads. the world health organization has declared a global health emergency. we'll take a look at
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your i-hometown traffic report. what makes garrett turner tick? you didn't know you were getting the third joined the wdbj7 you?. stay with us as we his interests away
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desk. highs today near 49. downed trees and flooding are the biggest concerns this morning. dozens of streets are blocked now but only one main road is affected. jeb stuart highway in patrick county is passable but dangerous near woolwine highway. you'll also want to watch out for thick fog this morning. drainage work could slow you down today in buena vista. crews are a pipe on route 60 morning to six this evening. that road will close
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20-mile detour through rockbridge county and amherst county. workers are replacing a pipe today in botetourt county. one northbound lane of route 11 will be closed near the truck wash off i-81 from nine tonight to six tomorrow morning. we're expanding the wdbj7 mornin team today. and so we wanted to take a little bit of time to introduce garrett to all of you. senior reporter joe dashiell is here to continue the conversation. kimberly, we've talked about work. but what about time away from the television station? 1. garrett, you've shared some pictures, and big fish seem to be a recurring theme.
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activities are a big focus for you, when you're not at work.? 3. you're planning to continue that here. in fact, you were out on the james river this
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the blue ridge region has so much to offer in outdoor activities. i know you're going to find plenty to keep you busy here. kimberly, do you think we're going to hear some fish stories around here? here's a look at what's trending on twitter this morning hillary clinton and bernie sanders participated in a democratic town hall last night in new hampshire. sanders current;y has a lead in the state, which will hold the nation's first primary next week. -------- today is world cancer day. the idea is to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. it was founded in 2008 with the goal of reducing cancer- related deaths by 20-20. -------- and, wikileaks founder, julian assange says he's ready to turn himself in. he's spent more than three years at ecuador's london embassy after being accused of rape. wikileaks is known for posting confidential documents online. now let's take a look
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a birthday or wedding anniversary today. birtrhdays for 2/4 (thursday) brianna adams - montvale - 10 brianna jones - callaway - 13 levi pickeral - penhook - 4 linda spangler daniel roberts - martinsville - 17 marieska carter - 22 morgan tomlin - rockbridge county - 18 zach beyers - troutville - 34 candace johnston - christiansburg reid skeens - wytheville - 16 landon routt - goodview - 10 sharon dudley - lexington priscilla holland - rocky mount - 35 brie martin - 19
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walker - critz - 1 rushana campbell - roanoke - 25 spencer bird - vinton - 21 kathy white - cloverdale rasheek taylor - roanoke - 13 bethany harden - 12 jesse moore - 47 michael forster -
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thatorganize you weather almanac average high this time of year forty seven degrees close to that today average low twenty so far this month one. two inches of rain we get that mainly yesterday giving our yearly rainfall total of four. 4.2 inches already up inch sir plus so far this year temperatures through the area thirties and forties a cooler weather sliding down from the northwest warmer down toward will be heading in your direction as well still have that frontal boundary that came through here yesterday bring us some pockets a heavy downpours causing some flooding issues that's to our east close enough that every now again astray shower may clip the south side still be surprised by that everyone else should start see a slow sunshine as were heading out were flood warnings continue along the dan river and danville south boston paces area and also along the roanoke river over in randolph all areas just minor flooding but something you one a keep in mind heading out about for walker jog today when a mix of
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the upper 40s to near fifty degrees and you can see that front hanging out brief shower toward the south side every now again and then eventually it moves out to see a forecast across the area today what temperatures in the forties to near fifty morning fog slow increasing sunshine partly cloudy tonight maybe 40s to near 50. morning fog slow increasing sunshine partly cloudy tonight. maybe us sprinkle down toward the south side seven day planner friday saturday sunday all looking nice later monday early tuesday couple rain/ snow showers moved through an d wednesday we begin to quiet wdbj7's justin ward will be in the courtroom today for keepers' hearing. we will have updates later today and online at wdbj7-dot-com hundreds of family, friends, and people from the community remembered the life
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night. her visitation was at the mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. lovell's funeral is scheduled for today at three. authorites say the infant that was found dead inside a dumpster in franklin county was stillborn. the baby's mother, katherine dellis, has been charged with a felony count of unlawful concealment of human remains. an investigation started after she was taken to the hospital with symptoms consistent to giving birth. she denied it, but the baby's body was later found in a dumpster. investigators say they were tipped after a relative tossed soiled linens at the dump site. a new roanoke college poll shows that people in virginia are supporting democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. more than 500 likely voters say in a head to head matchup they prefer sanders over republicanss donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. voters only like hillary clinton over trump, and she ties with cruz and rubio. virginia voters cast their primary ballots march first. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will
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tonight in new hampshire. the state will hold the nations first primary next week. both candidates made their case to voters last night during a town hall. so far sanders has a big lead in new hampshire. meanwhile, donald trump is accusing ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses, and is asking for the results to be nullified. cruz is also leading in the polls in new hampshire. president obama visited a mosque and school in baltimore, maryland to correct what he called a "hugely distorted" impression of muslim americans. he's the first president to visit a masque in the states. muslim-americans say they feel more afraid now than at any time in history, even after 9-11. the president is calling on all americans to be more tolerant of other religions. meteorologist leo hirshbrunner will be back after the break,
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