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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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good evening i'm jean jadhon. new details tonight in the death of nicole lovell. prosecutors revealed in court what happened the night lovell went missing from her blacksburg home. also new - the woman charged in her death will remain in jail. the judge denied bond for natalie keepers. wdbj7's justin ward is live in christiansburg at the montgomery county courthouse where new information was shared during her hearing. it didn't take long for the judge to make his decision after about an hour long today we heard from keepers for the first time - in her own words - talk about her childhood and trouble with mental illness. mary pettitt, the commonwealth's attorney, told the confessed to her involvement in a very detailed happened. pettitt said keepers told investigators she was excited to be part of something secret. keepers told them she and david eisenhauer, also charged in lovell's death, worked together to plan out this murder.
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along craig creek road outside blacksburg where keepers and eisenhauer loaded her body into his lexus, pettit said. keepers also told investigators where to find lovell's blanket packed away in a suitcase that was stored in keepers' dorm room. both of her parents also spoke in court and had no comment after the hearing was over. they described her as someone who never got in trouble and came from a christian family. keepers told the court she started cutting her wrists in the eighth grade - only stopping last year when she made a promise to quit. she was taking medication for anxiety and depression and was seeing a counselor at virginia tech. at six i'll show you where prosecutors say keepers and david eisenhauer, also charged in the death, made some of their plans and how they got to north carolina. live in christiansburg, justin ward, wdbj7 the fbi wants your help in the nicole
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wanted's twitter account sent out a link to a flyer earlier today, seeking information from the public about the case. if you have any info, contact the fbi office in richmond. the franklin county mother accused of dumping her baby after giving birth was arraigned this morning. the infant's body was found inside a dumpster after katherine dellis arrived to the hospital with signs that she'd recently given birth.g birth. an autopsy shows the infant was stillborn. dellis is charged with unlawful conealment of human remains, which is a felony. she's still in jail tonight. continuing coverage now: botetourt county is moving forward with the relocation of two slave houses on the former greenfield plantation. wdbj7's noell saunders joins us to tell us what's next in the process. jean, the county has hired a team of archalogists to investigate if there may be some unmarked gravesites present on the land. in addition to that, the county is preparing to move these two houses sooner than later. residents who were were present at the site today tell me
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with any of it. "there's so much history that is on that hilltop that you can tell from that hilltop that you can't tell from anywhere else on this property" judy morris says she still can't believe the county is trying to move a big piece of botetourt's history . "the terrace gardens were carved out by slaves. those gardens were meant for food production for the families and for the slaves. in front of the slave house there's a firepit up there where the slaves cooked their meals" the decision to move the two houses has caused a great deal of controversy throughout the county. there's even a lawsuit pending from one woman who says she has family members buried on the land. "there are oral histories that have suggested that there could be unmarked graves here on the site so we are doing this investigation to confirm whether there are graves hear or not" archaelogists are digging up ground and inspecting the land for the move. county leaders say the hope is to move the houses a mile away
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location to a historic preservation site. "the anticipation is that the building work will continue and those buildings will be relocated as planned" so we asked whether this decision is final or not and the response was... (nats) "so it's pretty much set in stone despite the opposition?" but many say they will continue to fight to try to get the move stopped. "i'm completely against it. there are slaves that are buried all over this hilltop and they should be honored and they should stay exactly where they are" county leaders were not able to comment on the status of the lawsuit. no date has been set yet on the relocation. noell saunders wdbj7. waywhat a quiet day overall the clouds of been sticking around in the yesterdays rain has now moved off to the coast of this is a the live you from related beach in a north carolina can see the raindrops on the lens and a sherry this because it's
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forecast of the next couple days in fact we sherry what's going on we got a front that's lingering off the coast the stationary boundary stock it's not going anywhere for the time being there's also a low-pressure system that's can a move overhead you map that will move overtop of us tonight in that may help the trigger a few isolated sprinkles katie rule out some snow showers as the temperatures cool off tonight the watch what happens that low is can a start to push that front away but in the meantime bring some snow showers to parts of the north east now frost tomorrow it's can a move born up the way the clearest back out so will were given notice tomorrow is that are skies will start to clear back out it should be a pretty nice us set the stage for a nice weekend now tonight expecting those lows into the thirties and again over wall just partly to mostly cloudy but we argun to see a few isolated sprinkles in the forecast late tonight and early tomorrow morning a lot of you were evincing you be sleeping but will talk more about the we can forecast and
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the seven-dayia general assembly for now. the legislation would have made pharmaceutical companies reveal how much they spend marketing high-priced drugs health insurers hoped the bill would help deter pharmaceutical companies from price gouging. a panel voted today to pass the bill on to next year, to allow time for more study. with childhood obesity rates on the rise, virginia lawmakers are working to push through a bill requiring students state-wide to get at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day. wdbj7 anchor nadia singh visited one school district that's doing that and
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hometown health. jean, the legislation kindergarten through right now, the senate has passed its version and the bill got preliminary house approval wednesday, despite criticism that it could be overload for teachers and school districts to implement. here in our area, botetourt county schools, make sure its students get 150 minutes of physical beverly heart/physical education teacher "whether we do it in a physical education class or we do it during an extra curricular or recess time, you know, they get recess every day for 20 minutes. we do meet the requirements here in botetourt county." beverly heart mixes up her physical education classes here at troutville elementary school. beverly heart/physical education teacher " i do a lot of cross- curricular things as far as integrating with the kids so i do a lot of classroom activities with whatever they may be focusing on." she also focuses on teaching these little ones the importance of getting and staying
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it stimulates the brain, plus it teaches you know as far as life long skills." both heart and school leaders agree that physical activity should be a part of school life for all students. keith pennington "it helps with their academic performance, it helps to fight childhood obesity which we struggle with so much in the state and in the country." but as lawmakers are debating, there has to be a balance. keith pennington " we have to fit that into the context of a defined day at the elementary level so it's a give and take." and these healthy habits can trickle into home life keith pennington "if children are experiences with school they tend to go home and talk with their younger siblings or parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, it spreads through the community."nadia singh, wdbj7 you're watching your hometown news hear from dori native whose album national attention from rolling stone and npr and drops
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a follow up tonight: noises in the new river valley tonight, you should know testing is planned for tonight. pyrotechnique by grucci, a tenant at radford army ammunition plant, will be testing explosives for several hours. the testing is set to begin tonight at 6 and will last until around 10. a virginia native is about to release her first album and it's already been called one of the most anticipated country albums of 2016 by rolling stone magazine. wdbj7's eamon o'meara sat down with her to get her take on the potential success. dori freeman comes from a musical background with a talented father and grandfather. thanks to this, she always knew singing is what she wants to do with her life. (dori freeman, galax) i've been singing for as long as i can
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i decided that it was finally time to pick up an instrument so i decided to learn how to play the guitar so that i could fast forward to now and the 24-year old galax woman is releasing her self- titled debut album on friday. she says she can't wait to see people's reaction. nervous and excited, i'd say it probably equal parts nervous and excited, it's kind of overwhelming. it's a little bit scary to that you put so much time in that people are going to hear so i just hope everyone likes it. but she's already feedback. rolling stone, n-p- r, and other critics are already putting her on their list of the next big thing. it's sort of bizarre. i had no idea that it would get the attention that its gotten so far. it's kind of surprising and it's really exciting. what's even more impressive is that all ten songs on the album are written by dori. she says songwriting is by far her favorite part of music. it's much easier for me to put something into a song than it is for me to sit down with someone and try to explain it or hash something out. it's always just been a
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me. on how much success she could have, dori says she doesn't have any goals for the album, but she hopes it's not her last! i would love to be able to turn this into a career and make it my profession and be able to support myself playing music. in carroll county eamon o'meara wdbj7. the finish line is in sight for a group that's trying to raise money and reopen a historic theater in lynchburg. leaders at academy center of the arts announced today that their capital campaign has surpassed 14 of the 16.6-million needed to restore the venue. a fundraising challenge is now underway to raise the remaining money. a supporter named becky hawkins is offering to match up to 350-thousand dollars in donations now through march 16th. geoffrey kershner/executive director: "this is the time to get involved. to keep construction on pace and where would really love to by the end of march."
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already underway on the building's exterior. when that work is finished, academy officials want to immediately begin renovations inside the theater. doctors will take to the basketball court in just a couple of hours- tonight is the docs for morgan basketball game. carilion clinic doctors will face off against students at patrick henry high school tonight. the students are from virginia tech carilion school of medicine and jefferson college of health sciences. this is a practice of the two teams getting ready for tonight's game. money raised tonight benefits the morgan dana harrington scholarship fund- to help medical school students. feels a bit more like typical february weather. first alert meteorologist has details on a major cool down coming in the 7 day planner. complete details of your first alert forecast
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tolate has been a gloomy day and the bees is rehoboth beach delaware where they've had that i skies for much of the day also the coastal lows been lingering there in the low-pressure system soaks pretty much us a wet day could see the folks out trying to take advantage of it and mid- walking not on the boardwalk or so here is the cold front that is now stalled and is now stationary bike with all that moisture riding along that the other thing what a sherry you to is is diesel spokes of energy little bit weak disturbance is one right here is ere is one of were to wife's get little closer to us later on tonight wish a the water vapor imagery so this looks at hat's some the mid- levels of the atmosphere you concede one the jetstream going way down here picking up lot of that moisture feeding along that front there's the northern rain to the jetstream to go really really cold air up
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there's one little disturbance right there in the mid- levels of the atmosphere guillot on in this is the one the willand mid-levels of the atmosphere guillot on in this is the one later on tonight acting to with the airport i can of the showers rain showers of the forecast model on a we sherry i think it's of of the models are little overdone on this two. rain or snow showers tonight but notice how is a comes through just trying to pinpoint one or two areas in may have some rain or snow showers a big the best chance of be along the virginia north donna border where's the atmospheres to the letter that more saturated so don't be surprised late tonight after midnight most likely get have a few those those may linger into one or two in the morning and the watch what happens that system moves out it helps the question, keep that front away from the coast will begin to see some dryer air working yet as far as accumulation tonight is a know that's what you're thinking out we could have a coating in some of the areas a get just a quick burst of snow it again unthinking that will probably be down
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don't be surprised wake up to luba snow on the ground but it's i can anything major not a big storm by any means temperatures in the mid- forties right now from roanoke all the way to lexington 30s hot springs were it 51 i got that forecast for some sprinkles or flurries in the forecast tonight overnight lows in the mid- and upper twenties and low thirties and then tomorrow get back into the forties once again so the temperatures very similar to what were dealing with today a little bit of of breeze going on tomorrow to as that dryer air begins to work in the cooler temperatures to soaks at of the northwest aware that attended fifteen miles per hour so that front eventually gets picked off the coast we clear out and it we have several disturbances that will move van one of those coming in here late sunday and then into monday ahead of that temperatures holding steady into the mid- and upper forties and the watch what happens 40s and the watch what happens areas this is can a that second push of some colder air that will move van will also be a low-pressure system long coastal out the wife's that may deliver some isolated rain and snow showers
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does look like anything big the we would have put in impact eighty and for tuesday that simply means you we keep a close eye on in may impact your day if everything comes together on that but the big weekend again looking partly to mostly sunny skies i temperatures in the mid-and upper 40s and then he gets much colder air moves in next week with some rainfootball coach frank beamer was honored in richmond today, plus, the uva men won their 5th straight game last night. we'll from coach tony bennett on his
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resurgence. basketball team won its 18th game of the season last night and 7th in the acc, polishing off boston college for a 5th straight victory. malcolm brogdon was lights out, scoring 27 points, just one shy of his career high and the cavaliers held bc to just 27 percent shooting from the
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on the way to a 61- 47 win. with the stretch run ahead in conference play, the cavaliers are certainly in a better place than they were two weeks ago. tony bennett/virginia 18-4, 7-3 in the acc: i know we can. i know we have the formula. i know we have the personnel. we can do it. do you know if you will do it? that's always because this league is so good but i feel that we are playing better basketball and our kind of ball as we're heading into the second half of acc play. malcolm brogdon/uva senior guard: defensively, i think that's where we have been lacking. that's the area where we've had to improve and it's improving we're sort of of our labor at college softball season is fast approaching and product and jmu baseman, jailyn ford was one of 50 watch list for the usa softball collegiate player of the year award. ford holds the program record for wins, shutouts, strikeouts and complete games. she is one of 25 seniors on the list, joining her jmu teammate megan good. yesterday was virginia tech football's first signing day without coach frank beamer in nearly 30 years. today coach
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governor terry mcauliffe, who officially declared today as frank beamer day in the commonwealth. a resolution was read that commemorates all of beamer's accomplishments and all that he did not only for virginia tech, but around the state as well in his 29 years as head coach. wall street closes on a positive note today. the dow climbed 80 points. nasdaq rose 5. and the s and p
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two weeks ago we told you what's left of happy's flea market is now up for sale. as wdbj-7's shayne dwyer learned area stake holders are working together to help market this property, jean the city shut down for good last code violations. empty and just recently was chained off so no one can access it. stake-holders from both roanoke county and roanoke city recently met to discuss the future for it. they hope to get a good use out of it, but the current owners are still just looking to get the most money. jean we'll find out what they talked about at that meeting that's all coming up in about thirty minutes right after andy. for the latest
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webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7. we'll see you at six.
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