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tv   WDBJ7 News Special  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good morning. uh... congratulations, andy. congratulations? and best wishes, too. for what? isn't he the sly one? i'm not being sly, floyd. i just don't know what you're congratulating me for. ( both muttering ) ( humming "here comes the bride" ) oh. somebody getting married. you... you know, he's a great kidder. he's always good for a laugh. when's the big day, andy? well, wait a minute, jud. are you guys implying that... that it's me that's getting married? oh, now, look, andy...
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it's all over town. well, i'm glad somebody's finally letting me in on it. who am i supposed to be marrying? ooh, who's he supposed to be... you're funny. you're funny for a sheriff. floyd. here comes the bride now. helen? what... well... wait... wait a minute. what's going on? i should think you'd be the last person on earth to ask that. well, maybe i'm not very smart, so suppose you tell me. when i become engaged to somebody i've got one very simple requirement-- i'd like to be asked first. i don't like going to a p.t.a. meeting and suddenly finding out that i'm engaged to the great sheriff taylor. you think all you have to do is decide you want to marry me and then just announce it to the world. just who do you think you are, anyway--
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what really infuriates me is listening to your friends tell me what a great catch you are. well, you're not caught yet. hi, ange. how's it going? well, i admit i should have told you about it first. should have told me about it first? barney, this is about the third time that you've spread stories about helen and me and made her mad at me. now, for the last time, we are not getting married. now, that's where you happen to be wrong. what do you mean, i'm wrong? if helen and i were going to get married don't you think we'd be the first ones to know? and we'd tell you. now, stay out of this area of our lives. i'm out. it's out of my hands. it's out of your hands. none of us has any control over it. well, who has? count istvan teleky. who's that? he's the one that decided
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well, where is he? i'd like to talk to him. andy, you can't talk to count istvan teleky. why not? because he lived in the 18th century. barney, i know that we've not always understood one another but so far as i can recall, this is the first time we've ever been on two different planets. andy... come here a minute. what are you doing? well, there's no point in having the count hear all this. ( doorbell rings ) i just got the whole story. do you want to hear it? no, i don't. well, sit down. you're going to.
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now, look, helen. i had nothing to do with this. you know, i just couldn't care less. do you want to hear it or don't you? now, this is the way it happened. a few days ago barney and goober went over to this police auction. what's a police auction got to do with anything? if you'll wait a minute, i'll tell you. they hold them over in mt. pilot every now and then and auction off all the stuff that they've confiscated during the year. barney and goober bought some stuff like everybody does. goober bought this, this... roll of copper tubing. paid 30 cents for it. you could get it anywhere else for 16 cents but he wanted it. and barney bought some stuff, too. but one thing in particular... you just think they got that box from gypsies. i know they did. don't you remember that band of gypsies that was floating around the area last year? you don't believe that magic stuff, do you? well, they're doing an awful lot with e.s.p. these days. what's that?
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doing a lot of that in the himalayas. you know, people on mountaintops miles apart thinking the same thing. i didn't know that. well, don't quote me on this, goober. i'm not saying there is such a thing as the supernatural but things have happened that have never been explained. i believe i'll go on over to the filling station. barney: i call upon you, count teleky to impart your mystical powers to earthly things. i ask you, whose presence hovers over us eternally to invest these cards with your very spirit.
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huh?! goober, stop sneaking up on people! i... just had a few minutes to kill so i thought i'd nd of, you know fool around with this stuff. sure looks spooky. hey, what is that stuff you were sprinkling in that lamp? oh, that. well... according to the book, that dust is supposed to evoke the spirit of count istvan teleky. if you sprinkle it in the flame there well, then, he's supposed to be right here in the room with you. i'll be dawged. you know what they're talking about? that's a man that's over 200 years old. you think that his spirit could be right here in the same room with us? i don't know. do you? i don't know. well, i'll just get my copper tubing and run along. you have to go? see ya, barn. i ain't staying in no back room with no ghost that comes out a lamp. hi, goober! ( yells ) what ghost was he talking about, barney? oh, well, he...
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what do you mean, barney? well... i'll tell your fortune. you've heard of that, haven't you? is that what all that stuff is? yeah. come on in. sit down. okay. there. okay... here we go. now, you see, ope when two identical cards come up on the same pile that's when you got something. i got two flaming torches. let's see what the book says. you've been granted three wishes, ope. you mean i can wish for something and it'll come true? yeah. well, i mean, you know... it's worth a try. just for fun, huh? all right. i wish i had a jackknife. a jackknife, huh? yeah. i wish i had a jackknife. hey, barn? hi, paw.
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let's just keep this game between you and me, huh? no sense in telling your paw about it. okay, barn. how you doing, sport? fine, paw. hey, i'm glad you stopped by. i was going through my desk drawer at home and i found something you might like to have. look at that. jackknife. wow. barn. hi, ange. hey, barney look what i just got. i'm going to take it home and sharpen it. bye, paw. what's the matter? didn't you ever see a jackknife before? i smell something. smells like something burning. barn? it'll be gone in a minute.
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and barney spreading the rumor that you and i are getting married. well, wait a minute. the jackknife was only part of it. andy, do you mean to tell me that you believe that there's the spirit of a 200-year-old count hovering around granting wishes and controlling fate? oh, no, no, no. i don't believe that, but barney does, and you know barney. he'll believe nearly anything. andy, it's like the dark ages. yes, it is. now, like i say, i'm not saying that i believe any of this stuff but it is strange. the next day, i was sitting in the office working on monthly reports, and barney come walking in. hi, barn. i say, "hi, barn." oh, hi, ange. whatcha reading? oh, just a book. let me see. well... mmm. mmm. psychic phenomena by dr. merle osmond. huh.
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of psychic phenomena in boise, idaho." dr. merle osmond? he's a doctor? mm-hmm. yeah, he's a licensed ppd. what's ppd? doctor of psychic phenomena. you know, he has a very interesting background. he used to teach the guitar before he went into this. that is interesting. huh. you don't believe all this psychic phenomena and supernatural and all that stuff, do you? andy, there are forces loose on this earth that you wouldn't believe. i tell you, it would make your hair stand on end. what forces? well, it's entirely possible that there are forces in the atmosphere that are able to control our fate. oh, come on, that-that's fairy-tale stuff. that's like aladdin and his magic lamp. you don't believe that, huh? aladdin's lamp? did you ever see that lamp? no. if you never saw that lamp, then don't talk. barney, are you going to stand right there in front of me, a grown man
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and tell me that you believe there was such a thing as aladdin's magic lamp that you could rub and a genie would come out of it and do things for you? i never saw that lamp. i do not know what spirit was evoked by that lamp and therefore, i cannot discuss the subject intelligently. well, barney, why are you suddenly so interested in all this stuff?
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hey, paw! opie, one of these days your lungs are going to bust from running. walk. aunt bee said you'd take me to raleigh if i got a "b" in arithmetic. yeah, i said that. wow. report card comes out tomorrow. can i go to the zoo and everything? well, ope, if i was you i wouldn't get my hopes too high this time. according to the papers you've been bringing home you've been getting mostly cs and c-pluses. i know. good luck, anyway. hey, uh, maybe barney can help. maybe he can go over to arabia and rub one of them magic lamps or something. what? nothing. hey, barney, i know what my second wish is. a "b" in arithmetic? uh-huh. do you think it will come true? i don't know, opie. it just ain't up to me. well, that's my second wish. i wish that i get a "b" in arithmetic.
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you've got to admit that you gave opie a "b" when maybe he should have had a "c." oh, he's been improving and it was very close. this isn't the first time i've given a child the benefit of the doubt. it gives them confidence. yeah, yeah, but that's not what barney claims. he claims that an outside force made you give him that "b." he claims you were an unconscious agent of the count. oh, good heavens. ( chuckling ) you know how barney gets. when opie's second wish came true, he went all to pieces. and now we come to the interesting part. what? you know what he did? turned himself into a pumpkin? no. well, what did he do? well, he decided to put it to a big and final test. so one night after work he got goober and floyd to help him. sort of act as witnesses.
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a supernatural phenomenon if there is adequate proof that one exists-- am i correct? oh, absolutely. i accept it. exactly what you said. good. all right, goober, you're familiar with the procedure. if you will, please. okay, barn. it's sure lively tonight. what's that? who's laughing? count istvan teleky. ( murmuring nervously ) sure is dark in here. yeah. let's let him drift around a little bit first. he's here with us?
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oh, fine. fine by me. right in this room with us, huh? didn't you see him? of course. if he's in this room, of course i saw him. okay, go ahead, goober. i was just making sure he was still here. hey, here's two cards the same, barn. oh, two unicorns. okay, check the book. "the count gives you one wish." so i got one wish, huh? all right, i don't want to make it too tough. i'm going to wish for a new fingerprint set we've been needing around here. i sent to the county headquarters for it about six months ago, but nothing ever happened.
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yeah. i wish... for a new fingerprint set. i hope you get it. ( door opens and closes ) shh! don't say anything. ( footsteps ) ( door opens and closes ) i wonder who that was, barney. i don't know. ain't you going to go out and see? yeah. you know what?
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gentlemen... i have the following announcement to make. count istvan teleky exists. well, how did the fingerprint set get there? i put it there. yeah, i ran into clint from the post office and it had just come in on the late bus. now, i knew barney was looking for it so i unwrapped it and took it over there
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first thing in the morning. that is strange. yeah. i got to tell you there's things going on here that... ( whistling ) well, opie's up for his third wish, you know. what was it? well, the next day opie came running in the courthouse and went right up to barney. i know what my third wish is, barney. have you given it a lot of thought? yeah, a lot. 'cause this is your last one. you got to make it a good one. you think it will come true? oh, no question about it. i admit, in the beginning i wasn't too sure but now, beyond the shadow of a doubt. well, here it is. i wish that miss crump... paw would say it's impossible. never mind about that. it's your wish, ain't it? i think it's a great one. but i didn't tell you what it is. you don't have to. you think it'll come true? it's in the bag. you just run along. don't you worry about it. okay! bye, barn! oh, this is great. it's just great.
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hey, sarah, guess what! that's it. well, when's the date? what? when's the date for the wedding? everything else came true. oh, come on. we-we talked about that and may-maybe sometime when the time's right, remember? oh, i... i was only kidding. well, let's go down to the courthouse. oh, we are getting married. stop that. to straighten out barney. oh. well. come on, mrs. taylor. huh? in case the count's listening. ( door closes ) hi, andy. hi, helen. forget it. barney, it ain't going to happen. but it is. andy, why don't you roll with the punch. this is it. d-day. shoes and rice time. accept it. forget it. this is a sure thing. opie wished it and it's got to be. it don't got to be. helen and i are not getting married. you really mean that? yes, barney. i don't know how
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but this one andy and i can control. well, i... i just can't believe it. oh, i wish it could have worked out. oh, barney, maybe someday it will. maybe it will and if and when it does, let us handle it, okay? why don't you throw that-that-that stuff away? i could have sworn... hi, paw. aunt bee said you were looking for me. yeah, ope. i want to talk to you about these wishes you've been making. oh. i haven't heard about the third one yet. well, you might as well forget about that one, because it's not going to happen. it isn't? no. and while we're talking about it things don't come true just because you wish them especially when they involve other people. things like that have to run their course and they only come true because the time is right and the people are ready.
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exactly right. so, ope, you just forget about that wish you made about helen and me getting married. but, paw, i didn't wish for you and miss crump to get married. what? now, wait a minute, opie. you said... i didn't say anything, barney. you said you knew exactly what i meant. i just wished that miss crump could go on being my teacher even in the sixth grade. what's the matter? i was told this afternoon that next year i'm being transferred to the sixth grade.
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we'll hear from national guard soldiers in lynchburg as they prepare to leave their families behind for a mission in the middle east. we're learning a whole new side of the man charged in nicole lovell's death. you'll hear from a cross country runner who tells us his experience with david eisenhauer. the woman charged in connection to lovell's death said in court that she used to take part in cutting. tonight a psychologist explains what it is and what parents should look out for. good evening. i'm jean jadhon. chris hurst is off tonight. in this country great i was marveling at the picture from the mountain because it is really
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is gone i would have a couple
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