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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm EST

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we are wdbj7. good evening, i'm melissa gaona. chris hurst is off tonight. a huge crowd gathered in danville tonight for a walk organized by danville regional medical center. the hospital's ceo says he wanted to do something to help create a positive community change after a doctor was shot on his walk home from work monday night. wdbj7's danielle staub was there. campbell "lord please find a way, that a mircale, that would draw us together in love and forgiveness. please give us the peace and unity at we speak." rev. larry campbell's voice
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and clear outside danville regional medical center as the community came out to take a stand against crime. lillie neal "the amount of support my family has gotten over the past few days, not only from my close friends but from the entire community has been overwhelming." the daughter of dr. randolph neal, the victim in monday night's shooting spoke to the crowd about her anger and then love. lillie neal "my dad has always told me not to live in fear. he has always understood that no day is guarenteed and that we shoud live in the present and not let our worries of the future impact how we go about our lives." as walkers took to the streets, many were impressed with the turn out. paul and kim nicholson, walkers "the spirit of community down here, i think it crossed racial lines i think it crosses economic lines." sandy and robin williams "i think, it really a call of god to just come together and stand for your city and learn to love one another and stop the violence." leaders encouraged walkers to share concerns, brainstorm ideas and met someone new. "through these associations it fosters communication with police and with your neighbors and you
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of who lives around you." "we are excited about the idea that will come out of this. we are happy to be a part of it and this is our home. we wouldn't be anywhere else together except here." with support, leaders hope to continue the walk on a weekly basis. in danville danielle staub wdbj7 inpretty nice day today overall no weather worries and thinks it is getting better but if they're marketing a lot drier to which is great for visibility you can see forever right now but it's dry on your skin right now at eagle rock elementary school were down to twenty seven degrees pretty cold dew points on the nineteenth little windy today with peak wind gusts of nearly 20 miles an hour the picture we get compliments of the high-pressure system we have a black teen pattern which will allow for temperatures to slowly climb rethinking upper forties tomorrow with the showers holding along the coast and then sliding along
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moves up it keeps the foul weather out of our area and you can already see some hints of winter backup around another boundary so but stay in between those two systems over the course of this weekend and let's enjoy our time were back at least three people were killed after a six-point-four magnitude quake rocked taiwan. more than 200 others have been hurt. the quake caused a 17-story residential building to collapse. the search continues for survivors trapped in the rubble. witness: "i heard a huge noise, and it just like went sideways, we didn't actually see anything." reporter: "did you feel it?" witness: "yes of course you can feel." a deadly day in lower manhattan when a massive crane collapsed this morning. the fallen crane stretched more than a city block. more than 130 emergency workers rushed to the scene immediately after it fell. a man walking on the street died from the impact. three others were hurt by falling debris. there's still no official cause for the
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happened while new york city was under a winter weather advisory. cbs new york says city officials inspected the crane just yesterday, because an extension was being added. a 25-thousand dollar bond was set today for a richmond police officer charged with an off- duty shooting that killed an 18-year old. officer david cobb is charged with second degree murder. police in chesterfield county, where the shooting happened last october, say the teen was shot after driving cobb's car out of a car wash bay. prosecutors say the officer's gun was drawn for more than three minutes, and the 18-year-old posed no actual threat. a cross country runner who met the man accused of killing blacksburg teen nicole lovell during a track meet says he doesn't match the person authorities are describing. alex malycke bonded with david eisenhauer on the course. he says eisenhauer showed him where to slow down and speed up. malycke
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eisenhauer in a race three months ago appreciative of his help. alex malycke/runner: "i liked his attitude. he was very upbeat, very knowledgeable, very personable, very accomodating, almost like an ambassador from virginia tech." it's a much different story than the eisenhauer we're hearing about in court. he's charged with first degree murder and abduction of nicole lovell. prosecutors say he and natalie keepers each had a part in murdering lovell and leaving her body in north carolina. they both are in jail without bond. we learned this week in court that natalie keepers has a history of cutting and anxiety. psychologists say the two can go hand-in-hand, and many associate self harming with suicidal and homicial behaviors. experts say some see cutting as a way to deal with anxiety and other problems. although there can be overlap, a psychologist we talked to says it should not be ignored. dr. lyn day "it's a stigmatizing concept to think that
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prone to violence or violent behavior, which is not true. it's a myth. it's a behavior that left untreated because of all the psychological dynamics under it can really blossom into a full blown personality disorder or other serious mental health issues." watch for withdrawl, unexplained wounds and a collection of sharp instruments. seek medical attention if you notice any of these. new tonight, outrage in tazewell county after what happened during school lunch yesterday. according to the school superintendent, more than a dozen students who had outstanding unpaid lunch charge balances at richlands high school were told to leave their trays at a cash register. but there was a breakdown in communication. instead, all students who owed money were not allowed through the lunch line. school leaders have apologized, but it's little comfort for parents and grandparents. kathy loony/grandparent: "a paid school official can refuse a child food? there's
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with this picture." principal kimberly ringstaff: "the fact of the misinformation. that cut at my heart. and i'm sorry to those kids and to those parents. i mean i want to say that. it was never an intention." an online petition calling for the principal to resign has thousands of signatures. the community has stepped up to help affected students by taking care of those bills. a group of parents also handed out bagged lunches for kids this morning across the street from the school. a roanoke county woman says her water is yellow and smells bad -- and it's been this way for years. wdbj7's christian heilman joins us with more on the problem and how she wants it to be fixed. the woman says her water smells like rotten eggs and it's been that way for more than two years. she says it's costing her a lot of money and she doesn't know what to do next. angela beasley was excited to move into her house two years ago. angela beasley "and we have a lot of room here and it's mine. " since then, she's been less than
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angela beasley "it's just -- it's not good water. " nat pouring water she doesn't drink the water that comes from her tap because she doesn't trust it. on the left is her tap water from the town of vinton, while she has some bottled water on the right. angela beasley "something's got to be causing that color. is it dirt? i mean it's just not sanitary to me." nat bathtub running water in the bathroom, she says it's not much better. angela beasley "of course here's the yellow water in the bathtub with some sediment stuff in it. " the smell upsets her as well -- and she says she's been dealing with it for two years. angela beasley "it's been very frustrating becuase i spent a lot of money trying to clear up my water and i still spend a lot of money on bottled water all the time. " richard peters, assistant town manager "there are to my knowledge no safety concerns at this time. " the assistant town manager in vinton says town leaders are aware of the problem affecting about a dozen homes in the area. he says they perform 15 monthly water quality inspections. richard peters, assistant town manager "well it's certainly a
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options on the table and look at what we can do to fix this permanently. " beasley wants new lines in her neighborhood. angela beasley " i mean they just they need to be replaced. because they're old. " until then, she'll continue buying bottled water to cook and drink. vinton emphasizes the water is safe to drink. they try to flush mains twice per week to get rid of the smell. beasley says that hasn't helped yet. christian heilman, wdbj7. a group of soldiers based in our region is headed to the middle east. we first told you about it last night at eleven. the virginia army national guard's 1st battalion, 116th infantry regiment based in lynchburg will deploy may 13th. they're a combat team, but their mission will not be in a combat zone. soldiers will help protect other members of the military who are working in the persian gulf country of qatar. lt. col. christopher samulski/virginia national guard: "every four or five years this battalion is looked at as a potential element to support the active duty army. we do have a lot of new soldiers, so this will be their first
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excited." the lynchburg battalion was last called to active duty in 20-10. units from bedford, lexington and christiansburg are mobilizing for the latest mission. soldiers will undergo training at fort bliss in texas before their 12-month tour begins. people in christiansburg may be able to get quicker medical attention next week thanks to a recent donation. the town's rescue squad donated 35 new automatic external defibrillators to the police department. the aeds allow officers to help people having a heart attack. rescue says the funds came from their ems revenue recovery, but they didn't need any equipment. but, they say it important for every officer to have an aed and know how to use it. (officer james belcher, christiansburg police department) having an officer beat an ambulance by just a minute or two with an aed could literally mean does that person walk out of the hospital in a week or do they go to the grave. (joe coyle, christiansburg rescue chief) it really makes the best sense. they're mobile, they're out, they're already deployed and it allows us to very
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having an emergency. the new aeds will be installed in the marked vehicles on monday. so a little kid walks into a grocery store. sounds like the start of a joke right? but surveillance cameras show it's wait until you hear what's next for the 8 year old attempted several hundred reasons why you'll extra effort to avoid potholes next time you get behind the
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florida boy tried to rob a grocery store this week and it was caught on surveillance cameras. he covered his face with a motorcycle helmet and was armed with a gun. the boy pointed it to the cashier and demanded money. he stood there long enough for two store managers to rush over and get the gun away from him. authorities say there was no bullet in the chamber, but the gun was loaded. prosecutors say they aren't pursuing criminal charges against the eight- year-old - as long as he completes a court-mandated diversion program. 30 years to life. that's the sentence a southern california doctor faces. she is reportedly the only doctor in the country to be convicted of murder for recklessly prescribing drugs. she was convicted of second-degree murder in the overdose deaths of three of her patients. in court today the doctor apologized to the victim's families. twitter is actively seeking out terrorist supporters. the social media site says it has shutdown
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accounts since last year in its effort to fight isis and violent extremists online. twitter adds it has increased the size of teams that review that kind of activity. the accounts were suspended for threatening or promoting terrorist attacks. a united nations panel is siding with wikileaks founder julian assange, saying he's being illegally detained in london. assange has been holed up in ecuador's london embassy for more than three years to avoid being arrested. he says he should be allowed to walk free after a u-n human rights panel concluded he is being held against his will. britain's foreign secretary called the non-binding recommendation "ridiculous." phillip hammond/british foreign secretary: "julian assange is a fugitive from justice. he's hiding from justice in the ecuadorian embassy. assange believes the allegations are a ploy to extradite him to the u-s where he could face criminal charges for publishing secret
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u-k authorities say he can leave the embassy any time he likes, but police will be waiting for him. university of louisville officials have banned the men's basketball team from taking part in any post-season play. this after a prostitution scandal rocked the campus last year. in a tell-all book, an escort claims she and others were paid thousands over a four-year period to strip and have sex with players and recruits. school officials say they chose to self- impose a ban after an investigation determined there was a violation. head basketball coach rick pitino is calling the move "the harshest he's ever seen." rick pitino/ univ. of louisville men's basketball, head coach: "this is not a team that wasn't going to make the tournament, this a team that was very much favored to go very far in the tournament." the n-c-double-a is continuing to investigate the accusations. new tonight, it'll soon be pothole repair time for crews with the virginia department of transportation.
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