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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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found her son, noah thomas. wdbj7's justin ward just stepped of out court to give us an update on what's happening inside. so far three witnesses have been questioned by lawyers, all three also testified during the preliminary hearing last year. we've heard from the assistant medical examiner, and two deputies who responded to ashley white's 9-1-1 call when noah was first reported missing on march 22nd. amy tharpe, the assistant medical examiner, said again noah died from drowning with hypothermia contributing. she couldn't confirm noah actually drowned in the septic tank where he was found dead, but said foreign material was in his lungs. she said he had three cuts on his left side that were recent and bruises on his legs. we also heard again the story white first told investigators of taking noah, her infant daughter, and the children's father, paul thomas, to work. she later told investigators the children were left at home while white and thomas left home.
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kelsey bulger, objected six times to pictures submitted of home. they showed the bedrooms, and messy. the judge overruled that objection. white is back in shackles today and is wearing a black and white jail uniform. she has cried during many of the details described in court. the case is continuing inside and we'll have updates throughout the afternoon on live in pulaski, justin ward, wdbj7 lynchburg's mayor is leaving the elected office he's held for 12 years. mike gillette has announced he will not run for re-election to city council in may. gillette is an independant and represents ward one on city council. he was first elected in 2004 and
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foster as mayor in 20-12. gillette says he's putting a "term limit" doesn't want to be a career politician on advance auto is out with its fourth quarter earnings report. the auto parts giant reported sales of just over two billion months of 20-15. that's a two-point- six percent decrease from the same time period in 20-14. president and interim c-e-o george sherman says while fourth quarter sales weren't what they expected, the company made needed adjustments to meet earnings expectations. detailsyes snow showers tomorrow maybe a bigger storm by the time we head toward monday but first things first. if you look outside looks gorgeous a lot of blue sky a few fairweather clouds but
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notice not so nice temperatures teens twenties with the windchill it's can remain blustery and cold as we afternoon same over the we can as well so be prepared for that most the snow showers they'll have come to an and we been seeing those for several days in the mountains can't rule some out as he head over toward pocahontas county, west virginia places like that but the rest of our area will see quite a bit of sunshine is maker way through the afternoon so should be a nice day sunshine wise more sunshine as i mentioned but blustery and cold today maybe a little bit warmer as we head toward tomorrow and then another arctic blast heads our way, saturday and sunday passing snow showers tomorrow don't overlook that mike a couple burst even to the ronald valley newer valley we pick up a quick coding here or there much more the way of some accumulations over in the mountains a west virginia we could see a coating to inch or two especially in the higher elevations but don't overlook that even though we have a much bigger storm to be talk about as he head toward is you had monday and that might unfortunately contain snow sleet and even some freezing
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come it will looking for a man that may have a gun. the suspect's car crashed, flipped and caught on fire after he was chased by police on route 220 last night. state police say the car was coming from franklin county when a trooper tried to pull it over for reckless driving. when the driver sped off, it eventually hit another vehicle near webb road. the driver fled on foot and police say he has a gun. the driver's four passengers were taken to carilion roanoke memorial hospital. no one in the vehicle that was hit was hurt. police dogs and are working to find the suspect.. police in danville robbery and an attempted robbery. robbery happened in the 3000 block of around 6:20 last night. a pittsylvania county resident told wearing a ski mask came up to her with a gun and demanded money. she says she was grabbed from behind and hit with the gun, away. police were called to holt garrison
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county residents reported that a man the parking lot with a gun. he took money from them and left on foot. so far there's no word on if the two incidents are related. new at noon, who shot and killed two maryland shootout says his father was a heavy drinker with but never spoke badly about police. police say david for his arrest before shooting and killing a deputy in a restaurant yesterday. he then killed another deputy in a evans' son says david evans shot his and she thought he was at the restaurant wednesday to hurt her. a follow up now: investigators from the national transportation safety board are in new jersey to inspect damage on the royal caribbean cruise ship that sailed right into the path of a dangerous storm over the weekend. liner, along with thousands of passengers, returned to its home port after the nightmare trip. talked to some of
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frank mchugh/passenger the "anthem of the seas" cruise ship are back ground...sharing tales of a dream gone wrong: (sot david link/ coming through the doors. we thought it glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we were going to make it (sot nat of cell phone video of waves) the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major atlantic. battered by 30-foot hurricane force (sot dennis maher/ passenger) i was on eight, and i could see dennis maher cruise with his family. they spent hours on lockdown in their rooms while the ship's captain navigated out of the storm. (sot dennis maher/ passenger) my sister and my brother were pretty distraught. my mom was okay. the bar, so that was (standup: don champion cbs news bayonne, nj) royal say they're reviewing the company's storm-avoidance policies to ensure an incident like this never happens again. (sot bill baumgartner, svp of global marine operations for royal caribbean cruises ltd) we can't ask
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dream vacation to deal with those conditions some rattled passengers say they're done. (sot frank mchugh/ passenger) i'm not going to hold it against them i'm just never going to cruise again the coast guard will inspect the ship, before royal caribbean sails the ship out on its next voyage, this weekend. don champion cbs news bayonne, new jersey. dozens of people are hurt after a train derailment just south of cairo. the train went off the tracks, and two of its cars overturned early this morning, leaving at least 69 people injured. egypt's state- run news agency is quoting a security official as saying that the train hit a cement wall, while trying to avoid a second one heading in the opposite direction. the agency also reported that the train's conductor was arrested. railroad accidents due to negligence are common in egypt. what started as a fight between rival gang leaders ended as a prison riot in northern mexico overnight. mexican leaders confirm at least 52 people were killed in the topo chico prison in monterrey. 12- other people were hurt. inmates also set fires during the riot. mexico has seen
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other prison violence in the past, often at the hands of drug cartels within the prison. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are preparing for another debate tonight. it'll be the first since sanders' overwhelming victory in new hampshire. and as marlie hall reports, the republican candidates are battling for votes in south carolina, ahead of that state's primary. (package script) marco rubio rallied early this morning in south carolina. he's trying to rebound from his disappointing 5th place finish in new hampshire as the alternative to donald trump. (sot marco rubio) pipe 3 8:52:30 when i am president i will united the country as much as possible jeb bush also attacked the frontrunner's inflammatory rhetoric. (sot jeb bush) bush pipe 8 22:26:50 it's downright ugly and divisive and mean-spirited. polls show trump with a commanding lead in south carolina.. (sot trump from last night pipe 4 ) @19:29:29 i've spent less money than anyone else and i'm number one (graphics) but in a state with two thirds of gop voters describethem selves as born-again or evangelical, ted cruz thinks he can win. (cruz) the only candidate who can beat donald trump is
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john kasich, who came in second in new hampshire, is expected to have a tougher time among south carolina conservatives. (sot kasich) 11:01:53 democrats like to spend, republicans like do, they just, but they feel guilty when they do it there are also questions about how bernie sanders will do among minority voters in the south but the democratic socialist told scott pelley wednesday he's confident. (sot bernie @1:02:22 ) change always takes place when millions of people stand up and fight back. hillary clinton received a boost thursday morning with an endorsement from the black congressional caucus. (sot john dickerson) hillary clinton wants to turn the page. she wants a new storyline to emerge after this debate 7:08:57 between the endorsement and the debate she's looking to put her new hampshire defeat behind her. marlie hall, cbs news, milwaukee. how play time can often be therapeutic for many children. and the 611 is leaving roanoke once again. where the legendary train is
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we caught a rare nats take a look at the 611 locomotive leaving the virginia museum of transportion around 5:40 a.m. she's headed to north carolina for an annual inspection.
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the 611 will be busy for the next few months. walker nelms" there are excursions north carolina, they're already sold out. then in april there will be excursions from greensboro to and then we start our excursions later in april the virginia museum of transportation will be hosting their 8th day next week. the event was orginially scheduled for this weekend, but the weather has postponed it to february 20th. tickets are just $5 to get in. some local students are about to begin work on a prototype that could change the way we travel. daniel kimminau is a student at tech and thinks the future of transportation is hyperloop. hyperloop is a transportation system using a near-vacuum tube to propel a passenger- carrying pod at more than 700 miles per hour. he and other students recently designed a hyperloop system called the vhyper. it scored fourth place at the space-x hyperloop pod
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daniel kimminau: "i hate driving in traffic. i hate sitting in an airport for several hours on a layover so i think, if i can travel where i want to travel and get there quickly then i'm going to be a much better person and our society is going to run the team is one of more than 20 that will move on to build a prototype that will be tested at a track facility this summer. child's play is more fun. have a hard time expressing their feelings, it can be an effective way to this is national play therapy week. play therapy can help children who suffered a trauma, including one case involving a child who'd watched his pregnant mother fall. jennifer thomas/ licensed clinical social worker:once we knew she was okay, i saw that her little boy was taking a teddy bear. he was dropping the teddy bear from the chair down to the floor and he did that repeatedly. and he was really just trying to understand what all had happened. and at the same time, he was communicating to those of us around him that he was still experiencing some level of distress.
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play therapy on our web site, wdbj7- dot-com. just click on this story. now let's check out what's hot right now on wdbj7-dot-com. the galax community is coming four-year-old boy who is fighting for his max brown was diagnosed with acute leukemia last month. a madison heights dollars on a virginia lottery scratcher ticket. christopher parrish bought the ticket at the triangle market heights. and if you're looking for an unconventional way to spend valentine's, check out these unique fast-food
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forecastwill looking out live through our mill mountain camera this afternoon we are finding beautiful blue sky across the roanoke valley a few
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about it still breezy not as windy is will been seeing and the winds will continue to diminish as we head through the day would a still finding teens in the mountains twenties along the i eighty one quarter or and then a little bit warmer down toward the south side were finding some low thirties but with the wind us still out there in that twenty to thirty mylan our range it over toward lynchburg danville even though will have the windchill advisories in effect anymore still awfully cold feels like it's minus seven-7 hot springs 13 roanoke eight blacksburg 70 galax feels like it's eight in with bill eighteen in around smith mountlake were feels a gets right around 31 you notice were finding relatively quiet conditions some clouds hugging the mountains more cloudiness back into the mountains a west virginia still say pocahontas county top snowshoe mountain flurry or two or even isolated snow shower today but the rest of us a mix of sun and clouds temperatures dropping back down into the teens as we head toward tomorrow morning so tonight increasing clouds a be cold temperatures dropping
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the teens and as we head toward tomorrow today no worries tonight no worries but then the clouds thicken up we do have this feature a little coastal system can a stay far enough to our south these that clipper system could bring us a couple snow showers here and there most of it will be in the form of stray snow showers but since it's been so cold we get a quick burst might see a quick coating on the grassy services and also as you maker way onto some of the roadways how much snow we can a be talk about for tomorrow not much at all coding here or there maybe couple it tenths a little bit more in the western mountains forecast would talking mid thirties for your friday isolated snow shower for the center virginia mid thirties a 30s mix of sun and clouds southern virginia maybe a flurry or two mid thirties for you newer valley southwest slightly better chance of a few snow showers temperatures in the low to mid 30s highlands greenbrier valley, a west virginia were talking scattered snow showers temperatures in the upper twenties low to mid thirties and then all eyes have to go toward monday were bigger storm system could be
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things over to chief meteorologist brent once will be back own on this one are i live this was coming in from the west and it's coming into that very cold air what they do notice just because it's can a meander the cold air snow these storms with the ome in from the south that could bringsome warm air with a really just roads away as the storm gets closer so were is still really tricky it may arrive a little earlier in the arriving later and it does not look like an all snow event potential for some ice in fact some freezing rain along the i eighty one quarter or at least of the west and that ice like would sneak in even to the roanoke valley as the storm progresses arena have to monitor closely but it does look like an and monday. that's will keep a close eye on that seven day planner pretty much talks what we doing we do see a few snow showers friday very dangerously cold saturday and sunday and then on monday will have that storm system affecting us could even bleed
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warming up on wednesday so again tomorrow few snow showers very cold over the weekend and in that bigger storm a affect us on monday looks like a very good potential is a could have some major travel in packs from the system you don't want that yougland journal of medicine showed the decrease in dementia was more noticeable in people diagnosed with heart disease. by 2025 an estimated 7 million people will be living with alzheimer's disease. british experts say new guidelines that recommend no more than 5 pints of beer a week---may not decrease alcohol consumption, but could change social attitudes about drinking. they noticed an uptick in "alcohol and cancer" after the new guidelines were released compared to the same time last and, we all know that being a couch potato
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good for your body but new research says it may also lead to smaller brains later in life. more people were given treadmill tests to determine their heart rate. doctors found people whose heart rate and blood pressure went up after exercise were more likely to develop accelerated brain aging. that's a look at some of today's medical headlines. jamie yuccas, cbs news. call it a dosey doh with fido we'll tell you about a new trend of dogs hitting the dance floor.
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frie and as it turns out, they can also make for pretty good dance partners. mark albert met some dogs in beltsville, maryland that are working on putting their best paw forward. (pkg)
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in darlene chroniger's dance class - everybody moves to the music whether you have two legs or four. (sot darlene chroniger/canine freestyle instructor) "ma: dc: never in a million years i must be out of my mind but it is one of the most fun things i have ever done in my life." canine freestyle isn't a walk in the park - each move takes practice for both handler - and their partner. nine year old ruby is a veteran freestyler who does dozens of tricks in every routine but dogs don't always make for the most predictable partners. (sot chroniger) "if you make a mistake they will sometimes really let you know about that. ma: they let you know you've made a mistake? dc: they might bark or they might look at you and say that's not the way we do this it's very interesting." (stand-up bridge/mark albert/cbs news/beltsville md) "this is a legitimate dog sport with ribbons and titles but most here say it isn't just about getting creative with your canine." (sot pam kelley/
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"the connection, the bond you have with your dog / pam kelley and her standard poodle pharaoh have been dancing together for almost six years - she has a background in dance but chroniger says most of her students don't. regardless of experience, the routines deliver lots of exercise with flair. mark albert for cbs news beltsville md one restaurant's drive thru
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down 50 points. a restaurant worker did a double take when one customer pulled up to the drive thru. it happened at a tim horton's in new brunswick on a very snowy day. one woman, rather than take her car out, took a dog sled to get her fast food fix. the woman decided to take the dogs out
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particular day because there were so few cars around. blustery and cold today with lots of sunshine. a few snow showers drive through tomrorow
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monday. we could >> jack: what were you two doing upstairs? >> phyllis: i lost my phone. >> jack: upstairs?
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well, i wasn't sure.
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