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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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south of that wine nowstarting to see some dryer air punch in that will be lifting to the north see might get a. we not really seeing much at all the doubt plows can qaeda catch up more warm weather to our west will be heading in our direction as we head through the afternoon hour so as we had to the afternoon into the evening mix bag precipitation sleet and him for chilly periods of freezing rain will be developing an and overnight a look sick would to get warmer not to see some of that plain old rain moving into the region would ascend things outside what we had meteorologist urologist lindsay anderson talking about how much snow some areas every scene what's going on out there rightground you can hear it beating against it on the windshield as well. sleet bounces and street has fully transitioned from the snow right on schedule and in fact, you can see a thin layer of sleet on top of the snow. actually you can feel it. it is the little more icy at the top. actually it is a little better compacting snow so you could build a snowman and snowball.
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about over 10 inches of course the higher elevation has seen more snowfall and outside recorded eight and a half inches of snow and we're just about 8 inches of snow and then lesser amounts towards in other county counties and be sure you're safe as you drive out and about the accumulated snow as come to an end you need -- has more coming up. >> sometimes that makes for more dangerous driving conditions. all right thank you lindsey anderson. a team of reporters covering the winter storm. let's start with wdbj7 shayne dwyer. live in roanoke this afternoon just outside at the center. shayne, how are things looking? >> kimberly, about half an hour seen since we started this morning at 5:00 a.m. and now it has switched to that kind of sleet like leo and lindsey have
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this morning and afternoon double degrees have started and some businesses we did find our open but many others are closest. many of the downtown roads are moderately good shape but some of the others are still pretty snow covered as much traffic as we see on the roads downtown is a bit of a ghost town but some people were walking around balls dogs have to go outside. the good news is they were able to understand the positive and beauty and snow covered downtown. >> the heart of downtown. first time in my life i live in a small city. spent most of my time in europe in large cities. there is something absolutely charming. norman rock wellish about roanoke. >> and not everyone is able to take it easy today however. some people are trying to get out of town hopefully to warmer places. crews are working hard at the blacksburg regional airport but despite the best effort weather is too much. lots of cancellations for arriving and departing flight and issues at the regional
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today check your status before you go. if you're getting on the road today whether it be to go to the airport, grocery store or grandma's house be sure to take it ease beyond a go nice and slow. live in roanoke, shayne dwyer, wdbj7. >> and continue our live team coverage with a look at conditions on the eastern side of blue ridge. wdbj7 tim saunders is leaving along the mountain road in lynchburg. good afternoon, tim. >> good afternoon, kimberly. we have some light sleet falling at my location right now.
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shovel your sidewalk or driveway. i found one man in lynchburg who is helping his neighbors. jason said he just wanted to be productive on his snow day. spent his morning shoveling driveways and sidewalks along memorial avenue. >> i just felt like doing something nice and try to clean the sidewalk off. let the city know i'm interested in doing my part. i just wanted to help out. >> of course there is more than one way to move the snow. i found several people using leaf blowers to use the cars and driveway. snow is light enough to actually work. as for the roads lynchburg public work plowed a few of the main roads through neighborhoods like the san dust dusty area. most of the side streets are not touched until tomorrow. if you get around by bus the greater lynchburg is operating today on a modified schedule and they're only running right now on the plowed street. something to keep in mind if you do plan to use that service service. live in lynchburg, tim
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>> already dealt with more than 160 crashes statewide because of the weather. one wreck involving an over overturned tractor-trailer caused problem in frederick county at the 300 mile marker near interstate 66. 33 cattle which broke free of the trailer and wandering around the interstate. six of the cattle died. six others escapeed the damageed trailer. police and firearm on the seen running up the cattle. driver is charged with reckless driving. road closure are think that area. travelers are braving the snow in covington. we find wdbj7 amanda kenney. amanda. >> hi, kimberly mcbroom. actually the snow just got a little bit harder hitting my face. you could tell the ice is a little mixed. the snow is not going to stop many travelers from their plans plans. we did speak with some families and they're packed up ready to hit the roads. plans of having a snowshoe west virginia. they're heading that way to
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won't stop them from getting to their destination. although the snow early arrival did put a kink in travel plans. >> drove about five hours yesterday to get up to this far to try to beat the storm and couldn't find no accommodations or reservations until today up at snowshoe. we stopped at covington to stay for the night and getting ready to track the last couple of hours in the snow skiing for the week. >> the roads up here in covington have been continuous continuously plowed and lots of tractor-trailers are coming and trucks. that doesn't make the roads any easier to travel. just a few minutes ago we saw a car having a lot of trouble getting up the road here. so kimberly, you definitely probably don't want to be on the roads today. >> exactly. just stay indoors if you have that option. thanks a man today. in the roanoke valley crew, trying to keep up with how fast the snow is falling.
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so they can clear them. wdbj7 eamon o'meara is live in blacksburg. what is happening there, eamon o'meara. >> definitely slowing down. we have a little sleet coming in. we had a lot of snow this morning with flakes that were fluctuateing from big to small and back again. it is causing a nightmare for drivers trying to get anywhere today in the new river valley. state police and vdot have already responded to dozens of crashes and disabled vehicles because of the snow. thankfully no injuries are reported in this area. i spoke to 1 person today who said he hasn't seen many people on the road. seems many are just staying home which is good considering the issues he's facing with how fast the snow was coming down. >> seems to just keep accumulateing after you have plowed it. also a site thing. windshield wipers are doing the best they can. when it comes down like, this it is hard to see. >> he says he's plowing the business park area in blacksburg so people can get to
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but he kept going over the same areas trying to keep up with all the snow that was falling. now he also told me he only saw two cars that were stuck on the side of the road. i personally watched one car spin out on route 460 and wind up on the side of the road stuck in some snow. definitely a reminder that it is troublesome driving out here which is why many officials are recommending just to stay home and stay off of these roads. live in blacksburg, eamon o'meara, wdbj7. >> wdbj7. preparing for possible freezing rain which could bring power outage this afternoon. wdbj7 danielle staub joins us from public works in danville. >> yes, that is right, kim. all the plows as you can see are out. they have taken care of the name roads this morning. working on the collector roads now and then the residential. that is the plan if we don't see any more snow this afternoon. as you said the officials here and crews are worried about freezing rain this afternoon.
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is limited to about an inch or two but it it is turning to slush as sleet and rain is coming down. that is why the attention is on the power lines. if that rain freezes we could see serious outages here. across the south side no power outages are reported yet and officials are reminding people if they do lose power to get things, such as flashlights, candle, alternative heating sources and be careful. if your power does go out call nonemergency number in your area. it is not just in danville here here, kim, as we look at the freezing rain coming in but in roanoke and lynchburg and blacksburg as well. so be careful this afternoon progresses and as amanda said roads. i'm live in danville, danielle staub, wdbj7. >> thank you. a deadly wreck in roanoke. as supreme court -- you're
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leader, wdbj7. >> name of pedestrians that was hurt in another accident thursday night in roanoke. david burnly was hit by a vehicle in the 500 block in orange avenue. he's still in the hospital. preparations are underway for funeral of supreme court justices antonin scalia. in kansas. plans are yet to be announceed. scalia's death is settling up political battle who becomes the next supreme court justices justices. >> flags are flying at half-staff outside the supreme court today in honor of justice antonin scalia. carried his body to an airport in west texas over the weekend to return home in virginia. scalia died while on hunting trip in martha, texas. determined by phone that the 79-year-old passed away of natural causes.
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ask the sheriff and marshall if there were any signs of foul play and they said absolutely not. >> scalia was a conservative ruthlessly defending his interpretation of the constitution even though his opinions often sparked controversial. >> he could be charming and combative at the same time. >> he maintained friendship with liberal justice like ginsburg who said she and scalia were best buddies. his death leaves behind an even evenly split court with four conservative and four liberal supreme court justices. president obama said there is enough time left in his term to appoint scalia's replacement. but many republicans including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the appointment should wait until after a new president is elected. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone. it is called delay, delay, delay. >> scalia's death marked only the second time in more than 60 years that a justice has died
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bench. cbs news,. >> look at our website and kona west said he is $53 million in debt. just released a new album saturday night. snow had people talking and you can e-mail them to us at or you can post them on our facebook page. hometown official snowfall totals online as well. update that story as new information comes out. maybe snow totals are going to stay where they are. >> like northern sections still seeing the good snow but other areas like roanoke valley hefty accumulateing snow coming to an end and mainly sleep and trying to trend through the afternoon freezing rain. check this picture one of the ones that we have seen many pictures. snow and just hanging out enjoyinging the pictureesque look and if you don't have to drive. over towards the high school looking at the bridge. you can see pavement there plow plowing really well. still want to watch out for
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see more sleet. things are once again go
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forecast coming up my forecast,looking live hershberger road toward interstate five eighty one still lot snow-covered might see little payment and five eight one but if you heading out on the roadways please take it easy now though were light glaze take place rotation starting to tumble once again would he do it it's
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as well go skiing is alive picture from wintergreen mountain you see the people on the ski lift every once in while see some going down the slopes up you where they are to go start see some sleet and maybe even some freezing rain late you should hold onto the snow for good portion of the event winter storm warnings as i mentioned continue until noon tomorrow even if you get a wall this afternoon or a totally shut down forwhile we are not out of the woods yet. feeding up from the southwest we get through all of this are seeing that dry slot title lifting to the n. making its right now were things will begin and continue to lighten much sleet right now we will see that transition from sleet maker way through the afternoon a little bit closer and down toward franklin county south were seeing a little bit of a wall but ronald valley bedford county lynchburg finding that sleet across erie look at sunday's snowfall totals a happier to roanoke the area with some the snowfall totals a happier to roanoke lynchburg about five danville bit last at one.
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do it so light and fluffy once are starting scanning some sleet that's can a compact relatively quickly so enjoy all that snow it's can be shrinking overtime talk about the timing what a switch gears and head over to meteorologist 4:00 p.m. this afternoon for areas interstate 64 to north. people across greenbrier and pocahontas keep seeing the snow falling. it is the warmer air above our heads that we notice changing that prescription at the surface although below here or at the ground we're still below freezing. any rain that falls will fall as freezing rain or will freeze on contact with any object at the surface and that will be the case through the afternoon and evening. very dangerous when we're expecting a lot of accumulation
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not until past midnight when temperatures warm above midnight and all that freezing rain will turn to plain old rain until the storm ends. so your ice accumulation forecast looks like a lot of us still see a glaze to a 10th of an inch of ice with the majority of the ice lingering across south side and parts of central virginia. that is area we see the highest risk for power outages. that is our biggest concern through the overnight. luckily the heavy rain that falls over night tonight and early tuesday morning will bring the warmer air l loft to the surface and warm our temperatures as well. >> once we get sleet freezing rain watch out for those roads conditions to go downhill once again warm front will try to drive into our region over time so tonight a wintry mix changing over to rain overnight is temperatures will actually be warming throughout the overnight hours and you can see this feeding through on the backside might see little snow shower activity to and tomorrow and then another clipper system passes just to our south severe you go you
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would talk about temperatures in the mid forties tomorrow with that rain falling heavily times early head over toward lynchburg center virginia upper forties to near fifty by the afternoon down toward southern virginia rain falling heavily times highs tomorrow in the low fifties if you can believe that newer valley southwest low to mid forties rain in the morning mining get some sunny breaks in the afternoon same story 40s rain in the morning mining get some sunny breaks in the afternoon. same toward the highlands greenbrier valley, west virginia we are be in the thirties and forties so again today tonight main trouble spots about wintry weather most the heavy accumulate snow for the roanoke valley southward has ended but sleet and freezing rain continues but then by the end of the we can the weekend yeah we talk about what winter storm would that would a be closing in on
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right now south but it will be >> get ready the grammy awards are handed out. feature a wide variety of musical performances including adel to the grammy stage. we have a preview from the staple center in los angeles. >> kelly and james bay rehearse rehearsed for duet at tonight's grammy award. both up for best new artist. who is who from music biggest night including adelle's first grammy performance since 2012. andra day will perform with british pop singer and day is up for 2 r & b grammies. it is an experience beyond her dreams. >> to be nominated for a grammy great to be a doctor some day. but it is such a distant idea or something that seems so, you know, unfathomable and to be here now i'm just grateful. >> this year's grammy also feature tributes to some big
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this past year including eagle guitarist glen frye. bonry will join gary clark junior in honoring her close friend and inspiration the late bb king. >> just very encouraging and always, you know, telling me i had it. don't let them get you down. don't let them tell you women can't play that. kind of stuff. >> one of the highlight of the night is expected to be lady ga gaga's tribute to david boey. >> it is a wonderful way to say good buy. >> rapper leads the way with 11 grammy nominations. tailor twist as seven. cbs news in los angeles. >> and couples from new york had a burt's eye view while
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valentine's >>the market are closed today for president's day holiday.
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while others renewed their vows but they had a breathtaking view from the building observatory from the 86th floor. hold their ceremony there after winning a contest for the most touching love story. >> what do you get for valentine's day the last two years? snowstorm. >> what is up with that? >> we're getting a little bit more and still finding sleet but we'll get a lull. look here the sun is trying to drive-thru. don't let that fool you we're not out of the woods. as we head through the afternoon and evening. overnight changes over to rain. some of that rain could fall heavily at times. tomorrow starting off with that rain event and should be able to see a break sunshine late with warmer weather by the end of the week and weekend. take it easy later today while cutting throughout the afternoon. >> stay tuned for wdbj7 wdbj7 latest on the storm. thank you for watching. have a great afternoon. be safe out there. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away
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the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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>> neil: wow. >> lily: yeah, i've sampled them both, so let's go with the 2008 vintage over the 2012. okay. thank you. >> neil: hey. >> lily: hi. >> neil: wow. you really pulled this place together fast. talk about a-a nice transformation. >> lily: yeah, thanks. you don't think it's too reserved? >> neil: oh, no, no. i think it's absolutely perfect. so, why'd you, uh -- why'd you need my help with any of this? >> lily: um...i don't. >> neil: you don't? but your text -- >> lily: yeah, i-i asked you to come here because devon told me what happened at the lab yesterday. >> neil: i was having a bad day. >> lily: no, dad. i think it went beyond that.
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>> lily: you're drinking again. >> devon: i haven't spoken to neil since he stormed out on us yesterday. >> hilary: did you try calling him? >> devon: won't answer the phone. >> hilary: and you think that working with us is gonna be too much for him. >> devon: well, don't you? this is how everything started last time. he -- he started having flashes of losing it and then secretly drinking. >> hilary: and then he caused the accident where christine williams lost her baby. >> devon: exactly. and i, uh -- i can't let that happen again. i've been up all night, debating my choices. >> hilary: and? are you gonna fire your father? >> ashley: question, neville? >> dr. neville: uh, well, it's, um -- it is valentine's day. >> ashley: that's actually a statement. >> dr. neville: oh, i see. uh, okay. here's the, uh -- the question. do you, uh, have...any plans?


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