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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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bye-bye. mean for the future of a roanoke county hospital. we're learning new details about the man accused in a deadly shooting rampage in michigan. and a republican presidential candidate gets some pushback from an audience member, during a campaign rally in virginia. cloudy skies and chilly temperatures today. but it's the heavy rain inbound that has our attention. good evening i'm jean jadhon. new at five: state lawmakers have until mid-march to approve a new two-year spending plan, but their priorities are now coming into sharper focus. the house and senate money committees have released their budget proposals, both of which exceed 100 billion dollars for the first time. as expected, the republican majority in both houses rejected the governor's call to expand medicaid. both would fund pay raises for teachers and state employees. and both include additional money for k through 12 the state budget on specific programs here in western virginia. dashiell is in the
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news on the future of catawba hospital. jean, the new budget proposals confirm what we heard last week, that keep the mental health facility open, at least for now. proposals strip the funding that governor mcauliffe had proposed, to begin the process of closing the hospital in roanoke county. lawmakers did call for a study of psychiatric services for geriatric patients, to be completed year. roanoke county supervisor martha hooker says she is pleased catawba hospital will remain open for now, but doesn't view it as a permanent victory. martha hooker/(r) catawba supervisor: i think that mental health care is changing. and we're going to have to adapt to that, but this does give us a reprieve and we can gather our resources together and study, and most of all just take care of our mental health patients. that's what we need. passenger rail is another issue that received attention in the two budget proposals. both plans include language designed to protect funding for the extension of passenger rail to roanoke.
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proposal also calls for state officials to evaluate the feasibility of providing service to bedford, and what additional federal and local funding options might be available. the house and senate will each approve their spending plans later this week. then it will fall to budget negotiators to come up with a plan that both can agree on. joe dashiell wdbj7 attentionin the last hour to weave noticed the clouds thickening up from no mountain that tells us of more rain is inbound won't be long before it arrives in our region temperatures than holding steady from much of the day hanging around in the mid 40s couple cases of axial movement coolers and they will not give a very solid wedge cooler sitting right on top of us at the moment it's forty three now in regards lending along the north shore feels like thirty acres winds picked up a little bit of north and were for five certainly like to moderate jackets expected to keep a little more
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this a loop of the rain in the clouds of it starting to blow up a little bit more toward raleigh and more spotty showers are showing up in raw milk as well this is a trend that can keep is what all night long i have a little bit of a break tomorrow the big stuff comes in on lovell now has a new attorney. david eisenhauer hired tony anderson from roanoke to represent him in court. the montgomery county juvenile and domestric relations court confirmed the change this morning. eisenhauer was first appointed christiansburg attorney chris tuck by the court. natalie keepers is also charged in lovell's death. both eisenhauer and keepers are in the western virginia regional jail. a follow up now: a halifax woman without bond this her involvement in what the prosecution is calling a "reign of terror" in danville and into pittsylvania county. it all happened february 10th. jessica walker is accused of stealing a woman's purse in danville, and then driving to the woman's home in authorities say walker and several
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woman's house, stealing a tv, knives and firearms. when the robbery victim arrived walker allegedly ran into her car, drove over an electric fence and crashed while trying to escape from police. walker is facing multiple charges in both danville and pittsylvania county. a cana man is in jail tonight after he led carroll county deputies on a chase saturday. investigators say randall jones workers of a local restaurant before the chase. took off in his truck, jones almost hit a deputy who was putting down spike strips to stop him. investigators say jones then rammed a deputy's vehicle with his truck. he ran into the woods before he was arrested. police found a machete, stun gun, and several knives inside his truck. jones is facing charges including two felony counts of attempting to maliciously wound a law enforcement officer. the uber driver accused of a deadly shooting rampage over the weekend went before a judge in michigan today. police say he confessed to at least
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kenneth craig has more. 45 year old appeared by county court house where he counts of (judge nats?) 14:50:43 you charges maximum sentence i just stated? police say the uber driver went on a deadly rampage michigan saturday night randomly killing six and seriously injuring two others in three separate investigators say he began his shooting spree at an apartment complex where he shot a woman multilpe times. tammy george came outside when she heard the gunshots. (sot tammy george/neighbor) she was talking, curled up in a ball asking about her kids police say dalton admitted he gunned down a man and his 17 year old son at a car dealership several hours later and then killed four more women outside a cracker barrel restaurant. (kenneth craig/cbs news, kalamazoo, mi) dalton said he preferred to remain silent when the judge asked him if he had anything to say, then the judge denied bail.
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police recovered the gun used in the killings in dalton's car. investigators are looking into whether he continued driving passengers between the shootings. uber says dalton, a father of two, passed a background check and had no prior criminal history. kenneth craig, cbs news, kalamazoo michigan. as an investigation continues, students at hargrave military academy are back to their normal schedule today after an threatening message was recieved over social media last week with possible ties to isis, the campus shut down for the weekend. law enforcement spent the weekend patroling the area allowed to go home. schedules are back to normal today and there are no updates on the investigation. pittsylvania county sheriff's officers say they are aggressively following up on many different leads. a danville judge has dropped a one point two million dollar countersuit filed against the city of danville by former macerata wheels co-owner chris joy joy filed the countersuit after the city filed suit for not performing to the
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commission grant requirements. joy claimed there was a breach of contract, fraud and gross negligence by prevented him from building a successful business. he says that is why his business failed. the city's attorney explained they have no obligation to joy because they between the industrial authority and the company, not the city. the judge ruled a lack of specifics, evidence and reliance on joy's part to drop the countersuit. roanoke mayor david bowers says run for the 9th district seat in congress. bowers had raised that possibility last november, when he announced he wasn't going to seek another term as mayor. but today, he said personal and professional concerns will prevent him from seeking the democratic nomination for the 9th district seat. david bowers/roanoke mayor: in addition, although i never heard an objection about my not living in the district, i in my heart felt like it was not something that i should do unless i were to live in the district. and it's not likely that the
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me into the district. bowers says he law practice full time, and continue to be involved in the civic life of the city. and he isn't ruling out another run for roanoke mayor in the future. the daughter of a former lynchburg mayor is hoping to land a seat on the same elected body where her father once served. charleta mason is running for the ward city council. she announced her candidacy at this afternoon. daughter of m-w "teedy" thornhill, who served on lynchburg city council from 1976 until 1992 and was the city's first african american mayor. while she's new to politics, mason says she learned a lot from her father's time in office. charleta mason/lynchburg city council candidate: "while some may view my entry into the political arena as walking in my father's footsteps, i would suggest that my background has instead cultivated and prepared me for this moment." mason currently works with her family funeral business and volunteers with various community organizations.
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helgeson, who has represented ward iii on city council since 2004. there's just one more day until republican presidential candidate will have their caucus in nevada.. this past weekend's results in south carolina have made it virtuallt a three- man race between trump, marco rubio and ted cruz. ted cruz is making the claim that he's the only candidate who can challenge trump. meanwhile, republican candidate john kasich made a series of campaign stops in virginia today. while speaking to a crowd in fairfax he said he had a lot of female support in his previous campaigns. he said that women "left their kitchens" for him, during his state senate race in 1978. however, a woman in the crowd apparently wasn't happy with how he said it. town hall audience member) "first off, i want to say -- your comment earlier about the women came out the kitchen to support you? i'll come to support you, but i won't be coming out of the kitchen." (kasich) "i gotcha, i gotcha." kasich later explained himself during a stop in charlottesville, saying that he was trying to make a point about how he
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campaigns. you're watching your hometown news leader, wdbj7. what new research is showing about potentially deadly infections that are being contracted in hospitals. and they're apparently the hottest new toys in more ways than one. more about the fire
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every year tens of thousands of americans die from infections they pick up at hospitals. york founded a commitee to reduce she says patients need to be pro-active and protect themselves. most importantly, make sure visitors and doctors wash their hands before its hard to do, intimidated by those white coats and nurses uniforms but your life by asking them to do that also doctors should
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stethescopes in between patients. research shows wiping down surfaces around the hospital bed can reduce some infections by as much as 80 percent. other steps patients can take: choose a hospital and surgeon with low infection rates and days before surgery, bathe with chlorhexidine soap, which can remove harmful bacteria you may be carrying on your skin. the centers for disease control says it has raised its estimate of the cancer risk from formaldehyde in some laminate flooring. the cdc says it could result in between 6 and 30 cancer cases per 100 thousand people exposed to the flooring. it had previously estimated between 2 and 9 cases. last holiday season's hot toy is being linked to dozens of fires in 24 states since december the consumer product safety commission says the hoverboard, or self-balancing scooter, is responsible for more than 50 reported fires since december. the commission has issued newly updated, voluntary safety standards to manufacturers, retailers and importers.
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appear to stem from excess heat, generated by the boards' lithium batteries. sean kean / "the safety institute" founder & the bow from the safety commission are bringing product in, and you're not standards, we're going to consider them defective." one of the manufacturers the cpsc is actively investigating is also one of the biggest, swagway, which has been hit with a class action complaint in december over an alleged fire swagwat says its products have always met international safety standards. this week is national invasive species awareness week, a week set aside to highlight our delicate eco-system. invasive species are aggressive plants and animals not native to an area, and lack predators. the united states department of agrictulture says there are many concerns but these are three of the biggest; honeysuckle, burning bush, and barberry. it says people un- intentionally make the problem worse by buying these plants at local nurseries. (joanne
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hey're pretty, if i had a nickel for everytime i heard i love how a honey-suckle smells, they're pretty and everyone sells them and you assume that if someone is selling something it ought to be, it must be ok." you can contact the u-s-d-a or your local cooperative extension to find out what plants to stay away from, and what plants are safe to garden. keep the rain gear handy and monitor your creeks. meteorologist robin reed is in tonight for brent watts with details. complete details
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right after the break nextfor my goodness it was a gloomy monday could not break out of the clouds and all the amount of rain was not that high but it is
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evening we got rain showers in down from the carolinas right now but you can see the dense overcast holding on throughout the day and in fact we get too much rain expected in this forecast is us cooler wedge the things holding the temperature right at about forty to forty five degrees folds on tonight it keeps an easterly flow for now than the returns moraines just returned from the south this evening will continue through tomorrow morning will have a little bit the powerful storms on wednesday, not only the potential for thunderstorms but the potential for 1 to 2 inches of rain is this thing moves in a rain is just a runoff it had no place to soak in whatsoever because of these long stretches of snow and ice and everything is just completely soaked we get the perfect combination to keep that wedge in places a high can't get everything blocked out for the time being and showers and coming up in from the south just a little bit but even that will overcome the wedge and start raining a
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when you wake up tomorrow morning missing moderate to heavy rains and then the other thing is that there's a very powerful storms to the south even the potential for some tornadoes tomorrow along the gulf coast that's not a player in our forecast we tell you this because this is a very dynamic system that's coming up to by the time it arrives in our neighborhoods wednesday it certainly is not out of the question that we would see someof thunderstorms along the downpours but for tonight rain redeveloping a move up from the south again martinsville galax to see before coming to mcquiston ford sees it that across the region tomorrow morning while everybody's covered up with rain and it is a big blob that's moving to the north for a while in the higher elevations. here this possibility in the mountains of west virginia maybe in the mountain region and some that could be a wintry mix for little walk that thin kicks off and leaves us with temperatures that are in the thirties says uc rain likely mainly cloudy thirty nine in roanoke thirty nine in which virtually overnight lows in the daytime highs tomorrow are about the same here's the big
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the search of moisture coming up your heavy at times right around lunch time it might be some thunderstorms embedded therein then you can see these cells that often gives the appearance of a thunderstorms and those of course can bring your heavy downpours tears we got impact is for tomorrow for periods of rain a bigger impact on wednesday for heavier rain and streams and creeks and rivers i have to be monitored carefully thursday where the forties but we do start to break out just a little bit but the ones are tely gusty it's chilly day on friday as were reminded that in fact the distal wintertime plenty of sunshine for saturday but only in the forties some of this too bad really want folks that have a local waterways near them to pay particular attention this time around this one with a bang. history was made, as denny hamlin took the checkered flag, in literally, the last second of the race. we'll hear from
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sports. a way to kick-off the 20-16 nascar season, with only the closest finish in the 58-year history of the daytona 500. denny hamlin had just enough to beat martin truex jr. by a mere one-hundreth of a second. it was a moment that hamlin says is certainly a career-defining victory, and one that truex jr. says will unfortunately be hard to forget. denny hamlin: "i've won my fair share of races in the time that i've been doing this, but i hadn't won any big races. i won the southern 500, that was the biggest win of my career, as far as stature is concerned. but i hadn't won a championship, i hadn't won the 500, and i hadn't won the brickyard 400, or the coke 600. so i don't the light at the end of
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concerned, but i'm in the darkness. i can't see back, and i can't see forward. i feel like i'm right in the middle, and i want to get some of these accomplishments done, because ultimately, you're defined by the big moments." martin truex jr.: "i remember when it happened to mark martin. poor guy, been so close here so many times. they still show the highlight. his picture of that race is in the tunnel when you come in, you know, in turn one. i have a feeling i'm going to have to see that same thing for a long time. so it hurts a little bit, but a lot to be proud of for sure." the college basketball season has been unpredictable so far. uva seemingly benefited from having the weekend off, as many top ten teams in front of them lost, meaning now, the cavaliers could be in line for a number one-seed come march. virginia is now ranked as the #3 team in the nation, in released ap poll. but the wahoos and that in a big way this week, starting tonight. uva is taking
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beach, where they will meet the 12th- ranked miami hurricanes. uva has had a full week to prepare, after beating nc state last monday. the hoos beat the canes earlier this season in charlottesville. and even if they're able to earn the same result tonight, the cavaliers will then have to turn right around, and get ready for north carolina this saturday. a jump in crude oil gave stocks a positive start to the week. the dow gained 229. nasdaq rose 66.
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new business, jobs, and eventually more investments to their area. wdbj-7's shayne dwyer is here with a look at the story he's working on for six, shayne? jean, the botetourt county supervisors and the botetourt county economic development authority met this afternoon in a special session. in the meeting the groups discussed the role of the economic development authority and how to better the relationship between the two to promote growth. leaders also voted this afternoon to lease some of the county's land to the authority for development. jean this property includes the land where the controversial historic buildings are at greenfield. that's coming up in about thirty minutes
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for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for


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