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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  September 1, 2016 4:00pm-4:57pm CDT

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3 we begin at four with breaking news -- milwaukee police chief ed flynn will address the violence in milwaukee this afternoon...24 homicides in august this year for the city and the chief is sounding the alarmhe's scheduled to address the public in moments bu earlier this week he told us exclusively why he's so troubled. chief ed flynn, milwaukee police department: so far the homicide rate in milwaukee is higher than the homicde rate for chicago in august, 2016. all of them or most of them with gunsi think 21 guns.almost all with criminal records shot by people also with criminal records. that's my problem." prlem." chief flynn ys e core of
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to firearms by career criminals. he's expected to take to the microphone around 4-30 this afternoon. when it does happen will will take you there live. 3 now to our top sotry -- outbursts, booing and interruptions -- during a milwaukee common council meeting this morning. was called to discuss the city's news safety plan...but several activist groups showed up and made their disapproval heard loud and clear. cbs 58's julie parise was there. 3 city council meetings are typicall pretty quiet but today it was loud as grou show up to protest that plan. some of them e in turn, some protesters fused to stay quiet. nats --- protestors - "we will make a change by any means necessary. either you listen to us or we will force you to listen to us!"what do we do? stand up like that. " protestors took to city hall today. nats - "when working
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do we do? stand up like that!" two different groups showed up to show their outrage over the public safety draft that was released last week.track: council president ashanti hamilton allowed one of the protesters from a group called ublack to address the council. she said she was disgusted by the proposed plan. plan."280 new police officers with no mention of job creation? with no mentions of talking to the community about what it is that they particully need?"alderman bob dovan objected to the interruption - but that didn't stmaking their way office. nats - "what do we wantju stice!when do we want it? now"track: we caught up with donovan - who told us he was appalled at ay tthe w somefe involved in e public safety e pl tway toetvoice heard."this is just one component in an overall stgy -"in
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the city council will? holding two listening sessions for people to weigh in onthe details of ssilbe released so. learning. as lindsey branwall shows us educators and city back students to school. there was a big ki day at sherman multicultural arts school. you can see the decorations, red, white and blue. it's stark contrast to what's been showcased in the sherman park neighborhood over the last couple of weeks, but officials say that's exactly what they want to see seesuperintedant dr darienne driver says some students have been affected by recent events in sherman park. but seeing them play on the playground, enjoy school, learning and having fun shows already that they're healing.the sherman multicultuarl arts school
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experience for the students. the school is partnering with the white house this year, focusing on including arts in learning -- er the last year the school increased attendance and decreased suspensions. while the school was chosen before the unrest, milwaukee mayor tom barrett says seeing kids at school helps show the posit on't en ow the last few ks "i think you can see it's the diffce day literally because you've got this morning. the sun is shining. you've got neighbors here. they're ecstatic to the p have alo peop who came up to me and said we're just happy to see this because this is really positive. this is incative of sherman park" park"super driver says the focus of this year for mps will be buildinrelationships between students and teachers 3 meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready
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3 3 3 3 an update now in the
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attorney for one of the two waukesha t accuof trying to stab a classmate to death...wants the trial oved to a different county. county.morgange attorney is questi a change of venue. nir'attorney i pool of jurors be chosen from a ff's a waukesha county judge to decide if the tion wil new at four -- a - poli bacce sayon snow ced3 argument with her moy. she hit 63-year-old shelby manriquez in the he with a lamp...then left. day la yesterday...shelby manriquez died. r daughter is now facing up to sixty years in prison if convicted. 3 also new at four -- a man armed with a gun shouted at customers inside a gas station to start stealing things. here's the video from inside it happened back on august
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man pointed a gun at the clerk...the woman stole more recognize themaukee 736li 3 news a- d majotb explosion at the space-x a test firing for space x's falcon was hauling an israeli communications telle. facebook anned to use it to expand internet access into africa. mar loss for the owner t amsion satellite. that was destroyedspace-x released a statement saying there was an anomaly on the pad resulting in the loss ofhe vehicle and its payload. it went on to say there were no
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problems before. one rocket exploded shortly afr lift-off in 2015 and another experienced a failed landing earlier this year.the commercial space company is a critical partner for nasa. it carries supplies and equipment to the international space station.nasa has a 1.6 billion dollar contra with splaunch dra designed to transport humans into space and those flights were scheduled for next year. it'snclear how aren't able to visit our nation's war memorials...but today...history is being brought ?to them? 3 and our back to school coverage continues...with a familiear face welcoming school.. that's next on the
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plus --- meterologist rebecca schuld will return with your
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ass tradition -- nicolet highschooll "cheering, clapping" clapping" nicolet high school in glendale has been rolling out the red carpet for its students every year since 2008. tradion was back today with administrators and teachers offering their encouragement. "it's kind of cute and funny and it's a tradition so it's nice to see it every year and el welcomed back." back." that senior we high school career on a positive note. 3 and a familiar face welcomed students in at milwaukee's siefert 58's el arms among a number milwaukee who came out welcome these kids back to the classroom. earl andthe other guys gave out high fives handshakes and the kids walked into their new school this morning. 3 w today at four --- bringing history right to the doorsteps
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germantown.many veterans aren't able to see our ris in wall" was created in 1984. it's a half-size memwashington arrived at the american legion post in germantown...a welcome sight for veterans there. "i hope that theveitnam veterans at co be a g, astart m on their war wounds. as far as the community, bring through."ere e four fallen soldiers from washington county etched on this wall. it will be a new school is now in the work in waukes. la ca de esperanza broke
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thmore wa whole new state of th "this is a crusade, this is a very important national issue and for la casa to be the first independent cer school outside the city ofer committment because we are at voice for our community that school reform is important' important' the new building should be ready by septembf year. 3 summerfest is getting ready for one last hooray as the va...we'll tell you all about it with a
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3 we are looking ahead thin toig r the ason at the summerfest grounds. i'm joined in studio isfternoon by bob babisch, the vice president of entertainment for
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here are the details -- the big gig b-b-q is this sunday, september fourth at the maier fromive enshyogrounds. it runs
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what started the lled a "life t called a "life storm is now being day as a tropical storm is now being called a "life
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on florida's gulf coast right now. cbs news correspondent don champion has the latest. "this is life-threatening." florida's governor warned residents that rmine isn't a storm to take chances with. "we are going to have signict orm surge. as going to have significan winds, significant power lines and trees down."hermine intensd of the gulf of mexico ll expec overnight in florida's panhandle, from there, hermine will head up the eastern seaboard.florida has not had a direct hit from a hurricane in 11 years. residents along the gulf coast spent the day preparing for the worst."sand bags you know try to get everything ready, tied down things moved, vehicles out..." the outer bands of heavy rain have been pushing on shore since late this morning. by
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feet of rainfall.state of emergencies have been declared in 51 counties in florida, and schools in more than 20 counties have been closed. phillip byron is using these last few hours of preparation to stack sandbags outside his newly renovated real estate office."it's just mother nature, you just take it as it's come and you do what you got to do and hope for the best." prepared or not, florida residentare in for a long night. don champion, cbs news, panama city beach, florida. 3
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we've got much more news and weather ...coming up....including a live press conference from police chi
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breaking news now -- chief ed flynn is expected to hold a press conference any moment... milwaupo august has been the deadliest month on record since 1991 when murder victims were discovered in jeffrey dahmer's apartment. we will be bringing you the chief's statement live when he arrives so stay tuned for that. august 2016 numbershomicides
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and homicides per homicides total numbersaugust 2016 august 2016 numbershomicides total and homicides per 100,000 both milwaukee and chicago chicago year of 2016 numbers homicides total and homicides per 100,000 and homicides per homicides total numbersyear of 2016 numbershomicides total and homicides per 100,000 milwaukee and chicago
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two cities 3 thanks for looking in at four thirty -- libertarian presidential candidate, gary johnson will campaign in milwaukee tonight. tonight.his name will be on the wisconsin ballot this nove, marquette law poll shows most who johnson is. t even know for more on his visit and his chances in 58's david ade joins us live in milwaukee...david. johnson will hold his first wisconsin campaign event here are serb hall tonight at seven. earlier this week... johnson's state party chairman told me the campaign is now targeting
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school poll showed us johnson's support is in the double digits...he has 11 percent support in a four way race with hillary clinton... donald trump... and green party candidate jill stein. however, 72 percent of wisconsin's registered and likely voters say they don't know enough about the libertarian to have an opinon. the director of the marquette poll says while he hasn't seen a jump in johnson's support so far...the numbers can be something positive for johnson. 3 3 "for an independant candidate at 10 or 11 percent is quite good. far better than libertarian candidates have received in the vote in previous years here." here." the big fight for johnson is to get his national poll numbers up to 15 percent... if he makes that happen... he'll be included in the presidential debate with clinton and trump. the first one is september 26th. live in milwaukee...david ade.. cbs 58
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donald trump back on the campaign trail after delivering a firey speech on immigration yesterday...while hillary clinton brought in som major support to stump on her behalf. craig boswell has more vice president biden stepped in for hillary clinton on the campaign trail thursday and said donald trump doesn't understand the working man. man."this is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth that he's now choking on because his foot is in his mouth along with his spoon."also campaigning in i issue - immigration. immigration."we are going to bud the wall and mexico and is going to pay for the wall." after a closed-door meeting with mexican president pena nieto on wednesday, tru delivered a hardline speech in phoenix"anyone who has entered the united states illegally is subject to deportation."but there's already backlash from the speech. up to half of trump's hispanic advisory council have quit or say they will quit after listening to his speech.
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individuals immediately after dold trump's speech last night that were, to use their term, disgusted.""it was the tone. it was the dehumanizing. it was the unrealistic idea of " self-deportation."there is also controversy about details of wednesday's meeting - president pena nieto claims he clearly told trump that mexico has no intention of paying for a wall - trump says payment wasn't discussed. discussed."when he sat down and he looked president pena nieto in the eye, he didn't have the guts to bring that up."the clinton campaign is arizona as well."when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime."the campaign announced it is spending six million dollars to air this ad in the state.craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. 3 3 check this out -- water spouts formed over lake michigan today. this is video from kenosha. you can see the cloud reaching down to the water there. this a rare occurance and to ll us more about
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-- during that. of time, milwaukee had 24 homicides in the month of august en wanalyze theumber of per hundred thousand of the population. ulation of chicagoer than that of milwaukee. their homicide rate for the
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of august, the homicideht -- rate for chicago -- the reason i bring these specifics to your attention is to also reference the i term g, milwaukee is a firearm rich envir reported in the new are times in chicago. .hicago is reportedee during that time, we seized 1500. there gun covery rat was
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tention to provide perspective for the allenges facing this city and its department. if you did not know better, you would happened in the of st lives in violent crimes. five people were murdered the day of tio rcthe demands of peoplefor the e , neoler it. at the behest of t hbor and elected
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eighrs or the fact remains is violt crime. it crime, thomas violent crime, that is most signytl disadvantaged neighborhoods. were african-americans. this backdrop, the police department seized over 200 firearms. we have a lot of work going forward for the police department and the community. i would urge many of those who
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concern . the extraordinary availability of hh quality firearms and the significt shedger to the nfro this problem. department, g the mayor's office has added a component to our own prevention effort. that engagement will be attenti. the fact remains that we have to get out there and engage with feity onir we than a
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u>> >> w been geg -- the clearance rate for august is below 40%. we need cooperation from the community. to last year, they are extraordinarily high. it is becoming a rational act for people to cooperate with the police. they have serious interest -- we have had much better success
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we can get you that number. the number of homicides related to gunfire a hasn't -- gun violence has increased. i expect when we look at the homicides this month, it will be in that vicinity. august 2016 numbershomicides total and homicides per 100,000 both milwaukee and chicago chicago year of 2016 numbers homicides total and homicides per 00 chicagopopation compar between two cities 3 the cbs 58 news at four will continue in just a moment...stay tuned. 3 3
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3 the cbs 58 news at four will
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"open" we begin witbreaking news...milwaukee's police chief speaking out about how august was the deadliest month in milwaukee is 25 years.. and how it outpaces that of chicago. finished a new conference taking his case to the public on what needs to be de. 58's eric levy joins us live from outside the police administration


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