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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  September 20, 2016 3:07am-4:00am CDT

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president obama made phone calls today to the two police officers who were wounded in linden, new jersey. he also called a minnesota police officer, who stopped a stabbing rampage in saint cloud that left nine people wounded over the weekend. the president said the two cases dean reynolds is in minnesota. >> reporter: as a knife-wielding assailant roamed the walk ways of the crossroads shopping center. >> reporter: his violent episode brought to a sudden end by offduty police officer, jason faulkner who happened to be in the mall at the same time. saint cloud mayor, dave kleis
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>> the officer fired. he went down. he came back up again. he fired again. three times this took place. before the officer actually had the -- the blow that, that took him out. >> reporter: the assailant identified as dahir a. adan, a 20-year-old naturalized resident from somalia. in the country since he was a baby. minnesota is home to 25,000 immigrants from somalia. the largest populio country. one where fears of radicalized youths have increased recently. the islamic state, isis claimed responsibility for the attack. and called adan a soldier of theirs. a statement that baffled authorities here. >> you haven't turned up any reason for them to say that? so far? >> i can't think of a reason -- for most of what isis does. to be honest with you. but, as we -- talk today, i
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connection. >> reporter: the investigation is proceeding and adan's family is cooperating. for now, scott, the police chief says this looks like the work of a lone attacker. >> dean reynolds. thanks. today hillary clinton cast herself as the only presidential candidate who knows how to take terrorists off the battlefield. our campaign coverage begins with nancy cordes. >> this is a fast-moving situation. >> reporter: clinton told college students in new york, that dangerous times call for steady leadership and experience. arguing she is armed with both. >> i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. >> sequester terry clinton as you know, donald trump had a lot to say about your record on the issue over the weekend. here is one example. under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at hem than victories abroad.
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what's your reaction to that characterization? >> well it is like so much else he says. it is not grounded in fact. it's -- you know, meant to make some kind of demagoguic point. the facts are clear. we still have challenges. i am prepared to, ready to, actually take on those challenges. not engage in a lot of, you know, irresponsible reckless rhetoric. >> clinton called today for what surge. and said she would be discussing the need for more foreign cooperation in one-on-one meetings with the leaders of egypt, ukraine, and japan. at the united nations general assembly in new york tonight. scott. >> nancy cordes, thanks. major garrett is on the trump campaign. >> we cannot let this evil continue. >> reporter: donald trump labeled the attacks islamic
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clinton's comments. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. right? >> this was trump's initial assessment of saturday night's explosion in new york city. made less than an hour after the blast. >> a bomb went off in new york. and nobody knows exactly what's going on. but, boy we are living in a time. we better get very tough, folks. on investigators who had not determined a cause. still trump's first take was vindicated. a pin the oint he celebrated. >> i should be a news caster. i called it before the news. what i said was exactly correct. everybody said while he was right. he called it too soon. give me a break. >> trump said if elected he would temporarily halt immigration from countries with extremist violence. news that 850 immigrants with
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mistakenly granted citizenship proves the current system is under stress and must be strengthened. >> major garrett reporting tonight. thank you. well the cease-fire in syria has collapsed. the syrian military announced its return to battle today within hours air strikes were hammering the city of aleppo where we find elizabeth palmer tonight. >> just after the army announcement as we watched a student party from a rooftop, the war officially those are syrian army rockets falling on the opposition side of the city. the collapse of the cease-fire will hurt civilians on both sides. while it lasted here in government controlled aleppo, doctors could once again concentrate on routine injuries. like this little one who was in a car accident. but now people maimed by mortars
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again. the cease-fire limped along for a week in spite of poisonous rhetoric on all side. the atmosphere got worse when american war planes bombed the syrian army by mistake over the weekend. and now, another air strike gone horribly wrong. the syrian red crescent tweeted earlier today it was sending an aid convoy into the countryside west of aleppo. but when the air strikes by russian and/or syrian planes started. the convoy was hit. and exed activists say 12 humanitarian workers are dead. scott, there is fierce fighting again in aleppo tonight. three mortars landed very close to our hotel. and on the opposition side of the city, heavy air strikes, you may have heard that one. and shelling have killed and injured an unknown number of people already. >> elizabeth palmer in the besieged city. liz, thank you.
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up. why did police open fire? the prosecutor says chris christie knew about a plot to create a monster traffic jam. >> and, remembering when screaming beatles' fans jammed shay stadium. half a century ago. ?
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friday evening. an suv broke down in tulsa, oklahoma. minutes later the driver, an unarmed, african-american, was killed by a white police officer. here is manuel bojorquez. >> dash cam crutcher, hands in his air, walking to the vehicle surrounded by police officers. at the car he goes down to the ground. police say he was tasered and then shot. >> shots fired! >> reporter: another view from a police helicopter. shows the the incident. >> looks like a bad dude too. >> police say they were responding to a stalled vehicle in the road. over the weekend, police said as officers approached the vehicle, crutcher was asked to show his hands and refused to follow command.
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>> there was no gun on the suspect or in the suspect's vehicle. >> reporter: tulsa officer, betty shelby fired the shot that killed crutcher and placed on paid leave. >> we ask for the facts. we ask for answers. and we clearly got it through the video. and we are truly devastated. >> tiffany crutcher is terrence crutcher's twin sister. >> we are demanding today, immediately, t pressed against this officer. that was incompetent. that took my brother's life. >> scott, today the department of justice announced it is opening its own civil rights investigation into the shooting. >> manuel bojorquez, thank you very much. >> when we come back, one of
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christie knew that his staff planned to punish a local mayor by engineering a traffic jam on the approach to a major bridge. two of christie's aide are on trial for conspiracy. the mayor had refused to endorse christie for re-election. christie is not charged. he says he didn't know anything about it. >> miami's wynwood district free of mosquitoes carrying the zika virus according to florida's governor. however the transmission area in miami beach four and a half square miles. zika can cause severe birth defects. mosquito bite are blamed for 85 infections in miami-dade county. coming up next, band on the run. paul, ringo and --
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today the 82nd anniversary of the birth of brian ep the legendary manager of the beatles who led them on the greatest road trip in rock history. now documented in a movie rolled out over the weekend. here is anthony mason. >> here are the beatles. ? it's been a hard day's night ? >> arena rock was born in 1965 when the beatles played to 65,000 fans at shea stadium. >> when we end up at shay, that is the biggest thing we have ever done.
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ti it was look what? >> the new documentary, eight days a week the touring years follows the beatles on the road from 1963 to 1966. ? shake it up baby ? >> the thing about the beatles. we were a great little band. really. >> reporter: the two surviving beatles. paul and ringo talked about the days at rabby road studio in london last week. >> we deidn't plan for anything. >> we went on with what we had. >> the is not was constant. >> she loved me -- hey, whoa. after a while it was like i can't hear you. >> i was playing, you know to his foot tapping. to john's bouncing. you know, when they went. i couldn't hear that.
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>> reporter: was there a specific point you remember when you really started getting tired of it? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i felt personally i was not playing the best i could. ? sn paul was the last hold out until the end of their concert at candlestick park in san francisco, august 1966. >> we got put in this van which was look chrome interior. and we were just sliding around in there. we all looked at eac i said, you are right. this is it. forget it. this is just stupid. >> reporter: their music would play on. but the beatles would never play a live gig again. anthony mason, cbs news, london. and that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and of course, cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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? ? this is the cbs "overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. i'm tony dokoupil. breathing a sigh of relief. police arrested the prime suspect in the terror bombings in manhattan and new jersey. 28-year-old, a k hospital after a gun battle with police in linden, new jersey. rahami a naturalized u.s. citizen. born in afghanistan. authorities don't yet know if he had any accomplices or links to foreign terrorists. but the hunt to get him took less than two days. jeff pegues begins our coverage. >> reporter: three hours after police sent out a massive cell phone alert with the suspect's name, ahmad khan rahami was spotted on the streets of
3:31 am
you can hear the gunfire during a shootout with police. the 28-year-old suspect ended up on the rain soaked pavement. bleeding from the arm. as he was taken to the hospital. the arrest brought an end to a weekend of terror. on saturday evening at around 8:30 p.m., a bomb exploded on west 23rd in manhattan. the force of the shrapnel packed bomb was enough to destroy a metal dumpster. and sent residents racing f 29 people were injured. >> another pressure cooker bomb was found four block as way. but it did not explode. surveillance video showed rahami in the manhattan neighborhood. plain as day as one investigator put it. more surveillance video from that night appears to show rahami, walking down the street. dragging a bag. which may have contained the bomb. law enforcement sources say, his
3:32 am
and both bombs used a flip style cell phone as a trigger. the same as a pipe bomb that had blown up 11 hours earlier at a charity race in new jersey. police now believe, all three are connected. by sunday evening, five more explosive devices were found in a trash can near the liz beth train station in new jersey. elizabeth, rahami's last known address. but officials say h traveled to afghanistan at least three times where his family is from. investigators are still trying to determine the motive for the attack and whether he was acting al aloan. fbi assistant director in charge. william sweeney. >> i have no indication there is a cell operating in the area, city. the investigation is on goechlgt as we develop information. we continue to go. i have no indication there is a cell operating here. >> reporter: in addition to traveling to afghanistan, sources tell us that rahami went
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phones used as a triggering device were baltimore in new jersey. last year. so far investigators have not uncovered any direct links to isis or terrorist organization. >> president obama is new york city with 200 other head of state for the united nations general assembly. protecting the president is a job of the sook rheecret servic they come with a team of snipers. margaret brennan has the story. >> reporter: the secret service's elite countersniper team. isra on. hit in the forehead. we have to be ready to drop down. take the shot. >> reporter: in the worst case scenario put themselves in the line of fire. travis has been on the force for a decade. >> 600 yard. >> he signed up to, take a bullet for the president. >> yes, ma'am. >> that's a lot. to sign up for. >> it is. absolutely. >> wherever the president is, countersnipers protect him from
3:34 am
armed with high power assault rifles that can hit would-be assassins. key to an active hit is the wind caller. here it is travis. >> center. >> telling his partner, terry, precisely how to aim, to counteract the wind. so you really have to trust the partner? >> absolutely. completely. >> you can take the shot. make the call. either way. >> if i see the target. i will drop down. he will start calling. if he sees the et and wind caller. just thinking about pressing the trigger. >> most complicated scenarios are in crowds overseas in unfamiliar terrain. during a recent presidential trip to poland. dennis, a ten year veteran of the team was concerned about how a sniper might conceal himself among the buildings lining the motorcade route. >> president is going to come around here. going to assume all the people will come out looking out their windows. and you potentially could have
3:35 am
>> in the age of frequent terror attacks. open windows not the only concern. >> worried about suicide bombers. car bombs. go to the car, maybe suspicious. guy walking down the street in july. has a heavy coat on. looking for unusual. >> remarkably, no sniper team member has had to fire a shot since the unit was formed in 1971. it is a record they're determined to maintain. margaret brennan, laurel, maryland. health officials in florida miami wynwood section. no new cases since early august. one man who caught zika says that might be because it is difficult for people to get tested. david begnaud reports. >> reporter: most people who have zika won't know they're infected or feel symptoms. this morning we'll introduce you to a miami beach doctor who has the virus. in speaking publicly for the first time he feels a responsibility to make people realize, zika is a real threat.
3:36 am
>> muscle pain. rash. fever. pain behind my eyes. and then the last symptom i developed. was, bloodshot eyes. >> dr. mike sedshin started suffering, after a barbecue with a dozen friends at his miami beach home. he applied mosquito repellants as precaution. >> did any body complain of a bite at the party? >> no one. i was commenting to people how well the everything seemed to be working. two days after the barbecue he started feeling sick. >> when did the rash start? >> about five days after the barbecue. >> reporter: after that rash. symptoms got worse. >> i had several evenings where i put on a winter coat and got underneath blankets. and shut off all the air conditioning in my home. and i was shivering. >> reporter: he is now one of 93 people who contracted zika
3:37 am
his infection occurred outside the original 1.5 mile zika zone. one reason that zen has none tr. spraying of the insecticide continued as the state tries to kill more zika carrying m mosquitoes. four party-goers showed symptoms. one tested positive. others have not yet been tested. he says getting the test was a challenge. his insurance wouldn't cover the $600 cost. so he want to the local health department looking for a free test. >> there is a big sign saying, we only test pregnant women. >> if you only test pregnant women, you will be underestimating and underreporting and you will never get a handle of what is really going on. >> reporter: for the record not just pregnant women can get tested. other women can too. as the you heard from the doctor, it is difficult. when he got to the health
3:38 am
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welcome back to the overnight news. hillary clinton and donald trump have the highest unfavorability ratings of any pair of major party candidates ever to run for president. 83% of republicans believe the country will be damaged beyond repair if hillary clinton is elected. even more democrats believe that about donald trump. a nnw essentially tied when you factor in libertarian and green party candidates. the libs as they're called are on the ballot in all 50 states. hardly any body knows about them. steve croft of 60 minutes gives us an introduction. >> boy, i will say. >> reporter: if you don't recognize them. tall guy on the left is vice presidential candidate, bill weld, the shorter one is former new mexico governor and presidential nominee, gary johnson. right now they can stroll
3:41 am
press and the public. their rallies usually attract only a few hundred people. but they can still make some noise. and are not without enthusiastic supporters. >> gary, gary, gary. >> the next president of the united states, gary johnson. >> you rock. you rock. why are you doing this? >> i think we would do a really good job. >> i feel something of a patriotic du unfolding. we feel a responsibility to -- to offer the country sort of a sober sensible alternative. >> has life in this country ever been better? >> they're not political knee fie neophytes. each won two terms as governors in democratic states. >> do you think you have a chance to win? >> neither of us would be doing this if we didn't think that was a possibility.
3:42 am
here. right now. >> we expected no less. >> the people that do this for a living. that try and -- do polling and public opinion surveys. some of the most prominent experts. put your chances at less than 1%. >> less than 1%. >> i think donald trump started out that way. and i would have given him that, i would have given him that percentage at the very start. but, as crazy as this election season is. it could be ultimate crazy. that two of us get elected. >> right. how does that happen? >> presidential debates. a third alternative. 70% of america doesn't even know who we are. and yet we exist. opportunity here. and there is still a lot of time left. >> we are in a way breaking a glass ceiling. >> they're hoping to got a place
3:43 am
presidential debates. but right now they dent meet the threshold of 15% in the national poll. >> are you running against a two party system. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> i do believe this is the demise of the republican party. >> you see yourself as protest vote? >> no way. i think a -- conciliatory vote. look, this is, this is how we want to come together. >> it happens, steve, if people do think for themselves and fep cuss -- focus on choices nationally people do tend to agreen with our approach. as gary some times says you are a libertarian, you just don't know it yet. >> let's bring back liberty. >> reporter: the libertarians were founded 45 years ago as an offchute of the republicans. fiscally conservative, social liberals. who want the federal government out of their pockets. out of their schools. out of their computers. and out of their bedrooms. >> all 25. >> they support the right to
3:44 am
hatch thave the right to an abortion, games have the right to marry, and adults have the right to smoke pot. they oppose almost every federal program not mentioned specifically in the constitution. including, social security and medicare, and the regulatory agencies. >> you are making yourself seem like mainstream candidates. in fact your positions and positions of the party aren't mainstream. you are for phasing out medicare. for doing away with private as a way to bring down medical costs. you are talking about abolishing the irs and imposing a 29%, 28% sales tax, essentially, sales tax, you call it a consumption tax. talk about eliminating the department of homeland security. these aren't exactly, mainstream opinions. >> well, what you can count on, the two of us to provide is consistency. we are going to always be consist in looking for --
3:45 am
we are the libertarian nominees for president and vice president. we are not looking to eliminate medicare. we do believe in a safety net. but there has to be -- reforms for medicaid and medicare. and social security. and itch f we are going to put head in the sand. say we are going to do nothing in any of the areas. it is a fiscal cliff. nobody can tell me that no ch washington. those bozos think unless appropriation of every account goes up 5% they call that a cut. well that's not how we approach our state budgets. that's not what we would do in washington either. >> do you think most want to do away with the department of homeland security? >> i do. i do. i think there is a real -- skepticism. i mean, really, we have the fbi why another agency? i mean, and all these homeland security cars driving around these days the what are they doing?
3:46 am
would have to retain and make sure they're attended to. but there are some who remind me of the, you know, muddled bureaucracy in washington, that nobody can quite tell you why they're essential. and that's where i would go hunting. >> they also want to abolish the departments of education, commerce, and housing and urban development. they want to cut the defense budget by around 20%. and get american troops out of korea. as they have said. they don't agree with their party on everything. some times they dent even agree with >> gary johnson earned a fortune in construction before making his political name as the first governor to ever advocate the legalization of marijuana. until earlier this year. he was ceo of the marijuana branding company. >> until recently you were a consumer. >> of marijuana. >> one of 100 million americans who have consumed marijuana.
3:47 am
saying one thing. doing another. telling the truth. i hope more than anything. i am credited here with -- telling the truth. >> but you are not using marijuana now? >> i am not. former massachusetts governor. bill weld, a card carrying member of the eastern establishment whose libertarian are still questioned by the true believers. until his nomination in may, he extinct political species known as moderate republicans. >> you weren't a libertarian until a couple months ago? >> well i kiddconsidered myself libertarian since the 70s. people called me libertarian republican. they run a campaign and schedule that can change hourly. when weep were with them their
3:48 am
limousine was a rented red toyy ta. >> do you have a motorcade? >> no. >> do you stop for red lights? >> we do. >> do you have a campaign plane? >> no. no. >> we do fly commercial? >> do you have campaign headquarters? >> yes, we do. but if you want to the campaign headquarters you wouldn't find any bed there. because, this is, this is social media. >> come on. get selfie ready here. let's do it. >> reporter: they have a big presencen young people. johnson and weld are good friends and plan a co-presidency sharing the same staff. on the campaign trail they stay at each other's homes. they have tried just about everything to get more attention in hopes their campaign would go viral. for a while, ten days ago it did. >> governor, good to have you with us. >> the wrong attention. when johnson was unable to identify aleppo as center of the humanitarian crisis in syria.
3:49 am
>> what is aleppo? >> you are kidding? >> no. >> you have been on the front page a lot. this month. you made a big splash. and it was a belly flop? we're talking about aleppo here. >> sure, sure. >> tell me about aleppo. how did that happen? >> i blame no one but myself. i understand the underlying policy, people have said, this guy is not qualified to be president. he doesn't know what aleppo is. how do you react to that? >> i have a filter. it starts with honesty. it starts with the truth. it starts with transparency. and would serve as president in that capacity. when i was asked the question, the first thing that came into my mind was this is an acronym. aleppo. american. >> didn't sound familiar to you? >> it didn't or i think i would
3:50 am
way, want to make an excuse for myself. you know, so many people have said. look, 90% of america doesn't know aleppo. well 90% of america is not running for president of the united states. >> exactly. >> no excuse. >> see the full report on our today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol.
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the fall is almost here. football season is under way. the world series right around
3:53 am
and it is also a new season for the world of art. ben tracy has a look. ? ? >> reporter: if you have ever left your heart in san francisco, the city has just reopened museum of modern art may provide a very good reason to come back. it has been closed for three years while undergoing a $300 million renovation. it cost a lot. but now it is a lot bigger. nearly three times bigger. neil benezera is the museum director. >> i have not met a museum director yet who didn't want to have a bigger bidding. >> reporter: which means the museum can dedicate bigger galleries to big name artists such as elsworth kelly. chuck close, frank stella. roy liechtenstein, and andy warhol. rest assured elvis has not left the building. but if you can't make it here to san francisco, don't worry.
3:54 am
three states over in colorado, the denver art museum explores japanese fashion design in its latest exhibit, shock wave. and at the kimble art museum in fort worth, texas. monet, the early years. on the east coast, the philadelphia museum of art looks south. with paint the revolution mexican modernism. and then -- there i city. where two highly anticipated exhibits opened this weekend. at the whitney, a retrospective of works from 101-year-old abstract artist carmen herrera. uptown at the guggenheim, the art is more well, interactive. an 18 karat golden toilet.
3:55 am
about our common humanity.
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numbers are in. the emmy award show was the lowest rated ever. a lot more people were watching sunday night football. if you missed it. game of thrones won best drama. and big winner, the people versus o.j. simpson. kevin frasier h >> drama. came up big winners. game of thrones. 12 emmys this year. 3 overall. most wins ever by a primetime show. but with ten award, the people versus o.j. simpson continued to permeate pop culture. >> and the emmy goes to, the people versus o.j. simpson. >> three of the series trial lawyers became first time emmy winners. >> courtney b.vance won emmy for
3:58 am
cochran. courtney gave a shout out to his wife of 18 years, angela basset. >> this one is for you, girl. >> he got lots of love from the couple's 10-year-old twins. >> hi, dad. >> hi, daddy. >> daddy, i love you. >> i love you too. >> wow. >> let me go now. okay. >> we love you. we love you. we love you. >> that will get you every time. >> that almost got me. that almost got me. >> whoa. >> the larger lesson was win, lose, draw. come home with. wonderful. if i don't. still a winner. they're like okay, daddy. >> sarah paulson. >> reporter: the tv marcia clark got a hug from the real oj prosecutor when she won for outstanding actress in a limited series. sarah told nancy o'dell that the drama showed her how this hard working professional was a far cry from any tabloid image. >> once i did any further looking, it became very clear what a very, very deep complicated wonderful smart
3:59 am
yeah, became a very different picture. >> sterling k. brown. >> christopher darden, rounded out the trio of wins. >> i felt like i instantly began to float above like the venue and looking down on myself. and it happened. it was surreal. >> reporter: julia louis dreyfus overcome with emotion when she accepted her emmy for veep. her hand shook as she spoke of her father who passed awa friday. >> because his opinion was the one that really mattered. thank you. other first time emmy winners, the star of orphan black and everyone's favorite, vigilante r tuesday. for some the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center here in new york city, i'm tony
4:00 am
? ? it's tuesday, september 20th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." ahmad khan rahami suspected of bombings in new york and new jersey has been charged with attempted murder following a shoot-out with police. outrage after tulsa police admit a man shot to death last friday was unarmed. >> we as a people deserve better. and a united nations aid convoy carrying supplies to syrian rebels is the target of an air strike. it's reported that at least 12 were killed.
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