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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  October 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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caption.."the clown actually posted a few musically's, but not of his face. he posted black screens saying i'm attacking this school"the clowns account is still up... saying he will attack and murder students at the school. police don't believe the threat is true, and are working with the it department to figure out who may have sent the message. in the meantime, the school what their children are doing online. a kenosha mother arrested in an f-b-i raid. agents say she was pimping out her two teenage 58's david ade is live in kenosha tonight with the details. they're sisters... 16 and 17 years old... with a mom who was more of a pimp than a
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the fbi milwaukee office sharing this example of what it found over the weekend.the bureau says a kenosha mom acted like a pimp of her two teen girls... and also let a registered sex offender rent out a room in the house.i talked to a kenosha victim advocate who did not talk about this case specifically... she says while its normal for traffickers to use authority to make trafficking victims feel powerless... it's rare to see a parent trafficking their own children.and she says any child growing up in a trafficking situation with have deep emotional nd therapy. "people who are being trafficked are not criminals they are victims, and a lot of times the community will look at kids on the street as bad when really they are victims of horrible violence." the fbi has not released a name or mugshot of the suspect... but tells us she does live here in in kenosha... david ade... cbs
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a racine county jail inmate is accused of violently attacking a corrections officer.the sheriff says deonte anderson went after the officer in the intake area of the jail last night. other staff were able to pull anderson off the officer.he had to be taken to the hospital with facial injuries.anderson was in jail for armed robbery and could be facing additional charges of battery to a corrections officer. 3 smoke and flames could valley where a fire broke out at a metal scrap yard. yard.the fire department has not released any details about the fire at miller compressing company. we know it started around noon...there have not been any reports of injuries... and officials haven't said what may have caused it. 3 there were two fires at the plant in one of them.. a pile of car debris burned for several 20-11, miller compressing company paid a 35-hundred dollar fine.. and was cited by
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employees working around machinery that could seriously hurt them.and in 20-12.. it had six more offenses and was fined 40-thousand dollars. the two waukesha teens charged with trying to kill a classmate to appease the fictional character slender man.. want to be tried separate. separately.lawyers for anissa weier and morgan geyser filed motions last week.they argued a joint trial could confuse jurors.the two girls have made statements to investigators implicating the other, and both are being charged as adults. 3 in milwaukee...police need your help identifying a man who 'made no attempt' to hide his face while robbing a bank. the suspect walked into the b- m-o harris bank on 76th and bluemound saturday morning.. showed a note to a teller, and implied he had a gun.the teller handed over the money and the man drove off in a 4-door silver s-u-v.. possibly a chevy trailblazer.if you know who this is, please call
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there's been outrage over the proposed milwaukee county budget.. that includes a 60- dollar wheel was the first day for residents to give their input on it.. and only 10 people showed up. 8:11:34-47 the $60 wheel tax is going to make me move out of the country, i'll go to new berlin. i'm on a fixed budget and it's just gonna be hurting me more. they have other ways they can do it. it. none of today's speakers had anything positive to say about the tax that would be added to the state's fee to register your vehicle each year. chairperson peggy west says she wished there had been better turnout at today's meeting.there is another listening session on october 31st at 6pm at the performing arts center downtown. 3 in waukesha county -- the developer who tried building a panda express in the city says it's planning to sue the city for turning down its plans.the fast food joint was going to go into the old gasthaus house
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boulevard.back in july, the council denied the proposal.. saying adding the restaurant would cause too many traffic problems. 12:10:31-45 the plan commision has to be careful that they're not approving projects that are going to create even more problems in the area, it's a matter of safety for drivers.. it's a matter of convinece for other businsses in the area. 3 the developer filed a notice of claim for 3-million dollars..the city's attorney tells us this n lawsuit.. but gives the city a heads up that they're planning to sue and gives them a timeline to file the lawsuit. 3 spectacular autumn weather in wisconsin. chief meteorologist drew burgoyne is here with ready weather. toss to drew drew tonight: cooler. mostly fair. lows near 50.wednesday: sun and clouds. mild with highs in the middle 60s. wind: variable
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return for thursday with another shot of colder air for friday. highs at the end the week will struggle to rise above 50. the weekend is looking dry with highs in the middle 50s for saturday. close to 60 for sunday. a setback for the already injury-plagued green bay packers. one of their key players on defense will be sidelined for longer than expected. cbs 58's kevin
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"not much time for the packers prepare for the bears and that much time to think about the troubles against the cowboys on sunday but as green bay tries to get better in a secondary, stopping opposing quarterbacks, the team has been dealt a major blow today at sam shields the veteran will miss at least eight weeks he's been placed on injured reserve and now the packers are in two positions trying to replace a leader and concern for their teammate and friend." friend.""obviously you don't want to guy on ir because you can't use him in that time, but it's the hand we were dealt and yo it's definitely a concern because it's a head injury, that's more than football. we are more than football players. we have lives too. he's a father as well so obviously there's a level of concern when it comes to head i" injuries.""he such a leader on our football team and him being my locker mate, i talk to him every day. he's just funny to be around a great person on and off the field, it's unfortunate but i know sam he'll fight back. we're here for him, he knows that
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glad to see him around the locker room joking around, that's sam shields.""the packers fan in the secondary, and thin at running back but they address the position of running back earlier today scott grodsky has more on that later in the show. at lambeau field, kevin holden cbs 58 sports." 3 cbs 58 is your home for packers coverage all week... including the rivalry showdown thursday night. watch our "border battle pregame special" at six p-m... followed by the packers and bears at 7-25. then, stay tuned for the late the cbs 58 news at ten with post game reaction. 3 a u-w-m alum is giving back to his school.fred sitzberger donated one-million dollars to the athletics department.. that's the largest gift to the department ever.the money will go to support the 'panther excellence fund'.. an unrestricted fund that helps all u-w-m student-athletes. 3 today, local high school students visited m-a-t-c's mequon campus to get a hands on look at what a career in
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from m-a-t-c's electrial power distribution program were there to demonstrate some of the things they do.. from climbing utility poles to going up in bucket trucks... 65 feet above the ground. 8:52-9:16 this is something they have to get used to getting off the ground and up in the air, working in all different environments, in winter, after storms and the public depends on this group of people to make sure our power is operating after storms. on friday, m-a-t-c will be celebrating manufacturing month.. giving students and other job seekers tours at the energy conservation and advanced manufacturing center. 3 they were neck and neck in the last marquette poll..but next -- a new poll shows a different outcome for the race for u-s senate here in wisconsin. 3 plus, give a tree.. get packers tickets.we'll tell you what you need to do.. and how you could be cheering on the
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nats pop 3 iraqi and kurdish troops near mosul have just recaptured a handful of villages from isis. the ground troops are working in conjuntion with u-s air strikes to systematically clear isis strongholds in the area.the biggest hurdle for coalition troops is fighting the extremists entrenched in hand-dug tunnels made to avoid attacks from drones. foreign correspondent holly williams after this newscast, she'll show us those tunnels coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. donald trump is back on the campaign trail today..while hillary clinton is still laying low before tomorrow night's last presidential debate.and last night in green bay.. trump explained why he's been saying this election is "r" "rigged."0-12 people that have died 10 years ago are still voting, illegal immigrants are voting, i mean where are the street smarts of some of these
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that's right. right. there were several interruptions at the rally.. including chants against house speaker paul ryan..who won't campaign with the gop nominee. today, governor scott walker said the janesville republican doesn't need defending.. saying he received 84-percent of the vote in the primary.. and is well loved in the state of wisconsin. 3 wisconsin senator tammy baldwin's name was up for consideration to be hillary clinton's round of emails released by wikileaks today uncovered a chain back in march, where clinton advisers kicked around 39 names, including elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, tim kaine, and bill and melinda gates. a poll released today by st. norbert college shows democrats with big leads in the race for president and wisconsin's u-s senate sea.t sea.tthe two senate candidates are set to debate tonight at the marquette university law school that's where kristen barbaresi is right now with a
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numbers...kristen? the saint norbert poll puts both hillary clinton and democrat senate candidate russ feingoldsignificantly ahead of their opponents. in a poll of 664 likely voters clinton gets 47 percent of the vote-- republican donald trump trials by eight points with 39 percent.but here's where the numbers get interesting in the race for senate...the poll shows russ feingold with 52 percent of the vote--a 12 point lead of senator ron those numbers are a stark contrest with last week's marquette law school poll poll-- which put the senate race neck in neckwith feingold at 46 percent and johnson at 44 percent johnson and feingold meet here tonight at marquette law school for the second and final debate before election. we'll have a full recap tonight on the cbs 58 news at 10 3 stay with cbs 58 as we count
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just three weeks away.we will have team coverage all night bringing you results as they come in... and speeches from the big players.mark those calendars... it's november 8th right here on cbs 58. 3 a huge donation today for a local company who works with at-risk youth..dream bikes incorporated was given 260 bike. bikes...the company teams up with the boys and girls club to get kids working.they're taught how to fix up bikes in the shop..but workers say the experience is much more than just learning how to use 27:07-20 we work on puzzels., sometimes they're very old bikes sometimes they're new bikes. a lot of the times these kids don't know really how to do things, we teach them and they can apply those skills they learn to different assets in their life dream bikes sells the bikes back to the community for about half of what they're worth..telling us their goal is just to get bikes into the community and make bicycling more accessible.
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until the end of the month.. but the latern festival at boerner botanical gardens is being extended an extra week. it's because of the overwhelming popularity of china can check out the magnificent displays tuesday through sunday from 5:30 until 10 p-m through november sixth. 3 3 3 tonight: cooler. tonight: cooler. mostly fair. lows near 50.wednesday: sun and clouds. mild with highs in the middle 60s. wind: variable
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return for thursday with another shot of colder air for friday. highs at the end the week will struggle to rise above 50. the weekend is looking dry with highs in the middle 50s for saturday. close to 60 for sunday. 3 lows near 50.wednesday: sun and clouds. mild with highs in the middle 60s. wind: variable 5-10 mph.week ahead: upper 50s return for thursday with another shot of colder air for friday. highs at the end the week will struggle to rise above 50. the weekend is looking dry with highs in the
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3 tonight: cooler. mostly fair. lows near 50.wednesday: sun and clouds. mild with highs in the middle 60s. wind: variable 5-10 mph.week ahead: upper 50s return for thursday with another shot of friday. highs at the end the week will struggle to rise above 50. the weekend is looking dry with highs in the middle 50s for saturday. close to 60 for sunday.
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here's your chance to make an impact at lambeau field.the packers are looking for a 40 to 50 foot tree from anywhere in wisconsin to use for the annual "festival of lights." this is last year's winner from green bay. you need to submit a photo of the tree... and a proposal, in 100 words or less, why you should be picked.the deadline is november 2nd. 2nd.ha information on our website, cbs 58 dot com.the winner gets ticket to the christmas eve game. the packers doing something that's rare--making a trade during the season. 3...
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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eddie lacy not healthy... james starks out... nothing moving with ty montgomery running the ball... so the packers taking action. scott grodsky in green bay with more on knile davis. "the hits keep coming for the packers at running back, eddie lacy missing practice for the second straight day with an ankle injury, james starks already ruled out for thursday's game against the bears. so general manager ted thompson decided to do something drastic and unheard of in green bay. they made a
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since 2010 the packerstake control made a trade sending a late round draft pick to kansas city for running back knile davis. if that name sounds familiar or it might be because the chiefs played the packers week for the preseason, davis picked up 58 yards and a touchdown, he's also return specialist and he's getting used to his new role and a little more playing time than he had in kansas city" city." davis: "i feel like i'm off the range, i found the sideline itching to get in the game and be a part of the which i was in kansas city, i did what i could. i'm just excited to be a part of green bay. hopefully my role is bigger. on the plane coming over i thought it would be different but now that i'm here i love it. they welcomed me with open arms and i'm just taking it and running with it." it."rodgers: "i mean i'm sure he has a lot to bring to the table and he'll be a big factor for us in the long run." "whether or not davis plays thursday night will depend on how quickly he can pick up the packers offense. if he is not
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looks like green bay might've found a suitable option and thai montgomery. the wide receiver played running back against the cowboys and emerged as a true threat out of the backfield with 10 catches for 98 yards. reporting at lambeau field scott grodsky cbs 58 sports." kenosha native jazz peavy caught a touchdown pass in the badgrs loss to ohio state. it was his third of the year... his first though in over a month. in that month, the badgers have played three ga and the receiver says they won't get a break against unranked iowa. it's always intense. there's a trophy involved. there's always that comparison that they're a tough and physical team just like we are. i feel like that's one of those things we take to hear and have a lot of pride in. we want to be kowsn as the tough and physical team. the badgers basketball team playing their exhibition against platteville at 1:00 pm
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from the roginal 5:00 spot. remember last week, the packers game against atlanta moved to 3:25. senior guard bronson koenig has had his big time moments in his career... so much so that he's a preseason candidate for the bob cousy award--that's given to the nation's best point guard. but koenig made his news this offseason, joining the dakota pipeline protests and putting together a basketball camp. he talked about that at badgers media day. my mother has always pushed me to be the best role model i role model whether i like it or not. i try to use my platform and my voice in a positive manner and i think i've done that. giannis antetokounmpo is the best international player in the nba. that's what the nba general managers say. the greek freak getting 27 percent of the vote, beating out marc gasol from memphis and the future hall of famer dirk nowitski. toronto trying to avoid being swept in the alcs... up on cleveland in game four. cubs
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tonight: cooler. mostly fair. lows near 50.wednesday: sun and clouds. mild with highs in the middle 60s. wind: variable 5-10 mph.week ahead: upper 50s return for thursday with another shot of colder air for friday. highs at the end the week will struggle to rise above 50. the weekend is looking dry with highs in the middle 50s for saturday. close
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: three weeks to go. trump talks of winning-- >> i don't believe the polls anymore. >> pelley: and president obama? >> i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining. >> pelley: also tonight, is your face on file with the government? new questions about the opiod epidemic. we catch up with jason on his long journey back. >> reporter: and you've been clean for how long? >> pelley: and a barber who shapes young heads and minds. >> do you know what "circumstance" means? >> no. >> what does circumstance mean? this is the "cbs evening news"


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