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he's due back on november it started wimichael morgan entering a mithis morning....wh about to be sentenced for buld forethire thad tw entewas passed, several outbursts would interrupt the proceedings. -courtroom nats-wh you sayin', ease tell me what you sayin' -cro scrowd- crowd- there was a struggle to control the crowd ....there were eruptions when family erembasked if they had anything to say. .morgan mstant during the first he said he agreed with everything his lawyer said in "i hit .bu 3 power to find me innocent." innocent." eventually, the judge handed down a 71-year sentence...and morgan was
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r reaction from great aunt of the two children who died in the fire kevin little and rgantae' 3 :"he got exactly what he deserved. justice has been 'mrved. and on t 3 in another milwaukee courtroom, milwaukee police officer dominique heaggan-brown was bound over for trial on sexual assault cha. charges. as was the case at his first court appearance, heaggan-brown prevention gown at his prelminary hearing today. he's the officer wot and bk t, usn cide that precededwo night pak.thihearing s noofft relatetoer is accused of sexually assaulting milwaukee county supervisors are wrestling with is trsi awhe .pros"this is the hottest issue in the budget and he wa asked about it from day anhe ha
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debatedthe county executive's plan to use a 60-dollar fee to system and road maintenance. that 60-dollars would be added to the 75 bucks county residents already pay to renew their platlicensendthe residents. today, the panel approved two amendments to thpublic can a igcoty budget toss to drew a meeting on drew andnisun and windy. highs in the lower 60s. s 10-20 g25 mprf thweek/we saturday. beside some showers saturday eng an night, the time period looks dry.
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warm with temps in the 60s.
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madison student accused of assaulting at least five women on campus and keeping a notebook about it. cbs 58's lindsey branwall is live outside the dane county courthouse where more charges were just filed.... here's the agampst uw student alec of the victims says cook had sex with her for over two hours, and contantly had a grip on her so she couldn't leave -- even when she asked him to stop. 3 making an appearance in r alec cook is charged now with co15- includi imprisonment and trangution aftsexual assault victims came cwas a student at uw-m were many viuw student"he was kind of known as the guy that was a little bit unstable, would approach girls and people just thought that's him stay ear of him."nts
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out that all of this came out. nobody's surprised and that's probably the worst part." cook's attorneys say social media is creating an uneeded fear on cammpus.20:21our client has been essentially slaughtered by the social media image of him. people are being interviewed on the campus today this morning by national news netw are you afriad.but cook's lawyers say he's not guilty. all the acts were consentual, and they believe an at a dance class didn't even happen.a search warrant of cook's apartment found a black leather book with women's names and other details. the warrant says there were distrubing statements including the word "kill". cook's lawyers showed us this notebook page, and say rea mp 26:00it looks to be notes from a college student talking about what could have been the end of a relationship and that he killed it or she killed 200,000 cash bail. cook's lawyers say they accepted that high number, because they lie right now, he's sain il. they worry about retaliation of their
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rt3leaders sending out toe munity last inn npart: "we acted immediately to place the student under emergency keevreport of a sexual bitedfr n assault seriously and are committed to building a campus free from sexusaulas dating violence and stalking. 12 days left for the 2016 cagn presidential candidates are again concentrating on swing states today. democrat hillary clinton is in north carolina....where she shared the stage today with first lady michele obama during a for univer. republican donald trump has three campaign stops edin ohio. here in wisconsin, it's not easy challenging one of the most powerful leaders in the country, but house speaker paul ryan's democratic challenger is staying upbeat.
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in tm congress and he's a heavy favorite to win. but iraq war veteran ryan solen of mount pleasant tells cbs 58 news, he's getting positive reaction from people during his campaign appearances. "most of the people have been very, very kind. they are glad that i'm running. they like to have choices and because of that, my campaign has experienced an aw of very kind people." people." solen has challenged ryan to a debate th weekend, and says he hasn't heard back from the republican's ryan does have a history of deatisdetic opponents. 3 that congressional race is local races we'll follow for you on our election nrageit nov team will follthe races closest to you ?and? we'll have coverage and reactisideo i a kenosha family lost everything when their apartment caught fire sunday night.but a little girl is safethcbs 58's amanda deoe tells us how the
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3 it was the quick thinking of a it was barbecuing. it was going through the dn was trapped on the secd floor of an aparin kenoshaaskid and i just ran in." her eyes were bloody red and she could barely breathe when dail carried her outside. ma-qeeta:" i was shaking tside."reginald says he's grateful dail was able to hisrlittle girl. reginald "super blessed. i was terried. once i found out he had went up there and got her, the next day when i went to t, ee was like we was conjoined twins."a group of neighbors have staed a go fund me page for dail, who's homeless after falling on hard
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surprised by all of kind words from people in the community. "i got right kids myself, and if my apartmw that, i would want someone to come in my apartment and save my kids as well. well.brian tells me shortly after becoming homeless, his kids were taken away by the state. he hopes to use the money raised to get a new place so he can get his kids back. the pritchetts lost everything in the fire, and right now they're staying with family. they have a go fund me as well. in kenosha, ad cbs 58 news. tonight at ten...the story of a pewaukee women who suffered a facial injury just weeks before her wedding day... "once the swelling had gone away, it's funny, my dad actually noticed that it wasn't healing right. because what eds the ball had pushed my cheekbone and had broke it and pushed it out." out."
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odto the solution she found...with doctors using the power of 3-d ffixes. that story is coming up tonight on the cbs 58 news at ten --- right after "pure genius". still ahead at five, he was living the dream....a wisconsin badger playing for the packers...but tonight..his playing days in green bay are over. most people leave their work at the of60 peopln eacc humor instead of insults turns a texas politician and his wife into we'll share when we return.
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he supports privatizing social security an wants to raise the retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventya and add means testing -- so seniors pay more out of pocket or are left without coverage altogether. but wisconsin seniors know that in washington, ron johnson isn't working...
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they called it a "social hosting ordinance" nd fodu lac county...and it was s underage kids to drink in their homes. homes. but a court has just k down that ordinance, creating confusion, especially in other communities with ws. laws. cbs 58's jacob il lac county courthouse with an
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right now the fond du lac county district attorney inwith issued the original ticket last year...when - accordin to court a group of under they began drinking. quoting from the cision.muche admitted that he did nothing to stop the underage individuals from drinking alcohol they brought to the party, but he maintains that he did not host an underage drinking rty." muche contested the punishment.the 2nd district court of appeals sided withm.couy officials are i ruling stands then in fond du untysomeone can serve alcohol to underage minors in their home and not be penalized for it. it's not just their children. it's the
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well. i know at 16 or 17-years-old you may not want e be arged for attorney anpeopl aiding in the delinquancy of a minor.the sociahosting question centered more on the language: does the state law apply for at-hosituation where a ntn't necessarily aware of what's live in fond du lac...jacob
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3 toniaro mostly cloudy. lows in the 30s and low 40s.friday: clouds and 60s. s 10-20 g25.reh of saturday. besidsome showers saturday evening and night, the time periory. d loo cooler on sunday with highs in the upper 50s. halloween loo
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3 milwaukee loves those china lights. we got another indication of that today when the county parks department announced that it's
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sales for the colorful lantern display because of "overwhelming" demand. you'll be able to buy tickets onsite at the boerner botanical gardens until the parking lots are full. they're also extending shuttle service for alady been extended through november 6th. if you're planning to see china lights. they recommend tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays, because it gets really crowded on weekends. believe it or not, there's a political campaign ad that's going viral. it texas...and the star is the candidate's wife. wife. it costs us about 103 dollars a day. gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. last year's tax rate was 4.169 so is he always like that? yeah all the time 3 the ad is for ald daughey , whr as travis county commissioner. the lighthearted ad portrays him as a tireless number- cruncher who brings his county
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attack ads ...and his weary wife gets the last word. 3 all he wants is to fix things you have fumes all over the place but quite frankly it's not a code violation. you know i think i like helping around house here. please re-elect gerald...please. 3 close to two million people have watched the ad on youtube. the packers just placed receiver jared abbrederis on injured reserve but they made another move today. 3...
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it's been real, jared abbrederis. the packers reaching an injury settlement with the wide receiver... receiver...and now, he's been released. the packers just put abby on injured reserve monday. he suffered a bruised hip in the game against dallas a couple weeks ago. the former his share of inuries, including a torn acl before his rookie year in 2014. clay matthews returning to practice, but he was limited. he's dealing with another hamstring issue. he already missed one game this year with a hamstring injury. coach mike mccarthy hoping mathews can be a part of a packers defense that has just two sacks in the last two weeks.... especially going to atlanta and facing leadig receiver, julio jones. most important thing in pass coverage is pass rush. goes
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our meeting and topics. we focus on our line play on both sides and a good pass rush definitely helps your coverage out. the bucks off before practice tomorrow and hosting brooklyn on saturday. the greek freak putting up big numbers, 31 points, nine rebounds and five assists in the loss... but it was surprise. a quiet 13 poitns and six rebounds... but he also had three turnovers. coach jaosn kidd says a part of his struggles was playing with foul trouble. for that, he picked up the tw quick fouls. we held him so he wouldn't pick up a third. that's just a young player learning how to play with fouls.i must look for my shot first and i made too many rnovers because i was trying to be too passive.
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announced, and catcher jonathan lucroy the only on the remember.... lucroy was traded to the texas rangers in july. that was after he vetoed a of course they're in the world series and off today before the series shifts to chicago for game three. cubs slugger kyle schwarber won't be cleared to play in the outfield. he played designated hitter the last couple games, getting two rbi last night as the cubs evened the sereis at one game apiece. playing in the world series. what more could you ask for? i'm just gonna ride the wave
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tonightarmosy cl highs in the lower 60s. s 10-20 g25 of the week/weekend: more 60s for saturday. besidand night, the time period looks sunday g the upper 50s. halloween looks warm with temps in the 60s.
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captioning sponsored by cbs for trum fairness. >> pelley: also tonight, the first lady embraces clinton. >> ss >> pelley: an american who led recruited one he explained how y calling. >> pelley: police in north dakota arrest protesters tg to stop oililine. and who let the dogs out? rescued bye school track


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