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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  November 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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3 and star power rallies around donald trump during his latest visit to wisconsin....the cbs 58 news at 10 starts now. 3 a bank robbery suspect stops to buy cigarettes while being pursued by police... police...a chase that went through three counties.. all started when police say he robbed the northshore bank near 58th and forest home in milwaukee.. milwaukee..and ended about three hours later at a washington county gas dvornay is live there in hartford... with some incredible witness accounts. residents of this normally sleepy town say they're amazed by what unfolded today.. some eight patrol cars from slinger.. hartford.. washington county and even the state police converged on this gas station when the man they had been chasing for miles drove in.milwaukee police say a man robbed a bank in milwaukee and took off....starting a chase that traveled over to
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washington county...nearly forty miles away. witnesses say he blew through red lights.. almost hitting several cars in hartford before trying to blend into the regulars at goeman's rapid mart.take a listen to what they say went down.. 19:06:52-7:05 just as i was about to cross the intersection, this crazy man going high speeds just happens to swerve around me didn't yield to traffic, didn't care what was going on. almost caused me my life butt to 19:17:23-38 he runs in here all fratically, skips the line, tells me he needs a pack of cigarettes so i get it for hia butt to19:11:28-35 i see a guy run across the street with a guy run across the street with a cig in his mouth and four or five cops running after this guycut to19:11:49-57 the cops did get on him and tackle him. it was just crazy the wisconsin state patrol says a few drivers were
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multiple red lights near the milwaukee-waukesha county lines.milwaukee police tell us they are still investigating. liv ein washington county, ad cbs 58 news. 3 one week from the election.. and prominent republicans get in line to rally with their party's nominee in eau claire t. 58's david ade has been with donald trump practically every time he visits the state state and joins us with his latest push to win wisconsin and the white house.david.. 3 th stop in the state since becoming the republican nominee but tonight it was about the star power that rallied around him. the list of allieswisconsin congressman sean duffy "hillary clinton is the biggest leech in the swamp.." u-s senator ron johnson "donald trump is talking about cleaning up the swamp..." former indiana basketball
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never be any bullshit." republican party chair reince priebus "donald trump will fight for our freedom"and wisconsin governor scott walker."the next president of the united states of america donald trump."shaking trump's hand and giving an apprvoing thumbs up."a special thank you to governor scott walker." trump is focused on winning wisconsin and is using last week's fbi announcement related to hillary clinton staffer emails to flip wisconsinites who already can change your vote to donald trump we'll make america great again. okay?"sticking to what his campaign was built on trump talked about jobs safety and building a wall between the u-s and mexico. between the u-s and mexico. -build the wall nat-and on the first day of open enrollement trump railed against the affordable care act."but don't worry about it.. .we're going to get rid of it so you're not going to have to worry about it."
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campaign today the clinton campaign has sent out two fundraising appeals citing a new poll.. and saying donald trump has a path to win the election.tomorrow the marquette law school comes out with its final poll before election in eau claire david ade cbs 58 news. hillary clinton hasn't campaigned here in wisconsin since the spring primary. her running mate, vice presidentinal nominee tim kaine made two stop today.. telling supporters donald trump recently saying teh eleciton is rigged is just an excuse if he doesn't win. win.26-42 he wouldn't wake up and say wow i lost. i guess i shouldn't have run the most divisive campaign in modern history. well that's an important tip for next time. no he's not going to do that. he's going to blame it, oh it was the rigged election. if we work hard and we win and maybe if we win big he can whine all he wants but everyone will just know he's a sore loser.
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kaine also urged voters to get out and cast their ballots now. wisconsin senator tammy baldwin and russ feingold both joined kaine in appleton today. 3 things on the campaign trail aren't slowing down either... feingold will join senator bernie sanders in milwaukee tomorrow at turner ballroom.. and chelsea clinton will campaign for her mother in oshkosh, eau claire and milwaukee tomorrow. more than a half million voters have cast absentee ballots in wisconsin so far in this election. the wisconsin elections co 518-thousand people have taken part in early voting.of those, 30 percent were from milwaukee and dane counties.... and 16 percent from the "wow" counties... waukesha, washington, and ozaukee. 3 make sure you stay with cbs 58 all week... as we bring you the latest updates from the campaign.then, look for our team coverage on election night november 8th.we'll have reports from all the big national, state and local races. newly filed court documents reveal more details in the
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anderson pointed anything at the wauwatosa police officer. officer.anderson was shot dead by a wauwatosa officer in madison park in june.the attorney for anderson's family says a "notice of injury" says there's no evidence anderson touched, raised, or pointed any alleged handgun toward the officer.the document is based on video the family has seen. 36-49 "the video shows at least twice prior to the shooting, mr. anderson, both his head and arms kind of coming down, as if it looks as though he's passed out or is falling asleep. and twice that s occurs family admits anderson had been drinking and was sleeping in his vehicle.wauwatosa police are not commenting on the new paperwork...instead tell us, they are waiting on the d-a's final report before records will be made public. making sure milwaukeeans know they're part of the solution to our city's crime problem. problem.the city's office of violence prevention holding an unprecedented meeting at
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a vested interest and role to play in reducing violence. for the next six months - they'll come up with a plan..together..emphasis on together. 7-16think this is something that we should have had a long time ago. i think the timing is rich because of what we have in terms of leadership, urgency and commitment. 3 the oakland based "prevention institute" will be driving the research and discussion for this project. 3 also in the battle for public uses a team approach with prosecutors, law enforcment and volunteers to empower neighborhoods.right now serving ten milwaukee neighborhoods, it's venturing into west lawn and thurston woods.mayor tom barrett says programs like these are vital to reducing the city's crime rate. 5:23:38-49we have to have places where grandmas can feel safe sitting on their front porch watching their grandkids play. and i want to see that in every single city... and safe and sound has been a
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last year, safe and sound reached some 20-thousand people in police districts two, three, five and seven. this expansion into district four will cover everything north of villard avenue. tonight.. investigators say the fire a homeowner blames on his tenant .. was intentionally set. set.milwaukee police arrested a 29-year-old man.the fire started yesterday at a home on 36th and garfield.we told you last night.. the homeowner believes his tenants set it.. because they were being evicted.he died in the fire.. but today we learned it just ran away and is safe tonight. a uw-milwaukee employee is accusd of saving child ponography photos to his work c. computer.58-year-old jack hay, junior is charged with three counts of possession of child porn.according to the criminal complaint, back in august uw-m police got an anonymous tip that lead them to hay who initially denied saving the photos.. but then eventually admitted to saving them and printing photos at work.
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could be coming to the old dairyland park. park.the greyhound dog track has sat vacant for nearly a decade.but there's a new potential buyer.right now, there's no word on who that is... but the 225-acre property would have be re- zoned to industrial.kenosha's mayor says a new industrial site would help the city's future growth. 10:46:28-41the city is focusing a great deal on manufacturing. it's the type of development we want to see here... we still want the wearhousing, everything else, but manufacturing is very important, along with techny the dairyland was almost the home of a 800-million dollar hard rock casino.. but that was rejected by the state.we could have more information about this new sale in the next 60 days. 3 3 changes coming to the packers.. ..not the players.. just how they look.. 3"music/shaving" "music/shaving" wide reciever, davante adams and hall of famer dorsey
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froedterdt hospital's part of movember..a way to encourage men to get screened for prostate cancer. guys grow out their facial hair to remind each look out for each other. "we're trying to do our part to raise awareness about prostate cancer, it's a thing out there and it's something that gets hits african americans more than anybody else so i felt and obligation to be here and put light on the fact it's going on and people should get out there and get checked." whether you can grow facial hair or not, everyone is encouraged to use the hashtag "grow your support" and share your pictures 3 and remember... you can watch the packers this sunday right here on cbs 58.they return home to lambeau to take on the indianapolis colts.kickoff is 3-25. 3 everything you ever wanted to know about brett inside look at the life of the gunslinger... 3 and it isn't even on store shelves... but is already
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it's promising to use technology to keep you safe.... but does it work?we ask the experts when we come back. 3
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the company boasts 40-million views on facebook alone... so t video has popped up on your facebook wall wallit's rare that a product that isn't even out yet goes viral... but the defender 24/7... promises complete personal securitypepper spray... that will also take a picture of your attacker... and call for helpso is it a defender or pretender? pepper spray... camera... siren... g-p-s.. all in one one when the device goes off, it works just like your home
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the defender 24/7 has technology built in... and it links with your smartphone we grab your gps coordinates and the photo of your attakcer, via the data connection on your phone to our central station, which is able to dispatch help to your exact location (anywhere in the us) but before you put your money down... will it work? pablo velazquez has three-decades of security experience... and his company.. .genesis group... trains people on how to use pepper spray spraywe showed him the defender 24/7 video and website... he likes the idea the concept is a great concept but velazquez does not see a perfect productwhen holding the cannister... will a user's hand cover up the camera or flash? ryan mcmanus says they thought of that... if you see the device in the video, we've changed the casing, the camera is actually at the bottom of the device nowbut velazquez says even the possiblity that a proper grip will cover the camera is a concernunder stress, are you going to be able to keep that in mind, or
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classesa future in law enforcementafter more than an hour of classroom work... burt gets into a simulated confrontation and deploys his pepper spray and it's this video that velazquez says makes his point about "the defender"... or any kind of pepper spraytake another look at the red arrows burt... holds his off-hand in froof instinctive action... and one that his trainers immediately ct correctthis mistake was made in training... what if someone is under the real threat of bodily harm? can they be sure they won't cover the camera? without stress innoculation, anything you train for will not work under stressbottom line for mcmanus... pepper spray might be right for you. and the defender takes it into the 21st centuryyou activate the pepper spray, it triggers the flash and camera sends that picture to your phone so the user only needs to complete one simple action to have complete personal security
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pepper spray... and the defender might be right for you.but technology... has not advanced enough to take the place of trainingon average, training can be four hours to use pepper spray effectively the defender is scheduled to be released early next year. it will cost about 100-dollars... which will come with a free year of security center monitoring... if you want to check it out for yourself i'll have a link on our website... as soon as i get off the set... on cbs 58- dot-com amid criticism that enrollment mlwaukee county executive says the affordable care act is saving local taxpayers money. is the beginning of open enrollment.chris abele pointed out that since the program began, the number of people without insurance has gone down by nearly 60 percent... and he says that's saving the county money. 3:21:28-342 million dollars so far... we care for everybody and when pepole have coverage, it's easier to do." 3:20:58-21:06make no mistake... that has a profound impact on thousands of lives... thousands of more
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never had it before before we have more on open enrollment on our website cbs 58 dot com...look under the newlinks section. it's a sign cold weather is on the way.... even if it doesn't feel like it today.the moratorium on winter shut offs for we energies starts today. today.that means a person's heat can't be turned off for not paying their bill.if you're service has already been turned off for unpaid bills... you're urged to contact we energies so they can help you get on payment plans and get rece energy assistance. the estabrook dam is one step closer to coming down. the milwaukee common council voted to re-zone the property... making the dam eligible for the property allows the city to sell the milwuakee metropolitan sewerage district for 1 dollar. m-m-s-d will then take it down..a move that is expected to cost far less than reparing it. "so it's a 4 million dollar savings which will allow the county to put money towards others resources and pressing needs in the parks besides
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the river dirtier." dirtier." county executive chris abele said -- removing the estabrook dam is another step forward in protecting our parks and making sustainable investments in the future." future."for years, the board has sided with those who want to preserve the dam..chairman theodore lipscomb said in a statement... "the rezoning by the city of milwaukee is part of an undemocratic scheme by county executive abele to misuse his authority in order to sell a county park. whenever county executive abele doesn't get his way he go body in order to enhance his powers." 3 tonight: increasing clouds with a few showers late. lows in the 50s.wednesday: mostly cloudy with scattered rain and some rumbles of thunder. rainfall could total over an inch. highs in the middle 50s. wind: nne 5-15 of the week: stays mild most of the week with highs in the lower around 600s. heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s! cooler weather returns for the
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3 for anyone getting ready for the holiday season... we energies' "cookie book" is on sale's filled with 38 recipes from notable can get a ?free? copy of the book at miller park on saturday.that event runs claus and santa's reindeer will be on hand -- plus hot cooca and of course, cookies. we'll have more information on our website, cbs 58 dot com. 3 it's back. the starbucks holiday cup! only this's green.the special issued cups feature a mosaic of more than 100 people drawn in a single stroke. the design is meant to symbolize unity. the cup making its debut today.
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thanksgiving turkeys. turkeys.hunger task force's turkey mascot danced in downtown milwaukee today downtown mascot danced in downtown milwaukee today to get your attention."rexnord corporation" is matching every thanksgiving turkey donated this year to the food pantry. some of the more usualy thanksgiving staples are usually there year-round... but turkeys are rare. "if you can get a turkey on the table at the holidays, that's really important so it makes people feel comfortable, it makes them feel dignified and safe in their own home and we would like to make sure we have a turkey for everybody." everybody." you can monitor how many turkeys have been donated with the "turkey ticker" on the hunger task force sign off i-94 at hawley road. road. we've got the details on how you can get involved on our website cbs 58 dot com. look in the local news section.
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for plus sized clothing --a major retailer is shaking things up.. big time. time.meijer is changing its women's clothing department to better fit the average american woman. the michigan-based store with several locations here..including doing away with the plus size department.all women's clothing will be in one section.meijer said it made the decision considering the average woman is a size 12 to 14 it hopes this starts a trend... "i think meijer is being really progressive and i hope they will be setting the are going to follow. i think other retailers like the department stores who are struggling if they follow this model, they may bring in more c" customers." this change will impact 230 stores... and the switch to one women's department will be complete by next year. when they're not playing or practicing many of the packers are giving back to the community and in milwaukee toda. today.defensive back micah hyde visited riverside university high school as part
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program. he teamed up with boston store and the non-profit group 'positive coaching alliance' to offer character building programs that help young people reach their full potential. 00-09"i can remember being in their shoes, kind of needing a role model or someone to look up to and just shine some good advice so i'm here to do that. 3 more than 55-hundred students, parents, coaches and administrators will take part in positive coaching alliance programs this school year. championships... awards... and is in the n-f-l hall of fame. now his story is burning up the best seller lists. lists.the author of a new book called "gunslinger - the remarkable, improbable, iconic life of brett favre" was signing copies of the book at the elm grove library tonight. jeff pearlman spent two and a half years working on the biography of the packers quarterback.. and interviewed more than 500 people.pearlman is a journalist -- but also an admirer of favre's unique style as a q-b. "you watch favre, he rolls
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he makes some throw from the side of his hip that you wouldn't expect and he made some of the dumbest plays ever and he made some of the greatest plays ever and all of that was part of the show. greatest quarterback ever? no probably not. most entertaining great quarterback ever? i would say yes." yes." pearlman's book deals not only with favre's on-field life, but also his relationships with his late father, his wife and aaron rodgers. rodgers. 3
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shouldn't knee and ankle supports comfortably fit your knees and ankles? dr. scholl's new custom fit wellness center measures your leg in 3d... ...and recommends our custom-fit support that's right for you. new dr. scholl's custom fit ankle and knee supports. find the nearest kiosk at running backs, cornerbacks... we've talked packers injuries for weeks, but the offensive line's been mostly healthy so f. far.looks like it'll stay that way. j-c tretter's knee injury is an m-c-l sprain, not an a-c-l tear. that's the difference between bye-bye season and having a chance to play this week. corey linsley is practicing again, so the pack have a backup if
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knile davis is on a football roller coaster. the packers cut davis monday, then the jets signed him today, and then cut him just a few hours later when the jets signed c-j spiller. davis was a packer for two games. he rushed for five yards. we've got packers and colts sunday at 3-25 here on c-b-s 58, the pack's only home game in november. the colts come in 3-and-5, a rough season so far in indy. ray allen reti of you may have thought allen had already walked away from the n-b-a, but it's official today. allen is the leading three point shooter in bucks history and n-b-a history. history.the bucks in a tight one at winless new orleans... matthew dellavedova finds jabari parker, and you're not stopping that. the and-1 part of a 21 point night for parker. the bucks still needed more, and they got it in the final seconds. giannis antetokounmpo finds another gear, hits the three. 24 points a game high. the bucks even their record at 2-and-2. they host the pacers
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the cubs have spent more than a hundred years fighting history... but tonight, they certainly look like world champions... the cubs have (ad- lib) the first college football playoff standings are out, and bucky badger's got a chance. they're eighth despite having two losses on the season. keep winning, and wisconsin can keep climbing, but they've always had trouble against this week's opponent, northwestrn. 3 3 northwestern, you're impressed with what they've done and how they've come. it's a team that's gotten better as the season's gone on and it's a credit to their players and coaches. i don't know if i've ever been around a football
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a stolen base in the world series means free tacos at taco bell. chain's "steal a base, steal a taco" promotion.cleveland indians shortstop "francisco lindor" stole second in game 1 of the world series.get your free doritos locos taco tomorrow -- from 2 to 6. 3 tonight: increasing clouds with a few showers late. lows in the 50s.wednesday: mostly cloudy with scattered rain and some rumbles of thunder.
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wind: nne 5-15 of the week: stays mild most of the week with highs in the lower around 600s. heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s! cooler weather returns for the middle of next week. we'll have a lot more on the cbs 58 morning news fro russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos. let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies for exporting our jobs.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> this fall, from the network that brought you "c.s.i., ""n.c.i.s." and "criminal minds" comes the newest most exciting program of all. the story of a rogue f.b.i. squad, and a crap load of e-mails. discovered 11 days before the election, loose cannon james comey has to read 650,000 e-mails on huma abedin's lapstop, e-mails hillary clinton thought she could hide. but this fall-- >> comey don't play that. >> no e-mail will go unread is there a coup pon for flea medication. mark as red.


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