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tv   CBS 58 News at 500pm  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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other. we don't know the person." police tell us they won't release any new information until at least friday. live in new berlin, david ade, cbs 58 live in new berlin, fray. live in new bedavirlin, ade, cbs 58 news while we prepare our homes for a big thanksgiving celebration, law enforcement officers are making preparations of their own. we look at the d- local traffic cams, we'll tell you that officers on the o-w-i task force are taking roll call right now. they'll be out in force through the holiday weekend, trying to stop drunk drivers and make the roads safer for all of us. some say the night before thanksgiving is the biggest drinking night of the year. if you're going out tonight, please be an uber or a cab if you're drinking....remembe r, these officers will be watching for you. 3 earlier today, cbs 58 got a
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this is where operators can watch any of the 425 cameras sending back live shots from roads all over the state. "when they see an incident, their goal is to try to get people to either move over if it's just closing one lane or to take an arterial route if it's closing all lanes and so we do that by updating the dynamic message signs which are the electronic boards over the interstate." interstate." communications manager gina paige says one of the best things you yourself enough time to reach your destination.' the command center is staffed round-the- clock, 365 days a year. 3 gas prices are still fairly modest as we head into the holiday. according to our pump patrol, you can get regular gas for a dollar-89 a gallon at many stations... including the citgo station on 76th and c. capitol..same price at the petro mart on 13th and arthur on milwaukee's south side. side.and it's a dollar 89 at
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3 3 3 tonight: rain ends by midnight and the wind eases up as it shifts to a light westerly flow. lows in the lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph.thanksgiving: dry fo the low to middle 40s. a little sunshine is possible. wind: w 5-10 mph.thanksgiving weekend: a few flurries are possible for black friday. some sunshine returns for saturday with dry weather. temperatures start to warm up becoming slightly mild sunday
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return next week monday. 3 they started showing up before dawn....people dropping off food for the hunger task force at the cbs 58 drive thru food drive. now the sun has gone back down and they're ?still? showing up.let's go live to helfaer field at miller park,
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working with a bunch of dedicated volunteers....hey michele!
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3 x and the spirit of giving extends beyond just our food drive...a family from burlington dropped off close to a thousand toys at children's hospital this morning....he during a toy drive at a burlington golf course.the effort was inspired by vance wilks, who was treated for a brain tumor at children's hospital and wanted to find a way to get toys back to the kids.mission accomplished....for the third year. business owners in racine are complaining that the city's parking meters are affecting their bottom 58's amanda devoe has the story from racine.
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residents and businesses have here in racine -- metered parking forcing people to pay with quarters. it's this parking that's causing some businesses to get shortchanged. nats on a gloomy day here in downtown racine .. nats christmas wreaths and trees line the streets -- it's a reminder that the holiday shopping season is underway. natsbut for business owners like michelle schimian, issues like parking, sometimes cause customers to turn away."if they've already gotten parking tickets already."heather a few doors down. down."we do have customers who occasionally have to run to their meters but the problem is when you're in the middle of a massage you can't just get off the table and run and plug your meters."right now street parking forces people to put in coins.."reality is, people don't do that nowadays." but there is good news - the city will soon have a new option - new digital meters that let you pay with a phone app.michael maierle maierle"there are 30 stores here on main street and i
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having another way coming downtown to racine more convenient."michael maierle with the transit and parking division says - the new meters will be well worth the wait. michelle: "we're michelle: "we're keeping up with the times and hopefully keep people coming to downtown racin" racine."parking meters come in march, ask local businesses to make change in the meantime... 3 next at five, last minute shoppers pack local grocery stores. we'll take you live to one of those busy places when we come back. 3 and the packers don't need any more bad news-- but they got some today. scott grodsky has the story coming up in sports.
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3"reopen" "reopen" 3 3 3 practice makes perfect.these pictures, posted to facebook and twitter, come from the greendale high school marching band. they rehearsed today in stamford, connecticut for their appearance tomorrow in the historic macy's
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york.they're sharing their experience step-by-step on social media, and we're excited for their big opportunity.remember you can watch the macy's parade right here on cbs 58. cbs coverage starts at 8 tomorrow morning by the time the parade coverage starts, your thanksgiving turkeys may already be in the oven. oven. have you checked your pantries and refrigerators to make sure you have everything for the feast? feast? cbs 58's lindsey branwall is live in oak creek at possibly one of the can find....a grocery store. one of the busiest shopping days of the year for grocery stores is today, of course everyone getting what they need for the big meal tomorrow. here at meijer there's been a steady stream of shoppers, but i stopped by a few grocery stores today. each one is stocked for
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"find everything okay"there's no name "beep beep beep"for the day before thanksgiving "paper or plastic"at your local grocery store"your total will be 8.87"but there are a few words to describe it"busy very busy""cranberries, brussel sprouts, green beans, flour"the metro market in brookfield has been restocking shelves."everything you need for the holidays, we try to make sure that it's in the store"the bakery department has been up all night."baking buying pies monday tuesday wednesday and even thursday" "the day before thanksgiving is huge. probably top three days"they are prepared for those just grabbing a few things"last minute items, where's the cranberries"and those who are just starting "i'm going to try something different along with the traditional stuff"hoping to send them home with more than a meal."it's going to be a nice get together"
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buy on thanksgiving each year, and have put together a list of the most forgotten items. we have that on our website. cbs reporting live ... 3 and since we're talking about food, let's take you back out to miller ark, where the cbs 58 'drive thru food drive' is in its final hour. 58 chief meteorologist dbu joins us live with the
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3 3 3 tonight: rain ends by midnight and the wind eases up as it shifts to a light westerly flow. lows in the lower 30s. wind: s -> w 2-5 mph.thanksgiving: dry for the holiday with average temps in the low to middle 40s. a little sunshine is possible. wind: w 5-10 mph.thanksgiving weekend: a few flurries are possible for black friday. some sunshine returns for saturday with dry weathe temperatures start to warm up becoming slightly mild sunday in the upper 40s and even a few 50s with sun. rain showers
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the road to any type of comeback for this pacers season took another hit today.
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the bad news for the packers gets even worse--or at the very least not getting any better with the latest coming out of green bay today. scott grodsky is there ahead of this week's matchup with philly. "any packers fans who were waiting for sam shields or eddie lacy to come off the injured re save the season...they are going to have to keep waiting. head coach mike mccarthy confirming today that both lacy and shields are out for the season and green bay is going to have to find a way to get back on track without them."michael: "i feel that i'm ready to go. i've been in my playbook like crazy. this is my second day meeting with the coaches, trying to catch up on some things and get going. i feel good."hyde: "you kind of have to play week in and week out like sams not
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going to be. all we can do is pray for him. we talk to him here and there. he seems to be doing fine. he's with his family, i just pray for him. sam's an excellent football player, even better person." thomas: "every game from this point on i feel like we have to bounce back. we're on a 4 game losing streak right now and we can't have any more ls." scott: "with lacy and shields staying on injured reserve the packers activated makinton dorleant, an undrafted rookie out of northern iowa but at this point green bay will take all the help they can get in green bay, scott grodsky, cbs 58 sports after dealing with injuries the last couple of years, corey clement one of the seniors that will play their last game at camp randall this weekend against minnesota. he could have tried to go to the nfl... but clement wanted to not only build his resume but says he also did it for the other seniors on the team. i came back for one of these reasons, to be with a special team and for me and these
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i lvoe what we've been able to do this year and i can't wait to see what we can keep doing. as far as this game coming up, we have to worry about this one before we can worry about anything else. the 16th ranked badgers in the maui invitational final tonight. after beating georgetown by double-digits last night, they'll face fourth-ranked north carolina in the final. 8:30 the start time from hawaii. ryan braun earlier today. he and the brewers, along with cbs 58 and the hunger task force taking food and donations for families. as he takes doantions... and as the brewers rebuild continues.... braun remains the hottest name among brewers trade rumors, although things are quiet for now. i think that was then most important thing was for them to stick to that plan and recognize that the most important thing was to get it right and not rush it so i think they'll do everything they've had planned that will
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: america on the move. >> this is crazy. i've never seen it like this. >> quijano: the busiest holiday rush in nearly a decade. millions jam highways, airports, and trains. plus a security lockdown for the thanksgiving parade. also tonig trump team, haley for u.n. ambassador, devoss for education secretary. buying groceries just got a whole lot easier. >> it's a great time to be a shopper. it's a tough time to be a supermarket. >> quijano: and. >> we're under the lincoln memorial. we're about 75 feet underground. >> quijano: a national treasure is being restored by the monuments man.


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