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tv   CBS 58 News at 10pm  CBS  December 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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stinging cold out there tonight.looking live at pere marquette park. we're locked into some unbearable temperatures..anyone stuck outside for any length of time and for whatever reason..coulbe be in real danger.let's get right to the forecast with chief meteorolist dr burgoyne who's getting us ready... wind chill advisory from 9:00 pm tonight to 10:00 am thursday tonight: clear and cold. lows below-zero. breezy with a northwest wind 10-20mp mix of sun and clouds and very cold. highs in the single digits. breezy making it feel below-zero for most spots all day. wind chills: -100 to -200. rest of the week: snow arrives on friday and stays steady through at least the first half of saturday. over 6 to 10" of snow likely. a winter storm watch has been issued for parts of the area. slightly warmer as the snow returns with highs in the 20s. arctic air returns on sunday
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for many..working indoors isn't an option..their job means they have to be exposed to these conditions. conditions. cbs 58s eric levy went out with some bicycle couriers to talk about braving this cold. eric? 3 bill/michele...the cyclists e riding against the the wind chill is
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standing still.even though they are used to it, it's certainly no walk in the park. "65, sunny, no wind.""the snow storm on sunday was perfect." "i enjoy 85 degrees and sunny." "i actually do kinda like it freezing cold.""60 degrees and no wind."so with an ice cold snap, you wonder why brennan kreiman is in his fourth year as a bike courier for forward courier milwaukee... mi not too terrible, as long as you are prepared and have the right gear."you'll notice the goggles on his head which, he says, is one key.he's gotta layer up, too.they all do... "the key is like three for the main area, you're underlayer, wool and then a windbreaker." windbreaker."they're job is making all sorts of food deliveries to different parts of all sorts of weather.and like any job, there are occupational hazards.. hazards..."for me it's mistaking ice for water, um,
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it's cold enough to make ice cream outside if you wanted to...we're not's just about as cold as it is in the purple door ice cream cream and winter may not be synonymous, but as nathaniel almaria put it... "you know? it's finals week, and you kinda need something to de-stress, you gotta stress-eat, and ice cream's always good. " one thing heather wanted to remind about is to keep for bicyclists.while it's not ideal for cycling, some are still out and are sharing the road no matter the downtown right now, el, cbs 58...b/m back to you. 3 milwaukee making sure people have a warm place to go in the bitter cold. mayor tom barrett says several agencies, including m-p-d are hard at work preparing for the dropping temperatures... helping people find shelter.
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team is very active during weather events. they've established relationships with homeless individuals and know typical locations where they know people can help direct them to warming centers and other services." services." if you need to find a warming center... you can call 2-1-1. the call center is open 24 hours a day and will direct you to the closest center. mps with extra winter clothing for students who have to walk to school or wait at a bus stop tommorrow. tommorrow.50:29-39this is a heavy season for donations where we have a number to students, upstairs you'll see we have a mitten tree and things of that nature tomake sure our students have what they need need dr driver says parents have got to help them dress in layers as they head out for class.decisions on cacellations because of the cold are made sure to check in first thing in the morning with the cbs 58 morning news starting at 4-30. 3 3 with the cold temperatures, wind, and snow in the forecast... the d-o-t is reminding drivers about hazardous conditions.
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watch out for black ice. ice.and remember to clear any snow or ice off windows and lights before driving... slow down... and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. 3 to track the latest in the forecast and stay on top of advisories and warnings download the cbs 58 ready weather app. it's free for android and iphone users. new details tonight-- after the body of an 18-year-old "lakeland university student" was found in a 58's lindsey branwall spoke with his friends.. who can't believe he'sgone. 3 kaelin oneal was last seen three morning. he was well known around this small campus. campus.10:41"it's real hard it's still unbelievable i still can't even swallow it" kaelin oneal, came to lakeland college to play football.11:59 11:59"he kept saying i'm going to be a starting quarterback this year."teammates say the freshman quarterback was unlike anyone they knew. knew.13:40"as the season came along i kind of admired him. being an upperclassmen and him being a freshman for him to have so much energy and try to motivate everyone during practice"it's been a tough week for the team,11:20 "definitely unlike him nobody
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heart dropped because that's not like kaelin to go off."the lakeland football team was kaelin's family on campus. when dive teams broke the ice on the pond at the edge of campus, the team held their breath.16:06eryo"ev wanted to hope for the best. then today once we got that email, you could just feel the whole atmosphere the whole campus was just dry."11:02"right now everybody just grieving and trying to keep each other up" what lives on is kaelin's spirit.14:51"man he's going to be missed so much. this one is a hard one. this one is it feel like we actually lost a brother." brother."the team is trying hopes to be able to travel to north carolina, for o'neal's funeral.they say they in their hearts, he's still a part of the team. police don't think there was anything criminal involved in oneal's death. reporting at lakeland university in plymous, lindsey branwall cbs 58 news. 3 the city of racine worker involved in a crash this morning has died.officials say mark gates was hit by a speeding vehicle while he was collecting recycling at
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gates was also a pastor in racine..mayor john dickert asking people to slow down and be aware of others on the word tonight from police about any charges.. a beauty shop worker pepper sprayed and attacked with a broom. two women and one man robbed the 'cosmo beauty supply' on capitol between 60th and fond du lac..back on december 6th. the worker confronted one of them for shoplifting.that's when she was pepper sprayed and hit with shovels as they made their getaway. investigators think this group robbed another "cosmo beauty supply" at lisbon and north. 3 milwaukee police also asking for help in finding two men who robbed the 'el jalapeno' restaurant on the city's south side last night.police say the suspects walked into the restaurant on 21st and national with a gun... demanded money from the cash register and a victim's purse. if you know anything about either case please call milwaukee police. a beauty school instructor is in hot water... accused of making unwanted sexual
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the story you'll only see on cbs 58... 3 3 "jose is a good man. he's a good husband." husband."some may question that-- given the charges against jose martinez the third.he's accused of fourth degree sexual assault. assault. "he is not guilty of these baseless claims" claims"a student at the vici beauty school in glendale says this is where martinez-- an instructor-- victimized her. her.the victim told authorities she was taking a test when martinez "began rub her leg."after showing her explicit pictures on his phone-- she says martinez "rubbed his penis against her hand at the edge of the desk." court documents state he invited the student to his car saying it would be "their little secret." secret." "it's still very early. we still don't have all of the facts in front of us. we'll be learning more as we get the police reports." vici officials tell us martinez was an employee for about 2 years.. they suspended him as soon as they heard the allegations... saying the
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safety and security of its staff seriously."martinez later resigned. marshanna hester reporting.the 39-year-old is out of jail on a signature bond... and will return to court next month. four women busted for selling sex with a waukesha. police say they've been investigating several massage businesses after receiving an anonymous tip.all the defendants are chinese cizens here with american work visas -- but there is a languagear say that could delay a filing of charges.we've got more on the case on our website cbs 58 dot com. three state lawmakers want to put pressure on governor scott walker to replace milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. they say clarke isn't fulfulling his duties as sherif. sheriff.state senator hris larsen and assembly members christine snicki and johnathan brostoff say there's a lack of supervision in the jail, which they believe leads to improper intake screening for substance
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say that's contributed to 4 deaths in jail ts year. 4:37:21-33we've seen no repurcussions for what's happened... we've seen no answers happening and in some cases these deaths have been ruled homicides, and yet there is no investigation investigation e milwaukee county board committee will consider a resolution tomorrow that would create a policy for external investigations of deaths at the county jail and house of correction.the county says sheriff clarke has been invited to provide a repor the committee. 3 the packers have some ground to make up if they want to play after january first...and without number 12, the "ray of playoff hope" is dimming.c-b-s 58's earl arms has the latest on the health status of aaron rodgers. 3 3 3 after leaving early in the packers blowout win of seattle, quarterback aaron rodgers also sitting out of today's practice with his injured calf. but it's an injury rodgers has dealt with
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experience and mental toughness to deal with it on su. sunday.aaron rodgers - packers qb "an injury like this and it's about maximizing rehab time. with the plan that's in and with a common opponent, it is more mental this time of year. even if i was out there practicing, they'd get shorter. not sure what tomorrow will feel like--if i can go out there, i can go. if not, then more rehab on saturda" saturday."rodgers will not only deal with his calf and hamstring, but temperatures expected to hover around zero degrees for their game in chicago. the team talks about preparing for the cold that is soldier field coming up in sports. in gb ea cbs 58 news 3 randomly drug testing students in after-school activities... one school in our area already does it... but if one lawmaker has his way... it could be statewide. 3 why it's too easy to scam people for home repairs and get away with it in wisconsin..and what the attorney general tells
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our special report is straight ahead.
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our investigation into home repair scams uncovered a mountain of complaints from all over wisconsin. wisconsin.for many victims, there is no pay prosecution. cbs 58's david ade investigates why and then goes straight to the attorney tonight's special report. 3 over the past year, i've interviewed several people who say they are victims of one contractor who goes by pastor dave.the stories were similar. they say he took their money but never finished the job. just about every homeowner asks the same question how is he not in jail?we took that question to the state's highest ranking law enforcement official."i know what's happening here and i know that what's happening is the d-as offices are overwhelmed."which means contractors who rip off homeowners don't get charged. "ya i think it does happen." earlier this year i sat down with pastor davewho former clients accuse of being a
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con or scam... it's simply letting them know who i am." pastor dave has been sued multiple times by wisconsin homeowners "as some of the people in your story describe it sounds like this person could sell air conditioners to eskimos."but wisconsin attorney general brad schimel says suing in civil court is not the best option."it's not a simple answer to say well these people have a civil remedy because but from a practical standpoint they really won't get anything."and pastor dave's victims found that out the hard way they still haven't seen a dime of the money he was ordered to pay back."do they have any other options?""well the option is that i hope we can bolster the ranks of da offices so we can address these things."schimel says prosectors are slammed with cases many involving violent crimes so property crimes could get lost in the shuffle.that's one of the reasons he's pushing so hard
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the state. help protect the every day person. "unfortunately often times it's people who are ripped off in property crimes who pay the price for that by not having the help that they deserve." deserve."schimel is asking for state funding so more assistant d-as can be hired and so experienced assistant d-as can be retained.this comes as work begins on wisconsin's next bi-annual budget.n stud david ade cbs 58 news. mps convinced starting the school year earlier will mean more students graduate. superintendent darienne driver announcing today that she would like to implement an early august start date for high has caused her to amend her original proposal to do it district wide.right now school starts after labor day, but there are clear advantages to get the kids adjusted sooner.. 3 there are a number of reasons why this malkes sense. in terms of making sufre our students are proficient, making sure theyre not only
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the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. successful. the school board will discuss earlier start date at a meeting tomorrow. a local lawmaker hopes to stop the increase of overdose deaths...he wants random drug testing for students across the state. state.representative joel kleefisch says heroin and opiates are drugs that are readily available to everyone.. no matter age, race or how much money a person makes.he wants every student that participates in after-school activities to be looking to save lives. 9:31:07-26 it's a horrible situation to ask someone to offer a sample for drug testing, but dying from a heroin overdose is more horrible, the onlyway we can stem the tide is to know who is using and who is selling it to them them there's a smiliar policy at arrowhead..the high school in hartland has been doing random drug testing for students in
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few years. it's a new look to open the season for a local ski resort. resort.wilmot mountain in kenosha county is showing off its 13-miion dolars of renovations.vail resorts now owns the place and put in three new chairlifts, a new ski school building, plus a new terrain park. 3 wind chill advisory from 9:00 pm tonight to 10:00 am thursday tonight: clear and cold. lows below-zero. breezy with a northwest wind 10-20 mph. wind chills: -150 to -280.thursday: mix of sun and clouds and very cold. highs in the single digits. breezy making it feel below-zero for most spots all day. wind chills: -100 to -200. rest of the week: snow arrives on friday and stays steady
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half of saturday. over 6 to 10" of snow likely. a winter storm watch has been issued for parts of the area. slightly warmer as the snow returns with highs in the 20s. arctic air returns on sunday
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engaging youth and stopping violence...that was the goal of a gathering between milwaukee police officers and young people tonight. actvists say the relationship between police and young people is very sour -- and hope tonight is a way to start rebulding that officer shared his life story... and activists hope that helps kids realize police are people too.
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the biggest thing out there... because they can relate to that. and that's what the officer's telling them... hey i used to be one of you guys when i was younger so i understand what you're going through, i understand your concs concerns activists say police-community relations work hand in hand... and hope tonight is one way to strengthen that bond. 3 it's official the pay what you can cafe is open in sherman park.we've been reporting on the soft opens of the tricklebee cafe for a couple of its all systems with the missio of make good healthy food affordable.the restaurant hopes to provide a sustainable way of life and give back to the community...supported by diners who can give what they can and add some extra from time to time. it was a record-breaking 2016 for the united way of greater milwaukee and waukesha county. county.the organization raised more than 60-million dollars during its 2016 campaignthe money will be distributed to more than 220 programs in milwaukee and waukesha
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7:32:06-17we really rely on i think, the passion and compassion the people in this community... one of the most extraordinary things is every single year, people dig a little deeper and they give. give. the united way also surpassed its goal to complete more than 21-thousand hours of volunteering durg the nual 'season of caring'. patients at children's hospital of wisconsin had some special visitors today -- the milwaukee bucks. bucks.a few players were handing out bucks apparel and puttg smiles on their faces... letting the kids forget about treatments they're undergoing.bucks center greg monroe says it's important to give back during the holiday seon. 40:01-14 just spend time with them and see even though they're fighting and the struggles that they're goign through to just spend time with them and for that nt at least they're happy and feeling better... it means the d world they were also taking part in the hospital's winter
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cookies, crafts, and visits
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i've been on drew's case about this for days - a temperature with a minus sign in front of it isn't a temperature... it's an algebra problem. it's also a case where numbers really do change the game. c-b-s 58's earl arms braves the elements in green bay.
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the packers have a chance to even the all-time series with the bears at 94 wins, something that hasn't been done since 1933. last year they lost that chance in the rain here at lambeau. come sunday, they'll have to do it in the bitter cold of soldier field--right off lake michigan with temperatures that could hit sub-zero.what's the colder place to play this time of year--soldier field or lambeau field?probably chicago. they get the wind and their field is noe have andrenaline. you stay warm on the sideline with coats and gloves and adrenaline takes it from there. i'm from georgia so anything 40 or below is cold to me! i learned there's nothing you can do about the cold. the main thing to focus on is the hostile environment and getting a win on the road. since 2000--the packers have
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december/january. the packers 6-3 in those games. in gb ea cbs 58 sports thanks earl. greg gard took over the badgers a year ago tomorrow night... they've been pretty good under gard's direction. zak showalter picks a pocket tonight against u-w green bay and turns it into points. a whole lot of showalter and a whole lot of nigel combined for 40 points tonight.. tonight...hayes had 24, and the badgers win by 14. when cody wichmann gets on a hot streak from three point range, u-w-m's panthers are dangerous... wichmann hit five triples at ohio against a team that hasn't lost a home game all year. wichmann finished with 15, a team high, and it was almost enough... enough...for the upset win. almost. bobcats over panthers 71-69. u-w-m has just one road win this year.
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3 it was an early christmas celebration at the italian community center in milwaukee's third ward.the salvation army hosted a christmas feast for people 50 and older.a 16 year old tradition with a new twist this year.diners were asked to bring a food donation for a local pantry. 7:32-38the folks who are coming to this dinner today have made it through hard times themselves... so they
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than anyone7:43-7:48e salvation army is always there for people and people entrust us with donations 3 600 hundred diners signed up..many traveling in groups and coming from as far away as green bay, janseville, and share in the spirit of the season. 3 wind chill advisory from 9:00 pm tonight to 10:00 am thursday tonight: clear and cold. lows below-zero. breezy with a northwest wind 10-20 mph. wind chills: -150 to -280.thursday: mix of sund cold. highs in the single digits. breezy making it feel below-zero for most spots all day. wind chills: -100 to -200. rest of the week: snow arrives on friday and stays steady through at least the first half of saturday. over 6 to 10" of snow likely. a winter storm watch has been issued for parts of the area. slightly warmer as the snow returns with highs in the 20s. arctic air returns on sunday
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we'll have a lot more on the cbs 58 morning news from 4:30 to 7 a-m
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