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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Weekend  NBC  January 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. chris: right now on sunrise, the second suspect on a horrific rape case is about to answer to a judge. a tornado rips through cape coral. images of the damage. breaking news, who needs millions when you could win billions. the new record for powerball. good morning everyone. ask for joining us. we will get you those stories in
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dave cocchiarella is joining us live. some clouds lingering, what does it look like for the day ahead? dave: a drier day and a breezy day, but we may still see one or two showers. let' s take a look at what is happening in downtown orlando. wilder -- milder than yesterday, we are not seeing as much fog although that low cloud deck will continue to settle down so we may see reduced visibility. middle to upper 60' s across central florida, lower to middle 70' s before it is all over. cool air arriving, chilly conditions ahead. in the tampa bay area, it is going to roll into kissimmee in the next couple of hours. certainly cloudy skies but we will see some breaking and clearing as breezy conditions take over into the afternoon
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how much cold air is going to arrive in central florida and what you can expect when you wake up monday, in just a few minutes. chris: out on the roads this morning, a crash is blocking all lanes on maitland boulevard. it is an apopka, behind losee tollroad plaza. -- hiawassee tollroad plaza. the 18-year-old charged in a disturbing rape case will answer to a judge. pharrell williams and -- terrell williamson turned himself in. he raped and beat the victim three times, threatening her at gunpoint. williamson' s lover, daria hill held the victim down and watched -- she was in court yesterday. the coast guard could start searching again for a potential missing boater.
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afternoon in the indian river lagoon near the oak hill fish camp. officers searched near spoil island. they called off the search because of heavy fog last night. we continue to ask authorities about what caused a plane to drop 500 feet out of the sky in lake county. the pilot practice takeoffs and landings. at florida flying gators airport. greg fox reports on the investigation now underway. >> this is the plane the local pilot was flying one for some reason, earlier on saturday it had trouble as it was coming in for a landing at a nearby private airstrip near claremont and instead ended up upside down in this field. >> the color scheme and insignia suggest a world war ii vintage aircraft but this is called a
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be built in a garage and flown much like an ultralight bigger. a two passenger plane. the faa reports he was doing touch and goes at the airfield when suddenly there was smoke coming from the engine. inside the flyer. a witness at the airfield told wesh 2 news there was no smoke visible from the ground. people nearby rushed over to help. he was taken to a hospital for treatment where it is believed he had none life-threatening injuries -- non-life-threatening injuries. because this aircraft is larger than an ultralight, not only is the national transportation safety board investigating but also the fb -- faa is looking in. chris: first responders are working overtime this morning
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weather in southwest florida. the national weather service confirms a tornado ripped through cape coral last night. the twister pulled palm trees and power poles right out of the ground. so far, it looks like there is a big cleanup ahead. >> these are big damage. lots of wind all along the sidewalk. >> absolutely. these are expensive trees and they are all damaged. chris: three minor injuries were reported, they were not bad enough to send people to the hospital. dozens of dogs and several cats will arrive at the humane society of marion county this morning after being flooded out by the mississippi river. they will arrive in just hours. the truckload of animals left last night. once they are here, the cats and
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deputies plan to on earth the body of an infant as they reopen a cold case from decades ago. the baby was found floating in a pond in 1983. >> somebody said somebody knows who that baby is and somebody is sweating it right now. >> the best case scenario is that this is buried within a casket that is tightly sealed and that casket -- all of the remains inside have been perfectly preserved. chris: a forensic anthropologist will be at the cemetery on monday to study the remains. deputies plan to exhume to other undivided -- unidentified infants.
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toxicity -- toxic the city is calling for the mayor' s arrest. blood tests show high levels of lead for those drinking from the tapped -- taps. >> there is tons of evidence. it is one of the most damning things you can do to a population. it drops your iq, it has multigenerational impact. chris: officials have denied anything was wrong for at least a year. the former mayor even publicly drank the flint river water to make state. a look at the first lady' s guest list for president obama' s final state of the union address. the new york times is reporting that spencer stone will attend. the u.s. airman helped take down a gunman last summer and survived a stabbing. another guest is a former
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you will be able to watch the state of the union address here on the escape of the affluenza team and his minor -- mother. the mother withdrew $30,000 from her bank account and told her husband he wouldn' t see her or their son again. she is accused of helping her son flee to mexico. she was brought back to texas to face charges. ethan cap is still at a jail in mexico. the militia occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon has turned away an armed group of activists. almond bundy did not want the protesters to disrupt his plan. they took over the building more than a week ago and he says they are going to stay put. >> many have asked how long will this go?
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chris: bundy says his group will leave when there is a plan to turn over federal land to locals. the group opposes prison sentences for two area ranchers convicted of arson. not exactly the news we want to hear. plunging prices at the gas pump may soon come to an end. an analyst says 77% of the country is paying fewer than two dollars per gallon this weekend. he also warned prices could start rising in mid-february. the average price in orlando is $1.91. the statewide -- average is seven cents higher. marathon runners at epcot. they will run through all four parks. runners can still dress in character but layered and full body costumes are out.
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the powerball jackpot is now a jaw-dropping 1.3 billion dollars. nobody won the prize during last night' s drawing and now the jackpot is the largest in world history. you will want to get out your ticket because someone in florida did win at least a million dollars. there are also a lot of smaller prizes. 32, 16, 19, 57, 34. the powerball is 13. if you' your winnings in some new take -- tickets, here is the jackpot. the cash option is $806 million and the odds are the same. i don' t know about those odds, but what is the rather looking like? -- whether looking like? dave: we hazy, misty fog settling in over
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we will keep lower visibility will clear up. even some light rain is going to be a possibility. most of us are in the upper 60' s. 69, 71 degrees for the marathon. six to seven in hunters creek, 69 deltona, 68 in the palm bay area. by the afternoon hours, we are expecting in orlando and melbourne, mostly cloudy skies well into the afternoon. highs in the middle 70' s for today and a slight chance of rain for those areas south of the i-4 corridor. we are seeing some showers pushed into the tampa bay area. in the southern parts of brevard, in the afternoon hours, front is exiting the area. cooler air is moving in. chris: cops in the community getting a little closer.
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>> our community is behind us. chris: the events this weekend
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ue chris: the moments after a car smashed into a south florida hotel lobby. patrick colley junior smashes car into the embassy suites. he was charged with dui and possession of marijuana.
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turned blue. the sheriff' s office shared this picture with us. the park was filled with hundreds of people thankful to those who serve and protect us. we spoke with those who showed up for support. >> the sound of gospel fills the air at lake eola saturday. >> we are all survivors. we have lost a law enforcement officer in our life and we are here supporting the current officers in our area. >> the central florida concerns of police survivors hosted a lieu walk. -- blue walk. >> a day to remember those lost and remember why those still
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>> we know our heroes who are walking the streets of heaven to do the job. >> we need that reassurance that our community is behind us. >> and man behind the mic stole the spotlight. tj bristol, who we first showed you singing his way out of a ticket in december. >> the five-year anniversary of my husband' s death, those words show that people out there still care. >> this newly formed friendship proving they do. ticket, chris: local law enforcement spent the rest of the day connecting with communities they serve. coffee with the cops is an event where people can discuss concerns with officers. police officers met with people
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>> it is important for you to do that because you never know -- chris: there were 21 other meeting spots across central florida. just days after we asked central florida university about hoverboards, the rules changed. the devices cannot be charged, operated, or even stored around university owned buildings. officials cite the fire dangers surrounding the devices. the ban is being called temporary. and there we go, dave. dave: there are kids rolling around my neighborhood all the time. they look like they are a blast but all i can see is a broken hip. chris: i don' t have any plans to get on one of those. dave: get out the winter ball
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winter wool. chilly weather on the way. into tuesday, cooler weather in the forecast. 68 currently and relative humidity just a little lower. it was misty over melbourne, skies are clear but we are not seeing that misty foggy set up. with the cloud cover around most of the morning, we don' t see the temperatures coming up a lot, mid 70' s by the afternoon but we still have a small chance of rain south of the i-4 corridor. .22 inches. that is what we saw near orlando. a few of us had some rumbles of thunder, that overall it was not a big impact across the area. that rain is tracking more to the west, so southern parts of hillsboro, polk, osceola,
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that is punchy off of tampa bay, but we will watch that for the next couple of hours today. it eventually slides to the south, northwest wind turning to the north, it is going to first usher in drier air. it is going to hold back around gainesville. tomorrow, that northwest flow is going to push that air down into the area. sunny skies in the forecast. tuesday into wednesday, colder air will be around. to the northwest of orlando, we are talking about sumter, marion county, it may be chilly enough tuesday morning to get patchy frost on the ground. that would make it the coldest morning this winter. this afternoon, we are looking at temperatures in the 60' s --, s. for the offshore waters.
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west wind, 3-4 feet. make sure you have got the wetsuit. marathon runners dealing with month year conditions. not a lot of improvement for the disney marathon. there is that seven-day outlook. 43 in orlando, at 36 in marion county and by the end of the the forecast. chris: it is january. making a murderer is so popular even the white house had to address it. the new development for the convict at the center of the documentary.
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co chris: facebook is going crazy over a couple' s picture from a
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he lost control and crashed into a bridge friday night. he rushing over to his girlfriends hospital that despite those being in braces. -- oath being in braces. >> i didn' t care what happened to me as long as she was all right. chris: both are recovering. the subject of a popular dock you series -- docu series. her firm will now represent avery in his murder case. his conviction was held up on appeal. a petition to the white house asking the president to pardon gates.
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38 military personnel shared dolphin kisses and swam with the mammals yesterday. the dolphins were showoffs for their guests, doing flips and taking soldiers for a ride around the bay. >> the sensitivity is a big thing because they are so perceptive of the injuries and peoples swimming abilities. especially people with brand-new injuries that are not comfortable in the water. chris: looks like a lot of fun there. the entire event was organized by the wounded warrior project. if you haven' t heard about the powerball jackpot yet, next on sunrise you will see why plenty of people thought it was up to the billions even though lottery officials had no idea. the capture of the notorious mexican drug lord el chapo just
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dave: we are watching a cold florida peninsula.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in
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chris: jaw-dropping jackpot. no one hit it a glass night in the new number will make you guessed. -- gasp. why they are not sure if anyone is missing at all. thanks for joining us. we will get to those stories in just a bit. dave cocchiarella is joining us. dave: back in polk county and county, rumbles of thunder. a little bit or a lot of rain. foggy enough that we are vista conditions but lake eola clear across downtown orlando. county area. the northern half of central florida -- middle to upper 60' s.
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expecting clouds to hang with us. clouds clearing in northern counties, we are holding onto a small chance of some light rain south of the i-4 corridor over the next couple of hours. in your neighborhood, temperatures in the middle to upper 60' s. we are heading into the mid-70' s before it is all over. mild afternoon, colder weather in the forecast. chris: out on the roads, a crash is blocking all lanes on maitland boulevard. in apopka at the hiawassee tollroad plaza. there are injuries in this crash. we will update you when we have details. $1 billion could be in your future. no one one --
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this time, it is global. the new jackpot is $1.3 billion. before you rip a your old ticket, someone in florida did win a million dollars. the numbers are 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, and the powerball is 13. matt: everyone wanted a piece of the record-breaking powerball jackpot. that is why lily and hundreds of others made buddies food and their stop. >> i would use it to take care of my family. >> i' family to orlando. god bless america. >> this is territory we have never been in before.
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drove this jackpot up to unprecedented levels. floridians bought $3.6 million hour. pocket or pockets, the big game is state. >> we are going to have a huge transferred to education, in the millions of dollars. that will luhansk our standing with the educational community. chris: we did not actually find out about the record-setting jackpot until after 2:00 a.m., but thousands were trick into thinking it surpassed $1 billion in the minutes after the drawing. a man named andrew avery tweeted "there were no winners in tonight' s drawing. next wednesday' s jackpot rises to an unbelievable 1.3 billion."
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people on twitter." avery fooled a lot of people by changing his handle to powerball lottery. volusia county, we are waiting to hear from the coast guard to see if crews will start searching for a possible missing boater once again. a beacon usually activated when a boat starts to shrink -- think went off yesterday. only wesh 2 was there as officers searched near spoil island. they called off the search because of heavy fog around 6:00 last night. we are working to find out how a pilot is doing after an upside down crash landing. robert salesman was practicing take off at florida flying gators airport near clermont. he reported smoke coming to the engine -- from the engine
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he was rushed to ormc where he is expected to survive. >> a kayaker is safe after an hour-long search in titusville. marine patrol and fwc launched the search are wrong -- along eddie creek. she met him once searchers brought him back to shore. the 18-year-old charged in a to a judge. terrell williamson will turn himself into volusia county last night. he rate and beat the victim three times, threatening her at gunpoint. williamson' s lover , darius hill, health the victim down and watched. wesh 2 has learned a man set fire to a house with a person and pets inside. darren cohen is charged with arson.
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silver springs shores area of ocala. one person jumped out a window as firefighters arrived. firefighters rescued a number of patents. we now have the name of the driver orange county deputies say took -- hit a dozen cars and took off. peter neal is charged with crashes. when one witness tried stopping needle, -- neal , a witness shot out his tire. police are on the lookout for two women they say are writing on unsuspecting men and stealing their watches. police have released surveillance footage of two different restaurants showing the women. both are suspected of meeting men, going home with them for drinks, drugging them, and then
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we are getting a better look at how bad damage is from a tornado that struck overnight. and ef2 tornado ripped through cape coral last night. 9000 people lost power. polls and trees were ripped out of the ground and tossed around. >> it sounded like -- coming through the backyard of our house -- all the trees were bent. at a 45 degree angle. chris: three minor injuries were reported. they were not bad enough to send anyone to the hospital. philadelphia police are thanking everyone for supporting an officer ambushed in the name of isis. this video shows edward archer shooting officer jesse harnett at point-blank range. three of the bullets fired hit the officer. archer confessed when they caught him.
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>> he seemed like a cool guy. chris: he has traveled to the middle east in the past, but on a pilgrimage to mecca. >> we are learning mexican authorities knew where el chapo was hiding as early as october thank to actor sean payton. -- 10 -- penn. they planned a rate but called it off because el chapo was with two women and a child. the kingpin spent six months on the run. the u.s. is using a bomber plane as a show of force following north korea' s claim of a nuclear bomb test. the b-52 flew over south korea yesterday. state news agency footage shows thousands celebrating in the streets.
5:34 am
on hand for the celebration. north korea was internationally condemned for its fourth nuclear test on wednesday. officials say they are skeptical the test was actually a success. the state department is denying the latest hillary clinton controversy. a spokesperson says she never received a set of talking points over an unsecured fax line. she was accused of ax gang -- asking an advisor to use the fact is a workaround. republicans suggest that exchange prove dishonesty. donald trump has a new birth or controversy. the target is ted cruz. >> it is very important. you have got to get it straightened out. chris: cruz is pushing back though.
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without that' s when he was not a u.s. citizen. he argues his mother' s citizensh ip automatically makes him a citizen since birth. >> hundreds of people will celebrate the life and legacy of martin luther king jr.. hundreds will march to shiloh baptist church. place afterwards. mayor buddy dyer will also be present. the evening will end with the interfaith celebration. it will feature several guest speakers. a look at the weather where david is standing by. we saw some rain during the weekend and the big question is is it going to dry out? dave: the answer is all those things. clouds in play, maybe a light rain. things are going to get a whole lot cooler, coldest air of the
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tuesday morning is going to be chilly. plenty of cloud cover, temperatures across peninsulas show cold air rising a back up in alabama and northern parts of georgia. chillier air today. it comes in the form of tonight into tomorrow. it is all about slow clearing. low clouds as well. light rain in the southern counties and clearing through midday, only warming into the middle 70' s and mostly cloudy skies eventually turning to partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. not much happening on doppler radar. down here to the south, that is going to move across fort meade over the next couple of hours. you -- what you can expect when i come back. chris: a battle for sunshine state bragging rights on the basketball court.
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dave: there was either no way to magic would be the wizards last orlando would lose. washington had 111 in a row against this orlando team so either the magic would continue or this dominance would end. four-game losing skid. orlando. 20 on brookland early, but john wall was what you might expect him to be. the spectacular things with the ball, he scored 24. 55% from the floor. washington nailed 13 threes . nik vucevic had in orlando with 23 but orlando loses for the 12th straight time to this washington team.
5:41 am
nicely for the basketball team. seminoles losers of their first two league games as they headed to i -- miami with the hurricanes. the seminoles would keep this interesting into the second half. the canes went on a 15-1 run. in that second half, 20 of his 21 points in the final 20 minutes, took one new chipped in with 13. fsu is now full -- oh and three. -- zero and three. florida gators hosting superstar ben simmons. so many tools, averaging 20 per game. coast to coast with a runner early on in that game. a good place for the gators
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alley-oops. the gators back on track after that embarrassment in tennessee. florida goes on to win 68 to 62. the news not so good for stats and which falls -- extension which falls. miami dolphins feel they have the man taken back to the seven years. s. at 37, case will become the league' s youngest lead -- head coach. he has been on the radar of a number of teams including the eagles and the giants. playoffs began yesterday with a bang for kansas city and ended with a thud for the texans. this is the opening take -- kickoff. with the help of a couple of
5:43 am
a 106 yard kickoff for a big chiefs win. he turned the ball over five times, four interceptions and a fumble. the texans get skunked. great news for the solar bears last night, winning for the second time in as many nights. that is a look at sports. have a great sunday everybody. chris: the minnesota vikings will take on the seattle seahawks right here on wesh 2 . >> you have got to set your mind. it is going to be cold. you have got to go out there and deliver the blow. chris: you can catch the game at 1:00 this afternoon on wesh 2.
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>> tuesday morning, mid 30' s up in ocala, that is chilly. i can see patchy frost of their. today, a cloudy morning turning into a partly cloudy afternoon. not very much in the way of misty, foggy conditions there. around central florida, visibility has dropped a bit. upper 60' s for most locations across central florida at this hour. with the cloud cover this morning, you are expected to hang in there. we are not going to see a big temperature increased -- increase. there is going to be an improvement eventually and the clouds will begin to clear. in the center of the state, down by a mile or two, nothing significant. we have been talking about this small rain chance in play here this morning.
5:45 am
enough energy that we are seeing a couple of sprinkles coming off the gulf of mexico. it continues to push off to generally the east, clipping where haven fort is. if it can hold together, brevard county by about midday. serious weakening. not a big issue but that is is pretty small -- a pretty small rain chance. in south florida, it will hang up. west winds becomes breezy. into tomorrow, that colder air arrives. we are headed into the 40' s, tomorrow morning in the lower 40' s. by tuesday morning, that is when we hit those lower to mid 30' s. interior flagler, rather parts of lake sumter, patchy frost is going to be a possibility.
5:46 am
things begin to mild up by the end of the week. upper 60' s in most locations, we may see the mid-70' s in southern county, kenansville coming in at 74 degrees. coastal area, 76 in melbourne into palm bay. breezy conditions, offshore craft should exercise extreme caution. the rip current threat is very high. a lot of swell in the water making for fun surf. disney marathon dealing with they would like. we will have more of what you coming up. chris: expect a lot of scandalous jokes at the golden globes with wreckage of a is at
5:47 am
it is expected >> the 73rd annual golden globes are happening right here tonight
5:48 am
>> i would like to thank susan downey for thanking -- telling me matt damon was going to win. >> all the main races are really tight this year at the golden globes. >> best from a nominee carol has the most nominations. >> i think spotlight could win by a hair but the revenant could win, mad max could surprise everybody and win, the danish girl. >> will smith, steve jobs, and in order cap. -- leonardo dicaprio. >> he went through so much to put this performance on screen. >> cate blanchett and rudy
5:49 am
danish girl chasing two other contestants. >> a race between prey larson for ruin -- room. >> carter expects the martian to win for comedy. >> steve carell for best actor. >> he won for writing good will hunting. >> jennifer lawrence has to golden globes. winning for joy would be out her pal amy schumer. >> that is going to be the speech of the night. >> it could have plenty of competition. chris: a lot of good movies there. coverage begins at 7:00 with the
5:50 am
the award show is at 8:00. on sunrise, the reason they will be digging up infant coffins. a special delivery getting closer to central florida. how you will be able to help animals abandoned during awful flooding and the problem making the tap water too dangerous to drink. dave: water in our forecast.
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