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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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evidence tampering. that' s on top of the 10 counts of sexual battery she already faces. wesh 2' s bob kealing is in saint cloud. bob you uncovered th details of what got her arrested again? bob: yesterday they say she walked in to this phone store, and she told the employee she was in trouble with police and asked for help remotely deleting information from her phone. >> good afternoon, miss moore. bob: former saint cloud middle school substitute teacher sara moore, already facing 10 counts of having sex with an underage student, appeared in front of a judge again on charges of evidence tampering. investigators say she went to this verizon store yesterday, told them she was in trouble with police and asked for help. >> the state has produced and
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clerk saying she wanted to delete stuff off her phone because she was in trouble with the cops. bob: the judge said it certainly sounded suspicious, but expressed doubt over whether that ever happened and whether there was enough probable cause to support the new evidence tampering charge. >> it looks suspicious. i get that. maybe if i were in vegas, i' d go the other way. bob: moore' s phone is still in police custody. prosecutors said police checked the phone since the store clerk they can' t get in to it to remove evidence. >> the phone was removed from evidence and now has a pass code on it that prevents police from being able to execute the search warrant. bob: the clerk tells police he did not give moore any information about remotely locking the phone. so while investigators try to figure out if moore succeeded on
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for some other reason, the judge set her bond at $75,000. even if she can make a bond, new at 5:00, we' ll tell you what prosecutors are doing to try to keep moore in jail while awaiting trial. summer: breaking news just into the newsroom. a pair of brothers with a violent past have been busted in a gas station robbery. wesh 2' s jim payne joins us live in the breaking news center with details. jim what have you learned? jim: we first showed you this video monday of a shock-and-awe style robbery at a circle-k store in kissimmee. the crooks ran into the store and leapt the counter like a hurdle. now, two brothers, both sex offenders, are under arrest. fernando and benjamin torres face armed robbery and several other charges. one man points a gun to the back of the clerk' s head and forces him to open the register. they got away with money and merchandise. police have not yet said how they tracked down the suspects.
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center, jim payne, wesh 2 news. meredith: a seminole county man, back in federal court today, to face new child pornography charges. john kusiv pleaded not guilty to all six counts against him. hello he was arrested last december during an fbi raid in longwood. the fbi had been tracking him, after agents say, he responded to a craigslist ad for people this is not emily the styler wanting taboo experiences with yes children. late breaking from brevard thank you county this afternoon. back we' re told a hoverboard caused a fire at a home in port st. john, filling the place with smoke. firefighters examined the charred remains of the hoverboard after putting out the fire on chapman street. brevard county fire rescue received an emergency call saying the hoverboard had burst
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inside. the home suffered heavy smoke damage. fire departments around the country have received numerous reports of hoverboards spontaneously catching fire. meredith: your first alert weather, more cloud cover throughout central florida and another chilly night. chief meteorologist tony manolfi joins us from the outdoor weather studio. tony, how' s it feel right now? tony: it is a very rare sight to see out in the atlantic right there. this is not happened since 1978. the clouds and temperatures were in the upper 50' s, temperatures area wide ranging from the 50' s north and west. a lot of smoke out here tonight. there is a controlled burn that has been going on. if you smell that, that is what has been going on in seminole county. it is in control and there is nothing to worry about. temperatures will be in the
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overnight tonight, the rest of us will be in good shape. there will be a good turnaround with temperatures and the rest for thunderstorms on friday. summer: covering brevard county, a cocoa store owner defends his shop with a gun, and it' s not the first time. this is the fourth time the owner of the chevron on south cocoa boulevard has opened fire on would be crooks, and this time, police say one of the suspects has a serious gunshot wound. wesh 2' s dan billow is at the store now. what is the store owner saying about this? dan: he' s saying it' s either him or them and he intends to stay alive. robbers may take a look at this convenience store with easy access to a getaway on us 1, and think it' s an easy target, but they keep carrying them away on stretchers. another robber is taken away bleeding and helpless, and there' s another notch in the belt of store owner sowann suy.
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i grabbed my gun and i shot him. reporter: sowann did not want his face on tv, but maybe the alleged bad guys should watch the news more often. if they did, they' d have seen what happened in 2009 a robber lying wounded in about the same spot. barbara matthews: he had a perfect right to defend himself; everyone does. dan: in 2010, they' d have seen this. >> that' s me chasing the guy away. dan: at least four times, sowann has used his .45 to shoot or chase away robbers. last night, he took pictures with his phone after shooting 31-year-old norrick hyman. >> that' s the guy after you shot him? >> yeah, i shot him, and he lay down there. dan: not only that, he says he then stopped the fleeing robber from carjacking a customer, taking his gun and throwing it on the ground. then he fired at an alleged getaway car he says was coming to pick up the wounded man. two people in that car were arrested down the street. sowann, a naturalized us citizen
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he just wants to be left alone. >> if you sometime give them money, they never have enough. doesn' t matter. they will come back and kill you. reporter: we saw him in the spot where the white car is area of he was cleaning the blood stains off the side of the store. police are taking a close look at the three who were arrested last night to see if they' ve been involved in any other crimes. the wounded man is still in the hospital and his condition has not been released. meredith: gripping testimony for the emperor right trial. -- amber wright. our first case was overturned
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jackson was killed and they were learned to the home. we will have two more of the testimony coming up at 5:00 area meredith: trial for the deltona man accused of murdering his family may be delayed after the u.s. supreme court ruled florida' s death penalty system is unconstitutional. luis toledo' s trial is set to begin tuesday in st. augustine. prosecutors say he murdered his wife and her children in october of 2013. the bodies have never been found. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty if toledo is court' s decision yesterday, the state is moving to delay the trial until florida lawmakers decide what action to take. a hearing on that motion to delay is set for tomorrow in deland. summer: soccer fans hoping to watch the orlando city play in their new stadium this year got some disappointing news today . they will now have to wait until 2017. work on the new stadium, got underway last year, but it' s not going as quickly as expected, wesh two' s amanda ober joins us live from near the construction site.
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amanda: according to orlando city, the reason we haven' t seen any signs of steel beams coming up out of the ground here ye,t -- yet is because when they , scrapped the original plans, and opted to design a larger, privately financed stadium, that re-design took a little longer than they hoped. fans of orlando city soccer have to wait another year before they get to cheer in their new stadium. in a statement wednesday, club president phil rawlins said, unfortunately, stadium construction is taking a little longer than anticipated. we have taken the prudent decision to play the entire 2016 season in the orlando citrus bowl tom o' toole: i expected it amanda: the delay does not come as a surprise to some. tom o' toole operates a downtown parking company and will benefit from the new stadium.
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going in the ground he suspected the 2016 opening was not realistic. tom o' toole: it' s a disappointment for the season ticket holders i know that. my nepehews are season ticket holders and they were looking forward to it. amanda: but some businesses frequented by soccer fans say as long as games continue at the citrus bowl, the new stadium delay won' t really affect them. >> the party is not gonna stop. they' re still going to be coming out for the games. amanda: the soccer club' s management is all in baltimore this week for the mls draft. a spokesman did tell wesh 2 news via email the stadium delay is due to the re-design made necessary after the switch from public to private financing and vision was cast for a larger venue. one event cancelled as a result of the delay is the ncaa women' s college cup. that event has now been moved to north carolina, but will come back to orlando in 2017 there have been some significant changes in the orlando city'
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leadership as of late. the general manager left after he was demoted and an assistant coach was fired. as to whether a shake up in leadership has anything to do with the stadium delay, a spokesman told me they are completely unrelated. live in downtown orlando, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. meredith: a daytona beach shores woman is the victim of a vicious attack, and today we' re hearing the frantic call she made to 911. >> i was walking my dog, so i walked around the building and this kid come out from no where and hit me right in the side of my head. meredith: the victim, a 71-year-old woman named rose, asked us not to show her face, but she did show us the gash on her forehead, and the black and blue bruise. rose says she was hit while walking down south atlantic avenue monday afternoon. >> i will never forget his face. all i could do is scream, and i yelled " help" as loud as i could. meredith: police have pulled surveillance video from the area hoping to find the violent
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have been working. summer: with just hours until the next drawing, powerball fever intensifying today. meredith: people across the country continue to line up for the jackpot that has now reached a record $1.5 billion. if only one person wins, the cash payout will be about $930 million before taxes. we' ve just learned about the ultimate office pool. a group of 140 people in tampa have each put in $500 to buy $70,000 worth of powerball tickets. they took three hours to print. can you imagine standing there for three hours? summer: we need to step our game up. meredith: coming up, we will show you where these unwanted visitors have been camping out since christmas. summer: troopers on a slow speed
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of edgewater say some pigs have moved into their neighborhood. literally. summer: apparently, the homes border a heavily wooded area and as wesh 2' s claire metz reports. residents say since right before christmas, wild hogs have been tearing up their lawns. claire: residents in this southern section of the florida shores subdivision around 35th and yule tree woke up this morning to find their lawns looking more like tossed salad, and it' s not the first time. they' re fed up with wild hogs having their way with the properties here. >> running all over the place going snort, snort, snort, like they' re playing. claire: but fred birtzen says what wild hogs or boars, like these, have done to his property is not fun and games. the creatures have caused hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage to his lawn, rooting for food, grubs, deep in the soil. fred can' t afford new sod, so he tamps down the old grass, and the pigs pull it up again. >> there' s a couple big ones that i swear, they' re as high as a cow. >> we just need help here, help
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claire: donna gard says the animals have dug her place up, too. she won' t go out at night. >> they will chase you, especially if it' s a sow because she' s protecting her babies. >> he' ll be out here today, as of today he' ll be out here. claire: city councilman gary conroy came to see the damage first hand and assured folks the city has now hired a trapper. he' s heard that some have taken to shooting the hogs which is legal, but he worries someone could get hurt by gunfire gone wild or the wild animals themselves. >> it is a residential area. the houses are close together, and the wild boars can be very mean animals and they do a lot claire: officials say they' ve had problems with hogs in other parts of the city and have had quite a bit of success with traps. the residents here say not soon enough. in edgewater/volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news.
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th: governor rick scott rolled into orlando today to launch his " million miles for a million jobs tour." the nine city tour is aimed at drumming up support for scott' s plan to cut a billion dollars in taxes, mostly for businesses to encourage growth. the governor visited the orlando company, victory tailgate, maker of corn hole boards and more, but not all new businesses meet their job pledges. we asked the governor what happens to the state money if a business doesn' t follow through. >> the way our system works, we are guaranteed to get a return for the taxpayers, because we don' t put the money out until the jobs are created. meredith: the governor is hoping state lawmakers approve his billion dollar tax cut plan. democrats say the governor' s plan does very little for the average florida resident. summer: the driver of an 18 wheeler leads police over taxes. it was -- taxes.
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the driver refused to get of the truck, and the swat team was called out. they ended up firing two shots and forced the driver to surrender. no one was hurt. meredith: tony monopoly is joining us now. another chilly day out there and breezy. tony: we have a northerly wind flow coming into orange county. this smoke combined with the clouds, is not the prettiest event. it is pretty cool and we are in the upper 50' s right now. temperatures are on the cooler side. lower 60' s near cocoa beach , up here oh cala. oh cala. the only frost advisory we have is near marion county. the thing that is helping us out is the same thing we were
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this is from the gulf of mexico, where the cloud canapes make it difficult for temperatures to cool. that is what we will see come tomorrow morning. we go into the evening hours, keeping the clouds and, locked in across central florida through daybreak tomorrow. temperatures will fall into the 30' s when you add that much cloud coverage. we get down to pinegrove and we are in the low 60' s. back toward the coast, it is cool. 56, oak hill. hour-by-hour, not much of a fall in temperatures. we will fall to the upper 40' s by the morning. once we get to the villages,
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is very difficult to get across even in those sheltered areas with the patchy fog. 39 and could be a little bit of frosts near the north and the west. cocoa beach, 54. no born, 47 -- melbourne , 47. plenty of clouds around and temperatures will be warmer with the flow. then we become southerly. the rain will be moving in friday morning ended the evening, you get a line of thunderstorms as it lifts off to the north and east. we will be watching for the potential of rain which has gone up significantly since last night. we are talking about one and' s or better from orlando and onward. this goes right through friday morning.
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on friday, mid 60' s by sunday. meredith: suspects are being questioned in an overseas bombing. we will title about their connection to isis.
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stolen puppy meredith: secretary of state john kerry is crediting a new diplomatic relationship with iran for the safe release of 10 american sailors. summer: the sailors were released early this morning after being captured by the iranian revolutionary guard. take a look at new video of the sailors and boats that were seized in the persian gulf. iranian ships escorted the sailors to international waters after the iranians decided their activities were not suspicious. the sailors then boarded a u.s. airship. kerry thanked iran for their cooperation, and highlighted how critical diplomacy is to national security. >> this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved, and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure and strong.
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that the iran nuclear deal may be why the sailors were only held for one day meanwhile, turkish police have detained three russian nationals in a raid on suspected isis militants. according to a turkish news agency, anti-terrorism police conducted the raids a day after an isis suicide bomber detonated a bomb in an historic district in istanbul. 10 people were killed, most of them german tourists. officials say the suspects were allegedly in contact with isis fighters in conflict zones, and had provided logistical support to the militant group. meredith: belgian investigators say they have now identified three homes used by suspects to prepare november' s deadly attacks in paris. they say two apartments and a house were all rented under false names and paid for in cash. fingerprints of an alleged ringleader, and dna from one of the suicide bombers, were also reportedly found at two sites. prosecutors have said they suspect the flat was used to make suicide belts for the attacks. and one of the scenes of those deadly attacks reopened its
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in two months. the cafe had become the scene of fresh flowers, notes and photos after 15 people were killed in the shooting. the mayor of paris says he hopes reopening the cafe will help the area turn the page. two other cafes targeted in the attacks have already reopened. summer: for teenagers are arrested after a string of her glories. los angeles is about to become
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: a yorkie stolen is safely back where he belongs. summer: michelle meredith has more on how this all went down. reporter: this is the little teacup yorkie that was stolen last week. as you can see, this little guy is back where he belongs. it was the mother of the alleged robber who made it all possible.
4:26 pm
news taken one out -- out of one of our shops. reporter: rewind till last week, the case of the stolen yorkie was big news and it was caught on camera. you see the couple shopping in the video while the employee takes as i often demand, he bolts out of the door with the $2000 puppy. his mother saw the video and she had a little talk. >> she told him he needed to take the dog back. reporter: according to the owner of the pet shop, the police met the dog napper at the gas station. he took the picture of the adorable, returned merchandise. >> that is when we called up and said, we have your puppy. i hope this guy never does this again. >> i think it is sweet the mom encouraged him to bring it back.
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attempted dog napping at the store. a woman stole a copy and after getting a tip, the dog was found in a dumpster alive and well. here at the pet shop, they are going to adjust this door so you have to be buzzed in and buzz out. summer: we are still waiting to learn how the alleged dog sees --thief will be charged. covering volusia county, a daytona beach man is accused of forcing his girlfriend to have sex, hitting and biting her when she initially refused. 37-year-old antonio rivera is now charged with sexual battery. the victim told investigators that rivera accused her of cheating on him, pushed her down and threatened to kill her. she also said rivera forced her to have sex with him two days earlier. meredith: four teens arrested in a stolen car, tracked down in
4:28 pm
alleged car break-ins near lake nona in osceola county. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel looks how an alert neighbor made all the difference. >> lights were off on the car, on their car. dave: jennifer mccarty said her dog acted funny, growling deeply around 2:30 in the morning. she saw a suspicious car near hers. jennifer mccarty: the two that got out actually went to the vehicles with flashlights, checking doors and things like that, jumped back in the car acting suspicious and went to the next house doing exactly the same thing. dave: she called deputies, giving them a detailed description of what she could see in the darkness of night. dave: because of the description deputies had of the car, as it was pulling out of the subdivision, deputies were pulling in. they were able to radio to the helicopter to follow that car into orange county, where four teenagers were taken into custody. the car stopped on amber road in east orange county, four teens got out and deputies were right there. ranging in age from 14 to 17, all were arrested. the white car they were in according to osceola county,
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s the violation of privacy as well. you feel violated. they were in your space. they were touching your things. dave: five cars were hit, all but one of the cars not locked. in the car with the suspects items believed to be stolen, hockey gear, golf clubs prescription medication, kids clothes, -and shoes. deputies say cars must be locked, and when it comes to valuables? twis lizasuain: if you have to leave them in the car, don' t leave them visible where people can see them from outside the car. >> after i saw them leave my car. dave: here, an alert neighbor made all the difference. in osceola county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. meredith: because of their ages, we are not naming them. the man charged with hitting a three-year-old with his car and not stopping, made his first appearance in court today. bond was set at $1100 for billy joe gibson. police say gibson hit 3-year-old daniel monsalve when the boy walked into traffic while buying ice cream from a truck on monday.
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stop because he had a suspended license. summer: a man who agents say overstayed his visa and was caught with ammunition he wasn' t suppose to have plead not guilty in federal court today. hamid rehaif is charged with two counts of unlawful transport of firearms. the department of homeland security was in on the investigation of rehaif before his arrest last month. they say he stayed in brevard county a year after dropping out of school, and that authorities found ammunition he wasn' t supposed to have at a storage unit near his home. the widow of the florida man shot and killed in a wesley chapel movie theater two years ago is now suing the theater. nicole oulson is seeking more than $15,000 in damages, and a new jury trial. curtis reeves is charged with murder in the shooting death of her husband chad oulson, after an argument over texting during the movie. he has also been charged with aggravated battery for shooting nicole oulson in the hand. the lawsuit says the theater failed to enforce the company' s ban on weapons in the theater.
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sides of the aisle to president barack obama' s final state of the union address last night. meredith: presidential candidates from both parties quickly sounded off, giving their own opinions on the president' s speech. nbc' s steve handelsman has the latest on the race for the white house. reporter: the republican front runner was targeted after the state of the union by nikki haley, chosen to give the republican response. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the voice of the angriest. what i would say to mr. tromp is do not take it personally. -- mr. trump, do not take it personally. >> i am leading in many polls and people agree with me. reporter: president obama
4:32 pm
>> anyone claiming america' s a is in decline is wrong. reporter: the >> the median and, is obama took office. democratic circle. lead in iowa. >> i am not nervous at all. has hampshire. >> we have the funding to get into the convention. reporter: tomorrow night, the republicans debate in south carolina. donald trump and nikki will debate.
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is meeting with the department of environmental agency. in september, the epa found 600,000 cars had illegal software to help cheat on emissions tests. volkswagen admitted it. it cost them $20 billion in fines. the last kmart store in volusia county is closing. they have confirmed this kmart in daytona beach will close in march. it will affect 86 employees who will receive severance. the liquidation sale is set to start tomorrow. summer: if you use a grill to cook, listen up. walmart is recalling more than 300,000 of them due to shocks. they are
4:34 pm
number. they were sold last year from july until december. anyone who bought one, should return it to any walmart store for a full refund. a plumber who spent 13 hours trapped is finally free. he was working in a trench when it suddenly collapsed, trapping him. rescue crews were able to get him out early this morning. he is now in the hospital, but is expected to be ok. meredith: lucky guy. scientists are squat -- questioning the string of a whopping cough. a one-year-old was diagnosed with the infection so other kids in the school became infected even though they received a vaccine. experts say although the vaccine may need improvement, it has shown to be effective.
4:35 pm
there is a five year waiting plan for kids to receive health insurance and it is now in front of a house of vote. >> these are kids that are not going back. they are going to stay here. if they have diseases that need to be taken care of, serious ones, cancer, now we have a chance. we have a chance for those kids to live. of lawful immigrants have to wait five years before they can become eligible. meredith: football fans are speaking out against these st. louis rams moving to los angeles. they are headed their next season. the san diego chargers could also decide to move to l.a.. many fans are less than thrilled about the move. >> it is a slap in the face to the real fans who come and spend their hard earned money.
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you said you do not have a home? i disagree. summer: walt disney' s first theme park and china is opening this summer. it will begin taking guests on june 16. this will be an original park that uses a lot of chinese culture and will feature the company' s hotels and a tomorrowland theme. we have tips to help manage your money in the new year. meredith: we have reports of a frost quake. we will explain the rare
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delivering them pat the original mattress factory p we take a straightforward approach. r we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: if you overspend a little during the holidays and want to get your finances in order, you are not alone. we take a look at a number of apps that can help you. michelle: managing your money is becoming easier than ever with tools right at your fingertips. here are three free apps to get you started. the goodbudget app sets a budget for spending on specific categories like dining out and groceries. it shows you where your money is going. and you can share it with others so that you all stay on the same page when it comes to spending. mvelopes categorizes and tracks spending. you can even take pictures of receipts for easy access. the app will track your spending and adjust your budget according. mvelopes can download transactions from more than
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wally is one of the most well-known finance management apps. it' s easy to input your spending and it even uses your location to identify where you are. if you have specific savings goals, wally can help with that, too. michelle imperato wesh 2 news. meredith: good information. more and more moms-to-be are turning to apps to help navigate their pregnancy. almost half of all health-related apps are used by women who are pregnant. many of them can help track fertility, find the perfect name, and even let you listen to the baby' s heart beat. moms who use the apps say they are a quick and easy way to stay on top of the pregnancy. many hospitals are now creating their own apps, to help their pregnant patients. summer: there is still no sign of a missing malaysia airlines plane that went down in the indian ocean, but searchers have made a historic find. they' ve located two shipwrecks in the search area. one, found in may, is believed to be a 19th century cargo ship, and now sonar imagery has identified what is likely to be a second shipwreck, a steel-iron vessel dating from the turn of
4:40 pm
in the earlier wreckage, searchers found an anchor and other objects believed to be man-made as well as what were thought to be lumps of coal. meredith: parts of the country are getting slammed by winter weather today. ohio. re expecting up to three inches of snow with winds up to 30 miles per hour. once the snow stops, the cold temps set in, dipping below zero. people in parts of wisconsin may s known as a frost quake tuesday night. who thought they may have felt one. the national weather service says they got several reports of frost quakes. they occur when water in the soil expands as it freezes, which can cause a large boom and the ground can shake. they' re pretty rare. meteorologists say, it' s also possible the noise and shaking were caused by a sonic boom because of possible air force exercises near central wisconsin. either way, it is really cold
4:41 pm
it is gloomy outside but i feel better about it now. summer: how long is this going to last? tony: we are going to start with temperatures in the upper 60' s, and by friday we should be in the upper 70' s. we will have to watch for thunderstorms on friday. no worry for severe weather tonight. clouds are in orange county near daytona. it has been cloudy all day. temperatures have been stuck in the upper 50' s earlier in the day, now down to 57. look at oh cala, 59. there is a potential for frost and marion county. some of the northern portions near marion county, we could see some frost. we will watch this little disturbance here south of texas. it is going to move eastward and
4:42 pm
with some heating why then, we will have to watch for the risk of severe weather as we move into late thursday night on into friday. temperatures ok at 55. we are running in the upper 50' s through osceola county. 52 near melbourne beach. right there 1:00 in the morning, not much of a drop in temperatures. onshore flow temperatures will be going steady in the 40' s. there will be some patchy fog across central and northern marion county near the villages. we will be just warm enough so we are not worried about frost,
4:43 pm
back toward cape canaveral, mid 40' s. i want to show you future cast with plenty of clouds, but by the morning, we are rain free. notice the flow on tuesday, now out of the south and the southwest. we will drive in some moisture and a steady rain in the morning. this will come in off of the gulf of mexico that we will have to watch as we could have an opportunity for some strong, severe storms. some more energy coming in late in the day to be watched as well. there could be two inches of rain, i-4, north and west with the event coming in thursday night. forecast highs for tomorrow, they are going in the right direction. 69, orlando.
4:44 pm
the east. saturday is a gorgeous day and another disturbance comes on sunday with a brief chance for rain. there is active weather patterns going on and we will talk about the severe weather for friday coming up at 5:00. we are back in the upper 50' s next week to write around 60. a cool weather pattern setting up next week.
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meredith: the future of wearable technology is on display in asia this week. summer: there is also technology that can estimate the biological age of the wearer. there is a dog collar that can communicate. the organizer expects the market to grow six times by 2018.
4:47 pm
fashion trends, after this photo was released, the shirt worn by the mexican drug lord is in high demand. these styles are completely sold out. the shirts maker said its website crashed after the drug kingpin' s attire hit the world spotlight. summer: people are so funny. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. meredith: angela taylor is joining us with what is coming up in the next hour. angela: next at 5:00. we' re on the scene of breaking news, a body found next to a night club. plus, beaten, burned and dismembered. gripping testimony in the trial of a teenager in the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend. and local theme parks are beefing up security during the slowest time of year. so why are they doing it?
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5:00. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. jim: right now at 5:00, the retrial for a woman charged with murder. something that leeward a victim to his death. -- lured a victim to his death.
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after being convicted of having sex with the team. jim: what local theme parks are doing to keep you safe. wesh 2 news at 5:00 starts right now. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. jim: first up on the clock, gripping testimony in a marion county room today. amber right leeward this man to the place where he was death -- killed. angela: an acquaintance of one person already convicted testified that the woman lured him to the home where he was shot and set on fire. we have an hour long recording never played before during the jackson murder trial. >> i had to. he keeps talking to me. [indiscernible] jim: this is the evidence the
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it is a video of amber right and
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