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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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called a suspicious death. the body was found in this gu ilt nightclub near baldwin park here. we can also tell you in the last 30 minutes, investigators have officially left the scene. medical examiner removed the body. orlando police tell me a delivery man was making a delivery to this club sometime this afternoon when he stumbled across a dead man. the body was found near the back of the club in the grassy area of bennett club. it is also near colonial drive. we are asking police if trauma was found on the body, but they are unable to confirm specific details on the investigation at this point. police, is a suspicious death. this grassy area specifically is not well traveled, but just a
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club, several businesses. there are still a lot to investigate. we will continue to update on wesh 2 and meredith: now for weather. a live look at lake eola. some areas of central florida made the sum rost. jim: we are tracking the tropics in the first two weeks of the new year. this is the first tropical storm to form in more than 40 years. latest advisory. from the hurricane center has an hour. it is moving to the north-northeast. at the united states. we have had work named the stores -- four named the month of january going back
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we have the potential for frost yet again in marion county. frost advisory north to alachua. even with the clouds tonight, temperatures already at 50. we will have patchy frost in marion county. overnight low 37. elsewhere temperatures at the 40 degree mark. not so worried about frost, but some strong to potentially large thunderstorms. angela: four years after she was found guilty of beating and killing a teen in marion county, amber wright' s re-trial continues today. the state is expected to rest its case, and with no witnesses lined from the defense, it may soon, once again head to the jury. jim: wesh 2' s gail paschal brown is covering the court case and has today' s testimony. >> i had to. >> i didn'
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gail: the state says this is the first time this group recording has been released in any of the trials involving the murder of 15-year-old seath jackson at this summerfiled home in april of 2011. it' s defendant amber right sitting closest to the screen, her brother kyle hooper and charley ely beside amber. at this time, they don' t know they' re being recorded. it' s evidence the defense tried to supress. >> did you tell her i cleaned the floor? i told her i only cleaned the door. >> i told her every single detail i know and i don' t know about the bleach situation. gail: seath jackson was beaten shot, his body was burned in a backyard fire pit pit . his ashes were sholved into paint containers. mike bargo labeled as the mastermind behind the plot an got the death penalty for murder took the stand today. >> did you shoot and kill seath jackson in marion county,
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>> ascertaining my right to the 5th amendment. gail: the state rested. the defense asked for an acquittal but the judge denied that. the defense rested and closing arguments should begin tomorrow morning. jim: a pair of brothers with a violent past are busted in a gas station robbery. we first showed you this video monday from a circle-k in kissimmee. the crooks ran into the store, one leaped the counter like a hurdler. now, these two brothers, who are both sex offenders, are under arrest. fernando and benjamin torres face armed robbery and several other charges. one brother points a gun to the back of the clerk' s head and forces him to open the register. they got away with money and merchandise. police have not yet said how they tracked down the torres brothers. meredith: today, a judge has revoked the bond of a former middle school teacher accused of having sex with a student after new charges were filed. as wesh 2 first told you last night, prosecutors have charged 35-year-old sara moore with evidence tampering. they say she went to this saint cloud verizon store yesterday
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phone. police say they confiscated that phone as evidence after moore was busted on child sex charges. the store clerk instead went to police. >> the state has produced and shown me a statement made by the clerk that she deleted stuff off -- wanted to delete stuff off her phone because she was in trouble with the cops. meredith: saint cloud police say the phone has remained in evidence, but it' s now locked and they are unable to access what' s inside. we' ve heard a lot about hoverboards causing fires, and now it' s happened again, at a home in brevard county. firefighters examined the charred remains of the hoverboard after putting out the fire on chapman street in port st. john. brevard county fire rescue received an emergency call saying the hoverboard had burst into flames, starting the fire. the home suffered heavy smoke damage, but no one was hurt. jim: this man is robbed of for the fourth time, and he does not
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we let you in on the moments he was shooting at the robber. >> what is your emergency? >> they try to rob this man, and they shot him erie it . jim: the store owner fired shots at what is believed to be the getaway car. the store owner did not want his face shown on tv. >> they point a gun at me, and it is very scary. i grab my god, i shot them. if i don' t shot them, they would have killed me. jim: they got away, and they are charged with robbery. meredith: a woman is the victim of a vicious attack. we are hearing the 911 call. >> i was walking my dog, so i walked around the building, i did come out nowhere and hit me in the side -- i kid came out
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side of the head. meredith: she showed us the gas in her forehead and some of her bruises. rose says she was hit walking down south atlantic avenue on monday. >> all i could do was scream and yell for help as loud as i could. meredith: police have pulled surveillance video from the area , hoping to find the attacker. the cameras may have not been working. jim: a man charged of hitting a three-year-old and not stopping could walk out of jail any minutes. the boy walked into traffic while buying ice cream from a truck on monday. gibson told police he did not stop because he had a suspended license. his bond was set at $700. the trial for adults on a man accused of murdering his family may be delayed after the supreme court says florida' s death penalty is unconstitutional. it was set to begin tuesday in saint augustine.
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his wife and children in october 2013. prosecutors plan to use seek the death penalty, but they are s decision. meredith: a dog napping with a happy ending, but it took a tongue lashing from the suspects mother there in the yorkie is stop on north colonial. it was caught on camera. the couple shopped around and decided on this yorkie. the suspects ran out the front door with the dog while employees were in the back. the mother recognized her son and told him to return the dog. they met at a gas station where the dog was returned. >> detectives called us and said we have got your puppy. i am glad on that. i hope this guy never does this again.
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jim: the union representing police in port orange has taken the fight of pay raises to the street they put on this billboard hoping to drum up citizen support. the 91 member police force has been working without a contract since october 1, even though negotiations began in april. the city and union are now at an impasse. they say their are starting police officer pay is the lowest high turnover. >> men and women at this agency have left for that are paying jobs at other agencies. there are members with applications out. jim: they say they are negotiating in good faith. yesterday a magistrate heard this and will make a decision in 30 days. meredith: watching your commute but not recording it. matt grant found that orlando
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matt: wesh 2 investigates uncovered this video, giving us the best look at this white vehicle connected to a string of vandalisms and downtown orlando. once we learned that orlando police had not seen it, we showed what we have found. at least a dozen businesses were struck with a pellet gun. for vehicles also were shot in baldwin park. this video, you can see the moment the store window is struck, glass cascading like a waterfall. >> i did not do anything wrong. matt: she is forced to keep her beauty store closed for the third day in a row with glass on the floor. upton. east colonial you will see shattered glass and windows boarded up. we asked the city where that video is from these recording cameras, but they do not actually record video.
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she wishes they did record to help police catch whoever did this. the city is thinking of installing more cameras, but that would be expensive. they already have 170 cameras they do record video. only some capture one or more segments of colonial, but would not elaborate citing security reasons. they are installed in strategic locations. as opportunities to expand are evaluated, certainly events like this are factors are in the skate shop manager says it could have helped identify those responsible. >> i could save $1000 in window repair. meredith: we reached out to all of the orlando city commissioners. only one responded saying he would be open to allocating more money for cameras. jim: we are five hours away from finding out if someone is going
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we have seen these billboards showing tonight' s powerball jackpot at $1.5 billion. that is expected to rise by tonight drawing, and we will have the winning numbers on west to news at 11:00. if no one wins tonight, lottery leaders say saturday' s jackpot will race -- rise to at least $2 billion. meredith: new goals for linda city soccer stadium. amanda: the construction site seems busy enough, but officials now say that stadium will not be ready until 2017. next, i will tell you the reason behind the delay. jim: some unruly and unwanted neighbors.
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dealing with jim: soccer fans hoping to watch the orlando city play in their new stadium this year got some disappointing news today they will now have to wait until 2017. meredith: wesh two' s amanda ober
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the delay. amanda: fans of orlando city soccer have to wait another year before they get to cheer in their new stadium. in a statement wednesday, club president phil rawlins said, unfortunately, stadium construction is taking a little longer than anticipated. we have taken the prudent decision to play the entire 2016 season in the orlando citrus bowl. tom o' toole: i expected it . amanda: the delay does not come as as a surprise to some. tom o' toole operates a downtown parking company and will benefit from the new stadium. o' toole said with no sign of steel going in the ground here at the construction site, he suspected the 2016 opening was not realistic. tom o' toole: it' s a disappointment for the season ticket holders, i know that. my nephews are season ticket holders, and they were looking forward to it. amanda: but some businesses
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long as games continue at the citrus bowl the new stadium delay won' t really affect them. >> the party is not gonna stop, they' re still going to be coming out for the games. amanda: the soccer club' s management is all in baltimore this week for the mls draft. a spokesman did tell wesh 2 news via email the stadium delay is due to the re-design made necessary after the switch from public to private financing and vision was cast for a larger stadium. one event cancelled as a result of the delay is the ncaa women' s college cup. that event has now been moved to north carolina but will come back to orlando in 2017. in orlando, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. meredith: a seminole county man back in federal court today to face new child pornography charges. john kusiv pleaded not guilty to all six counts against him. he was arrested last month during an fbi raid in longwood. the fbi had been tracking him, after agents say he responded to a craigslist ad for people wanting taboo experiences with children.
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the corporate confirmed this kmart on international speedway boulevard in daytona beach will close in march. it will affect 86 full and part-time employees. they will receive severance and the opportunity to apply at other stores. the liquidation sale starts tomorrow. open in the space. jim: now to the animal invasion. some pigs had moved in and tracking this property. since before christmas, residents in florida shores say wild hogs have made tossed salad out of their gross, routing in their soil -- rooting in their soil. fred bergson has seen them at night. >> there is a couple big ones. they are as high as a cow. jim: the city councilman gary
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set a trap or has been hired to bait the animals and remove them . meredith: will the rest of the week be like tonight? tony: we have to got -- we have got to watch friday. there could be some storms. outside, if you are out and about in seminole county, you are going to be selling a lot of smoke with a controlled burns an earlier today with the northerly wind taking seminole county moke and blowing it south torrance county. wind is out of the north at seven miles an hour. we just made it south and east. we made it to 63 in orlando -- melbourne. just enough of a break in the
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tonight, and the chance for frost is low. we do have a frost advisory in effect for a alachua county and marion county. we' ve got to watch out. temperatures in the mid-30' s near daybreak, some patchy frost, but the majority of us will be frost free, because of the clouds. you will need a jacket, but it is not as cold as recent mornings. up to the 40' s by daybreak, 41 in the villages, 47 ocala, 40 broncos. we are going in the right direction, especially with the clouds around. tomorrow, the clouds will be breaking up north of the 408, and temperatures will be able to climb back into the middle and upper 60' s. as we get to late saturday -- friday and friday midmorning, up from the south. disturbances racing in from the
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rain could be over by time we are out the door. a crosses the peninsula -- a crosses the peninsula and there could be a line of thunderstorms. this is not set in stone. this is taking shape south of brownsville. we want you to be repaired with this el nio winter and the powerful jet that will be setting up. there could be a risk for potentially strong storms. potential for rain quite high with these storms coming across. the severe storms production center in norman, oklahoma has put us in a slight risk for general thunderstorms. we are not in a slight risk for thunderstorms, but this will change. forecast highs, low and mid 60' s , and we go south, higher 60' s. we get a disturbance coming by on the afternoon on sunday. we need you to check back in.
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temperatures will go downhill, sunday. monday, lucky if we hit 60. jim: some potentially bad news to england. meredith: they may have gained a player and lost another. ever wondered what sport players might do if they win the
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pat: orlando magic haven' t played since saturday night, and don' t again until tomorrow afternoon in england, so this will be a well-rested, if not well-traveled, team when it meets the raptors. good news and potentially bad news today. it appears that elfrid payton may be able to play after missing four games with a bad foot. but aaron gordon has sprained his ankle and may sit tomorrow. any way you look at it, the magic are in a funk and need something good to happen. they' ve lost five of their last six games and again seem vulnerable on defense, a huge bugaboo for scotty skiles. toronto is the second best team in the east right, now leading the atlantic division. >> use this time, we are only going to have one game in eight days, get some good working practice.
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struggling. and then get back on track area we have a game to win as well. it is a business trip. we have got to make sure we look at it that way. pat: the powerball drawing has many of us minions hoping and left me wondering what famous coaches and athletes would do if they happen to win the jackpot. have they not already won the lottery, given their substantial salaries? perhaps so, but it won' t keep them from buying tickets and if they should win -- >> you will never see me again. [laughter] >> i can guarantee that. >> i am hoping to just win a slice of it. pat: would you give some to me? >> i can do that. we go way back. there is plenty of dinners and football games still come up. i will take care of you. pat: do you really believe he
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pat: jim: we are following all new stories for our late newscasts. meredith:
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s head as a mop.
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