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tv   On the Money  NBC  January 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i'm sara gore, and this is open house. this week we're taking you on a coast-to-coast tour of some of the most luxurious homes in the country. we'll stop by atlanta's most expensive mansion, and linda hogan's opulent tuscan-style villa in california. plus, batter up, we are heading north of seattle to a home tricked out with its own field of dreams. but first, we're in miami, where a new generation of luxury home sellers are taking the city, and the world, by storm. danny hertzberg: it's such a global market today that we need to utilize social media digital advertising strategies, and we're going to take you through that discussion.
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welcome to open house. today i'm coming to you from a serene waterfront estate in rye, new york. situated on more than four acres of land, this home offers breathtaking water views of the harbor and the long island sound. there's plenty of outdoor entertaining space where you and your guests can enjoy beautiful sunsets. inside doesn't disappoint either. from the moment you enter into the grand foyer, you'll be greeted by a sweeping staircase, remarkably high ceilings, and exquisite details throughout the home. and we begin our tour of luxury homes from coast to coast in miami, with the jills of coldwell banker, jill hertzberg and jill eber. this power duo makes up the top-selling real estate team in the country, and credit their success to not only hard work, but also working with family. that's why danny herzberg joined forces with his sister hillary to build what's called the second generation selling brand as part of the jills team. their approach to real estate is to combine what they've learned from their mother with
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media on a global scale. hi, i'm danny herzberg. and this is my sister hillary. and we're second generation selling, of the jills of coldwell banker here in miami beach. so we literally grew up in the real estate business. our mom and her partner, jill eber, were top agents since we were little kids. i mean, real estate has always been a part of our world. their approach has always been a little bit more grounded in traditional advertising, like newspapers, brochures, magazines. and when we came on, we brought more of an online, digital way to advertise properties utilizing some social techniques. today we're going to dive a little bit deeper into ways in which we would advertise a fantastic property such as this one. danny hertzberg: you would think this penthouse in the sky, with views over biscayne bay, would sell itself. but it's such a global market today that we need to utilize social media digital advertising strategies. and we're going to take you through that discussion. so social media has become a critical component for the marketing of all industries.
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particularly important. part of the reason why is real estate has become truly global. so when buyers are coming from international markets, they're unlikely to see the traditional advertising. where they are going to start their search is online. they're going to want to see pictures and videos. and that's why social media is such an effective tool to market real estate. facebook, pinterest, twitter, these are all great social media platforms to use to advertise your properties. but without a doubt, the real driver of luxury real estate is instagram. instagram is really the gold standard. everyone loves to look at pretty pictures of houses and videos. pictures that tend to be the most popular are pictures that allow people to imagine themselves in the property. maybe i would take a picture walking down the glass staircase, looking out into the ocean. we've also been utilizing the collage feature. rather than just showing someone one image, you give them the entire picture. danny hertzberg: yeah, instagram is great. but the key to really get that pop, that global reach,
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so we came up with this strategy which we call social media hot spot. and the concept is, we invite a lot of different agents in to see the property. once they view the property and tour the property, we sit down together. and we all have our phones and then everyone will like it and comment on the image. and when you have commenting and liking the image, well, because it goes from my thousand friends, to hillary's thousands of friends, to this person's friends. and all of a sudden, in a matter of minutes, we can reach thousands and thousands of people getting something to go viral gives it the furthest reach in the shortest amount of time. and content creation is key when you're trying to make a property go viral. high-end artistic photography has always been a big component of traditional marketing. but we took it to the next level by incorporating cinematic video techniques with drones, time lapses, music montages, and edited it down to a 15-second clip, and posted that clip on facebook and instagram. and the result is nothing short of explosive.
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about interacting. one of the best ways to connect and engage with your network i like to blog about real estate, but also lifestyle, because it's such a big component when you're looking for a property. where you're going walkable, the schools, what's going on in the community. all those different things, and really engage with my network so when we list our properties with coldwell banker, the properties go on to over 725 websites all over the world. so we get incredible international exposure. miami is such a global market that a lot of the people can't even be here when they're looking at real estate. so i want to try to even get ahead of their questions and give them answers to things that they maybe weren't even thinking about. that's going to give them a and help them find the property of their dreams. although we fully embrace new technology and social media marketing in terms we've never lost sight of the most important lessons we've learned from our mom. component of our job so thank you so
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conversation with us. follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram. we look forward to hearing from you. if you want to check out some of the social strategies hillary and danny mentioned, find them on instagram at secondgenerationselling. there's so much more ahead on open house. up next, we are heading to linda hogan's unbelievable compound in simi valley. we'll be right back. announcer: open house is brought to you in part by coldwell banker,
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today we are bringing you inside some of the most luxurious homes from coast our next stop is at a celebrity getaway in simi valley. this amazing estate with country club, lake, and mountain views is home to linda hogan, ex-wife of hulk hogan. coldwell banker's
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stunning tuscan-style villa. christophe choo: thank you, dave. wow. linda! linda hogan: hey, christophe. christophe choo: it's so good to see you. linda hogan: welcome, welcome to the villa. christophe choo: ten minute flight from the city. it's amazing. linda hogan: love it. christophe choo: this is such an amazing estate. and it's this gorgeous tuscan villa. how did this all even come about for you? linda hogan: i was looking for a home that could encompass my family and have so i ripped it down to the studs. christophe choo: the linda hogan design touch is in here. linda hogan: thank you. warm and it's inviting, but yet it's such a great, amazing entertainment home. let's look at the rest, shall we? linda hogan: ok. christophe choo: ok, let's do it. this really is, in my opinion, a great room. it's the great room in the house. linda hogan: it's the great room. christophe choo: and i love that it's flanked by the central courtyard in the middle. it's just amazing. but tell me some of the special details that
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stone on the back wall. christophe choo: love that. and the bottles. linda hogan: i plugged in a few bottles. because i thought, you know, i really want this to feel like an authentic farmhouse. christophe choo: i want to check out that view in the other room. can we do that? linda hogan: sure. christophe choo: let's go. linda, this is my favorite room. for a family room that's open to the kitchen, it's so wonderful and warm. and you're the queen of the hill. and you're overlooking, with this amazing view, linda hogan: we've opened the room. the room was not this large. we've added the stone walls around the large windows, built a magnificent fireplace. in fact, all of these terracotta tiles, there on the bottom, were actually brought in from italy, and from europe. so, christophe, come on, let me show you upstairs. christophe choo: let's do it. ok. coming in the bedroom with me. so christophe, fancy meeting you here. christophe choo: well, we've had a long shoot so far. and i'm a bit tired, and why not be here in the master suite? linda hogan: it's my favorite place to retreat in the evening. and my view out there.
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the size of the and the soft palette, it's a great place to relax. but, i really need to take you to my bathroom. christophe choo: uh oh. now i see why you wanted me to come in the bathroom with you linda hogan: it's a sunny, beautiful room. it's got a great size. the mirror that reflects the fabulous view. and i've got my hot line directly to you. hello, christophe. christophe choo: i can see, linda, why this is an award-winning pool. i mean, my gosh, with the waterfall, the water slide, and the wonderful beach area. and these views of everything. your lake, your orchards, your vineyard. what else is there? linda hogan: not much. [laughter] christophe choo: linda, this was such a pleasure. and you're such a great friend. but i've got to head back to beverly hills, and i've got to sell this property. linda hogan: glad to see you. love you, christophe. bye bye. up next, we are heading
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are going to love
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now we're in woodway, washington, which is just north of seattle. we are taking you inside an entertainer's estate, where you can experience resort-style living. it features a basketball court,
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picturesque gardens, and over 6,000 square feet of indoor recreational amenities. i'll tell you, my kids would love that. burg with coldwell and i'm terry allen, with coldwell banker previews international. welcome to the dogwood lane estate in woodway, washington, just 15 minutes from downtown seattle. what makes this area so special is you can have a four or five acre estate home, which is very private, in a small community of about 1,000 residents. mark van der burg: and right now we're located inside the grand foyer of this magnificent home. we have our floating staircase of slab marble, our travertine floors. above is our grand chandelier, leading into our detailed coffered ceilings. just off our entry foyer is our formal living room. terry allen: which features 20-foot ceilings,
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of this room, overlooking the courtyard with an andrew carson kinetic sculpture in the background. mark van der burg: in addition, we have our cozy fireplace, with our floating balcony overlooking the space. terry allen: tucked away in a quiet part of the home is this main-floor one of the first things you is the panoramic windows overlooking the garden. i love the details in this room-- the alabaster lighting, the crown mouldings, and the hand-carved sandstone fireplace. mark van der burg: just off the master bedroom is this charming master bath. one of the great things about this home are the finishes, there's a heated-stone marble shower, and dual vanities with marble countertops. in addition, there's this inviting jetted tub with great views to the outdoors. terry allen: this is the most unique feature of this home, probably the most unique feature of any home, the rainforest spa
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mark van der burg: we have a lot of grey days in seattle, so this room was created to give you some light and warmth. it's really like a resort oasis. the room is built out of reclaimed douglas fir with forged steel plating. terry allen: the skylight above floods the room with natural light. and below is a cold plunge pool, hot tub, all surrounded by tropical plantings. this estate features nearly four acres of manicured grounds. terry allen: this property is really great for the sports enthusiast. there's a regulation little league baseball diamond, full-size tennis court, and an indoor regulation-size basketball court. thank you. i hope you enjoyed the tour of the dogwood estate. mark van der burg: and thank you for stopping by. let me tell you, my boys would love growing up in that house. it is not often you find a home with a baseball field. what would your dream home include? let us know what over-the-top amenity you would have. weigh in on twitter
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all out, just wait until you head inside the priciest home in atlanta, next on open house,
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from washington, we head south to georgia. listed at $48 million, we are inside the most expensive home in atlanta. known as chestnut hall, this estate sits on more than 18 acres. with 17,000 square feet of living space, seven bedrooms, a manager's home, and a pool house, you have plenty of space for, well, just about anything. hi, i'm marc castillo with coldwell banker previews international. and welcome to chestnut hall, this world-class estate
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acres in buckhead, the wealthiest and most exclusive zip code in atlanta. and this home is the crown jewel. as you enter through the 19th-century parisian wrought-iron doors, you're greeted by this truly grand entryway with a 14 and 1/2 foot carved venetian plaster ceiling, modeled after the new wing of the vatican in rome. you'll love entertaining in this formal, but very comfortable, living room that's punctuated by a sir isaac ware marble 18th-century chimney piece. the room is brightened by the german leaded-glass windows that give you a gorgeous view of the rolling front lawn. as you look up at the 15-foot ceilings with a barrel vault, you can't help but be struck by the 19th-century baccarat chandelier. off the formal living room, the octagon-shaped wall of windows and these beautiful mahogany french doors lead you out to the
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as you pass through these 19th-century english monastery doors, you find a gracious dining room. one of the largest pieces in the home is this 19th-century chippendale-style breakfront. don't have your own heirloom china? don't worry, this one's included. if you want to feel like royalty, this master suite doesn't disappoint. the suite showcases a baccarat crystal and gilt bronze chandelier and custom built-ins. the master bath is indulgent, with heated marble floors and an onyx vessel tub, with 18-karat gold-plated fixtures that make taking a bath an experience. while there are two walk-in closets, ladies, this one you have to see to believe. it's a two-level closet with room for over 200 shoes. there's a jewelry armoire, a granite-top vanity. once you get dressed, you won't want to leave. and if that wasn't enough,
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marble columns that lead to this juliet balcony to overlook the amazing grounds. just as impressive as the rest of the home is the outdoor living area and pool house, with its manicured lawns, lush gardens, and of course, the 77,000 gallon keyhole-shaped saline pool. the perfect place to cool off on a hot georgia summer day. thank you for joining me on this tour of chestnut hall, an estate that will bring you back to the gilded age, but with every modern convenience. can we talk about that master closet? so much space for so many shoes. chestnut hall mansion is offered fully furnished, including the priceless paintings, those rare antiquities, and i'm wondering if the shoes come with it? i've got to find out. all right, well, coming up, why letting emotions play a role in selling your home is no longer a bad thing. we'll explain after the break.
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welcome back. now, all of the amazing
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have one thing in common. the agents representing them are all from coldwell banker. and here at open house, we've had a long partnership with coldwell banker. and we want to congratulate them on marking their 109th year anniversary. coldwell banker is always on the pulse of what's happening in the real estate market. as a matter of fact, they recently conducted a survey of 1,500 home sellers to see how home seller sentiment has changed over the last decade. and what they found was very surprising. america has entered a new era of home selling. we have found that money alone isn't doing the loudest talking, and that actually emotion is playing a bigger role in how home sellers are looking at and accepting offers presented on their home. we understand, and sellers understand, that the impact that the home made on their lives is something that will
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on the next occupant. and that's playing a bigger role in how the transaction is being handled in today's market. i think it's important the new owners have to make new memories in it just like i did. we think there's a real change there's so much information available in today's real estate market that the seller wants to actively participate in the sale of their home. and having that connection with the buyer, understanding what that buyer wants out of their home, and the type of life that that buyer wants to have in their home, is something that's very important to the seller. as a homeowner, i would definitely sell my home to the person i connected with emotionally the most. we think it's great for the buyer. because in today's market, only 46% of the sellers are taking the first offer. which is a great opportunity. because that means over 50% of the buyers have an opportunity to use an emotional connection to the seller to help make their offer stand out. i like to meet with the
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what made their home a home. because i want my offer to stand out. because when they're considering multiple offers, you want to be the one they choose. so we're here in this beautiful home in harding, new jersey. and you look around, and as i walk in the house, i'm thinking about all the wonderful memories my family could have in this beautiful home. whether it's at the pool house on a weekend, with their friends watching sports in room with the fireplace roaring, and that's what this home offers. that's what real estate offers. and that's why we think this emotional connection is so important in today's real estate market. the first offer, i wouldn't necessarily take. i probably would wait for the right person. it's our home. our memories are there, our pets, we raised our family.
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i hope you enjoyed our tour of luxury homes from coast to coast, from linda hogan's tuscan-style estate in california to the seattle home with the baseball field. and we can't forget atlanta's opulent mansion. if you want to see any of these amazing homes again, just head to you can also get inspired by checking out our facebook page, instagram, and twitter, at openhousetv. we'll be back next week. thanks for watching. a go p and up p before finally selling and delivering them pat the original mattress factory p we take a straightforward approach. r we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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