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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking, definition. late night investigation ends with one man getting shot by orlando police officers. we are live with the latest on the investigation. michelle: and a suspicious death investigation has deputies scratching their heads after the remains of a man were found outside a local home. why they think it could be a missing man they were looking for. amy: another cool start with wind chills near freezing. next. jason: plus, wait until you hear why three people got booted from a flight at oia.
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you have got to get going. i am stephen guy. -- i am jason guy. michelle: and i am michelle and grotto. good morning, amy. -- and i am michelle imperato. good morning, amy. amy: is what we all need to help us get out of bed. it is tough this morning because it is so cold in central florida. look at the sunshine -- the high clouds streaming in will make it a little hazy, but it will be mostly sunny. 55 by noon. even colder today than it was yesterday. those high clouds are keeping our temperatures from dropping really significantly here for sunrise. but we are headed down a little bit.
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not freezing, but getting close. 40 now in daytona beach. of course the breeze, which is not too strong, but it is still 5, 10, even up to 15 miles an hour, so enough of a breeze that we do have a wind chill. look at the wind chill -- 29 in ocala, feels like 36 in daytona beach, wind chill is 40 in sanford and orlando, a few degrees cooler than our actual air temperature. mid-fifties, upper 50' s is out high today. it will only be 55 with that north breeze coming in in salt springs. 57 in deland. we top out at 54 in palm coast and 58 in cocoa. it is 6:02 right now. ted noah is standing by. ted: no longer blocking the right lane approaching the turnpike, so two thumbs up.
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northbound on the right side, that is before state road 44. the accident that was there is now cleared. that is good news. i-4 and altima, behaving itself. i -4 -- no congestion. jason: covering orange county. this morning, a man is in the hospital after he was shot by police officers at an orlando apartment complex. michelle: it happened last night at the courtney landing condos, not far from orlando international airport. alex villarreal is live this morning. alex, state investigators are looking into this one now. alex: they are, michelle. fdle is investigating this as they do anytime an officer fires a weapon. that is standard procedure. orlando police officers are still out here. the unique twist in this case is that officers actually encountered two men with guns, but the second one dropped his and was not hurt. it all started around 7:20 last
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courtney landing condominiums after they got a call about a suspicious incident. when they got here, the two officers were confronted by a man with a gun. police say the man did not acknowledge officers' orders to drop the weapon, so they fired on him, hitting and injuring him. that is when another resident, a military veteran who heard the shots, came out of his unit with a gun. chief mina: he heard shots being fired, so he came out with his firearm, and our officers after just being involved in a shooting turned to confront this other armed person and showed great composer just being involved in a shooting, and another person comes in approaches them with a gun and , thankfully he complied. alex: neither of the officers was hurt in the incident. in the blink of an eye is how fast chief mina says situations like this happen. police still have not given any details about how many shots were fired or whether the man
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we will also be working this morning to find out his condition. as soon as we get new details for you, we will bring them to you straight on air here and on live in orlando, alex villarreal, wesh 2 jason: news. -- watch two news. jason: thank you. today, a local state senator will unveil a bill with new rules for investigating wesh 2' studio to explain. thompson' s new bill would s office to report any use of force that results in death or bodily harm to the florida department of law enforcement within 24 hours. senate bill 810 would also require law enforcement agencies to provide the results of their local investigation to the fdle within seven days of completion. incidents would have to have been reported. saturday, an orlando police officer shot one of three suspects believed to have stolen a car in pine hills.
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up to the car, the suspects hit the gas and nearly ran them over. the 17-year-old driver was hit. at last check, he was stable at a hospital. this is cell phone video from back in august. it shows terre johnson in a scuffle with orlando police officer wilson said he was trying to cite johnson for sitting with his legs in the johnson walked away. s when the fight started. johnson was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer but later found not guilty. senator thompson says her legislation is focused holding law enforcement agencies accountable and promote ing transparency. she will discuss the new bill at a press conference in tallahassee at 11:30 this morning. michelle? michelle: covering lake county this morning, deputies are trying to determine how i man buried in a backyard had died. the remains were found outside a home on pennsylvania street in lake kathryn monday morning. deputies were in the area looking for 61-year-old dennis jones, who hadn' t been seen in a month. the medical examiner is now
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remains are jones and figure out how the person died. neighbors say they never even suspected anything was wrong. kaleb cote: because his cars are there, you know, the two cars he had are still there. i figured he was inside doing his own thing, you know. i did not think he was anywhere. i did not think anything went wrong. michelle: right now, detectives are calling this a suspicious death, but they do not believe it was a random attack. in brevard county today, a former palm bay resident, accused of having sex with a minor, is set to appear before a judge. police say 72-year-old william girl two years before the teen' s mom found out last month. the mother told police leach sent her daughter packages to their home with sexually-related items and that the two drove to a motel and had sex. officers spotted his car leaving the motel yesterday and arrested him. happening today, former football star and convicted murderer . the former florida gator and new england patriot could have a
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murder trial. last year, he was sentenced to life in prison for killing his friend, odin lloyd . now, he faces trial for allegedly killing two men after an encounter at a boston nightclub. jason: there is new information this morning on the search for a dozen u.s. marines. overnight, crews announced they have recovered three empty life rafts from their helicopters. the choppers crashed last thursday during a nighttime training mission off the coast of hawaii. this search now includes an underwater team. michelle: a dispute over cell phones resulted in three passengers getting booted from a flight at oia last night. airport officials say the flight was heading to jfk. it had just left the gate when the three passengers were told to turn off their cell phones. they refused, and the captain decided to return to the terminal, and the passengers were removed. different flight, and the original one continued to new york. jason: 6:08. it is another cool morning in central florida.
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cool, i ran into some people from ontario, canada yesterday, and they said, "i did not think it would be so cool here." michelle: see, confirmation. [laughter] amy: that is because when they season florida -- when they come to florida, they expect 70' s and sunshine. today, we will have some sunshine. it will be a little hazy with the clouds. we will only make it into the upper 50' s, well below average yesterday. morning, but we are getting awfully close in parts of marion county p are we had dropped to 34 in redick and citra. 38 in lynn, 44 and the villages and claremont. tomorrow, we will have a freeze in some of these parts, temperatures will be colder, and we will not have a cloud cover to keep us in the 40' s cured 45 oviedo, 43 in lake mary, pearson
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at 39. st. john is 43. 55 by noon, upper 50' s for the highs. i will take you around county by county, and we will talk about when the 70' s return. we will also look at the freeze warnings in effect for tonight coming up in a few minutes. time for traffic now. here is ted. ted: all right, amy, 6:10 , five expressway, right side, going through the toll plaza, of course keeping an eye on this because we tend to see delays in the morning. not right now. it is looking pretty good. weston on the left side of the screen, the 408 and downtown orlando before the i-4 ramp, that is looking good. the 408 westbound is looking good near the conway toll plaza. downtown orlando, westbound on the right, nice, smooth ride. jason: new details in the search for a missing man in maitland. michelle: why his friends believe he might be in danger. jason: plus, remembering a legend.
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>> you are watching wesh 2. jason: good tuesday morning. right now, one man is recovering after he was shot by two orlando police officers last night. investigators are telling us the man refused to drop his gun at an apartment complex on swissco drive. after those shots were fired, another man came out of his home with a gun to police told him to drop it, and he did. michelle: and today, an orlando lawmaker is promoting a plan to add new rules for use of force cases. state senator geraldine thompson wants agencies to report serious or deadly cases to fdle within 24 hours. she says her bill will promote transparency. jason: lake county deputies are trying to determine if remains found outside a local home deputies were in the area of lake kathryn looking for 61-year-old dennis jones, who hadn' t been seen in a month. detectives are calling this a suspicious death. right now, the search is on for autism. 23-year-old john noss was reported missing three days ago in maitland. michelle: one of his friends told wesh 2 he fears noss may be
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wesh 2' s brett connolly is joining us now with the latest on the search. brett: his family just found one potentially big clue -- a note indicating he might be trying to go to philadelphia where he used to live. noss' family says he still has friends up north and might be headed to see them. but so far, no signs. the last time anyone saw noss was 3:30 saturday morning at his maitland home. maitland police say they' ve had several calls from people who said they saw noss in orlando. other callers put him in kissimmee and as close as lee road. family, friends, and neighbors have joined a growing search party looking for noss. shannon roeck: he' s a very capable young man, but he also doesn' t have a big world. his world is pretty much this neighborhood and the preschool where he volunteers. brett: noss was last seen in a gold "life is good" t-shirt, black shorts, and sneakers. he' s got a distinctive walk, but
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guy. he has asked burgers, and that makes it difficult. -- he has asperger ' s, and that makes it difficult. jason: hopefully somebody will find him and bring him back. this morning, a man who tried to rob an off-duty homeland security officer is recovering in the hospital after the officer shot him. the jacksonville sheriff' s office says the suspect had asked the agent to help him find his phone and then attacked him. >> at that point, this male -- this unknown male produced a large knife and tried to rob him at his home. jason: deputies say the agent quickly pulled out his gun and shot talmadge king. he had helped the victim move a washing machine into his home earlier in the day. king is in critical condition. michelle: new today, a south florida commissioner is calling for a citizen review board to look into police shootings, like the one that left a 20-year-old man dead over the weekend. investigators say henry bennett pointed a gun at a deputy before he was shot to death in belle glade saturday. witnesses argued that account. now, a palm beach county commissioner has called on a committee to review shootings,
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upset over police shootings. community activists say they' re not getting enough answers from deputies and are calling for more body cameras. tributes continue to pour in this morning after the death of glenn frey, one of the founders of the eagles. jason: he, along with don henley, cofounded the eagles, famous for songs including "take it easy" and "hotel california." he was 67 years all. michelle: 6:17 now on a chilly tuesday morning. amy, we will need the coats. we will need it for the afternoon, too, right? amy: yes, normally we say you can ditch it, but we will only be in the 50'
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it is really cold for us in central florida, considering 71 is normal. it is back to school this morning. some of your kids were off yesterday come on monday, so now reality returns, and if they have to stand outside of the bus stop, they will want some layers. we have high clouds, but it is cool and breezy, which means the wind chills have a feeling colder than it actually is, and the air temperatures themselves are in the 30' s and 40' s. we dropped to 34 in ocala, 40 don' t -- 40 in daytona beach. that is 7 degrees colder than average. the high clouds have been streaming in and the overnight, keeping us from dropping as much as tomorrow night, we will not have the advantage of the clouds. 37 palm coast right now, 41 leesburg, 44 sanford, 45 in kissimmee and winter haven. the villages, you are at the one right now. even with that lies -- that
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it feels light enough that we do not have the chill right now, but we have seen that wind at 5, 10 miles an hour in pronk host, so anytime you have that breeze coming bills colder by several degrees. 44 sanford, but the 8 mile-per-hour wind feels more like 40. in leesburg, feels like 37. dew points are also in the lower 30' s and most of the area, which means that as we head through the day, it will be quite dry, the humidity levels will stay drill as our temperatures -- stay low as our temperatures climb. tonight, these clouds will just away, and that means we will set up for an even colder morning on when day. the wind will continue coming in out of the north. that draws in that cool air. sunny, yes, but hazy sunshine because the high cloudss will be around. 55 ocala and the villages. those are not to lows -- those
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yesterday, we made it to 60, 61, which was cold enough, but it will be colder today. we top out at 58 in orlando and winter park, 57 and longwood and oviedo. daytona beach 55, 58 merritt island, and 59 in on bay. freeze warning in effect for tonight. it will be even colder. 28 degrees to 32 degrees for several hours in flagler, marion, sumter, and winds north and west. the cloud cover will not help us tonight. that means we dropped to 28 in the morning for ocala for the low. we will be close to freezing and freezing. we will likely have frost as well. 36 in sanford, 38 orlando, 39 tomorrow morning in melbourne spirit we recover back to the mid-60' s with mostly sunny skies on wednesday, 70' s on thursday. thursday will be a nice day. friday, we see scattered showers and thunderstorms, ted. ted: amy, 6:20.
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causing a big disruption here. things are moving along nicely westbound and eastbound, no delays. we will keep an eye on it to make sure it does not back up in that area. getting through altamonte springs this morning, somehow county, lake mary, looking good. 528 westbound is what you are looking at by the airport. the toll plaza is a little bit busy for the morning drive. jason: preparing for the finishing touches on the daytona
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michelle: the major milestone m michelle: the new daytona international speedway moves one step closer to the finish line today. jason: this is an exciting one ahead. jim france of the famous racing family will invite a longtime season ticket holder to join him to bolt in that last seat. that will make 101,500 seats total. the daytona rising project will start next month. 21st. michelle: good news at the pump continue to fall. crude oil prices are now below $29 dollars a barrel, lower than they' ve been in the last 13 years. worry about the chinese economy
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pump. some local stations are all the way down to $1.68. the average is still $1.84 in orlando and $1.93 in daytona beach. jason: tax season officially arrives today. the irs begins accepting your tax returns starting in the day ahead. you should be getting your w-2 and other tax documents mailed, or they could come to you online in the next few days. the irs says filing early can help you avoid identity theft because you can beat the thieves to your return. 6:25 now, and still to come on wesh 2 news sunrise, we' re learning new information about the prison holding el chapo. michelle: find out what officials are doing to make sure the drug lord stays locked up this time. now we had outlived to alex villarreal. alex: orlando police should a man they say would not drop his gun. coming up, why the chief says the situation could have been worse. amy: it is a chilly start again in central florida. wind chills feeling like freezing, air temperatures in the 30' s and 40' s.
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long this cool stretch w s >> local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in
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michelle: right now on sunrise orlando officers were confronted , with a gun twice in a matter of minutes. in one case they fired, in the other, they didn' t. what we know about the situation this morning. jason: and after the release of five americans from iran, the family of a missing former fbi agent hopes for a similar outcome. this morning, what u.s. officials are saying about his case. michelle: plus, a stolen hoverboard lands one local man behind bars. who led police to the suspect. thanks so much for joining us on your tuesday morning. imho it brought. -- i am michelle imperato. jason: and i am jason guy. it is just cool. you feel it as soon as you step out. amy: you do, but we are focusing on the wrong thing. how about the fact that we focus on the fact that we will see sunshine today? last week, remember, it was cold, and we were dealing with so many clouds. it is nice that we have the sunshine. a little bit of a hazy sunshine.
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bright blue sky because the high clouds have been streaming in and the overnight. the day. s at best. yesterday, we' s. there is the cloud cover we have. most of it is the high clouds streaming in from the gulf. it is helping keep our temperatures from dropping too much, but we have still been dropping gradually over the last couple of hours. sunrise happens that -- at 7: 19. 41 leesburg, orlando, 45 in melbourne. when you take the winds between 5, 10, even 15 miles an hour, we have feels like temperatures even colder. wind chills in the 30' s, 30 six daytona beach, feels more like 40 in orlando. mostly sunny today, but those high clouds -- look at these highs -- 55 in bellevue, 57
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we top out at 58 in maitland, 59 in davenport, along the coast, 55 in daytona beach and 59 in melbourne. let' s get an update on traffic now and get over to ted noah. ted: good morning. crash 528 at mile markers 6. it does not look like it is causing a major delays if you will be traveling through there. airport toll plaza moving nicely. live look right now, 408 westbound, looking pretty good on the d.o.t. cameras. right by i-4, getting into downtown orlando, that will cost you about four minutes, five minutes if you left right now. it is about pretty much delay-free. westbound, no delays, eastbound, we tend to back up starting right now, and it is not there yet. michelle: a late night investigation in orlando ended with gunfire and a man in the hospital.
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the courtney landing condos, not far from orlando international airport. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live this morning. alex, you are asking questions to investigators about what happened. what are you learning? alex: jason, we are trying to find out this morning the condition of the man who was shot. we know that one man was shot by police him up actually officers say they encountered two men with guns here at this condo complex. you can see that police are still out there now, more than 11 hours after this happened. it all started around 7:20 last night when police can hear to courtney landing condos after getting a call about a suspicious incidents are and when they got here, the two officers were confronted by a man with a gun, and police say that man did not acknowledge officers' orders to drop the weapon, so that is when they did open fire on him. that is when another resident come a military veteran who were those shots, came out of his unit with a gun. chief john mina said he did comply with officers'
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to drop the weapon, so he was not hurt. chief mina: these things happen in a blink of an eye that officers have to make that split-second decision. fortunately, our officers are not hurt. they are shaken up by this incident, but they will go home to their families tonight. alex: police have not given any details about how many shots were fired or whether the man who was shot fired back. again, we are working to find out his condition after he was taken to the hospital last night. as soon as we get new information, we will bring that streets you both here on air and on live in orlando, alex via v villarreal, wesh 2 news. jason: new from overnight, port orange police say a man accidentally shot his brother. we' re told the man is stable. we are pushing police for information to find out exactly what took place. michelle: happening today, a judge could grant bond for the suspect accused of firing a gun, and hitting a delivery man down the street. jai brown was ordered held
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but that could change during today' s hearing. orlando police say brown hit a quarter of a mile away. peck' s father tells wesh 2 he needed surgery to repair an artery in his leg. wesh 2 has uncovered the burglar stabbed to death last week broke into the same apartment last month. orange county sheriff' s deputies say michael degracia knew the people inside the apartment at the oak reserve complex off deputies say one of the people stabbed degracia in self-defense last friday and killed him. a report says degracia barged into the same place december 5 as part of an ongoing domestic dispute. jason: a saudi arabian student with an expired visa is walking free, despite his arrest for battery on a melbourne police officer. police arrested saud hassan on friday near the campus of florida institute of technology. they say was drunk and combative. when the sheriff' s office discovered the expired visa, the state attorney' s office got involved. gay beatty: if we' ve got violence directed toward a law
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who may not be legally in the country, the state takes that extremely seriously. jason: a judge ordered hassan held for 72 hours, but he was released less than 24 hours later. an attorney argued an expired visa is not a good reason to keep him in custody. michelle: this morning, still no sign of the armed intruders who barged into the wrong home. we first told you about the rude awakening on harwood street in orlando 24 hours ago. a woman and her two children were asleep when at least two masked men broke in and held them at gunpoint. when they realized they had the wrong house, they left. with information to call crimeline at 1-800-423 -tips. jason: this morning, an orlando man is in jail accused of stealing a hoverboard from a young girl. police say 18-year-old dyon robinson followed the girl as she rode along ambassador drive . then got out of his car, assaulted the teen, and grabbed the hoverboard and some cash. one of the victim' s friends nearby helped lead police to robinson. happening today, the florida
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hosting a meeting to talk about a possible corridor improvements on west state road 50. a study is being conducted to figure out what the needs are. this impacts 20 miles of state road 50 from u.s. 301 in hernando county to county road 33 in the city of mascotte. the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at the mascotte civic center. michelle: this morning, the nation' s top two education officials will visit orlando. acting u.s. education secretary john king is making a stop at valencia college' s west orlando campus as part of his opportunity across america tour. he' ll promote his plan to improve education at 9:30 a.m.. king' s under secretary ted mitchell will speak at the rosen hotel this afternoon. he' ll address legal issues a the community college conference at 1:00. this morning, three americans await their return back to the united states after they were freed from iranian custody in a prisoner swap. jason: wesh 2' s aixa diaz is in washington, d.c. following the latest developments and has more on where they are now. aixa: michelle, jason three , americans released from iranian custody are getting
6:30 am
military hospital in germany. jason rezaian is one of them, here he is, reunited with his family. he is the "washington post" reporter who was held in iran of being a spy. rezaian is one of five americans released saturday. now the family of bob levinson, a former fbi agent who disappeared in iran 9 years ago, is hoping for a similar outcome. u.s. officials say they are working to find him. sec. kerry: there are efforts that we have made to actually trace leads, and i know it' s very, very difficult for his family to see these other folks come back and not have answers. aixa: one of the five americans released this weekend is already back in the u.s. another chose to stay in iran. in washington, i' m aixa diaz. wesh 2 news. jason: a hearing in texas today will determine whether the affluenza teen will stay in the juvenile court system. ethan couch fled the country while on probation for a deadly drunk driving crash. members of mothers against drunk driving will be in court today, pushing to extend probation
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couch is still being held in mexico as his attorneys fight extradition. michelle: new information today -- mexican security officials are adding security to try to keep el chapo locked up this time. this time, a guard will be stationed outside the drug lord' s cell at all times, more cameras have been added near his cell, and the floors have been reinforced, since he escaped through an underground tunnel last year. jason: parts of northern california are dealing with the aftermath of severe weather, and there is more rain coming today. several neighborhoods are flooding, -- several neighborhoods have seen a lot of flooding, like this one, trash cans set out for the garbage collectors were instead picked up by floodwaters and littered the streets. forecasters say areas saw anywhere from two to four inches in just 24 hours. ahead, a local missionary was gunned down over the weekend. michelle: he was killed in an al qaeda attack in africa. pastor cummins: he lived in his passion. mike never minimized his values.
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michelle: this morning only on wesh 2, we' re learning more about mike riddering an impact -- and his impact in the community.
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why some homeownme amy: good morning and welcome back. i am amy sweezey outside this morning on a chilly tuesday. we have got temperatures in the 30' s and 40' s right now, and we will climb to the moto -- middle and upper 50' s today. it will stay cool today here that cool air starts filtering in from the north. we have got a little high, thin cloud cover early. that is keeping our temperatures dropping, and we will keep that hazy sunshine around through much of the day. we got close to freezing and a couple of our northern spots. 33 in citra and redick, 35 in silver spring. claremont is checking in at 43, so it is a little warmer the farther south that you go, but we are still below to mid 40' s to her with the wind, it feels even colder. 42 lake mary, winter park 43,
6:34 am
the land checking in at 38, flagler beach -- 49. port orange is at 41. in orlando, only in the mid to upper 50' s for high spirit i will take you around county by county, and we will talk more about how much colder we are going to be tomorrow morning. in fact, we have some places already under freeze warnings for early wednesday. let' s send it back inside not to get a traffic update with ted noah. ted: all right, amy p we had reports of a structure fire south of the intersection of lee road. chopper is on the way. it will be impacting the drive in terms of delays. it does not look like it is blocking, but we will have an aerial in about five minutes. live pictures of d.o.t. weston on the left side of the screen, 408 into downtown orlando starting to get busy getting onto i-4, so be prepared for a couple extra minutes during meanwhile, i-4 is still looking good john into colonial,
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more congested westbound, but really no delays at this time. michelle: dozens of people were killed in a terror attack in africa, and the shooting is having a ripple effect right here in central florida. jason: only on wesh 2 news, a local pastor talks about a former member of the congregation who lost his life. wesh 2' s brett connolly joins us in the studio with more. brett? brett: hey, guys, good morning. mike riddering was overseas volunteering with his wife at an orphanage caring for children when his life was cut short in a deadly terror attack. the missionary was gunned down over the weekend in an al-qaeda attack in burkina faso, africa, that' s where he did mission work at an orphanage with his wife, amy. four militants opened fire at a hotel and cafe, riddering was among the 28 killed. at the time he was waiting to meet a team of other missionaries. back here in ocala, pastor mark cummins and the church of hope congregation remembered riddering. pastor cummins: mike was about
6:36 am
medical care, get some food in their belly, and clean drinking water. the evil that showed up that day, the action, in the end the love of a guy named mike riddering far outshadowed. jason: pastor mark also tells us many in the congregation at the church of hope were speaking with riddering about joining him meanwhile, riddering' s wife posted on facebook saying her heart is heavy and is having trouble believing he is gone. riddering reportedly owned a boat company in south florida before moving to africa five years ago. jason and michelle, back over to you. jason: brett, thank you. a person who lives in the spruce creek fly-in community filed a lawsuit claiming the property owners have put aesthetics above safety. michelle: the private community near port orange has homes with airplane hangars, but melvin stanley, who filed the lawsuit, says tall trees are encroaching on the runway. stanley is a pilot. he says the trees have intruded
6:37 am
envelope" pilots need for take off and landing. melvin stanley: if it happens, that you could have made it inside the envelope and something is poking into it 10, 20, 30 feet, you can figure out what the outcome of that will be. michelle: several years ago, the faa prohibited instrument landings at night because of the trees, and many who travel for business say that' s a real inconvenience. by phone, the president of the association declined to comment on the lawsuit. jason: happening today, a group of rehabilitated manatees will be set free into the warm waters in brevard county. we' re talking about four sea cows that were rescued by florida fish and wildlife at different times. two of them were cared for at seaworld. and some other manatees trying to escape chilly temperatures were caught hereby chopper 2. look at them all huddling together. the park is one of the largest havens for manatee during the winter months. it is all because the water stays a comfortable 72 degrees all year long. michelle: we are running down your top stories next on sunrise.
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to new york for a preview of "the today show." >> coming up on a tuesday here on "today," the race to iowa with the caucuses now 13 days away. what happened if hillary clinton and donald trump lose there? and allies tracking what could be a major snowstorm, targeting about 50 million people in this country later on this week. and then, is reality thinking in? we check in with john and lisa robinson just days after they reveal they won the winning
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handler will stop by studio michelle: breaking news this morning out of orange county. firefighters are on the scene of a home that went up in flames. this is near orange blossom trail. you can see a big presence on the screen. jason: our crew is headed there now. we will bring you more information as soon as we can on air and on the wesh 2 mobile app. michelle: we have been talking about the weather. it is cool, but is there a warm up in our future?
6:40 am
we are dealing with this cold air for the first half of this week. kind of all over the place, although that is really not all that unusual in the winter months in south florida. seven: 19 is officially when this happens. derail high, thin cloud cover at the coast and inland, that will not stand in our way. despite the sunshine that we will get, our highs will still only be in the mid-to-upper to upper 50' s, well below average, and certainly cooler than even yesterday when we were in the lower 60' s. over the next five days, we will stay cool today and tomorrow. tomorrow will be warmer, but not quite back to normal. thursday and friday look great. back into the 70' s. showers and storms friday along with warmer temperatures, and then another cool glass comes in behind friday' s storms, with joeckel is back down into the 60' s again for next weekend. high clouds over lake eola right now. 43 degrees. the winds a little lighter.
6:41 am
we are dealing with wind chills. 43 feels more like 40 degrees in orlando. close to freezing in or -- in ocala. tonight, we will have a freeze in much of marion county, even flagler. we may get down to the lower 30' s with that cold air coming in. 43 sanford, orlando, there is the high clouds. again, most of them are high, which means you could ea little bit of hazy, filtered sun for today -- you could see a little bit of hazy, filtered sun for today. this is keeping it breezy and keeping our highschooler than yesterday. 56 in mount dora, 55 in ocala. we climbed to 59 in winter haven, 58 and kissimmee and thing cloud, 57 sanford and altona, 58 ocoee, 58 winter
6:42 am
s along the coast in brevard county, 57 cocoa beach, 59 today in palm bay. the overnight today will be even colder. flagler county, marion county said, sumter county, a freeze warning has already been posted, 32 degrees in the spots for several hours to morning. the rest of us will not be that cold, but we will be colder than we are now. mid-to-upper 30' s and the rest of the area with patchy frost possible. winds will be lighter, and we will have clear skies overnight tonight. once these temperatures climb, afternoon. the mid-50' s -- mid-sixties on wednesday, showers and storms will don' t system friday, and then we clear up for the weekend and cool down once again into the 60' s. ted? ted: we are looking at our travel times, all to mont gashed -- going from altamonte
6:43 am
mainland, and between 436 in maitland, i-4 westbound, not so bad. 434 tillie is eight minutes, slower than usual. let' s go to our d.o.t. now. i for westbound, i will step out of the way see you can see it is starting to back up a little bit. getting out of volusia county into seminole, i-4 downtown, not so bad. if you go from john young to colonial, you are looking at a six-minute drive. jason: right now, we have a recap of the stories making headlines this tuesday morning , beginning with an officer shooting a man during an investigation in orange county. michelle: right now that man is , recovering after he was shot by two orlando police officers last night. investigators say the man refused to drop his gun at an apartment complex on swissco drive. after those shots were fired, another man came out of his home with a gun. police told him to drop it, and he did. jason: today, state senator geraldine thompson is promoting a bill she says will provide more insight into
6:44 am
it requires cases of serious or deadly use of force reported to fdle within 24 hours. one week to provide results of local investigations. michelle: port orange police say a man accidentally shot his brother. we' re told the man who was shot re pushing for police to release more information on exactly what happened. jason: there is new information this morning on the search for a young man with a form of autism. the family of john noss says they have found a note indicating he might be trying to to live. noss was reported missing three days ago in maitland. michelle: happening today, a judge could grant bond for jai brown. he' s accused of firing a gun and hitting a delivery man down the street. brown was ordered held without bond over the weekend. jason: 6:55. let'
6:45 am
the sunrise out ofis michelle: no surprise -- we are cold once again today, amy. amy: high clouds are not hoping -- helping a lot. 36 in ocala, 39 the villages. it is really about the wind chills making it feel even colder. 5 to 10 miles an hour is all you need to bring the wind chills down.
6:46 am
we will keep the hazy sunshine around, but look at these high temperatures -- these are not be morning lows -- these are the afternoon highs -- we will only be a 58 in orlando, 55 daytona beach. that is a whole lot cooler even then we were yesterday, and yesterday, we were well below average, only in the lower 50' s here it -- only in the lower 60' s. we have a freeze warning that has been posted for sumter, marion, flagler county. lower 70' s on thursday, so we' re climbing, but then our next round of rain on friday will ring another cool down next weekend, ted. ted: all right, amy, increasing i-4, looking down from the clouds, westbound i-4, we had a slow spot, about eight minutes there getting from the altamonte springs area. d.o.t., a live look i-4, eastbound, downtown, not bad. looking good approaching the airport westbound.
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