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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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high definition. angela: right now at 11:00, severe weather is sweeping across the southeast portion of the u.s. and there' s al ady a tornado watch for areas near the panhandle. jim: airlines are bracing for the impact from this storm system, which will make its way toward us, and then up the east coast. more than 1400 flights have already been cancelled, and that number is expected to rise. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor, in for meredith mcdonough. that line of storms could arrive as early as tomorrow, so we want to make sure you' re ready if that happens. jim: first alert chief meteorologist tony mainolfi is tracking tracking the potential for severe weather. tony, when exactly will it affect us here in central florida? tony: that is a great question. that will be around 10:00 a.m. on the west side of the peninsula on interstate 75, and then raises offshore by 3:00. we have a very impressive line of thunderstorms and showers, but we have not had a lot of warnings in comparison to what we were seeing earlier. hopefully that is a sign of
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marginal risk severe weather, i-4 and i-95, a slight risk for severe storms. that means it is higher for marion county and just north of flagler county. the timeframe is 10:00 a.m. to 4:00. the biggest risk is damaging winds, but if there were a tornado, it would be right here. by 10:30 west ocala, by 11:30 east of ocala. by 12:30, approaching i-4. by 2:30 and near volusia county and offshore by 5:00. we will talk about the severe weather threat when this comes through late morning on into the afternoon. back to you. jim: now to breaking news out of daytona beach. a huge traffic mess caused by a driver' s mistake. this is a live look at i-95 near the i-4 interchange. a dump truck struck the overpass, damaging a sign and shooting debris everywhere. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is live
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the crash and the cleanup. matt? matt: crews are on scene right now. that is why the road could remain closed for several more hours. you can see this is taking some of the debris away. it is near the 260b exit sign. they are also revving some concrete before they can reopen the road. this was around 7:00 tonight. a dump truck smashed into the knocking off pieces of concrete. the driver, who is a 52-year-old woman, forgot to lower the bin of the dump truck. she was injured and rushed to the halifax hospital nearby. the injuries are serious, but not considered life-threatening. no one else was hurt, and everyone else that drives this area knows it is under construction. that dump truck was using in the
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all northbound traffic is being diverted off i-95 and onto bevel road. that portion of the interstate could remain closed until 4:00 a.m. anyone looking to make their way north in this area should find a different route. the southbound layout -- lanes are open, but all northbound lanes are closed at mile marker 260 until 4:00 a.m. jim: a mess there. also new tonight, troopers confirm a woman died in this crash involving her car and a dump truck in orange county. from our dot cameras, you can see the flashing lights on the right side of the 408, near goldenrod road, around 6:30 tonight. troopers haven' t identified the woman who was killed. because of the crash and resulting investigation, traffic backed up for about a mile. new tonight, we just got our hands on nearly 200 pages of new documents in the case of the security guard accused of raping and murdering a woman in her downtown orlando apartment. included is an interview with one of the officers who discovered the body of sasha
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uptown place apartments. stephen duxbury was with officers when her body was found, and during the interview, the officer says duxbury said he saw samdudean appear drunk, walking with another man the night she was last seen. but police later arrested duxbury and charged him with the murder. we' re still going through the documents and we' ll have more details on wesh 2 sunrise beginning at 4:30 a.m. angela: now to parent' s nightmare. a three-year-old boy wandered away from adults, into a pool, and never re-surfaced. tonight, wesh 2' s chris hush spoke with the child' s family and has new details on what went wrong. chris: it is definitely a tragic accident that happened here today. the family of the three-year-old and paramedics did everything they could to try to revive this three-year-old boy, but when i got to arnold palmer hospital, doctors did pronounce him dead.
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pronounce him dead. this three-year-old boy drowned in his pool. >> he was very active. he fell in the pool, there is a pool in the back. chris: this is the pool that his orange county. first responders showed up revive the child. family members were at home at the time when the three-year-old wandered out of sight and fell he was later pronounced dead at arnold palmer hospital. >> he liked run around, and he got out of the house. >> i have never seen children unsupervised. it amazes me. chris: neighbors say the children are never left alone. sadly, the pool had recently been drained but rainwater collected at the bottom of it. >> the pool was not completely full right now. chris: there is just enough
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>> very distraught parents at the hospital, they lost their child. >> my prayers go out to the parents and everything else. chris: we are told the family was simply too upset to speak to investigators about what happened earlier today. we have not been notified if dcf be involved. there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. chris hush, wesh 2 news. angela: a really tough situation. within the past 90 minutes, troopers told us a security guard, hurt in a crash on a college campus, has died from his injuries. troopers say luis lopez garduno was intoxicated when he crashed into a golf cart at florida college of integrative medicine in orlando. 45-year-old james sensenbaugh, who was on the golf cart, died late tonight. troopers say garduno ran from the crash and was later found hiding under a building on campus. he' s also accused of living in florida for eight years without a florida driver' s license. jim: police officer bodycam video shows the moments after a
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crashes into a building on ucf' s campus. and new tonight, wesh 2' s summer knowles explains just how cops at the college are trained to handle these types of incidents, involving these types of drugs. summer: as you mentioned, that released, but the incident happened last week, monday. there is still damaged left behind, including this, a piece of brick wall that the driver crashed through. m a there is still a code and caution tape up in the area. >> is there anybody in the car? >> there is a guy in there. summer: this is the video of the crash on campus. >> are you ok? are you all right? summer: 34-year-old jeffrey lopez was anything but all right after crashing through a brick wall, nearly heading -- hitting a pedestrian. they quickly realized something was not right.
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nothing? do you know were you are at? >> the hospital. >> you are at the hospital? summer: ucf police trained on heroin quickly identified the signs. this is a big deal according to authorities. so much so that the ucf police officers are part of an special task force, drained and carry an antidote to combat heroin overdoses. police were armed with this, and there is a heroine problem -- heroin problem on campus. are you part of the problem? >> no. summer: lopez who is not a student admitted to using heroin before the crash. a reminder of the ongoing battle
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>> if that is a problem, it is a good thing we are so sort of forming a task force to handle this as delicately as possible. summer: we do know there was a woman inside the car at the time of the crash. she disappeared -- she does not appear to be injured and is not facing any charges, but lopez is facing several charges, dui, reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. angela: headed to prison after -- tonight, two 19-year-olds are headed to prison after pleading guilty to their roles in a crowbar attack that left a teenager fighting for his life. jessie umberger: i' m really sorry for what happened. and if there was anything i could do to take it back, i would. angela: jessica umberger and rebecca gotay pleaded guilty to their roles in the brutal beating of daniel vukovich in
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ago. as part of the plea deal, the women will testify against dylan thomas, who police call the mastermind of the attack. umberger and gotay face a maximum of 15 years in prison when they' re sentenced in april. jim: the orange county sheriff' s office arrests two men and charges them in connection with a shooting at a pine hills neighborhood gas station. lojuan sessions and donta swilly have both been arrested. sessions is charged with attempted homicide, and swilly is looking at a charge of carrying a concealed firearm. take a look at the bottom left-hand portion of your screen, the highlighted area. police say that' s sessions' hand firing the gun. a crowd of people ran for cover, but one man is shot in the stomach. so far, there' s no word on a motive. angela: tonight, 911 calls give us a glimpse inside the sanford apartment as dogs were attacking on tuesday. 911 caller: there' s four dogs attacking her, please. they won' t let go of her arm. angela: a sanford police officer shot five dogs, killing them to
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a sixth dog was taken to animal services. the woman most severe was airlifted to ormc and is still in critical condition. four of those six dogs involved in tuesday' s incident were also involved in a dog biting case in december at a different address. but according to animal services, in that case, the dogs were going after each other, and people were bitten trying to break it up, so it' s not considered aggression against people. jim: the former pedicab driver accused of raping a customer following the races at daytona speedway nearly two years ago takes the witness stand today. george brainard says he had consensual sex with the victim after she repeatedly offered it while riding around near the speedway. brainard has high functioning autism, and says the victim was drinking and insistent on having sex in exchange for some money and a ride all the way home, out of his area. the victim claims brainard dragged her from the pedicab and raped her behind some trees. she said she had scrapes and bruises, though a nurse testified today that she didn' t find any during an examination. the case goes to the jury
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angela: tonight, we have the 911 calls made of that tragic hunting accident that took the life of a 65-year-old volusia county man. it happened yesterday in a remote area of oak hill. bruce best and his hunting buddy were apparently looking for deer around 2:00 in the afternoon. according the 911 call, best was shot by his hunting partner when he mistook him for a deer. he was using a 12 gauge shotgun. now in the call, you hear confusion and disbelief. caller: jay, i killed bruce. >> what? caller: i killed bruce. i killed bruce. s back there. he' s back. the helicopter is is getting further away. where' s the cops? where are y' all? angela: that is so hard to listen to. friends for both men say they were excellent hunters. the shooting is being investigated by the volusia county sheriff' s office and the fish and wildlife commission. jim: still ahead, tony' s back with a new update on severe weather headed our way. angela: plus, a controversy in
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allegedly segregates her students as a way to teach them about racism. jim: and trapped in traffic. dash cam video you have to see to believe of a child found
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angela: new tonight, we' re talking to an angry parent who says they' re mad at what one teacher tried explaining to her students. jim: wesh 2' s matt grant explains the teacher split up her students in what she called a lesson in racism. tony: -- matt: she wants her daughter to learn history, but not by being discriminated against. the principle of minneola elementary said that tuesday after martin luther king jr. day, the teacher did an unapproved cluster experiment without notifying parents or the school. kids were skit -- segregated by eyecolor and then stayed that way for several hours.
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kids with blue eyes got hugged and candy. the other kids got nothing. >> the white you' ll that have blue eyes got hugs -- people that have blue eyes got hugs. she said everybody else has cooties. everybody was crying. matt: this letter was sent to the next day. the letter was also not approved. the teacher declined to talk to us, but in a letter to parents after the fact, describes this as a tough lesson that highlights the importance of a quality so kids would feel like what it would have been like to be there 50 years ago. the parent wishes her daughter could have opted out. >> they are too young to comprehend that. you should make a student upset to take a lesson like that. matt: this is under investigation, and they are calling this inappropriate. >> she felt it was an
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important to be treated equally. not appropriate for first grade. it will not happen again. matt: matt grant, wesh 2 news. jim: right now, it' s unclear if that teacher will face any discipline. angela: bill nelson has joined a growing list of lawmakers order a federal investigation into crumb rubber and a possible crumb rubber is used to make artificial turf, which is used on high school and recreational sports fields. seminole county is using it at its new $27 million sports complex. the county hired a doctor at ucf to examine the turf, and he said there' s no reason to believe it poses a health risk. senator nelson still isn' t convinced. in a letter sent to president obama, nelson and other lawmakers write, "given that millions of children and young athletes play on crumb rubber synthetic surfaces every day, this correlation with cancer cannot be ignored." nelson mentioned a recent study by researchers at the university
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cases of cancer linked to crumb rubber. jim: time to scream for ice cream once again. after eight months, blue bell is coming back to stores in florida. the company pulled its products from shelves in april after a listeria contamination that was linked to three deaths. blue bell is reintroducing its products back into its markets in phases, and florida is one of the first to get the ice cream, which returns monday. for now, only five flavors are being produced. they' re buttered pecan, cookies ' n cream, dutch chocolate, homemade vanilla and the great divide, which is a combination of the last two. angela: pick them all. tony mainolfi is here with us. we are talking tomorrow is important, the possibility of severe weather heading our way. tony: it comes in after sign-up, but it will be there for five hours. let me show you what it looks like outside. i want to show you the water vapor channel, that is a
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you can see the tail through the heart of the gulf of mexico and southward, a sign that things are intensifying with the line of thunderstorms. that is why we have a tornado watch, that does include the city of pensacola. likely we will see a watch up north as we get into the early morning hours. look at this line of showers. this is going to raise quickly -- raise quickly from i 75 to i-4 between 12:30 and 1:30. and by 2:30 to 3:30, we are at 95. colder as we get to friday night. the greatest severe weather west of i-4. in the yellow it is an isolated risk for a tornado. this is a marginal risk. we get some strong winds. 5% chance of seeing severe
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in the slight risk area, the yellow, you go up to a 50% chance for seeing severe weather , including isolated tornado. there is the window, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 in the afternoon. ocala, the villages, bushnell, palm coast, 10:00 to 12:00. we are talking from daytona , sanford, orlando, kissimmee told the clock to 1:00 -- 12:00 to 1:00. your got to have the weather radio. don' t forget the free wesh 2 weather app. we will track storms and everything you need to keep you and your family safe. there is the front coming through midafternoon on i-4. by the evening hours racing offshore. it wind big concern, tornado threat is there but low. as the front comes through, 35
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by 1:30 as the line of storms is over i-4, 40 to 50 mile an hour winds, and in the energy translates to brevard county and goes offshore. it will be windy behind it. forecast highs as this is unfolding, 70 to about 75 degrees as we head into the weekend. it is a colder season on saturday, struggling to get in the middle 50' s on sunday. the winds will subside, that is good news. let' s look at the seven-day forecast. 90% chance of storms on friday. tranquility sunday through tuesday. jim: we got this video out of oregon showing a dash cam. take a look at this. the two-year-old boy managed to sneak out an open door of a community center last month and just wandered into traffic. the responding deputy was driving down the road and had to slam his brakes to avoid hitting the child. here he comes.
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draw attention to distracted driving. in this case, no charges were filed, because the child' s parents were searching for him, and it appears to just be an accident. angela: going straight to the police lights. it' s showdown sunday in the nfl. this weekend' s winners head to the super bowl. jim: and what has happened to the orlando magic? coach skiles talking about the team' s effort. stewart: it has been a tough go at it. he appears surprisingly calm, but there is frustration right below the surface. who' s up next and who will step up for a team that' s won once in
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that and more coming up on wesh stewart: just weeks ago, the orlando magic were a promising young team, ripe for a playoff run and looking like a real contender in the east. but their status may be quickly going from contender to pretender. a low point for the season last night, losing to the worst team in the nba. the five win philadelphia 76ers come to town and steal a game. sixers win for the first time against an eastern conference foe. magic have dropped eight of their last nine games. coach skiles, what say you? scott skiles: i do know from a player standpoint, it is frustrating.
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frustration, and you know -- you kind of sulk and how to way out of a game, that is a big am a big problem. stewart: magic get another shot at a win against the hornets tomorrow at home. tip time is 7:00. and then there were four. when the weekend is over, we' ll know which two teams are headed to the super bowl. it' s conference championship weekend. two of the big qb' s the game has ever seen go head-to-head sunday, and today we' re hearing from them ahead of the patriots-broncos matchup. >> it is going to come down to how well we execute on sunday. you may not have any experience in a super bowl, everyone again for our team. -- one again for our team. >> what we talked about yesterday, is to sort of stay in the moment and keep it one week at a time. that has served our whole team
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. jim: florida senator marco rubio will make an appearance on "the tonight show," and you can see it here first. here' s a clip.
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do you like my boots? >> have you stopped -- >> they are in an undisclosed location. >> you can' t they were they are hiding? >> you can' t pull them out. your marco rubio, you are running for president. jim: hear what else the republican presidential candidate has to say coming up in just a few minutes, right after this newscast. angela: that was pretty funny. tony: the big story we are watching is the severe weather. let' s get you up to date. it is not going through the panhandle, tornado watch in effect. ocala, 10:00 to 12:00, orlando, :00 to 2:00, melbourne 2:00 to 4:00. jim: that' s our newscast for tonight. you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at or the wesh 2 mobile app. angela: thanks for watching. we hope you' ll join us again
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