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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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jim: first at 11:00, we are tracking a huge winter storm system sweeping across the country and it is expected to be a nightmare for nearly 50 million people along the east coast. angela: right now, the nation' s capital is under a blizzard warning as the potentially historic storm blasts the eastern seaboard, and some areas could see several feet of snow. good evening, i' m angela taylor, in for meredith mcdonough. jim: i' m jim payne. tonight, we have team coverage with more on how this storm will affect you. angela: wesh 2' s matt lupoli is live at orlando international airport, where thousands of flights have been delayed and canceled all across the country. jim: but we begin with chief meteorologist tony mainolfi, and tony, it' s actually snowing right now here in florida? tony: north florida. the big storm system from west virginia to new york, if you have travel plans tomorrow or through monday, check your airline carrier. there are going to be significant delays over the course of the next couple of days.
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up. there is no tonight in northwest florida. the wind is cranking up the colder air is pouring in, and we have enough moisture that we are seeing the white. those are snow flurries west of tallahassee by about 40 to five -- 50 miles. that air is cold over the relatively warm gulf of mexico waters, there is no stuff for us. plenty of cold air on the way. we have freeze watches for marion and flagler counties. these will become freeze warnings, likely expanded southward. i will show you why and show you some wind chills both saturday and sunday straight ahead. jim: thank you. our team coverage continues now with wesh 2' s matt lupoli live at orlando international with the latest on how the storm is affecting travel there, matt. matt: with several major hubs
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orlando today. that is why airlines and airport representatives say the best travel plans should check on them. >> absolutely, our daughter was concerned, she was like are we going to be ok today? we were like, we are not going to be canceled. matt: seeing all this read on the board could put fear in anyone' s eyes. those with flights on time like the brown family are among the very fortunate. that is because we did weather is forcing mass cancellations, nearly 3000 flights were grounded in charlotte, atlanta, washington, and other cities. that is affecting travel across the country, and busy oia is no exception, where scores of flights were canceled or delayed. >> a lot of people going to charlotte or new york, they are staying an extra day. matt: michael tells us that many people in his work heard about this in advance, so they did not
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airport officials say others trailing -- traveling this weekend to keep in close contact with their airlines. they want you to check early and often. >> we were planning our entire day over this connecting flight, so absolutely. matt: more than 3200 flights in north waste -- northeast airports have already been scrubbed. airlines are waiving fees and relaxing cancellations. jim: this is going to take a while to fix. in tampa, the severe weather and fast moving winds knock a tree right onto a home. these pictures show part of a branch right through the roof, which obviously caused quite a mess. luckily, no one inside the home was hurt. you can always track the severe weather from the palm of your hand. check the radar in your area using the wesh 2 mobile app and get updates online at wesh. com.
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news out of volusia county. that' s where a man has drowned at his condo' s indoor pool. this happened at ocean' s atrium condominiums along south atlantic avenue in daytona beach shores. we' re told the man was in his 60' s and so far, there appears to be no foul play. new tonight, a county official closes up a volusia county office, citing safety concerns for his staff. he says the problem is the homeless people, who have set up camp outside his office. wesh 2' s chris hush reports on the increasing tension in daytona beach. chris: on friday, employees left the volusia county property appraisers office in daytona beach some with boxes in their hands, knowing they won' t be back on monday. morgan gilreath jr.: employees in this building should not be afraid to come to work. they should not feel intimidated . chris: volusia county property appraiser morgan gilreath jr. has closed the daytona beach office, sending his 40 employees to offices in deland and new smyrna beach until further notice. the reason? he says one of his employees was accosted friday morning by a homeless person while she was
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building. a building that is now surrounded by a crowd of nearly 100 homeless people who have set up camp. >> i am not putting my people up to that. we don' t give them combat pay. michael pastore: they painted us into a corner. this was like our last stand. pat: chris: michael pastore, an advocate for the homeless, says when the city closed popular living spots for the homeless, like manatee island, they came here. meanwhile, both the city and county continue to struggle to morgan gilreath jr.: i' m not waiting for somebody else to fix that problem when my people are at risk. randall hewitt: those are the bad apples. you know, i hate to say it, but there' s always bad apples in the crowd, but there are a lot of good legit people here. chris: now sources tell wesh 2 the county may close the entire building next week, transferring at least 100 people to other offices. but nearby business like rhokkoh' s frozen yogurt say there' s already been a decline in business due to the homeless population. wendy rutledge: yeah, that would
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that is regulars are vital to , the business. chris: the local salvation army has responded to the issue, saying it will open up to 50 extra beds at its shelter soon. the property appraiser says his employees are prepared to work at the other offices for up to a week, but that could be extended depending on the outcome of right here. angela: right now, the search is on for a man who escaped from prison this afternoon. police say gary bullock junior was able to get out of the tomoka correctional institution in daytona beach. bullock was locked up after being convicted of robbery. there' s no word on how he was able to escape, but if you see him, stay away and call police. new tonight, a man is arrested for impersonating an officer in osceola county, and we' ve got the bogus badge he used. deputies say humberto santiago told a man he was a detective with the orlando police department, and then flashed him this badge. he told the man his car was reported stolen and demanded the keys. he threatened to arrest the man, so the man gave up the keys and
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deputies say he also pretended to be a repo man, and would threaten to tow cars if the owners didn' t pay him. jim: it takes a jury less than 30 minutes to acquit a former pedicab driver in daytona beach, who had been accused of rape. 29-year-old george brainard got hugs from his attorneys following the not guilty verdict after a week-long trial. he was accused of raping a woman who took a ride with him following a race at daytona speedway in 2014, dragging her from the pedi cab into the woods. but the defense presented evidence that the woman was drunk, mad at her boyfriend, and had consensual sex with brainard. he is relieved with the verdict, but says the accusation really hurt. s been hell, it' s been terrible. i' ve lost three jobs because of it. just like people bashing me left t even know me. jim: the alleged victim and brainard both testified at trial. she was at the courthouse but
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verdict came in. new tonight, a man is arrested and charged with fraud in osceola county. they say he was illegally selling other people' s cars without proper tags or titles. when the victims ask for the money from the sale, he refused. we also found out he is the current candidate for the osceola county board of commissioners. angela: the local woman who hit a 12-year-old boy with her car in cocoa, and kept going, will spend 10 years in prison. michelle simkins was convicted of leaving the scene of a crash last month. she left 12-year-old thomas gregory with two broken legs and serious internal injuries. thomas had been playing with his friends in his front yard of his home when he was hit and thrown more than 100 feet. police found the car a day later, and traced it to simkins. thomas was in court to watch the sentencing. thomas said after the hearing he still can' t run and jump like he used to, but is hoping to one day recover fully. the man arrested for driving
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state trooper is out of jail. troopers say juan carlos torres ran a red light on sand lake road just before four this into the trooper' s cruiser. she was not hurt. at the time, the trooper was on drivers. torres is charged with dui. jim: now to a story you' ll see only on wesh 2. a leesburg couple catches two people loading items from their home into a u-haul. donald and jennifer herst say they came home thursday and scared the burglars, who tried to flee in the u-haul. the bad guys slammed into the couple' s truck and took off. but they were in hot pursuit. >> what, what am i falling out, because he is doing the turn. so we raced down here and they run a school bus off the road -- so they jumped out and she said don' t call the police. i am already on the phone. jim: the suspects were identified as amanda roberts and jack hayes, and were arrested by
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into a tree. angela: their daughter vanished nearly 10 years ago and today, the parents of jennifer kesse want your help finding her. orlando police detectives say they still get tips, and work the kesse disappearance at least once a week. kesse didn' t show up for work on january 2006. her car was found a mile away from where she vanished, but s never been any sign of her. both her parents want and need information that will bring their daughter home. >> we can' t quit we have , unconditional love for jennifer. >> we' re not going to go anywhere. >> we can' t go anywhere. angela: they realize there have been cases where people are found alive years later, but they' ve prepared themselves for the worst. they want to public to help them find jennifer, regardless of what may have happened to her. jim: now to new video out of brevard county. deputies release this surveillance video showing a man try to break into a chevron gas station along highway 46 in mims. the man looks inside a few times before trying to force his way
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you see him trying to get the glass door with a fire extinguisher over and over. break in. he eventually just gives up and walks away. two people are under arrest , caught after crashing through the gates of the brevard zoo. the two are suspected in a home invasion in rockledge. authorities spotted them not far from the home and the chase began. it ended when the suspects crashed into the brevard zoo and took off running. one was caught inside the zoo, the other not far away. deputies recovered several guns and ammunition inside their car. still ahead, two brothers are arrested after an eye in the sky helicopter. and a window watching the teen in her room. he will not believe what he told deputies that it was ok. jim: we have new video of a woman going on an angry to rate after a driver refused to take her home. angela: we continue to take an eye on the severe weather headed
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this is a i -- live look at i-95 in philadelphia. it is almost too hard to see. you can see headlights. tony will be back with the local forecast. you can see the snow blowing there. jim: that is one crazy guy on
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jim: an orange county man is arrested on several charges including voyeurism, after he admits peering at a teenage girl through her bedroom window. angela: new tonight, wesh 2' s matt grant spoke exclusively to the suspect' s brother and has new details on the arrest. hello -- >> hello, judge. matt: 22-year-old dominique brace appeared before a judge. he' s charged with burglary, and voyeurism, after cops say they caught him peeping through the bedroom window of an 18-year-old high school girl. >> would you be willing to reduce the bond or this? >> the victim in this case would not be happy with that. it would scare the daylights out of her. matt: orlando police responded to pelican lane around 10:00 p.m. thursday. officers witnessed a man, later identified as brace, holding a phone up to a bedroom window. the teen told officers she was
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with big eyes staring at her. >> i wish she did not do something like that. but he does what he does. matt: speaking exclusively to wesh 2, the suspect' s brother says he just found out what happened when his grandmother texted him. >> it is kind of shocking because we have family in law enforcement. for him to do some thing like that is a little weird. matt: according to the police report, brace told officers, he was walking home, cutting through yards, and admitted looking in the window not on purpose, but because it was kind of just in his line of sight. he saw a police officer so he ran, not because he was doing anything wrong, but wanted to see if he could get away from the cops just for the fun of it. >> score one for the good guys, and won' t be on -- wh oe be on him if he catches me. matt: davis odell has lived in this neighborhood for two decades. he praised police for catching
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and as a father to young kids, he tells me this infuriates him. >> if you come into my yard, there' ll be serious consequences. matt: brace just started working for a restaurant as a cook, but his boss tells me he won' t have a job much longer. brace remains locked up here at the orange county jail. his bond is set at over $5000. in orange county matt grant wesh 2 news. jim: two sarasota brothers are a sheriff' s helicopter and it , doesn' t take long for them to be found and arrested. >> they are the males that i have on video on that back porch, although i can' t identify who is lasing, one of those two were lasing. no doubt in my mind. jim: 22-year-old matthew bennington and his 25-year-old brother gary are both charged with misuse of a laser device , that' s a felony. around 11:30 wednesday night, two deputies noticed a green light hitting their chopper. it didn' t take long for deputies to track down the two using thermal imaging technology to find them. the pair admitted to the crime after learning it was all caught on camera. angela: now to a video gone viral, showing a south florida doctor attacking an uber driver in miami.
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s 4th year medical resident anjali ramkisson kneeing the driver when he told her he had actually come to pick up someone else instead of her. the youtube video then shows her getting into the car, and tossing out the driver' s stuff, including scissors and an iphone. police say the driver accepted a settlement with the woman and did not press charges. she has now been suspended from her residency. jim: i fully support that suspension. now to some new video. keep an eye on the upper left part of the screen. the school security camera captured that huge bolt of lightning in tyler, texas thursday. he we go in slow motion. it struck a tree, creating that huge spark. it was one of many after a storm system moved through the area. luckily, no one was hurt. angela: think goodness the kids were not out at that time. stuff goes flying.
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all those pieces. the big story is the cold weather. we still have snow flurries ongoing. angela: not here. tony: it is not coming here. let me take you outside and to the north and east. we have the areas of low pressure , cracking up here the south carolina border. this will make low-pressure were showing you the pictures from ie the ds in washington dc -- aixa diaz in washington dc. we have the wins picking up the gulf of mexico moisture. it is not frozen. we will have pictures on the western zone. we will take that trek up to 75 west through tallahassee, we have snow flurries ongoing right now. this will last a couple of hours.
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mexico. too warm for any sort of snow short -- shower activity. that colder air is waiting in the wings, poised to move in tonight. the cooler temperatures will be with us tomorrow morning. that along with wind. let me show you the planner. grab a jacket is your out early. we have blustery conditions at 9:00, temperatures in the 40' s, overnight low at ocala 42, sanford 45. factor in the west-northwest wind, very cold wind chills not only tomorrow morning but even colder sunday morning. we are in the 20' s area-w ide. that is cold stuff. look at these freeze watches, marion and flagler county. it could be updated to a freeze warning early tomorrow morning, and this could stretch farther
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the weekend set up, bright side side -- sunshine but cold. you should dress warmly for the high-pressure overhead or nearby overhead on sunday, allowing for what will be the coldest morning potentially of the entire winter season the way we see it right now. orlando. if you are headed to the citrus bowl for the monster jam, getting a lot of requests on this one, dress warmly. don' t forget longjohns. temperatures will fall to the 40' s, but with the wind it will be cold. saturday night, sunday morning 20 in ocala, freezing around daytona beach. here is the updated seven-day forecast. we get cold, temperate, nice by tuesday. a little rain on thursday.
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, viral. >> you believe someone in the playing basketball in the street. jim: that' s officer bobby white, who shows up, and as you see, the kids. as the game goes on, more kids show up, and the game goes on. white eventually has them lower the rim so he can do a slam dunk. he then tells the kids not to bother anyone, keep playing, and have fun. angela: who complains about kids being too loud? jim: that is nice. tony: out in the street, that is what we did. angela: one of the luckiest and ll ever see, coming up. jim: and the orlando magic hosting the sub-500 hornets tonight desperately needing a win. stewart: this one goes down to the wire and then some. arena.
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victor oladipo but would it be enough? it' s all next on wesh 2 news. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. stewart: the orlando magic were headed into the fourth quarter of tonight' s game against charlotte up by 17 points. and then they remembered they
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both teams 2-8 in their last 10 games. the hornets tie it up. and force overtime. pick it up with less than a minute in regulation. hornets' kemba walker with the defensive rebound scores on the lay-up. hornets lead 107-106 lead with 29 seconds left. you can see the bench going crazy. this is a 19-point comeback. victor oladipo has a monster game three ball off the glass , ties the game up 109-109 with 5-seconds to play and we go to overtime. in o.t., hornets spencer hawes hits a 3-pointer from the left corner with 17 seconds left to give charlotte a 118-116 lead in overtime. despite oladipo' s 29 points, magic would score no more and lose a heart-breaker. final score hornets 120, magic 116. even though the cleveland cavaliers lead the nba' s eastern conference with a 30-11 record, and even though he led the team to the nba finals last june, head coach david blatt has been fired. >> i'
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and losses. i' m focusing on a bigger picture in my evaluation, and i' m really trying to decide are we working towards a championship, or are we building a championship culture. stewart: the guy had 11 losses. blatt' s top assistant and former magic player tyronn lue is taking over as coach, and the cavs g.m. says lue is not an interim coach. the cavs were blown out in a 34-point loss to the defending champ golden state warriors earlier this week. the cavs have won 11 of their last 13 games. jacksonville jaguars head coach gus bradley has a little more breathing room signing a one-year contract extension. bradley was entering the final season of a four-year deal. he has a 12-36 record over the last three seasons. golfers are known for getting help any way they can, sometimes from the infamous foot wedge or the mulligan. top-ranked pro jordan spieth prefers to get cheeky. spieth was teeing off on the 9th hole at the abu dhabi hsbc championship. he hooked his shot.
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it hits a fan in the backside and stops it from splashing. spieth manages a par on the hole. the lucky fan gets a laugh, maybe a bruise back there, but good thing he was not turned the other direction. no one asked to see the bruise. american downhill skier bill johnson has passed away after a long illness at the age of 55. johnson is the first american to win gold in the downhill at an olympics when he finished first in the 1984 winter olympics in
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more news and weather after jim: it is a balmy 24 degrees in philadelphia. there is a live look at i-95, and i think -- angela: three people. jim: three people on the highway. tony: just starting. they will get one to two feet of snow, and down here we have snow up north in the panhandle, no snow here. the live radar, snowfall rates two inches per hour in a philadelphia right through tomorrow morning. looking at the seven-day forecast, here it is cold, we will get over it and be all right by monday. 75 tuesday and a few showers on thursday. angela: looks good.
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