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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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all hail to clooney. george and take "e.t" inside their old ho date night. arriving in style, amal's recycled wedding look. plus co-star's channing tatum's next role, dirty dancing live? >> i'll totally play baby. you don't put channing in a corn corner corner. and rob kardashian, the exclusive new photo showing health concerns. hear how kloe turns two bedrooms into a closet for her shoes. and bill cosby in court today, what happened when he tried to get his sexual assault case thrown out. >> mr. cosby is somber. >> he's walking with a can
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and our kevin frazier with destiny's child. >> i just didn't want to get that call from your mom. >> you still might get it. now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." bill cosby in cour pleading to get the felony rape charges against him thrown out. >> he looks frail, but is his condition being exaggerated as a strategy to keep him out of jail? legal analysis straight ahead and channing tatum and wife jenna, adorable. it was chilly in l.a., but tatums were on the red kamplt. >> how much more fun is it to have amal at these events and walk the red carpet? >> it's fun forme, i don't know how much fun it is for her.
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>> who are you wearing? >> ralph and russo couture. >> george and channing and jenna, which cup ouple is hotter? i mean jenna with those pockets in the sk but amal can sport the fashion with this red custom version of the green run way dress. and can we talk her hair? tucked under and into a bob on one side. >> we take the transition very gracefully from work to hollywood. >> she does very well with that. it's hard to do. >> but do we have evidence that chan will star in a new "dirty dancing live?" >> like they ju "grease"?
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i'm good on the second take, third take kind of guy. but i would do anything with you. i' saying. >> there's an online campaign for channing tatum in the live production of "dirty dancing". >> not as the johnny role, but the baby role. because nobody puts channing in the corner. >> oh, my god, please play it. >> i'll totally play baby. >> okay, we need to -- >> yeah. that happens. that's going o in the world now. >> yep, and we even made it into a gift. sorry, not sorry. anything to help promote the stars brothers comedy, "hail caesar" which opened on friday, and then sunday is the super bowl and the tatums want a
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halftime performperformer,beyonce. >> we still want to meet her. >> if i'm going to meet her, i have to dress up like her just to make it no hey, just so it's not weird. >> and there was a whole bunch of craziness night at the site of the super bowl. let's get to news, bill cosby was back in court today. >> it was to the p case. >> and we were all so shocked by his appearance. >> find out what this means and we turn to a legal analyst tanya acker. >> how are you feeling this morning? >> what the judge is deciding today is whether or not to dismiss the criminal case against cosby. >> coz sby looked frail outside court, inside he sat quietly. >> he's somattentive. >> he held his support
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and legally and functionally blind. >> i don't think that cosby's frail appearance is all an act. i think he's old, i think a has some health problems. he's dressed more like a crdefendant. last time he was dressed like dr. hux the real issue, the claii of sexual assault and this former district attorney who took the stand today, did he agree years ago to never pros the comedian? >> so what the prosecutors want to do is get the testimony o that da as to the terms of that prior agreement. >> cosby is expected back in court tomorrow. right now we move on to super bowl 50 and the spectacle that was media day. i mean it was bannans as kevin frazier likes tsay. and he was in the middle of all the madness with our special corporate. >> super bowl day has now given way to opening night.
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have to do it big. joined by my partner in crime michelle williams. and as gets bigger, each and every year, we have make our team bigger, that's why cassidy give ford is here to cover her first big media day. >> it was crazy >> cassidy, welcome to media day. >> well, it was my very first super media day. let me countdown the crazies, there was a guy in dress. >> we're from germany and in german we say we only get interview s if we look like you. >> there were pu and i can't really understand why they were puppets, nor did they speak english. what does this have to do with the super bowl? [ speaking in native language ] >> cassidy got a taste of the craziness and today her mom was
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daughter's debut last night as an "e.t" correspondent. >> they are doing so much better than i could. >> forgive me for being a mom. so when these tweets star coming in about what a natural she is, so i was just so grateful. >> when the panthers cam newton entered, it was a s and peyton manning face adewale ed a d a wall of cameras. >> most romantic thing you've ever done. >> i proposed in the grand canyon. >> yay. >> where was your first kiss? >> first kiss was in philadelphia after we ate at a restaurant. >> if you could be a famous person, who would be. >> oh, lord. >> what did your wife say? >> kobe. >> kobe bryant?
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in spandex, like your football uniform or your bisuit? >> the birthday suit. >> we gave xbox 1s to the players with the most correct answers, and then this happened. wi what flower best describes your wife in the morning? >> a dead one,she's not a very morning person. >> that is wha we call just another superwild, super bowl media day. >> that was definitely the craziest thing that ever happened to me. >> i don't know. >> i didn't either, i just didn't want to get that call from your mom, oh, my god, you married a leprechaun. >> love is a wonderful thing, but it's time to back to some football. >> let's back to the studio. coming up, we're talking super bowl commercials as we reunit stars of the
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"mean" joe greene with the coca-cola kid all grown up. see a what he like now. then we're with tv's miracle quadruplets, how they landed a reality show? >> identicaltwins, a one in 70 million chance. and concession from
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his bigge
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for the recording (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> lady gaga stunned at the golden globes. and the big news today, can confirm is that she will center stage at the gra on monday february with a tribute to the late david bowie. >> watching what could have been
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l.a. reid, a musical master mind, he worked with mar lia, pink, usher, weaver, whitney, but for him gaga is the one that got away. >> who would have thought that gaga. >> he told her she should change mauz sick, but after hearing her demo tape, he passed. >> then it was gaga's world. and i shrunk about this big. >> today he's the ceo of epic records and he got there by fiunknown singers and turning them into pop icon. he signed 14-year-old ju bieber to his record label, l.a. orchestrated mara's come back. >> l.a. told me you'll be a pop star
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everything you are >> and r does take some of the blame for this. >> crack ask whack. >> i failedwhitney, honestly. because it was something that helped to arrange. >> in his new book, seems to me, discusses his role in whitney houston's now infamous 2002 interview with diane sawyer. >> let's get that straight, okay? >> sometimes i try to protect people and that was ne of the things i female like i failed at. >> and l.a. is also the guy who discovered megan trenor, she's up for a best n album and she's also up for apeople's choice award for favo singer. we'll ski who wins march 12 on nickelodeon nickelodeon. reality tv's miracle quadruplets. >> the delivery room drama as we
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then a rare rob kardashian sighting a details about his controversial romance and we're taking you inside the homes of ross sisters. >> it's a single girl's house. >> the hollywood decorator is
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that is a rare sighting there. a couple of years back, rob virtually disappeared from the family spotlight as he battled weight gain. now his headline making roma has forced rob out of the shadows. stepping out of his brand-new black bentley is is first body shot we have seen of ro in nearly eight months. he was hospitalized just before the new year after battling diabetes and he looks really different his days on dancing. he tells "e.t" qu he's lost quieting actually.
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he released this unintelligible snap chat video. rob posted that following his return to l.a. after allegedly driving more than 1,300 miles to texas to pick up b china from jail. she was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance. and kardashians are worried about his new fiance. blac chyna is date e-she told us last month she was looking after rob. >> rob is back at the house, m only hope is that maybe this health scare is a wakeupcall. >> rob did instagram a workout photo thursday rite around the same time that speculated that kloe kicked him out of her house due to his new relationship. that was just arumor.
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the mansions of kl >> it used to be two bedroom suites and i think totals up into this astronomic extraordinary closet. >> it's bravo's million dollar decorator only showed "e.t" how he made ea suite to suit each kardashian. >>kloe's house is more about fantasy and comfort. it's a single girl's house, light and bright and sexy. >> one, two, three. >> wow. thank you. >> meanwhile, mom to thr kourtney keeps it more relaxed and modern for space for kids to lounge can comfortably. and outside on this --around the corner from each other in a private calabasas, california
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kourtney purchased her home from key shan jackson. about a mo later, kloe bought this 10,000 mediterranean ho from justin bieber. bbt they have made each their own. kloe has a ho that's being leased for la odom as he continues to reco there his drug overdose. their pregnancy captured so many hearts it landed them a spot on the new reality series rattled. why would they be rattled? raising quadruplets can rattle anyone. >> when people a me how do you do it? i say, well, you know, you do it too. but just repeat what you do with onbaby, three more times. >> meet indy, may, scarlet and
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and they're just not quadruplets. >> we have two sets of identical twins, that's a one in 70 million chance. >> the proud parents went through years of fertility treatments that left them empty hearted until this. >> hi, babies! >> they're just on of the families featured in the new seri "rad ttled." they became an internet sensation when they posted this photo. >> it said i think you prayed too har and overnight it went viral. >> but carrying four babies took a big toll on ashley. >> i thought i was dying, i was so sick, in my first tr i lost 20 pounds. i just looked like a skeleton, i was just so sick. >> i'll do the epidural probably in the other room. >> and the delivery itself was fraught with potential trauma. >> the baby also just go right in this room. >> there was 37 people total in the deliveroom.
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my smallest was born at 1 pound 13 out of boundses and my biggest was 2 pounds 10 ou they were very tiny, fighting for their lives. >> between meal tim bedtime the gardeners make and meet with their online business, a miracle unfolding, selling swading blankets a giving hope to new parents. >> we have so many parents who bought a blanket for their future baby, they're g through the same -- th going through the same strug that we went through, the minute you touch your baby, the minute you hold your baby for the first time, you know everything's going to be okay,there's so much love there that you me there's nothing you wouldn't do for that child. >> i th rattled would be an understatement. that show is executive produced by drew barrymore.
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birthdays which model studied in europe? the answer is coming up next. victoria secret angels w are trading in their wings for
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her t watch those kinds of scenes? >> yeah, it is. >> that's all on time now to the answer for tonight's "e.t" birthday. which supermodel studies art in paris before she was discovered? that was christie brinkley. let's head back to san francisco with kevin frazier and cassidy. >> hanging out with you at media
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here at the everywhere lounge. thank you so much cassidy. >> kevin, thank you, i had the most incredible time. >> i go tell you this, i know your mom's been watching and i know your dad has been too. we also want to remind everyone on super bowl's greatest special. and part of the show is a reunion between joe green and the coca-cola kid. >> joe green, do you want my coke? >> 36 years later, we reunite joe with the then 10-year-old tommy. >> probably a little scary. he's a big guy and his first name's mean. >> the first time i saw him, it was big in here. >> hey, kid. >> have a coke and a smooirl. smile. >> the two-hour special is hosted by boomer esiason catherine mcknee. >> this show arnold
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parlts of it. and a ne victoria secret spot called score more. >> the game's not over, we need to force a turnover. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too.
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