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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jason: it is 4:30 on sunrise. two people in the hospital after a deputy-involved shooting in marion county. the new information we learned plus. >> you can' t go and say you are in on one day and be a compressive the other day. >> i' m a progressive who likes to get things done. i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. jason: hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing in a town hall ahead of new hampshire primaries. and, hundreds of local residents may have had their credit card information stolen. what you need to know as sunrise starts now. announcer: local, live, late breaking.
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jason: is thursday, february 4. good morning, i am jason guy. lets you -- let' s get you outside. this is a view of lake eola downtown or we are at 71 degrees right now. amy sweezey joins us. will we start seeing the rain you were telling us about? amy: we are getting rain today. most will be in the afternoon. some of us to the north and west may see it before noon. we will all be quite cloudy. i don' t expect too much sun. before the rain arrives, i temperatures will be warm. one more warm day before the colder air arrives. we will climb even to 80 degrees in some spots. here is what is going on. you can see we have this front that is straight across the southeast is sick front that is
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notice heavy rain is rolling up the south. that is why it is going to take so much time before that rain actually gets into central florida. here and there. still have clear skies to the south. that will start pushing to the south and the rain will move into central florida as we have through the day. t see those storms and showers and the afternoon. it is another mild starts today and it will be warm before the rain arrives. mid-to-upper 70' s up to the north. 80 in orlando, 81 in kissimmee. i will show you futurecast, we will talk about the timing of the rain coming up in a few minutes. it is 4:32. let' s get an early check of the roads. ted: we are looking at a crash on obt right now. it is north of i-4.
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a report saying it it was involving a pedestrian. john young is another backup plan. i-4 at princeton street has a right lane blocked eastbound going through here. once you get to fairbanks, that will clear up. i-4 ultimate is happening. westbound from state road 46 to fairbanks avenue 16 minutes. jason: latebreaking this morning, we are working to find the name of a manner shot a deputy. authorities are telling us it began at a gas station on south east 20th street at baseline road around 7:00. this is when deputies got a call about a man holding multiple guns in a parking lot. they say the man kept getting in and out of his car and then raised one of the weapons to his head and aim the other weapon it deputies and opened fire. deputies returned fire, injuring the man. the suspect is in critical
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suffered a wound to his leg. possibly from a gunshot and is expected to be ok. deputies are trying to figure out who started the chaos that injured three people. investigator spent nearly 10 hours at the tax service office off clearlake road in cocoa yesterday. authorities tell a story people were shot, including one person hurt by debris as bullets tour through the walls of a nearby business. a cousin of the man caught in the crossfire says he had to wrestle a gun out of a shooter' s hand. >> why would you comment me and shoot my cousin? i have begun down here like this. i wrestled the gun out of the guys hand and my cousin, because my cousin was trying to hold, he got grazed here. jason: deputies say they' re not looking for any suspects. a judge will not decide if a man charged in a deputy involved shooting outside a wwe training center is competent to stand trial. armando montalvo is charged with aggravated assault in the incident caught on camera.
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orlando. deputies say montalvo lunged at them after harassing a female wrestler and threatening others. one of the deputies opened fire, injuring him. the date for the hearing is yet to be set. seminole counties junkman is out on bail after second arrest. 61-year-old alan davis faces felony littering and misdemeanor nuisance. the award was issued after deputies cleaned up 70,000 trash from his altamonte springs yard. -- 70,000 pounds of trash. he was also arrested on similar charges in 2014. prosecutors have dropped murder charges against this orange county man. luis cruz was accused of starting a fire that killed his stepson in september. investigators thought he intentionally started the blaze inside a mobile home at the late john motel in oakland that left one child' s ears the hurt and another dead.
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says there is not enough evidence to move forward. this morning, orlando police are asking for your help in finding clues to a deadly shooting. police say 19-year-old jacob almond was shot and killed tuesday night at the serrano apartments near conroy and kirkman road' s. according to police, the two victims were sitting in a parked car when they were shot. that is when the witnesses say the shooters got into a car and drove off. >> boom, boom, like sick shots. >> the people who did it , it was done execution style. jason: orlando police say the shooting is not random and they would like witnesses to call crime line at 1-800 423 tips. covering marion county, the sheriff' s office are working to -- is working to figure out what went wrong during a hang gliding session. debbie say the crash killed tomas banevicius on tuesday. it happened at the marion county airport in dunnellon where u.s.
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deputies believe it was an accident. the investigation is ongoing. disney is adding more security at its hotels after deputies announced minoska guillen and arrests of two suspected seas. jake blair were arrested as as orange county detectives were canvassing disney' s saratoga springs in january. deputies believe the two may be responsible for more than 20 burglaries in the area. so far, they have only been charged in two. authorities believe those two got inside from unlocked sliding doors. winter park police are trying to figure out if a rash of car dealership burglaries are some way connected. those crimes have taken place on used car lots. the most recent at world transport on clay street. three high-end cars were stolen, plus the keys to the rest of the cars on the lot. the crooks got in through a window. >> the worst part
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the customer is coming from nashua, tennessee and i to call in to say the car was stolen. jason: a couple hours after that for burglary, vip auto was also targeted. we are waiting to find out whether a sinkhole opened up in orlando. take a look. this was the scene yesterday along piney point circle. we are told the piece of road -- asphalt collapsed under a truck. no one was hurt. turning to commitment 2016 coverage. the two remaining democratic candidates will face off again. last night, the two spoke directly to the voters in new hampshire during a town hall. mary maloney has the highlights. >> fresh other data the new answer town hall, bernie sanders slammed hillary clinton. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pack and takes
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you cancel your moderate on one day and a progressive on the other day. >> clinton fought back. >> i was amused that senator sanders has set himself up to be a gatekeeper on who a progressive is. >> the vermont senator tried to motivate his base and sway voters. >> what this campaign is about is not just electing a president. it is creating a political revolution. >> he insists he is the underdog in the race to become the democratic nominee. >> of course we are in underdog. we are taking on the most powerful political organization in the country. that is the clinton organization. >> the former secretary of state urged voters to look at her record. >> before it was called obamacare, it was called hillary care. >> and reminding voters what is important for this election. >> the goal is to prevent the republicans are getting back in the white house and undo all the
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jason: coming up on the today show, a look ahead to what you can expect at tonight' s' s -- tonight' s democratic debate. >> on the stage behind me tonight, the first and only debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders before the new hampshire primary. they have not gone head-to-head before , particularly because martin o' malley had been in the race until he dropped out after iowa. this is going to be a real showdown as the campaign between the two is getting hotter and hotter. i will have a lot of details coming up later on. jason: the today show begins at 7:00 on wesh 2 after sunrise. still ahead on sunrise, a bill is making national headlines is heading to the house committee today. plus, we have incredible video showing a house fire in the land. wait until you see where it was shot. several local restaurants suffer a data breach.
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amy: good morning and love come back. it is 4:43. i am amy sweezey. it will be a warm day before cool air arrives. we have rain and storms on the way. most of us are quiet and dry at this point. the rain is offshore north and it will be rolling in as we have through the day. temperatures as we had out our
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it is warm in the upper 60' s, lower 70' s. the chips will not be jackets early this morning. we have -- to the south, we will start with a little more sunshine which . there is the rain that will be florida here. basically, what is happening is that there is a cold front to our north. for now, all of this rain here notice is moving off to the north. it is not really coming through here yet. eventually, the cold front will start to get dragged south. it is going to take about 12 to 18 hours for all of this rate -- rain to move through. most of the rain through noon stays north and west of the i-4 corridor. it is pretty scattered at that point. once we get to the later afternoon, between 3:00 and 5:00, that is when the rain and
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the i-4 corridor and into the evening commute, make their way off the east coast. we will have a lingering rain into the late hours tonight. the cooler and drier air will start working in overnight. that will be with us for tomorrow. i temperatures today, still warm. not as hot as yesterday. upper 70' s and lower 80' s. we will talk about the colder that comes in tomorrow in a few minutes. ted: getting your reported that crash closing rates roads -- bates road at goldenrod. a vehicle struck a power pole. you might want use trapper boulevard is your alternate. you can use goal -- forsythe or summer on for goldenrod. we still have i-4 ultimate block kneeling in the princeton area. heading east on i-4 around fairbanks avenue, that should be wrapped up. 408 eastbound, construction blocking a left lying -- left lane.
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a better look inside a blaze that destroyed a mobile home in the land. firefighters say that was a minor explosion as they arrived and open the door to a home on dover lane. three people able to get out. their pet dog did not make it. the state fire marshal says the fire is not believed to be suspicious. investigators suspect an electrical problem. happening today, i florida house committee will vote on the so-called pastor protection act area this bill would allow clergy members to refuse performing same-sex marriage their beliefs. the man behind the bill, scott give pastors comfort. the bill already past the first committee last week. a group of protesters will beef
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today, the a group of moms and -- will books with comments of people from all over buddy dyer. ve already sent such books to all local theme parks become -- country. the deadliest day for that is according to the consumer product safety three of the four child drownings in a pool or spa in the u.s. in january happened in florida. in total, more than 46 children drowned in florida last year. that is down from 50 in 2014. governor rick scott will give us an update on the state' s effort to fight the zika virus. hillsborough, lee, and scott declared an emergency in santa rosahillsborough, lee, and miami-dade counties. this week, 9 cases of zika have been diagnosed in florida. none of the cases involve pregnant women and we' re told all are travel-related. health officials are still stressing that the virus is primarily spread through
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governor scott says the declaration will free up resources to health officials in the counties and help them combat the virus and spray for mosquitoes. now to a wesh 2 news consumer alert. account closely if you went to the restaurant lately. may have had their credit card landry' s inc announced that by the information of credit card customers during two at risk 2015. at the ocean air seafood room at point orlando, that. landry' s says it is in the by letter and email. you can find a complete list of affected restaurants at check out this bizarre scene. an out of control car ended up on the roof of a home. look at that. california police are still trying to figure out how it happened.
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down a driveway, hit another car and went airborne into the roof. both the car in the roof of the house have plenty of damage. the driver of the car is hurt. authorities say not seriously. coming up, what places orlando is ranked among to be named the best cities to get married. how you can meet paula deen in central florida today [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why so many people are
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on this thursday morning. the orlando magic are on their way home after another disappointing game. they took their chances against the oklahoma city thunder who have won four straight and nine of their last 10. victor oladipo would have a huge night for the 21-25 magic. going for 37 points and seven rebounds. russell westbrook makes the driving layup that was all that was needed. the magic now take on the 32-16 l.a. clippers tomorrow. happening today, paula deen is making a stop in central florida. you can get her autograph during an autograph signing at barnes & noble on east colonial drive here in orlando. it all gets going tonight at 7:00. she is signing her new cookbook, paula deen cut the fat. tiny not in central florida could keep money in your wallet while you are planning your wedding. while a named orlando first on its list in the best
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it was followed by las vegas, atlanta, and tampa. the website look at the average cost of the wedding in each city, the number of venues and the availability of hotels. yonkers, new york and moreno valley, california came in last. another check of your forecast ahead. we are talking about rain creeping back into the forecast in the days ahead.
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jason: we are working on new stories for our 5:00 hour of sunrise. michelle imperato is here with a preview. michelle: daytona beach leaders have come up with a temporary fix to the city' s homeless problem. we will detail they plan. the massive takata airbag recall is expanding this morning. the new warning for automakers and drivers. shocking new video captures a car with a family inside flipping over.
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we will have more on that story when i join you at 5:00. jason: we will see you in a few. let' s get back to the forecast. amy, you are talking about a company start today. amy: we have a little scattered cloud cover. no rain at this point. it is just north of us and it will be rolling through your as we had to be next couple of hours. if your kids are in marion county and headed to school, they may see a little bit of rain early in the day. most of central florida with hold off until later in the afternoon and evening when we see the showers and storms. temperatures warm again out the door. upper 60' s, lower 70' s. 70 in ocala. 68 in orlando. 70 degrees in melbourne. here is what is going on. half of us have clouds, mainly from the i-4 corridor north. to the south, there is more clearing going on. the rain is not that far away. this rain is going to be pushing south over the next couple of hours.
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because notice right now, all of the rain is rolling off to the north and east. we have a cold front, that cold front is not getting a real strong push. it is slowly meandering through central florida, we will see that move through here in the net -- the rain move through in the next 12 or eight hours. -- 12 or 18 hours. look at the timing of all this, most of the rain stays north and west of the i-4 corridor before noon. the morning rain will just be those of you who live north and west. flagler county, marion county, was beginning to the afternoon and evening, that is when we will see more of the showers and storms pushing through. if you are in brevard county, most of your day will be dry until late afternoon and evening commute. that is when the showers and storms begin to fire up. they will continue to slowly push through. even when we get past dark tonight and up until midnight, we are seeing a few isolated showers and a lot of cloud cover.
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rain will and and the drier air will start working in. tomorrow will be a lot cooler. it today, still in the mid to upper 70' s. not quite as hot as yesterday. we will be on the warm side of things though. obviously cooler in the places that get the clouds and rain earlier. farther south where the rain holds off and we get a little more sun early in the day, our temperatures will be able to climb. we will hit 84 in palm bay. 83 in merritt island and 78 in daytona beach. once that front flies through, we will get the clear skies tomorrow. more sunshine, cool air to. temperatures will drop and most of us will only be in the upper 50' s to around 60 on friday afternoon. another front arrives on saturday and gives us another blast of cool air into next week. ted: 4:58. with a bad crash involving a vehicle striking a power pole. there are some outage out here
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bates road is closed. you stratford as an alternate. for goldenrod, use semoran as an alternate. more coming up as the 5:00 hour of sunrise continues. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, a late-night shooting ends with both a deputy and a suspect injured. what witnesses are saying about the deputies attempt to bring the incident to a peaceful and. jason: hillary clinton and bernie sanders there to go head-to-head. what we can expect from tonight' s debate and what republicans are doing as a number of candidates begin to drop. thank you for wake me up with us. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. we are off to a comfortable start this morning. a little bit cooler than
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s a quick glance at downtown orlando.
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