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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking, this is wesh 2 news. angela: we start with commitment 2016. good evening. anchor: bernie sanders has won new hampshire' s presidential primary. anchor: they took the top spot after second-place finishes in the iowa caucuses. on the democratic side bernie sanders with 60%. winning in new hampshire, hillary clinton with 39% -- percent. anchor: senator ted cruz just barely ahead of governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio. adrian is live with the big story lines. adrian: you want story lines, they are everywhere, whether it is john kasich coming in second
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marco rubio was likely to come in second, or that bernie sanders took the lead and ran with it, leaving hillary clinton in his wake. we heard from hillary clinton and bernie sanders at 10:00 and donald trump. carly fiorina also. we want to take you to the other folks. ted cruz, marco rubio and second-place runner up john kasich. >> who propelled us to an outright victory in iowa and to a far stronger result in outcome in new hampshire that anyone predicted. >> i will restore the proper balance. government cannot grow faster than her ability to pay for it. >> i did not do well on saturday night.
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>> we are one a solve the problems in america not by being extreme, not by being first, but reminding people we are americans. reporter: of course we still had several of the republicans today. we heard from governor chris christie the little bit from ben carson, staying in the race, it seems the saying might be true that no one drops out after new hampshire. the next course, we may start to see some of the gop crowd drop off. you can find the end results still counting a few more ballots but it looks like bernie sanders in the lead and the winner for the democrats. with 2016 commitment coverage
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angela: one week left to register to vote if you want to cast in the florida election per you can register at any drivers license office or post office by february 16. first ballots will be cast march 15. absentee ballots were mailed out today. as candidates look to the south carolina primary count on us to bring you up to the minute commitment coverage. meredith: the water main in the heart of eatonville that broke during the summer is broken again. how cameras were rolling with police blocked off the streets as water poured on the pavement. a busy area for drivers, neighbors were forced to bow oil -- to boil their water. we did not see any cruise on hand.
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latebreaking news, we we found a eviction notice posted at glitz lounge. >> this is what is posted outside of the ultra lounge. a notice to vacate because of missed payments. this comes after three gunmen let the place up with bullets. it is believed there were three gunmen. we talked to the attorney for one of the shooting victims who tells us his client had concerns about security and could take legal action. >> the first thing is they investigate , try to resolve things without filing a lawsuit. given what we learned today at the club is closed down and has an eviction notice we may need
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lawsuit. reporter: three officers were working inside the club at the time of the shooting. police will only say this was not a random act. they do have suspects that they are not naming. anchor: a rough, blustery near freezing night across central florida. some of you are under a freeze warning. tony is tracking unforgiving weather now. tony: temperatures in the low 50' s. 15 mile-per-hour wind. you are standing outside for a little time. you feel colder than that. there are the freeze warnings. things are going to be too much wind for freezes there. 52 downtown. as you work your way into the
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sanford 39. orlando coming in at 41. coming up here, wind chill' s -- neighbor by neighborhood. many are tired of these cold temperatures. see you then. anchor: a community mourning the loss of a 13-year-old killed in accidental shooting. we are hearing from his football coach. the barto fisher was shot in the back of the head by accident by his older cousin. he was playing around with a gun while on a hoverboard. the gun went off when the cousin lost his balance. they remember him as a talented teenager with a lot of ambition. >> u.s he said i' m going to be an engineer. i' m going to run the country. meredith: investigators say the
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belonged to someone who live at the home where he was shot. that man has been arrested. jim: school board members finalize a policy for uniforms that could take effect in the next school year. students will be required to wear white collared shirts along with navy, black or tan shirts. the board agreed to include genes in blue or black. the policy will be advertised with a policy set for march 13. the have doubled their reward for the location of an accused killer. two men were killed. the reward is now $10,000. a second suspect was arrested last month and charged with murder. the state' s
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charges against rhein hands a graph man who shot and killed his neighbor in self-defense. investigators say that is when he grabbed his gun, confronted brought live -- ratliff and fatally shot him. the man attached to a crab trap heart attack and drowned. they thought the 72-year-old was homeless. a fisherman discovered the body. police have not found his stewart: next of kin. a 17-year-old is under arrest for bringing a loaded gun to school. the student was arrested on the campus of the high school today. the building was put on lockdown and no one was hurt. new video of a trash collection truck on fire in orange county.
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viewer. crews say it hit a power line, sparking a fire in the back. you can see the trash being dumped out of the truck as firefighters doused the flames. meredith: this dangerous duo is off the streets after going on a violent rampage. tonight, chris hush spoke with their victims and has new information on the suspect. >> i feel scared because i can' t go out by myself. >> this driver says he was pistol whipped and robbed at gunpoint over the weekend after dropping someone off at this home. a translator help him explain what happened. >> this was so fast. this one guy put a gun in my
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they took the money. he hit me in my head. >> they were very dangerous. they approached strangers on the street, through them to the ground. >> police say these men didn' t strike once, but at least twice within 30 minutes of each other. 10 minutes away police say a tourist was knocked to the ground of the suspects pointed a gun at him taking a cell phone and backpack then fleeing in a car. the orange county sheriff' s office was also investigating a carjacking that happened on the same day. the car was spotted but they lead police and deputies on a chase. both were arrested on numerous charges. authorities believe they could be responsible for at least four other robberies in the area. >>
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>> both suspects are in the orange county jail. they may not be coming out anytime soon. some charges with a firearm, battery, salt and carjacking. in orange county, chris hush. jim: cruise passenger' s found themselves in the middle of a huge storm. meredith: as one senator calls for an investigation, we learned in the ship returned. a canine officer approves he is a hero. reporter: and the site some people may never witness again. where two whales are headed after spending time in a central water way. meredith: a local veterans of
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. stewart: the feds are moving forward to boost the number of bed spaces for aging veterans in central florida.
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the facility is already full. the old va hospital location is not. along with its old nursing home for vets. it calls for the fed to give the state of florida which runs 11 nursing homes for veterans. >> this area has an aging veterans population. we need these ads. this facility is now vacant or close to vacant. we want it open. meredith: the bill made this possible and pass the house and it today. jim: an officer has been honored after being shot on the line of duty. he took down a perpetrator. police pursuit ends in brevard county. deputies tried to stop a motorist to had been driving recklessly more than 90 miles
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>> we had a volkswagen pass up 100 miles per hour. they are most caused a head-on collision. stewart: the motorist baled and in the men' s area. he received a purple heart and medal of valor for life-saving actions during a domestic disturbance. meredith: students and teachers will be back in the classroom tomorrow after having a day off because of the flu. the building could be disinfected. parents were told yesterday. a high number of students and faculty came down with like symptoms including fever, cough and congestion. mosquito control workers are mapping out plans to keep the zika virus out of the u.s.. it includes getting rid of old
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coming up tomorrow we respond to your concerns. we will have a medical expert help answer your questions. jim: local law enforcement getting tough on those who view -- refused to yield to pedestrians on crosswalks. officers will be out in force looking for drivers who do not stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, especially near schools. if you are caught it will cost $164 and three points on your license. a cruise ship will talk at its new jersey port in the morning. angela: the ship was on its way to pour canaveral when it turned around. the cruise ship sustained minor damage. forecasts warned of bad weather
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much less than expected. that doesn' t sit well with bill nelson he is called for an investigation. stewart: right whales are among the rarest creatures in the world. angela: to escape a potential deathtrap today. they had been swimming in circles in the indian river lagoon for two days. spectators watched as the mother and baby drifted peacefully back up the channel. no other jim: they were smart. they say it is too cold in central florida. we are going to head out to get to the gulfstream with warmer weather. it is a chilly one out there. tony: to see one of those would be phenomenal. unbelievable. just to see that. let me take you back outside. it is awfully cool out there. look at the camera downtown bouncing around.
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you better be prepared for this. running in the 30' s and 40' s. when you factor in the wind, it is not so much the freeze that is going to get everybody. 27, 32, down towards the 32-37 degrees. the youngsters will need jackets and long sleeves. it is going to be cool by afternoon. you get that colder air across a relatively warm water. that is what is going on off in the gulf of mexico. we head south , upper 40' s to around 50. 51 in veto. eastern side of the peninsula, over towards the
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we have a steady breeze at 10-20 miles per hour. overnight, slowing in the low 50' s. 32 in ocala. it is the far western and northwestern area we are talking about. a slight chance for a freeze. i think there is going to be too much wind. wind chill value running 10-20 miles per hour. it is a two-day wind chill. it is not quite a bs gusty is what we are seeing out there overnight. cold northwesterly flow. gusty wind. afternoon highs struggling to
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normal highs, hoping for the warm temperatures. 55, back towards melbourne. wednesday night, thursday morning, here we go again. with less when we will have to watch for a frost. back towards daytona beach, this is the night we will have to watch the tropical plans and keep them covered. on thursday high-pressure off towards our west. it will not be until friday that we get a west wind antipater' s moderate. here comes another front. we will have good weather for the race. beautiful sunsets coming in at 59. the seven-day forecast looking like this, back into the mid-60' s. meredith: commitments for his golf
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jim: greater expectations. anchor: anything short of the playoffs will be unacceptable so
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anchor: mls off-season is relatively short. but it has seemed endless. they just missed the playoffs which has amped up the coach and his team, less than a month for opening day. they are showing off their kids for those who whether the weather. the lack had a spirited workout early this morning more for show that anything else. for a guy who never seems completely satisfied he seemed almost completely satisfied. >> yes. we are better than we were this time last year.
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i will be very happy with what we have. anchor: the nascar ceo said his dad may have taken a conservative approach to it but ultimately would approve the new charter system announced that will give race teams more value and more of a voice. honors can keep the charters or sell them to the highest that her. it water should announcement says a certain king. >> we don' t understand how nascar works. they don' t know how the rest of it works. we are going to be the same room talking about the same problems. from that standpoint, it is going to be one of the greatest
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nascar. >> glow sticks , it' s trying to get back on track. matt williams doing his part. he was the you have see offense. they trailed 31-30 at halftime. the second half was a completely different story. bearcats came up and grab this thing by the throat. just moments ago the gators finished off boldness that miami -- ole miss. arnie receiving some good news with word that rory mcillroy will return this year. he played in the arnold
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round one coming up on st. patrick' s day. ufc, one non-saturday game this season. that is what 0-12 will do to you. east carolina usually a league game played only in the year is
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meredith: check it out. it has a valentine' s day theme. hundreds of students helped with the from the heart gallery. it features masterpieces and a mural made of 1000 hand cut hearts. jim: very creative. tony: the forecast tomorrow, the big story will be the windchill, 32-37. 59 by the afternoon. warmer weather, point your eyes to friday. we will get to 32, 37 degrees and cool down. jim: you can get news on
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