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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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before a judge this afternoon. bob: both investigators and neighbors say it is alarming to think these women allegedly brought customers and drugs in to their own home, putting their young children in danger. neighbor felix polanco says he wondered why the women who lived across the street had cars coming and going at all hours and came out wearing pajamas late afternoons. >> i knew something was weird, but i didn' t think it was that weird. bob: during an undercover sting , osceola county, investigators say they answered an online sex ad overnight, and went to the poinciana home of mother and daughter tracy and leslie mowatt. investigators say the women were willing to give them sex for $120, with three children under 10 years old locked in a bedroom nearby, and what appeared to be crack cocaine and smoking pipes out in the open.
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drugs around and inviting strange individuals in the home is very alarming. >> it' s sad that they didn' t have a choice with their parents. bob: the children were placed with relatives. the two women appeared before a judge today on prostitution and child neglect charges. leslie is also facing drug charges. there was no answer at the women' s home today. their neighbor says he' s glad strangers may no longer be coming around. >> you never know what kind of people they' re bringing here. a crack addict, who might try to mug me when i get home from work. you never know. bob: we just did some checking, and the women remain jailed here in osceola county. their children were places with relatives and the department of
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been notified. summer: breaking right now, of the zika virus diagnose. meredith: this is a map of the counties where there have been reported cases. two days announcement brings the total number of 18 cases in florida, all of them are travel related. we will have much more on the fight against zika and the likelihood a vaccine will developed. late breaking from orange county. a pet cat was killed during a house fire. summer: chopper two was overhead just after the flames were put out around 2:00 this afternoon on minoso street. right now, no cause has been determined, but investigators say it appears to be accidental. about half of the house is destroyed. two dogs in the home were saved. no one was hurt. meredith: orlando police say they' ve made an arrest in a november attempted murder investigation. police say detectives had been looking for keith james in connection to the shooting of
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it happened on randall street on november 9. james was arrested at a home this morning. police say a gun found in the room where james was staying was reported stolen with the casselberry police department. summer: the driver who slammed his car into an orlando home is now facing fleeing and eluding charges. the crash left a gaping hole and caused extensive damage to the home at 19th street and rio grande avenue. police say clarence mclendon crashed into the home yesterday afternoon as he was trying to get away from officers. they were trying to stop him in connection with a hit and run. the owner' s daughter and grandchild were inside when it happened, no one was hurt, but the family had to move to a hotel. meredith: a pediatrician' s license has been suspended after being accused of working while under the influence. wesh 2' s amanda ober is live outside of his office. amanda you spoke with the doctor today. what did he have to say about the allegations? amanda: he denies the allegations and claims he' s the
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ex-employee whom he fired. regardless, his pediatric office here on kaley is closed and patients have been coming to pick up their records. signs on the door to dr. norbert falasco' s office say he is not seeing patients. two weeks ago, the state ordered an emergency restriction of his medical license. according to documents, last fall, the department of health received complaints that falasco was drinking and taking drugs while treating children. falasco' s office manager told me she never saw evidence the doctor was impaired. did you ever notice any evidence that he was under the influence? >> no. >> you didn' t? >> no. >> so do you believe the claims that he was treating patients under the influence? do you personally believe them? >> no. amanda: according to the state, back in november, falasco was evaluated by an addiction specialist and said he only drinks a glass of wine twice a week and takes ambien as needed, but a screening reportedly found falasco consumed a greater amount of
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in the documents, the state also pointed out that falasco was arrested on attempted drug trafficking charges in 2003. at that time his license was suspended. falasco told wesh two news over the phone today and said he' s heartbroken over losing his practice. he then refered us to his attorney who provided this written statement. " dr. falasco adamantly denies that he is impaired, and we are not aware of any patient or parent complaints in this regard and believe the allegations were made by a former disgruntled employee." dr. falasco has 30 days to appeal the suspension of his license and says he plans to do so. back in 2003, the first time his license was suspended, he did receive it back after completing a drug rehab program. he told me at that time, he was suffering from a major depression due to a divorce. summer: one of two suspects
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74-year-old man to steal his prescription medicine, made her first appearance in court today. the judge ordered tosha mullins held on more than $60,000 bail. she and britney telegdy are charged with battery and armed robbery. deputies say the woman repeatedly slapped the man across the face with a cutting board, then took 100 pain pills from him. the victim told investigators the women knew he had just filled his prescription. meredith: marion county deputies have arrested a man for sexual battery on a victim less than 18 years of age. wesh 2' s stewart moore joins us now, and stewart, deputies are worried there may be other victims? stewart: that' s right, and now they are asking anyone who may have been a victim of 60-year-old charles elder to come forward. detectives say in march of last year, the 17-year-old male victim in this original case was at elder' s home in dunnellon, helping him repair his laptop. the teen told police that elder gave him marijuana. and then the teen spent the night at his house because he didn' t have a ride home.
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the early morning hours that the juvenile was sexually battered. for almost a year, the teen didn' t tell anyone, but eventually he told his parents who then went to police. elder maintains that everything was consensual. elder says he paid the victim for sex with marijuana. marion county investigators say they have interviewed people who know elder, and that' s why they think there could be other victims. they are asking anyone with information to come forward and contact the sheriff' s office. summer. summer: the man who shot and killed two deputies in maryland, had a warrant out for his arrest in orange county. witnesses say 68-year-old david evans was sitting down when a deputy sat down to speak with him at a panera restaurant. seconds later, evans pulled a gun shooting one deputy. he then killed another in a shootout before being killed in wesh 2' s greg fox found out more encounters with local police, greg: as investigators try and wednesday' s deadly shootings of two deputies in maryland, local police are revealing new
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past here in central florida. >> it' s very stunning, it' s tragic. greg: lt. louis grindle of the maitland police department says his officers came in contact with 68-year-old david brian evans in an office parking lot last april. evans, formerly of altamonte springs, was spotted before sun-up, in his car. according to the maitland police officer, he walked up to evans' car back in april, he came up to the window which was partly rolled down and evans was sound asleep in the driver' s seat. >> they began speaking with him. he gave false information and once the officers were able to obtain more information on the vehicle and realized there was a stolen tag on it, and at that time he became very nervous and decided to put the car in gear and began driving very recklessly down maitland boulevard. greg: officers say evans drove the wrong way on maitland boulevard. they broke off the chase because evans was not suspected in any violent crimes.
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the courts, six total citations against evans, who at that time, had no arrest record in florida. a criminal charge of reckless driving was placed on his record, and because he failed to stop for police, a warrant was issued for fleeing and attempting to allude. after seeing what happened in maryland, local police feel fortunate. >> every day, this is what we' re coming in contact with and again, what happened yesterday was an absolute tragedy. greg: greg fox, wesh 2 news. summer: in 1997, he was suspected of it his wife in maryland. meredith: the future of an orlando nightclub where 11 people were shot is a lingering mystery. orlando police say three gunman shot up the glitz ultra lounge early sunday morning. two people were killed and 10 more hurt. a notice on the door tuesday evening indicated the club owners are more than $80,000 behind in rent, and the letter indicated a demand to pay the debt in three days or move out. calls to club management and property managers have not been returned to see when the club may reopen.
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found a mystery man who could help them solve the case of a man found dying in a parking lot, bleeding from terrible head wounds. wesh 2' s dan billow reports the mystery man could be a key witness. dan: daily activity goes on in a parking lot on new haven avenue, the scene of a mysterious death early monday morning when 53-year-old kent wilbanks lay dying on the pavement. >> whey they got there, they thought it was some kind of medical problem. ems transported him to holmes regional medical center. dan: but police and the county medical examiner now believe it wasn' t just a medical problem. wilbanks had severe head wounds, as if he were beaten multiple times. he died that morning. and while wilbanks was dying, surveillance cameras picked up the image of a man who was standing here on the sidewalk, looking toward the parking lot. the man' s image is fuzzy and indistinct. police say it looks as though he may be watching something. as poor as the image is, police have now found that man.
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a suspect. they have many questions for him. >> if he saw some type of incident with somebody else, or saw him fall, or anything that help can provide. dan: wilbanks was found right between two popular bars on new haven in downtown melbourne, but police believe the streets at 2:30 or so in the morning were largely empty. in addition to their mystery witness, police are hoping others might come forward to help them find out whether or not kent wilbanks was murdered. in melbourne, dan billow, wesh 2 news. summer: coming up at 5:00, we will bring you more details from the medical examiner. meredith: passengers are describing it as a nightmare cruise. summer: you will hear from some of the passengers. meredith: universal orlando is the first to raise its ticket prices this year.
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summer: have you ever ended up with a haircut you did not like? what one woman did after a similar experience. eric: it is going to be even warmer tomorrow.
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: it' s just about the time of the year when theme parks announce price increases, right after christmas and just before spring break. summer: this time, universal made the announcment and raised the price $3.00. is $105 for a ticket too much? michelle meredith asked around. michelle: universal just increased it' s one day ticket pass from $102 to $105. why $105? that' s what disney is charging for one day at the magic kingdom, which used to be the most expensive theme park in town. >> they are the ones that set the bar. magic kingdom is the standard in orlando that is the one that people come out to the most. michelle: is $105 too much?
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doubt universal did their homework and determined for the average tourist, it' s not. would that make a difference in you buying a ticket? >> not for me. >> why? >> cause we flew all the way from conneticut, so we don' t care if they raise for $3.00 or not. michelle: another point, experts say many tourists aren' t paying full price, when you factor in discounts given by staying on property and flex tickets. >> you always have to remember a day at the theme park is still better than most sporting events or concerts. michelle: is a $105 too much for the locals? theme park experts tell us it' s one way to motivate us to an annual pass. the experts tell us if people want to see harry potter, they are not going to let an extra $3.00 stop them. in orange county, michelle meredith, wesh two news.
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for the record, a one-day park pass is $97 for one day. universal said the price of their tickets reflects the value of the experience. meredith: thousands of happy, but very shaken passengers, back on dry land today after a the anthem of the seas docked in bayonne, new jersey last night, earlier this week, as it headed for port canaveral, it was battered by a powerful storm that produced 115 mile per hour winds and 30 foot waves. passengers couldn' t wait to get off the ship. >> i feared for my life. >> it was like in the movie " titanic," when the two old people were lying in bed saying goodbye for the last time. that' s what we felt like. >> i' m on one bed so my other son won' t fall off. it was amazing. meredith: at the height of the storm, the huge vessel listed as much as 45 degrees, leaving shattered glass and overturned furntiture everywhere. royal caribbean is vowing to improve how it monitors storms the ship won' t be allowed to sail again until it is deemed safe.
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world tour after her super bowl performance, and she' s hitting up a couple of spots in florida. she won' t be in orlando, but will perform in tampa on april 29, and she' ll kick off the u.s. part of the tour in miami on april 27. tickets for the concerts go on sale this coming tuesday at 10:00 in the morning, so if you want them, you' ll need to act quick. meredith: clear skies, lots of sunshine in tony is here right now. tony: when you go back to this morning, it feels pretty good. we were in the 20' s. let me show you some of those through them. 28, ocala. 30, palm coast. we had a nine-hour freeze duration in ocala. we just missed the record for cold this morning. daytona beach, too much wind.
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here we sit right now, sunny skies, gorgeous weather, 66 degrees. we jump up almost 30 degrees from where we were this morning. let' s take a look at the high pressure dominating. s become 70' . you will still need a jacket in scraping that ice off of the wind chills. 66, sanford. 67, ocala. we are running 15 degrees above warmer. it has not yet reached the i-95 stretch through brevard county, but trust me it will. 54 by 9:00. 52, daytona beach by 9:00. not as chilly where we were last night. 46, clermont. no mention of frost with the temperatures way to warm.
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palm coast, 34. cocoa beach, 54 a morning low. high pressure is down to the southwest. gorgeous sunshine. 70 degrees returns across the board with the onshore flow. 74, villages. 76, kissimmee. a beautiful day to be out and about. the front is already down south, briefly warmer in the morning, but cools down as we got to have the afternoon. sunday, partly cloudy skies and temperatures will be a little bit cooler for the sunday afternoon timeframe. we have a lot of events going on this weekend. you can see the temperatures, 54 and 65 degrees. as we work our way over to the speedway, saturday, breezy and
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6:00, gorgeous sunset around 55 degrees. your updated seven-day forecast. 75 on friday. 70, saturday. valentine' s day, we will plan that out, 65. maybe a risk for a thunder showers late monday night and on to tuesday morning. i will have more to that story. summer: a scare at a naomi -- miami school.
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meredith: a close call for a student at a south florida elementary school. summer: the student narrowly missed being hit when two bullets struck a portable classroom. miami-dade school officials say the shots were fired this morning in the neighborhood near the school in coconut grove. one of the bullets shattered a window, hit a wall, then fell onto the floor a foot from one a student with disabilities. fortunately, no one was injured. this was the second drive by shooting near a miami-dade school in less than 24 hours. meredith: the mayor of cleveland is now apologizing after the family of 12-year-old tamir rice was billed for the ambulance to the hospital.
4:25 pm
a white police officer. their lawyer says they received a bill for $500, seeking reimbursement for the medical care. rice was playing with a pellet gun when he was shot and killed by police back in november of 2014. a grand jury decided not to indict the officers. the mayor said the claim was routine, but it should have been red-flagged and never filed in probate court. summer: six teens are killed after their school bus was hit by a part of a truck. french media is reporting that part sliced through the side of the bus carrying the students to school. two others were taken to the hospital. the driver of the bus and the truck were taken in for questioning. this comes just one day after a 12-year-old and 15-year-old were killed when the driver of their bus lost control in snowy conditions. meredith: late breaking this afternoon, that long occupation at a national wildlife refuge in oregon is over. late this morning, three of the four remaining protestors surrendered to authorities. and a couple hours later, the last occupier walked out, the group seized the refuge to oppose federal land-use policies.
4:26 pm
was taken into custody at a portland airport overnight. his son, ammon bundy, was leading the standoff until his arrest last month. we' ve all had that bad haircut, but one woman took drastic measures. summer: she' s accused of trying to shoot her barber. take a look. a san diego barber says the 29-year-old woman left happy with her haircut, even giving a $20 tip. but an hour later, the woman allegedly came back with a gun to complain about the cut. witnesses in the barber shop say the woman tried to shoot the barber three times, but the gun malfunctioned and never fired. >> she came in with, you know, a bald spot on the side and i' m like, i didn' t do that. when she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with. summer: those two barbers held the woman on the ground until authorities arrived. she' s facing charges of attempted murder. a rude awakening for one man and his daughter. meredith: a car comes slamming
4:27 pm
summer: we will hear from residents on how the car ended up inside. meredith: a ups worker tossing packag you like being
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4:00 in high definition. summer: a hit and run driver crashed into a volusia county apartment. meredith: a man and his daughter were sleeping when a car came crashing through the wall. this was at the river golf townhomes on beville road and palmetto avenue in south daytona just after 11:30 last night. wesh 2' s claire metz talked to the resident inside. claire: the driver was heading south here on palmetto, and police say blew through a stop sign there, crossed the street and slammed right into the wall surrounding the apartment complex, then, right in to one of the units there. >> when the boom happened, we looked up and their was a car in the kitchen. claire: willie maddox and his daughter were jolted out of a sound sleep when this black 2016 chevy impala crashed into his home. the impact pushed his knocked down cabinets and when they opened the front door, they saw the driver, bleeding, >> he just said, don' police,as he' s bleeding running away? >> right. said, don' t call the police.
4:30 pm
rental, the person who rented it a woman, so who the hit and run male driver is unclear, but there was blood in the car and on a privacy fence at the scene, so dna may identify him. >> this is not the first time this has happened either. claire: steve reding actually owns the townhome that was hit, and says at least three other drivers have lost control coming around the curve leading up to the complex. reding says if drivers, like the hit and run suspect, ignore the stop sign, they may be going too fast to avoid a collision and says the guard rail protects only a portion of the complex. >> if the guard rail was down maybe another 10 feet, then it would at least slow them down. claire: though the suspect was apparently injured, the residents were not. >> lucky i wasn' t there. i was asleep. claire: the unit owner and management team are working to determine if there is any outside structural damage, but they say inside, it' s minimal enough that the residents can likely stay here after they board it up. in south daytona, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news.
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towed from the scene. call police or crime stoppers if you have any information about the driver. summer: an eye in the sky helps deputies on the ground nab a drug suspect. this is video from seminole county' s alert 2 helicopter as it followed a speeding impala through the streets of sanford on tuesday. deputies say the driver, 23-year-old demitrice sippio, took off after deputies tried to pull him over. the chopper followed sippio as he pulled over, ran off and tried to hide in another car. deputies on the ground caught up and arrested him. they found cocaine, marijuana and pills in the vehicle. he' s facing drug possession and fleeing and eluding charges. meredith: we are waiting to hear what caused the death of a man, who collapsed moments after he drove his car into a lake county pond. two people pulled the 73-year-old from his car last night, after he crashed into a pole and landed in the pond off austin merritt road in groveland. witnesses say he was sitting on the ground talking to them, when he suddenly lost consciousness
4:32 pm
summer: very chilly last night, and a little chilly still, but the worst is over. meredith: tony mainolfi is joining us now. tony: jackets off right now, but after sunset, you will need that jacket. 66 degrees out here. a far cry from where we were this morning. as we take a look at the current conditions, 60' s -- 66 in downtown orlando. it is pretty dry in downtown orlando. we will not be as cold as we were in the morning. 68, ocala. 60, melbourne. 11:00 folly to 53 degrees in downtown. overnight low tonight, 46 in ocala. we will take a look at those neighborhood lows and show you the nice rebounds tonight, and to will be in the 70' s tomorrow and a lot of the weekend of
4:33 pm
valentine' s day. summer: it' s video of something no one would want to happen to them. a ups driver is caught on camera making a damaging delivery to a home here in florida. wesh 2' s jason guy has the homeowner' s reaction and what he wants from ups. jason: watch closely. you will see what looks like a routine delivery spills over into a cleanup job. >> it was the last thing i expected. we usually have good luck with ups. generally, when they bring the packages, they set them on the doorstep. this one particular time, they just to pitch them over the gate. jason: kevin halvorsen says the delivery guy had good reason to take better care of his packages. >> two of the boxes were marked heavy, and the other one had a big red fragile sticker on there, and all three of them just got chucked over the fence. jason: and getting past halvorsen' s front gate at his home in miama would' ve been no trouble. >> the gate was unlocked. they could' ve easily walked them in. i even noticed that they happened to have a healer there with them, and they still didn' t bother to properly deliver the
4:34 pm
jason: the footage shows the delivery guy doesn' t even look back. inside one box he dropped was handgun ammunition kevin halvorsen ordered for target practice. nothing actually broke, but the impact scattered cartridges across the brick pavement. >> the safety issue of that is something you really don' t want to throw around. and the boxes were clearly marked that they were small arms ammunition. jason: halvorsen is frustrated that when he contacted ups, he didn' t get any answers. >> it really seams like they just don' t care. jason: he says he just wants an apology. ups says the company is investigating. jason guy, wesh 2 news. summer: that would not make me happy. meredith: a man accused of trying to kill a pasco county sheriff' s deputy has been caught in seminole county. 26-year-old j' rokton williams, was spotted, then arrested in winter springs late yesterday afternoon. pasco deputies were trying to arrest williams on an active felony warrant last saturday, when they say he put his car in reverse and tried to run over one of them. no one was hurt. only on wesh 2, we' re hearing from a former health care worker, accused of punching a dementia patient. summer: the nursing assistant lost her job when the allegations surfaced. martha alonzeau says she was
4:35 pm
was trying escape the facility. she says she was waving a towel, not her fist. >> i was trying to trick him with the towel. to see if he would let go of the door and hang on to the towel, but he didn' t. he kept hanging on to the door. summer: volusia county deputies say alonzeau punched 66-year-old randall ellison senior, who' s in a wheelchair, eight times. a statement from consulate health care reads, in part, " resident and patient safety is our top priority, so upon learning of the alleged incident, our staff immediately reported it to the appropriate state and local agencies." the victim in all of this is now being cared for at a veteran' s facility instead. his son says he has no interest in suing. meredith: two men are under arrest in marion county, charged in connection with the theft of $25,000 worth of cigarettes from a local winn-dixie. deputies say miguel nales stole the cigarettes from the store on north highway in ocala, then sold them to juan velez.
4:36 pm
275 cartons and 606 individual packs of cigarettes nales allegedly took while working overnight, cleaning floors at the store. summer: a major change for some winter park and maitland commuters. starting at 7:00 tonight, all southbound lanes of 17-92 between winter park and maitland will be closed for construction. the road will reopen at 6:00 monday morning. dot says the road will then close again next weekend. the crews will be focused on fixing the road under the railroad bridge. summer: and people in eatonville are waiting to learn when a boil water notice will be lifted. a water main broke on kennedy boulevard close to where a water main broke just seven months ago. residents say they were without water for weeks and are worried it' s happening again. public works crews have repaired the break, now they have to fill the hole. kennedy boulevard is supposed to reopen sometime today, but it hasn' t yet. meredith: in commitment 2016 news, senator bernie sanders and former secretary of state hillary clinton will face off
4:37 pm
the democratic presidential debate is in milwaukee, wisconsin. the candidates are now shifting their focus to nevada and south carolina after sanders pulled away with a commanding lead in the new hampshire primary. the debate begins at 9:00 tonight. the debate over climate change is a popular topic on the campaign trail. democrats say it' s one of the most important issues facing the nation. republicans differ on how much action the government should take. aixa diaz looks at both sides. aixa: among the major issues being debated on the campaign trail, climate change is one of the most polarizing. >> for democrats, climate change, imposing regulations to reduce the amount of carbon in the environment is the top issue. aixa: in august, president obama unveiled a plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. three months later, he rejected the controversial keystone x.l. pipeline. >> unchecked climate change can lead to serious heat waves, droughts, sea level rise, extreme weather events. aixa: greg dotson of the center for american progress, says the time for action is now.
4:38 pm
they are available today if policy makers will embrace them. >> these policies really won' t do anything to mitigate global temperatures. aixa: nick loris of the heritage foundation argues more regulations will end up hurting the economy. >> because energy is a necessary component for everything we make, everything we do, you' ll be hit when you go to the grocery store, when you go to the home depot. aixa: josh kraus-haar of the national journal says a candidate' s position on this issue could be a double edged sword. >> the risk is when you get far too left on the issue, you sound like you' re too focused on the environment over the economy could be a vulnerability in a general election. for the republicans, the vulnerability is they sound like they' re not listening to science and dealing with the issue in an empirical way. aixa: in december, nearly 200 countries approved an accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. in washington, i' m aixa diaz. meredith: that agreement was signed during a united nations
4:39 pm
summer: and almost $1 billion tax cut package has cleared the statehouse. the republican chamber sent it through. it includes a one percentage reduction in commercial waste. it would permanently eliminate a tax on heavy machinery. this plan but also create a one-year sales tax exemption on college textbooks and 10 day tax-free back-to-school items. >> we have too many needs in this state. when we cut these taxes, there is a finite amount of money. it is limited to what we can do. summer: the senate has not said how high it is going to go on tax cuts. meredith: putting more eyes on the road. one local county is keeping track of workers and you won' t
4:40 pm
shows. >> this was a vehicle that was moving in a parking lot, with no driver? >> correct. meredith: a look at some of the other bizarre video the movement to equip more vehicles with the cameras and how it' s saving you money, only on wesh 2 news at 6:00. summer: the zika virus center stage on capitol hill. meredith: what they are saying about multiple mosquito-borne virus is. summer: if you' re having trouble taking care of your baby, you should consider joke that.
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. >> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: today, lawmakers on capitol hill take up the topic
4:44 pm
summer: medical experts say there' s still a lot to learn about the virus when talking to a senate panel today. they say right now, it doesn' t appear that if you have previously been exposed to west nile or dengue, which are also transmitted by mosquitos, that you' re immune to zika. what is for sure is many travelers will likely be returning to the u.s. with zika, and it may not even be spread through a mosquito bite. >> we may also see sporadic cases around the u.s. from another mosquito that doesn' t spread it efficiently, or rare cases of sexual transmission, and unfortunately, we' re likely to continue to see substantial spread around the world . summer: another issue of importance is the vaccine, right now work is being done to develop a safe and effective vaccine. >> we'll likely go into phase one clinical trial of the vaccine in late summer. and i hope after several months, we will know if its safe and will know if it induces a good immune response. if it does, then we will move to the more advanced stage.
4:45 pm
have the vaccine. summer: the senate committee is reviewing the president' s supplemental budget, calling for increased funding in combating zika. and we were answering your zika-related questions yesterday. check out the wesh 2 news app to get some answers. meredith: an important week all -- recall for all of you parents. the recall is for about six thousand zaaz high chairs, the issue the arm of the chair that can detatch or bend. the company says they' ve received 50 reports of incidents including six of children falling out of the high chair. if you have one stop using it immediately, and contact the company to get a new arm for the chair. it' s something many parents struggle with, getting their child to calm down or focus. some say that' s children struggling to cope with their emotions, but as wesh 2 anchor brett connolly explains, the solution could be in yoga, >> good job. excellent.
4:46 pm
dog and namaste. >> i see the results. that just brings love to my heart to see a child go from really crazy at the beginning of class, to this peaceful being on their yoga mat. brett: and that peace allows moms to take a breather. >> when mom is relaxed, baby is relaxed, so it' s a great opportunity for moms to take a deep breath, and the more deep breaths we can take as mommas, the happier our babies are. brett: so whether it' s stress, anxiety, or focus. this baby yoga class in colorado addresses all the concerns, and you can find ones similar throughout central florida. >> it gives them body awareness, space awarness, and that' s something i beieve children with some behavioral issues and also developmental issues can benefit from. brett: in addition to benefiting moms, instructors say baby yoga
4:47 pm
and crawling muscles. meredith: that really is so great, because you are always looking for something different to do with your children. summer: if mommy is happy, baby is happy. i think we are all happier that it is a little bit warmer outside. i know i am. tony: it is going to be in the 70' s tomorrow, so a little yoga can be done tomorrow. meredith, i and a little guy going there. let' s begin near daytona beach, what a glorious afternoon we have up there, not a cloud in the sky. we venture back south near the coast near melbourne international airport, and there is not a cloud in the sky. downtown orlando, traffic is not too bad. we have clear skies of their.
4:48 pm
and the villages, middle and upper 60' s, almost 70 right now toward silver springs. as we work our way near the land -- de land and port orange, you can see us any the low 60' s near the coast. the wind is going to be south and southwest, and you can see the onshore flow having a genetic impact on those temperatures, coast side. by the time we get to 9:00, look at melbourne dropping 253 degrees. up toward ocala, away from the water, 56 down to 50 by the 9:00 hour. we are not going to follow a whole lot from that number. look at bellevue, 43 to 44. harmony, mid 40' s. up i-4 and through orange and
4:49 pm
high pressures to the south, and we get a southwest flow on the northwest side of high, and that is why we are going to warm up into the 70' s. some of us will be approaching the middle 70' s, and that includes you sanford and kissimmee. let' s make it a friday beach day. how about that? nearshore surf a couple feet. 56, daytona beach. another front arrive sunsetted a , so that will keep our temperatures in check. it will be a few degrees cooler than it will feel on friday. if you clouds coming off of the atlantic, but overall, not a bad looking weekend. saturday at 9:00 near lake eola,
4:50 pm
45 degrees on valentine' s day morning. for dinner, we will be near 62 degrees. have a jacket ready to go. we go 75, 76, 70, and we are back in the 70' s next week. not bad at all. meredith: we are following breaking traffic news along i-4 westbound. this is as you are approaching altamonte springs at 434. you can see the fire truck is blocking traffic. we do know we have an accident here, but we are not sure how many cars are involved. summer: no injuries at the moment, but you can see it has traffic backed up for a couple miles. if you are headed in this direction, i-4, westbound lanes,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
couple lanes of traffic f meredith: this helmet cam footage shows the moment firefighters were able to rescue a terrified dog from a home
4:53 pm
while searching for survivors, the firemen found the furry friend hiding from the blaze. they were able to pull the pooch out and carry him to safety. everyone else in the house was able to escape safely, and the dog was reunited with its owners. a happy end a. summer: a story of long lost love, just in time for valentines day. meredith: a world war ii vet was reunited with his wartime girlfriend. the 93-year veteran and 88-year-old embraced each other after 70 years apart. when they first met, she was a 17-year-old british girl, and he was a 21-year-old paratrooper when they met in london. they wrote to each other for years before marrying other people. now, after being reunited, they plan on spending valentines day together. summer: that is awesome. meredith: that is a long love story in the making there. summer: wesh 2 news at 5:00 a straight ahead. angela: coming up next at 5:00, big news in florida' s fight against zika. two new cases have been diagnosed. we' ll tell you where. plus, late breaking in orange county. a home near the citrus bowl goes up in flames.
4:54 pm
ground as firefighters rush to put it out. and disgusting and infuriating. two words a local police chief used to describe the allegations made against one of his officers. we' ll tell you what he' s accused of doing, and why it forced him to resign. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is next.
4:55 pm
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he morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what' s up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i' m not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. jim: we start with breaking news and seminole county. it westbound lanes of i-4 shut down after a fairly horrific crash. there is a live look at the scene. this is near the overpass at central florida parkway just east of state road 436. multiple vehicles involved. angela: authorities have economy off. here is a big picture of the traffic being backed up. this is life it from our wesh 2 studios camera. two vehicles have been involved in this crash. one is on its roof. one person is being taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
4:58 pm
information and let you know when the lanes open back up. westbound i-4 near altamonte this accident. jim: had he not resigned, he would have been fired. strong words tonight from the police chief in lady lake about i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. tonight, wesh 2 has learned that late last year, officer kevin thompson resigned after scandalous photos of him in his uniform surfaced. jim: wesh 2' paschall-brown reports the chief s behavior "disgusting and infuriating." gail: this is a cropped picture of former lady lake police officer kevin thompson. it' s one of several pictures in evidence of him in his patrol car and uniform allegedly pleasuring himself. the 49-year-old admitted to investigators of having an extramartial affair with a 39-year-old leesburg woman he met on craigslist. she told a sheriff' s investigator she thought thompson was leaving his wife, as he claimed the marriage was not working out. >> i went by his house one time to see if he was lying.
4:59 pm


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