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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here is where ortiz allegedly peeled out of his front yard with the deputy hanging onto his hood for dear life. many neighbors who live near high street heard what was going on, others saw it. >> i could see the officer in the front, and the other officer help the other officer. michelle: investigators say it started around 7:30 this morning when the deputy, marcy pearce, came to this house on high street with a probation officer. she was here to re-arrest 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz on burglary charges. he had already been released from the juvenille jail for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer with a motor vehicle. according to investigators, the deputy could see ortiz in his car. she stepped in front of it. investigators say ortiz hit the gas. the deputy landed on the hood of the car, where she stayed as ortiz drove down the street. >> sergeant years said that she
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and he began to increase his speed, and she knew at that point she needed to get off the hood. michelle: investigators say the fall knocked her out. the probation officer hit the emergency button on the deputy' s radio to get help. you are not on his side. >> no, i am not on his side. michelle: why? >> if you are a criminal, then there are places for you to be. michelle: emotions in the neighorhood ran deep and very mixed. you feel very strongly about this. >> i do. it makes no sense for today' s youth to be doing the crime that they are doing. laws need to be tougher on them. >> i don' t think they got rubber bumpers, and jumping in front of cars and thinking they are not going to get hit when these kids don' t care about their own life, so what makes you think they are going to care about your life to stop? michelle: ortiz is only 15 years old but he has quite a rap sheet, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, fleeing and eluding the armed burglary. now he is facing charges of
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jim: sheriff jerry demings held a news conference almost immediately after sergeant pearce was struck. he spoke about her work ethic and personality. while her injuries were called serious, sergeant pearce was dismissed from the hospital and sent home, where she is now recovering. wesh 2' s greg fox talked with her husband, and joins us live at the sheriff' s office. so greg how is she doing? ,greg: she is doing remarkably well considering what she has been through. i talked to her for a good time on the phone with sergeant paul smalley, her husband. he is also the president of the local union that represents a deputies in the orange county sheriff' s office. while she is recovering, she has said she wants to be at work monday morning. that may not happen, but she is on the road to recovery. jerry demings: she has a very jovial personality, but still she understands that she was in
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greg: sheriff jerry demings was clearly relieved minutes after learning that one of his sergeants, run down by a teen suspect, would pull through. >> she dismounted from the vehicle and received significant head injury as well as apparently injuries to her hand , her foot, and her back. greg: sergeant marcy pearce has been featured in several wesh 2 news reports, including here two years ago at a blood drive in honor of fallen deputy scott fine. and here leading an anti-bully campaign. she' s been with the office for 22 years. sheriff demings says she' s lucky to be alive after her run-in with 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz. jerry demings: this was a bold action that this young man took and that' s really the sad part of this. 15-years-old and already been in trouble with the law and again today taking the action that he
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him accountable. greg: accountable, given the teen' s arrests, that leave the sheriff unsatisfied with the juvenile justice system. jerry demings: sometimes i' m disappointed in the system and being able to keep violent offenders off the street regardless of their age and this , is one of those times. we' ll work through all of that , i' m not sure a love the details why he was not in custody at this point, but we' ll work through that. greg: right now it' s unclear if deputies track down ortiz, if he' ll be brought here to the sheriff' s office or straight to juvenile detention for the weekend. as for marcy pearce, even if she comes back to work it quickly, it won' t be for long. she is scheduled to retire in october. jim: she will be sore tomorrow. wesh 2 will be monitoring the latest on the search for the teen driver throughout the night. you can catch up-to-the-minute information online, at we' re following some breaking
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a ninth circuit court judge has just ruled that the city may not be following the law when it comes to determining if you' re due a red light camera ticket. right now the cameras are run by a private company, which makes the initial determination if you' ve broken the law, and then sends the videos to the city for processing. the circuit court ruled that letting the private company decide if there has been an infraction is against the law. wesh 2 is still working through the ruling, to find out what this means. the city does not agree with the decision and are evaluating options regarding an appeal. angela: late breaking tonight on the zika front, a case has now been diagnosed in orange county. this is florida' s 26th case and the third here in central florida. osceola and brevard counties each have one zika case apiece. the florida department of health says all cases are travel-related, and do not involve pregnant women. right now the search continues for a newborn missing in orange county. on tuesday, police searched the
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apartments on silver star road. police think a woman gave birth in the lot and got rid of the baby. the following days the search area expanded beyond the complex. and today, dive teams focused on a retention pond a few blocks away on dardanelle road. chopper 2 was over the pond just before noon. you can see that a team took part in the search but so far, wesh 2' s gail paschall brown she joins us live with more. gail? greg: orange county sheriff' s office recovery team was out here for hours. now they have packed up. the next step is to get permission to train the retention pond. gail: there was big black bag , but once divers got their hands on it, it had nothing to do with the search of baby willow. sheriff'
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out to search the pond, which is not far from the willow bend apartment complex on silver star road in orlando. at times, divers stopped, checked, but all they brought up was grass. the mother gave birth to a baby girl sometime monday. they know she was on foot. detectives found the placenta and after birth in the parking lot of willow bend. the medical examiner says, "it appeared to be a later term human placenta." a friend of susan richardson' s doubts that. how big was she? >> ok, imagine me real skinny with this right here. this is how big she was. it wasn' m getting ready to have a baby. no, it was like, maybe six months. gail: and that was about three weeks ago? >> yeah. gail: susan richardson is charged with aggravated child neglect and child desertion. orlando police detectives say, "richardson said she did not want the baby and decided to leave it on the front door step of a random residence in the willow bend apartments."
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the pond, the middle of it, below the surface and on a boat , but so far nothing. a friend says she' s not a bad person, susan richard just needs help. richardson and her boyfriend johnnie bryant have three children together. >> they give them to relatives. johnny has his daughter, all of them are his. johnny had the older daughter which he takes good care of. gail: investigators want to know with a newborn is as they continue to search for the baby girl. today marks day four of the search. they are asking for permission to drain a retention pond behind me. jim: today an orange county judge rules against a local man who tried to withdraw his guilty plea on charges he slashed a women' s throat. douglas reed was arrested back in july. police say he attacked a 70-year-old woman in her home on crane strand drive, just off of north goldenrod. last month, reed appeared in court, and instead of pleading guilty as part of a deal with the court, stood up and announced he was not guilty.
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to plead not guilty. he will now spend the rest of his life in prison. angela: the deltona man accused of killing his wife and his step children has dropped his demand for a speedy trial. luis toledo was back in court this morning. it was the time a judge was supposed to hear his motion, but his team quickly withdrew it. prosecutors are asking for the death penalty, but florida' s death penalty can' t be applied right now because of the recent supreme court ruling deeming it unconstitutional. toledo will be back in court at the end of the month. it' s possible a trial date could be set then. and we have new information on another arrest made in connection to a deadly nightclub shooting in orlando earlier this month. last night police arrested 21-year-old jose lopez. this is actually his second arrest in the case. police originally charged him with firing a gun inside the glitz nightclub. police say both lopez and luis cruz nazario, who was also arrested last night, are involved in the shooting that wounded 10 people and killed 2.
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ve seized a stash of guns and drugs. officers were on carver street last night and noticed a group of suspicious-looking characters standing around a car. the officers say they as approached the group, all of them started to hurl and hide items under the car. the items wound up being these guns, marijuana, and crack cocaine. no arrests have been announced, but we' re told charges are pending. angela: a man accused of breaking into a local church and stealing money appeared before a judge today. he said he had good reason for his actions. jim: wesh 2' s dan billow reports, the money was supposed to go to help homeless people, which is exactly what the accused is. >> sir? dan: 59-year-old peter doroszkiewicz seemed to have a hard time understanding what was happening to him. >> my hearing' s kinda low. dan: investigators say he broke into divine mercy catholic church at least twice and ended up charged with 16 crimes 10 felonies and six misdemeanors. in court, he seemed to plead for help. >> are you able to hire an
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>> no. i have no income, i have nothing. >> i' ll appoint the public defender' s office to represent you. >> i live on the streets. dan: detectives say the money stolen had been collected to give to the poor. the merritt island church' s poor box was forced open with a screwdriver. pleading his case, doroszkiewicz seemed to say he qualifies for that money. >> good luck. >> the only reason i did it is i needed the money. that' s it. >> all right. well, you have a right to remain silent. dan: a church administrator declined to talk about the burglaries. detectives say the church' s security cameras showed doroszkiewicz stealing the money. the judge solved one of doroszkiewicz' s problems by setting a bail he won' t be able to pay. now he can live here at the brevard county jail. jim: things get nasty in south carolina. angela: we are less than one day away from the palmetto state primary and republicans are in , an all out sprint for votes.
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but will ted cruz pull off a surprise victory? plus, the world says goodbye to one of its finest authors and pulitzer prize winners. jim: and spreading quickly. we' re watching the fight to put out a massive grass fire, which
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plains. angela: some sad news to pass along tonight. harper lee has died. she' s the pulitzer prize winning author of "to kill a mockingbird." she was also the recipient of the medal of honor. "to kill a mockingbird," which was published in 1960, is often named as one of the finest american novels ever written. it examines the racial troubles of all the deep south all , through the eyes of a young girl named scout. harper lee was 89-years-old. jim: justice antonin scalia' s body has returned to washington, d.c. right now, he' s lying in repose in the great hall of the supreme court. his flag-draped casket was brought into the court building this morning, and all day, hundreds of people have turned out to bid justice scalia farewell. president obama and first lady michelle stopped by this afternoon to pay their respects. while the nation remembers justice scalia, the candidates for president are turning the
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a hot-button issue on the campaign trail. angela: republicans want president obama to reserve the right for the next president. they' re taking that message to the voters in south carolina, who will turn out tomorrow to vote in the primary. jim: wesh 2' s adrian whitsett joins us live from the palmetto state with the latest from the campaign trail. adrian? adrian: guys, the latest is cruz has overtaken donald trump in the most recent nbc news national poll, so trumps lead in the palmetto state is only about five point. it is quickly eroding. voters i spoke to seem to have their minds made up, and a last minute endorsement here in the state may have severe or great repercussions for one florida candidate. as donald trump slips from a commanding 16 point lead down to just five in the latest nbc news-wsj-marist poll here in the palmetto state his supporters , still think victory is at hand.
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adrian: heading to get more yard signs after his were stolen, robert wickiser says trump' s message is clear. >> he speaks to me and not at me. he' s not telling me what he wants to do for me, he' s telling me he' s going to try to fix stuff. adrian: but others like ted cruz at 23% and marco rubio at 15%, there' s still a lot of ground to cover. amy dempsey: the president has to be someone that my governor can work with. adrian: amy dempsey supported cruz until thursday, when south carolina governor nikki haley endorsed rubio amy dempsey: i think in sc after nikki haley gave her support behind rubio it might be him. adrian: jeb bush, who many experts believe needs to come in better than fourth here to remain a viable hopeful is only two points behind his former protege. campaigning in greenville with his mom barbara, trying to make a last minute rally in the same state that rescued his brother' s campaign back in 2000. evan banville: he' s got the most experience out of anybody in there. he governed a state.
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he is a businessman he doesn' t , have experience in this field and he' s too much of a hothead. adrian: the polls here in south carolina run from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. we could be in for a long night. the permit a state has just over 2 million registered republican voters, and they also, the winner will get the majority of the 50 delegates from this estate to the national convention. it is a big one. life in greenville , adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news. jim: these are coming down to the wire. be sure to follow adrian' s reporting on air and online tomorrow. he' ll be live with the results of the race, and the final push for votes, up until the last ballot has been cast. you can catch his reports starting tomorrow on wesh 2 news at 6:00. angela: two tony mainolfi is joining us. maybe a tad bit cooler today,
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tony: when the warm it up a bit , except on the coast where the water has a cooling influence on the coast line. no one will be complaining with this forecast. a few clouds, if you have plans for dinner in and around the central florida, downtown, you will be in great shape. temperature setting at 70 degrees right now. the wind is coming off the atlantic at about 15 miles an hour. you can see the marine deck pushing to the east from the south and west. we had it rotating in throughout the day. the breakers -- the theme for tonight, a little overdone. we cannot see any sprinkles in brevard county. on the coast, we have readings in the 60' s while inland, it is relatively warm. 71 in leesburg. hour-by-hour in orlando, downtown falling to 60 by 10:00. the coast and 59 at 10:00.
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if you are having fun, you are going to be in good shape. 9:30, mainly clear, temperature at 60 degrees. osceola state fair, rodeo day today. a perfect, comfortable nice night. temperatures falling to 60 by 11:00. overnight low in kissimmee around 53. cooler at ocala at 58. there will be some fog as winds will be lighter. we will provide you with an update at 10:00 and 11:00. we have the deep easterly flow, along period swells, we will have to watch that. on sunday, east-southeasterly wind, temperatures in the upper 70' s in the interior. lower 70' s on the immediate coastline. the enchanted 10k, 5:30, 10:00 a.m. at 60. picture-perfect. but at the
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verde -- mount dora 76. altamonte springs 77. bunnell, upper 60' s. new smyrna beach at 73. brevard county, cocoa beach is a 73, palm bay 74. 53, fog burning off, noon, 75. the pollen will get a lot of you this weekend, so make sure you have your medicine ready to go. let' s look at the race on saturday. the power stays qqq. cloud, sunny, dry, comfortable. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. up and good till next week. we have a few storms coming tuesday and wednesday. jim: coming up, a woman gets more than she bargained for when she opens up a can of green beans. angela: she took pictures before going right to the company and demanding answers. plus, a nasty wreck does on a
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d.c. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there
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he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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jim: a bad crash caused a traffic nightmare in washington d.c. this morning. when a tractor trailer overturned, fuel and everything in the trailer spilled onto both
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one person was seriously hurt. investigators closed the road for some time. no word yet on what caused the trailer to overturn. a home in england has been reduced to rubble after a home exploded earlier today. take a look at this video, you can see where the house used to stand. investigators believe it was a gas explosion. at least one person was killed. nearby homes were evacuated and some of them were also damaged in the blast. angela: dangerous conditions helped fuel wildfires across much of the southern plains. about 50 acres were torched just west of oklahoma city. fire crews were able to save a nearby house before eventually containing the blaze. no word on what caused the fire at this time. now to that situation at the kansas-missouri border. fire crews are battling a massive grass fire that' s burning out of control. the fire destroyed at least two older barns and scorched several acres of land. people who live in the area have been advised to avoid burning and to dispose cigarette butts properly. jim: a utah woman says she got more than she bargained for when
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beans. there was a snake head inside. she was preparing dinner for a church youth function when she found the unwanted ingredient. that is a nasty little addition. the woman contacted the manufacturer western family and they pulled cans from store shelves as a precaution. >> when i went to dish them out, i thought it was a burnt bean, and lo and behold it was a snake head. jim: the company has also halted production. kind of does mix in there. angela: it does. i probably would have eaten it right up. wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, wesh 2 has learned new information about some skeletal remains, found in some local woods. we' ll tell you what else was found on the scene today, less than 24 hours after the original gruesome find. plus, a plea for justice. wesh 2 talks to a local family who lost not one, but two sons
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shooting. >> we need your help. we need closure. we need answers to this senseless crime. stewart: and wesh 2 takes you inside a crime scene. what we' ve learned about the
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and burned. announcer: you are watching wesh 2. stewart: it' s been nearly two weeks since two brothers were gunned down outside an orlando condo complex. tonight their family, is speaking out. thank you for joining us i' m , stewart moore. angela: i' m angela taylor. the family put their emotions on public display today, hoping to give detectives new leads. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel reports. jean jennings: nobody deserves to die like this, nobody. dave: a gathering to remember, and mourn 34-year-old antonio jones, known as shay, and his little brother, 16-year-old christian. ashawnte jennings: just imagine if it was your family. dave: around 7:00 at night on super bowl sunday, the brothers were planning to host a party when they stepped out of a third floor elevator at the stonebridge reserve complex in metrowest. they were confronted, chased and
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there have been no arrests at this point. the family certainly believes that somebody out there, somebody in this general neighborhood, knows what happened here on super bowl sunday. and they poured out their emotion, asking people to step forward and help. jean jennings: we' re pleading for anyone, somebody, anyone to come forward with any information, whether it' s a little or a lot. ashawnte jennings: it' s not going to bring christian or shay back, but at least we' ll have that piece of mind that somebody somewhere is locked up. dave: police don' t believe the crime was random, that the brothers were somehow targeted. the family says christian was an honor student, heading to college. court records indicate shay jones was awaiting trial, accused of trafficking in cocaine. the family says somebody holds the key to solving the case. jean jennings: please, we' re pleading with you, we need your help. we need closure.
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senseless crime. dave: a family in need of answers. in orlando, orange county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. angela: a threat spotted on social media prompted a lockdown at st. cloud high school yesterday. that meant no one could come on to or leave the campus. dismissal was held for for hours, causing a back-log of parents in the parking lot. the crowd was spotted by chopper 2. police patted down all students and staff and later deemed the online threats not credible. wesh 2 has learned new information about the search for a missing cab driver who is presumed dead. michael smith of orlando disappeared back in july. his cab was found at the edge of a lake on fire and splattered with blood. several months later paul strickland was arrested and charged with his murder. in an interview with investigators, strickland denies the accusations, but detectives say that evidence proves he was involved. here' s a look at some of that evidence. these are images taken of smith' s cab. you can see it' s charred from fire and blood-stained. we'
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interrogation video taken after strickland' s arrest. >> i want to be as cooperative as possible, and i don' t mean no disrespect or nothing, but i just want a lawyer. >> ok, all right. >> i will stop talking to you. dave: -- angela: strickland remains behind bars with no bond. stewart: right now, orlando police are looking for a woman who robbed a cab driver a gun point. police say the woman got into the cab on monday, and as she was driven out of town, she pulled the gun out and demanded the driver hand over everything he had. she took off running. anyone who knows who this is is urged to call crime line. one day after skeletal remains were found in volusia county, the search for more bones has been called off, for now. angela: investigators with the sheriff' s office say they need more man-power and heavier equipment. the bones were found in a wooded area just off of us-92 near daytona beach. wesh 2' s claire metz reports. claire: a surveyor first discovered partial remains yesterday, while doing site work
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john road. then investigators found more when they came out, and then additional remains this morning when they searched. but those investigators say the terrain is so rough, swampy and thick with brush, they need heavy equipment to cut through it all and will return likely monday to continue searching. the bones, which officials believe have been here for a long time, are spread out, likely the work of animals, and as deputies continue to find additional remains, they can' t be certain if it' s more than one person. male, female, who he, she or they were, whether the remains wound up here, by accident or design. so far, no clothing has been recovered. no personal items that could clear up the mystery. the woods are very near social service agencies, and the volusia county jail. whether the remains belong to someone who left one of those places or belong to other known missings persons, yet to be determined. though the medical examiner collected the remains, because of severe decomposition, they will likely have to be sent out to a lab to determine sex, identity, and hopefully cause of
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near daytona beach, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. angela: investigators don' t know if the person died in the woods or it was just a dump site. stewart: let' s talk about the forecast. we are just in time for the weekend. seeing gorgeous conditions. angela: a lot of people in town for the daytona 500. tony: let' s look at the forecast tonight. we have a few clouds, even smelling smoke outside the studio where the current temperature has fallen to 70 degrees, 67 daytona beach , 67 at palm coast. let' s look at the hour by hour forecast, falling into the upper 50' s areawide. ocala 48, daytona beach 53. a big race coming. we' ll talk about that in a couple minutes. stewart: thank you. angela: to commitment 2016 coverage and the race for the
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the ultimate goal is the white house, but tonight it' s all about south carolina and nevada. stewart: the republicans are pushing for votes in the palmetto state, while the democrats have headed out west. wesh 2' s sally kidd is taking a look at the races, which are getting tighter by the hour. sally: it' s attack and counter attack for republicans as they vie for votes ahead of the critical palmetto state primary. if the polls are right, south carolina republicans are poised to deliver a trump triumph on saturday. >> love you too. sally: at a myrtle beach rally, trump repeated a familiar attack line against closest rival ted cruz. donald trump: you talk about people that lie this ted cruz, this is the biggest liar i' ve ever seen. sally: cruz, who comes within 5 points of trump in a new nbc news-wall street journal-marist poll, fired back at trump. ted cruz: if you' ve lived 50 years of your life without ever writing, saying, or doing anything to prove you' re a conservative you ain' t. ,sally: fighting for 2nd marco rubio -who' s hoping gov. nikki haley will give him boost. marco rubio: we win by coming
5:37 pm
sally: jeb bush, battling for third with john kasich, took a swipe at rubio and cruz. jeb bush: is there anything in their past that says they have the mettle to do this job, that they have the backbone that won' t cut and run? sally: on the democrat' s side, hillary clinton picked up a key endorsement from the state' s highest-ranking democrat. jim clyburn: we need a real fighter, and i believe hillary clinton is that fighter. sally: clinton continued her a ' get out the caucus tour' through nevada. hillary clinton: we are the only advanced country in the world without some kind of paid family leave. sally: bernie sanders also campaigning in the silver state. bernie sanders: obviously we are here to win and hope to win. sally: a new poll has clinton leading sanders by six points in nevada. earlier polls showed it was virtually tied. stewart: tonight, the harbor house of central florida continues to search for unused eeo. long serving leader carol wyche is no longer in charge.
5:38 pm
90 years. she released a statement saying she supports the commission of the harbor house and the mission to end domestic violence and saving lives. we appreciate everything she did and wish her well and fruits are a denver' s. -- future endeavors. angela: the court said the current system give the judge to much power for the death penalty , and know it will be a requirement that 10 jurors will have to approve the punishments before going through with it. >> the official power to kill by execution, and that has never elevated a society, never brought back a life. angela: the house and senate have been split on the jury recommendations for best sentence should be unanimous. downtown orlando pushed star
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street. it is opened by the wahlberg brothers. you can see mark posed for photos with fans, talking to diners, even coming back to her then do to help the downtown place expands. stewart: the big weekend has finally arrived. the can am wanted you with more. we are a few hours away from the daytona 500. we are joined by pat clarke with a good race preview. angela: a lot of changes at the track with the daytona rising projects. one thing has not been touched. pat: that is right, and for the competitors it is the most component -- important component, the track itself. many reasons now to come out to the new motor sports stadium, but the race surface remains untouched. at vista for drivers is different. as we learned recently from the
5:40 pm
i know that when drivers get on the track, the last thing out there thinking about our this and, but when i can' t not -- when i come update road, seeing them for the first time without anyone, it has to be awe-inspiring? >> what a different view. we have had a long chance of stretch. you look up and get a feeling that you have a stadium looking down on you, similar to what a football player, an nfl player, with see in an nfl stadium. pat: when they come down the backstretch, there used to seeing the stands, and they are gone. it is completely different. >> it really is. it is my first time driving back here myself. i think the view is that people will see compared to what we have before, as you see the beach off to the background, the airport really front and center, and the view from the 1980' s.
5:41 pm
speedway really has not changed. >> the race is very important. people come here to see the stars. they want to see them racing on the high banks of daytona. close your eyes and imagine yourself going 140 miles per hour faster and 42 cars around. you turn here, the driver is now in your viewpoint earlier, get a stadium view. packed, a good view for all the drivers. as they come down the home stretch here and the green flag for the daytona 500. pat: pete started -- did a good job getting those pictures. this is a trial for sunday, which will be 101,000 race fans , and as the cars take green, imagine being out front on the
5:42 pm
it gives you duck bumps thinking about it. one of the drivers will be out there. stewart: maybe push the gas a little harder. pat: on the final lap they are all pushing the gas. stewart: i mean for you. pat: we might tip over. getting into those is awesome, but you have to be up to speed or you will tip over. stewart: drone owners take warning, their deadline to register with the government is here. angela: how much he will have to shell out if you do not comply. and something you have to see to believe. investigators what they think happened. stewart: find out what happens to your lost luggage that never gets returned after your flight areas
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stewart: a helicopter crash in the waters of pearl harbor. five people were on board at the time. no one was killed, but a 16-year-old is in critical condition. there is no word on what caused the crash, but investigators are coming through the wreckage. this was a stone' s throw away from the uss arizona memorial. angela: an estimated one million germans were polled during the -- drowns -- drones. stewart: for any drone owner who does not register, a hefty fine awaits. michelle: today is the day to register. >> this registration is a way for the faa to keep tabs on drone owners and basically anyone who' s got a drone that' s over half a pound or under 55 pounds has to register. michelle: it' s a simple online process users pay $5 for a three-year registration and they' re presented with safety
5:47 pm
>> we want to raise public awareness, for many operators of unmanned aircraft, particularly hobbyists, they may not be aware of what the rules are. michelle: the faa also has an app called before you fly that shows the flying rules wherever you are. >> warning-no fly zone. michelle: even small drones can pose potential problems so the faa hopes education will help reduce collisions with other aircraft, as well as property damage and injury. even if you' re just flying drones for fun, not registering could mean not so fun consequences. >> there are some penalties civil up to $27,000 and criminal fine of up to $250,000, including imprisonment. so, there are some repercussions if you don' t register that drone. michelle: along with the weight parameters for the drones, the registration is for drones purchased before december 21st of last year. if you got one after that date say, for christmas, you' re supposed to have registered it before that drone takes to
5:48 pm
michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. stewart: if your looking for blue skies, this is the weekend for you. tony: we are the clouds, the sun, the buildings. angela: i know traffic. a perfect friday. tony: let' s look at what else is happening. downtown, 70 overnight, falling back to 60. racing at daytona, the speedway, and the 250 almost underway. 9:30 temperature around 59. you can see the queue coming in off the atlantic with the northeasterly wind flow. it is always colder on the coast , in comparison to the interior. because of the cooling into your it -- influence of the water. we also have the osceola county
5:49 pm
69, 64, 11:00 around 60 degrees. a little cool with the dry air out there. 48 in the morning. fog in the western areas. we' ll be at 53 in orlando, titusville, kissimmee, cooler in the palm coast, warmer at melbourne. the setup for the weekend, a dome of high pressure off the coast of the carolinas, and what goes in must come out. we will watch the recurrence and the swells. -- rip currents and the swells. look at the temperatures tomorrow, 9:00 , 55. lunchtime and 74, midafternoon 76. 70 degrees in downtown orlando. at the coast, 70 to 74 degrees. beach forecast, wind out of the east-
5:50 pm
-- rip risk is low. speedway on saturday, powershares qqq 300, 72, 3:00 73. and on sunday, the daytona 500, 1:00 at 72. comfortable in the sun at 73. we have two weather makers coming through. the first one arrives tuesday, a couple of showers and storms are in another front arrives wednesday. this appears to be the stronger of the two. behind that front it appears temperatures will begin to cool down. the models are fighting this all week, but they are becoming more in line. let' s check it out one more time. 78, around 80 tuesday and wednesday as the front come through, and a lot cooler thursday and friday.
5:51 pm
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visitors at yosemite national park, what looks like fire flowing off a cliff. this so-called firewall can only been seen around this time of year. it' s actually an optical illusion, made when the sun glows through the waterfall. the angle of the sun has to be just right, which only happens just a couple of times every week in february. stewart: i heard the photographers flock to this place. some high-climbing protesters today in australia. these two women scaled the 531 foot high melbourne art center spire, unveiling a banner that read let them stay. they were protesting australia' s high court decision to reject a legal test case that challenged its right to deport 267 refugee children and their families who had been brought over for medical treatment. it' s another look at earth from the iss point of view. angela: british astronaut tim peake shot this video. over the united kingdom at night time. the dramatic images show the sparkling lit up u.k. as the international space station
5:55 pm
peke has been on board the iss since december, taking part in a six months long mission for the european space agency. he is the first briton in space since 1991. stewart: but stay out of this world and new images from nasa' s and new images from nasa' s new , horizons probe suggest that pluto' s primary moon charon may have once had an ocean below its surface. these photos were taken in july 2015. a closeup image shows an area 240 miles long and 110 miles wide. nasa stated the sub-surface ocean would have long since outward and causing the moon' s surface to stretch and fracture. angela: always fascinating to see those pictures. stewart: billions of light years away. angela: wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. with what' s coming up next half hour. jim: forrest county deputies are hunting for a 15-year-old that ran down a deputy and put her in the hospital. we learn more about why she was going to arrest the teen, how
5:56 pm
and what could become of the suspect. a major court ruling that could affect the future of red light
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
meredith: hit and left hanging on the front hood. >> tires were squealing there was a lot going on. jim: now the hunt is on for the 15-year-old holligan behind the wheel. turns out this is not the first time he' s been accused of battery on a law enforcement officer. meredith: tonight as seargant marcy pearce recovers from her injuries we are learning more , about her. >> she understands that she was in a serious situation today. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. wesh 2 news at 5:00 continues. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. news has learned the orange county deputy who was run down allegedly by a teenager is now out of the hospital. good evening, i' m jim payne. meredith: i' m meredith mcdonough. sargent marcy pearce was hit by a car and thrown onto the hood by a teen she was going to arrest on outstanding warrants. wesh 2 news spoke with the deputy last year. jim: the sheriff says everything will be done to find and arrest jancarlos ortiz, who has an extensive rap sheet even though he' s only 15-years-old. meredith: wesh 2' s michelle meredith joins us live with what she'
6:00 pm
michelle? michelle: we have learned that ortiz been arrested many times for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, fleeing and s facing charges of attempted murder. this is where deputies say the 15-year-old peeled out of his front yard with an orange county sheriff' s deputy clinging to the hood of the car. >> all i heard was the tires squealing, and i was like somebody is really out of control. michelle: investigators say it started around 7:30 this morning when the deputy, marcy pearce, came to this house on high street with a probation officer. she was here to re-arrest 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz on burglary charges. he had already been released from the juvenille jail for aggravated assault on a law enforcment officer with a motor vechile. -- vehicle. according to investigators, the deputy could see ortiz in his car.


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