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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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michelle? michelle: we have learned that ortiz been arrested many times for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, fleeing and s facing charges of attempted murder. this is where deputies say the 15-year-old peeled out of his front yard with an orange county sheriff' s deputy clinging to the hood of the car. >> all i heard was the tires squealing, and i was like somebody is really out of control. michelle: investigators say it started around 7:30 this morning when the deputy, marcy pearce, came to this house on high street with a probation officer. she was here to re-arrest 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz on burglary charges. he had already been released from the juvenille jail for aggravated assault on a law enforcment officer with a motor vechile. -- vehicle. according to investigators, the deputy could see ortiz in his car.
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jerry demmings: at some point, based in what she is telling me, he deliberately ran over her as she was approaching the vehicle. she ended up on the hood of the car. michelle: the sheriff says the deputy stayed on the hood of the car as ortiz drove down the street, going faster and faster. the deputy said she knew she had to roll off the hood. the fall knocked her out. the probation officer hit the emergency button on the deputy' s >> i would not have jumped in front of the car. michelle: the neighbors have strong and mixed feelings about how it all went down. >> i don' t know why they think they have rubber bumpers, jumping in front of cars and , thinking they are not going to get hit when these kids don' t care about their own life, so what makes you think they are going to care about your life to stop? >> she should have shot the mess out of him. >> that would have been, she would -- >> she would have been ok. michelle: ortiz is driving a
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tires. meredith: today wesh 2 news talked to the husband of the injured deputy. sergeant paul smalley provided this photo of his wife, sergeant marcy pearce, who has been with the sheriff' s office for 22 years and is planning to retire in october. wesh 2 news has featured pearce in several stories, including this blood drive two years ago in honor of fallen deputy scott pine. schools where she' s conducted anti-bully campaigns. she was released from the emergency room after treatment for head, hand, and back injuries. jerry demings: at this time while she is in a lot of pain, she has a very jovial personality, but still she understands that she was in a serious situation today. meredith: pearce told her husband she wants to be back to work on monday, but she may need a few more days of r & r. wesh 2 will continue to have updates on sergeant marcy pearce and the search for jancarlos ortiz on air and on the wesh 2 mobile app. breaking news at 6:00 in the case of the deadly shooting
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right now 21-year-old jose lopez is in the process of bonding out again. he has now been arrested twice in the glitz ultra lounge shooting earlier this month. lopez has been charged with firing a gun inside the club. luis cruz nazario was also arrested yesterday. he is now charged with attempted murder. 10 people were shot inside the club. two people died. jim: we' re following late breaking news from orlando. a ninth circuit court judge has just ruled that the city may not be following the law when it comes to determining if you' re due a ticket from a red light camera. right now, the cameras are run by a private company, which makes the initial determination of whether you' ve broken the law, and then sends the videos to the city for processing. the circuit court ruling found that letting the private company decide if there' s been an infraction is against the law. orlando spokeswoman cassandra lafser says this ruling applies only to the specific case, which was appealed to the circuit court. and the city does not agree with this decision and are evaluating options with regards to appeal.
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has been confirmed in orange county. it' s one of two new cases confirmed today by the florida department of health. there are now 26 confirmed cases in florida all of which are travel-related. orange joins brevard and osceola counties with cases in central florida. the mosquito that caries the zika virus is in florida but so far no one has contracted the virus in the sunshine state. right now, work is being done to develop a safe and effective vaccine. meredith: it is day in the five search for baby willow. today divers took to a retention pond not far from where detectives found the placenta in the willow bend parking lot on silver star road in orlando. side by side, divers searched the pond and pulled out plenty of weeds, trash and other vegetation. police say susan richardson gave birth to the baby girl sometime monday. a friend of richardson' s tells wesh 2 news, susan, suffers with mental health issues. >> she is not a bad person. she probably has the mentality
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imagine a little child having a baby and not knowing what to do with it. meredith: the plan now is to drain the pond where search and recovery teams were all day, but first investigators must get permission to do so. jim: investigators fnd more human remains today in the woods off u.s.-92 and red john road west of daytona beach. a surveyor came across part of a skeleton yesterday. but the search is on hold until next week because deputies need heavier equipment to cut through all the thick brush. the remains have been in the woods a while and investigators say it' s uncertain if they belong to more than one person. all new at 6:00 the owner of a , daytona beach restaurant is now charged with false imprisonment, battery and making an obscene phone call. the victim, who worked for 62-year-old sami yaseen, says she quit working at the mediterranean grill on seabreeze boulevard. the victim says earlier this month, yaseen forcefully grabbed her, touched her inappropriately, tried to pull her pants down, and kissed her face and neck. she says he started hitting on her in december. meredith: a local caregiver is behind bars after cocoa police
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s bank account was emptied after her checks were stolen. detectives say teresa robinson was the caregiver for a 91-year-old woman with parkinson' s disease, a patient who needed round the clock care. a court document says two days before christmas, some of the patient' s checks were stolen. in one case, a check for more than $1200 was cashed at m scott. another for almost $2300 was cashed at wells fargo. >> two counts of grand theft from a person 65 or older, and one count of exploiting an elderly person or disabled person. meredith: court documents show robinson admitted to the alleged scheme, saying she was in financial trouble. jim: now to commitment 2016. in the race for the white house, the next big tests are tomorrow. the democrats are in nevada. and the republicans are in south carolina. for marco rubio, who' s running a strong third in a new nbc poll the palmetto state' s primary is , a chance to break away from the pack and take on donald trump. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett is live
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adrian, how are the candidates tomorrow' s voting? adrian: they have really been trying to push out the vote. they have several more campaign rallies in and around the upstate where we are in greenville, and of course the south carolina. it is really the last stand, the less chance in the first in the south primary to change of voters minds. this race is closer than ever. >> get them out. adrian: it seems fitting that in south carolina, donald trump becomes the heckled. >> you have a couple of guys that will get a couple publicity for themselves. adrian: his once huge lead here in south carolina is gone. with ted cruz aiming to knock him out. ted cruz: i' ve been told south carolina you kind of like your guns. let me say as a texan i understand. adrian: hoping to play catch-up jeb bush getting stump help from , his mom and a friend.
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the momentum he needs then this primary is going to come to end sooner than later. adrian: his message remains the same, that he' s got the experience and will reign in washington' s spending like he did in florida. jeb bush: don' t you want veto corleone to go to washington dc to bring budget. adrian: for marco rubio just two points ahead of bush and trying to gain steam. >> i will never get the country against itself. adrian: but telling people to watch out for others who may try to pull a fast one on primary voters and leave the country in the same shape it is now. >> i won' t be a president like the current one that asks one group of americans to be mad at another group so i can win an election. adrian: and in this state the few democrats, who won' t make their decision until next week know the importance of the gop primary and what it means for delegates going forward. >> the presidential primary is really republican as far as influencing the national
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adrian: that is because tomorrow' s winner automatically gets 29 of the south carolina delegates and will likely get most of the remaining 21 delegates to the convention. there is also a safe bet that if candidates don' t do well here tomorrow, they may not make it to super tuesday with the florida primary march 15. jim: be sure to follow adrian' s reporting on air and online tomorrow. he' ll be live with the results of the race, and the final push for votes, up until the last ballot has been cast. you can catch his reports starting tomorrow on wesh 2 news at 6:00. meredith: new at 6:00, in an effort to protect you at local gas stations law enforcement officers have been checking pumps for skimming devices. yesterday they checked 16 gas stations and ended up finding a skimmer at a 7-eleven. st. cloud police found this skimming device at a fuel pump at the station along irlo bronson memorial highway. it is now being processed for evidence.
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can do is use a designated credit card and use pumps closest to the front door of the gas station. jim: today an orange county judge ruled a local man, who tried to withdraw his guilty plea on charges he slashed a woman' s throat will not be , allowed to do so. douglas reed was arrested back in july. police say he attacked a 70-year-old woman in her home on crane strand drive, just off north goldenrod. last month, reed appeared in court, and instead of pleading guilty as planned, stood up and announced he was not guilty. today a judge denied his request to change his plea. he' ll now spend the rest of his life in prison. meredith: there is a good chance that you or someone you know is sick. or instead he officials have seen the number of flu cases double in the last three weeks. last week, 4.5% of emergency room and urgent care visits were for the flu that' s up from this time last year. officials say this is normal and expected for this point in the season. >> the flu is the worst you felt
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do you really want that, or do you want to get a flu shot? meredith: the centers for disease control say flu activity into may. jim: there is a very good chance that at some point you have luggage. meredith: in fact at least each year. >> yeah, how can that happen, where are they? meredith: all new tonight wesh 2 news discovered a unique store world' s largest lost and found. find out how your lost luggage ends up here. >> they were murdered. they were killed by gunfire. jim: a local family is in despair after two brothers are killed on super bowl sunday. tonight their emotional plea for justice. tony. tony: right now temperatures are day.
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a lot meredith: tonight a wesh 2 exclusive, tracking down your lost luggage, and we' re not just talking about suitcases, ipads,
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it. jim: the stuff disappears like planes in the bermuda triangle. but wesh 2' s greg fox discovered the secret place where your vanishing valuables get a second chance and explains why airlines are still losing tons of your belongings. greg: you trust airlines to make sure your luggage ends up where you' re going. but the not-so-merry go-round of baggage has left a lot of passengers empty-handed. ray bieselin: never came. looking everywhere for it. and it just never showed up. pam buckroyd: yeah. it' s like how can that happen? where are they? greg: 1.5 million suitcases and other items lost by airlines in the u.s. each year, there' s no guarantee you' ll get them back. your loss could be someone else' s gain. we traveled 600 miles to a unique store. unclaimed baggage in scottsboro alabama. , the size of a walmart, it' s the world'
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found. is it was lost in flies and you could not be found, airlines ascended here to be sold. sporting goods like a new kids bike that never made it home for christmas? got it. cameras from vacation? check. tablets, computers, check. and clothing formal, casual, , athletic, every style, every size. the most expensive item? >> all kinds of sparkle going on with that. greg: a $43,000 diamond and gold bracelet found in a lost bag? a steal at half the price. it' s also a museum, with collectibles too rare to sell, a full suit of medieval armor. oh yeah. every bag is a potential gold mine. think about this, there are roughly the same number of passengers traveling per day in
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there were 10 years ago. airlines are raking in $3.5 billion in annual baggage fees, so many passengers are checking fewer bags, and since 2007, the incidence of mishandled bags is down 61%. thriving? easy. more people are bringing carry-ons to avoid paying checked-bag fees, and forgetting them. and in the rush to get off the plane with the bag you chose to carry on rather than check you may have left that ipad in the it' s a hit with locals. like kevin simmons and his family. >> instead of shopping on amazon and looking through 50,000 items, you come in here and touch it, feel it. greg: and with more than a million tourists a year, it' s alabama' s top attraction. >> it' s on people' s bucket lists. greg: the list of new bargains grows daily in this tiny southern town, despite the airlines' best efforts to make sure you and your bags end up in the same place. greg fox, wesh 2 news. meredith: i may have to plan a
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best way you can prevent the permanent loss of your luggage and valuables in flight, is to make sure you have identification inside and out, also place your name on electronics, and if you really want to be sure, you can invest in high tech tracking chips for your bags and other items. jim: a local family that is still mourning the loss of two brothers is making an emotional appeal to all of us for help. shots rang out at a metrowest condo complex on super bowl sunday. 34-year-old antonio shay jones and his 16-year-old brother christian were both killed. police say it was not a random act. the family believes somebody knows, and they' re asking for information that can lead to an arrest. jean jennings: please, we' re pleading with you, we need your help, we need closure, we need answers to this senseless crime. jim: the family says an arrest won' t make their family whole again, but knowing that there will be accountability will help
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meredith: iii is joining us and we are talking about the saturday night forecast. tony: a light jacket is a good idea, but we have a great forecast. side. i love that shot we look of the current temperatures, 67, wind out of the east-southeast at nine. a comfortable race for racing -- night for racing. 52 at 7:30 as we kick off the race, and 9:3060 degrees. clear and breezy. satellite radar showing clouds from the atlantic, temperatures areawide fall into the low and mid 60' s areas the exception is west, upper 60' s. 8:00, 64, 11:00 jacket and temperature around 60.
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51 palm coast, 57 at palm bay into melbourne. set up tomorrow, high pressure off the mid atlantic east-northeasterly wind flow keeping it cooler along the coast, warmer to the interior. on sunday temperatures will rise into the upper 70' s inland. mid 70' s at the coast. we have a race at epcot, 53 start, 59 at 8:00. 80 by mid-to-late morning. -- 70 by mid-to-late morning. a little fog in the morning for the golfers in orange county. lunchtime, beautiful. 74. by 5:00, 75. no mention of any rain. let' s go tomorrow night, speedway, the powershares qqq 300, 73.
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sunset at 6:19, we fall into the upper 60' s. and the daytona 500 at 1:00 on sunday, room temperature. 5:00 around 68 degrees. we have two weather makers talking about, the first on monday. a couple showers, maybe an isolated thunder shower. wednesday will be stronger, we' ll have to watch that. we get a little cooler just in time for thursday and friday. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. 77, 78, 79. 80' s and tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday looking great, temperatures in the 60' s. jim: thank you. the magic hit the court tonight with a roster that doesn' t look quite the same, patrick. pat: that is right. little activity before the trade deadline some old faces gone new ones in tow. but how long before things begin to jibe? scott skiles addresses that, coming next. and more than just a victory. dale junior wins a daytona
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daydreaming along the way and
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pat: he had won four of these daytona qualifying races, so dale earnhardt jr. taking another checkered last night was
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significant and poignant, because yesterday happened to be the 15th anniversary of his father' s death at the very same speedway. it is as all race fans know, the wound that will never completely heal. dale sr. was their elvis, so when junior passed denny hamlin with just a few laps to go last night then held on for the win, an otherwise solemn anniversary gave way to a smile or two. even junior was caught up in it. >> it is pretty cool, so, and i was daydreaming a little bit. i am daydreaming about winning the race because of the day. it is very special to me. i was glad nothing bad happened and didn' t tear the car up. that would have been embarrassing on a day like this. pat: and while race one last night was clean, race two ended a sloppy mess when at least three of the sport' s biggest stars got together in a tap dance that went very wrong. jimmie johnson, martion truex jr. and matt kenseth on the final lap of that race.
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cars for the 500 on sunday the price of jockeying for victory. and it' s a price that is more costly to kenseth than the others. matt had locked in a front row spot for the 500 based on his qualifying lap last sunday, but because he was in his backup car today during practice runs, he' ll move to the back of the grid when the field takes green on that car, by the way, seemed sunday. to perform well. kenseth with the fifth fasted -- fastest lap in the second practiuce session today. magic play tonight for the first time in nine days and a decidedly different complexion when they take the court against the mavs this evening. tobias harris and channing frye are gone. brandon jennings and ersan ilyasova are here, all of which begs the important question, how long before the transition becomes comfortable? >> people look of the all-star break as the midway point, but it is way past that. with 30 games to go , sometimes they can show right away, they
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or we could kind of have to search for a while.
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jim: all-new tonight, we are
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he goes on handed. -- bank robbery -- meredith: looking at the 15-year-old suspect' s violent past in this attack. jim: and a judge has ruled that orlando is not following the law when it tickets drivers for running a red light. meredith: a teacher accused of having sex with a student. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its developing news tonight. mad dash. hours before the vote in two critical states trump under fire for what he has said about the iraq war, and hillary clinton fighting to hold off bernie sanders. slamming apple. the feds fire back in a fiery battle over cracking the san bernardino killers' iphone, and now trump calling for a boycott. hoverboard crackdown after dozens of fires, some burning


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