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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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amanda: according to the the sheriff, that tina had nothing to say and simply requested an attorney. jancarlos ortiz, who' s now 16-years-old, called deputies from his mother' s home around 1:15 today and that' s when he turned himself in. oritiz is accused of hitting sargeant marcy pearce as she tried to approach his car on friday. she was there to re-arrest him on a burglary charge. ortiz reportedly hit the gas as pearce walked up to him. she landed on the hood and eventually rolled off as he accelerated away. pearce suffered injuries to her face, head and hands. she was released from the hospital this weekend and thanked the public for their support in a video released by the sheriff' s office. a manhunt was underway for ortiz. at an unrelated news conference today, sheriff demings reacted to ortiz' s surrender and said, it' s still unknown where he' d been hiding out.
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interview him. he invoked his rights and did not make statements. we will piece all that together as the investigation moves forward, where he has been since friday. amanda: sherrif demings said ortiz turned 16 this weekend. he would not speculate as to why oritz waited to turn himself in. it' s possible the teen or his family saw the video of sgt. pearce and that may have moved him to surrender. coming up on wesh two news at 5:00, i' ll bring you some of that interview with sergeant pearce and have more on the charges ortiz now faces, as well as what the sheriff had to say about whether he' ll be charged as a an adult. live in orange county, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. meredith: investigators find the body of a 13-year-old girl, and her father inside their merritt island home. agents aren'
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girl died, but think the dad committed suicide. wesh 2' s dan billow is at the home on indian street. dan, what do we know about the family? dan: we know they were very well liked by their neighbors, and the neighbors noticed something strange that the car had not moved from the driveway in some days, and the father had not been seen. >> we heard the fire trucks and the ambulance and they came out and said, what is going on? dan: the emergency response came after someone had called, after going in to check on the residents of the home. sheriff' s investigators found a father and his daughter dead. they believe the man committed suicide, but they' re not saying anything about how the 13-year-old daughter died. >> traumatizing, that something like that would happen. you would never believe that in a million years. dan: the father is 42-year-old sittichai boonkeian. he' s described as a devoted and attentive dad.
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make sure the girl had whatever she needed, and spent a great deal of time with her. neighbors say they believe the girl' s mother is in their native thailand. the father and daughter lived together, just the two of them in apparent happiness. a neighbor described the father and daughter as excellent neighbors, who would bring food to other neighbors in need, and who seemed polite and friendly. at the medical examiner' s office, specialists are examining both bodies, hoping to come to a firm conclusion about how the girl died. investigators would not say how the man killed himself, and gave no details about any wounds or the locations of the bodies inside the house. investigators would not say whether they suspect the father of killing the daughter. at 5:00, we' ll let you know about the response of another family member who was here at the scene after the bodies were discovered. summer: thank you for that
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the search for a missing baby in orange county has ended with no new leads. investigators have spent a second day searching the same retention that they searched on friday. the pond lies not far from the willow bend apartments on silver star road in orlando and was actually drained over the weekend a week ago today, police say 30 -year -old susan richardson gave birth to a near term baby girl, then said she dropped the baby off at a doorstep in willow bend. the pond it became in place for investigators after dogs tracked a scent there. >> i really don' t think she would put the baby in a pond. maybe she did leave it somewhere. summer: orlando police say the dive team did a great job and they couldn' t ask anything more of them. meredith: an orange county high school student is charged with burglarizing the apartment of a minor and sexually assaulting her while she slept. the accuser told investigators she woke up to the suspect shining the light from his i-phone in her face. wesh 2' s bob kealing has more on
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school student? bob: 16-year-old christian lebron appeared before a judge in adult court today on two felony counts. >> sexual battery and burglary of an occuppied dwelling. dan: early sunday morning, deputies say lebron burglarized an apartment of the minor victim, who says she woke up to a stranger sexually assaulting her. according to arrest papers, she screamed for her father, daddy, someone is here. the suspect ran out the door and back behind the complex in to a wooded area. carol nobile lives along the well worn cut through where search dogs followed the suspect' s scent. >> shame on him, but i still consider this a safe neighborhood. bob: finally, the tracking dogs lead deputies to a young man who was walking along a path. he said he had been hanging out with a friend nearby and denied he had ever been to the apartment complex.
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nervous, was tired and was holding the same kind of white smartphone the victim says the attacker shined in her face. deputies say lebron denied ever going to the complex. he posted a $10,150 bond and was released. there was no answer at the townhome where he lives, not far from where he was arrested. neighbors are shocked to hear of the charges. >> first time i hear of that. we never knew something happened here. this is a very nice place. meredith: while he' s out on bond, lebron was ordered not to go back to that complex or have any contact with the girl he allegedly assaulted. summer: late breaking, the orange county sheriff' s office is beefing up patrols in two neighborhoods. sheriff jerry demings announced a partnership with g-4-s security this afternoon. that means there will be more security officers on patrol in the azalea park and holden heights neighborhoods. the officers will not take law enforcement action, but will help with neighborhood problem solving. meredith: new smyrna beach
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during an argument over drugs. police say it happened about 3:00 this morning in the 500 block of washington street, as three men were trading marijuana for cocaine. this was the scene shortly after police say two of the three were hit during a struggle over a gun, neither injury is life-threatening. no one has been arrested, but the investigation is on-going. summer: a man who never got his license is arrested after a deadly hit and run crash in orange county. one person died in that early morning crash involving four cars on orange blossom trail. wesh 2' s brett connolly looks at the charges that driver is now facing. brett: florida highway patrol says the hit and run driver is valentin oswaldo. troopers say he moved here from guatemala seven years ago and never got a drivers license. he' s now charged with dui manslaughter. a mangled mess left behind in a deadly accident as witnesses describe the 3:00 a.m. collision. >> i heard a boom sound like an explosion type, like a bomb exploded.
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brett adams was killed. the orlando man was sitting at a stop light near orange blossom trail and americana boulevard when his car was hit from behind. the accused driver then drove off and a witness helped police with a description to track him down. >> he was hunched over the wheel. he looked passed out. it's very dangerous for a person to drive like that. brett: the collision set off a chain reaction and two other vehicles were hit. fortunately, those drivers were not injured. >> honestly, it was just a very horrific scene. brett: fhp spoke with witnesses and are in the process of reviewing surveillance video in the area. >> we' ll look at speed to see if it is a factor. there is a red light camera about where it happened. we are hoping to obtain that video to give us more information. brett: the accused driver suffered minor injuries, but is expected to be ok and more
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summer: gutenberg driver accused of going on a killing spree in michigan is charged with six counts of murder. he admitted to the shootings over the weekend. he made his first court appearance this afternoon. police arrested them early sunday after he killed six people over seven hours after different locations. it appears the victims are random targets. meredith: the woman who beat orlando in the latest red light camera case has three words for anyone who has received a ticket. do not pay it. while orlando and other cities and counties go over other options, greg fox shows us how much money is on the line. >> no it' s not fair. greg: that' s how kelli hastings sums up the orlando red light traffic program. she decided to fight her ticket and won. a judge ruled that orlando was at fault for an unlawful delegation of police power to
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traffic solutions. in short, by letting the vendor pre-screen videos of suspected s enforcement officer. the judge said orlando was improperly giving police authority to ats. >> at that point, the company has already pre-screened and determined who they think committed the violation, which is just a breeding ground for corruption. say the ruling last week against the city has now tilted the scales of justice in favor of those ticketed by these camera systems. plenty of money is riding on what happens now. 15 local cities and counties have red light camera systems. last year, those programs drained $21 million from the pockets of local drivers. seven of those cities and orange and osceola county make up the ninth circuit, where the ruling was made, and hastings believes every notice of violation can be successfully fought. >> and then just ask for a dismissal and cite the decision that recently came down to end my case.
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and county we contacted is making no comment while reviewing the latest ruling. in orlando, greg fox, wesh 2 news. meredith: coming up at 5:00, greg fox will answer the mean refunds for drivers who have camera tickets? meredith: we are hearing from people inside the store when the shooting happened. her. summer: it is the war of words against the ceo of apple and the director of the fbi. meredith: it was the closest finish in daytona 500 history. what the winner has to say about making history. eric: we are also tracking a
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florida, but even meredith: we are following
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summer: stewart moore is live. reporter: some of the ethics committee says this is reviewing a referral from the office of ethics. marco rubio has been under scrutiny for several months. the new york times reported earlier that grayson promoted is international travels, some of international delegations to solicit businesses with a hedge fund. the ethics committee did not mention any of the allegations. grayson' s opposition says they are aware of the view and the congressman is confident he has acted ethically. we are staying on top of this and giving you the very latest as we find out more. >> side by side, bouncing off each other, unbelievable, hamlin by an inch. meredith: it doesn' t get any closer than that. denny hamlin inches out a win over martin truex junior in yesterday' s daytona 500, in the closest finish in the event' s history. today, hamlin is celebrating his daytona 500 championship in
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s a dream come true for the nascar driver. jason guy has more on the first-time winner, and the celebration held today. jason: hamlin says he doesn' t know how he did everything, went so quickly, he wants to go back and watch how he pulled it off. hamlin' s victory lap continued this morning with the champions breakfast. after that, hamlin, his crew chief, and team owner joe gibbs officially installed the winning car, still covered with confetti inside the daytona international speedway tickets and tours building. it was a photo finish sunday for hamlin as he beat martin truex junior by 0.001 of a second. that' s the closest finish in nascar history. >> i haven' t won many championships. my last was in 2003, i think, in a late model series. to be called champion of anything, it' s a huge honor. jason: the 35-year-old race car driver dreamed about this since he was a boy. hamlin' s mom tweeted out a photo last night of his childhood essay that reads the following, my wish is to win the daytona 500. if i won the daytona 500 i would
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17, 1998. he would have only been 17-years-old. now, 18 years after the date in the letter, he' s done it. a young hamlin also wrote in the essay he could win $1 million, that part' s also coming true, although, the number is closer to $1.5 million. don' t miss denny hamlin' s live with kelly and michael appearance on wesh 2 in the morning at 9:00. jason guy, wesh 2 news. summer: thank you. this was the 11th time hamlin had competed in the daytona 500. meredith: a great finish there. a new case of zika is now being reported in orange county. the state health department today said one new case has been confirmed in orange, along with one new case in miami-dade. that means there are now 28 confirmed cases in florida, including four in central florida all are travel-related. orlando international airport is stepping up it' s battle against zika, officials say they have now increased their mosquito-spraying program to keep the virus from coming through the airport. summer: if you are hoping to become one of nasa'
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ve got a lot of competition. the agency says it' s received 18,300 applications, that' s more than ever before. the future astronauts will train to fly to the iss on capsules under development by space-x and boeing, as well as on nasa' s orion spacecraft intended for deep-space exploration. only between eight and 14 americans will be chosen. meredith: a massive cleanup is underway in fiji after the island was hit by one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. people died when tropical cyclone winston tore through the pacific island nation, flattening homes, cutting power and communications. outlying islands suffered some of the greatest damage, with whole villages in ruins. summer: turning to our first alert forecast, beautiful outside. eric: we do have some changes coming our way. we are talking about thunderstorms and then cooler weather. it is a roller coaster ride. outside today, talk about
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a cold snap on lake eola. look at the sky. come on, gorgeous shot there. look at this one, man oh man. this is exactly what we expected, a mix of clouds and sunshine as that is holding true to the interior. daytona beach, some high clouds continuing to basically causing this to be an overcast sky. 73 degrees and made into the upper 70' s earlier today. elsewhere, 79 in orlando. 80, sanford. 79, villages. 77, ocala. the vigorous perspective, showing the clouds, a southern side of a bigger storm. look at all the cloud cover and rainfall extending all the way back to galveston, texas. this is going to start getting organized, it doesn' t ramp said, it will bring us showers and thunder showers. we do have some rain and the
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bringing more clouds and it around 10:00, we will really be watching the scattered showers around central florida. that said, temperature forecast puts is to 60 degrees in ocala. 62, villages. 63, clermont. 64, kissimmee. 64, orlando. 64, apopka. look at how one of these temperatures are versus the last two nights. 62, new smyrna beach. looking ahead to your forecast tomorrow, more showers across central florida and more readings in the upper 70' s to lower 80' s. let me show you the futurecast model. notice the showers around central florida. they are continuing on and off again until midnight or so. waking up tomorrow morning, rain to the north and we are cloudy but mainly quiet. lunchtime, we are already starting to see the green pop up. by 2:00, scattered showers
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heavier pockets throughout the afternoon. all of this as the big storm system dumps moisture into central florida. there is the apparent low. as the parent low trucks off to the east or northeast, we get a cold front through central florida which brings scattered showers and thunderstorms for your wednesday. some of those could be heavy. when we talk about the threat for severe weather, look at tomorrow. we have not seen this for a while, a moderate risk of severe weather across louisiana and alabama and mississippi. as we look ahead to your wednesday, the east coast, including parts of central florida, under a slight risk of severe weather, but the good news is, that storm system will be moving in for just a little bit. it will be a stormy day on wednesday and the rate clear and cool things down to wrap up the work week. looking beautiful during the weekend. summer: thank you. apple'
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meredith: this after the fbi put out a new plea to get inside a murderers phone. summer: vacation plans are
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summer: the fight between apple and the government is heating up meredith: apple' s ceo is firing back at the fbi' s effort to pressure the company into unlocking one of the san bernardino shooter' s i-phones. fbi director james comey posted on facebook yesterday that the agency owes it to the victims of the attacks to gain access to the phone. a federal judge has ordered apple to hack into the phone, but today, apple ceo tim cook says the order could hurt the privacy of millions of customers, and that the government should withdraw its request. the court gave apple until the end of the week to comply with the order. summer: a south florida woman attacked by her roommate she met on craigslist is showing signs of improvement. 23-year-old danielle jones valentine' s day after 35-year-old byron mitchell brutally beat and stabbed her. this is according to investigators. over the weekend, jones was able to open her eyes and move her hands. mitchell claims it was self-defense and says she came at him with a knife. he is charged with attempted murder. meredith: we are still waiting to learn if a lawsuit against the maker of the gun used in the
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forward. gunman adam lanza shot and killed twenty children and six adults in 2012. nine families and a school teacher who was shot are suing remington, the company that makes the ar-15 rifle used in the attack. a judge is expected to rule by the end of the day on the suit, which challenges a 2005 federal law designed to protect gun makers from liability when their guns are used in crimes. summer: a scare on one of those big mega-buses. a fire broke out but everyone is expected to be ok. >> i heard a loud boom. a big explosion. the bus went on fire. smoke probably 30 feet in the air. summer: a fire broke out on the minneapolis-bound bus yesterday afternoon in illinois. you can see how large and intense the flames were. riders credit the driver with getting all 40 passengers out safely. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. meredith: for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia, the supreme court was back in session. four liberals and four
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bench, and are now hearing cases again. president obama has vowed to pick a supreme court nominee to fill the vacancy, but republicans argue the next president should pick the successor. meredith: four people are shot at in orange county convenience store. summer: the key role witnesses play. meredith: all eyes are back on
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: the community of parramore still reeling after a robbery in which four people were shot. summer: a woman and her to escape. michelle meredith is live. the convenience store where this terrible shooting padlocked. a shooting that left tracy evans and her 13-year-old daughter running for their lives. >> nothing, did not say a word.
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night at what used to be known as the tiptop convenience store in parramore. >> glasses on all of his, so you cannot see anything. michelle: police say the masked-man proceeded to shoot just about everyone in the store, shot three employees and another customer, a woman who was walking to the counter to buy her items. in a twist of fate, tracy had just walked away from the counter. >> walking around, i went to go get bread and by the time i got close, all they heard was a pow, and i thought, this is not really happening. he did it again and i dropped the bread and ran. reporter: your daughter was in front of you? >> she was gone. michelle: she did see the suspect get into the silver suv with a dent in the passenger side. that is the description that helps investigators spot the
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inside they found money and a handgun. police investigate -- arrested the suspect and he is facing for attempts for first-degree murder. >> it is crazy. you do not know what to do. michelle: he was trying to get money. >> money is the devil. michelle: one victim is still in critical condition and three other victims are listed in stable condition. meredith: three robbers are on the run, after deputies say they shot a man outside an orange county restaurant. it happened just before 11:00 p.m. near the parking lot of the la loba restaurant and bar on lancaster road. it is not clear if the victim was a bar employee. officials say the victim was approached by three men who robbed and shot him. the gunshot wound is considered not life threatening. authorities say the three men left in a dark colored suv. summer: a volusia county man is accused of raping a woman he befriended behind a closed shopping plaza. 44-year-old miguel pagan was
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with sexual battery the 38-year-old victim told police in orange city that she met pagan through a friend and went with him to drink on friday. she told investigators pagan forced himself on her. pagan told police the sex was consensual. meredith: state troopers think racing may have been the cause in a deadly crash involving a dirtbike and pedestrian in orange county. a dirt bike hit and killed a woman over the weekend, and the rider later died as well. fhp still hasn' t confirmed exactly how the crash happened. but witnesses tell wesh 2 they saw a group of people racing down powers drive on dirt bikes and a.t.v' s. troopers tell us 30-year-old, clayvon foster lost control of his bike, and hit 59-year-old marie louissant. summer: a driver who suffered a medical emergency crashed and killed two people in sumter county. troopers say the suv crashed into two golf carts and a person walking along county road 466-a on saturday. two women on one of the golf carts died. one was from new york, the other was from the villages. the pedestrian was seriously injured.
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suv, david mccurry, was also injured. meredith: the man accused of killing his girlfriend after the two argued on board his boat in the halifax river, will not be getting out of jail on bond. wesh 2' s claire metz reports, for the second time a judge has refused to grant bond in this case and the victims loved ones say they are relieved. claire: a grand jury indicted thomas prins on first degree murder charges, and he was arrested in october for the august murder of his girlfriend crystal pifer. prins has been in jail ever since and will remain there. >> to lose a child, you should never ever lose a child. claire: crystal pifer' s mother, laurie campagnuolo, is grateful the man accused of killing her, a man she once trusted, treated like family, was denied bond. prosecutors say thomas prins beat, then strangled pifer on board his boat the night of august 11. >> we just don' t want him to get out and hurt someone else and have a family go through what we' re going through. claire: the defense argued prins runs a business he' s in danger of losing while in jail, that he has ties to the community and will appear for all court dates. prins' attorney also argued there'
4:35 pm
prins who killed pifer. the couple had allegedly been fighting that night, and twice witnesses say pifer jumped off prins' boat to get help, but returned. prins claims pifer jumped off a third time and he never saw her again. but prosecutors say prins was the only person with motive, opportunity and anger issues. >> if you were to listen to the defense in this case, you would think that maybe she got picked up by pirates and their first action was to strangle her. >> i' m going to deny your motion for bond. claire: the judge ruled that the presumption in this case is great enough to keep prins locked up. the victim' s father says jail is where thomas prins belongs. >> it' s just hard to sit there and listen to it, and him trying to get out knowing what' s happened. claire: pifer left behind a 10-year-old son. her parents say the child constantly asks about his mother. in deland, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. meredith: he is due back in court for a pretrial hearing next month. summer: a daytona beach man is accused of repeatedly beating a disabled man in the face with a wooden cane.
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charged with aggravated abuse of an elderly or disabled person. the victim told police larzazs, who sometimes lives in the same rooming house on fairview avenue, got mad and started hitting him with the wooden cane. the victim was sent to the hospital. police say, as larzazs was arrested, he said he should have messed the victim up more. meredith: your first alert weather now. it is a warm monday but pretty much beautiful outside. summer: joining us outside it is eric burris. eric: we are going to be talking about showers even as we look ahead to tonight. tomorrow, showers and by wednesday, thunder showers. 79 it is warm with plenty of clouds in orlando. southwest went and it is warm indeed. in melbourne, a little bit of a shift in the wind. daytona beach, 73 with a light wind at eight miles per hour.
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a spec or two of rain, but not enough to make it to the ground. that will change tonight with a lot of clouds. a lot of showers storms in louisiana, mississippi, alabama and even over near north georgia. that is a big storm system that will come together, and as it does so, we will be talking about a big severe weather outbreak across the deep south tomorrow. watch the rain chances building near 11:00 as the temperatures do not move much. we will run down the full forecast and timeout which storms impact you in your neighborhood. meredith: covering flagler county, four people are facing charges, all because of a dispute over cheesy garlic knots. investigators tell wesh 2 palm coast pizza got an order wrong on saturday. deputies say the restaurant gave jessica conti a refund, but she says she felt disrespected. workers say three men later came into the business and trashed the place. all of them, along with conti, are now charged with burglary. summer: today firefighters were
4:38 pm
cause of a fire that gutted a deland home. check out this is video sent to us from a viewer. the fire broke out on mercers fernery road, just west of spring garden avenue yesterday. when firefighters arrived, they say the house was engulfed in flames. fortunately, they say no one lives there. week two of the el faro hearings got underway today with the coast guard looking at regulations that oversee the shipping industry. over the weekend, family members heard the last calls from the captain as the ship sailed into hurricane joaquin back in october. all 33 crew members died, including two from central florida. some family members have filed a lawsuit against the ship' s owners. meanwhile, the coast guard will determine if misconduct or negligence caused the sinking. meredith: senator ted cruz has asked his spokesperson to resign after he circulated a video that erroneously claimed marco rubio once said that were not answers
4:39 pm
this comes at a time when marco rubio getting to support. brian moore continues with our commitment 2016 coverage. reporter: donald trump is hoping a third straight win tomorrow night in nevada will give him insurmountable momentum next week as the gop primary race goes nationwide. >> he is leading out of 10 out of 14 states. reporter: south carolina turned the republican race into a three-man contest with marco rubio narrowly edging out ted cruz for second place. it is a fight getting more personal. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that is not true. reporter: he questions marco rubio' s ability to win. >> he is polling in third place in an homestay. reporter: super tuesday could prove decisive with nearly 600 delegates up for grab, including
4:40 pm
where john kasich is asked to clarify his statement about women supporting them. >> many women left the kitchen is to go door-to-door and put yard signs up for me all the way back when things were different. reporter: things will be different with super tuesday looming as a potential game changer in the gop race. with a jeb bush out of the race, ted cruz and rubio are trying to win their supporters. if not, an endorsement from him himself. meredith: it was the case and trial that rocked central florida and captivated the country. casey anthony' s arrest and acquittal for the murder of her daughter was five years ago. all this week, wesh 2 is looking at the impact of that case, five years later and catching you up on where all the key figures are today. tonight at 6:00, we sit down with two of the prosecutors who made the case against casey. jeff ashton and frank george open up to us about the trial, the notoriety it brought and the one thing they' d do differently now, to win the case. that'
4:41 pm
wesh 2. meredith: a car careens off the side of the road, and what follows is a chaotic police take down. summer: what led up to all of this and how the driver is doing. meredith: the future of disney star wars themed attractions.
4:42 pm
during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. summer: a high speed car chase ends with a spectacular crash in oklahoma. meredith: take a look. the driver took off after police tried to stop him on interstate 40 in yukon. about 10 minutes into the pursuit, the driver ran off the road, barreled through a fence
4:45 pm
a dozen officers surrounded the vehicle and the man was arrested. multiple weapons were found in the car. there' s no word on why the driver refused to stop in the first place. summer: a dramatic rescue, a series of crashes sends a moving truck over a guardrail, the driver trapped inside his burning truck. this all unfolded in the sacramento area yesterday afternoon. fire crews rushed to save the trapped driver who was sent over the edge of a causeway, landing 35 feet below. >> we could see the driver was still alive, then we had to do a rescue operation to get him out of there. you can' t get there really with a fire engine, so we had to do all of our operations from up here from on top of the roadway. it was a big challenge. we had to do some things real quickly. summer: the injured driver was taken to the hospital, where he' s being treated for a broken leg and burns. the other three drivers are all going to be ok. troopers think that two dark vehicles in the darkness weren' t seen and the driver couldn' t stop in time, leading to the crash.
4:46 pm
to get onto the eastbound lanes of i-4, this i-4 ultimate notice is for you. tonight through friday, that ramp will be closed each night for road work. if you use this transportation, officials recommend you use the lee road entrance ramp instead. plus, in brevard county, a popular road has closed and that' ll be the case for about a month and a half. wickham road will be closed between eau gallie boulevard and aurora road through april 2. the work is being done to protect flood-prone homes. space coast area transit will be doing flag stops along detour routes while the road is closed. we' re getting the first look at disney' s new star wars-themed lands. summer: walt disney imagineering has joined forces with the makers of the film to bring the galaxy to life. wesh 2' s jazmin walker gives us a sneak peek. jazmin: the pictures tell it all. these photos, just released on disney parks blog, show the epic scale of the new star wars lands. once inside, guests will be able to step aboard the millennium falcon and actually fly the fastest ship in the galaxy.
4:47 pm
ll steer it through space and even fire the laser cannons at incoming imperial forces. and with the arrival of the first order to the planet, you' ll be caught in the middle of a tense battle between stormtroopers and the resistance. both walt disney world and disney land will get its own star wars themed land, each sitting on 14 acres. no word yet on when they' ll open. meanwhile, the star wars blitz at disney' s hollywood studios continues. they' re adding a new stormtroopers' march and star wars stage show starting in april. and this summer, the park will end the day with a new fireworks show called " star wars, a galactic spectacular." i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. summer: and as hollywood studios is expanding, you may have heard rumor over the weekend that the toy story midway mania ride is closing. we want to provide some clarity. meredith: it' s actually just a one day closure on march 15, as the imagineers are working on a third track. summer: turning to your first alert forecast, another
4:48 pm
meredith: eric, changes coming our way? eric: we have stronger storms potentially, but at this hour all we have are clouds overhead. there is a shot near downtown orlando, and the only problem i see is some volume building on i-4, not bad at all for your monday afternoon. 79 degrees and wind out of the southwest in orlando at eight miles per hour. we are sitting at 80 degrees in sanford. 77, ocala. 76, melbourne beach. made it up to 81 as advertised today. average high temperature is 75, but nowhere near the record of 88 degrees on this date. bigger perspective, you can see a lot of cloud cover sitting across our area north, but is all of the showers we are starting to watch near louisiana and mississippi. these guys are going to start to get organized and bring moisture into central florida.
4:49 pm
re watching these popular showers from time to time through midnight and then it begins to wane as we push the region. we will keep the mention of showers and there. through 9:00, 10 teachers -- temperatures slow to drop. around 10:30 we see the end. overnight lows look like this. 60 degrees, dunnellon. 64, leesburg. 64, celebration. 64, orlando. 62, daytona beach. 65, rockledge. tomorrow, a southerly wind and you combined what best you combined that with the northern areas and that will give you scattered showers. 81, villages. let' s pen point all of that using futurecast. think of this as a future satellite and radar perspective.
4:50 pm
as soon as he pushed past lunchtime, we see the radar liking up with showers and even the potential for a quick heavy downpour and a thunderstorm. once we push to about dinnertime tomorrow, the rain moves on. then we start turning our attention to the wednesday rain. 5:00 a.m., scattered showers across the west. we will see this line of showers moving in. heaviest near tampa bay, and by 11:00, the heaviest stuff is moving in. there is the threat for severe weather as it approaches. this is all the way down to the i-4 corridor. areas i-4 northbound, under a slight risk of severe weather. a slight risk basically means we could see in the entire area, one or two tornadoes, damaging
4:51 pm
we will be watching this very closely. it depends on how the storm he falls. keep in mind, this is not even formed yet. showers tomorrow and storms on wednesday and it is so much nicer for your thursday, friday and saturday. tony is getting some new model data and we will have the latest for you 5:00. meredith: this is video you do not want to miss. summer: a 100 and six-year-old woman meets know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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meredith: 138 mascots from near and far converged on philadelphia and set a world record. they all did the " electric slide" dance to raise money for a charity helping to combat childhood cancers. they' re aiming to set a guinness world record for the largest gathering of mascots in one location. the previous record was set in japan with 141 mascots, but the official count was only 134. summer: they have pretty good rhythm. meredith: it' s a different dancing video that has everyone talking right now. summer: a 106-year-old woman can' t contain her excitement when she met the first family at the white house. take a look.
4:55 pm
>> how are you? >> fine. >> you want to say hello to michelle? summer: we wish we had the time to show the entire minute and a half video. virginia mclaurin was at the white house celebrating black history month. she decided to bust a move with mrs. obama. she began an online campaign to meet the president and first lady in 2014. as you can see, it has finally paid off. i hope i can just sit upstate, let alone dance. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. meredith: angela taylor joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. angela: coming up next at 5:00, central florida sees yet another diagnosis of the zika virus. we' ll tell you where. plus, what steps oia is now taking to keep travelers healthy. and late breaking from orange county, the teen suspected of running over a sheriff' s deputy last friday has been arrested after a week on the run. where investigators caught up with him, and we' ll tell you why central florida congressman alan
4:56 pm
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>> late breaking at 5:00, the teenager suspected of running over in orange county deputy is now behind bars. >> good evening, i' m jim payne. and i' m angela taylor. angela: now the teenager is in the custody at the juvenile center. reporter: that 15-year-old turned himself in today according to deputies. it came just one day after the sheriff' s office released a video showing just how badly the female deputy he is accused of running down was injured. now it is unclear what led to his surrender.
5:00 pm
the manhunt for valentin oswaldo sis sis -- wesh 2 news -- valentin oswaldo sis sis is now over. the sheriff' s office said he hit marcy pierce as he approached the car she was in. they were attempting to rest -- arrest ortiz. he accelerated the car and after she got out of the hospital on saturday, they released this interview with her. >> i have a fractured left foot. i have forced stitches in my eye and i have quite a bit of swelling and into my head. it is still unknown as to where


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