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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. jim: first at 11:00, breaking news in brevard county where a man is run down and killed. this is all happening where state road 50 meets i-95 in titusville. meredith: wesh 2' s summer knowles is there live with the latest. summer: we know this happened just before 8:00 tomorrow -- tonight. if you look, the westbound lanes of state road 50 are shut down. this is east of i-95, and officers are rerouting traffic. a driver hit a man of literally in the middle of one of the westbound lanes. we later learned he died at the scene. the driver did remain out here. no word if any charges will be filed. homicide investigators are out here trying to piece together how all of this happened, but have not specifically said who
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state road 50 in the west at -- westbound lanes are closed because officers are rerouting traffic around the crash tight. summer knowles, wesh 2 news. jim: not long before that crash, police in titusville were called to another accident that injured an eight-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle. this is a picture taken of the scene from the titusville fire department. a vehicle hit the child at alpine lane and delespine avenue. firefighters say the boy was conscious. police later found the vehicle and driver they believe to be involved. meredith: more breaking news right now in kansas where the death toll continues to rise after a series of attacks at an industrial plant. the suspect is a worker at an excel industries plant in the town of hesston, in south central kansas. that' s just north of wichita. that business makes lawn mower products. the sheriff there confirms it is one of the crime scenes that' s left up to seven people killed and 20 injured. investigators aren' t saying how many of the victims were at the business. tonight, we'
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co-workers out. >> we heard gunfire, and we just took our practice into places to get everybody out as quickly as we could, and that is pretty much what we did. >> we heard a pop-pop and we just thought it was metal falling on the ground. and then the doors opened, people started screaming, coming out, saying don' t to the front. -- go to the front. meredith: the sheriff confirms the suspect was shot and killed. so far, his name and a possible motive haven' t been released. jim: tonight, a woman who is nine months pregnant says she' ll press charges against the woman she says attacked her. she says she was punched, kicked and hit with a car outside an orange county bar. new tonight, wesh 2' s chris hush tracked down the people involved. chris: 23-year-old shannon perez is out of jail, days after allegedly attacking a pregnant woman due to give birth any day now. orange county deputies say a brawl of about 20 people broke out in this parking lot sunday, outside the q karaoke and billiards bar on south orange blossom trail. according to perez' s arrest report, the expectant mother was
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then thrown to ground. the victim told deputies perez then kicked her multiple times in her stomach area. and when the victim tried to leave, that' s when deputies say perez drove into the victim with her car. we tried to track down perez after an incomplete address came up in the arrest report. we eventually ran into the suspect' s former roommate who told me she had just spoken to perez over the phone. is this in her behavior to do this? roommate: i can' t. i know they have seen each other at the bar before. chris: but you don' t know what the fight was over? roommate: no. chris: the roommate didn' t share the suspect' s contact information with us. we went to the bar where security guards sprayed pepper spray to break up the fight, according to deputies. the doors were locked, but neon signs say the bar is open. hours posted on a window show the bar should be open until 2:00 in the morning. we finally did get in touch with
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they tell me this video will not be available right now. the victim told me over the phone her and her unborn child are ok. she was very adamant about pressing charges. in orlando, chris hush, wesh 2 news. meredith: florida senator marco rubio is in serious danger of losing his home state to republican presidential rival donald trump. according to a new quinnipiac university poll, trump leads rubio 44% to 28% in the sunshine state. texas senator ted cruz is in third with 12% support ahead of ohio governor john kasich at 7% and retired neurosurgeon ben carson with 4%. in the meantime, the five remaining republican candidates took the stage tonight in a debate before super tuesday. wesh 2' s angela taylor is here with the highlights. angela: the field is getting smaller, but tonight, the five remaining candidates tackled several big topics. one thing a lot of people will be talking about is this exchange between donald trump and marco rubio when it comes to
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rubio: you are the only person on the stage that has been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. trump: i am the only one that is hired of people. you haven' t hired anybody. rubio: we hired workers from poland, and he had to pay $1 million in judgment. when people look it up, people are googling it right now. it was the $1 million for hiring illegal workers on one of his projects. [applause] meredith: we also heard from senator crews going after trump on the issue of immigration. ted cruz: i really find it amazing that donald believes he is the one that discovered the issue of illegal immigration. when i was leading the fight against the gained of eight amnesty where was donald? , he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. [laughter] meredith: former president george h.w. bush and wife barbara also attending tonight' s
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since their son, former florida governor jeb bush, dropped out of the race. jim? jim: thanks. all work on the i-4 ultimate project remains on hold tonight, after a worker was killed at a construction site. the company in charge wants to take a closer look at the accident that killed 34-year-old marvin franklin last night. franklin had been on the job for a month before being killed, not far from the maitland boulevard exit. he was run over by a co-worker in a dump truck. project managers say they' re going to review all of their safety procedures before deciding when to return to work on the 21-mile stretch of i-4. the florida highway patrol says the backup warning beeper on the truck was working when franklin was run over, but other details are still being investigated. new tonight, a woman is accused of trying to use a funny money at walmart. she walked into the store at mount dora and use counterfeit cash. this is the woman on the right in the dark-colored jacket, using $160 in fake money.
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-- employees were not fooled, they called police right away. they found three stolen items in the suspect' s purse. she is being held on $2000 bond. meredith: several law enforcement agencies team up to bust a major heroin trafficking ring in orlando. the drug dealers called themselves the company and even had a heroin hotline. their drug sales totalled about $3 million a year and the dealers operated mostly in the i-drive area. but more of their customers were locals who sold the heroin for a profit. 11 people were arrested and one person is still on the run. the man charged with vandalizing a titusville mosque back in december will now face hate crime charges. it happened back on new year' s eve. police say michael wolfe broke into the building, smashed lights and windows, and even threw bacon on the front steps. prosecutors say he carried a machete, hacking at windows and other property as he went through the building. he was arrested days later. this month, prosecutors decided to add a hate crime enhancement to wolfe' s charges. jim: an orange county man is in jail on charges of stalking
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driving his pickup truck into their mobile home on purpose. 48-year-old richard davison junior is charged with aggravated stalking and criminal mischief. witnesses say davison drove into the victim' s chain link fence, then came back tuesday evening and took out part of their carport. deputies say he also sent the victims threatening text messages. >> he told me he was going to kill me, the guy in the message that he was going to kill him. jim: davison' s bond is set at $25,000, and he' s been ordered to stay away from the victims and their home. meredith: right now a sanford couple is charged with child neglect after police say a child in their care got a hold of a gun and shot herself. 22-year-old devolia sims and 26-year-old aaron davis are facing charges of child neglect and improper storage of a firearm. police say the child was left unattended in this converted garage late tuesday when the shooting happened. a follow-up investigation found drug paraphernalia and ammunition out in the open.
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the home. a seminole county schools director is arrested and is being accused of shoplifting tuesday night. erica pooler is responsible for programs aimed at students with difficult home lives. she and her niece are being accused of shoplifting worth of $863 merchandise at a kohl' s department store in oveido. a spokesman says she will be placed on administrative leave. jim: an ohio parole board has decided to set free a man who was recaptured in melbourne last year, 56 years after escaping from prison. 80-year-old frank freshwaters had originally run off from the ohio state reformatory back in 1959 and had been living a quiet life in a remote area of brevard county. he was originally imprisoned for running over and killing a man. freshwaters was arrested in central florida, and sent back to prison in ohio in may. the florida department of health has diagnosed a new case of zika in orange county. this makes more than 30 cases identified across the state. the majority are in south florida, but as you can see,
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osceola, orange, brevard, and seminole counties. all zika cases in florida are travel-related. meredith: new tonight, it' s another launch delay for spacex. the rocket was all set to launch, but just one minute 40 seconds remaining in the countdown, flight controllers called for an abort. the decision came as liquid oxygen was flowing into the unmanned rocket. there' s no word on when spacex might try again. still ahead, the orlando magic get a visit from the best team in the nba. jim: also wesh 2 news is looking into the case against casey, 5 years later. hear the prosecution team discuss how the media had an impact on the case. >> it was just a feeling that i had, something was not right, something was wrong. meredith: talk about being the right place at the right time. a woman' s instinct helps police catch a bank robber on the run. tony? tony: 40' s showing up right now. i will show you who is going to be in the 30' s by daybreak
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. jim: the system beat itself. that' s the message from the lead prosecutor in the casey anthony trial which happened almost five
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meredith: all this week, wesh 2 news is looking into the case against casey. wesh 2' s michelle meredith talks with members of the prosecution who addresses everything from the media impact on this case to the notoriety they had to get used to. >> something is not right here. something is not right with this girl. michelle: the trial of casey anthony. >> casey and caylee had a very special bond. michelle: it was the trial that lasted eight weeks in the summer of 2011. >> do you have an opinion as to the manner of death in this case? >> homicide. michelle: the trial that captivated the nation. >> and it is your decision not to testify? >> yes, sir. >> your honor, the defense rests. >> it was not a result that i would have expected. michelle: and when we met with two members of the prosecution team, it was clear that jeff ashton and frank george have done some soul searching in the past five years.
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professionally and personally? >> you are trying to get a slice of pizza or a sandwich and people have their cell phone out taking pictures of you. , >> i was in a wave pool in my bathing suit, and that is a little uncomfortable. michelle: there were team ashton t-shirts, lies to get into trial. >> they would see us and start cheering. >> at some point, it became a little unnerving, especially just walking from here to the courthouse after lunch. >> that is not grounds for miss trial. michelle: and while prosecutors did appreciate the support -- >> you want to look at them and go, this is not a sporting event. this is not a team sport. this is about something much bigger than that. michelle: it was about the murder of two-year-old caylee anthony. and if found guilty, her own mother faced a possible death sentence. >> this is a tragic accident. michelle: in terms of interest, the casey anthony trial blew to the top just about every trial before or since. but why?
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>> this was the first big trial of the internet age. allowed people to watch it wherever they were. there were so many millions of people that watched this thing gavel to gavel all over the country. michelle: and the country was transfixed. two and a half months later, it became the trial with the controversial ending. >> we' ve the jury find the defendant not guilty. michelle: ashton believes in the effort to pick jury not convinced of her guilt or innocence, the jury that sat through the trial was unconvinced of her guilt because they had heard nothing new. they heard it all before through the media. >> they wanted a smoking gun or a piece of dna, and that just wasn' t there. >> we respect that was their job to decide, not ours. the system worked they way it was supposed to. michelle: and ended with results, that for many, that were as perplexing as casey anthony herself. >> this is the first time i have truly been angry this entire time. michelle: in orange county,
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jim: wesh 2' s look at the case against casey, five years later, comes to a conclusion tomorrow night. we' ll be talking about the legislation passed in caylee' s name, and we' ll also take a look at where the anthony family is now. meredith: daytona beach police say they caught a suspected bank robber within minutes after he fled because a woman had a funny feeling. 72-year-old fleurette bowers was in her car outside this wells fargo on international speedway bouvelard tuesday when 42-year-old christopher gulley came running out of the bank, rushing toward a car parked next to her. >> it was just a feeling that i had. something was not right, something was wrong. the man who approached the car said hurry up, let' s get out get , out get out, get out. meredith: bowers wrote down the tag number of the fleeing vehicle gave it to police and 13 minutes later, gulley was in custody. he allegedly confessed and had the stolen money on him. jim: now to new video of orange county fire rescue practicing their life-saving skills on a very, very tall observation
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over the last two days, team leaders have been practicing on the 550-foot tall wheel along the las vegas strip. this is all due to a partnership the fire-rescue team kicked off with the orlando eye last year. members of the department' s special operations team are experts in rope rescues, vehicle extractions and confined space , rescue. meredith: at least we have a beautiful blue sky in vegas, and we have a great sky here as well. it was a little chilly. tony: we finally got the wind to subside, but it will pick up again tomorrow. we will know what we step outside. let me show you what it looks like at cape canaveral. if you are headed south to a warmer climate. i am sure of lot would be like to doing that. outside we do have their skies. 52 degrees right now. humidity is low, it is quiet. you can see the flow of the air
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the clouds are blowing off to the south and east. we have relatively warmer atlantic waters, and a few developing offshore. 40' s settling in. low 50' s downtown ticky city, winter haven. everybody on i-4 will be in the 40' s except up north, high 30' s tomorrow morning. we are five to 15 degrees cooler than this time last night, and temperatures are falling. he will be cooler than what we experience this past morning. out the door at 7:00, you' ll want to have a jacket. look at the morning lows in ocala, bellevue, salt springs, upper 30' s to around 40. the villages 42, eustis 42, kissimmee 42. holopaw and kenansville, 43.
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springs, stanford 43, 44. a little cooler deltona, then -- deland, upper 30' s to low 40' s. 43 titusville 7:00, 49 new smyrna beach. gorgeous day, enjoy your friday outside. a lot of sunshine rid staying in the cool side of things. it will feel good. it should be 76, but we will be 56 north in town. great day for a round of golf. cool at 7:00, not bad by midmorning. lunchtime 62, mid afternoon 66. even colder waking up saturday morning. 33 in ocala, 39 leesburg, 37 palm coast, 41 in town, 41 at kissimmee. the weekend, if you have stuff
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everything else looks good. west-northwest flow saturday, wind is light, and it settles a letter -- area of high pressure on sunday. the three clock temperatures 65, 7:00 around 56. high pressure on monday just east of the kennedy space center. as we work tuesday and wednesday, more of a southeasterly flow back into the evening -- 80' s tuesday. here comes the next cold front , that will cool us back into the 70' s. 60' s friday and saturday, 70' s and sunday and monday. 80' s tuesday and wednesday. time that front, back into the 70' s. meredith: some big smiles in fast wheels. these kiddos are champions with the children' s miracle network and they were posing for pictures at disney' s coronado springs resort during a weeklong conference. some of the kids are being treated at area hospitals and enjoyed some fun behind the wheel. they were also able to get autographs from local windermere
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masson. this is all part of a program called racing for recovery which raises funds for children' s miracle network hospitals. masson will race that very car at the sebring international raceway in march. the team with the best record in the nba comes to the amway tonight. jim: if the magic were intimidated, they did not show it. stewart: they were tough in front of a packed house. a new nba record was set, but wasn'
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stewart: the reigning nba mvp steph curry needed to make just one 3-pointer to set a new record for consecutive games with a 3-point shot. he hit it a 26-foot jumper in , the opening quarter of golden state' s game against the orlando magic at the amway tonight. the magic may have been impressed, but they sure didn' t show it. magic hanging tight in this one. the whole way. let' s pick it up and third quarter golden state leading by , just a bucket. the magic get a steal. aaron gordon takes off right in front of the free-throw line for this next play, he slams it down like he is doing the dunk contest.
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golden state up with time five running out in the third, steph curry lets it fly from three-quarters court and beats the buzzer. warriors would never look back. fourth quarter, the warriors' draymond green kicks inside to career again. time winding down. the warriors find steph curry under the basket for the lay-up. steph curry hits 10 3-pointers and has a game-high 51-points. final score, golden state 130, orlando 114. >> its not like he did not do anything else. he assisted and had rebounds. he played a good defense. he has turned into a great all-around player. he is clearly, whatever he has done from kind of the summertime condition standpoint two, and diet or whatever, he never retired. stewart: tough test for florida state on the road to face 15th-ranked duke on national tv. the cameron crazies doing what the cameron crazies do. annoy everyone. seminoles keeping it close early, keeping the blue devils on them with a nice shot.
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seminoles down just one at that point. but in the end, too much duke. coach k and his 15th-ranked devils pull ahead and stay ahead. not close. duke takes the knowles in this 80-65. one, some hefty hardware coming home. parker davis has 21 points and six rebounds to lead windermere prep to a 62-58 win over fort lauderdale westminster academy in the florida class 3-a boys' basketball championship game. congrats to those guys. when ucf brought on scott frost to lead its football team into a new era, the school wanted to move the program in a new direction. that new direction is already taking shape as the knights will play their first spring game under the lights. for the first time, ucf will play its spring contest in the evening. kickoff this year is set for 7:00 p.m. april 16. knights kickoff the season at home against south carolina
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unanimously agree on one destination by the end of the flight. and if there wasn' t a unanimous decision, they wouldn' t get the free trip. it came down to turks and caicos versus costa rica and in the end, costa rica was the winning choice. jim: how about that. meredith: they made it work. not a bad destination. tony: it is right popular, as is orlando, cooler than normal, but we will warm up. jacket tomorrow morning, 42, coming in at 65 for the high. costa rica, back to orlando. we are in the 80' s tuesday and wednesday areas jim: that' s our newscast for tonight. you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at or the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: thanks for watching. we hope you' ll join us again tomorrow night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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