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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm Weekend  NBC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. adrian: battleground, central florida. protesters meet donald trump as he brings his presidential campaign to ucf, and we will talk about the voters who could decide the presidential race. donald trump: if we win florida, believe me, it' s over. adrian: protesters interrupted trump more than a dozen times during a rowdy rally at cfe arena. it wrapped up about 90 minutes ago. good evening, i' m adrian whitsett. at one point, trump even called for a doctor when a woman in the
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we have commitment 2016 team coverage tonight. we start with wesh 2' s jim payne, inside the arena. jim, you witnessed some bizarre moments of they are. jim: ucf is one of the biggest of the trump campaign so far. so many people showed up, they did not have enough room. 30,000 tickets were printed for the event. with a few boisterous exceptions, it was all trump, all the time. this is what 10,000 screaming all trump fans look and see it like. the student line for four hours. donald trump: the one person hillary clinton does not want to run against is donald trump. jim: he talked about different themes, but always circle back to voting for him on tuesday. donald trump: if we win florida,
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[cheering] if we win florida and ohio, it is really over. jim: they talked about marco rubio. >> stand up for donald trump. jim: speaking about, trump was interrupted a dozen times, each as shown the door. at one point, a woman fainted, and flowers intended for trump. -- handed flowers intended for trump. unscripted, unapologetic, and perhaps unstoppable. donald trump: you are going to be so proud of your country. i love you all. jim: trump mentioned many times his properties in south florida, saying he' s a part-time florida resident. in fact, he is one of us.
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it was more about festive referral outside. that is her brett connolly joins us right now. brett: jim, it was a very loud outside this arena. before everything got started, we got here this morning, and thousands were already standing in line, waiting for hours to get inside the arena to hear from one of the most polarizing figures in american politics. donald has dedicated supporters and opponents, every heard from both sides with very strong opinions. long lines wrapped around buildings waiting to hear from >> he' s saying what the rest of us are thinking. finally, finally we have somebody. chris hofer: we live in a pc world where people are afraid to speak their mind anymore and , finally we have a voice to stand behind. john stumpp: i' m here to listen what he really wants. brett: while thousands piled into the cfe arena on campus, protesters stood near the
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lamar robertson: i' m not here candidate. i just believe this hate is not what makes america great again. >> his statements. honestly, the way he protects his own opinions are quite negative. david moosmann: every person in us should be treated with respect and dignity, and to fight the demogagory and venom i campaign. brett: others at the rally are undecided, but want to hear what the leading republican candidate has to say. m not here to support him, but i am here to see him. he has a lotta good things to say. brett: the clashing between both sides continues post-rally. the campus police was called across the street to break up protesters as well as trump supporters. they dealt with them about a half hour or so, taking information, though it appears no arrest were made. on both sides.
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jim: trump also made a big deal on the fact that early voting started today. he had the whole audience stand and raise their hands and make a pledge they would vote for him before next tuesday. most polls have him comfortably ahead in the state of florida. adrian: and his arms and all the arms in there, raise time. -- raised high. opponent marco rubio took his message north to jacksonville. he wrapped up a rally late this afternoon. governor susana martinez who' s supporting him. during the speech, he took several shots at trump. marco rubio: conservatism is not an attitude. conservatism is not how loud can you be, how offensive can you be , how many bad words can you say , how many ridiculous things can you say on television? that is not conservatism. adrian: today, rubio' announced he' ll be in sanford monday night.
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sanford international airport . the doors opening at 6:45. today is super saturday in commitment 2016. five more states are weighing in on presidential race with caucuses and primaries. right now, the results are coming in. in the kansas caucus, nbc news projects ted cruz will win with 50% of the vote right now. donald trump is second with 24%, followed by marco rubio with 14%, and governor john kasich with 10%. in maine, ted cruz is also leading with 48% of the vote. donald trump they are in second with 35% marco rubio with 9%. ,governor kasich with 7%. the results from the three states with primaries have not come in. there are no numbered down from democrat voters. hillary clinton says the supreme court is on the ballot in november. she says the gop-run senate must do its constitutional duty and make a decision about any nominee president obama may submit. clinton talked about the economy as well while visiting a
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hillary clinton: anyone running for president owes it to you to come up with real ideas, not an ideology, not an old set of talking points, but a credible strategy designed for the world we live in now. adrian: clinton' s opponent bernie sanders, visited , cleveland, ohio. he compared the gop race to a fight among middle schoolers. bernie sanders: what we are seeing in the republican presidential process is like a sixth grade food fight that you see in a cafeteria. adrian: well today early voting , began in more local counties. polls opening in seminole, volusia, osceola, marion, brevard, sumter, polk, and flagler counties. you can vote early through march 12. early voting is already underway in lake and orange counties. the florida presidential primary is march 15. we' re posting some of the biggest moments from today' s
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at ucf at there, you' ll also see the results of today' s super saturday primaries as they come in tonight. we' re learning new details tonight in a crash that left two people dead in west orange county. cooper' s now tell us -- troopers now tell us one driver ran a stop sign, causing the crash late last night at mckinney and avalon roads in winter garden. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is there live. matt, children are among the injured. matt: adrian, that' s true, and you can see the power of this crash by what is left behind. pieces of the debris are strewn about this intersection where one car careened into the other and overturned and sailed into these trees. investigators to less -- tell us it happened around 9:45 last night. a 45-year-old man identified as robert hughes failed to stop at the intersection his vehicle struck a van with six people inside, three of them are children. the children were properly restrained, fhp says, and only
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hospital. two other adults, who were wearing seatbelts, were taken to ormc with minor injuries. a third adult, identified as 26-year-old jesus milan soto, was not wearing a seatbelt, according to troopers. he died at the scene. fhp says the driver of the first vehicle, hughes, was also not wearing a seatbelt and also died from his injuries. fhp tells us they don' t know why the driver failed to stop here, they are awaiting blood and alcohol test results and say the investigation continues. live in winter garden, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: thanks. a bank robber leaves behind cash after hitting a daytona beach bank. surveillance video from the wells fargo on seabreeze boulevard shows the suspect giving the clerk a brown paper bag just after 9:00 this morning. police say a customer followed the suspect out of the bank, and found the bag of cash in the bushes outside the building. investigators aren' t saying whether the robber took off with any more cash. so far, he has not been caught. orlando police are trying to find the shooter who sent one
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the shooting happened just before 2:00 a.m., not far from south john young parkway on lionel avenue. police tell us the victim is expected to be ok. they say the two know each other, and they expect to make an arrest. and tonight, we know the names of the suspects accused of robbing two women with a child out why the grocery store. the suspects are even accused of pointing a gun at the two-year-old, who was in the victim' s van yesterday outside the winn-dixie in deltona. the women fought back and chased after the suspects, crashing into their car. this is video of that takedown you' ll see only on wesh 2. one of the victims says she grabbed one of the suspect' s guns when they pointed it at a child in her van. maggie mejias: i grabbed the gun from his hand. he still had the gun, and i managed to turn it on him. and put it straight on his forehead. i could see it, and i was pulling the trigger. adrian: all three suspects were caught not far from the grocery store. one of them taken out of the woods off howland boulevard.
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again in trouble tonight, accused of having child porn. fdle agents arrested 49-year-old jesse william oller at his home on iona drive. investigators say they found he was downloading images of child pornography. oller is also charged with violating probation. new information, police arrest a minor in connection with the murder of a father and stepson. this was last month. investigators tell us the suspect is charged with one count of murder in the shooting last month in the winter park at the end of 46-year-old frank february. freeman and 24-year-old jordan ingram were killed. customers felt shaking and some rumbling but it wasn' t , coming from the ring. they were at hulk hogan' s beach store in clearwater beach today. this video just into wesh 2, you can see city officials saying hundreds of people were in the building but no one was injured. all of a sudden there was a shift on the second floor balcony. hogan was holding an autograph
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because of the evacuation. new developments tonight in the direct copter that landed on the lawn of the u.s. capital. when wesh 2 news at 6:00 returns just how close prosecutors now , say the florida man was to colliding with a jetliner. eric? eric: we are tracking very comfortable temperatures in central florida with readings in the 60' s and lower ahh...
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announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. adrian: the florida man who landed a gyrocopter outside the u.s. capitol last spring was seconds away from potentially colliding with a delta flight that had just taken off from reagan national airport. this is according to prosecutors in a new court filing. they say douglas hughes flew his one-person aircraft almost directly into the flight path of an oncoming 150-person turbojet last april, risking the death of "countless people." hughes agreed to a plea deal in november and is set to be sentenced april 13. this single-engine plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a saint petersburg golf course today. the aircraft was flying with two other planes. they all had all taken off from lakeland. the plane began experiencing mechanical issues and was unable
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airport. while coming to a stop on the fairway, the left wing clipped a tree. the two teenagers on board were uninjured. police warn that the latest story on the oj simpson case could easily turn out to be nothing. officials are currently examining a knife that was reportedly found at the home where oj simpson was living in 1994. the same home where simpson' s ex-wife and her friend, ron goldman were stabbed to death. , lapd captain andy neiman believes "this whole story is possibly bogus from the get-go." it took a while, but spacex finally launched its rocket from the space coast. >> 2, 1, liftoff. adrian: the unmanned falcon 9 rocket blasted off at sunset it' s sending a broadcast telecommunications satellite into orbit. as usual, spacex tried to land its first-stage booster on a barge in the atlantic about 400
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again, they were unsuccessful. it was the fifth launch attempt over the past 10 days. the fourth annual orlando rocks benefit through orlando. this is helping triple amputee airman master sergeant joseph. he was escorted in a motor cade. people were able to meet with him and get better insight to his life and legacy. >> our veterans went out and fought the wars, fought them for them. if you don' t honor people who win your freedom for you, keep you free, then you are not much good, not much good for anybody. adrian: orange county fire department assisted in the motorcade. right now, we want to give you a live look at the bike week underway right now. in daytona beach, a lot of fun and excitement of their, and a lot more bikes heading there this week, and great weather to
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eric: it is going to be a nice night tonight. the next seven days look beautiful, but we have two or member we are sharing the road with them, so slow down and always check twice. we have weather spotters out and about, and look where they were today. he looks happy, hopped off the hog to take a picture. a beautiful sky on speedway boulevard. he re-are in lake county, the sun going down, gorgeous shot from the skycam. 71 degrees in clermont. the sun will turn into a couple of stars overhead. 72 orlando, 68 in cocoa, 63 over in daytona. we made it up to 75 today. average high is 77, so we were below average on this saturday. we have a few clouds moving out
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channel showing shapes diving into the i-4 corridor. that is a cold front, and it moves into central florida. a nice reiteration of this pattern. 61 degrees by 10:00 at the central fair. aside from a couple of clouds, we are just about perfect. it readings this evening are going to be cool once more. 45 in bellevue. 50 leesburg, 51 in groveland. 53 in orlando, 53 lake mary, 52 debary. marineland 48, 50' s volusia county on down, and if you to at ponce inlet. -- 52 at ponce inlet. 54 in floridana beach. third 10:00 we are watching
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area. we are looking at mainly cloudy skies, and it stays that way to the afternoon. low, middle, even upper 70' s of the daytime high. average high temperature 70' s next, so right about in the ballpark. for downtown orlando, 63 9:00, 71 by lunchtime. 76, right on par short we should be. here' s futurecast, and we are clear as a bell lunchtime, looking good. it is good news, all thanks to this cold front is lighting through central florida. we welcome real salt lake to town tomorrow. orlando city forecast, 75 for the beginning of begin, and falling thereafter. bike week, looking great. watch those high temperatures. it is always as if mother nature said, hey, we are springing forward, why not crank up the
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by friday and saturday, middle 80' s for daytime highs. t need this. let' s call it us the car -- a ski car. one canadian mechanic came up with one, adding skis to his mercedes smart car, creating this invention. the diesel fueled car allows a to 44 miles-per-hour, all while staying warm. the invention was a local secret but after someone snapped a , photo and posted it to reddit and it went viral. tod anderson: it' s just a thought that came to me, and it seemed like the right thing to do. it' s a rear-drive, rear-engine car, so it' s ideal for this sort of thing. the whole point of this exercise was to see if it could be done. adrian: why not? anderson admits that the invention costs about $7000 and took about a month to put together.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to we need more than our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. adrian: the lowly phoenix suns visiting the amway center friday bringing with them the third , worst record in the nba. so the magic should have been well on their way to a second straight win, right? well suns lost 9 of their last , 10, just 15 wins on the season. let' s pick things up early in the first. suns' tyson chandler beats the defense scores two points in
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magic looking to get something going. orlando' s elfrid payton out of the left corner for a 3-pointer. orlando pulls within one. payton had a solid half, dropping in 13 before the break. but it was this kind of night for the magic men. ronnie price taking assist from devin booker, rainbow 3-pointer to put phoenix up 16. final score, suns 102, magic 84. the suns first road win since december 7. for the magic it' s back to the proverbial drawing board to find out where this season went wrong. florida gators hope to break a four-game losing skid in missouri tonight against the tigers. mizzou, also losers of their last four, but they are banned from the post-season this year. gators need to win to give them a better shot at march madness. that game it 6:30. tomorrow, the lions roar back into action for their second season in the mls. and they' re calling on fans again to fill the bowl. people are expected to come out 60,000 to see orlando city kick off another year. the celebrating will begin early
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fans pumped up. businesses in the area are excited about the upcoming season. >> it definitely helps our sales increase. it brought a great crowd downtown. >> we love it, we have a really huge increase. it is insane. adrian: orlando city tweeted out there are still 5000 seats left, and today you can score a free ticket at that pub crawl. it runs until 9:00 tonight in downtown orlando. check this out. video from a kentucky high school basketball tournament is going viral. just check it and fred goes in. crowd goes wild. after this buzzer beater the , game heads into the ot. two rival high schools ballard and trinity faced off friday. trinity high school would win, but bullard is getting lots of
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adrian: we are looking at a lot of sunshine and a bit of a warm-up. eric: as we look at tonight, temperatures nice and cool.
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man oh man, sunday back to 76. back to where we should be. and then we had to the 80' s. and then the middle 80' s. it will be a warm set up, especially by mid-week. adrian: a lot of people heading down here for bike week. peggy for joining us. we will be back at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, on this saturday night, the showdown, five states in play to march further toward the nomination, despite a bruising back backlash. rubio and cruz try to stay relevant. comeback. unlocking evidence. a struggle over releasing iphone data police say could be critical in dozens of unsolved criminal cases. in a world of high tech security, a return to old fashion


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