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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Weekend  NBC  March 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> breaking news this sunday morning, a biker brawl turns outside in orange county strip club. another teenager facing murder week. 15-year-old from apopka. wesh 2 news. let' s get you outside and show you our weather cameras. downtown orlando. 69 the temperature.
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peninsula. some of those showers actually fast-moving. not too concerned about thunder today. we are seeing sprinkles here and there and everywhere. humidity levels also really quite high. a startling change in the weather as they move through tonight and into tomorrow. overnight. temperatures in the middle 60' s, warmer than they should be. plenty of cloud cover out there. if you had outside early, you may want to have an umbrella with you. once you get to wherever you are headed, these showers zipping along at 30 miles per hour. we want to keep cloud cover through midday and we will see
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peninsula into the evening hours and then things begin to dry out. much colder for monday and tuesday. jason: we' ve got some breaking news where one person was killed and two were hurt in a shooting outside a strip club. gunshots were fired in the parking lot of the diamond club. it all happened around 12:30 this morning. there was a fight between as many as three motorcycle groups. all three victims are men. one of the survivors is in critical condition. in orange county, we are talking about a teenage suspect going before a judge on charges of murdering a 15-year-old. the suspect is accused of killing destiny bargman of the apopka. the joint homicide task force spent the day collecting evidence. friends and neighbors gathered
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>> i was really upset. i am still in shock. i can' t believe it happened. >> she was smart, very intelligent, and all around amazing person. jason: investigators are not naming the suspect but they do murder. he will be in juvenile court. the ocoee 17-year-old of killing antwan davis is staying at a detention center for another two weeks. michael anderson was in court on saturday. he could go on trial as an adult. >> a teenager who deputies say gunned down a boy who lives in this neighborhood faced a second-degree murder charge for the first time. deputies say michael anderson shot and killed antwan davis.
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s girlfriend is also charged as accessory after the fact. deputies say she tampered with evidence. anderson' s father stood by his side as a judge warned him it is likely he will be tried as an adult and he could spend his life in prison. deputies say anderson was trying to sell the victim drugs before shooting the boy in the head. he was found lying beside lakewood avenue in ocoee. >> a memorial now sits beside the sidewalk where the shooting took place. the victim' s family spent the week looking for answers and for justice. >> he was a child who had no -- >> investigators told wesh to the boys knew each other well. he was then weeks waiting for
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from orange county, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. jason: police have identified the man killed in a saturday morning shooting. joshua bell was shot at the palm groves apartment. they found a possible suspect' s car. investigators are still tracking down the suspect. in pasco county, a sheriff is investigating the death of a man. torrey robinson broke into a home on saturday and got into a fight. when deputies arrived, they used a stun gun. robinson passed out and died at the hospital. new information about saturday' s suicide bombing in turkey. two citizens were killed. one of them was a mother of four. a total of five people died on the book -- busy street istanbul.
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sixth suicide bombing in the past year. no group has claimed the possibility. salah abdelsalam admitted to ditching his suicide vest the night of the paris terror attacks. he backed out at the last minute. abdul salaam was captured in belgium. france is trying to speed up his warrant. a royal caribbean strip -- chip is on its way back to tampa after dropping off cuban migrants in mexico. nine migrants died, 18 others are safe. they say they had been at sea for 22 days. president barack obama becomes the first u.s. sitting president to visit cuba in more than 90 years.
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reopened on the two countries restore diplomatic ties. the families will go on a walking tour of old havana. the president is meeting with cuba' s president raul castro. a major hotel chain is betting big on tourism in cuba. it is taking over operation of two hotels in havana. >> with the application of 100 daily flights, if that happens, the amount of travelers will skyrocket. we want to make sure we are ready to welcome them. jason: the hotels will employ
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in commitment 2016, a new look at a man who punched and kicked protesters already booted from a donald trump rally. tucson police charged him with assault. this was one of many interruptions on the campaign trail out west. the candidates are also throwing punches. >> violence marred another donald trump rally. a man kicking and punching a protester who was being led from the arena. local police stepped in. >> there is a disgusting guy, puts a ku klux klan hat on and thinks he is cute. >> trump spoke to thousands near scottsdale. the republican front runner aim at republican insiders. >> they don' doing. >> bernie sanders campaigning in
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>> attacks against people in a personal way is not what this country is supposed to be about. >> john kasich tried to stay above the fray while campaigning in utah. also campaigning in utah, ted cruz, donald trump' s chief rival. >> donald has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. >> the gloves are off literally and figuratively. jason: make sure you tune into meet the press this morning for chuck todd' s exclusive interview with governor john kasich. the one thing he is counting out if he loses the race here. a high-speed train project connecting i -- miami to orlando isn' t sitting well for some
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>> hundreds of protesters gathered in palm beach county. they say trains will cause gridlock along the coast and to flight property values. -- deflate property values. >> there is lawsuits against them from martin county and the river. the public administration board that was illegally formed in orlando. jason: the project is expected to begin service in 2017. let' s get back to the weather on this sunday morning and eight kutcher rolla is here. -- dave cocchiarella. wind chill' make it feel like it is down in s. you can see this cloud deck out
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clouds streaming over the peninsula. that cold front is really slowed. it will clear lake today and skies will begin to break and clear as we head into the early evening hours. warmer than typical for this time of year. 50 tomorrow morning at oia, but again with windy conditions. temperatures do drop into the lower 40' s and we warm up closer to normal as we head into the rest of the week. not much happening in terms of visibility out there. bit of rain coming off the gulf of mexico. at least a light rain for the rest of the day. a lot like what we saw yesterday, cloudy skies feeling even cool at times. jason: making a difference one
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dave: an organization that means companionship and even life or death for some people. canine companions for independence. this service matches dogs to people with disabilities.
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both the animal side but the people that they touch as well. we saw the impact, it was really just something i was glad to be a part of. jason: plenty of puppy eyes trained on the southeast region executive director. brian williams was introduced to the graduates, puppy raisers, and many others at a meet and greet luncheon that brought out hundreds. >> it is really something i' m very passionate about. jason: williams is well versed in animals. and spending time at the community foundation of southlake. people like linda feld are most happy to meet the new executive director. her service dog has made a huge
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>> he is always there for me and when you are handicapped, you don' t always have that human being to be right there for you. incredible to have this animal to -- so loving, so willing to do anything. jason: last year, canine companions placed 300 dogs with those in need. including those with physical disabilities, the death, -- deaf, and even hospitals. their life and even the lives of their loved ones. jason: the center in orlando says people as far as north carolina and tennessee and as two weeks at the center before graduating. help is on the way
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flint michigan, all thanks to generosity from folks in central florida. there was a 17 hour donation ceremony called sunshine for flint. >> it is about central florida coming together. clergy, elected officials, members of the community that have donated water, their time, and we are showing love to a community that is 1200 miles away. jason: pope francis is racking up instagram followers for more than 1.2 million of his flock. his account went live saturday with two pictures and a video. pope francis says he wants to walk with followers. the pope is going by the handle franciscan. dave: the pope is trending.
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forecast, dave is going to play on his cell phone. dave: it' s the pope. jason: what we need to be prepared for is maybe that umbrella because we might see a shower. dave: that is our -- we have got some showers out there. 67 degrees, but also humid out there. there is some light rain moving across the peninsula. fast-moving light showers, 66 in bellevue, 65 in silver spring, 66 degrees in claremont, and a lot of cloud cover with some fast-moving light showers. the rain is not going to be a major issue that it may be a nuisance out there. if you are heading out, you may want to take an umbrella or open a raincoat because it can get
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peninsula, is a heavy downpour. as the showers move quickly, you accumulations. thunder, not a big issue. late this afternoon, most of central florida will be clearing. we really hope this will be well down into the i-4 court or by now but it really stalled and slowed and because of that we are going to keep those clouds with us. this begins to move along, tries to scout out the moisture. there is a peak of sunshine here and there. showers will clear early evening and a northwest flow will bring cooler air in. a shock to the system after we hit near 90 last week and we are talking about temperatures topping out in the 60' s for our monday and our tuesday.
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79 bithlo, 75 daytona, 79 in palm bay. seas are deteriorating. the course is beautiful for the invitational, and they did a lot of work on it. cool out there as you watch the golfers in the final round. small craft, exercise caution. not the greatest day on the water. surf is about those co-three feet. not really big out there. rain chances early, dropping off to 10% in the late afternoon. 43 degrees on tuesday, wind chill tomorrow in the lower 40' s. jason: i don' t know if we are ready for that. dozens of local veterans are spending spring break in washington dc.
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bald eaglets jason: the 57th annual winter park sidewalk festival wraps up today. hopefully you won' t have to bring an umbrella. more than 220 artists from around the world. a federal has your forecast coming up. our nation' s capital as part of the honor flight program. they were washington dc to see the war memorials, to honor or give them some closure. the trip was made possible by space coast honor flight.
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veterans from the marine corps, navy, army, and air force. all eyes are on washington dc and this live eagle cam. a second eaglet is currently hacking -- hatching. the total time can take 24-36 hours. the first shed its shell around the same time. eagles have been nesting at the arboretum since october of 2014. you don' t want to miss nbc' s new comedy at its new time on sunday. this is from the executive producers of hot in cleveland and rim. -- grim. >> it is my first time working with a live audience even though i have done sitcoms before and it has been fun. jason: don' t miss miranda cosgrove and her costars right
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a deadly shooting outside and orange county strip club. an update on seaworld' s infamous killer whale. all new, a process -- progress report on tilikum health. dave: light rain in the forecast, temperatures in the upper 70' s.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: breaking news. and orange county strip club is now the scene of a deadly crime. what happened there and why you have likely heard of this place before. plus, murder charges 14. what is in store for that suspect a day ahead. thanks for waking up with us. it might be a wet one depending on where you are. let' s get over to dave cocchiarella. when are we going to need that umbrella? dave: most of the morning into the early afternoon.
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also, some real changes in the weather pattern. over the melbourne area, 67 degrees. the rain has been light. the windshield is going to be wet, but you are not going to get any rain at all. very hit and miss the rough the day. if you are zipping in and out of places, it may not be that big of an issue. headed to the middle-upper 70' s. close to to normal for this time we typically see. there is that moisture. the cold front will sweep big change. today' s. we are talking about chilly conditions into tuesday morning. jason: spring is here and now we bust out those winter jacket.
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learning one person is dead, two outside the strip club. enforcement rushed there. diamond club on cimmaron boulevard. there was a brawl therebetween as many as three brighter groups -- biker groups. one of the survivors is in critical condition. the other is stable. we will have more information as this story develops. the diamond club is no stranger to gunfire. almost two months ago, gabriel garcia nazario told deputies he was shot. he later died. in july, two men' s with -- men with guns opened fire inside the club. they graze a woman in the parking lot.
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throughout the day as we follow shooting. a juvenile murder suspect. a 16-year-old is accused of killing destiny bargman in apopka on saturday. home. friends and neighbors. matt: this is the house where that deadly shooting happened. s friends and complete shock. destiny. t get neighbor' s lifeless body. t believe it happened. she was smart, funny, very intelligent. and all around amazing person.
5:34 am
to death on sheeler hills drive in apopka where a bicycle sits outside. investigators have charged a 16-year-old with second-degree murder. officials have not named the suspect. shiloh says destiny was a ninth grader. >> she didn' t deserve this. matt: apopka police received multiple 911 calls reporting a shooting. shiloh says she still can' t believe her friend is gone. >> to hear that she was killed tonight, crazy. t want it to be her. matt: authorities are not looking for any additional suspects. the investigation is still ongoing. jason: the 17-year-old accused of shooting and killing 15-year-old antwan davis will spend the next two weeks in juvenile detention.
5:35 am
s father was by his side one week after davis' s death. anderson will likely be tried as a result. anderson' s girlfriend is out on bond now. she is accused of helping him cover up the crime. we are working to get an update on the worker critically hurt i.s. stray bullet. the man accused of firing the shot told the judge he didn' t know he was accused of attempted murder. >> i never got charged with this. i came in with domestic violence. >> jakell ward faced a judge. he pulled a gun on his girlfriend on friday. when he fired, ward hit a worker taking down a fence nearby. >> anger is part of it. i just want him to be ok.
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the victim has a 60 -- six-day-old baby. matt: debris from the plane crash in russia. all people on board were killed. investigators have recovered both black boxes. surveillance footage shows the aircraft taking a nosedive and exploding on impact. strong wind made -- may have paid of -- played a role. jason: in commitment 2016, it is the talk of the trail. a protester punched and kicked at a donald trump rally. you can see protesters, including one wearing a kkk hoodie. they pulled protesters to the ground and beat him. trump bashed the protesters
5:37 am
>> puts a ku klux klan hat on , think she' s cute, he is a disgusting guide. -- guy. jason: immigration is becoming one of the hot topics. >> we need immigration reform that keeps families together, and -- ends the fear. jason: bill clinton will be campaigning on his wife' s behalf in arizona. utah, arizona, and idaho, vote on tuesday. chuck todd will join us live at seven: 30 this morning. and white bernie sanders is still in -- why bernie sanders is still in the race. havana, cuba, is getting ready
5:38 am
the president is the first to visit in almost 90 years. >> it has been a long wait but cuba is getting ready to welcome a u.s. president after 50 years of isolation. cubans are elated that relations have improved to the point a president is visiting for the first time in 88 years. alejandro ended his studies to drive tourists, earning more in an hour than he would have pulled out as an engineer in a month. he says he hopes to soon drive more americans. >> i am only 21 usual. i hope that -- 21 years old. i hope the situation gets better. >> the economic embargo is still in place. obama -- it is not clear how much cuba'
5:39 am
cc and her family sing happy birthday to her grandmother, who is turning 83. she is grateful for new areas with public wi-fi. internet in cuba is some of the most restricted in the world. president obama has vowed to push for more access. >> may to visit our family. it has been 60 years since we have been able to see them. we can see them on our tablet and our cell phones. >> obama' s visit is just one step in building trust. many here say they have waited their whole lives for this moment. >> many cubans told us about the new beginning. it was time.
5:40 am
from seaworld about tilikum health. the killer whale is doing better now. -- the company announced tilikum health infection. a statement focused overnight says "he is very ill and will have good days and bad but our team is cautiously optimistic. at 5:40, let' attention to your sunday forecast. t get too excited about warm weather just yet. >> spring showers in the forecast today and we are going to see temperatures drop. into monday and tuesday, morning lows around 11 -- around 50.
5:41 am
cloudy skies and fast-moving showers, we are talking about light rain. this one line approaching areas of wildwood into bellevue, santos, and ocala, just cloudy with some raindrops on the windshield. in your planner, you may want to take an umbrella with you. all the events around central florida, we see temperatures in the middle-upper 70' s out there. rain will be at 2-3-4:00 in the afternoon. a big cool down into the overnight afternoon. next in sports, the mayhem that ensued giving one x thin 80 driver eight -- a win in
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>> table is set for what could be a thrilling sunday finish at the arnold palmer invitational.
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weathering the weather with tee times. grabbing what had been a two shot lead here on the par 56 with this eagle putt. both at 1400 -- 14 under par, watched this. both troy merritt for birdie at the seventh hole. day will begin the final round on saturday. shoots 15 under par for the tournament and all three players ready to pounce. kevin chappell, dustin rose at everybody feels. -- everybody'
5:46 am
>> bigger compliment behind it last year -- bigger accomplishments behind it last year, but tomorrow it is good to be back in contention. i just have to go out there and embrace it. >> you have got to play a solid round of all. -- golf. we need to come from behind. >> the weather is expected to cooperate so here is the tee times. merritt will play at 2:00, chappell so on. coverage begins at 2:30 this afternoon. the and as cell playing and winning their first ever
5:47 am
eight -- alex morgan scores four goals. the final score was eight-nell. -- eight-nil . michigan state, yale winning in round one and most every game becomes a brace yourself experience. hasn' t it been wonderful? miami hurricanes against wichita state, the three seats in the south opening up a 24 point lead. angel rodriguez was terrific. the shockers came all the way back, grabbed the lead midway through the second half, but the canes will prevail. miami advances to the sweet 16. good news last night for the
5:48 am
the final score was 6-3. this xfinity race in california -- bush was leading when he blew a tire. suarez ran out of gas and dylan scraped the wall and got into the bush and surged to an improbable victory. dylan wins having only one lap. that is a quick look at sports. jason: the orlando solar bears have accomplished their goal. they beat previous attendance with 11,000 fans watching them take on the adirondacks. overnight, the nba investigating
5:49 am
they announced it was stickam, which is banned. they believe dwight howard had it on his fan -- hands. howard was not punished. let' s go to the forecast. dave: i like to use stickam for the forecast. jason: today, it involves rain. dave: spring has arrived, and warm weather is changing for us. tuesday morning, down into the low 40' s. jason: just wait a day. dave: let' s look at what is happening in and around daytona beach. the clouds are around, temperatures are in the 50' s. we continue to watch for mild conditions today. highs up to the upper 70' s as the big change comes overnight
5:50 am
we don' t necessarily see the with first alert doppler radar imagery. the west. as it moves through that is when colder air is going to filter in behind it. the forecast today, you have to be ready. an hour or so could change quickly. into bellevue area, lake weir, rain stretching from leesburg up through paisley and on into pierson. hour. there is that front. that rocket up the eastern seaboard could bring unpleasant conditions in terms of snow. colder air for us. the day. high-pressure moves
5:51 am
s. lower 40' tuesday morning. warmer spots into the 30' s, with a beautiful sunday. temperatures in the middle-upper s, 80 degrees before it is all over. the winter park festival -- we' re going to have to talk about some clouds around and some light rain. showers. same thing for the arnold palmer invitational. that is the fast-moving light rain. as these winds pick up, it is deteriorate. surfers a little swell on the water, but it is not the
5:52 am
the next seven days, dropping into the 40' s for tuesday morning but lots of sunshine. jason: we will take that. building big with bricks and
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the next central jason: you are about to see some big bricks in one local theme park. legoland with an awesome expansion. >> here is some awesome news. legoland florida is expanding. officials announced several new additions to the theme park in winter haven including a new world based on the lego set in a beach retreat. >> this is the biggest announcement we have made since we opened the park. we have got five new additions. the biggest one, the creation of a beach retreat. >> which will be built across the street on lake texture. it will feature 80 -- 166 separate accommodations.
5:56 am
>> polk county is at a deficit for hotel rooms so adding an additional -- would be huge for our market. >> it doesn' t open until 2017 but if you are familiar with legoland florida, it' s coastersaurus near the back of the park. a nighttime fireworks show called legoland night ride. >> also in the local area as well. legoland has carved its own niche here in polk county. >> there is still year before the beach opens at legoland but we have got a mate -- meet spot. jason: we are coming up with
5:57 am
we are following a shooting club. one person is dead, three were hurt. new information on a suicide bombing in turkey. s get over to dave now. dave: i 75 and sumter into lake county and i-4, all seeing light
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: right now, we are following breaking news. a breaker -- biker brawl turns into a deadly shooting outside a another teenager is facing murder charges this week. friends and neighbors are remembering a 15-year-old from apopka. we will get to your top stories this sunday. let' s begin with the forecast. you need to prepare for some rain, grabbed the umbrella. let' s get over to dave cocchiarella.


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