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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise. a bike ride cut short by a killer. this morning, the search is on for the driver, who kept going after running a man over. >> she was just like one of the special little angels, and i don' t know -- i don' t understand why she had to leave so early. brett: a local 15-year-old girl taken too soon. the community in mourning, and the 16-year-old suspect facing murder charges. amy: after hitting 90 last week, we are back in the 60' s today. i will have the chilly forecast
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michelle: and breaking overnight, north korea ramping up concern, with another reported weapon launch. thank you for joining us this monday morning. i am michelle imperato. brett: and i am brett connolly. we begin out on the road, with a major issue out on i-4. tech, what are we dealing with? ted: this is in the deland area, right before state route 44. the reports we have received, is that this involves multiple vehicles, and two of them may be semi-trucks. it is really causing a big gridlock there. this happened roughly 20 minutes ago. already, you are seeing a one and a half mile backup in volusia county. your best bet for an alternate
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alternate. amy: good morning. we get to sunrise in about an hour and a half. once we do, our temperatures will start to climb. until then, temperatures are continuing to drop. it is a much cooler and breezy morning. he will have lots of sunshine later on today. however, our temperatures will only recover into the upper 60' s. we will be a lot cooler than where we were last week. we will drop to 48 degrees in morning. orlando. 58 in melbourne. of the northwest. our winds range anywhere from 10 , 15, 20 miles per hour. these are sustained winds , coming in very cool and dry. some clouds to the south, but
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we will make it to 65 in ocala and the villages today. that will be it. after being in the 80' s last week, today will feel a lot different. we will it to 65 at new smyrna beach. 67 in palm bay. michelle: amy, thank you so much. new video this morning, from where a man was killed on a bike ride. brett: troopers are asking for your help in locating the suspect. michelle: alex villareal is live at the scene. alex, do investigators have any clues? alex: they have a little bit of information to go on. witnesses report that it may have been a pickup truck that hit this man on courtenay parkway. witnesses say was trying to
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he had apparently fallen off of his bike, and was trying to get back on at the time of the crash. fhp will release the name of the victim, once his family has been notified. he is a 54 merritt island resident -- 54-year-old, merritt island resident. this happened just before 10:00 last night. investigators are asking anyone with any information to come forward. again, it is reported that it could' ve been a pickup truck that hit and killed this man last night. if you know anything, call crime line. we will continue to follow this investigation, and bring you updates as we get them on air and online at michelle: this morning, friends and family of a 15-year-old girl are coping with her sudden loss. police say destiny bargman was shot and killed saturday, at the hands of her 16-year-old
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>> oh, my baby lord -- michelle: dozens of people showed up to honor her memory last night in apopka. the vigil was held in front of the sheeler hills home, where destiny died. her aunt told us, the wekiva high school freshman was secretly dating the boy accused of killing her. >> she was in a secretly relationship with this young man , and he was very violent. he had pictures on his facebook with guns, right in the camera. they play with these things like it is nothing. i guess, they were abusive to these young girls. like it was nothing, when they' re threatening these young girls. michelle: the teen suspect, who we are not identifying because he is a minor, went before a judge yesterday.
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he will be charged as an adult. he faces a charge of second degree murder. brett: today, a court battle begins over the children of missing mother michelle parker, her mother is suing the kids' father dale smith for visitation rights. yvonne stewart says, she hasn' t seen her grandchildren since parker disappeared more than four years ago. she filed the lawsuit last november under a grandparents rights bill she helped pass last year. she gets a hearing on that case this afternoon. smith was the only named suspect in parker' s disappearance. stewart is also suing him for wrongful death. michelle: president obama is preparing to spend his first full day in cuba. nbc' s lester holt has a preview of what' s ahead in this historic visit. s a busy first full : day for the president here in havana, as you know, he arrived here in this rain on sunday afternoon. he will get his formal welcome here, meet with president raul castro, there will be a state it' before it' s over, the president he' ll attend a baseball game.
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people think that in itself is an important symbol, uh as comes here, that this is not just down to business, that he has a personal investment. this is, as many people believe, part of his legacy that he' s writing here as he tries to open this door of communication with cuba. so we' ll have a lot more about the president' s day when we see you coming up shortly, on "today." michelle: we' re following breaking news from overseas, north korea has apparently fired multiple short-range missiles into the waters off its east coast. s state-run broadcaster. south korea also reported the news today, photos show leader kim jong un inspecting landing exercises, and missiles firing. north korea has stepped up military activity since the u.s. and south korea started and annual training exercise in the region. brett: turning to commitment 2016. all candidates except for one are going to a pro-israel conference in washington d.c. today.
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spend the day elsewhere. nbc' s tracie potts explains. >> by 11 points. tracie: bernie sanders is in utah today, all the other candidates are speaking at a packed in washington. while here, donald trump is reportedly missing privately with top republicans, calling for party unity after another pilot weekend at his rallies. >> they make it sound so big. trump is the front runner before the primaries tomorrow. >> he has a lead, but we have a straightforward path to get to the delegates. tracie: ted cruz has more money. new filings suggest that he has
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. michelle: you may want to stop for gas on your morning drive, -- morning drive. the prices at the pump are on the rise, over the last three weeks, the national average has jumped about 23 cents. here' s a look at the increase in orlando. today, you' ll pay about two dollars. last week, it was $1.80. $.66. analysts say we can expect prices to keep going up through memorial day. rising oil prices, increased demand, and reduced gasoline supplies are driving up the cost. brett: we are following breaking county. ted noah has the latest. ted: it is a mess on i-4 westbound. it is completely shut down. this is to miles before the area of state route 44. if you drive on i-4 westbound
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there are no places to exit. we are already seeing a two mile backup approaching the crash scene. we have reports that it involves multiple vehicles, including two semi trucks. your best bet is to get up on i-4 westbound, if you are able to , and take u.s. 92 international speedway boulevard as your alternate. that will still add time onto your commute. if you are traveling through volusia county, it will be a long drive even with the alternate. brett: so traffic is a mess this morning, but how is the weather? amy: it will feel a whole lot different across central florida today than it did the past couple of days. we are still dark now, so there is some time for our temperatures to continue to drop.
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it is easy in cool -- breezy and cool this morning. it will be a slow climb in the temperatures today. it will be windy all the way through the afternoon. we will only make it into the middle 60' s today. we dropped to 51 in the spread and daytona beach this morning. -- in leesburg and daytona beach this morning. slowly, we will climb as we head into the afternoon. we will eventually make it into the mid and upper 60' s later today. we will top out well below our average of 79 degrees. 65 are high in daytona beach today. 66 in melbourne. michelle: your next uber ride, may cost you less in one local city. brett: the deal rolling out today. it could make your commute much easier. michelle: and we' re just hours away from seeing what apple is cooking up.
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product unveiling event. brett: plus, how a biker was
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stolen during bike week. michelle: welcome back. we are following breaking news on i-4 westbound. this is in deland near state route 44. there is an accident, involving multiple vehicles. two of those vehicles may beat semi trucks. the backup is already stretching at least two miles. we will check in with ted noah in a few minutes, and he will tell you how to get around all of this. stay tuned. brett: right now, troopers are on the lookout for a driver, who hit and killed a bicyclist, then kept going. it happened along courtenay parkway, late last night. the victim has not yet been identified. michelle: also overnight, deputies say they were forced to shoot a man to death, near the university of florida. alachua county investigators say the man was carrying a high-powered rifle, near the majestic oaks apartment complex. they say they shot him, when he refused to drop the weapon and
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announcement from apple. michelle: just one day before it' s next hearing over its encryption battle with the fbi, the company is set to show off the newest additions to its product line. mark parker has a preview. mark: just announcement -- just a little bit after its announcement of the iphone six, apple is expected to make a new announcement about phones good -- phones. they plan to offer a cheaper, smaller, four inch version. >> there are some that want to be less behind, from everything that is new right now. mark: no apple watch announcements expected today. some new accessories for our.
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>> you do not need to upgrade your tablet every other year, like you make you like with your phone. you do not use it the same way. mark: overshadowing any products could be statements coming from tim cook, this comes during the battle with the fbi over encryption. it will be center stage on tuesday. mark parker, nbc news. michelle: starting today, it will be a little cheaper to hitch a ride from uber in altamonte springs. we told you about this unique new partnership earlier this month. the city will pay 20% of all your uber trips that start and end within city limits, and you -- city limits. you can get 25% off if one of those stops is at the altamonte springs sunrail station. the deal launching today will last for one year. brett: it' s the story that took over last week. we' re now hearing from the biker, who was reunited with his stolen parrot. mike mularz left spyke on his
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during bike week in daytona beach. witnesses saw someone take the bird, and take off. they chased, but couldn' t catch the thief. saturday, mike got the news he was waiting for. >> i got a call from ellen, from the seminole county parrot rescue sanctuary in geneva. she had me identify the bird and she said a gentleman just dropped off the bird and a phone number and said he wanted to be anonymous. brett: it could not have been easy to wipe -- swipe that bird. mike is giving thanks to everyone who played a role in , finding spyke. take a look at these pictures coming out of south florida. researchers provided pictures of the 40 pythons rounded up over the last three months in the everglades. one of them is 16 feet long, and weighs 140 pounds. these snakes are being used to
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s ecosystem. that is a massive snake. michelle: this morning, they' re expecting spring snow in the northeast. the storm moving through could dump as much as a foot in some parts. schools in boston have cancelled classes. forecasters say its going to make for a very messy morning commute. we will tell you about our forecast on the first day of spring in just a few moments. first, we have a traffic situation. ted: a bad on i-4 westbound. -- a bad crash on i-4 westbound. the reports coming in say that there was a fuel spill involved in this. that has to be cleaned up. something that needs to be taken very seriously. we also have reports that there was a box truck involved in this, transporting mail.
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your best bet is to use u.s. 92, international speedway boulevard as an alternate. there is a gridlock of traffic already two miles, two and a half miles and it is growing. lake mary to lee boulevard, not too many delays there. amy: good morning. we are going to be climbing with our temperatures this week, but we will only be in the 60' s today. this comes after that cold front that came through on the weekend. we will get back into the 80' s for the second half of the week, along with some returning chances or rain. as we head towards the weekend, it is easter and we will see more rain and cloud cover with that. check out the winds this morning. 21 miles per hour, sustained winds.
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colder than it actually is. off to the north, we have clear skies, but to the south we have cloudy skies. it is 40 degrees right now in ocala. 53 in sanford and orlando. 58 in melbourne. at the palm coast, with a 13 mile per hour wind, the 48 degrees use like 43 degrees. so, we are doing with some windchill. however, it is only counterweight it when amateurs to below 80 degrees. winds coming out of the north west today, and it will be rather breezy. the humidity levels will be rather low today. a high fire danger today , because of a lack of moisture in the air. also, the wind adding to that danger. 66 in eustis and mount dora today. 67 today at kissimmee and st.
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67 in altamonte springs. 67 in orlando. 65 at daytona beach. a lot different than yesterday. if you are heading to the beach today, you help -- will have lots of sunshine, but sustained wind and cooler temperatures as well. tomorrow, we will be sunny and dry again, but not quite as windy. the wind should call down quite a bit. on wednesday, as the highest life to the ease, the wind will ship around and come out of the southeast. that means the moisture will start slowly building. so, we will have a couple of clouds on wednesday. we will have enough west are in the air to see if you showers on their state.
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brett: taking a live look over i-4 in volusia county. it is complete shutdown right before state route 44. there are two accidents within half a mile of each other in
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one of them involving semi trucks, and another involving a pickup truck. there are fuel spill concerns out there. it has traffic backed up for miles already in that area. you will deftly want to find an alternative route. ted noah will give us a full recap in just a few minutes. michelle: caught on camera, that' s an 11-year-old boy taking a joy ride in a cement truck. police in dodge center, minnesota say the child swiped the truck from a local contractor. he led a chase for about an hour, reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour and damaging two police cars. he was eventually taken to the juvenile detention center. no one was hurt. brett: unbelievable. michelle: it was. he was booking it. it was another down to the wire finish at the arnold palmer invitational. brett: when it was over, jason day hung on for his first win at
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day was down a stroke to kevin chapell, late sunday. he birdied 17, and chapell bogied 18. that was enough for day to pull off the win. afterwards, he talked to our pat clarke about the influence of arnold palmer on the game of golf. >> i said it earlier in my press release on tuesday. he was the true innovator of the game of golf. he was a guy that put golf on the map for us. without his input into the game of golf, there may not have been a next generation of players. brett: this was day' s eighth pga tour victory. chappel finished second, followed by troy merritt and henrik stenson. we continue to follow breaking news on i-4. michelle: if you are just joining us, we will have an update on the crash making a
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amy: >> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in
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brett: it is 6:30, and we have two bad crash is i-4 westbound in volusia county. we will have reports on the impact of that crash, coming up. this morning, you may be sharing the road with a killer. we' re live in brevard county, where the search is on for the driver, who ran a man over and never stopped. aixa: a historic trip. i' m aixa diaz, in washington. this morning, president obama wakes up in havana, cuba. his agenda for the day ahead, coming up. michelle: plus, breaking news, a standoff ended in gunfire overnight, not far from the university of florida. brett: the man shot and killed by police, and what they say he was doing with an assault rifle. michelle: we' re also following that breaking news out on the roads. let' s get right to ted noah in the traffic center. ted: it is a big crash on i-4 westbound in a volusia county. it is right before state route 44. it is actually two separate
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one of them involves a box car, which was transporting mail. the other crash involves two semi trucks. we' ve also heard that there is a fuel spill involved with this crash. there is a lot that needs to be cleared up in this area of i-4 westbound. your backup plan is u.s. 92. again, to crashes just about a half-mile apart from each other. i-4 westbound is close down. already a three mile backup. use u.s. 92, international speedway boulevard as your backup. amy: we do have a significantly different weather pattern today, compared to last week. we had a cold front come through over the weekend, and now we have much cooler, drier air working in. sunrise is still about an hour to go. we have some cloud cover to the south, but we will have plenty of sun today, as a cool breeze comes out of the northwest. our highs will only make it back
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look at where we are this morning, compared to yesterday. we have dropped to 53 degrees since the night in orlando. the palm coast is at 48 degrees. sanford is at 53 degrees. in leesburg, it is 51 degrees. look at these wind, 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained wind. this breeze makes it feel a lot colder than it actually is. ocala is one of the places where miles per hour. -- lightest, at 14 miles hour. we will stay cool and dry today. look at our highs. the 60' instead of the 80' s or 90' s like last week. brett: this morning, troopers in
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driver who ran over a bicyclist. michelle: this was the scene overnight, where the local man was hit while getting back onto his bike after falling. it happened on courtenay parkway in merritt island. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live with the new details we learned overnight. alex: troopers say that this man was crossing courtenay parkway when he was struck. he had fallen off his bike and was trying to get back on it at the time of the crash. fhp will release the victim' s name, once his family is notified. at this point, as you said, all we know is he was a 54-year-old merritt island resident. killed him, the car never stopped. it means authorities are now on the hunt for the person, who was behind the wheel. this all happened just before 10 -- 10:00 last night. witnesses said it might have been a pickup truck that struck the cyclist. investigators are asking anyone with information to come
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if you know anything, call crimeline at 1-800-423 tips. we will continue to follow this investigation. as soon as we get more details, we' ll pass them along to you. live in merritt island, alex villarreal, wesh 2 news. michelle: we' re following breaking news out of alachua county. deputies and gainesville police have shot and killed a man at a complex, not far from the the sheriff' s office says robert dentmond was carrying a rifle around and threatened to kill himself. deputies and officers warned him, he would be shot if he did not drop the gun. they opened fire when they say, he refused, and walked toward an occupied apartment. dentmond died at the hospital. the officers and deputies involved are on administrative leave, as fdle investigates. brett: president obama' s already toward havana. avana. today, his historic trip to cuba includes a meeting with raul castro. s aixa diaz has a
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in havana yesterday afternoon. it marked the first time that air force one has landed in tuba. after visiting the you s embassy -- the u.s. and the sea, and touring havana yesterday, he today. >> it is a historic opportunity cuban people. it allows us to build new to -- ties between our two people. aixa: some are criticizing his trip. he believed cuba tomorrow, and head to argentina. in washington, i am aixa diaz, wesh 2 news. brett: new information from over the weekend. family members now say the apopka teen killed over the weekend, had been secretly dating the 16-year-old, accused of killing her. destiny bargman was shot to death on saturday. only wesh 2 was there, as the
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on sunday. he was ordered held in a juvenile detention center, and warned he could be charged as an adult. accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist in orlando, will answer to a judge. troopers say an anonymous tip led them edward antonio alvarez. he was arrested sunday, at a house in seminole county, where he was working as a day laborer. troopers say he hit and killed charles mcmurray, earlier this month in downtown orlando. investigators say alvarez did not have a driver' s license at the time of the crash. brett: happening today, a court hearing for the suspect in a deadly shooting outside an orange county strip club -- strip club. late last night, deputies announced the arrest of louis cintron. he' s charged with murder and attempted murder. he was in a group of bikers who got into a brawl outside the diamond club early sunday morning. cintron is accused of opening fire and killing carlos enrique cruz. two others were hurt. the diamond club is no stranger to gunfire. almost exactly two months ago,
6:38 am
deputies he was shot near the parking lot. he was rushed to the hospital and later died. no word on whether detectives ever caught his killer. back in july, two gunmen opened fire inside the club. while no one was hit initially, deputies say they continued shooting and grazed a woman in the parking lot. several cars were also shot up. michelle: in orange county, an investigation is underway into a deadly house fire. flames ripped through the home on pineway drive, near texas avenue, late sunday afternoon. a neighbor and his son tried to save the man inside, but the flames were too much. >> i tried to go inside. i opened up the door, and smoke came flying out. i could not get in any farther. flames were coming out the windows. i jumped the fence, and i grabbed the hose from the next-door neighbor. i wanted to try and start putting the flames out.
6:39 am
been identified. neighbors believe the man had a disability that may have made it difficult for him to escape. brett: a stinky clean-up is expected to wrap up today in west orange county. crews are fixing a sewage leak off good homes road, near the 408. it happened yesterday, and was originally reported as a sinkhole. workers tell us a main sprinkler line eroded the main valve box, breaking the lift station, and causing the sewage spill. amy: it is windy and cool this morning and central florida. it is 10 to 15 degrees older than yesterday. i will have all the numbers, when we return. ted: a big closure on i-4 westbound in deland. we will talk about the impact,
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brett: we are following breaking news on i-4. there are two separate accidents, very close to each
6:43 am
one of the crashes involves two semi trucks. the other one is involving a box truck, which was transporting mail. you also received reports that there is a fuel spill involved with this crash. a lot to clean up in that area. if it is left there for too long , it will have in a row since affect on -- corrosive affect on the pavement. be prepared, the backup this morning is about three and half miles on i-4 westbound, approaching to craft -- crash scene. your alternate is u.s. 92, international speedway boulevard. amy: it is a little chilly out here this morning. notice, i do have my coat. and i need it. we are in the 40' s and 50' s right now. 53 degrees in orlando.
6:44 am
yesterday morning, it was 10 or 15 degrees warmer than this, because we had a lot of clouds. today, we have mainly clear skies, and breezy wind making it feel even colder. 10, 15, even 20 mile per hour sustained winds. that is definitely why it feels a little breezy out there, and colder than it actually is. temperatures this afternoon will make it into the 60' s. that is well below are averages of the upper 70' s. 66 in melbourne today. 65 at daytona beach. we also have pollen blowing around quite a bit. brett and michelle, sending it back inside to you. michelle: amy, thank you. daytona beach continues to be party central for spring breakers.
6:45 am
crowds and more problems on sunday. officers say they issued numerous alcohol violations. more than 130 people have been arrested on the beach over the past couple of weeks. nearly 200 arrests have been made at local bars, mostly for underage drinking. some of those spring breakers chose daytona, now that panama city is cracking down. business leaders now say that it has hurt their bottom line, by as much as 50% to 80% over the last year. a house party shooting and alleged rape on the beach last year prompted new rules in panama city. city leaders plan to review them once spring break is over. michelle: covering brevard county, dead fish are continuing to clog up canals and wash up on beaches. a viewer sent us these pictures of the fish kill in harbor town marina, in merritt island. it' s the second time in three months groups of fish are going belly-up. this is video from the brevard
6:46 am
right now, the fish kill is limited to one species, the atlantic bumper. no word on what' s causing the deaths. brett: seaworld says the killer whale, profiled in blackfish, is doing better now. last week, the company announced tilikum' s health was failing , because of a long infection. -- lung infection. now, seaworld says he' s getting his appetite back and interacting with trainers and other whales. seaworld reports that they are cautiously optimistic about his response to treatment so far. michelle: today, a jury in saint petersburg will begin deciding the punitive damages that should be awarded to wrestler hulk hogan. they' ve already decided that he is owed $115 million from gawker media. gawker posted a sex tape online of hogan. even when the jury' s done, there will likely be an appeal. legal experts say jury awards this large are often reduced by
6:47 am
michelle: all of your top stories are coming up next on sunrise. brett: but first the today show is taking over at 7:00. here is a preview. >> coming up, lester holt will be live with a report on present obama' s trip to cuba. also ahead, and report on ridges that you need to see. they are structurally deficient. you will not believe will we have found. those stories, plus a mother daughter duo sit down with us. their candid conversation on
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controversy (vo) making the most out of that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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brett: good morning. we are covering breaking news on i-4 westbound in volusia county. the roadway is complete shutdown in deland. there are two separate crashes, about a mile within of each other. the reports we are getting is that one of them involves two semi trucks. the other crash involves a box truck that was transporting mail.
6:51 am
cleaned up in this area, especially if fuel is in fact on the interstate. they need to clean it up to make sure that there is not an erosive effect on the road. if you are taking your drive on i-4 westbound through volusia county, take u.s. 92 instead. that graphic needs to be changed , because the backup is now up to four miles. no delays from lake mary to lee boulevard. downtown orlando to john young parkway, no delays there as well. brett: this is a live look over massachusetts. this is south of boston, close to rhode island, massachusetts border. they are reporting to to three
6:52 am
they are well prepared for that amount of snow coming through. it is from philadelphia, up into new england. a much different start to spring for them. amy: starting spring, you are all excited, but it seems we are back to winter. it is called by our standards this morning. we are waking up to some cloud cover in the south. of to the north, we are still on the dark side, about an hour and a half away from sunrise. once we do get some sunshine, our temperatures will climb up into the mid-to-upper 60' s. that will be a different from last week, when we were rather warm. the 80' s will return by the end of the week. we also have a little bit of rain in our forecast.
6:53 am
week, we are dry during the week, and then the rain will come over the weekend. orlando is sitting at 53 degrees right now. the wind is at 21 miles per hour, that is sustained win. the dew point is in the 20' s. that means it is rather drive. so, the air coming in is quite cool and dry. it will continue to come in throughout the day. we will start with lots of sunshine today. the temperatures are at 46 agrees right now in ocala. -- degrees in ocala. 48 at palm coast. 53 in sanford and orlando. 58 in melbourne. 48 at palm coast. it feels like 43 degrees with the windchill. it will stay windy throughout the day today.
6:54 am
northwest, with plenty of sunshine. the cool and dry air will continue to build in. we will only recover into the upper 60' s today. 65 in the villages. 66 in mount dora. 66 at deltona and deland. 65 today at daytona beach. along the coast, we will be in the mid-60' s, as well. tomorrow, we will do it all again. sunny and dry, but it will not be quite as windy as a range of high pressure starts to build in. as the high slides to the east, we will see the moisture start to build. the temperature and humidity will climb, and our chances of rain will return by the end of the week. michelle: the "today show" is just minutes away. brett: before we go, we want to give you a recap of the biggest stories this morning. right now, troopers are on the lookout for a driver, who hit and killed a bicyclist, then kept going. a 54-year-old man from merritt
6:55 am
the crash happened last night on courtenay parkway, as the man was getting on his bike. michelle: this morning, the state is deciding whether to charge a 16-year-old as an adult, after he allegedly killed his 15-year-old girlfriend. mourners gathered outside destiny bargman' s home last night. the suspect is held in juvenile detention. brett: we' re following breaking news of a deadly officer-involved shooting in alachua county. deputies say robert dentmond was walking around the majestic oaks apartment complex, and threatened to kill himself. he was shot, as deputies say, he approached an occupied apartment building. michelle: a man accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist in orlando, will answer to a judge. edward antonio alvarez is accused of killing charles mcmurray earlier this month in he was arrested sunday while working in seminole county. brett: today, all of central fire. very high risk. and spread easily, and can become intense quickly.
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michelle: welcome back. michelle:ted, what are you
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ted: we have two separate crashes, about half a mile away from each other. one of them involves a fuel spill, and the other involves two semi trucks. the delays are significant. we are looking at about a four mile backup now. this is just before state route 44. if you usually travel on i-4 through volusia county, you want to use u.s. 92 instead. hopefully, that will save you some time. amy: we have dropped 10 degrees in just the past couple of hours. it is 48 degrees at the palm coast. 49 at daytona beach. not only is it significantly cooler this morning, compared to yesterday, it is also breezy. 15 mile per hour sustained winds. it makes it feel colder than it actually is. we will climb into the mid to upper 60' s today. well below our average of 79 degrees. a far cry from the 80' s and 90' s of last week. our temperatures will climb this week, and rain will return by
7:00 am
brett: the "today show" is next on wesh 2. michelle: local, live, late-breaking coverage continues right now on cw18. brett: we' ve got something fun for you today. our own top sixteen bracket. we' re letting you pick orlando' s best ride. we' ll unveil the bracket, this morning. michelle: and look for news updates anytime, inside the wesh 2 mobile app. [captioning performe good morning. snowy start to spring. millions across the northeast waking up to a messy, monday commute. a foot of snow expected in some areas. schools shut down in boston. al is tracking it all. history in havana. president obama kicks off his ntroversial trip to cuba. the first by a u.s. president in nearly 90 years. >> this is a historic visit, and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> the president set to meet


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