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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in brussels, the heart of europe and a city on lockdown right now. >> the people of europe waking up to images of terror. people all around the world waking up to the same as you watch the injured being carried away from the airport in brussels this morning. >> we'll take a moment and let >> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. brett: breaking news unfolding right now, brussels has been rocked by several explosions. michelle: at least 13 people are dead, and many others are this is being called a terrorist attack. for the very latest information, we get right to jazmin walker at what do you know? jazmin: moments ago, the u.s. embassy in belgium raised the threat alert level four. security officials believe isis is behind these attacks. at least 13 are dead, and 35 injured according to belgian
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so this story first broke at , about 3:00 this morning. at first, it was two explosions since then, we' ve learned it' s much bigger than that. take a look at this new video, posted to social media. you can see people running from those airport blasts. other videos show major damage inside the airport. there are some more graphic videos we' re not showing, that show some of the victims. we now know several subway stations were targeted, but we don' t know how many. and that forced the country to shut down all travel through the air, air, subway, and bus. people in brussels are being told to stay where they are. and now, nbc is reporting cell phones are down in the area. we don' t know if the government -- not. impact. city police -- new york city
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protection. michelle: these attacks come at a tense time in belgium. suspected paris terrorist salah abdeslam was arrested friday. his supporters have vowed revenge since. earlier this week, belgium' s foreign minister said today that paris attacks suspect salah abdeslam told investigators he was planning new operations from brussels and possibly had access to several weapons. >> he has been charged with terrorist murder with relation to the number 13th paris attacks that led -- left so many people dead. michelle: a tweet from the airport, our thoughts go to the victims this morning. their family, and friends. nbc news is on top of the story. there will be a live special report at 7:00 on the today show. and instant alerts on west are calm.
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we will have updates on that breaking news through out the morning, but we want to get a check of your weather. brett: you' re waking up to another unusually cold spring morning, some spots dropping into the 40' s. that is downtown orlando this morning. some spots even in the 30' s. amy: with dropped into the 30' s in marion county, and parts of flagler county and putnam county. a cold start, especially compared to yesterday morning. sunrise is at 7:27 a.m. after that, plenty of sun, and our temperatures will climb. we' ll make it to the mid 60' s by noon today, where the highs were yesterday. we keep climbing, topping out in the low to mid 70' s. your other numbers, 37 and in palm coast, 36 in ocala. for the one in the villages, 42 in leesburg. 45 in melbourne. the wind is fairly light. not as breezy as yesterday.
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miles per hour breeze, a bit of a wind chill. the windchill is not a significant. yesterday morning, it was really gusting. 75 in ocala today. also for the villages. 75 in orlando and winter park. 73 in deland. a little cooler near the coast. 70 in new smyrna beach. 72 in palm bay. time for traffic update. ted: we are looking i-95 northbound, by state road 44. a little north of 44, a mile of construction, taking out a left lane. a lot of crews on the scene. no major delays at this time. several county, delay free , the journey from lake mary tilly, no delays. --
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brett: new from overnight, a violent robbery just steps from ucf. michelle: just before 1:00 a.m., masked men busted into a home at the tivoli apartments, which is off of mccullough road, right across from campus. alex villareal is live. at the scene today. alex, this was a very frightening home invasion. alex: absolutely. just imagine, in your bedroom, middle the night, and all of a sudden, to strangers kick in your door. one of them has a gun. that is exactly what a resident here says happened to him overnight. the resident told deputies that to home invaders got into his apartment through the front door, which was unlocked. he says they took some things from the apartment before they left. one of them did have a crystal. he never fired it. fortunately, the resident was not hurt. deputies say the 911 call came
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the suspects drove off from the complex or. other than the fact that there were teed up of them, not much else is known about the home invaders. the tivoli apartment complex here, across from ucf, is on the arms seminole county line, so sheriff' this case. an investigation that we will continue to follow for you. as soon as we get new details, we will pass them along. alex villareal, wesh 2 news. michelle: overnight, firefighters were out in avalon park watching for hot spots. yesterday, flames burned dangerously close to homes. neighbors helped crews get the fire under control. jazmin walker joins us in studio. jazmin, firefighters could have another busy day ahead of them. jazmin: there' s a very high fire danger for a couple of our counties today. look at what that fire danger meant yesterday. flames burning just feet from a row of homes in avalon park. about 20 acres of a conservation area burned, a few fences caught
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no major damage. now people who live in that area , say it wasn' t just the firefighters working hard. >> you know a lot of the neighbors pulled together came back here and grabbed hoses, and arts county responded very quickly, within an hour, bulldozers. you can't say enough great things about the county and what they' ve done out here. jazmin: despite how close all those people had to get to fight the fire, no one was hurt. here' s a look at today' s danger, according to the wildlife service. high risk today. amy sweezey has more. amy: it is not about the rain. we are above average for rainfall for the year. it is so very dry. the dry air is coming in. committee levels are so low. that is when we start on with a dewpoint, how much moisture is in the air. i can tell you, the current s and
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keep in mind, the summer, when we are humid, dewpoint is around the 70' s. it is very dry, and breezy today. without the north, northwest. -- wind out of the north, northwest. later today, northeast and east breeze. you see you on futurecast. not super strong. within the smoke back over the west -- it will send the smoke back over the west, and it will be some moisture in that win. will help with the humidity levels. brett: president obama' s historic trip to cuba ends today, and he' s got a busy day ahead of him before he leaves, the president will try to take u.s. and cuban relations another step forward by delivering an address to the cuban people in havana. the white house says obama will call for the expansion of human rights on the island. he will also meet with cuban
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then the president will end his visit on a lighter note, he will go to the ballpark, and catch a game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. we' ll have a preview of that coming up after the break. michelle: this morning, we' ve learned the person killed during a police standoff in gainesville, was a teenager. we brought this story to you as breaking news yesterday morning. this is new video from the scene. police say 16-year-old robert dentmond called 911 sunday, saying he was suicidal. when officers arrived to the apartment complex, they say dentmond was walking around carrying what looked like an assault rifle. police tell us dentmond ignored their warnings before they opened fire. >> deputies and officers made it extremely clear to him that if he continued toward that occupying building that he would be shot. michelle: the officers involved are on leave while the florida department of law enforcement is investigating. happening today, a rocket is scheduled to launch from cape canaveral.
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atlas five rocket is set to lift off at 11:05 tonight. this is a picture tweeted today of the rocket which is carrying supplies to the international space station. it will be the last mission under nasa' s current contract with ula. the rocket will carry five experiments into space. including one that was worked on by students at ucf that will study the properties and behavior of impact-shattered soil found on asteroids and other airless worlds. here is that quote from the joshua colwell says, " ours doesn' t sound incredibly sexy. but it is important especially as we get ready to send asteroids and eventually mars." sexy. can be. s talk about the launch forecast for tonight. launch? as clouds in the area.
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you should get a view -- a good view, if you' re still awake. it lights up the sky in the distance. only a 10% chance that that launch will be scrapped because of weather. a gosar, frost advisory for marion county and told not :00 a.m., 37 and palm coast, 45 in melbourne. look at marion county. 34 in dunnellon. pretty close to freezing there. 38 degrees in salt springs. we will climb today, warmer than yesterday, in the 70' s. plenty of sun. not back to normal, until tomorrow. michelle: next, diplomacy in the diamond. brett: today the world will be watching the tampa bay rays in cuba. the emotional homecoming for one of the players. michelle: and if you' re just joining us, we' re following
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the city has been the target of a terrorist attack. 13 people, at least, have been killed and explosions. they'
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nypd is stepping up michelle: they keep you updated on breaking news. at least 13 people, and 35 killed -- wounded in an explosion -- series of explosions in brussels. several subway stations were also targeted. transportation has been cut off in a country. cell phones are not working. some american agencies, like the nypd, are stepping up security in response. no major changes announced at any american airports. we will keep you updated on that. nbc news is providing a live, special report right now. brett: a live news conference, on our screen, but it is not being conducted in english. we' re gathering more information.
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to you. meanwhile, president obama will spend his last day in cuba enjoy a little baseball diplomacy. michelle: the tampa bay rays will play the cuban national we -- national team in the first major-league game on the island in years. there is one cuban player, who left three years ago on a 12 hour boat ride with his mom. the talent pool has thinned in recent years, as players like varona leave the island for america. right now, there' s an effort to stop that happening. rays players say they' re proud to be a part of history and to have varona as a teammate. >> he' s great. he' s a great teammate, real passionate and real enthusiastic out there. you can just tell he loves the game. michelle: the u.s. and cuba have signed a new agreement, one that means they will no longer have
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league baseball. marco rubio blasted the president for going to the game in an overnight statement, saying diplomacy with cuba is not a game. starting in just over a month, carnival cruise lines will set sail to cuba. the country gave the o.k. to a ship, carrying around 700 passengers. prices for the seven-day voyages start at $1,800 per person this marks the first time in more than 50 years a cruise ship is approved to sail from the united states to cuba. brett: new information, gawker plans to appeal the ruling granting hulk hogan $140 million in a sex tape lawsuit. yesterday, a jury decided to give the former pro-wrestler an additional $25 million in punitive damages. last week, jurors awarded hogan $115 million, agreeing that gawker invaded his privacy, by posting the video online. hogan is pleased with the decision. >> i think we' ve made history today, because i think we protected a lot of people from maybe going through what i went
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very happy. brett: gawker' s founder also has to pay $10 million in damages. so far he has not commented. , michelle: tonight, the vans warped tour stops by full sail university to broadcast its concert lineup to the entire country. the lineup has already leaked online within the past week. hard rock las vegas reportedly sent out a tweet of the lineup, and deleted it. tonight' s announcement features five of the bands performing on the tour. it starts streaming online at 6:00. brett: time for a check of the forecast. for those on spring break, headed to the beach, they' re probably not awake at 6:18 a.m. on a tuesday. for the rest of you, maybe getting the kids out the door to the buzzed up, you might want to search for a jacket that you put in the closet a long time ago. michelle: long pants, sweatshirts. we compromised. amy: this afternoon, they will be fine.
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not as breezy. the windchill is not as much of a concern. good news for the bus stop this morning. 30' s and 40' s, sunrise at 7:27 a.m. a little time yet, another hour of darkness. temperatures to drop little more. right now, 36 in ocala, 37 and broncos, 41 in the villages, 45 degrees in melbourne. low temperatures since midnight, well below average. supposed to be in the mid-50' s right now. instead, much colder than that across the area. a big ridge of high pressure, sliding in a little closer. the wind will not be as strong today. not as breezy this morning, not as much this afternoon. the wind we do have will be warmer. it will come in off the ocean, the northeast.
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as chilly as what we were dealing with yesterday, with that win, especially in the shade. 74 in dunnellon. 75 in clermont. most of us yesterday were in the lower to middle 60' s for eyes. -- highs. 75 in orlando and winter park. not quite normal. that is tomorrow. we are getting there. if you' re going to the beach, a breeze off the ocean. temperatures not quite as warm there as in the inland spots. we top out at 70 in daytona beach today. with that breeze out of the northeast. low to moderate risk for recurrent today. keep that in mind. -- rip currents today. keep that in mind. late morning through early afternoon, especially. high pressure to the east, so wind out of the southeast. more moisture. temperatures will start to warm up a little bit.
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possibility of some showers and storms of this weekend. a front approaching friday. it hangs out, stalls out, meanders back and forth over the holiday weekend. some showers, some storms, we will keep you posted on the timing as we get closer. ted: 620 1 a.m., a nice drive on i-4 through the bulk of seminole county, no delays just yet. there are still continuing east, 417, looking good. or 36, altamonte, not bad. trouble spots but the usual weekdays, not so troublesome. eastbound, john young to colonial, up to speed. brett: coming up, local cops, accused of lying in court. the controversial testimony that got them kicked off the force and why they could now face
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the breaking news overseas, brussels, belgium. a live shot out there right now. you could see all of those versus bird -- first responders and immersive -- emergency personnel. a total of 23 people have been killed. the number on your screen, 13 people in an explosion near the explosions at the airport. 13 people killed there. also, a metro station, that is the subway, explosions there, 10 people killed. that is according to the belgian media reports. michelle: transportation cut off in a country. cell phones not working. this is having a n impact here in america. several agencies stepping up response. no major changes at american airports. will monitor that throughout the morning. that is
6:26 am
right now. a live, special report on wesh 2. brett: and just reminding you, this follows the arrest of the main paris terror suspect just a few days ago. a sense of heightened security. here in florida, three kissimmee police officers have been relieved of duty, and are now under investigation. michelle: we' ve learned officers felix echeveria, taylor mcfee and tiffany hall are being investigated following allegations that false testimony may have been given in a court hearing. this is surveillance video of an arrest at a kissimmee hotel back in november. it appears one of the officers has a key to open this door, but a charging affidavit signed by detective hall says a drug dealing suspect opened the door for her, then gave her a plastic bag filled with marijuana. >> the vast majority of police officers are absolutely honest. the fact that anyone would say something under oath that wasn' t true is very frightening to anybody who believes in the justice system.
6:27 am
open cases involving the officers to see if they should proceed with prosecution. brett: biologists are racing to find the cause of a massive fish kill stinking up brevard county. several species are affected and miles of water are filled with dead fish. the indian river lagoon is now brown. those who live nearby are getting frustrated with no end in sight. local governments are working on a clean-up plan. again, we follow the breaking news overseas out of brussels. a belgian media report, 23 people have been killed. multiple explosions at the airport, and also the subway. that number has climbed all morning long. we' re hearing much more on injuries, as well. michelle: we will continue to stay with that story, all morning long.
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obviously, a lot of chaos and confusion right now. people are walking there, and a previous shock, we saw lots of emergency personnel.
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>> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. michelle: if you' re just waking up, we' re staying on top of breaking news this morning. several people are dead after a at least 23 people dead. at least two bombs went off in the airport in brussels, and several more in subway stations. media outlets there are reporting as many as 23 people are dead. at least 35 people are reportedly injured. everyone in that major city has been told to stay where they are. the cell phones are also down. brett: here at home, nypd has said it is stepping up security. the american embassy in belgium has also raised it' s threat level. these attacks, a tense time in belgium. suspected terrorist saleh abdeslam was arrested on friday.
6:32 am
revenge ever since. much more on this throughout the show. the chameleon on a tuesday, march 22. michelle: i am michelle imperato. amy, you are tracking also to temperatures this morning. amy: close everything in a few spots. cold air coming in. check out this, almost -- it sure looks pretty out there. that means, you may get a good view of the rocket launch tonight. that is assuming it happens at 11:05 a.m., -- 11:05 p.m., and today than yesterday. s. today, we are there by noon. 70' plenty of sunshine. once we get there, our climb. 40' s, to yesterday morning.
6:33 am
ocala was 45 yesterday. that was cold enough. today, 36, since midnight. that is where we are now. 44 in sanford. melbourne and daytona beach are at 45 degrees. 30' s. -- some of those 30' s. freeze in fact -- freeze alert for a wild. we' ll get into the 70' s. more rain later this week, and we' ll talk about that in a few minutes. let' s get a traffic update. ted: the chopper is up over i-4 in altamonte springs. this is the left side. traffic moving nicely. no major delays at this point. if you' re taking an early-morning drive, no delays. lake mary to lee, looking good. jazmin: i' m jazmin walker. we' re bringing you the latest information on breaking news in
6:34 am
as we have reported, there are reports of at least 23 are dead, and 35 injured after a series of explosions. those numbers from belgian media are expected to rise. we want to show some new video just into our newsroom from a train station in belgium. it is kind of dark, but it does show some of the damage from the explosions. it' s our first, real confirmation that subway stations were targeted. dark video, passengers getting out. this is being called a terrorist attack. this story first broke at about 3:00 this morning. at first, it was two explosions at the airport. since then we' ve learned it' s , much bigger than that. more video posted on social media shows people running from those airport blasts. other videos show major damage inside the airport. there are some more graphic videos that we are not going to show. that show some of the victims. people in brussels are being told to stay where they are. now, nbc is reporting cell phones are down in the area. we don'
6:35 am
took the phones down or now. -- or not. the attacks have other european cities on alert. british airports are increasing security and their threat warning stands at severe. back to you. michelle: belgium has been the center of a terrorism investigation for weeks. friday, authorities arrested this man, suspected terrorist salah abdeslam international officials suspect he took part in the paris terror attacks last year. monday, they named another suspect in those attacks, and asked for public help to find that person. brett: new york and boston police are stepping up security in response to the terror attack in brussels. the washington dc metropolitan police also are closely monitoring the situation, but say there are no credible threats. nbc' s chief justice department -- correspondent told matt lauer, the government is carefully watching the developments out of brussels. >> the concern based on the
6:36 am
in airports, especially. the question we are looking for an answer to, what airports in going to do as a precaution. based on the attacks in europe. brett: pete williams says there are fewer people who may have traveled to syria in the u.s. so he believes the situation is very different here. we have a team of today show reporters across the globe, and you get the coverage of 7:00. back in central florida overnight, an apartment complex , across the street from ucf became a crime scene. michelle: robbers stormed into one of the units, carrying a gun. this happened just before 1:00 a.m. at the tivoli apartments on mcculloch road. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is there live. alex, they didn' t have much trouble getting in. alex: they got in with no problem at all.
6:37 am
lives in the apartment said that the two masked men came in through an unlocked front door. and then they busted in two is bedroom, obviously, a very scary thing to have happen overnight. it did happen around 12:40 a.m., that is when you' re told a 911 call came into deputies. the gyn department says that the two men came in took stump -- took something from the apartment before leaving. one had a pistol. fortunately, he did not fire it, and no one was hurt. the ball came in around 12:40 a.m., and i don' t know if the suspects drove off from the complex, or if they ran from there. other than the fact that they were two of them, not much else has been released about the home invaders. the tivoli apartment complex, across from ucf, is on the seminole county side.
6:38 am
case. we will continue to follow their investigation, and as soon as we do any new updates, will bring them to you on-air and online. michelle: were also following breaking news out of daytona beach, where the hilton hotel had to be evacuated overnight. there was a small fire in a mechanical closet at the hotel on north atlantic avenue. firefighters got the call just before 11:00 last night. i want to show you some pictures that we have. when firefighters arrived at the hotel, the fire was already out. however, there were still smoke inside. fire crews had to ventilate the building and clear the smoke before everyone could go back inside. the state fire marshal will fire. the suspect accused of shooting , at sanford police, will enter a plea this afternoon. roshad smith is charged with a number of crimes, including attempted murder. smith was arrested last month, after reports that he pointed a gun at passing cars.
6:39 am
, and a bystander was in. that person did recover. michelle: today marks two years since a windermere police officer was killed in the line of duty. and tonight a candlelight vigil will be held in honor of officer robert german. german was shot by two teenagers, who both later committed suicide. german' s family members and friends will be at the vigil, it will take place at the windermere police department at 7:00 p.m. also today, embry riddle is honoring one of their former students you may remember last month, officer ashley guindon was killed in the line of duty in virginia one day after she was sworn in. a service in her memory will be held at 5:30 on campus. brett: now to commitment 2016, voters in three western states head to the polls in just a few hours. arizona, utah, and idaho are holding contests today. wesh 2' s nikole killion tells us what' s at stake. >> about 100 delegates are up
6:40 am
the front runners try to expand their leads. donald trump leaves yet will have the delegates he needs before the convention. he made a high-profile visit to washington, addressing a pro-israeli conference. hopefuls. hillary clinton took on trump over his foreign policy. sen. clinton: we need steady he is neutral one day, pro-israel next day, because everything is negotiable. mr. trump: look at those hands. >> trump and clinton are still the top choices, although more than half of voters find both -- view both unfavorably. again. michelle: we continue tracking
6:41 am
brett: a smoke skerritt animal kingdom. michelle: and breaking news from brussels. the city has been hit by explosions, being called a terrorist attack. we' ll bring you the latest right after the break. get ready for sun protection that stays on ...right through your game. neutrogena cool dry sport. the only sport sunscreen with clinically proven helioplex . play on with protection that stays on. cool dry sport. neutrogena
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to the breaking news. new information. policing brussels say there have been death at a police station near the european union headquarters. it is unclear at this time if these are the ones that are included in the death toll. where told the 23 people were killed and explosions this morning. so, 13 at the airport, 10 of the subway, is what was previously reported. 35 injured. that is what we have been told, and we are expected to climb throughout the morning. brett: authorities confirm that
6:45 am
officials believe isis is behind the attack. it appears that been orchestrated and coordinated. 13 confirmed dead at the airport, 10 at the subway. many more injured from all of this. again, the incident follows the rest of the prime suspect from the paris terror attacks, a few months ago. michelle: you' re looking at video from a little while ago, the area is on lockdown. we' re trying to get confirmation where these people are going. cell phones not working at the moment. security is being ramped up. i' ve see, through this area, and other countries, including france. and there' s a bit of security in new york. we will continue to follow this that the morning on sunrise. brett: we want to switch gears and get a check outside.
6:46 am
michelle: amy, how is it feeling? amy: much colder in central florida. you see the numbers here. 30' s in our north -- northern areas. a cross advisory in marion county. 37 in palm coast. some parts of marion county have even dropped to 34. definitely colder. not as windy. the windchill, as -- not as much of a concern as yesterday morning. a little bit of a breeze. will be the case that the day. not as windy this afternoon. lots of sunshine, and our sunshine -- temperatures will climb. warmer than yesterday. s. a little rain on the way. our temperatures will continue to climb. i' ll tell you about that when i come back inside and just a few minutes. right now, a traffic update with ted noah.
6:47 am
westbound. pine hills road. if you' re traveling through around that. flying over the direction, to see exactly what is happening from aerial view, shortly. i-4 westbound, you' re on the right, going through ultima, a bit slow. an accident on to the side. mary chilly, you' break. michelle: this morning, we' re waiting for orange county deputies to release the name of the 19-year-old killed near a playground. brett: the gunfire erupted yesterday afternoon as dozens of people gathered near 15th street in apopka. wesh 2' s jazmin walker joins us, jazmin do we know why such a large group was out there? jazmin: we asked deputies, and they told us they were supposedly outside enjoying their first day of spring break. but this gathering of about 30 to 40 people, got violent. multiple shots were fired.
6:48 am
killed. this is at least the third shooting we' ve reported in the apopka area, within the last 10 days. it' s a neighborhood where many choose not to speak up. >> although there were multiple persons here on scene, that may have seen something, we are receiving limited to no information. jazmin: orange county sheriff' s office says they are in the process of trying to figure out a way to decrease violence and crime in this particular area. so far, deputies say their parts have not worked. if you know anything about the shooting, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. brett: caught on camera, smoke pouring into a theater at disney' s animal kingdom. the popular festival of the lion king came to a halt, when a float started smoking yesterday. a disney spokesperson says stagehands put out the fire and everyone was safely evacuated. this morning' s show could be canceled, as the clean-up
6:49 am
re continuing to follow breaking news out of brussels a terrorist attack at the airport and subway system. michelle: the today show will continue a special report at 7:00. the belgian prime minister just said that what we feared has happened. we were hit by attacks. we continue to follow the story after the brte make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49,
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refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts.
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for 99 cents today. america runs on dunkin'. amy: welcome back, it is a 50 2 a.m., and a gorgeous sunrise for florida. that' s an orlando, clear skies. we' re officially about 40 minutes away from sunrise. the accuracy means it is cold. good morning. i am amy sweezey. it was advisory in effect or 9:00 for marion county, and cause because our temperatures are so cold. on the surface, we will likely have some frost developing. if you have ross, would like to see your pictures. it is only 36 ocala, 37 in palm coast. 45 in daytona beach and
6:53 am
it will help the temperatures climb. we stay dry. and sunny. a look at these numbers. instead of mid 60' s, yesterday. the 70' s. salt springs, 74. 75 in kissimmee, and st. cloud. 75 in ocoee and orlando. 73 in deland. 70 degrees indeed -- daytona beach. brevard county, lower 70' s, as well. a few degrees cooler near the coast because of that breeze though coming off the ocean this afternoon. water temperatures in the 60' s. when trying to launch that' s alice five rocket tonight. the window opens at 11:05 p.m.
6:54 am
10% chance of clouds getting in the way. it should be a pretty nice night, mostly clear skies. tomorrow, the wind shifts even more. out of the southeast. couple clouds, humidity. gradually, as you get into thursday, and friday, we start seeing that moisture increase on the that we may see a little bit of rain on thursday. better chance of rain on friday. in fact, a front that will stall out over the weekend. that means we will likely have some showers and storms for the weekend. ted: a crash on to decide on i-4 westbound, 436. not blocking, but definitely slowing things down. if you should messaging lake mary ann lee, i-4 westbound. a lane block of pine hills road. a good alternate around that. we' ll try to get an aerial view. brett: all morning, we been following breaking news, a
6:55 am
terror attacks out of belgium. michelle: jazmin walker is in our breaking news center. jazmin: guys, just into our the prime minister belgium' s as many are dead and many are injured. authorities say they are worried will be more tax. -- attacks. media in belgium is now reporting 13 people were killed in the blasts at the airport, 10 more died when a subway station was bombed. look at this picture, just tweeted by nbc news. it shows french president his security advisors. right now, the people of brussels have been ordered to they don' t have cell phone access or public transportation right now. the today show has special report coverage coming up in just moments, on wesh 2. back to you. michelle: thanks so much. locally, seminole county deputies are looking for two crooks who targeted people at the tivoli apartments overnight. they got away with some belongings.
6:56 am
brett: guess at the -- at the daytona beach hilton are back in their rooms. fire crews had to clear the building at smoking forever to go back inside.
6:57 am
(vo) you can check on them. you can even choose a car for them. (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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6:59 am
amy: it is a gold star in central florida, 36 degrees ocala, was advisory until 9:00 a.m.. 44 in sanford. we will be warmer today than yesterday. no more 60' s, back to the 70' s. we keep climbing this week. many of rain in the forecast. scattered showers and storms. backed up there. it is on the shoulder, but will add to your drive getting through lake mary hanley. use old winter garden instead. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute caption content and accuracy. visit] wesh 2. they have a special report on the terrorist attack overseas. jazmin:
7:00 am
the prime minister talk about what is going on there right now. check on with our coverage on c.w. 18. michelle: thanks for joining us. have a good day. >> t wel take a break, allow our stations to reset. we'll be back with you in a second. good morning. breaking news. terror in brussels. powerful explosions rocking the airport and the city subway system overnight. reports of at least 15 people killed. dozens more injured. this morning, the chilling images from inside the airport and underground, as passengers are evacuated from train cars through darkened and smokey tunnels. a senior counter-terror official this morning telling nbc news, isis, the terror group, is likely behind the attacks. the hunt for suspects is


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