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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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by kcet, los angeles. made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies from
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small businesses to a major range of companies. >> ireland looks set to receive aid to bail out the banks. >> we are looking at that. italy declares it has captured 28th of the most wanted mobsters. welcome to the bbc world news. as nato prepares to start fighting in afghanistan, suggestions the taliban will fill the gap.
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susan boyle hits new heights. her latest album makes music history. hello, it is a sad turnaround for a country that was one of europe's fastest growing economies, but ireland looks about to say yes. he says he expects the irish government to accept a loan for tens of billions of dollars. the eu is pressing ireland to accept help.
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mark simpson reports. they have said they do not need emergency aid, but there was a sign that they would upset the help. >> it is to show ireland has sufficient firepower to deal with any concerns of the market. >> talks took place all day involving officials from the european central bank, the european commission, and the international monetary fund. >> we are looking for ireland and the area in general, and we want to be constructive with
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that engagement. the government at the end of the day will make decisions based on the outcome of discussions. >> ireland's closest neighbor is the u.k., and the government is ready to help. >> we have an interest in not just the euro zone. we have an interest in ireland being a success, so i do not want to rule things out. >> ireland's budget deficit is 32% of gdp. ireland is expected to arrive for a loan of between 80 billion euros and 100 million euros. some believe ireland will pay a high political price for any funding from europe. >> i feel you will have it from
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the european union, the imf, looking over the shoulders of irish bureaucrats making decisions. i think it is deeply shameful. >> the days of hard spending are over. shops are being forced to cut prices. they have survived 40 years of economic ups and downs, but nothing quite like this. >> it is horrible to face. we were so proud to seen where we are, and it is simply bad government. it is nothing we cannot come back from. >> if the irish economy is going to recover, it is likely to be too late for the current irish government. it only has a three-seat majority in parliament.
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the only hope seems to be to get a good deed from europe, and that is why the ongoing talks are so crucial. >> protests linked to the outbreak of cholera in haiti have spread to port-au-prince. haitian police set up barricades. some haitians have blamed others for bringing the disease into the country, a claim denied by the un. president obama says he is confident he can get enough votes to push a nuclear arms treaty with russia through the senate. they have to make of then what would been much less favorable. he described it as an imperative. the general motors looks reborn as a public company.
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they are now trading after the biggest share sale in u.s. history. german authorities are saying namibian police have intercepted a suspicious are give -- a suspicious item in a suitcase. >> the flight did finally reach munich many hours later and after a serious security alert. the bag was deemed suspicious. police say an x-ray scan was deemed to be a bomb. the guy was taken for further examination in the namibian capital. he says, yesterday ahead of the
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flights to munich, a case was recognized as not having been examined thoroughly and in which factories, cables, and similar things were found. it is still being investigated to see if this was made as a bomb. a german government says it has concrete information about a planned attack of the end of november. the authorities fear islamist militants who disappeared from a hamburg mosque may be secretly back in the country preparing to use the deadly training they had in pakistan and afghanistan. >> two members of the panel will decide when the football world cup will be played in 2018 and
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in 2020. they will not be allowed any part in football-related activity for three years. one has been suspended for a year. both denied the allegations. >> the most prestigious prizes in the game, but the battle for who hosts the world cup has been tarnished in recent weeks by claims of collusion and corruption. they took strong action against two executive committee members. he was banned from football for three years and fined for offering his vote to undercover reporters in return for cash. the man in charge described it as a sad episode, but the
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bidding process was seen to be fair. >> we have a structure appointed since day one to monitor the process, and the committee has not only monitored, but they have made decisions. >> they have started to repair the damage to their reputation, but the decisions have done little to help. they could well have lacked england. suspicions of a voting alliance remain, and the problem with the british media will not go away. england's dave is now worried about the impact of an investigation by the bbc. englund says it is unpatriotic, but the bbc says investigating is in the public interest.
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england hoped the feel-good factor are around the team will get them over the line. englund can win this battle. that is for sure, but even in extending the two members today, there was criticism of the english media and "the sunday times" in particular. england has always believed they have the best bid, but this is always about politics and steelmaking, and having the best bid may not be enough. >> rolls royce engines on airbus super jumbos will need to be replaced according to the boss of qantas. a rolls royce engine exploded in mid-air and force them to make an emergency landing. qantas grounded six planes since. greece has unveiled new
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spending cuts after slashing its budget deficit. 40% of savings will come from spending on health and defense. the sales tax will rise. swedish prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for the finder of wikileaks. julian is wanted in connection with rape. the italian government is saying it has captured 28 of the 30 most wanted mafia criminals, and police say they are closing in on those still at large. one reason can be found in plain old rubbish. there is some flash photography coming up.
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>> known as the baby, the latest high-ranking alleged mobster captured this week, believed to be the financial brains behind the plan. it prompted the interior minister to call a news conference to announce the extraordinary progress made by law enforcement in the fight against organized crime in the past two years. >> the number of members arrested is 6754, 28 of whom are on the list of dangerous criminals, and we are only missing two from that list. the net is tightening around them. >> these are the two missing from that list. one is the key figure in a
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naples organization. the minister revealed that police surveillance teams are using fake finbacks to plant hidden cameras and microphones to record -- recordbinbags to plant hidden cameras and microphones to record. >> the italian government has made the fight against the various forms of the mafia of priority. no one is saying organized crime has been defeated, but it is under pressure. >> stay with us if you can. still to come, we have a special report from the russian forces fighting fears daily battles.
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>> this is him, about to feel one of his favorite sensations. we are developing more efficient fuel that can help us get the most from our energy resources. let's use energy more efficiently. let's go. >> making pennies from pilgrims. how one man is trying to make his business the ultimate destination.
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>> whether it is fuel efficiency or speed, the jet engine change the world. >> i imagine the first was a piece of paper, and the airplane came to be. >> if revolutionize the entire transportation of gains and people forever. -- goods and people forever. >> the latest headlines for you.
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the key u.s. and imf are pressing devlin to a except financial health. -- that you and the imf are pressing devlin to -- the eu and imf are pressing dublin to accept financial help. president obama is about to travel to portugal for frieder's nato summit. it is expected he will send out a plan to withdraw coalition troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. they are trying to head off suggestions that if nato steps away the taliban will return. >> the fighting has gone on longer than vietnam and the second world war. america will make it clear this is not war without end. there is a clear deadline to hand over to afghan forces by
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2014. the foreign secretary has been talking about the role, but i asked about the day. is 2014 all hard deadline that cannot slip? >> they are in control of areas now, and we are in the midst of doing a review as to how this would be sequenced, but certainly the goal that will be endorsed at lisbon is a transition that will conclude in 2014. >> this is quite a long time. that is the length of the entire first world war in which great conflict so plays. >> these are canadians teaching
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locals to fight. nato will call on others to start in training. more of an answering headache, the relationship with homage to karzai has just -- with karzai. he deployed night raids. >> what you saw there was the leader of a country whose people have been at war for the last 30 years. it is frustrated by that reality, and that is perfectly understandable. >> when president obama announced american troops would start to leave next time, that gave comfort to the enemy. while the state has not changed,
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the emphasis has. the next battle may be convincing the military is right to stop fighting in 2014. >> a senior russian official has sent terrorists are trying to tear the whole of the north caucasus away from russia. chechnya has become the epicenter of the violence. our moscow correspondent has this report from pakistan. >> it is the new front line on a rush of's war on terror. security forces are battling islamic militants. fighting could erupt at any moment. the troops call these special operations. the insurgents hit back with
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suicide bomb attacks and targeted killings. >> the aim of the extremists is to tear the caucuses away from russia. many of them have been to training camps. they have links to al qaeda. they want to turn the whole region into an islamic state, but they will defeat them. >> russia feels most at risk in the mountains. villages are viewed as a hotbed of islamic fundamentalism. it was a rebel from this village who is thought to have organized the suicide attacks on the metro. people here say they are being persecuted. his son was killed by security forces. he claims his son was tortured to death. >> what the authorities want us to do is turn our backs on fundamentalist islam.
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then they will leave us in peace, but we are not going yet. >> what is happening is happening across the north caucasus. radical islam is spreading from the mountains to the cities. the result is a religious war against russia. in the largest mosque, imams preach tolerance. the message has not brought peace, because it is not only religion feeding the conflict. he talks about what he thinks is behind the conflict. he asked for his identity to be concealed. >> the authorities do not leave any choice but to fight. there is corruption everywhere. there is no independent court. confrontation is the only way to
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protect people's rights. russia has its own problems it needs to solve if there is to be peace in the caucasus. >> astronomers are saying they have detected the first planet from outside our galaxy. they think there is hard evidence plants may be widespread not as in our galaxy but throughout the universe. they are saying the planet is from a dwarf galaxies absorbed by the milky way billions of years ago. susan boyle is celebrating a remarkable achievement. her latest album has also reached the top spot in the u.s. she is only the third act in history to achieve that within a
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year. that happened in 1967 and in 1969. >> it has been an extraordinary year. 10 million albums sold, and within 12 months, a second number one album on both sides of the atlantic. >> last 18 months have been like a whirlwind. it is fantastic. >> her home is still the same little house she lived in when she auditioned for britain's got talent, but everything else has changed. >> it is pretty amazing.
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>> and while the sales are not quite as fast as they were, this has confounding those who thought susan boyle was going to be on music wonder. >> they thought it was a one hid wonder with a huge amount of hype, but actually if you get another number one on both sides of the atlantic, it is truly amazing. good >> the only other artists to do this is the beatles, but a singer with a long term career, one of the original judges feel there is more to her than just a heartwarming story. >> we are talking about a number one selling artist. susan is a genuinely brilliant
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singer. >> music is a fickle business, but for those around her, nothing can take away what she has already achieved. >> she has been an inspiration to a lot of people. >> i think a lot of people knew she was talented, but never thought it was going to become this day. >> no one could have predicted this, please of all, susan boyle. -- least of all, susan boyle. >> the governor of ireland's central bank says he does expect the irish government to accept a substantial loan worth tens of billions of dollars to support its bank. the eu is pressing them to accept the help because of fears it will damage other rocky economies. thanks very much for being with
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