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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  January 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. good morning cleveland, staying on top of breaking news right now. a deadly night. a bar fight turns deadly at an akron bar. across up to, a man is shot dead in another akron town. >> and a woman shot dead in oroville. newschannel 5 is the only station at all three scenes overnight. >> corrina pysa is making calls trying to figure out what happened in oroville. >> and nick foley in akron where police made an arrest. we're going to start with you, nick. >> thank you, guys. a deadly night here in akron. the police are left investigating two murders, both
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we begin with the zodiac club where police tell us it was bike night at the bar. another source tells us that members of the hell's angel's bike club were at the bar as well. investigators said after reviewing video from inside the bar, they determined a fight broke out and a man was beaten to death. we learned a man in his 60s has turned himself in to police. the other incident taking price at the lounge on vernon odom where a man was shot and killed inside the bar and also on what was being called bike night. the police reviewing surveillance video of the scene as well. the source tells us a man entered with a shotgun, walked several times. once fired at the head and striking the man in the torso out. no word on any arrests yet. you might remember a man was actually struck leaving the heidi ho lounge in september, struck and injured. the police are investigating both and reviewing the videos investigations continues. back to you.
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and to breaking news from here at the live desk. another reported deadly shooting. this one in the normally quiet city of oroville, 20 miles southwest of akron. a woman was found shot in a car on paradice street last night. last night. they towed it away around midnight. we're making calls and working to get more information from police and we'll keep you updated. and now a check on the >> 4:32. we're awaiting changes in the weather world. the morning temperatures have dropped to the upper 20s, but are currently on the rise as the warm front sits south of home. the rainfall is a long ways away and notice some pink here. we're watching a potential of rain and freezing rain in your morning forecast. and turn to an all-rain chance for the afternoon and temperatures are warming. we have to keep them above the
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it's going to be awhile. and we have no current issues on your power of 5 doppler network, but i'm watching it for you. 29, cleveland; 29, wooster and cold at 29 degrees and a mild 44 with rain chances likely. we'll talk about timing again for rainfall. for now, we need to check back in with corrina with the morning commute. >> and there is not a lot going on. if you're heading around the greater cleveland area this morning, 71 a smooth ride and farther south, things are looking good as well and a smooth ride? everyone and 76 and check out the drive times, looking good and 90 eastbound, to the inner belt and speed moving along and this is a live look outside. 77 at harvard avenue and no problems on the roads at this early hour. but we do have a traffic alert if you're driving on cleveland's east side.
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large water main break at east 55th and central. cleveland water crews have been working on this all night long and that it's a routine repair. the intersection will stay closed through the morning commute. the break is six minutes down the road from that massive water main break on chester and east 40th. no word on when chester avenue will reopen. jackie. and now information this morning on threats against cuyahoga county prosecutor tim mcginty. these fliers have been circulating around his neighborhood offering a $500,000 reward for, quote, proof of kill. they seem to be tied to the rice case. the first district's police commander is calling this a bounty on the prosecutor's head suspect. the left. they're working on search warrants and moving forward with them and they know who put the flier together.
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>> the commander said there will be a patrol car parked outside of mcginty's house that will pay extra attention to the neighborhood until they know that threat is gone. would you be able to tell the difference if you came face- to-face with a real gun versus a fake one? >> state lawmakers hope you never have to. a bill in ohio house would ban fake guns but it's been stalled in committee since march. representative bill palman started drafting the bill days after tamir rice was shot. he's getting opposition from gun lobbyists and hopes the bill will get a hearing in february. >> if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it should be a duck. you shouldn't have to wonder about it. the police officers shouldn't have to wonder. >> as for gun laws in other cities and states, new york, chicago, and d.c. have completely banned air soft guns. in california, toy guns must be brightly colored. a pennsylvania man pleads
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runaway girls from the akron- canton area. 42 know-year-old robert meadowbrook agreed to a 12-year prison sentence. the federal judge has to approve it. the girls were found in his car during a traffic stop last year and 8,000 bags of heroin. a special prosecutor is taking over a case over a former pepper pike police officer. jeffrey martin is accused of rape and menacing by stalking. the cuyahoga prosecutor's office said a file he received led to a conflict here. the attorney general agreed to take over the case. the police are on the lookout for thieves who stole a baby jesus from a nativity scene. they targeted the church earlier this week. the church said the statue is worth between $801,000. right now, the police have no suspects -- 800 and $1,000. the police have no suspects. the horseshoe casino saw the biggest increase and had
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they pulled in -- 2015. they pulled in $222,000 that had the highest percentage of payouts to guests. >> a first-of-its-kind rock wall climbing facility is about to open in akron called rock mill climbing. we will show you a picture from their facebook page. it looks exciting there. it has a massive rock wall that is nearly two stories high, folks. the gym is going to feature a yoga studio to get your nama stay on and weight -- namaste on and a weight room to get the biceps huge. the owners have to be open by the end of the month. if you're looking for something to do today, maybe this weekend, the ohio rv supershow back at the ix center and this is the show's 40th anniversary. they're rolling strong here and they will have more than 600rvs. it runs from 91 to 9 -- from noon to nine tonight and opens from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on sunday. and they are so much fun. >> and they're fun because they have cooking demonstrations, too.
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>> and they let you taste the food. >> worth it. >> and we're happy you're here with us, folks. we made it to friday on the first week of the year. >> yeah. >> and i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. president obama takes on gun laws and slams the conspiracy theory spreading online. >> and plus, how to burn more fat. it's different for men and women and comes do up to when you eat. first, let's get a check of that neighborhood forecast with somara. >> let's do that. a lot of neighborhoods this morning will be feeling a chance of rain moving in and we might get a chance of freezing rain and we could see afternoon rain moving in around lunchtime and get ready for temperatures in the 40s and stick around,
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. good morning, it's 4:40 and one week since the new year started. if you're changing the diet on chocolate, sort of. researchers in england found it could help cure your code. forms a coating in your throat protecting the nerve endings triggering your urge to cough. unfortunately, though, listen closely. simply eating this, chocolate, doesn't have the same affect. >> i will test it out. >> if you're looking to burn more fat when you work out, it depends on when you eat. it's different for the ladies and fellas. so, men who worked out before fat. women on the other hand, burned 22% more fat if they exercise after eating a meal.
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muscle and carbohydrates and their preferred fuel. women's bodies are programmed to burn fat to conserve carbs. and consumer alert to pass along this morning. new car owners in akron might be driving their new rides. vehicles don't technically belong to them yet. the attorney general's office received there will complaints from customers and buyers claiming the dealership didn't complete the title process before going out of business and leaving them with no proof of ownership and there is no words about the ownership. and they bought the building and started moving in just yesterday. coming up next, relentless rain causes massive flooding in california and closing parts of yosemite. the storm is starting there. >> and queen bee coming back to the halftime show. you ready?
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. breaking overnight from the live desk, a philadelphia police officer in surgery right now after being ambushed while sitting in his marked cruiser. the police commissioner calling it unprovoked and one of the scariest things he's ever seen. the officer shot three times in the arm at point blank range and returning fire. both were taken to area hospitals and there is no word on the suspect's condition and the officer is expected to survive. and days after taking executive action, president obama took his gun laws on the road holding a town hall meeting in virginia. the president fought claims he's trying to take away people's second amendment rights and that he never owned a firearm and has little experience with them but his stance helps gunmakers. >> and i have been president for over seven years and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time. >> if anything, you have helped
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>> they have gone up. i have been very good for gun manufacturers. >> and -- they were in the audience, too, including gabby gifford. you see her hair on her husband. today marks the fifth anniversary of the shooting that injured her and killed six others. laughner is currently serving a sentence for that. and the entrance is blocked by a large rock slide the area was hit by a large fire in 2049, and the affects with two days and heavy snow caused the rock slide and there is no timeframe yet. a sinkhole in miami swallowed a truck and flooded a neighborhood. it was turning on to an already flooded street when the sinkhole opened up and the truck fell in. the tow truck pulled wit to
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and that water gushed into the streets for three hours. one local auto shop owner estimates the damage to be about $50,000. tera, over to you. and good morning to you. it's another cold morning in northeast ohio. the temperatures have warmed up big. can you believe it? we're seeing 3s. and 30s on there 34 downtown; 30, euclid; 33, bedford and 31, parma. i want to show you what else we're fighting as far as morning readings go and that is a critical point this morning when the rain arrives and where they will be sitting. and many of us expected to feel temperatures near the freezing mark. and we're having a problem with graphics. can you advance me? thank you so much. 26 in menner; 34, madison and 29 in burton; 21, chagrin falls and if you're below freezing,
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potential of freezing rain. and you may notice your sinuses are dry, very dry air in place. and when we start to see the rain on the radar, it's not going to make its way to the surface and allows the morning temperatures to warm up. and notice here on the models, we start to see the green erupt about 10:00 and we'll see rain chances throughout the afternoon and clear out into the evening. d is, a scattered chance of rain and then rain transitioning to snowfall into that sunday timeframe. and snowfall is going to tick around, too and that is because the arctic air is moving in and settling and means measurable amounts. we'll look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast in minutes. for now, let's check in with corrina and morning traffic. and it's off to a great start now at 4:48 and that is green we like to see.
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looking a-okay and if you're heading around the akron area for your commute this morning, things are looking good. a smooth ride, 77 and 76 and drive time is going to take you 8 minutes 77 northbound to rock second degree and downtown and cracker to the inner belt and check out the lee look outside from ur odot cam and this is i- 90 at kennel worth and no accidents, issues, or incidents to report. and trend online this morning, folks, guess who is back. the tanners. >> netflix releasing the first photographs from fuller house and you recognize them there? danny, uncle joey, uncle jessie and rebecca sitting on the couch there and some newer, younger cast members as well. dj has three children and the family is helping to raise them.
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we find out when the full episodes come out on netflix february 28th. tanner. >> yeah. >> and meal make phone calls maybe. >> and mary kate and ashley were too good for it, i guess. and another favorite show is back. >> lip sync battle is back. wife. she started her career as a jackson. >> last night, the hubby was pulling in the celebrities. bees run the world. amazing. i haven't seen that yet. >> the game is strong. >> oh, my god. that is so good. abaddon to the queen. he shocked everyone by getting queen bee to crash the party.
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wild and even his wig is on point. >> and he stayed on. >> you know, they use that strong flu. >> okay. and in a month, beyonce is going to rock the stage, too, and share the stage with cold play. she was added to the super bowl lipup and she's on their al-- lineup and she's on their album and headlined the act in 2013, knocked out the power or two after the show. the show will feature multiple artists but refuse to confirm any other rumored names. of course, bruno marss name keeps coming up. >> and maybe yet will be people performing in the past. >> i think so. >> and including katy perry? >> and missy elliott and everybody. as we go to break, let's look at how wall street opens today.
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. good morning to you. politics. no matter who becomes the republican nominee, cleveland's businesses will be the winner here because they're going to be benefiting when the nomination and the convention comes here in july. >> for sure and we're more than six months away, though, but the money is starting to trickle in. fast signs at east 21st and st. clair is probably one of the first businesses to get work from the rnc. they created banners. the company purchased a massive printer, too, to handle all of the orders. >> this is a championship. it play not be a sports championship, but it's a money championship. >> fast signs is one of the
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preferred vendor list and they will be open 24/7 when the, nc is in town in -- when the rnc is in town in july. and somara where are you now? >> we're heading to millersburg. the current temperature is 28 degrees. a cold start out there and we're seeing dry conditions for now and that is going to change very soon. and we have some rain moving in. keep your eye on the time stamp there and just around lunchtime, we start to see the first showers approach millersberg and throughout the afternoon, that is going to stick with us. and we're going to so highs there at 45 degrees and again, very cloudy and rainy and at least it's not freezing and that is a look at the neighborhood forecast. over to you. and this morning, united airlines facing a 2. $5million fine. the review found it failed to give prompt service and in many instances, damaged or delayed
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other devices and that fine includes 6 instances of strapping a plane on the tarmac. and frequenter froms rejoice, there will be direct routes from cleveland hopkins. frontier airlines with 22 new routes and five include portland. >> and that is all good news there. and heading into the nfl play-offs and that means the puppy bowl is around the corner and animal planet releasing this video of their first practice and are you looking at this on your screen now? if you're wondering why did does it look this way? blurry at the edges and that is because it's a virtual reality video. you can see the whole 360 view using the virtual reality goggles. and that is not the only thing the cardboard goggles can do. they're credited with saving a life. a baby born in michigan was not
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she has a small malformed heart and one lung and that is where google's invention came in and cost $20. when you fold it the right way, you can put your smart phone inside and see certain apps in 3d and the doctors realize they can use it to get a better look at her heart. >> and each one is too damaged. when i close it and i look through the lenses, then i get 3d. my head. and for a surgeon, that is everything. >> that is truly incredible. he was able to figure out where to may be his first incision in that very complicated surgery there and the four-month-old is good for her. >> awesome. and 4:57 is the time. a local plant laying off
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>> and the future of chapel hill and can the mall survive a major department store pulling out? ahead at 5 on good morning
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