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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, arctic blast. lake-effect snow and frigid temperatures could get in the way of your morning commute. gone but not forgotten. a canine killed in the line of duty is being remembered as a hero. brace yourselves for the coldest air of the season. threms tumble overnight into the teens and hundreds don't have hate and won't until tomorrow morning. and lake-effect snow showers could add another one to two inches. thanks for joining us. we have team coverage helping you prepare for tomorrow's commute. and we begin tonight with meteorologist jason nicholas. what is the power of 5 radar showing?
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snow across the region? that has moved out, winds have shifted, colder air has rushed in. now we're dealing with bands of lake-effect snow. you can see them very clearly on the power of 5. no snow in cleveland, but once you head off to the east, a few bands setting up out over lake erie. the heaviest snow is in northern sections of geauga county, even up into portions near chardon as well. a few lighter snow showers mentor over to east lake, south of downtown akron, mainly south and west of the airport, west of downtown medina between wellington and lorain through central lorain county. the cold air is spilling in. teens and 20s currently. in fact, i think many of us as we head out tomorrow morning will be greeted with temperatures in the lower teens, and that does not include the windchill. lake snow advisory in effect
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some areas there could see additional two to four. other than that we're tracking cold air. look at these air temperatures. currently it is 3 in chicago, and that air is headed our way. your morning commute, temperatures in the deep, lake- effect snow showers, most likely early tomorrow, then we will dry things out. but it will be cold, it will be slick, it will be slow as well. our very own kristin volk is live in storm tracker 5. kristin, you're on the shoreway. that is an interesting road because of how close it is to the lake. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right, jason, these roads are not in great condition. i want to show you what they look like. we're going to turn the camera around. we are heading west on the shoreway. it is snowy, icy. roads, parts of them are snow covered. not a lot of traffic. the traffic that is out is going quite slow.
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they are fully staffed tonight with 75 to 90 trucks out here treating these roadways. their concern is the freezing temperature and treating the roads for ice. that sort of situation requires regularly. that's what they're telling us. to make matters worse we've got wind out here, and odot talks to us about what that wind is doing to make their job a little more difficult. >> the wind is very tricky particularly after we're seeing accumulation. you have a lot of blowing and drifting. on top of that, cold temperatures, and falling into nighttime. so bridges, overpasses, ramps, those are really areas we want to focus on to prevent any ice from accumulating on the roadway. >> due to the rain earlier today, odot tells us their crews have had to use rock salt to treat the roads instead of brine.
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update on what's going on. these roads, some are snow covered. it is snowing out here. some of these roads and patches in area are icy. so take it slow out here. certainly we will have full coverage on "good morning cleveland" tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. tracy. >> kristin, thanks so much. be sure to wake up with good morning cleveland for the very latest weather and traffic. coverage does in fact begin at 4:30 tomorrow morning. don't forget about our new snowcast app. it shows just how much snow will fall in your area over the next 48 hours. download it now from apple's app store. new at 11, remembering a canine cop killed in the line of day. canton police dog was shot early yesterday morning. he passed away a day later. tonight a show of support for jethro, his partner, and the entire department. >> jethro was truly one of canton's finest. >> reporter: dozens of people
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clutching candles and praying. they gathered for canton canine officer jethro. >> jethro, with his officer, had come in quite a few times where i work, and he was a very unique dog. not too many dogs can turn it on and turn it off, and he was a sweetheart. it's a shame that this had to happen to him. >> reporter: early saturday morning officers were responding to an alarm at fisher foods on harrison avenue. officers were searching the area when shots were fired. jethro was shot in the face, the shoulder, and the neck area. he died this morning. >> i feel a kinship to this officer and the dog because of my husband being an officer as well. we're all one family when something like this happens. it touches all of our hearts. >> reporter: the raw emotion of the heart break is clear. >> in our hearts he holds the very same status as any other police officer does.
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every day, and we feel that they need to understand that the public as a whole do still support them. >> reporter: a show of support tonight for a canine who gave his life in the line of duty, protecting and serving. >> he took the bullets for those officers. we could be here mourning the loss of an officer instead. >> reporter: and a thank you from those who worked alongside jett radio. >> your love, support, condolences and kindness goes a long way, and we definitely do appreciate it. >> reporter: the death of a police animal here in ohio is a felony. police expect to charge the man who shot jethro when he is released from the hospital. take a look at this video. a viewer sent it to us. you can see acknowledge on fire and moments later what looks like an explosion. it happened in lakewood. witnesses say the fire started after a power line fell on the garage. first energy tells us they are investigating. michael simon plans to
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after it caught fire earlier today. the cleveland native posted about the future on facebook. the restaurant on literary avenue in tremont suffered extensive damage, but according to simon, it is salvageable. the cleveland fire department says the fire started above one of the stoves and spread to the second floor. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. residents we spoke with hope the restaurant reopens soon. >> i'm disappoint today. i'm going to be even more disappointed in the future if it stays closed. >> simon said plans to reopen the restaurant as soon as he can. he also thanked the cleveland fire department for their quick response. a local community is coming together to support three young children whose mother was murdered. a fund-raiser for emily young is tomorrow at a salon. she was shot to dint front of
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her estranged husband confessed to the crime. he is locked up tonight on a million dollars bond. this man is due in court tomorrow in connection with a deadly bar shooting. willy steven hicks is accused of killing a man at the heidi ho lounge in akron. it has been two years now since a cleveland clinic worker work. tonight an arrest has still not been made, but kristin volk says that his family refuses to stop fighting for justice. >> it hurts. >> reporter: january 11th, 20 14, a page from work. he had to go in. so he walked here to lakeshore boulevard and grovewood to wait for the bus. it was just before 5:00 a.m. >> grief is something you never get over, but you just get through it.
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through this. >> reporter: but steven never made it to work. it was at this east side intersection where someone shot him dead, in the cold, in the dark. that phone call still haunts his wife. >> we lost everything that day. everything we knew as a whole was gone. >> reporter: but they never lost their faith, or their drive for closure in this case. >> here we are, two years later, with no answer at all. >> reporter: two years later they continue to turn their anger, their frustration into moments like this. a foot stomping heart pounding passion-filled remembrance service for a man what they say touched so many lives. >> he would have loved this energy that's in the building. he would have loved the fact that all these people care about him. >> reporter: that energy
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place where he played the drums. >> who is on your shirt? >> daddy. >> reporter: daddy is dealer missed by these two, his children now five and seven. but the family tells me steven's legacy lives on here as they painfully adjust to a new normal. >> we've got grace and mercy that he's given us. >> cleveland police tell us they have no updates, and there has not been an air in this case. there is a reward, however, up of to $20,000 for information leading to an arrest. coming up, from hollywood to handcuffs. how a famous actor helped put the world's most infamous drug kingpin back behind bars and what's next in this case. and the award goes to -- the big winners in tonight's golden globes, plus the acceptance speech that brought the audience to their feet. and how would you like a few extra hundred beings your
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we will show you a safe way to cash in on unclaimed funds. but first tonight's winning lottery numbers.
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an arctic blast is triggering lake-effect snow and frigid temperatures. meteorologist jason nicholas is tracking the temperatures. the morning commute could be a slow go because of all the blowing and drifting snow.
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tracker 5 tonight. kristin, how are those roads? >> reporter: well, tracy, some areas are manageable, some areas are quite slick, and when it is dark like this right now, it is hard to see and avoid these slick, snow-covered patches. we are traveling east on the shoreway. traffic is light. and it is going slow to account for these weather conditions. we've got a car coming up on our left right there. what we have seen out here tonight, though, are some odot trucks to make up for the light traffic. these odot trucks are treating the roads, battling the freezing temperatures which means that there are icy roads out here. there are going to be icy roads overnight into the morning. to make matters worse we've got wind which causes blowing and drifting. so the main concern out here into tonight and into tomorrow morning, the bridges, the overpasses, the ramps.
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please take it slow into the morning and keep a good distance between you and the car ahead of you. tracy. >> okay, kristin, thanks so much. a dollar for a gallon of gas? well, maybe. according to a new report, tumbling oil prices and good capacity at refineries could push the price of gas down to a dollar a gallon. the last time that happened was back in 1999. right now the national average is $1.96. ohio drivers are paying about $1.1 4 a gallon. you won't to have worry about gas prices if you hit the powerball jackpot. the prize has skyrocketed to $1.3 billion for the next drawing after nobody had all the numbers last night. the number is so high it's overwhelming even for lottery billboards like this one along 480 and the valley view bridge. the sign doesn't have enough room for a billion dollars. you can watch the powerball drawing live wednesday night
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most of us spent the holiday season spending our money. but how about starting 2016 by finding some money that is rightfully yours? consumer reporter john matarese shows us how to find unclaimed funds so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: lori is looking for missing money. >> this is 76. >> reporter: she's checking for unclaimed funds in her name and finding some. >> this the last one that i requested. >> i found my husband's name and my best friend's name. >> reporter: but when she tries to get them, that's when the >> it's very simple, how to fill out the paperwork and submit it. and the problem is that we've never gotten anything back. >> reporter: finding your name on the list is relatively easy. the problem is how to actually account. >> they want a copy of the that's concerning. that?
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>> reporter: unfortunately, claiming the missing funds requires more than many of us are willing to gi. start at the web. >> i you find anything there, expect to be asked for proof that you live or lived at the address listed, and your social security number, which is to prevent someone else from claiming your money. as long as it is the state making the request, you are safe. lori is going to do that because she doesn't want to share her social with strangers over just a few bucks. bottom line, make sure you're dealing with the state that is holding the dollars. if it's a private company, don't waste your money. this weekend, rolling stone magazine published an article written by penn featuring an interview with "el chapo." the two met three months before the drug kingpin was rearrested friday and after six months on the run.
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and mexican authorities may send him here to the u.s. to face numerous drug charges. well, tonight everyone is talking about the golden globes. it is the first leg of the annual hollywood awards season leading up to the academy awards. comedian ricky gervais hosted the ceremony after a three-year absence. the first award went to kate winslet for best supporting actress in the feature film for her work in steve jobs. moments later it was matt damon's turn. but the winner everyone agreed on, sylvester stallone who was honored for his work in "creed." >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> with the globes over, the race to oscar sunday is now officially underway. the 8 academy awards will air sunday, february 26th, right here on newschannel5. absent from this year's golden globes nominees, star
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the film is still dominating the box office. four weeks later "the force awakens" held the top spot this weekend banking another $41 million. it just became the third best selling movie of all time. >> still haven't seen it. >> i haven't seen it, either. >> we're the only two people. >> yeah, right. here it is winter, bam, just like that. >> it is fast. >> early january. it is cold, windy. windshields, we're talking lake-effect showers. let's get to it. 22 degrees downtown. you saw kristin volk out there. lake-effect snow is tricky. not everyone gets hit with the snow but everyone is getting hit with the cold. teens and 20s. that's just the air temperature. when you factor in the wind we're talking about readings in the single dilg its, even potentially as we head through the next 24 hours below 0. a snow. the sin knop particular snow, which means everybody gets some
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notice the band here this one out over lake erie, then moving on shore, east of downtown here, heading off into northern sections of geauga county. a closer look at what's going on here with the band all the way out towards ham den, munster, even chardon. notice things get a little bit more broken up as you head farther south. inland, canton, canal fulton. this area not a lake-effect snow area. so for folks here not a real big deal come tomorrow morning. it will just be cold. same deal for medina, lodi, as you head off to the west, wellington, a little band here, lorain, strongville, also snow over the lake. so light snow through the overnight at times in our snow belt we could see it a little heavier. and worst of all, some areas could get a few inches. that's why we have the lake- effect snow advisory until noon tomorrow for lake geauga and ashtabula counties. everyone is going to see the cold.
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tomorrow. newsnet5 and good morning those. much colder air moving in from the north and west. look at these readings. chicago, green barks minneapolis, st. paul. minneapolis is at five below. unbelievable. morning commute, a few scattered snow showers easter. once we move through the things out. but look at these temperatures. only in the lower teens. here are your bands of lake- effect snow tomorrow morning. notice wooster, akron, elyria, cleveland not seeing much snow at all. the snow is mostly north and east. so that is good news. still there 8:00 tomorrow morning, then we push it out. we get sunshine. by 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow we are dry. but look at this. this is tomorrow evening. we've got more snow late tomorrow into tuesday. so a definite pattern change here bringing inmore more --
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look at this area. geneva, chardon, ashtabula, possibly two to four inches. but the big story will be the windchills, zero to four below. morning snow shower tomorrow, then for the most part we are just cold and windy. high temperatures tomorrow near 20. windchills could drop to near 0 even during the day. more snow showers monday into tuesday, and then tuesday into wednesday. so these clippers, these fronts come through with reinforcing shots of cold air. we do look at a little warming trend towards the end of the week but overall we are staying cold. we've got pictures, real quick. take a look. they're gray. how about margaret. yeah, a great shot. south green road. how about sheffield lake. not looking good, either. burton has a little snow as well.
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the cavs grabbing their seventh straight win in philadelphia, marking the first time cleveland gets a four-game season series sweep in philadelphia in 20 years. cavs up by three with time winding down in the first half. okafor to the hole. a team high 21 points. sixers outscoring the cavs in the second quarter. cavs up at the half but lebron james not letting the upset happen, stealing the show tonight. kevin love feeding the king. lebron with 37 points, tieing a season high enroute to the win. in the college ranks ohio state visiting indiana. tough day for the buckeyes the whole way through.
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fakes the pass, takes the shot from beyond the arc. williams one of four starters in double digits. second half, the ball is loose. cam williams feeds lyle for the jam. a game high of 29 points. but buckeyes lose this one 85- 60. the browns still looking for their next head coach today interviewing both cincinnati bengals coordinator steve jackson and carolina panthers defensive coordinator sean mcdermott. jackson was previously a head coach with the raiders. as for mcdermott this year he has led a solid defense, the panthers heading into the postseason 15-1 on the year. the panthers are sixth in the league in total defense. they have forced a league best 39 turnovers. mcdermott played at william & mary where he went from a walk-
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plenty of teams still at it in the nfl playoffs. wild card weekend. minnesota hosting sea zane an nfc wild card game. skip to the fourth quarter. vikings up 9-0. russell wilson somehow keeps this play alive. 1st down and more. impressive. seahawks down inside the 5. two plays later, wilson hooks up with doug baldwin for the score. they would add a field goal later on. seahawks go up 10-9. 1:30 left in the game. vikings with the ball. teddy bridgewater finds kyle rudolph. out of bounds, inside the 20. fast forward, 26 seconds left. minnesota with the chance to win it with the field goal. blair walsh wide left, no good. that is it. seattle survives 10-9. second game of the day,
11:28 pm
green bay packers. kirk cousins finds his target. fast forward to the third quarter. redskins up 18-17. eddie lacy breaks through for the gain. all the way to the 4. very next play, james starks takes it the rest of the way. packers go up 24-18 and go on to win. we're back right after this. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. brintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. brintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. "for me, brintellix made a difference." tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens,
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newschannel5 is teaming up with hands on for the homeless. that will do it for us. thanks for watching. sports sunday is next.
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