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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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into chaos. >> parts of northeast ohio are under an advisory and it could slow down the evening rush. let's go to mark. evening rush is fine, and morning rush, that's the issue. that's why we have a winter weather advisory for everybody within the sound of my voice. through late tonight. your evening tonight is dry and it's cold and it's partly to mostly cloudy. we've got temperatures in the teens and here comes the next alberta clipper. there's low pressure centered here and again it's going to bring a round of snow generally 1-3 inches with an alberta clipper but there's a 30 miles per hour during the rush hour
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so all of that combined, it's a higher impact event. winter weather advisory for tomorrow morning. and in the meantime, your evening you're in the teens so bundle up. it's after midnight that the snow will arrive. developing now on 5, $5 million that's the bond a judge set for the man who shot a canton k-9 over the weekend. the death struck a nerve with the community and now a full police service is set to honor the canine. we're in canton. >> the suspect is facing multiple charges. >> with 3 counts of felonious assault on a police officer and assaulting a police dog. he was considered a fellow officer, serving on four legs instead of 2 and maybe of us are telling us his final act
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>> he was 3-years-old, weigh 100 pounds and he tracked criminals and sniffed dog, a police dog loved by his handler and many other cops. anything. >> around saturday, he was shot four times inside of a grocery burglary alarm. it was a shot to the nose that took his life. >> he's called with a hero. >> he could be credited with saving multiple officers lives. it changes the dynamic of the situation. >> outside the store gunfire was exchanged and he was shot hospital. >> he shot multiplies officers. >> they escaped unharmed but
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the loss of jet row. >> people like that are just thinking about himself and probably doesn't care. nothing i can say affects him. >> he faces 30 years in prison if convicted on all charges and the department plans to replaced the canine, but first a memorial service. >> he with want to honor him and honor his sacrifice. >> and that memorial service for him is scheduled for thursday, inside of the canton civic center and the doors will open at 11:00 a.m. and the services around noon. there will be a large turn out and a large procession. it shows how important he was to the canton police department and the community. thanks and now new
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accused murderer's girlfriend was indicted on 3 counts of obstructing justice. she lied about his whereabouts and he killed gas station owner during a robbery. police said sinclair showed up at his home with bullet wounds after the robbery and she helped remove the bullets. now new information on the state of the the future regarding marijuana. it could start in the statehouse and senate as soon as this week. those hearings came after a ballot initiative failed. state lawmakers want to great cracking so they can put another injuritive to voters. voters supported the effort but not the monopoly of what it could have created. >> we're just 3 weeks away from the first votes cast in the race for the white house. that's when voters in iowa hold
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>> it ends in just over 6 months here in cleveland but there's a chance this convention could be unlike anything seen in decades. john joins us live to explain. nominating conventions are the most scripted examples of political theater. >> on july 18th, 2500 delegates will fill the floor for the start of the republican national convention for the first time since 1976 the possibility exists that the candidates won't have the majority of their votes. that's because of a crowded field made up of the trump lane and cruz and the establishment lane. >> if you continue to have this kind of 3 way split and is it goes into primaries.
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of votes, you could have no candidate having the required market of delegates to be the presumed nominee. >> the convention could go beyond 4 days if that happens. and downtown hotel rooms, they won't be. >> we have groups coming in the next week. >> beyond that, the democratic national convention will begin the very next week and the party will do everything they can to keep it on time and on script. >> parties want a coalescing and unity and they want to bring the entire party together behind one candidate.
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it's not going to be. >> . >> and as he made clear when those first votes are cast, it will likely kickoff a long and tense presidential primary battle for both parties. newsroom with more. >> well, let me tell you about hillary clinton, her once commanding lead in iowa now appears to be all but gone. thanks to a late surge from her chief rival, it shows bernie sanders is statistically tied with clinton. and trailing only by 3%. a win for sanders followed by a win in new hampshire where they're neck in neck. this could put her nomination hopes in danger. on the republican side, donald trump held a rally in new
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over ted cruz, he went after the senator again questioning his citizenship. >> ted cruz has a problem because the question is he a natural born citizen? >> another story, it has trump at 31% and cruz at 29%, ohio governor is polling at 2%. but now all new, on the heels of his announcement of executive action on gun control, the president is making a symbolic gesture at the state of the union address. you're looking at last year's address where a seat was given to a teen shot by accident. this year's empty is for
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voice and need us to speak for t them. >> they'll have plenty of full seats, a syrian refugee and a female army ranger and opioid survivor. a music legend is lost, david bowie lost a secret battle with cancer over the weekend. he fought for 18 months and he was born david jones in south london influenced generations of musicians. and also crossed over to the silver screen as well. >> today we're mourning the loss of an immense talent. geniuses is overused but musically, david bowie was a genius.
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friday that he released his 25th and final album, it's called black star. >> it was a carefully planned finale to his plans. he's survived by his wife and two children. >> no doubt he left his mark right here in cleveland. he kicked off his first u.s. tour back in 1972, and a played at the agora. >> back then in the early 70s cleveland was a music hotbed. they said he was introduced to the world from here. >> david bowie broke out of cleveland and got big out of
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him and us too, so many people saw him evolve and breakout of cleveland. >> he played in northeast ohio many times, including in cleveland state, and he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 19996. >> he'll be missed, a search for an escaped prison goes hollywood. next we detail how sean penn talks about "el chapo." >> still ahead, who police have talked to and the next steps in their investigation over someone found dead in their apartment. >> an early detection test for
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group of american billionaires are thousands behind it. >> giving gear to the area
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developing overseas, isis said its responsible for the deadly attack at a baghdad shopping mall. after reports that 50 hostages were inside, iraqi forces surrounded the building and killed 2 and arrested 4 and declared the standoff over. and right now, an international murder mystery has investigators searching for answers. a woman was found dead inside her apartment from italy, and this has stunned people who knew her. >> so far, no arrests in this case.
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and events around her life at the time she died. >> in some recent posts on instagram, she suggests she had unwanted attention posting stacker. in addition to her boyfriend they've questioned her friends and they're going through her phone and computer. less than a week after claiming it tested a hydrogen bomb, north korea is making another serious claim, they say they have an american spy in custody. now the accused spy is kim chew and he said he used to live in virginia. speaking from him he confessed to spying on behalf of
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korea and said he was arrested in october and charged with espionage. >> the most wanted drug lord could be on his way to the u.s. "el chapo" it back in jail after months on the run and a actor may be the key in how he was tracked down. >> the mexican attorney general's office, said the process to extradite him as begun. he's in the same prison he escaped from. >> guzman's secret meeting to sean penn led to his recapture. >> the kingpin was try to land a movie about his life and shopping it to producers and
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were tracking penn during his visit. >> anyone who's an artist interested in understanding human nature and behavior and anything would want to talk to him. >> i don't want to throw any actors under the bus but i know many who have been having meetings like this forever. >> but many wonder whether penn violated any laws. >> concealing a fudgetive, he would need to have given him something, like money or something to. >> pretty strange. >> interesting. >> that wind over the weekend. >> it gets better tonight and
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rides in, but we're going to have 30 miles per hour winds in time for the morning rush and that's like strike 3 you're out. >> what's going on outside, we've got cleveland and it looks cold out there and snow on the rooftops and cloudy skies and we did see breaks in the over cast and few peaks of sunshine but clouds are thickening up as we move through the evening hours. the chill is on and let's show you the winter weather advisory for the entire state, that's from 3:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow. this is for later on tonight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning and a lake snow advisory, that's for tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and through at least wednesday morning for squalls
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this is the clipper here and coming our way. it's near green way and gathering steam and strengthen. you'll see the snow shield growing in side and intensity. fast mover and the leading edge of the snow will arrive probably between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. quiet for now so if you're worried about this evening, you're fine. here's the squall up near buffalo, and current temperatures, the coldest through the evening hours and temperatures will rise. 15 cleveland and watch the temperatures going up, there's the snow arriving and that's before midnight and then it gets going. timing is everything, 1-3
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but if it falls in to the morning it could be gridlock. 28 in akron and things improve during the afternoon. but tomorrow, we've got snowfall and we've got wind gusts and we've got problems for commuters. akron and canton, 17 at 6:00 p.m. and watch this clip, the snow is accumulating behind it and the winds shift around, so windy with 1-3 inch of snowstorm and then snowbelt snows through wednesday morning, a double whammy system. and we'll go with 1- 2 inches after midnight and rising temperatures becoming windy by the morning and tomorrow another 1- 12 inches in the
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the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us who love winter, these words mean so much more. they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins
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time to meet our teacher of the week. >> it's something we do every monday. honor our teacher of the week and this week our winner teaches seniors at norwalk high school. >> in this teacher of the week, we traveled to norwalk high school in norwalk. that's where 12th grade teacher will kish got our honor. >> you're the teacher of the week. >> it's tremendous, i don't know who started this to have me recognized and i thank them.
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>> kish received an omaha steaks gift card. congratulations, our news channel 5 teacher of the week. all right congrats and if you would like to nominate a teacher, head to our website. >> next, an update, it's about an officer behaving badly. and now we've discovered this isn't the first time the officer has been at the center of controversy. >> after toxic algae blooms, new steps to clean up the
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live on 5 continues brought to you by national carpet mill. >> bond is set for $5 million
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he was shot four times while responding to a burglary alarm at a grocery store. he took the gunfight outside to the store exchanged fire with officers until he was hit and surrendered. >> we have 6 months to go until the rnc comes to cleveland. it will be a tightly scripted piece of political theater but there's talk that that are so many candidates there may not be a clear winner. so the convention could go longer than 4 days. remembering david bowie, he died over the weekend after losing an 18 month battle with cancer which he fought secretly. he released his final album
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>> information on an exclusive story about an officer's comments about tamir rice. we've found. >> before he went to work, he was a highland hills police officer. he left the department to avoid here's a closer look, in 2012 he engaged in a police chase that should not have happened. and he ignored orders to stop. he resigned before he got fired. he was then hired to patrol the district's schools and they launched an investigation after we asked about his facebook posts. he also posted about rice's mother saying she just wants money and raise your kids not to play with fake guns stupid.
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leave and cleveland schools has called his comments insensitive. >> all right, thanks. >> let's check in with the chief, mark, it's chilly. >> we're quiet and still in the teens. but that's not going to last very long. first of all, let's show you the approaching alberta clipper, coming in tonight and it could impact, and slow down your commute tomorrow, fast moving system but with winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. and that's during the height of the rush. we have a winter weather advisory out for the entire state. and then behind the alberta clipper for tomorrow through wednesday a lake snow advisory for lake effect snow and current temperatures here,
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watch, they'll go up and the first flakes could fall at 10:00 p.m. and then it gets going tomorrow morning. your evening looks good with the exception of a few flakes. temperatures rise to 20 degrees. more on the snow, totals through tonight and tomorrow coming up. we've been telling you about the 25th homeless stand down. >> we're hosting a phone bank to raise money for our homeless population. leon bibb is at the phone. give us the story. >> you want to save lives? you can because hands on northeast ohio is saving lives. this is a phone bank in the
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raising money to give relief to the many homeless and it's called the homeless stand down and it's in their 25th year. they'll get food and haircuts and access to social service provides and get clothing and legal counseling. >> make a phone call to your number on the screen. or text hsd2016 to 41444. let's talk to the executive director now. this is important stuff isn't it? >> it is, there's a complexity of things that cause homelessness and people are coming in need of these vital basic need items and we need people's support so we can deliver hats and gloves and scarves. >> and in 5 seconds, this is the difference from life and death.
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a big difference for these people. >> thanks, he's executive ohio. i'm going to make a donation personally through this phone bank as well. won't you join me? the number is on the screen. there's the number on the screen, it's a cold winter to survive. we can help them, a phone call can save a life. make the call, please. save some lives and help those in desperate need. i'm going to make a donation with a credit card right now, won't you do the same? >> phone call save a life. >> consumers alert, the era of unlimited data coming to a close. what to know if you're one of the lucky few who have a converted plan for your
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and a warning for people who use dating apps like tinder, the rise in crime. here's a look at your
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all right, it's all about snow days. i'm being bombarded about snowstorm and wednesday and here's my thoughts. with a clipper coming in that's 1--3 inches and we could have several delays to wait for the roads to become better and in better shape. it doesn't look like the amount
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and by the way, if you're enjoying the snow you'll bet more. they finally get afternoon sled riding in, you'll be doing more this week and next, more on that coming up. well you still have time to call and donate to hands on ohio for their homeless stand down. our phone lines are open for another 50 minutes. and just so you know, you can text as well. >> make your donation, $25 will provide a pair of boots to someone who needs it, the phone lines running until 6:30 p.m.,
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a consumer alert. if anyone in your family has unlimited data still, those days may be numbered. a big rate hike affecting
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have commented on that reporter. >> company called grail, it's work to go develop a blood test that can detect many kinds of cancer. earlier than doctors are able to. grail hopes to have the test ready by 2019. they'll scan a person's bloodstream. >> some inmates can be released from prison early. it let's prison directors make the call for inmates serving time on nonviolent crimes. they'll be moved to house arrest. the change comes amid reports that female prison intake is increasing at double the rate of men.
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to cut the amount of phosphorous they're putting into the r river. they're trying to improve water quality. all right, we got our first blast of winter weather over the weekend. and no we weren't alone. it's a car. yes, that's a car. it's parked on the bank of lake erie and it's encased in ice. the freezing spray and our lake left the car frozen in its parking spot, on one side several inches of ice built up overnight. i don't know if the scraper is going to help you.
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>> hello aaa. of them. >> quiet weather now. we're going to see temperatures warm up this evening and overnight. and then there's the flip side. we get snow and wind and it's an alberta clipper, first of the season. here's a live look, cloudy for the most part and breaks in to the overcast. we're not expecting snow until 10:00 p.m. or midnight or even after. here's your radar. dry weather, notice there's a streamer of lake effect snow but it's pointed up towards buffalo and that frozen car. clouds in and out but clouds will be more in as we head through the evening hours and indeed we can see the first leading edge of an alberta clipper and that moves into
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give it a good 3-4 hours and this should be along i-77. our winter weather advisory for the entire state of ohio for that alberta clipper snow primarily for the morning commute tomorrow. and then we're going to have wind gusts over 25 miles per hour and that's going to blow it around and thousands of you out on the roadways at that time, so it could mean gridlock for many and then the lake snow advisory kicks in tomorrow afternoon through wednesday morning at least, and this is behind the clipper. so again, here's the alberta clipper taking shape here, it looks disorganized but you see the snow increasing and that trend will continue, there's the low and it's going to slide quickly to the east and drag a
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not a major winter storm in the fact we'll only see 1-3 inches, not a severe thunderstorm warning. we're fighting with my computer. we're going to see wind gusts 20-30 miles per hour. and that's during the morning commute and it is during the morning rush. that is a winter weather advisory, 29 tonight and snow returns, we'll go with 1- 2 inches by dawn and windy and rising temperatures. we'll go to 29 by the time the sun comes up. behind the alberta clipper temperatures fall during the afternoon and another inch or two of snow and cold and windy. very chilly tomorrow. akron, 27 and tomorrow, windy scattered show during the morning a high of 28 and here's
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light snow 32 and warmer with a rain/snow mix saturday and cold by sunday. coming. >> a fundraiser to help the children of emily young, she was shot and killed allegedly by her estranged husband. >> promising the return of one of his beloved restaurants damaged in a fire. and first, why not hitting all of the powerball numbers may not be bad. what you can win with some of the winning numbers. is depression more than sadness? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. brintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. brintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple
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"for me, brintellix made a difference." tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. brintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your doctor about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur, especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could
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keep your head up, you may be lamenting, we're lamenting, the fact you didn't win the powerball drawing. but fear not, there's still a chance.
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ballooned to $1.4 billion. we have a look at some million dollar winners which is now chump change. >> you're winning numbers, the grand prize, climbing to $1.4 billion, after no one matched all 6 numbers. >> but there were some million dollar winners. someone in massachusetts, and in virginia, and others still thinking about how they'd spend the big winnings. >> pay off bills and live comfortably. >> pass it around, you can't spend it all. >> winning a stash of mega lottery cash can be squandered with stunning speed. 70% lose it within a few years.
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still 1 in 292,000,000, so yes you're more likely to get struck by lightning. >> the reality is, people do get hit by lightening, i did, and so it's possible to be that 1 in 200,000,000 that wins. >> with a jackpot like this the issue facing venues is that they weren't meant to be display a prize that big. that's it for live on 5:00. what's going on at 6:00? >> lots going on, all new, another scam targeting the elderly. two suspects posing a utility worker. a local sheriff accused of wrongdoing, and prescription
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>> and our phone bank is still going on for the homeless is still going on. and we need your help. >> call or text the number seen on your screen, we're back in 2
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