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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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new at 6, gas up the snow blowers. several areas getting slammed with lake affect snow. where the snow squall line is right now and how many inches you could get. >> and a child out sledding is hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. we have the latest on his condition. >> and $1.5 billion. the largest powerball jackpot in history. and that is all anyone is talking about. you can get a ticket from one of the luckiest places in ohio. i. and before those stories, we have to talk about a winter weather alert. snow making for a dangerous morning drive for a second day and we have more than 75 school closings or delays and we want to start our live team coverage with tera blake. >> and the radar says it all. the heavy snowfall on the east side and on and off again all
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as four to 10 inches as we wake up this morning. let's show you where the worst of it is. if you can wait, i would. once the daylight is in place, it helps as far as the whiteout conditions go. the sunrise, 7:52 and east siders, expecting to see snow through the morning until the early afternoon and that will finally kick out of ashtabula and chagrin harbor, menner on the lake and you have moderate snow because of the strong winds, it feels heavy and certainly going to slow you down when driving. the heaviest snow for you here in north perry and nowhere sections of lake county and that dark purple, the visibility is making it impossible without majorly slowing down and lack county is seeing the worst of it. and ashtabula, you have heavier pockets as well impacting the drive on 20 and 90. everyone is seeing problems with the temperatures and you have 5 below in cleveland.
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in canton and extra layers a must. and too am now for checking in with somara and she's making sure the roads are safe. >> reporter: right now, visibility is a real issue. i am watching cars disappear in front of me and they're seeing brake lights ahead and really, whiteout conditions and this is where we're heading. we're on 20 now and this is for all of my commuters into madison and painesville and this is what you can expect on 20. i have been saying all morning, we're not talking slick roads but thick roads. we're seeing a lot of snow on the ground and you going to want to be careful and leave extra time when you're heading out for the morning commute. and that is a look at your storm tracker update. and back to you. and we're seeing volume pick up. and i want to zoom you in to a couple of issues. beginning with an accident on i-
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that and that is causing delays and we have reports of a disabled vehicle at dead man's curb and i am taking you out east and we're seeing the bulk of the issues on 90 with major delays and 20 experiencing delays because that is somara and they were telling us getting pounded with snow and that is affecting your commute. and the drive time, 13 minutes, 90 eastbound and crocker to the inner belt and a live look outside to the odot cam where roads appear to be pretty clear this morning and certainly take it easy. and another round of snow squalls making dangerous driving for you this morning in many parts of the area. >> and overnight, whiteout conditions hitting the east suburbs, where we find nick foley and where's keeping an eye on the conditions for you today. nick. >> reporter: we're near the busy intersection of 91 and rim road and getting busy area as
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the conditions have improved a bit and i can tell you the snowfall is lighter now than it was when we first got here and still coming down but not as heavy as it was before and still a significant amount of snow on the ground. about 5 to six inches as they get through the overnight conditions and overnight hours and conditions here. the roads are still pretty mess. we want to show you video we got when we got out here. at that point, it was pretty, pretty busy. a lot of snow and people are trying to clear out local roads and parking lots. city plows working hard through the overnight hours and roads, though, the busy roads are getting better because there is so much more traffic on the roads and the snow is melting it and you can see the pavement at that point. so, conditions here still pretty white and very, very cold. they seem to be improving as the morning goes on. reporting from willoby hills, nick foley for newschannel 5. back to the studio. >> thank you.
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having fun in the snow is in the hospital. >> he was hit by a car. and sarah phinney has more. what have you learned? >> reporter: i checked with north ridgeville police. they're releasing much information, but the 9-year-old has life-threatening injuries. the collision happened near a poplar hill. the bottom of the slope, as you can see, is very close to the street. the police say the boy slid into the road colliding with a car. we were there as investigators reconstructed the scene and as the car involved was taken away. we spoke with a neighbor who ran over to help the young boy and that lead isers are on the hills when there is enough snow. >> and there is often kids back on the back hill, right behind our house sledding and playing together. and, you know, and at the -- the family is in our thoughts and prayers. >> the boy was taken to saint
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to metro health. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and we have another breaking news update. a u.s. official is confirming all 10 american sailors captured by iran are safe. you see them here and they're now on board the uss anzi on, and they're getting medical checks. they were detained after drifting into iranian waters yesterday. iran said they have problems with their navigation system. the u.s. confirming this and we're following the developing story and we'll bring you more as we get it. and today, corrina a community coming together to mourn the loss of a young song. emily young's was shot to death week. the gunman, her estranged husband is in jail under a million dollar bond. and newschannel 5 learned that woods was out on a $500 bond for a recent rape case when he was able to allegedly kill his
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the woman he raped last june spoke exclusively with us but didn't want us to identify her by name. she tells us that months after the alleged attack, she wess wife. -- from woods' wife. >> she asked me if i live alone and if i have a gun. i said no, does he know where you live? i said yes. party. house. it's not safe for you there. >> and as for the history with his wife, court records show an extensive history of problems between the two of them. the wan county prosecutor assistant tells us his criminal history in medina county didn't factor into their bond stition decision for the rape case. and new information about the family killed in that house explosion in summit county. it's still not clear at this time what caused it. the gas company is saying it
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we know that jeffrey mather and his wife cindy were killed and next to them were two children found. neighbors heard the explosion and tried to help. we just ran. i had my socks and pjs on. we ran to the back of the house and you get to she how it blew the whole section of the house. it was not right and fire. a lot of fire. and we ran to the front of the house and started kicking the door open. >> and investigators are going through the debris searching for clues there. and 6:08 now. and remember this guy here who didn't like the mug shot? the selfie was good enough to get him arrested. the police say that he was arrested in florida, the person of interest in several cases, wanted in georgia and ohio. and the time now is 6:08. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee. hope your morning is off to a great start. coming up, more trouble with
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there is a new appeal and what police did. >> plus, the powerball jackpot if you're lucky enough to win, the steps you have to take to
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. good morning and welcome back. i am power of 5 meteorologist currently in the storm tracker and look at this. if your route consists of going from north perry to menner this morning and you're heading like we are on route 20, we're seeing a good amount of rainfall coming down. and this is a look at the radar there. i am sorry, snowfall and it's coming down pretty heavy out there and i want is to show the roads. you can see it's nearly whiteout conditions and getting
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helping us and roads are really, really thick with snow. slowly. it's nasty out here. >> and be careful. >> it's wednesday and you know what that means. another powerball drawing. >> the record-breaking jackpot sits at $1.5 billion with all of this money up for grabs, a lot of questions, do you take the lump sum or get the annual payments? and meg shaw, we sent her to one of the luckiest spots in up to. a shell gas station. and why is that place so lucky? >> you know, they had past winners years ago with the powerball and tops of lottery tickets. a lot of people hit it big here and, obviously, the place to buy a ticket and we're all fantasizing about winning the powerball tonight and not having worries in the world. talk about what you should do if you're america's next bottom air.
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win, you won't take home the full jackpot of 1.5 bottom. it's time to decide lump sum or a -- 1.5 billion. it's time to decide lump sum or annuity. obviously, a dream come true. but, a newity -- annuity could be a better place. this is why. the payout is larger in the end and taking the winnings in 30 means you get over $1 billion after taxes. and that is opposed to over 900 million in the lump sum and we're asking people all morning -- . >> just enjoy life. that is what i would do. enjoy life. i'm not going to take it with me. i got relatives and grandsons and a son. >> i would say that is a good sapper -- answer, living the life, right? and not having worries. you have time to get your ticket until 10 tonight. the drawing is at 10:59, and you can watch it here on
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go out and get the tickets. live in brooke park, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and i love when he said you can't take it with you. and president obama kicks off the post state of the union address tour today. he will make stops in nebraska and louisiana to highlight some of the progress made during his seven years in office. it mirrors the message in his final address, state of the union address last night. and in congress, the honey do list. this features more about inspiring all of us. the inern people. >> and i believe in change because i believe in you, the american people. and that is why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> well, both the president and the governor giving the gop response acknowledging the huge divide between democrats and republicans. the governor nicky haley hopes we won't follow the, quote, angriest voices in the next presidential election. and starting at 10 this morning, the white house will
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it's the third annual big block of cheese day. the title inspired by president andrew jackson's open house in 1837 and back then, he had a 1400-pound cheese block to feed all of the gets and take questions. today, different. the senior white house officials, cabinet members, members of congress will take your questions online, via social media and no cheese will be happening now. you can use the #big block of cheese day and they encourage you to send your best gouda cheese pups. i posted a link to the entire schedule on my facebook page. ohio lawmakers are looking on ever a proposal to let you register to vote online. >> it would be up to the state elects chief to create a secure online registration process. and this bill passed by the state 98 and the house is wave waving it. and many of us getting our first real taste of snow this winter.
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western new york already dealing with three feet of snow and this storm is dropping temperatures there to 30 below zero. >> i sled down this hill, i sled going around the corner and everywhere. everywhere i go, i slide. >> you can't see across the street. >> and big northeast cities like new york and boston preparing for their first snow of the season, too, but they will be spared this time around. next week, though, could be a different story. this is another storm expected this weekend in early next week. >> and we know that you want to know what about us here? and let's check in with tera blake. >> and 6:17 now. the first look is treacherous. and we're riding with them on 20 and 90. and both have been whiteout conditions and you saw the winds whipping around yesterday and not seeing the wind tornados of snow and all of a sudden, it was a whiteout near
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that is where you're going to find the driving dangerous difficulties and you have to leave early. this is new. i have been watching north perry and perry towards painesville as well and you have had the heffiest snow at times -- the heaviest snow at times, as much as two inches per hour and that is over fairport harbor and perry and dropped to about a half of an inch per hour, meaning the intensity dialed back and that should help as we see more people on area roadways and those snow equals -- squalls are persisting in lake county. mark johnson is putting a video on last night about 2 a.m. eight inches at his house and men or the lake, you have moderate snow and that is much lighter now at least than in chagrin harbor, reynolds and menner and we move north.
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denierous route of the morning. ashtabula, you have had an increase of snow. it's slowly migrating north and we expect this to happen throughout the morning and be gone by the early afternoon and everywhere else, it's a quiet start to the morning. the reason is a shift in winds as your highs shift east and the warm front moves closer to home and finally, warmer air. maybe a chance to melt a little bit of the snowfall on friday with some rainfall. still, with our chances this morning of additional snow, we're talking another two, three inches at the very most. totaling as much as 10-plus inches. and that is on curtland hills, the only spot so far in northern geauga that is measuring 10 inches on the radar. in addition to the snow, we have the very, very cold air in place. with know chill advisory for the west side, a lot of us finding below zero readings, including wooster at 10 below. and today, if you don't have snow, we have sunshine. we struggle for daytime highs
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and time now to talk roads with corrina. >> and more volume on the roads and more issues as well. i want to talk about one in particular. you see the red on your screen and there are reports of an accident on i-90 eastbound before the inner belt north ramp causing serious delays at the moment and i will show what you that looks like outside in just a second and we're focusing out east and,-90 and 20. experiencing major delays because of the winter weather system and giving drivers's tough time and this is some drive times for you, 13 minutes, 90 eastbound crocker to the inner belt and i want to go outside from our odot cam and showing us i-90 at fullton and you see the serious backups and keep that in mind if you're heading in that direction. and overnight from the live desk, the russian consulate saying three russians were detained in turkey suspected with ties in isis after the
6:19 am
ten people were killed there and a dozen hurt. police found documents and cds during a search of the praise jackie. the convicted killer at the center of the making a murderer series is launching a new effort to get oat of jail. steven avery filed a new appeal claiming police used an improperly search warrant when they went through his home and all of the evidence found can't be used against the him. he's behind bars accused of killing a woman a decade ago. and coming up next, it's something a lot of you are probably doing right now n. most cases, it's illegal and can leave you without a ride. one driver tells us the story of what happened when he wanted to warm up his car. >> and the rnc is less than six months away. how you're going to start paying for it now, though, when it comes to events downtown. you're watching good morning cleveland on newschannel 5.
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. back. i am power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore right now in the storm tracker. and we are seeing the snow come still, nonetheless, pretty bad out here and this is a look at we're heading from painesville to menner and if you're going
6:22 am
you'll be taking out there and in terms of snow, i am using our snow cap app and you can see by this afternoon, we're going to be seeing over an inch of snow accumulated out there as well and this is a look at the roads and it's pretty bad, you guys and not only seeing congestion now picking up with more cars on the road, but we're still seeing a lot of snow on the ground and making it difficult to understand what lane. i am. it can cause issues while you're trying to bring and stop. keep it to 40 miles per hour or slower and that is a look at the road conditions. jackie. >> and it you. and if you want an app on papel store and huntington parking garage will raise rates by $2 a day in march and they will take away 500 public face iss and they'll be set aside for the new hilton hotel and cleveland convention center.
6:23 am
repair the parking garage before the republican national convention. and with the cold temps this morning, many of you probably think of doing this. running outside and getting the car started and warmed up. >> yeah, and you can be, tracting thieves and not know -- can be attracting thieves and not know it. there is a state law making it illegal to leave your car running in the keys with the ignition if you're not there and that doesn't stop most of us. a man in shaker heights is learning the lesson the hard way. >> and what i do, i still expect, you know, to come back out to my car; a warm car. not no car at all. >> and that is what he saw when he went back to the car. he wants to remain a-non here and left the -- remain anonymous here. and two similar cases were reported in rocky river. and still ahead at 6:30, we're following breaking news out of iran. why 10 u.s. soldiers are being
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>> and we learning about a local family killed in a horrible home explosion. how the people who knew him are dealing with the tragedy. >> those stories and more next. wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. ring video doorbell at is depression more than sadness? it's a tangle of
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ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. . now, prepare for another messy commute, folks. the heavy line of snow squalls rolling across the no-- snowy on belt. >> and there are almost $100 school closings and delays running at the bottom of the
6:27 am
to who is getting hit the hardest and what you can expect. the snow is one of the problems here and you're also waking up to single-digit temps and whipping winds casing -- causing white outskins --s on the roadways. >> and look at the roads there. you can barely see a few pete in -- feet in front of you and pavement. >> and certainly the worse of it. lake county, you had the bulk of the snowfall here in the overnight hours. it shifted into ashtabula here recently and impacted northern geauga and with advisories and warnings with the lake affect snow until 3:00 p.m. and start dialing back as we move toward the noon hour. focusing on some of the heaviest and noticing menner on the lake with heavy snow, driving conditions will be greatly impacted by this snow. estimates around lake county about to ur to 8 inches so far
6:28 am
about a half an inch per hour menner. heavy snowfalls to report on the west side and coming off of the lake and that is where your county line is moving towards north perry. twenty has been pretty bad here as far as driving conditions. and was checking in with corrina. and she said no spinouts or accidents because of the weather and you're doing a good job and taking your time. make sure your kids know this. we have had a lot of delays and closings. watch for them at the bottom of ashtabula, we're seeing an increase in moisture as well. snow on the east side. you're going to find mostly cloudy skies everywhere else, the snow tapering off early this afternoon. the cold remaining. 13 below the windchill in
6:29 am
the layers are a necessity. somara, what should we expect on our morning commute? is for sure. and let's look at the map. tracking. if you're waking up and leaving your house in menner or maybe you live in willoughby and decide you're not going to go not as congested yet. and we lost a left lane and have to cross over so we're down to two lanes on route two and starting to see emergency vehicles in front of us and snow trucks moving through and hopefully that will alleviate the situation and leave early and make a lot of time for the morning commute. and that is a look at your storm tracker update. and or to you. we're not seeing weather- related issues but slowdowns on the roots and this issue here, is because of an accident on i- 90 eastbound before the inner belt and north ramp. this is blocking the left lane
6:30 am
accident on i-90 eastbound at west 25th street and blocking the shoulder. so keep that in mind if you're heading in that direction. the major issues, lake county, 90 and 20 and that is i treacherous ride out there. use caution on the roads and for drive times, not looking gad. the average speed is moving along just fine and all of this traffic is because of the accidents i was telling you you'reeeing -- you're seeing major backups. and a lot of you are waking up to whiteout conditions this morning. >> and the snowbelt, they could see a feet of snow on the ground. here. there? >> reporter: they seem to be getting better and we're next to state road 91 here. the snowfall is coming down and not as heavy as it was when we and still messy. we want to show you video from when we first arrived out here. people working hard to stay up
6:31 am
get some of the streets, the clouds and parking lots plowed. we talked to one local driver, a plow driver who said it's been feast or famine and with this storm, they had to isolate their drivers and workers and get them in this area dealing with the snowfall and take a listen. >> and the cold temperatures make it tougher for salt work and, you know, extra plowing, but it -- everything works out in the end. >> of course, the plow drivers are happy to see the weather and they're -- it's busy area for them and more messy and as the morning has gone o the temperatures, the conditions seem to be improving and obviously have a lot to do with many cars on the roads, too. as the morning commute is busy reporting from willoughby hills. back into the studio.
6:32 am
and stay warm out there and you can do that by downloading the snowcast app and tracks how much snow is expected in your area the next 48 hours. download it on apple's app store. >> and this morning, a boy trying to have fun in the snow is in the hospital. and he was hit by a car after sledding on this hill. sarah phinney has more. i know you checked in with officials a short time ago and what did they tell you? >> they're not releasing much information but the 9-year-old has life-threatening injuries. it happened around 5 lost night -- last night near the intersection of hunter lakes boulevard. and police say the boy slid car. we were there as investigators reconstructed the scene and as away. hour. one neighbor tells us this is behind the house as the family was cooking dinner.
6:33 am
as quick as possible to help respond and lend a helping hand. and before i knew it, the local police and fire department were on scene. they responded faster than one can imagine. >> and the boy was taken to saint john west shore hospital and was life flighted to metro health. we'll be sure to keep you updated. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. and we're learning about the family of four killed in an explosion. mom, dad, two daughters, they were dedicated to the church and school. jeffrey mather was a deem irdeacon at the church and the wife a volunteer at the daughter's elementary school. the sisters were killed in the explosion, too, and everyone touched by the mathe, s are trying to deal with the news. >> and it was a really, really sad scene this morning as the staff gathered in ricky's room. the teachers loved her and so did her classmates. >> and the explosion at their
6:34 am
investigation. we have breaking news coming in from the live desk. the pentagon is confirming all 10 american sailors captured by iran are safe. and they are, right now, on board the uss enzio getting medical checks. they were detained after drifting into iranian waters yesterday. iranians interrogated them about their motive and demand said an apology from the u.s. they're calling what happened an accident. the sailors reportedly had problems with navigation system. we'll keep you updated as we learn more on this. an oroville mother will be laid to rest this afternoon. emily young was allegedly shot by her estrange husband in front of two children. and police say woods confessed to killing her last week and is behind bars on a million-dollar bond. up next, reflecting on the past and looking toward the future. president obama delivers his
6:35 am
>> and crazy. >> crazy indeed. powerball fiver is on. who wants to be a billionaire? we'll take you to the luckiest spot to buy that ticket. and first, light check in with somara theodore and stormtracker 5. >> we're starting to see theys slow down. if you are -- see things slow down. if you're taking this route into euclid, this is what it looks like outside for you along route 2. we're seeing more cars get on the road. you add that to the snow we're seeing throughout the morning accumulating on the roads, it's going to be a slow commute. leave time, drive carefully. we'll have more coming up.
6:36 am
. good morning to you. new overnight, the most humbling award she announcing the nominees. >> and talking about the razzies. fifty shades of gray and pixels are the big winners. both had 6 nominations each. the winners will be announced on february 27th, if you can call them that. and the cleveland international film festival is getting an honor from the oscars. it's a qualifying festival for the documentary short subject award at the academy awards, meaning they ask the cifs is auto mat really entered into the category for the same season. and too.
6:37 am
and up next, rebuilding lolita. when michael simon plans to get inside his restaurant. >> and tera blake is working on the forecast and track everything for you along with corrina pysa. she's working on the roadways to make sure you know what to expect.
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. new on the morning sprint, a dangerous commute on the east side. whiteout conditions and highways. snow covered. >> and you can barely sigh's few feet in -- see a few feet in front of you. a good morning cleveland team is across ohio this morning. nick foley is live and somara theodore driving around and trouble spots for you. >> and be very, very careful out on the east side. west siders and central parts of northeast ohio and you're waking up to a quiet morning with a few flakes. and east. the visibility is down but no real issues for you here with driving downtown and when it comes to lake county, that is where we found the biggest problems. we have watched three separate
6:40 am
so snow squalls are on the move. and we had -- we had heavy snowfall over several locations in lake county and that shifted away from menner on the lake and into fairport harbor and painesville and cheerland. and driving on 20 has been treacherous. notice an increase here towards madison on the lake and in red bird. the darker purple, greatly decreased visibilities and heavy snow, big flakes going to slow you down for sure and make it hard to see past the window at the house. north madison noticing an increase of snowfall as well as east. we have watched it migrate out of east cleveland and eastern cuyahoga and transition through moving. we expect to see breaks here through the morning hours but be gone through the early and the reason for that, a high
6:41 am
we have rain and warmer temperatures by friday. light at the end of the tunnel. how much have woke had -- we had so far? like and joe august a big numbers. and curtland hills, at one time, i picked up an estimated 10 inches and it's backed off to 8 inches. menner, 6; willoughby, willoughby hills around 8 and big totals out there and could see as much as another two and by the time we're all said and done, the watches and warnings and advisories until 3:00 p.m. and no snow. you have the extreme cold as well and 5 below for what it feels like in cleveland and 13 below in mansfield. cars, they need to be warmed up if we're going to move slow out there, corrina. >> and absolutely. we're talking about a chilly ride for you earn the greater cleveland area and no major issues to report.
6:42 am
that is because, first of all, an earlier issue on 90 eastbound and up the inner belt ramp and another accident blocking the shoulder at 90 eastbound and west 25th street and that is causing slowdowns and farther east, that is where we're seeing the bulk of the snow. lake county, you're getting pounded and that is affecting the commute on 90 and 20. and checking on you the drive times, not looking bad now, a 15-minute ride, 90 eastbound and average speeds moving along justin -- just fine and this is a live look outside. the traffic impacted by the accident that i am talking about and this is i-90 at fullton road and some delays there. nick, out to you. how's it looking? >> hi, we're in willoughby hills. people are waking up to a significant amount of snowfall. the snow is coming down at this point and has let up just a bit. we want to show you some conditions here. this is state road 91. the first time in a few hours, we're seeing the black of the pavement and it was quite white
6:43 am
the plows and salt trucks were working hard all morning long to make conditions better for drivers. again, we're told it's not sure how much better the conditions are going to get for drivers. there may not be as much snowfall, the conditions are going to be rough and icy to say the least. that is the situation here in willoughby hills. the snow continues to fall as it has all morning long and reporting for willoughby hills. back to the studio and terrence. >> thank you. >> and we invite to you stay with us for extended coverage. weather alert and we'll continue after good morning cleveland at 7 and on our news net 5 app. >> a nine-year-old boy hit by a car after sliding down a hill in rimville is recovering in the hospital. he has life-threatening injuries and why i -- it happened around 5 last night. the bottom of the slope is very close to the street. police say the boy slid into
6:44 am
we were there as investigators reconstructed the scene and as the car involved was taken away. the boy was taken to saint john west shore hospital and life flighted to metro health and we'll keep you updated and let's go to meg shaw and talking all things powerball. good morning, meg. >> and good morning, sarah. we have a powerball winner live in brooke park, considered one of the luckiest places to grab a ticket, the shell station and a lot of people are saying you can win big here. the jackpot is $1.5 billion. and let's talk about our odds of winning. you're just 1 in 292.2 million. let's say you win. the lawyers are recommending you stay anonymous and you take your winnings in 30 installments and that is because you will end up winning more opposed to taking the slump sum. -- the lump sum. we have seen more than 100
6:45 am
buying the tickets and a lot in pools at work or they're buying them and sage their birthdays are lucky numbers and whatever the case, go out and get tickets. you have until 10:00 to get a ticket. the drawing is at 10:59. you can watch it here on newschannel 5. meg shaw, newschannel 5. let's continue the morning sprint with corrina. >> thank you. and breaking now from the live deck, a rescue operation underway as we speak in oakland, california and a worker has been trapped now in a sewer for more than 14 hours. the fire crews say that worker worked on the service line when's trench collapsed on him, he was buried up to his chest in dirt. the affiliate in oakland saying crews are lowly removing the dirt and it's down to his knees. firefighters saying this is going to be a low process. we'll keep you updated and when they get that worker out. a cleveland company, chef michael simon is waiting to get
6:46 am
and could get the go ahead today and thatstra under caught fire on sunday. the plain dealer said it started in or near a pizza oven. simon said the main concern is his employees. they will all be offered work at his other restaurants. and new information this morning about the family killed in a house explosion in summit county. it's still not clear what exactly caused this, but the gas company said it was not a gas leak. we know that jeffrey mathe, and his wife cindy were killed and next to her, the two children were found. and investigators going through debris here and searching for any clues. >> a garfield heights couple turn iss themselves into police for stealing more than $2,000 worth of copper and you're looking at thomas and michelle walsh. they were accused of stealing copper wire from the new american greetings headquarters. if you are planning a vacation and worried about security when you're gone, the office has a solution for you.
6:47 am
check program. seen up to have a deputy stop by and check on your house while you're out of up to. they will walk around the house and make sure it's physically secure. and to sign up, you can call the lake county sheriff. and residents will get a chance to enter their feedback. a public reading on widening nagle road. that is set for 6:30 tonight and project leaders will provide updates and traffic pattens -- patterns. >> akron schools are hoping to get the word out. shovel your walks. they're calling it the big dig and kids from 8 errorth grade to kindergarten will get together and help shovel the sidewalks of residents living near schools. and let's get a check of the forecast with somara theodore in storm tracker 5. >> reporter: that's right, jackie. and right now, we're seeing roads improve just a bit. okay, and things are looking better. we're her at the intersection
6:48 am
you can see cars are moving smoothly and more traffic, though, and congestion on the road and across the street, we have the snow plow trucks but, again, still want to take your time and leave extra time. even though the major roads are starting to get better and showing improvement, as you will see on the snow cast app here, we're still expecting more snowfall throughout the evening. and coo keep that in mind. you want to keep it here. we'll have more updates on weather and news.
6:49 am
. hopeful in the middle of political hot air. that was president obama's message to the american people in the final state of the union address last night. and he hit on his figs for the future of our country while pushing his accomplishments in office. highlights and education, a cure for cancer and his
6:50 am
calling america more powerful than ever. and from yo ever night, south korea urging china to help punish north korea with the strongest possible sanctions. this is in response to north korea's recent nuclear test. one week ago, the country said it suckfully tested a hydrogen bomb but there is plenty of speculation surrounding the claim. >> and the pentagon confirming all 10 american sailors captured by iran are safe. they're on board the uss enzio getting medical checks. the sailers drifted into irannian waters yesterday and the iranians interrogated them about their motives and demand said an apology from the u.s., but they're calling what happened now an accident. >> armed protestors who have taken over the national wildlife refuge in oregon plan on meeting with the community to inform locals when they will leave and that is set for friday evening. protestors are under pressure from many locals to end the occupation. and the group is demonstrating
6:51 am
and police in new york arrested the fifth and final suspect in an alleged gang rape at the brooklyn park. the 17-year-old travis be consider, kford was taken into custody yesterday. he's expected to be charged as an adult. the suspects allegedly pulled a gun on the man and forced him to leave before raping his 18- year-old daughter at a playground last week. and here's a look at the heaviest snow for you. through painesville and impacting lane there and we expect heavy snow on and off again as snow squalls persist. red bird and madison on the lake with an increase. and want and 90, the treacherous spots for you. use caution out there. everyone else, you will notice sunshine and very, very cold temperatures. the windchills, 14 below, corrina. and the good news, zero weather-related crashes this morning. we have one incident to talk about. an accident blocking the
6:52 am
west 25th street. use caution on 90 and 20 as you're heading east. and stay with us for extended coverage of all of the weather and road conditions on
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