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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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breaking news now from streetsborough after three buses crashed. according to police they all injuries. we will continue to follow this story. hue gotta believe. the story tonight in berea. who's to blame? surprising information about zipping down public snow covered slopes. i don't want no young girl to ever go through what i went through. >> how a local woman fought her way out of the slave trade and is living a new life. if you win tonight's big jackpot, why you should keep your new-found fortune a secret. our other big breaking story, the browns have hired a
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>> his name is hue jackson the much sought after offensive coordinator for the cincinnati bengals has agreed to be the browns next head coach. team coverage live from the newsroom. mike this is considered a major get for the browns. is. this is the guy the browns he's certainly a guy who has dealt with some dysfunction in his pro coaching career. jackson was the bengals' offensive coordinator, the interviewed by the browns. he certainly brings experience. in 2011 with the raiders, the same year, by the way, their away but that was jackson's only season as a head coach in the national football league, but he finished 8-8. to this date that is still the most wins the raiders have had sips hue jackson was their coach. he's 50 years old, from southern california. experience, 15 of that in the
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he's been an offensive coordinator with four different teams in the national football league. jimmy haslem made a point where he said, don't worry about the structure of our organization. we're going to try to get the right guy that's going to be the right fit for this football team. that certainly seems to be the guy they hired in hugh jackson. for more, let's head out to berea and join up with our sports director andy baskin. >> reporter: mike, one of the things i think we're hearing universally across the board when it comes to media or former players, they gentle like hugh jackson. let's get more insight. we bring in a senior writer. what are the browns getting in jackson? >> the thing that comes to mind when you're talking about former players, just a great football mind who is competent and can win over the locker room pretty quickly.
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receivers, running backs, but he landed in cincinnati on the defensive side of the ball as well. so this guy knows every aspect of the game. you see what he did with anticipated dalton the last couple years. he is a guy that will immediately command the respect of this locker room which needs a confidence boost after a 3-13 season. >> press conference coming up at 6:30 later tonight. we'll have all kinds of coverage. back to you. meantime as the browns make their transition to a new administration we wanted to give you a closer look at the new-look front office. jimmy haslem will have four executives answering directly to hit. president alex scheiner, paul dipodesta, and, yes, hue jackson, the team's 8th head coach since 1999. now that jackson is hired the
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manager who will answer to sashi brown. a lot of drivers have faced treacherous conditions. what's it like tonight? >> i just got my truck unstuck from the drive, and now look. we've got more snow coming our way on the power of 5. the next round is moving our way. it will be here within an hour or two for a lot of you, but the good news, don't panic, this is a very weak alberta clipper, moving off to our north, moving through. it will spread some steady light snow gentle after 7:00, 8:00 tonight, but it's going to cause some slippery spots on the roadways, so please drive we're only expecting a good dusting to maybe an inch, maybe a little bit more east into the snow belt tonight. most spots. so not a major winter weather event, but still could slow you down. current temperatures in the teens. they're going up. temperatures will continue to rise. look at this.
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degrees by 10:00 p.m. with the light snow showers. actually, we're going to be dealing with some rain coming in within the next 48 hours. more on that next. >> rain and freezing temperatures. now to a news alert. the dow closed down again today. that means that it's fallen so much this year we are officially in a correction. it's down 10% since its peak back in november. human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world. here in ohio we are not immune. each year more than 1,000 of victims. this month is human trafficking prevention month. look including a firsthand account from a victim. >> reporter: yeah, leah, it happens in big cities and small towns alike this. victim told me a man ruined her life. she was able to forgive him. rachel kasich puts a name and a face to human sex trafficking. >> that man took my life.
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when she met an older guy that paid attention to her and took care of her, but after a couple of weeks he started selling her for sex at truck stops, then on the streets of d.c. and new york city. but rachel tells me she didn't know any better. she thoughts that's how a relationship was supposed ton. >> if i got caught by the police, he would beat me with a leather belt or put soap in a sock and beat me that way, saying that i didn't run fast enough. >> reporter: that life lasted about a decade. she was 30 when she got pregnant with twin girls. that's when she decided to leave the life of drugs and prostitution behind. things have changed for rachel, and how law enforcement helps women like her has helped, too. the fbi has a number of squads now that focus on stopping human trafficking. we went along during one of those initiatives, operation cross-country. research shows an increase in prostitution with any large-
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come july the fbi will be looking for human sex trafficking. >> we're aware of that when any large events come to our town. that's something that us along with our local partners and everybody that's involved with the rnc are already talking about. we'll definitely have investigations going on. we'll be aware. we will be coordinating everything, so that's definitely something that we're already planning for. >> reporter: rachel got help here at the renee jones empowerment center. she tells her story to both continue her recovery, and -- >> it helps me heal. plus, i want to help other young girls, and i want to give them hope. >> reporter: now, the fbi as well as other agencies offer help and support to victims of human trafficking. tracy carloss, newschannel5. jute took just 24 hours. the state fire marshall has determined an explosion that leveled a summit county home and killed a family of four was
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>> but as kristin volk reports from northfield center township, despite the answer to that question, many more remain. >> reporter: so many questions, frank. what sparked the explosion, who ignited it, and were there problems in this home here. it all remains a mystery tonight. but i spoke to the sheriff's office today. they tell me they have not executed any search warrants yet, enough have they had any calls for service out to this house in the past year. they do tell me that this incident, this arson incident was isolated. they did find evidence they are reviewing. i also spoke to the medical examiner's office. they tell me they are doing autopsies but will not after cause of death report for awhile now as this investigation is still ongoing. i want to zoom in here and show you this small but growing memorial here at the mathers' mailbox. there are some flowers, some
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one of those notes is from a bedford resident named carey vera. she told me that cindy was her tutor. she's in absolute shock. she tells me the family was such a loving family and so giving, and that she was dearly going to miss them and so many other people in this neighborhood are missing them as well. live in northfield center, kristin volk, newschannel5. and right now people are lined up at stores all over the country. their hope to get their hands on that winning powerball ticket. >> gotta have it. a prize worth $1.5 billion, billion with a b, dollars. we awful dreams of wing and living a life of luxury lee. despite the long odds there is a chance one of cues walk a winner. so you are walking us what to do and what not to do. what's up? >> reporter: first and foremost
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if you have your ticket, your ticket is golden, and so, too, is your silence. the first piece of advice, make sure you actually have the wing numbers. by now you've seen the video of the new jersey restaurant workers who thought they won last saturday when they matched all the numbers correctly. some of them actually quitting on the spot. tbin right church, wrong pew category, the wing numbers they were checking against were from the previous drawing's, not that night's. secondly -- >> find the ticket, secure your ownership. >> reporter: physically secure the ticket, some where safe says financial advisor scott snow. another piece of advice, don't do. this ohio lets you stay anonymous so stay anonymous. look for an attorney and don't tell them that you won the lottery. >> just telling them that you're dealing with a large sum of money. find out what their typical profile, and then interview them. >> reporter: these are waters
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working with a couple who won $162 million in mega millions. >> it was a very trying few days because my name was really associated with the winner, so they came after me to see if they can get a meeting with the lottery winner. >> reporter: you have 180 days to claim the prize so snow says first take a deep breath, think about who you trust. >> take it to the next level. who due trust that you could tell you won the lottery that wouldn't tell anyone? that list is probably pretty short. >> reporter: scott says' gotten calls from old clients joking to clear his schedule that they'll be coming in tomorrow with the winning ticket. >> all right, john. guess what, you can only watch the next powerball drawing right here on newschannel5. so get your tickets ready and turn us on at 11:00 tonight. be sure to stick around for the news at 11:00. excitement. just two weeks away. two and a half weeks, actually. >> that's how long it is until
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2016 presidential election. next on 5, he was supposed to cruise easily to front runner status, but in stead, jeb bush has been struggling to make his mark in a crowded republican field. why he thinks he still has a chance. first comes a tragedy. later comes the lawsuit. still ahead who files the first suit in connection with the san bernardino massacre. and after two successful escapes from a maximum security prison, authorities aren't taking any chances with "el
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now to democracy 2016 and the race for the white house. we are now six months from the republicans nominating their presidential candidate right here in cleveland. >> we're less than a month from the iowa caucuses. chris flanagan has the newest developments. >> you might say it's a mad dash of campaigning. just a few hours ago jeb bush says he has misjudged the intensity among republican voters. he says the country is now dramatically different than in past elections. despite polling poorly there the former florida governor insists he is still a viable candidate.
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my numbers were. doesn't really matter because the parted i saw was 53% of people in iowa haven't made up their minds. they have an opinion on who they support today but 53% of them say they haven't made up their mind. that means it's wide open. >> is bush certainly needs a big boost for the iowa caw cussmentsz right now he's polling in the single digits. bush is traveling to south carolina right now where he will participate in tomorrow night's sixth gop debate. the widow of one of the victims of last month's shooting in san bernardino has filed four lawsuits. renee we wetzel is seeking $14 million. in the lawsuit she claims his death was preventible and was caused by negligent actions by the county. the county was holding a holiday party at the center.
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it's been nearly two years since malaysian airlines flight 270 disappeared. there are still crews searching the indian ocean. but last month crews discovered this. that's a 19th century shipwreck off the western coast of australia. sonar images discovered the ship, made of mostly iron and steel, deep in the ocean. new details on the recapture of joaquin "el chapo" guzman six months after he escaped from prison through a tunnel. the mexican drug lord is now being moved from cell to cell inside that same prison to prevent history from repeating itself. that escape back in july was actually guzman's second escape from a maximum security prison. the mexican government says guzman has been moved eight times since he was recaptured on friday. he is also 24-hour surveillance, like houdini. >> does that number really say 16? >> 16 degrees.
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>> the hair okay? >> i think it's a little better. >> my wife sent me a text just a few minute ago, hey, honey, your hair is too high today. looks like it's sitting on top of your head. flatten it a little. >> we've got a hot comb back there. >> i love it. thank you, honey. text me, mary, if you think it's still too high during the weather. now i'm very self conscious. let's take a look at what's going on outside in downtown akron. cloudy skies overhead, dry weather across most of the area but we've got another round of snow coming in. >> put on a hat. >> great idea. i've got a browns could. cost me $40 at the game the other day. i should wear it every day. here we go. we've got some lighter snow coming in with the next alberta clipper. this one is much weaker than the last one. remember the winter weather
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not going to be the case. a quick inch to half an inch of snow, then it could transition to lake-effect snow for lake and ashtabula counties, but it should not get out of hand here. notice our temperatures. we are still frigid. it's 13 in wooster, 16 akron to cleveland, 14 for ravenna, ashtabula, norwalk, and fremont. here are the wind chills. it feels like 2 below 0 in elyria. it is still bitter cold, but here's the good news. warmer temperatures are coming in. here's the scattered snow arriving. this 1:30 p.m. tonight fumplet traveling, it is going to be late, but it will be steady pretty much area wide, and it could slow you down. then by 2:00 a.m., notice things are really lightening up and fading out as far as the snow goes. but temperatures are warming up.
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20s. by sunrise, middle and upper 20s. so good with a tiny bit of lake- effect snow from mentor to perry, madison. geneva and ashtabula. don't expect any snow days tomorrow. i think you got yours today, kids on the east side. here's the alberta clipper. very weak. here's the next alberta clipper here. this one is stronger. and by friday this alberta clipper is actually going to be raining ounce with some rain showers. go figure. but it is officially a clipper. it did begin in alberta province. so light snow tonight, fading away after midnight with lake effect snow. temperatures rising toward the 25-degree mark by sunrise. light snow, generally a dusting to an inch, especially east of cleveland could have upwards of two inches. 37 degrees, cloudy milder, moshing lake-effect snow up the shoreline.
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with perhaps a flurry before 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. tonight for akron 24. that's what will you rise to by dawn. 38 with some sunshine. gets even warmer. 40s with rain for your weekend. how long will that last? find out coming up. new at 5:00, tensions with iran. reaction after new video of the sailors who were held released by the government shows one of them apologizing. and then at 6:00, why is cleveland paying out more than a million dollars in overtime for trash collection? we take a deeper look at where
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new information about the ten american sailors captured by iran that were freed a few hours ago. questions remain about the capture and their release. iran's state-run tv aired
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moment the u.s. sailors were detained on tuesday. 10 sailors were captured after their two naval boats entered iranian waters. the wait for the release dragged on for hours with officials in tear gaiting the sailors about their motive and also demanding a u.s. apology. iranian state tv aired an apology. >> it was a mistake and we apologize. it was a misunderstanding. we did not mean to go into iranian territorial waters. >> the iranian behavior was tremendous. we thank them for their hospitality. less than 24 hours after those sailors were detained and released the u.s. house passed a republican backed
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>> republicans jumped on the sailor incident calling it evidence iran can't be trusted. the white house says this legislation could collapse the agreement and the president has promised a veto. the vote did not have enough support to override a veto. while the browns are excited for hugh johnson's move -- it's jackson, guys. >> i'm johnson. >> you're johnson. mark is johnson. oh, we'll get it together. the browns, they're excited about that. what does the move mean for the bengals? we want to know what that we take a look at his past with the team. a nine-year-old in critical condition after night what. we found out when it comes to
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breaking news on 5. the browns about to announce their new head coach. here he is right there. that's hue jackson arriving just a few minutes ago at the browns headquarters in berea. owner jimmy haslem walking jackson in, introducing him to some of his new coworkers. hue jackson will join the team in about an hour for a new conference. >> let's get right to mike cairns. >> reporter: jackson was the 7th head coach interviewed. 29 years of experience, 15 in the national football league, one year as head coach of the raiders back in 2011. earlier today i had a chance to speak with a preseason analyst about the hire and what it means for the browns. >> hue jackson is not a man of excuses.
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but at the same time, drafting and developing players, getting them ready to play. you do not turn around an ocean liner as if it were a speed boat. that's a slow moving process as you get something so big, that's been going in the wrong direction to get it turned around on a 10. it doesn't turn on a dime. there is a process. that process will take time. but like any other coach, he wants quick, fast improvement, as fast as possible. >> that will be interesting to see, because jimmy haslem said this would take at least three to four years but solomon also told me that hue jackson's progress with quarterbacks will be a huge plus for leadership at that position. >> so hue will be huge.
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super cold outside right now. 16 cleveland to akron, 14 norwalk, still 13 wooster and company shosh ton and temperatures will warm up during the evening and the overnight. we'll be in the middle and upper 20s by this time by tomorrow morning's rush hour. but right now we are chill. >> reporter: yes currently we're watching for a little bit of light snow to come in from the west. this is the next alberta clipper system that will bin vading northern ohio. we can seat on a wider view. bring that on up. light snow, quick hitting snow could give you half an inch to an inch, maybe an inch and a half by the time it's said and done. a little bit more out east in the snow belt. most of us will see dry conditions return. i would say midnight to 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. so your evening looks like this. it will be slower travel for you as we see the light snow arriving 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and continuing overnight, gradually tapering off after midnight.
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mid teens, middle and upper 20s by tomorrow morning's rush. good news. rain, lee, and 40-degree weather coming our way. a nine-year-old is fighting for his life after sledding down a hill into traffic. newschannel5 wanted to know who's responsible for keeping sledders off dangerous hills. megan hickey joins us live. in this case, police are not pointing any fingers. rchts police tell me the investigation is ongoing but they do not believe the driver is at fault, and according to ohio law, the landowners have zero liability. >> is there someone still turned vehicle? >> it looks like there is. >> reporter: witnesses tell me they were shocked to learn a selected outing on this hill left a nine-year-old boy in critical condition. >> you think your kids are
5:27 pm
>> reporter: neighbors told me that sledders frequent these small hills when snowfall is right. >> we have so many hills, dirt hills, that it makes it very easy to not have to go very far from your house to sled, but i've never seen anything like this happen. it's crazy. >> reporter: according to this company, neither the company nor the individual homeowners are responsible for keeping kids off, which means the homeowners have no responsibility. police tell me they don't believe the driver's speed had anything to do with it. some neighbors told me the parents should have been watching. >> i hope no one ever sleds around here. that's the main road. >> reporter: but others argue that accidents like this are unavoidable. >> absolutely not the parent's fault. they got that kid out of here as quick as they could. i pray he will be okay. >> i spoke with the superintendent of north
5:28 pm
told me the boy is not enrolled in their. i checked with metro health. he is still in critical condition. live in north ridgeville, megan hickey. >> we pray for his recovery. for the first time the team overseeing changes met with city council members. investigator sarah has the report. >> reporter: frank this was the council's first chance to talk with the team about their concerns over cleveland police practices. members of the independent monitor team introduced themselves at the cleveland city council meeting this morning. the mayor selected the police assessment resource center, nonprofit based in new york city to oversee changes mandated by the department of justice. council members told the team the city needs more officers on the streets and better training for those officers. members say the city also
5:29 pm
about who they hire and pay police officers more money. >> how do we bring this department collectively into the 21st century if how do we tell the d.o.j. that we're going to have the best police department in the country? that's what i'm personally hoping for that we can point to that. >> a department of justice investigation found cleveland police engage in a pattern of excessive force. the city has agreed to major reforms that include allowing an independent monitor team to make sure that the city follows through. >> thank you sarah. still ahead, president obama giving his first speech since the state of the union address last night. more on his 2016 agenda, that's coming up. plus, all eyes will be on $930 million up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing.
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your daily winning lottery
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in my world of weather you can still find some great imagery to show off, even in the cold and snow. the temperature is what? you can't seat because it's all pelted with snow. don't ask me what that is. i have no idea. possum run greenhouse, the icicles on the greenery from the holidays, but the low this morning near mansfield, 6 below 0. that is cold. finally, brian, dundee falls. look at all the frozen artwork coming off the falls and around the valley there. mark j on twitter, more live
5:32 pm
right now we are back with live pictures. check that town. president obama speak in nebraska. >> this is his first public engagement since last night's state of the union address. he says he is continuing the message of hope that he started back during his 2008 campaign. he is urging the nation to come together and work with each other when it comes to our differences. >> first, democracy breaks down when the average person feels their voice doesn't matter.
5:33 pm
favor of the rich or the powerful or some special interest. at the same time the president also took a couple of swipes at leading republican presidential nominee donald trump. new information about at the president's dramatic announcement that he intends for the united states to find a cure for cancer. >> i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. for the loved ones we've all lost, for the families that we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> did you see joe's facial expression? or vice president joe biden. he may have appear surprised with some even pointing out that he appears to say, i don't know that he's putting me in charge of. that but today he clarified he only did not know when the announcement was coming. he already has a plan in place for his new mission to
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according to a post on-line the president has two actions ready, including breaking down silos to bring everyone working together to fight cancer to share their information. are you feeling lucky? right now the powerball jackpot is the largest jackpot in any lottery in history. it stands at 1.5 billion. that gives you a chance of bringing home $930 million. something to dream about. of course, investing in lottery tickets isn't the smartest way to grow your wealth but there are a few solid strait geessments now is the time to refinance your mortgage. rates are expected to slowly rise. you are running out of time to lock one in at 4%. if your mortgage rate is a half point to three-quarters of point higher than average, refinance now. secondly, we've all been saving money at the gas pump. the average american saved
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about $10 per fill did you know. that's the perfect chance to throw some extra money at your debt. finally, you should definitely max out your 401(k). if your company matches contributions, you don't want to leave any money on the table. the irs will let you contribute up to $18,000 to your 401(k) this year. if you are dead cont trying your luck with powerball tonight you can only watch the next drawing right here on newschannel5, so get your ticket ready, and turn us on tonight at 11:00 and be sure to stick around for the news that follows. so from that to this. a farm in virginia is looking for a few good snugglers. we might be able to throw on a couple of extra layers of clothing when it gets cold out but that won't be the case for nearly 90 goats that the farm is expecting. yes, all of the babies will need to be bottle fed four times a day and kept warm. so the farm is asking anyone, farm experience or not, jump
5:36 pm
>> i understand they've had many applicants. >> oh, i bet. >> to snuggle. >> the little kids love. that if you go out to lake farm park in the winter when all the babies are born, you can pet them and feed them. they're running all over. >> probably get a snuggle there, too. >> you can snuggle a goat. >> and you might need a blanket on top of that. >> that's true. so much to say. let's talk about what's going on outside right now where you are. the cold air right over northern ohio. it is chilly. we're in the teens. notice there's more white stuff on the radar to deal with. that is more light snow. we have been in the throes of winter for the last week and a half. we're making up for the warmth in november and december. an alberta clipper this one weaker. i also want you to notice the mild air that's coming up from st. louis. we've got 40s and eventually that will be traveling your way as well. most likely by friday. you are going to warm up into the 40s.
5:37 pm
doughnut hole that's developing around the radar. it looks like the snow is enveloping greater cleveland close to the radar site. that tells us this stuff is not reaching the ground yet. whenever you see this kind of a pat the earnings it kind of fills in around the radar, and we get the doughnut hole here. scattered lighter snows, though, are reaching the ground sandusky, into the mansfield area. we're going to see some lighter snows through the evening, accumulating a half an inch, maybe an inch, inch and a half, that should be it. 1*eu67b akron, 14 ravenna and youngs town. these are current temperatures. the windchills still single digits. even some below-0 readings in a few spots. here's cleveland. look at this. 18 to 20 degrees by 9:00. that's what our temperatures will be. notice by 7:00, 8:00, we're
5:38 pm
akron and can top, temperatures warming up from lower and middle teens to upper teens with the scattered light snow arriving after 8:00 p.m. hour by hour, scattered snow. this is 9:00 p.m. notice the snow really goes through quickly. that's why it's a quick hitting system thcht is not nearly as strong as the one we had a couple of days ago. we do get a little lingering lake-effect snow. right now it doesn't look extreme or heavy. elsewhere cloudy skies, middle and upper 20s by the time you get up and go. the good news is we begin to see a warm-up once this logos out of here. i think we'll see hins the mid- 30s, maybe even upper 30s with rain coming in. 25 tonight, light snow, generally a dusting to an inch, a few spots could get upwards of two inches. isolated amounts. 37 tomorrow, cloudy, milder. a little lake-effect snow
5:39 pm
afternoon. akron and can top, 24 tonight, brief early flurry, but a afternoon. >> bring on that sunshine. here's what's coming up at 6:00. a new boins berea. head coach. manziel. plus, a mother murdered, and her killer should have been behind bars. the warning signs prosecutors may have missed. so long, st. louis. the rams returning to los angeles. how the move could affect other teams in the league, when live on 5 returns. it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. brintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. brintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. "for me,
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tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. brintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your doctor about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur, especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor
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the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us who love winter, these words mean so much more. they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins
5:42 pm
. got some weekend plans? saturday it's turning colder with some scattered snow. should generally be light and mainly during the morning. 34, overnight lows of 1. sunday back to the big chill. remember i said it will be in the 40s on friday but that's
5:43 pm
by sunday you're cold. yes, more lake-effect snow belt bands to set up. snow belt bands. sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week. so turning colder as we end your weather weekend. back to frank and lee. >> thank you mark. the browns' new coach not the only shake-up in the nfl. >> the rams are saying good- bye to st. louis and hello to los angeles. >> reporter: the rams are heading back to los angeles. a home coming l.a. fafns been waiting for when the team packed its bags after the 1994 season and moved to st. louis.. >> the great wrong perpetrated 21 years ago has now been righted. >> reporter: with moves also contemplate by the chargers and raiders.
5:44 pm
move to this billion dollar englewood stadium. >> they have the facilities that would really bring a new kind of fan to the nfl. >> leaving fans in st. louis heart broken. >> it hurts, seeing a team i have supported so many years just leave. >> fans are commodities to be abandoned once they no longer suit the league's purposes. >> have a fresh start and let's talk about that. >> reporter: if san diego doesn't leave, the door that opens for the raiders to possibly move to l.a. either way, the rams after new home in 2016, likely playing stadium is bit. that new stadium is expected to open in 2019. now, if the chargers and raiders stay put the nfl is promising each team $100 million to improve their
5:45 pm
brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. that's it for live at 5:00. all new, next at 6:00, an admitted murderer let out of jail. >> tonight we are asking prosecutors why he was allowed to post bond. and cleveland paying millions of dollars for trash collection. we're digging into the city's overtime cost. and we're following breaking news out of berea. the browns have hired a new head coach. live team coverage starts in
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our big story tonight at 6:00, we're talking about our
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