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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, tracking arctic air and lake effect snow. our crews are out in the elements showing you what's happening across northeast ohio. an arctic blast is hitting northeast ohio, bringing bitter cold temperatures, dangerous windchills and lake effect snow. hello, everybody. thanks for joining us, i'm tracy carloss. the snow belt area could get slammed with several inches. but everyone is feeling the big chill. news channel 5 is showing you what is happening right now to help you prepare for tomorrow. we begin with team coverage of conditions on the roads and how much snow is falling in your neighborhood. we begin with jason nicholas. what's the power of 5 showing?
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the code, the wind and the snow. there's a live look right now at the power of 5. not a ton of snow in cuyahoga county other than the northeastern half of it. notice there just north of the airport we're getting snow, lakewood, rocky river also as you head into downtown cleveland. the bands of lake effect snow begin to set up and intensify as you head eastern sections of the county as well. shaker heights, warrensville heights, maple heights. pepper pike. moreland hills. heading out of cuyahoga county into geauga county. that's where the snow has been the strongest, heaviest and most consistent here. perry, north madson for lake too. south into portions of geauga county. when you factor in not only the air temperatures. really plummeting. upper single digits. 6 in strongsville. 8 in parma.
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feels at or below zero. here are your warnings and advisories to talk about. here's your lake snow warning. lake, geauga, ashtabula county. that runs through noontime tuesday. for the most part a good 6 to 12 inches. all the way through tuesday morning. some areas of inland areas, higher hill tops could see more than a foot of snow even up to maybe a foot and a half. where schwas persist. lake snow advisory. this is for cuyahoga county until tomorrow afternoon. 4 to 6 inches mainly east of interstate 77. as you head west, lesser amounts. maybe 1 to 3 inches. south and west of that we have a windchill advisory. this is for overnight into tomorrow morning. those areas there, medina county, into wayne county, ashland, richland, lorain as well included in there. akron canton there? chills to 10 to 15 below zero heading out tomorrow morning. forecast temperatures in the
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we'll talk about how much snow i expect across the region city by city, hour by hour. all that coming up. thanks very much. as jason just mentioned the snow will be widespread. odot crews have been working clearing and treating the roads. john rudder is in storm tracker 5 giving us a front seat view of the conditions. how are things looking tonight? >> reporter: well, things have -- road conditions have deteriorated significantly since we last checked in at 6:00. a lot of snow, blustery winds and the temperature has dropped. take a look outside. we're on 322 just scott of chardon. you can get a picture of how far hard the snow is coming down. heavy snow falling, a lot of big flakes. that's what crews are dealing with. not many people out and about braving this weather. by the look outside, in our thermometer that might be why. we're at 6 degrees. we stepped out of the car and
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minutes before we had to come inside. odot is adding calcium chloride to help keep things from freezing because it is so cold. they've been out ahead of the snow. 80 trucks and drivers on roads across three counties. they're not the only ones pulling double duty. there are several independ plow companies getting ready for a busy night. >> as soon as the weather stations start putting out 1 to 3 inches, that's what we start getting our equipment ready and getting ready to go out that night or morning. whenever it hits. >> reporter: now to give you an idea of how busy chuck might be this evening, he will hit between 100 and 150 locations over the next several hours. now other drivers that i talked to said they will hit between 60 and 70 locations. these guys will be busy. odot will be busy. we'll be busy keeping track of all of this. >> john, thanks so much.
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the most of the snow as a strong gust of wind and snow moved in. some people in lake county got an early start to the shoveling. residents are still trying to adjust to winter finally arriving while snowplow drivers are finally getting what they hoped for. >> this is going to bring back into the fact -- try to get as much as i can. hopefully we get some more. most people might be upset. for us it works out. >> just trying to beat it. harder to shovel with the ice underneath. >> now you can see how much snow will fall in your neighborhood over the next 48 hours with our new snow cast app. it is not just the snow. strong winds and plunging temperatures are making conditions outside very dangerous. kristin volk is live in brunswick. windchill advisory in effect through noon tomorrow.
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it is down right frigid here. forgettable cold. it is frigid. the temperature is a mere 7 degrees. when you factor in the windchill, feels like negative 11. now normally schools would be closed due to that temperature tomorrow, but remember tomorrow is a holiday, so thankfully parents, teachers, students should not have to worry about that in the morning. this advisory is in in effect for areas south and west of cleveland. it is a combination of strong wind and the cold temperatures that creates this dangerous condition. frostbite can set in in minutes and hypothermia is a real possibility. three things to keep in mind. keep your skin dry. insulate your body and block the wind. by doing that you can layer your clothing. the outer layer should be tightly woven and wind resistant. if you have wool or silk to use as your inner layer of clothing, that will hold the body heat in. your hat, scarf, gloves, boots.
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that is a sign your body is losing heat. we are shivering out here right now so we are going to head back in the truck. >> good idea. thanks so much. you can stay on top of conditions on the go with our news net 5 app. download it now. we have just confirmed the intersection of chester avenue and east 40th street in cleveland has reopened to traffic. it had been closed for two weeks following a massive water main break. the cleveland water department says all repairs were completed this afternoon. new at 11:00, tonight friends and neighbors and strangers gathered in two cities over the weekend to support a couple whose son was killed in a sledding accident. 9-year-old drew hayden was the light of so many peoples lives. >> any time and any day you could roll right into the street and get hit by a car just like drew.
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>> that big smile, those bright blue eyes, this was drew hayden. >> i hope that his family is praying for him. >> neighbors tell us he loved the browns and the color red. tonight this family added a browns teddy bear and a red scuffed puppy to drew's growing makeshift memorial. next to this is where more than 50 people huddled for prayer and song. there were firefighters, police officers, neighbors and family friends. rachel working with drew's mom, a nurse. >> she's hanging in there best she can. hasn't been easy. >> last night it was a similar scene in amherst and in the shadows of tonight's service was the hill where drew was sledding on tuesday when he collided with a passing car when he hit the bottom. >> i couldn't imagine the devastation and what the family is feeling, what the family is going through. he was just a little boy.
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>> north ridgeville resident bobby morris remembers how excited his kids got about the snow and sledding down the same hill as drew. he never knew the 9-year-old. he made sure to take care of the teddy bears and flowers left behind for him. >> i just wanted to brush the snow off so people could still see it wasn't covered up with snow. that the family knows everyone does care. just something i wanted to do. >> reporter: now a coworker of the hayden family telling us drew was an only child. north ridgeville police do not intend to charge the driver. >> a musical celebration for a civil rights pioneer. university circle hosted a free concert today in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. students and faculty showcased some of his favorite songs and poems. reminder that most banks, government offices and some
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for the martin luther king jr. day. there will be no mail delivery and a number of local attractions are offering free admission tomorrow, including the great lakes science center and the rock and roll hall of fame. now to the race for 2016. the democratic rives for president were in south carolina tonight for the final debate before the iowa caucuses which are now just two weeks away. the candidates sparred on everything from healthcare to gun control and even the tamir rice case. >> reporter: just two weeks before starts in iowa. the three democratic presidential candidates sparred on stage. martin o'malley giving his all to stay alive. >> join me in putting forward a plan to move us to a 100% clean, electric energy grid by 2050. >> hily clinton and bernie sanders are in a tight battle. on this night the first issue
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>> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times. >> secretary clinton knows what she says is disingeneral you wows. i have a d minus voting record from the nra. >> discussing the economy and healthcare. >> i want us to defend and build on the affordable care act and improve it. >> my proposal, provide healthcare to all people, get private insurance out of health insurance. >> the two also remaining civil finding common ground on other issues. >> there needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system. >> whenever anybody in this country is killed while in police custody, they should automatically trigger a u.s.
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>> so now it's on to the iowa caucus where the race is still tight between hillary and bernie. a new poll still shows hillary still ahead by 25 points nationally. coming up, the cold and snow isn't stopping some people from filling up their gas tanks. where drivers are filling up for less than $1 a gallon. freezing for a reason. dozens of people dive into icy waters to support a local cancer. >> i wish we were freezing for a reason here. temperatures single digits now. notice the cold air moving in from the north and west. windchills below zero. a lot to talk about.
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taking a dive and windchills are dipping into dangerous digits. the lake effect snow machine is up and running and dropping several inches across our area. lauren wilson is live in lake county. now? >> reporter: the roads are pretty clear in most parts. as you can see, visibility is it's very windy. but honestly it's really like a ghost town out here. seems like most people are hunkering in for the night. just a lot of wind, as you can see i'm probably getting wind blown a little bit.
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a pretty quiet night in lake county. tracy, back to you. >> thanks so much. if you have to go out tonight or tomorrow morning, you want to bundle up. remember to give yourself plenty of time. roads are slippery and blowing snow is making some travel treacherous. john rudder is keeping an eye on those conditions for us. >> reporter: a lot of snow still coming down out here. we are still on 322 southwest of chardon. we're still moving along here with this snowfall. give you a look outside of what we're dealing with. big snow flakes that we're seeing coming down. there's also a lot of wind causing that snow to blow and drift across the roadways. we've seen a number of plow trucks come the opposite direction. they're plowing that snow away and just a few minutes later you can see how covered the roads are. temperature wise it's bitter cold. we're looking at 6 degrees right now. very cold outside. and as we were driving around chardon a little earlier this
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people out there on the roadways. visibility, pretty limited right now. down to probably a couple hundred feet. that can make things difficult for road crews when they're out attacking this snow. they're asking you to stay back, give them plenty of room. a lot of trucks taking care of the snow. we're out keeping you updated on these conditions. back to you. >> all right. thank yous so much. we told you gas prices could drop below a dollar a gallon this year. it happened today in michigan. drivers paid just 78 cents for a gallon of gas. another station is selling it for 95 cents a gallon. prices in ohio not that cheap. they continue to fall. the average price for a gallon of regular is $1.70 a gallon. crude oil prices dropped
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brace for iran's return to the global oil market. the nikkei index average dropped to a one year low. sanctions against iran were lifted yesterday paving the way for the country to dramatically ramp up their oil production. back here at home, winter warriors braved icy waters for a heart warming cause. 70 people took the polar plunge to support landry cole. she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014. she then had surgery and multiple rounds of teem therapy. money will help pay for a special machine used to monitor her sodium levels. >> this is a it's going to keep her out of the hospital more because we can see when she's trending up or down with this machine. we can stop it in its tracks. >> and we have good news. organizers raised more than $6500 needed to buy the machine. the cole family says they are overwhelmed with the support
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and that is certainly a heart warming story. people. >> absolutely. and heart warming but everything else is -- >> everything but warming. >> not advisable unless you're back out. take a look at what's going on outside. we have a lot to talk about. that triple threat i talked about earlier. the cold, the wind and the lake get going. note much of cuyahoga county is relatively quiet. that includes the airport as you head outside towards lakewood. we did have a band of snow. that has moved to the north and east. it's weakened a bit. good news here. light snow showers. once you head east of the city, things start to get going. we're talking about cleveland, downtown. east cleveland. warrensville heights. up and down interstate 271 and eastern sections of the county. south russell. pepper pike.
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heading into geauga county. mentor, painesville, getting snow. geneva, madison, perry, portions of geauga county. the closer to the lake shore, it's not nearly as rough. the band is setting up mostly into central portions of geauga county. right there, cold front has moved through. our winds are shifting northwest and west. that means lake effect snow. there it is right there. classic. notice through much of geauga county. just a little bit into lake county. into ashtabula county too. we'll watch for this band all night. it'll easily dump several inches of snow where that squall does persist. some areas could see up to half a foot by the morning hours tomorrow into portions of geauga and ashtabula, inland areas especially. right now look at the cold air. we're into the single digits. temperatures running 5 to 12 degrees above zero. lake snow warning in effect for the counties in the darker blue. lake, geauga, and ashtabula. that goes all the way until noontime tuesday. 6 to 12 inches along the lake
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10 to 16 inland where squalls persist. cuyahoga is a step below that. the advisory. mainly this will be interstate 77 and east. 4 to 6 inches, 1 to 3 inches across western sections of the county. it's going to be cold for everyone tomorrow morning. windchill advisory for the areas south and west of cleveland. we could wake up to windchills 10 to 15 below zero. schools are off tomorrow with it being martin luther king jr. day. a lot of businesses are closed tomorrow too stay in and stay warm. notice the snow showers heading through the overnight. walk you through the overnight hours. away from the lake, it's cold and breezy. along it the lake shore, it's warmer, mid teens. also where we're seeing the snow showers stacking up. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. that band counties even into noontime. all the way from the western basin through portions of
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that band continues even into tomorrow night. it's relatively thin. eventually moves out as we head through late monday into tuesday. as far as total accumulations, notice outside of the main area, very little. once you head into mentor, char, certainly geneva, ashtabula even. notice the band. some areas could see 10, possibly more inches. southern lake, northern geauga. eastern cuyahoga. also into central ashtabula county. single digits below zero on the windchill. 8 tonight. snow and cold. 1 to 3 for the most part greater cleveland. squalls east, easily 4 to 6. wind chills be e low zero. 15 tomorrow. lake snow. the morning windchills, 10 to 15 below. seven day forecast. in the teens for tuesday. 26 wednesday a few snow showers. we do try to warm things up as we head through the end of the week with temperatures back into the 30s. lauren. >> thanks so much.
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off the field the browns continue to put together their front office. >> they're continuing to work together to put together a staff. lots of information flying around. the cavs back home and getting ready for the golden state warriors after losing to them christmas day. how the cavs are different now than on christmas. we'll have that and more next in sports. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months?
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but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power
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is he or is he not the next browns defensive coordinator? that is the question. reports coming out that titans defensive coordinator ray horton was insulted by the titans and plans to resume the same role in cleveland. horton stated the report is false and as far as he knows he's still under contract with tennessee. hue jackson talking to radio this morning. if johnny manziel did go to vegas the final weekend of the season that would make him a nonstarter. all signs are pointing to the browns moving on from manziel.
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in the nfl playoffs this weekend. two games today. first game of the day, carolina panthers hosting the seattle seahawks. second quarter. panthers up 14-0. stewart breaks the plane. 21-0 panthers. leader in the second, 24-0 carolina. cam newton to gregg olsen. a great leaping catch. 31-0 panthers at the half. fast forward to the fourth quarter. russell wilson on 3rd and goal. he manages to find jermaine curts to make it 31-21. a minute 12 to go. seattle going for the on side kick. panthers linebacker thomas davis recovers. carolina holds on for the win. in the second game of the day, the broncos hosting the steelers. first quarter. pittsburgh trailing. steelers missing their leading
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taking it all the way to the one-yard line. then takes it the rest of the way. steelers take the lead 7-6. they can't hold on to it. fast forward to the fourth. steelers up 13-12. 3rd and 12. manning finds fowler in the middle for a 30-yard gain. that leads to this. the handoff. scores the go ahead touchdown. the broncos go on to win 23-16. the cavs finally done with their six game road trip. things not getting any easier now that they're back home. tomorrow night they return to the q to host the golden state warriors. the cavs already played the warriors once this season on christmas day and lost. but kyrie irving who was just getting back from his injury then says the cavs are not the exact same team they were christmas day.
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special guest fox sports ohio sam amico joins mike cairns to
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seven day forecast. we get warmer pretty much every day. at least monday through friday. very cold start to our someday. below zero windchills. lake effect snow goes. as you know, that all depends on where the squalls persist. some spots could see a foot and a half of snow by tuesday morning. just a few inches for us for the most part. >> tomorrow a lot of people have the day off. >> huge deal there. >> stay in, stay warm. thanks for watching.
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