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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we've learned the fbi has had julio pen yow under investigation for months and that the history professor is accused of trying to recruit students. our team of reporters spent today digging into the investigation and asking questions about just how many of our neighbors may also be under investigation. we're going to start things off with newschannel5's bob jones who spoke with people who know julio pena. >> the president of kent state university released a statement and said there's no indications of a threat to campus. once again today we tried to get the professor's sigh. we went to his kent home near campus. his wife answered. >> no comment today. >> can we talk to mr. peno? >> no, no, he's in the interested. please, respect our privacy. >> reporter: we also checked the hall where the associate professor of history holds an officer. >> is julio peno in today? >> no, he won't be here until tomorrow. >> reporter: he did give an
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mills telling her does he not support the islamic state. he admitted speaking out on controversial issues but laws. >> i'm not under any kind of criminal investigation or suspicion. papers. >> the fbi won't tell us much about the investigation into pinoi but we do know the case has to do with possible ties to isis. >> it's crazy to think that it's here in kent. it's such a nice area. >> that's actually a professor that we see every day. >> reporter: in a statement, kent state's president said the university does not defend his views and continues to find his comments reprehensible. still, he remains a tenured professor which bothers some students. >> why would you want someone that has connections to isis at a huge university?
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looking into this case for a year and a half. so to their credit they really haven't been aggressive with the situation. they've just been taking necessary precautions. >> reporter: and julio pino is scheduled to return to his on campus office tomorrow but he told the student newspaper that he does intend to keep teaching. >> this arrest comes after two other isis related arrests rate here within the past year. so our team coverage continues with megan hickey. you have an in-depth look at the growing problem. >> reporter: right. according to the ksu newspaper, those allegations involve involvement with isis or recruiting students to join isis. the fbi is not confirming those reports at this time, telling me this is an ongoing investigation and telling me they're not going to comment further. according to, the fbi's joint terrorism task force has been investigating
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in a video interview he said he is not a supporter of the islamic state and does not believe he has broken the law. newschannel5 wanted to know just how common these investigations are in northeast ohio. i spoke with cleveland's fbi director in the wake of the last two arrests in the area. he told me the caseload is heavy for the field office with several pending investigations. >> i won't give you a number. i can't do that. what i can say is they're very busy. there's not members of this task force that are looking for work. there's plenty of cases and plenty of work to be done. so very active, very robust, a group of individuals that are trying to protect our community. >> reporter: now, as we reported, pino has been a controversial figure on campus for several years. i'm putting together a full report for you coming up new at 6:00. in cleveland, megan hickey, newschannel5. >> we just learned a man who has played a role in
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including ones against local isis suspects is stepping down. the u.s. attorney steven dettelbalk is stepping down. he has been with this situation and in the news in the past justice department investigation into the cleveland police department. in a statement today the attorney announced he is going february. new at 5:00 tonight, watch out for wild dogs. that's the warning from shaker heights police about a pack of wild dogs roaming the streets. officers say the animals have been spotted at least twice today alone so newschannel5's heights right now. why are officers so concerned? >> reporter: danita, that pack went after a woman this morning walking to a nearby train stop. police rushed to the scene,
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two others are still on the loose. >> jenny, no, you've got to go in. until they're caught, just be very careful. >> it's a very pedestrian area so to think these dogs are out there is very scary. >> reporter: paul says' now carrying a gun when he's with his puppy jenny. and his neighbor is keeping a close eight on her puppy here in the fenced in backyard. >> it's definitely a concern any better. >> and me. >> reporter: both sanders and thomas live in this shaker heights neighborhood where police tell me three wild dogs first attacked a dog this morning. sanders witness it. >> i wasn't sure what was on top of it biting it. it looked like either three dogs or drear.
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injured that police say they shot it. then two hours later -- >> the police officer gets out of his car with a rainfall and runs up on the lawn and all of a sudden starts to fall into place. , thomas witnessed an officer fatally shoot one of the wild dogs. that's after police say the animal bit a woman's coat. >> it was just so unusual for the area, because people are around here all the time walking their dogs. >> i don't walk her that much because of it. hopefully they will catch them the next couple of days. >> reporter: shaker heights police could not provide us with the description of the door, nor did they want to be a part of this story. but on their facebook page they urge residents to call the police department. if they see those dogs, do not approach them. kristin volk, newschannel5. mark, she's in shaker, and you saw the flurries coming
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>> flurries is the key word. barely making a dent in our snowfall totals today areawide. let's show you what's going on, on the power of 5 live doppler radar screen. first of all we will go to wind chill temperatures. it's 11 right now wind chill in cleveland. how about the actual air temperatures? 19 degrees cleveland, 19 akron, 18 in canton. so still a chill. as you can see on the power of 5, light snow. we've got an end to it back here, elyria to mansfield, snow ending. now, we could see some light snow and flurries continuing over lake geauga and ashtabula counties. lake effect, if you will. should be light, should be an inch or less through the entire overnight. this is what you're dealing with. windchills slightly below the actual air temperatures. bundle it up. here's your evening planner. 1, 19, 19. notice temperatures hovering in
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the evening with just some flurries and a little bit of clearing after midnight. we've got a warm-up on the way, plus we're tracking a major east coast winter storm. i'll tell if you it's going to have any impact on you and i. meantime, back outside for a live look. check out the roadways. they are clear but no doubt we see a little bit of traffic out there right now. stay at reasonable speed. you should be okay. we'll check back with mark in just a bit. meantime we've just checked with cleveland police. still no arrest after a driver hit a woman, just drove off. these are surveillance pictures taken after the crash. police tell us the car hit a woman what was crossing fulton road. that maroon chrysler lhs then pulled into a gas station. the driver appeared to hide for a few minutes, then left. and two people were sent to the hospital after a car ended up underneath the back of a cleveland firetruck. all of this happened on
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west 150th street this morning. a hazmat team was on scene to clean up the mess leaking engine fuel on the road. a consumer alert for you now at 5:00. another rough day on wall street. >> that's an understatement stocks are now at their lowest level in nearly two years. chris flanagan live at the live desk with new information. >> da knit tax frank, it was another nightmarish day on wall street even though it did end on a less scary note. you can believe it on oil. oil keeps diving, and it's taking wall street with it. the dow finishing at 15,776, down 250 points. it actually rebounded after a rough start. the dow plunging as many as 565 points today after the price of crude oil plummeted another 7% to below $27 a barrel. oil hasn't been this low since 2003. it's down an incredible 28% since the beginning of the year.
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barrel just a year and a half ago. so this is just the latest blow on what's already been the worst start to a year on record for the stock market. danita, frank. >> it's the endorsement that everyone's talking about today. >> former vice presidential candidate throwing her support behind donald trump. both trump and sarah palin hit the campaign trail today in tulsa, oklahoma, along with governor john case sick. more on the race for the white house. >> a protester was center stage at a conference in washington, d.c. calling for the chicago mayor's resignation. >> plus president obama was in detroit talking up the motor city's resurgence. >> at spitzer chevrolet we want your next vehicle purchase to be smooth, enjoyable, and most importantly fast. two to any vehicle details page and structure your deal by valuing your trade, personalizing payments, and
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quick start your deal on a 2016 cruz for $109 a month. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the
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winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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now to the race for the white house. with less than two weeks to go before iowa's caucuses candidates are pulling out the stops, in some cases letting big guns like sarah palin spread the message. political analysts call palin's endorsement extremely valuable. it comes as donald trump is
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texas senator ted cruz in iowa. on the democratic side a new poll showing bernie sanders with a lead over hillary clinton. meanwhile our governor, john kasich in new hampshire addressing the house of representatives today, kasich really showing some life there polling well. the latest poll has him alone in second place trailing only donald trump, saying he's realistic about the outcome of new hampshire. >> i'm really positive. up until now the celebrity candidates have been the story. i'm not a celebrity candidate. i also said if i get smoked here i'm not going to carry on a fairy tale. >> a busy day after leaving the state house. three different town halls including the one you see here in concord, the last one starting in 45 minutes.
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polls on february 9th. frank, danita. >> thank you, chris. happening now, president obama is in the motor city to tout a resurgence of the motor city. >> this afternoon he toured the north american international auto show which has been underway for more than a week now. after that, the president spoke about the comeback of the american auto industry while meeting with members of the united auto workers union. >> back in washington, hundreds of mayors from across the nation attending an annual conference. this is what we're talking about this morning. a protester stepped up on the stage demanding the resignation of chicago mayor rahm emanuel. he has been under fair lately for how he handled the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. the 17-year-old was carrying a knife but he was walking away from police at the time when he was shot and killed by a chicago police officer in 2014. frank, many mayors at the conference are asking for fucial help from washington to
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infrastructures. in a report released today 89 mayors from 31 states say aging infrastructure is this abiggest challenge right now. they also support body cameras and independent investigations in pleat shootings. let's take a look at our weather. a few flurries. >> flu flurries. flu flurries. you want to see a flu flurry? let me show you. that's a flu flurry. >> you reckon? >> yeah, sam i am. let's show you akron. watch the flu flurries. they're driving too fast. there's the snow coming in. it's just a real weak weather system, barely a low pressure, bare al trough in the atmosphere that's stirring up the snow. it's going toned very quickly over the next couple of hours
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belt, may keep a few little isolated snow showers. lake geauga and ashtabula county. the bulk of it moving through mid to late afternoon, beginning to scart out behind that. still a flu flurries in cleveland. a flu flurry up here in chardon down toward canton. but again, the flu flurries aren't going to really impact your "flu evening." i love this. i want you to go to homa bash was out taking pictures of lake erie and the ice sculptures created by the lake and the wind and the tremendous pictures. they're spectacular stuff. night. current temperatures, 19. that's cold enough to make some ice.
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and not a flu shower. i will beat that dead horse for the rest of the day. i will just beat it. 17 in ravenna, 18 in ashtabula, and the windchills, feels like 11, elyria, feels like 7 in ashtabula. for your evening, "flu drying out. for the canton area there's a "flu flurry" until 9:00 p.m., then drier weather. again, these "flu flurries" really aren't going to do too much to you. everyone is talking about the big winter storm. here is the weakening low pressure that is moving through. this one here is the actual winter storm that's going to become a pretty major impactful event for the east coast. here's preliminary track, and then up the east coast. sought looks like west virginia, virginia, up toward
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philadelphia, the heaviest amounts of snow. that's the way it looks now. computer models will likely change as we adjust the track of the low over the next two days. 16 tonight, some clearing. lake-effect snow mainly to the east. the flurries are "flu" and far between. all right, i think i'm done. >> are you sure? >> danita needs to make another gaffe. >> let's talk about the snow and what little we've had. >> and the snow they're going to get to the south and east. take a look. mark showed you. let's get a closer view on what we're dealing with here as we move through. there we go. this is a look at the estimatessed snowfall all the way through sunday morning. notice 18 to 24 across the pink areas. that's potentially eastern west virginia, northern virginia. again, it's still a few days
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not much for southern ohio. where is the snow for us? 18 to 24 inches there. so far in cleveland this season, all the way back to october, 1 inches. >> amazing. >> normally 30 inches. there we go. 22 below. a quarter of what we'd normally get. so fire in january we've actually seen seven cinches of snow. just goes to show you how little we had in november and december. so we are way below. over the next few days we're going to stay pretty much at that number. >> the maximum we see is "a flu flurries." danita and frank. new at 5:00, energy drinks and how this aconsumption can harm your child. and steps to change how the 911 dispatch center operates and responds in your time of
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health alert for parents. you might want to think twice before letting your children have energy drinks. here is why. a can or a bottle of energy drink could have as much caffeine as 14 cans of soda. and a recent study found that more than 40% of all energy drink related calls to our nation's poison control centers were for kids under the age of sir, many of them suffering serious nervous system and heart system is issues. here's something you may not know. fast-food and chain restaurants are required to disclose their calorie counts, even if they aren't on the menu. but what do you do when you comes to picking your favorite meal at smaller restaurants some when it comes to portion size, smaller lowell owned restaurants aren't that different from chains. average entrees contain more than 1200 calories. and since we're talking about fast-food restaurants, that's probably high in calories,
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mcdonald's is trying out a new item in japan. chocolate covered french fries drizzled with the milk sauce. it's being called a wonderful snack. it will only be available for a limited time. >> salty and sweet. coming up at 5:30, tragedy as two elderly women die in an overnight fire in cleveland. their family and investigators are looking for answers as to how it started. plus, more than 100 pounds of pot is off the street after a traffic stop on interstate
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5:30. a kent state professor is under fbi investigation. julio pino has been under investigation by the fbi for more than a year for a possible
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claims that he tried to recruit students. we're told several faculty members and students were questioned yesterday. pino who is currently teaching two courses, remains a professor who is tenured. a horrible day on wall street. stocks tanked, the dow closing down 250 points. butt could have been much worse. at one point the dow was down 565 points. let's get a check on our weather. chief meteorologist mark johnson is here. >> winter coat weather continuing. current temperatures 19 elyria, cleveland. 18 in canton. teens in mansfield, norwalk, all the way into ravenna and ashtabula. as far as snowfall goes, let me show you what this weak weather system is doing, fading fast and almost out of here. look at this. just a few lingering flurries in a couple of spots. some of these echoes here lake effect.
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and ashtabula and geauga county overnight with an additional inch of snow where those snow showers per sit. certainly not major squalls. we're trying to get some clearing coming in overnight. behind the system we do have some breaks in the overcast. should see some of that in your neighborhood overnight. here is your hour-by-hour. watch those temperatures. middle and upper teens by tomorrow morning some of in the lower teens. then it will warm up, and we're tracking that wintered storm. where's it going to go? is it coming to ohio? find out next. >> right now two elderly women are dead and two men recovering. >> this after a fire swept through a cleveland home. tracy is live along east 147th street working to get new details for us tonight. tracy, do fire investigators know what caused the fire? >> right now, danita, they do not. but there was a team of investigators who spent the majority of the day here trying to answer that question. broken hearted family members
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the home where two elderly morning. for theresa taylor, this was not just a house. this was home. >> it's something you can't even describe, how you feel, knowing you was in this home. i look at the step, how we used to try to do things. >> one of the women who died here this morning was taylor's foster mother. >> good people. good people. it's such a tragedy the way they left here. >> reporter: yellow tape surrounds 3701 east 147th street. investigators and a dog have been here for hours searching for clues, looking for where the fire started. >> there was a loud boom. we're in the process of investigating what might have caused that. again, they're looking for areas inside the house that they think that might have
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>> the two women cimpled sisters who lived in separate apartments. tonight their family and friends are united in their grief over losing the 85 and 90- year-old. >> the last thing i said to her and she said to me was, "i love you," and she said," i love you, too." >> reporter: tracy carloss, newschannel5. a new analysis of public school report cards shows disparity between kids with different economic backgrounds. the report shows the state has a lot of work to do to level the playing field. there was a 23% gap in graduation rate of districts who have a high percentage of disadvantaged students and several state education groups hope to use these results to prompt lawmakers to take action.
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hearing a proposal to child- proof electronic cigarettes. the bill requires the health department to develop standards for liquid nicotine packaging resist pant to children. supporters say they're harmful to children if ingested or absorbed through the skin. six months from today the rnc will be in full swing down at the q. >> and local organizers say they are prepared for anything. john kosich is following all things election. there's good reason for the planning. >> reporter: these events are unique around this one is no different. there's the media workspace over at the new convention center that will be further away from any workspace in the parveghts and that's going to require nonstop transportation between the two. the committee says that's going to be no problem. there will be the possibility
5:29 pm
years there will be a contested convention, no candidate with the majority of the delegates. the committee says they're ready, though, even though they don't think it will happen. >> we plan for all kinds of contingencies. that certainly has always been something we've planned for. but having a contested convention is not something we're spending a lot of time on. i think it's going to work itself out. by the time you get to the middle of march or the end of march, that process will after lot more clarity to the. >> in the meantime no, word yet on when we will learn the perimeters of what will be the security zone. larson said the secret service is working with the city and downtown businesses to keep them up to date on that process. live in the newsroom, john kosich, newschannel5. >> the r t a is starting to roll out new trolleys. later this month 12 brand-new trolleys will be rolling the streets of cleveland. the trolley is five feet longer than the current one.
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retiring the older trolleys after the convention j. a routine traffic stop by the ohio state highway patrol turns into a major drug bust on interstate 70. take a look. 123 pounds of marijuana was found inside of the karen vacuum-sealed bags. the driver and passenger both felony charges. the highway patrol says the pot was worth more than $615,000. coming up next live on 5, boiling mad. there's no end in sight to flint's water crisis, and now people fed up with turning off the tap are taking action. the calls for justice and arrests ahead. and super sales. the big event driving more and more people to buy tvs right now. but first, those wing lottery numbers. the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us who love winter,
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to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins
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and in my world of weather today it's all about the winter scenes you are capturing via facebook. jordan out of jefferson, ohio they're snow weary there. 15eu6r7b8gs of snow fell over the past three days. they're getting a little more. i love billy's picture of the icicles coming off the house. you can see a lot if you look closely. how about a great sunset from christine. a pillar of light coming in. a hawk hunting in the backyard. like the page and you can post. maybe you will see your picture on tv tomorrow.
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happening now, anger is boiling over in flint, michigan continues. the governor is promising to shed new light on how the state is responding as residents are calling for his resignation. elizabeth herr has more. >> i'm sorry most of all that i you deserve better. >> reporter: michigan governor rick snyder is apologizing to
5:34 pm
seems as though not everyone is ready to accept it. these protesters are demanding that he step down and be arrested. >> they were starring at a public health emergency and they sat on it. >> reporter: lawyers have now filed three class action lawsuits arguing state and city officials should have acted sooner. according to recently released e-mails, officials, in an attempt to save money, apparently waited nearly five months to warn the public of the toxic levels of lead when they changed the city's water source. >> we haven't had our water tested, so concerned. i have five kids. >> we should have not got to this point. we're surrounded by the great lakes, the world's greatest fresh water supply. >> reporter: during his state of the state address, in addition to more aid the governor pledged greater transparency, this as the flint mayor met with president obama and white house officials
5:35 pm
>> but i'm really glad to be here because i know we're going to get more resources to continue to move flint forward and get us clean, quality water. >> reporter: this again as we wait for the governor's e-mails to be released and learn who knew what and when. elizabeth herr, abc news. >> teachers in detroit are calling in sick. not because they're actually sir, though. the teachers are protesting the awful conditions inside of the schools' aging buildings. overcrowding of classrooms and low wages have teachers upset. the sick-outs have been going on since last week and comes on the heels vice president bama's visit to the motor city today. we want to clarify something. a story we told you about earlier. a kept state professor is under investigation for possible ties to terror. he has not been arrested or charged with anything. as of yesterday, eager
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taxes could start to file their 2015 tax forms. >> there are some scams. the irs they see they've seen a rise in fraudulent filing that could be someone filing your taxes under your social security number and getting your tax refund. the earlier you file, the less likely that is to actually happen. they also say fishing e-mails claiming to be -- phishing e- mails claiming to be from the irs asking you to click here for the refund. clicking the link is going to lastly, scamming over the phone. the caller will claim to be from the irs that you are behind on your tax bill and will threaten to arrest you until you pay up. >> here's something good. we are two and a half weeks away from the super bowl. you're probably already planning your parties. so if you're in the market for get ago brand-new tv to watch the game on, now would be the rate time to buy one. a survey found a quarter of
5:37 pm
new television during super bowl sales. big box retailers have already started posting tv deals in an effort to lure those shoppers. and this just into the newsroom. united has announced it will allow travelers flying to, from, or through a number of airports that could be impacted by this weekend's winter storm, the chance to change flights without paying a change fee or a difference in fare. so if you're flying united over the weekend you might want to check with them. >> the east coast going to get hit. >> east coast, philly, probably washington, d.c. and baltimore, roanoke, virginia. those look to be the bull's- eyes right now. but 48 hours away. mother nature often changes her mind, at least a little bit. she will shift that track. >> a woman's prerogative to change her mind. >> and move things around. >> that's how it goes. >> don't touch that one. >> don't touch it. >> that was smooth. scoot over this way.
5:38 pm
>> let's take a look at what's going on in your world. worcester in wayne county, we are seeing some cloudiness mixing with clear. nice little sunset. notice a coating of snow that fell earlier this afternoon. a half an inch maximum. here's what's going on. this is not a major winter storm. this is not the storm that's going to impact the east coast with all the heavy snow and wind. actually what this is, is a very weak trough of low pressure, weakening as it moves east, steadily, bringing us just a little bit of light snow. half an inch or less in most spot, and it is fading fast. most of you are going to dry tonight. there is still the threat with winds coming out of the west- northwest that there could be a tiny bit of lake-effect snow for ashtabula, perry, mentor,
5:39 pm
accumulations manage afternoon. that would be it, where the snow bands do set up. not a major problem here. currently 20 degrees downtown. euclid at 20. 19 in akron. 18 for jackson township, canton, 17 in mastland. the winds aren't really a big deal. all eyes focused on our weekend winter store. so where is the storm now? here's our low pressure with a little trough to it across eastern ohio. that's not the big storm. here is the developing winter store. look how far away it is from where it's likely going to provide the heavy snow. we've still got a couple of days to watch their involve. all of these blues, that's winter storm watches. the specific already winter storm warnings out for the mountains of west virginia. how about this. for washington, d.c. and
5:40 pm
greater clevelanders driving down interstate 77, slow go. if you're flying to washington, d.c. or baltimore, that's probably going to be impact. even new york city, you are likely going to have to deal with cancellations friday into saturday. so keep up to date with the latest forecast. the track is not totally set or guaranteed. so the snow amounts could change, but some spots just to the east of baltimore and d.c., just to the west could see two feet of snow or more. overnight lows here in the small numbers in the teens generally, tomorrow's highs a little warmer, middle and upper 20s. greater cleveland will go 15 to 1 degrees, depending on which side of town you're on. 26 for a high tomorrow. and for the akron-canton area, 15 tonight, 13, tomorrow's highs around 27. so slightly better. friday dry, 30. how about saturday? dry, 28. then we're warming up. look at monday. 40s, a wintry mix. on tuesday winter is over,
5:41 pm
>> canceled. >> yeah, right. we know better. 911 calls waiting for answers. our investigators have been looking into the problem for months. tonight we checked in with dispatchers about the delays. and a local professor accused of having ties to terrorists. we're digging into julio pino's past. this is not the first time he's been under the fbi's radar. >> but first, backlash against the academy awards. hollywood's top actors are speak out about the lack of diverse team. while the problem is bigger than the oscars.
5:42 pm
when you get your business a refund, do you insist on being called the taxonator? then you might be gearcentric. nright now, buy any tax software p and get a $100 service bundlet for free! office depot officemax. gear up for great
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if you are on social media no doubt you have seen the debate over the oscars. for the last two years only white actors have been nominated in major categories. the debate followed about the state of race in hollywood. tonight george clooney mopping others adding their voices. brandi hitt has the story. >> we're not coming. not going. >> reporter: the movie director
5:44 pm
stance not attending next month's oscars. he clarified on "good morning america" he's also urging urge -- he's also not urging anyone to follow him. for a second consecutive year all 20 oscar nominees in the act category are white. >> why is this a conversation we only have once a year? >> we haven't done enough to nurture a diverse talent. >> reporter: even george clooney tells "variety" i think that african-americans have a fair point that the industry isn't representing them well enough. >> there have been rumblings about how white the oscars have been for quite some time but this year it's reached a fever pitch. ignore it.
5:45 pm
who is herself white is taking dramatic steps. >> it goes back to the gate keepers. >> studios. >> yes. we're not in the room. >> reporter: spike lee wants hollywood studios to start enforcing a quota system similar to the rooney rule in the nfl where senior positions are not filled until minority candidates are at least interviewed. an actress best known for her role on "the sopranos" just made a stunning revelation. she says she's been battling multiple sclerosis for years. she was diagnosed when she was 20 while starring on the hbo drama. she tells "people" magazine she can't walk for long periods of time without resting and struggles to walk upstairs. the actress says a drug has actually helped her condition and made it manageable. and we are learning more about a real-life drama for a hollywood actor. a car crash flipped and caught fair on monday night.
5:46 pm
of jamie foxx. fox and another person broke a window, cut the driver from his seatbelt and pulled them out of the car. that's our time. thanks for joining us. chris, danita, what's going on? a lot going on. next at 6:00, life on the line. newschannel5 getting answers after we asked about 911 call delays. >> we uncover new information about a possible fix to the problem. plus, a local professor possibly supporting terrorists. a 5 on your side investigation into his past uncovers more controversy.
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