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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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no, i wouldn't say i'm worried. >> today after returning to the classroom embattled professor julio pino held a news conference. >> newschannel5's bob jones was the first to track him down and get some answers. pino denied any wrong doing, said he learned about the investigation from the news. bob jones joins us live on 5 from our akron borrow with more from that one on one interview. pino says' not going anywhere. >> julio pino is facing down. he was back in the classroom for the first time since the story broke today. while his future may be uncertain he does not believe he will face any criminal charges. >> and do you support isis? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: are you >> absolutely not. >> reporter: outside his kent
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telling me he had no idea fbi agents were investigating him until he saw media reports. >> as much of a shock to me as other people. >> reporter: have you spoken to the fbi? >> i would rather not say at this time. they know more about that than aid. >> reporter: you can't say whether you've had a conversation with them? >> in the past, i have. >> reporter: a throng of cameras followed pino as he returned to his senior history class. kent state mop toring the widespread attention pino is receiving increased security inside and outside the buildings where he teaches. >> reporter: do you think you should step down or step aside? is it too much of a distraction for your students? >> oh, absolutely not. i'm doing my job. i'm teaching two classes. >> reporter: fbi interviewed students and faculty members earlier this week. pino's outspoken political views have been criticized over the years. ebels that's causing false rumors. >> freedom of speech is guaranteed by both the constitution as well as my terms of employment.
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students left class without comments but one seemed to defend him. >> it's a bunch of crap. i feel like a lot of people are controlled by fear. >> i do not endorse violence, i do not advocate violence, nor do i practice it. >> reporter: and pino told me again today that ebels when everything is said and done he thanks his name will be cleared. you can watch my entire interview with pino on our news net 5 app including what he said when i asked him how he feels about this country. bob jones, newschannel5. >> also during his one-on-one interview bob asked pip no about whether he thinks the only reason he has a job is tenure. >> every tenured professor gets the same protection. not only that, but obviously the bill of rights as well. so freedom of speech is guaranteed by both the
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coming up all new at 6:00 we are investigating the ironclad nature of tenure and how far a professor can really go before a university is allowed to fire him. one of the ohio natives accused of sending money to al- qaida wants to be let out of prison while he awaits trial. his attorneys are requesting he be put on house arrest with his family. that's in the atlanta area. he studied engineering at ohio state and is one of four suspects accused in the terror funding plot. prosecutors will ask a federal judge to deny the defense attorney's request. they say he's a flight risk. breaking news out of somalia where a terror attack is underway in the capital of mogadishu. first a suicide bomber rammed the gates of a restaurant, then gunmen fought their way interest acknowledge. police are blaming islamic extremists. at this hour police are trying to regain control of the building. chief land police just confirmed to newschannel5 that
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connection with a series of brutal robberies in little italy. de shawn newton was taken into custody but has not been charged. two others are already charged with aggravated robbery. a former officer had his bond reduced from 5 million to $150,000 after pleading not guilty to rape charges. jeffrey martin was arrested after a woman told police he raped her in 2014, then stalked her afterwards. martin resigned from the force a month before the alleged rape and a year later was accused of impersonating an officer to get information about his accuser from a police database j. a former oklahoma city police officer will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of rape. jurors recommended a total of 263 years for him. prosecutors say he targeted black women in a poor neighborhood, pulled them over for alleged crimes, then attacked them. 13 women took the stand
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that's when a jury convicted him on 18 counts, including rape and sexual battery. today funeral arrangements were announced for officer thomas cottrell. police say he was killed by a man on a mission to murder officers. a color guard, bagpipes and police escort will carry the officer from the funeral home to the newark campus of ohio state for an 11:00 a.m. service. that's saturday. by the way, on saturday governor kasich has called for flags across our state to be flown at half-staff to honor the fallen officer. officer cottrell leaves behind an ex-wife and three daughters. meantime tonight the calls for michigan's governor to resign growing even louder after newly released e-mails
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office handled the water crisis in flint. dominic rigs is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: 100,000 residents have been told the levels of lead in the water sore high it is not safe to use. the governor voluntarily released 274 pages of e-mails about the crisis. those e-mails showed top state officials tried to pass the blame. one aid said it was the responsibility of local officials to handle the crisis. the documents also revealed state officials began discussing concerns in january 2014 even before flint switched the water source. they allegedly waited five months to issue the warning. tonight national publications are shining a spotlight on the crisis. the latest edition of "time" magazine calls the crisis the poisoning of an american city. you see it right here. it features this two-year-old
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rashes after bathing in lead- contaminated water. live in the newsroom, dhomonique ricks. still ahead, people working hard right here in ohio to take care of those people in flint, michigan. that's new at 5:30. today one of the people held prisoner in iran will be landing in the united states. he and two others have been getting medical attention at a u.s. base in germany. and today he is finally set to be reunited with his loved ones. he spent four and a half years in prison after being convicted of spying. he says his marine training helped sustain him j. now, all new at 5:00, twice as many guns were confiscated at cleveland hopkins airport in 2015 than the year before. the tsa reported its agents confiscated 12 guns at
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were not in checked baggage. in 2014 agents confiscated six guns. the number is also up at the akron airport. there were only two guns confiscated in 2014, seven taken last year. developing now at 5:00, it's been more than a year now since the highway overpass collapsed in cincinnati, killing a construction worker. and a state analysis of that tragedy still isn't finished. the collapse happened january 19th last year during demolition to remove an i-75 bridge. brandon carl from kentucky was killed in what was later determined to be a preventible workplace accident by osha. and the construction company was fined. but today lawsuits over the accident are still pending and odot is keeping details of its report private. mark, let's get a look at the weather for teaching. >> look at all the colors on our weather map, lee. winter weather advisories
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storm warnings out for west virginia, portions of inteft p.a., and southern ohio. that's a big winter storm but notice no advisories, no winter storm warnings for anyone here in northern ohio. all we've got now on the pour of is five, a few light flurries. persistent flurries from ashtabula into mentor, chardon, even greater cleveland, a few flurries. temperatures on the cold side. right now 24 cleveland to akron, 23 in canton, 22 in mansfield. so what do you want to do this evening? we do not have to go buy bread and milk. we have plenty. we are not going to experience a major winter storm here, at least not this weekend. that's for our southern friends, southern ohio in through the virginias and philadelphia, boston, and it looks like new york city and d.c. they're going get it. us, quieter weather.
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for cleveland and the snow belt, could be an isolated flurry. i've got -- i've got a warm-up on the seven-day. we'll tell you when that is coming. bringing pot to ohio already failed once. >> but next, a job posting for a national organization has the state buzzing about the race to bring pot to ohio. plus, if you thought lakewood hospital was a done deal, think again. we have the revitalized effort to take the hospital back from the cleveland clinic. people living in 21 states are being warned to stock up a week's worth of food and supplies as a monster winter blizzard turns their way. how much impact will we feel in ohio? his wife has been very vocal about boycotting the oscars this week. now will smith is speaking up about the racial controversy enveloping the prestigious ceremony.
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it when we come back. the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us who love winter, these words mean so much more. they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins
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all new at 5:00 the push for medical marijuana in ohio is heating up. >> the effort has an endorsement from a powerful backer.
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more on the latest push for medical pot in ohio. meg tban, a job -- megan, a job posting is generating a lot of hype. >> reporter: right. the marijuana policy project posted a job yesterday for a columbus-based campaign manager for a medical marijuana ballot initiative. now, that post says the goal of the organizer is to pass a medical marijuana ballot initiative in the november 2016 election. what's the marijuana policy project? it's the group that led to successful efforts in colorado and alaska. it also helped several states pass medicinal marijuana efforts including michigan. the mpp has not officially announced support of this initiative but in that post says that the final round of interviews will be conducted in cleveland on february 9th and 10th. live in cleveland, meg tban hick key, newschannel5. new developments today out of lake wad. a group called save lakewood hospital isn't giving up its fight to keep the hospital out
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clinic. it says it now has enough signatures to get the matter on the masn primary ballot. you will recall the lake wad city council voted for that hospital. the ohio senior health insurance program helps medicare beneficiaries understand the complex healthcare benefits and options available to them. it scored number one over 54 similar programs in the country. some 370,000 ohioans on medicare benefited from the program last year. so mark? >> yes, ma'am? >> some people here -- i've been out of town a few days and was happy to see i didn't get much snow. some people got it a lot. >> yeah, my truck, i found it. that was the snow belt. now we're quieting down with
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i just got off the phone with the hynans downtown and they have more bread on their shelf than the entire state of virginia, because that's where the weather is, and that's where we're going to be focusing for the next few days. for us, zero impact. well, we'll have some clouds. >> we can exhale. >> you do not to have go out and bye all the bread. >> clean peaches. there's a live look at wooster. there's no storm brewing there. dry weather. still see some grass there on the football field from wooster high school. here's cloud cover. pretty consistent throughout the day. few flurries. it there's a patch of snow developing just off of -- just to the east of painesville, moving into perry and madison. a flurry through the evening not out of the question but nothing to worry about travel- wise.
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painesville, moving up toward perry, a couple of flurries toward burton and chesterland. a flurry in the akron area. all in all quiet weather here. we don't need a blizzard. we don't need 50 inches of snow like some spots in the mountains. the okay, that's an exaggeration. if they get 30 or 35 in the west virginia mountains, inches of snow washings not be surprised. 24 wooster to akron, 23 in canton, ashtabula and youngstown sitting at 22 degrees. here we go. the impact of the winter storm, nothing. we've got clouds, a little bit of clearing in between as temperatures slowly fall back into the middle and upper teens by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. then we're mainly cloudy through your day on friday. again, dry weather. now, let's examine what's going on with this winter storm. on the warm side of this thing we've got a tornado watch box,
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we actually have a few tornado warnings with these big cells that are moving toward the north and east. so this is the warm side. a lot of moisture being pulled in by the cold front along the gulf of mexico and up into the southern plains and mississippi valley. here's where the winters storm warnings are. you see pink. and then orange, a blizzard warning. that could k stretch up to philadelphia. they're under a blizzard watch. they're going to wait until later tonight to see if they're going to issue. here we go. 21 states impact by this guy right there. still several hundred miles away but we're pretty certain the track, a little farther this way, then moving up this way, back to the coast, and up this way. going to be a lot of heavy snow. even southern ohio could share in six-plus inches of snow. look at these totals. 18 to 24 inches, washington, d.c., maybe even up toward new
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16 for us tonight. cloudy skies. staying cold. maybe a flurry early on. tomorrow let's do 28 degrees. cloudy for the most part, slightly milder. okay, here we go. they are preparing. tens of millions of people, waiting for that monster winter storm headed to the east coast. just look at what one inch of snow did to the traffic in the nation's capital yesterday. the blizzard starts tomorrow. it could bring as much as two feet of the white stuff. that's why people are acting this big storm. they called washington, d.c.'s mega storm in 2010 snowmageddon, and this storm could even be worse. >> this is predicted to be the worst storm our state has seen since snowmageddon in 20 10. >> maryland governor larry hogan urging residents to have a week's worth of supplies on hand, promising public works
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>> statewide, sha has 2700 pieces of equipment that will be deployed and is ready with 365,000 tons of salt to battle the store. >> with up to two feet of show predicted, residents are preparing for the worst. this store in chesapeake, virginia forced to limit the amount of snow supplies each customer could buy. >> the fastest moving thing has been the snow shovels. we're down to the last few of them, which is like three or four. >> and this d.c. trader joe's supermarket trying to control the crowds only allowing 10 shoppers in the storm at a time. is it all too much? the director of the forecasting agency said preparation can save lives. >> talking about a potentially paralyzing storm. >> after wednesday's light snow caused major acts, the stakes today are even higher. well, it isn't just the snow on the way. tropical storm force winds
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d.c. and baltimore. but again, here in north eastern ohio just some clouds, maybe a flurry down toward dover new philly. you know ours is coming, right, frank? >> we hope not. the browns reveal their new brynn trust. what this means for the team moving forward. he has spoken out against israel, sim pa united states with a palestinian suicide bomber, and is now under federal investigation, accused of recruiting his students for isis. all new tonight at 6:00, is tenure the only reason a k sue professor still has -- a ksu
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yet another changing of the guard today in berea. >> the browns official rolling
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brown and our sports director joins us now. >> you are going to hear a lot of two words. one, analytics, and, two, collaboration. every decision moving forward will be made between head coach hue jackson and a yet to be named player personnel director, sashi brown. the group is hoping to avoid the toxic "every man for himself" atmosphere that has plagued berea. >> we need to good out and find impact players. we will sit down with you and the coaching staff when they get here, come up with a shared vision with paul, make sure that everybody understands it and clearly communicates where we're heading and move from there. >> so they laid out the framework but the question mark for fans become what are
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coming up at 6:00 the foomp of johnny manziel. should be interesting. >> interesting indeed. all new at 5:00, help flowing into flint as its water crisis gets even worse. find out what you can do to help right now to help people told they cannot turn on their taps. and governor kasich continues to pick up steam in the race for the white house. we'll tell you what key endorsement he managed to
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back with our top stories. bob jones was the first reporter to talk to a ksu professor accused of recruiting students for isis. julio pino has been under investigation by the fbi for more than a year now but told us he just found out yesterday from the news.
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continues to teach history class. the marijuana policy project is looking for a campaign organizer to work in columbus on a medical marijuana constitutional amendment. this is the same group that brought marijuana to colorado, alaska, and michigan. the goal is to pass a ballot initiative this fall. governor rick snyder released 274 pages of personal e-mails. it's all about flint. that's where lead levels in the water are so high, folks can't safely drink it. those e-mails detail his office's response to concerns about the condition of the water and show in some cases they dismiss concerns. the e-mails strengthen calls for his resignation. and this crisis is a nightmare for families that literally have to use bottled water for everything. >> there are distribution centers set up but we are talking about massive a little of water needed for an indefinite amount of time.
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rallying and sending help. >> what's going on right now is really heart wrench sog we want to reach out and get surrounding cities to help us out with the water drive and gas cards. >> this is the scene. stacks and stacks of water in the corner after the restaurant started a facebook campaign. the goal to show support for the people in flint. >> we hope to get as much as possible. we want to take as many trips as possible so if we have to take more than two, we are willing to do it. >> 100,000 people in flint are being told to avoid drinking and cooking with tap water. after the city switched water supplies, a series of missteps led to a dangerous increase in lead levels. high lead levels have been linked to health problems in children. >> my oldest, his teeth are just crumbling. we're not sure what to do. >> the national guard has been
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but it's not enough. back in avon, the crisis hit home for bubba baker. >> without even being family help. >> great job there. shipment tomorrow. as well. hashtag lunch bag in cleveland supplies. flint is seeing even more love from ohio thanks to the akron-canton food bank. the president of the food bank says he started his career at food bank of eastern michigan in flint, and his heart is breaking for the people living there. the donated water was distributed among more than 400 hunger relief programs. six months from tonight, july 21st, the republican nominee for president will take center stage at the q to accept the republican nomination.
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work to do and the workforce is doing its part to make it all come together. john kosich joins us live to explain. >> in orchestra, it's about more than one instrument. and the convention is more than about people filling a hall to hear a speech. there's a growing number of people with the setup now underway. in july, newschannel5 was given an exclusive first peek where the republican national committee was setting up shop. >> it's got at least something like 30 or 40 existing offices you can see, then we'll build this out and probably put some cubicles through here. >> six months later the cubicles are in where people once shopped. planning is underway for the convention itself. inside the q, several hundred miles of additional cable will need to be put down. talk about data, in 2012 at
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they did that year for the super bowl in terms of data and bandwidth and timessed it by 10 for the convention. >> they almost got to the last mile. it almost shut down as they got to that final night. >> what separates this convention from others is for the first time since new york at the the convention site is in a walkable area near hotels, restaurants, and bars that will be able to apply to stay open until 4:00 a.m. >> you saw some of that during the debate, when fourth street was packed. the people of cleveland really participated and i think got a lot out of it. we're excited. that was just a precursor to the big show coming this july. >> the rnc started with a handful of people here in cleveland last summer. that number has been steadily growing and will reach over 00 working here as we near the con vehicles. live in the newsroom, john
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ohio's own candidate john kasich picking up some steam. today he snagged a highly coveted endorsement in the early primary state of new hampshire. the state's former chairman says he thinks kasich has the best chance of winning the state and appreciated our governor's positive and consistent tone. you know what else has been consistent. flurries. >> flurries, flurries, flurries. but i'm starting out wide, frank, on the power of 5 live doppler network just to show you a developing winter storm. going to impact 21 states including ohio but it's the southern tip of ohio from about athens, ou, just to the south of columbus, chesapeake, huntington. this is where the heavy snow is going to be and blizzard warnings in effect and baltimore where, believe it or not, some of our computer models are suggesting three to
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for dulles airport, that would be saturday. yikes. let's check out a few isolated flurries on our power of 5. just a few. you can barely notice them. just a couple. not going to slow you down if you want to go out and about. everything is okay. now our temperatures. that's where we've been. that's what we've been dealing with for the past few days. the arctic air in place. slightly milder today. lower and middle 20s out there right now. and let's give you your hour by hour. what do you want to do this evening? bundle up. notice a flurry or two and a mainly cloudy sky all night long. we're going to track that winter storm plus we've got a little bit of rain moving your way. rain. warmer temperatures in the seven-day next. still ahead, all new at 5:00, a man is murdered. it happened in front of his children, too. now his killer is using an illegal cell phone to broadcast live from prison and ask for money. find out what authorities are doing about it. a cab driver and his
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burning vehicle during a series of explosions. it was all caught on camera. see how the driver risked his life to make sure his passenger made it out alive. here's a look at your winning lottery numbers today. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home.
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a refund, the taxonator? then you might be gearcentric. nright now, buy any tax software and get a $100 service bundlet for free! gear up for great
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in my world of weather today it's all about ice. first of all, these great ice pillars, light pillars from dana. what happens is, we have these tiny little -- when there's calm winds -- little tiny ice crystals hanging in the bottom 00 feet of the at mows sphear, and it causes the light from any light post or sign to go straight up. so you get these light pillars.
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look at this from christine from last night. look at the sun setting. that is a light pillar. billy with a great shot of some microscopic snowflakes.
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consumer news now. stocks once again see sawing
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this afternoon the dow closed up 115 points. a rare trip into the green after a volatile month. just yesterday the dow closed down 249 points, and that was an improvement on earlier trading that sought drop 565 points. so we wanted to know what's behind the swings. here's what we learned. analysts say this market volatility is caused by tanking oil prices which have hit their lowest price in 12 years. that is great for drivers, but bad for the energy industry which lost 100,000 jobs last year alone. >> the market can handle bad news but it can't handle uncertainty. so not knowing where the bottom is in oil causes a lot of angst among even the professional money managers. >> investors are also concerned about a downturn in china's economy. they're worried that a slow there is down there could trigger a slow down here in
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so far this year the stock market turbulence has wiped out more than $2 trillion from share prices. what does that mean for you and me? for the typical retirement savings account that is a loss of oaferredz 8,000. ouch. a murderer broadcasting live from inside his alabama prison cell. >> yeah, he used periscope to go live, then posted it to facebook. his victim's family outraged. >> it ain't no fun with your family is dead. >> that's the sister of the man who williamson murdered on christmas day back in 2011. now williamson is able to live stream from inside prison walls, and he wept live for days, and during that broadcast, williamson gathered more than 3,000 followers. this really got the victim's family. he asked several times for
5:40 pm
pay for food and more. >> he killed my brother in front of me, my mama, my grandmother, the rest of my christmas day. ain't nobody need to be supporting no murderer. >> the department of corrections says it is working hard to crack down on contraband, especially cell phones. but you can see other inmates walking around carrying cell phones. since this was posted williamson was transferred to a higher security prison. tonight amazing video out of the boston area. a taxi caught fire, then exploded, and a man living nearby heard the commotion and then grabbed his cell phone. the witness says he counted at least six explosions. the driver and an elderly passenger were inside when the fair started but escaped before the explosion.
5:41 pm
canes so the driver picked her up and carried her to safety. fortunately the fire department arrived in time to put out the flames before they spread to all of the other cars parked nearby. >> amazing video. check this out right here. this is what the northern lights look like from the international space station. look at those colors. astronaut scott kelly and tim peek shared their incredible view. you can see the aurora borealis from some locations on earth, but not like this. he called the view magical. >> that is magical. >> makes you want to go to space, doesn't it. some of us live there. >> some of us are very familiar with it. >> yes indeed. wherever you are in space, you better bundle up because it is chilly. everyone is here is cold.
5:42 pm
there it is. look at that. >> wow. who snapped that? >> a snowflake under a microscope. they've been trying and trying for a hundred years to find two that are alive and they still have not. they still have not found them yet. an individual snowflake under a microscope that is just incredible. nature is unbelievable. 100%. i did not take that, frank. the scientist did that. i am a scientist, but i don't have a microscope like that. no melting snow in mentor. mentor. you've got a few clouds and flurries. downtown cleveland current temperature is 25. snowflakes still wafting ohio. we're going to go to our power radar. flurries.
5:43 pm
over to north madison. and that is really about it. leroy getting a few, concord a few. it's very, very quiet across the area, considering what's happening to our south, with all the wintry weather and the tornadoes. we'll see in that a minute. currently 25 downtown, 23 bedford, 22 orange to euclid. chardon 21, brunswick 25. 23 in richfield. 24 for wooster and ashland. 22 in ravenna as well as yappings town. windchills, we're still checking on them. it feels like 13 in mansfield, still some teens showing up windchill wise so it is definitely cold. but the great news is we here in northern ohio are going to avoid that winter weather storm which right now is stirring up tornado warnings down here in louisiana and mississippi.
5:44 pm
tennessee, kentucky, west virginia, virginia, north carolina. charlotte could get three inches of snow plus some freezing rain. that's going to shut them down. how about washington, d.c.? a blizzard warning out for 20 inches of snow and 50-mile-per- hour winds beginning tomorrow afternoon. wow. through saturday. tonight for us let's enjoy some quiet. 16, mostly cloudy degrees. any flurries should gradually fade away. tomorrow, 2, cloudy skies. 15 tonight for akron-canton. cold tomorrow with a mainly cloudy sky, staying dry. saturday 28. that's not bad. clouds. 36 on sunday. look at this. 41 monday. we're going to get another low pressure system traveling up
5:45 pm
going to be on the warm side for the first half. so we are going to see some rain on tuesday, temperatures staying above freezing monday night. tuesday. the front should come by early afternoon, and of course that will bring in some much colder air tuesday afternoon and change any rain over to scattered snow showers. now, tuesday you could see a couple of inches of snowfall during the p.m. rush so we're going to keep an eye on that. it only takes a couple of inches of snow and some big problems for commuters. tuesday is our alert day. rain to start, snow toned. then we'll see about some lake- effect snow as we see 29 degrees wednesday and 33.
5:46 pm
for those disappointed we're not seeing blizzard, remember, groundhog's day is the official halfway point is winter, tranchet we're not even halfway through, lee and frank. >> that's not encouraging. >> we've got plenty of time for us to get a major winter storm. i bet we get one or two. >> you sound excited about it, mark. change could be coming to how the grand jury process. we're looking into what's being done and whether it's the result of how the tamir rice case was handled. >> the police department is getting a new officer to
5:47 pm
actor will smith revealing
5:48 pm
will join his wife jada pinkett smith in boycotting the oscars. >> none of the 20 acting nominations went to a person of color for the second year in a row. >> diversity is the american super power. >> will smith in an abc exclusive with robin roberts responding to the oscar controversy over a lack of diversity, looking at this list of acting nominees he says -- >> everybody is fantastic. and that's the complexity of this issue. >> smith pointing out -- >> i've been nominated twice for academy awards. and i've never lost to a white person. >> losing to denzel washington in '02 and forest whitaker in '07. >> but it feels like it's going the wrong direction. >> the academy is under pressure as more stars speak out about this issue,
5:49 pm
pinkett smith on facebook. >> i will not be at the academy awards, and i won't be watching. >> even though he wasn't aware she was going to do that smith voicing support for his wife and saying he will join her in boycotting the awards. >> if we're not a part of the solution, we're a part of the problem. >> in a statement this weak the academy's president promising it's taking dramatic steps to altar the membership. as soon as next we can the academy is expected to announce new measures to make oscar choices more diverse. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. >> and that's it for live on 5. let's sent over to frank and danita. >> ahead at 6:00 -- >> a professor accused of recruiting students for isis back at work today.
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fbi investigation against him and his innocence. plus, a criminal tag tammy hits an elderly couple and
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