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tv   Live on 5  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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listen to what you think about marijuana and its future in ohio. what they are hoping to learn on an upcoming listening tour. brand new developments in the water crisis. >> the head of state department agency is calling for a criminal investigation. >>reporter: epa boss claims the operator of a water treatment plan in sebring failed to hell the public high levels of lead and copper had been detected in some homes last summer. the reason they suspect the operator falsified reports. they shut down schools in sebring after water samples tested positive for unsafe levels of lead. on friday the he attested spigots on water town tans in schools. many tests came back lead free. in mckinley, jr. sr. high one water fountain had a high level
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had a low level detection of lead there. three homes tested at high levels as well. the epa tested for lead in water mahoning county tested samples for mothers children and infants. >> we wanted to make sure that everything was okay and that our children hadn't been exposed to the high levels. >> out of 178 children five tested positive. we're told four lead exposure. the epa says it will provide up to $25,000 to water filtration systems foresee brink of it's not clear when sebring's lead problems actually started but a water advisory alert for pregnant will and children was november 3rd. they are appointing a --
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officials trade barbs who is actually responsible for the corrosive water that was pumped from the flint river in cleveland homes. blessed hope missionary baptist church are collecting bottled water through tomorrow afternoon. members plan to deliver the water on thursday. so far more than 53,000 bottles of water have been donated. all new at 5:00, an emotional victory after a harrowing journey. sharon budd is celebrating and resting a little easier knowing the pain she suffered when a rock hit her vehicle on the interstate brought change to ohio. that rock was thrown from an overpass and left budd so severely injured she needed several surgeries. >> thanks to her over the next five years more than 100 bridges all around the state are going to get new safety fences and kristin volk spoke with the budd family. this is definitely a big win for them. >>reporter: a big win for them.
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too. the policy change means that all new interstate bridges being constructed those under fencing. considers this trial over tragedy. >> it's going to be good. >>reporter: it's the simple things that sharon budd cherishes each day as she recovers from a shattered skull a loft eye, a disfigured face and a damaged brain all from a rock thrown over a highway bridge. but sharon is embracing these moments along with a big accomplishment and so is her husband. >> i hope that they feel safer when they go under an overpass. >> it's done. we won. we've got it done. >>reporter: randy budd spearheaded a statewide effort to install protective fencing on bridges. state senator joined in. >> this will make the traveling public in ohio feel safer hopefully it will be safer.
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meeting with a senator this week. it's going to be a big deal. i'm like does my name have to be in it. >>reporter: not a fan of the spotlight but certainly a fan of what transpired over the last 6 months. the ohio department of transportation changed its rules. >> moving forward hopefully somebody doesn't have to go through what we have to go through. >>reporter: thanks to the change odot will put protective fencing on 108 bridges over the next five years. >> it does put me at ease. >> i look up every time. every time. without looking. >>reporter: the rule changes change columns at a minimal cost to taxpayers. out of the nearly 3800 bridges in the state 921 currently do not have protective fencing. live along interstate 77 in channel 5.
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officer is on an emotional journey to find a new partner. officer ryan davis flew to texas this weekend to visit houston's k-9 academy. the organization is donating a police dog after her k-9 partner jethro was killed in the line of duty earlier this month. he's expected to bring home his new partner this week. the two will then begin training at canton's k-9 academy. we just checked with barea's fire chief investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire at this home on lincoln avenue. the fire was inside the walls. two women managed to escape the home. one was treated for smoke inhalation. the house is considered a total loss. a new baldwin wallace university survey shows cleveland res have issues with police when it comes to their ability to protect the people in their neighborhood. it's one of many fines in a new report.
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at results. >>reporter: the reality is they reaffirmed of what the department already knew. there is a divide especially when it comes to race. the ballot win wall last survey shows your opinion varies widely by your race and where you live. >> that a tag line in you're nonwhite compared to white you have a very different experience with the police and that's especially true if you live in the city of cleveland. >>reporter: cleveland residents are twice as likely to believe police act differently toward different people. it was a wide disparity in the answer depending on race. >> certainly the national conversation is very similar where you have constant stories of people talking about being pulled over driving while black being treated negatively by police based on their race. whether or not that perception is accurate it is perception. >>reporter: cleveland police
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and something are taking steps to address with the consent decree with the u.s. government. sutton says they probably should. >> this is more than just about training and use-of- force. i think the residents of cleveland see all the attention being paid to the republican national convention and asking them several you're able to do all these things why can't you do more for our public safety which is the most fundamental function of government, cleveland police wouldn't comment on this survey sutton says the consent decree requires they conduct their own survey so the recalled will likely be the same. today attorneys gave their opening statements in the manslaughter trial of a new york police officer. peter lee an shot a girl to death in a pitch black stairway in 2014. his attorneys say the gun went
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bounced off a wall. prosecutors say he acted recklessly. the ohio education policy institute reviewed data from the 2014-15 school year, the group found a 23 point gap between graduation rates in districts with less than 10% of low income students and districts with more than 90% of students living in poverty. we have new developments out of detroit. a little while ago a judge refusing to force vote teachers back to school after sick outs. district attorney was seeking an injunction to stop teachers in that city from participating in sick outs that's when a group of workers decide to call in sick in pro at the time of an ish u. the issue in detroit teachers say they are upset over pay, building conditions at their schools, class sizes and the governor's plan to overhaul their district. >> they are doing scare tactics, some of the teachers are scared. we don't know what to do.
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our certifications. >> another hearing regarding the injunction set for february 16th. many of the city's 100 schools have been forced to close during the past two weeks because of sick outs including today. two schools closed because so many teachers called off. weather turning to you the sun came out that warmed some things up. >> everyone said it felt like springtime. almost. 40s instead of teens and 20s. still in cleveland 43 degrees. a mild monday indeed. 44 right now in akron. lower 40s worcester, canton dover new philly mansfield ashtabula and youngstown. so enjoy some melting snow. heard a lot of ice falling off the roof today. dry weather in our viewing area on the power of five live doppler radar. it's not going to stay that way. we are tracking rain showers moving our way slowly but surely and they will be in overnight tonight. in fact we'll show you when the
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this is by 9:00 p.m. tonight on our rain checker. here's your evening planner. lower 40s to near 40 degrees for cleveland, akron and canton at 6:00 p.m. notice we're in the upper 30s by 10:00. look, rain, rain, rain. grab the umbrellas. medical marijuana goes on tour. >> a couple of lawmakers are going on tour anyway but they do want to talk to you about medical marijuana and whether you want to bring it to ohio. where you can sound off on the issue. an epic blizzard has come and gone leaving quite the mark on the east coast. even though the storm has passed there are still plenty hurdling before people can get back to their normal routine. . i didn't think about the guns or what they were going to do to me. >> a ferocious protective mother had a superhero moment when two men tried to steal her
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see how she took them on to save her babies. plus two fugitives successfully escaped a police chase. but then ended up calling 911 begging to be arrested.
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. >> two anti-abortion activists were indicted in texas. the founder of the center for medical progress and another activist are charged with tampering with governmental record. that is the group that made those undercover videos claiming to show planned parenthood executives selling fetal tissue for profit. the nonprofit was cleared of any wrongdoing the videos were revealed to be heavily edited. do ohioans really want medical marijuana? >> that's the question two state senators are hoping to answer over the next several weeks. megan hickey talked one-on-one to a key supporter. cleveland one of three cities on this so-called listening tour. >>reporter: that's right the first stop is this saturday at cleveland state. it's an all day event where residents can tell lawmakers
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medical marijuana bill and if like. senator kenny you co-tells me he's been a supporter of medical marijuana since 2003. not long after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. >> i can't tell you how many times i heard hey how many joint sponsors have you got with a look ha ha. >>reporter: he told me his position was met with a lot of laughter over the years but he explained to me recently the perception has changed. >> it may be yes there is a product within this medical marijuana i am an that we have in our minds that can be a game changer. >>reporter: he's not the first mission to politician to start opening up. he launched a medical marijuana task force with onion likely partner across the aisle. state senator dave burke not ready to commit to a bill. >> i remain i guess you would say a skeptic.
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>> when i was first approached with medical marijuana i was except as has mr. burke was. the more i learned the more i visited people at their homes and hospitals the more i learned. >>reporter: the two senators have plenty of listening in their future beginning this saturday at cleveland state. >> we have the room all day. i'm not going until everyone has a chance to talk. >>reporter: he told me there's no guarantee that a medical marijuana bill will result from the listening tour but if they do pursue legislation he hopes to have it ready for a vote by may. live in the studio megan hickey news channel 5. what do you think about this heat wave? >> you know what you're so right. our perception of the temperature is very affected by what we have experienced. >> in december when it was 65 all month, this would have seemed chilly. but because we've been below zero and teens and 20s for the last 10 days. >> kind of nice. >> how about 46 downtown. it is time to go grill. time to grill somewhere.
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that big winter storm has left the building but take a look at some great views from space. you see in the middle that little light dot there? that is thunder snow indeed when you have a lot of instability. you see that flash right there? it's thunder snow. we get it here in northern ohio but along the east coast it is virtually unheard of. so indeed they were seeing all the weather gamut you could get for winter weather with that big east coast storm. jason you have a wrap up of the storm system itself. >> we talked about 20, 25, 30 inches of snow. the bliss hard may be over but the recovery just begun. at least 29 people killed, snow. the storm dumped so much of the stuff it brought cities like d. standstill. >> where do they put it? >> that's the thing.
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now they struggle to get the flights off the ground clear the secondary streets. city leaders calling for patience and warning people the danger isn't over. >> thank god we have a warmer day. we had little sunshine earlier that's going to help melting off some of the snow making it easier to clear. but still you've got to exercise caution. >> check out this time lapse video here to really get an idea of what people were up against. this is what millions endured digging out of mountains of snow new yorkers even being offered 13.50 san hour to start shoveling. i think it was a little town in the panhandle of west virginia, 43 inches i think was the top from this storm. >> unbelievable those little mountain spots especially west of d. c. got hammer. >> when are we go getting our storm. we told you be patient february and marsh the bulls-eyes for ohio. we got a little while. right now where you are worcester we've clouded up.
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they have clouded up as well after some snow. this is st. gabe's school looking west over mentor. worcester look at the sunshine this morning we're going to time lapse it there are the clouds coming in. worcester high school football field a lot of grass there. 40 plus degree weather melted whatever snow there was in wayne county just a little left over around the edges. right now it is 46 degrees at least jordan's house or her condo in downtown cleveland. >> thank you. . >> we've got some clouds that have moved overhead. not a lot of sunshine lingering. 43 medina 42 elyria. mansfield at 41. we'll show you the hour by hour. you're going to notice some raindrops here. 9:00, 11:00, 1:00 a.m. we've got some rain showers moving our way with a cold front.
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this evening and then temps will actually lift a few clicks. look, 7:00 a.m. you'll likely be in the lower and middle 40s and then the front comes by in the morning and we drop by 3:00 p.m. in the mid 30s. it's reverse from what normally intuitively we think should happen. at night temping warming during daylight temps will cool down because of a front. clouds moving in. taking the sun away. it sure feels good. lower and middle 140s out there. here are the first rain showers showing up ft. wayne to cincinnati. let's show you rainfall snowfall. the rain will be in around 9:00, 10:00 tonight. so if you're staying out late grab umbrellas we might get a little wet snowflake mixing in. we're seeing snow gathering here we have winter weather advisories out for iowa through wisconsin, but this snow the majority of it is going to travel north and east of us.
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tonight ahead of the front cooling down behind it but the this second front. it stays north. the true arctic air is not going to invade ohio this front is not going to drop in. the true arctic air we get a break for a while. 38 degrees tonight rain arrives not as cold. good news there. in fact temps actually warming up into the lower and middle 40s by sunrise we'll go 43 morning. falling temps during the afternoon into the mid 30s. rain can't rule out a wet snowflake primarily during the morning hours and by tomorrow evening there could be a few isolated light snow showers. more live on 5. i'm going get
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. let's send it over to
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>> we honor a local teacher. this week teacher our winner 9th and 10th grade in lagrange. in this week's ohio savings bank teacher of the week keystone high school in lorain county. that's where 9th and 10th grade teacher gina gibson got our surprise honor. >> congratulations you are the news channel 5 teacher of the week. >> that's so exciting. that's awesome. so awkward and out of sorts that's wonderful. >> i think i'm a really blessed teacher to be at keystone high school any time i get extra things like this it reinforces how awesome my students are and how incredible my opportunity is to teach these young kids every day. >>reporter: she received an omaha steaks gift card. congratulations gina gibson ohio savings bank teacher of
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>> love her reaction. if you'd like to nome hate a deserving teener for news channel 5 teacher of the week head over to he helped usher in an era of change for the cleveland police department. >> he's moving on to his next big challenge. we sit down for a one-on-one with u.s. attorney steve dettelbach about a consent decree helped craft and reform he helped bring to the department. one week to go until the first votes are cast. third party candidate could throw a wrench into everyone's campaign plans.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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the forecast is in. "a chance of snow." and for those of us who love winter, these words mean so much more. they mean a chance to conquer new hills. and explore new trails. a chance for first steps. a chance to leave the world behind. it's our chance to bundle up, get outside
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the ones we love. welcome to the winter wonderland of pure michigan. your snow day begins
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. the head of our state epa wants a criminal investigation into the high levels of lead and copper detected in some ohio homes last summer he says the agency has reason to suspect the operator of a water treatment plant in sebring falsified reports. sebring city schools canceled classes for the second day today because of the tainted water. right now a canton police officer is on an emotional journey in texas. officer ryan davis is looking for a new partner at houston's k-9 academy. his partner jethro was killed on the job earlier this month. officer davis is expected to return home with his new partner this week. new survey found people living in cleveland and those in suburbs have very different opinions about cpd.
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people of treating people differently. u.s. attorney steve dettelbach is stepping down next week. today he talked to investigators about the consent decree helped to craft to bring about massive reform. >>reporter: as he prepares to step down there is a long list of accomplishments that dettelbach told me he is proud of including the city of cleveland's consent decrees. he wraps up his time as u.s. attorney for the northern district of ohio on february 5th. since he was appointed in 2009 his office has prosecuted high profile public corruption cases involving top cuyahoga leaders pressed charges against people plotting terror attacks, dozens of human traffickers and more than 1,000 violent criminals. in december of 2014 his office made national headlines when it was announced an investigation found cleveland police used excessive force. he helped put together a five year plan to overhaul cpd.
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we don't just like about it. cleveland is not a whining town cleveland is a working town. we got together and pounded out a nationally recognized model for trying to do a better job at bridging those two sides of that relationship. i think people will look at this for years to come as a community that did it right. >> dettelbach told me serving as the u.s. attorney has been the greatest opportunity a lawyer could ever have. his next gig is at baker hostel letter where he will work on white collar crime. more people in cleveland are having trouble with their purchases that's according to a new report. jonathan walsh joins us from the bedroom. the better business bureau gets thousands of complaints every year. >>reporter: in 2015 alone all those complaints totaled millions of dollars worth of purchases.
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dollar value was more than 11 million bucks. 2014. the bb b received 8200 complaints. one of the areas you're asking that get the most complaints, well, one in two deal with new and used vehicles which could be the purchases themselves or servicing the cars. 3 television cable and satellite providers collection agencies property management service rentals round out the top 5. bbb says cars have been and are a big concern with consumers. >> sometimes they are telling us that the vehicle was really misrepresented by the sales person as being in a better condition than the consumer found it to be when they drove it home and couldn't start it the next day. >> so just remember when you buy a car as is, that's what it means. there are no guarantees, no warranty, best advice, have
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before you buy it. thank you jonathan. we are one week away from the first votes in the race for the white house. today the presidential candidates are focused on the hawkeye state. this afternoon there's word another billionaire might jump into the race. >>reporter: the battle for iowa. >> they want to be part of a political revolution. >>reporter: caucuses this the hawkeye state in a week new hampshire is next in two weeks. the candidates including gop frontrunner donald trump are logging a lot of miles between both states. >> it's crunch time folks. i want to win iowa. >>reporter: iowa recent polls have trump leading ted cruz. >> 177 hours that's how long we got until the iowa caucuses. >>reporter: bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton. >> i hope to earn your support on the caucus on monday. >>reporter: the possibility of trouble for clinton his her friend and billionaire michael bloomberg considering an
5:31 pm
plans to make after super tuesday this march but only if it appears there will be a sanders general election match up against trump or cruz. mean while the republicans are duking it out the target trump as recent remarks including his second corinthians flub. >> 2 corinthians. >> 2 corinthians walk into a bar. >>reporter: chris christie took on this controversial comment trump made over the weekend. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and never lose any voters. >> i don't know whether that's true or not. it's pretty amazing to say it. >>reporter: endorsements are rolling in for the candidate. former texas governor rick perry endorsed his fellow texan ted cruz. abc news washington. let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson. nice way to kick off the work week mark. >> look at this. i think we ought to go outside and do the news live from the parking lot it. we're melting some snow it
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still 43 degrees in cleveland. mid 40s in akron. low to mid 40s just about everywhere you go. now we're dry right now the power of five in our viewing area. as we look farther to our west we begin to see some of these guys. some rain showers moving in. so if you're staying out late tonight you're likely going to get some raindrops on the car windshield or even on you. notice temps they will drop down by 10:00 p.m. in the upper 30s. then they are going up. as rain showers arrive we'll get a surge of warm air. we'll be in the low to mid 40s by tomorrow morning's rush a going to fall. more details on that next. we continue to follow a developing store on cleveland's west side. police tell us a man angered by his girlfriend is holding her hostage inside a home on west 127th in cleveland. the woman apparently being held against her will was handcuffed
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the man is now threatening outside. we will be following this store and bring you any new details as they develop. meanwhile a woman put up an impressive fight when two men tried to steal her car and it was all caught on camera. how she put her life on the line to keep her two kids from being driven off by those criminals. a police officer became a social media hero when responded to a noise complaint and ended up joining some kids on the court. but it's when he returned for a viral.
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. welcome to my world of weather it's all about you via
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door is taking a great shot of beautiful downtown cleveland. icy cuyahoga river. a filter there but a nice little color of orange really illuminating the clouds in berea. here comes robin. her daughter lives in west virginia, 40 inches of snow, there is a car in there somewhere. we dodged that bullet. and on a warm day what happens the little animals decide they are hungry. this is canmark johnson wews on facebook.
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. a florida woman caught on camera fighting off carjackers to save her kids is opening up about her frightening ordeal. >> i said don't get in the car he got in any way. >> angie fights off two armed men as they allegedly try to steal her car at a gas station while her children were inside. she sprinted around to the driver's side door diving into the car after one of the men pulling off the vehicle and stripping off his mask. the carjackers took off in a getaway car. >> i didn't think about the guns i didn't think what they were going to do to me or what they could have done to me. i thought about getting the kids out.
5:37 pm
police spotted the suspects less than a mile away from the gas station. officers arrested the two men and their driver. all three are facing charges of attempted armed carjacking and eluding police. you got to check this out video of a florida police officer shooting hoops with a group of kids has been viewed more than 15 million times. even caught the attention of another big basketball fan. >> someone called and complained about kids playing basketball in the street. >> instead of reprimandinging the kids officer bobby white joined the game and promised a rematch. look at this what he didn't know was that he would be getting some help from old shaq. shaquille o'neal the former nba superstar met up with officer white on saturday to give the kids a pickup game of a lifetime. and some invaluable advice. >> i will respect me pierce, parents.
5:38 pm
>> mr. shaq i promise i will make my free throws. >> police said shaq insisted on keeping the surprise quiet so he could spend some quality time with the kids. super bowl l could be the most expensive ticket ever for byers. the average price for a ticket on the secondary market, more than $5,000. lee is shaking her head. like really? the most expensive ticket is listed at more than $26,000 while some luxury suites are selling for half a million dollars. mark johnson already has his sweet. >> what? no. >> panthers and broncos face- off february 7th in santa collar afternoon new developments out of florida state university. the school announced it is settling a lawsuit with a woman who says she was raped by former quarterback jameis winston. the school is paying that woman a quarter million dollars
5:39 pm
the woman sued the school for allegedly failing to respond to her allegations. she also has a separate lawsuit pending against winston himself. we've been telling you how millions of people spent the weekend snowed in by our historic blizzard are. well it seems a lot of them spent that time on their smartphones looking for love. a dating app called happen says messaging in new york city jumped 139% over the weekend. >> of course it did. something happen. >> when you're online looking for a date during a major blizzard you shovel right. >> okay. >> got it. >> i got you. >> you got it? >> all right. if i have to explain it i'm sorry. let's take a look what's going on outside. right now where you are, shovel right come on. no? not even props. not even a little? >> 46 degrees in cleveland.
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euclid at 43. same for solid an. how about 43 for north royalton westlake hopkins avon lake low 40s. 43 in canton. alliance at 40. 42 in mass lynn. this is above normal we should be in the middle 30s. we'll call call this a mild monday this deed. we should see 40s again tomorrow during the morning before the next cold front arrives and brings the cold back. dry weather right now power of five. these not reaching the ground here but i can isolate two of our radars we'll turn off detroit, cleveland and pittsburgh we'll turn those off we'll leave on northern indiana and cincinnati radar. we got 5. we can turn them on and off at will. notice these two radar showing this first batch of light rain showers that are moving our way. clouds have moved in, saw a little sunshine earlier today, the birds were singing like crazy. and now the showers will arrive. so, overnight tonight if you're going out staying out late watch for the rain showers.
5:41 pm
front through st. louis and the low pressure. this snow here is going to slide to our north and east. we have winter weather advisories out for wisconsin, just to the north of chicago. again movement is that way for the whole system. we'll get the scattered rain showers tonight. tomorrow mainly during the morning scattered rain shower could you see a wet snowflake mixing? sure you could. this is not a major winter storm by any stretch. 38 tonight. rain arriving. not as cold. 38-degree lull will occur before midnight and temps will actually go up into the lower and middle 40s by sunrise tomorrow. when you get up and go tomorrow your car thermometer is going to read 40s in most spots. tomorrow it's mainly morning rain could see a wet snowflake mixing in then the front comes by. the afternoon will turn colder. i think we'll be in the mid 30s at least by this time tomorrow afternoon. now, a few snow showers on wednesday.
5:42 pm
thursday dry we'll go 35. 33 on friday and then look at your weekend. nice little january thaw. the arctic air no sign of that. so saturday mid 40s. sunday hid 40s with a few rain showers. maybe a little wet snow well into next week by next monday. no sign of any major winter storm not for our area in the next 7 days. all right here's what's coming up next at 6:00. >> it was supposed to be areolationing night out for dinner. but after a woman's wallet was stolen more than $5,000 was taken from her act. the hunt is on in
5:43 pm
. >> a police chase for two fugitives turned into an emergency rescue. both men were in a car, took off during a traffic stop there they are right there then they
5:44 pm
in the middle of a winter storm is when it all went down. the men dashed down a canyon across a river ignoring officers' demands to surrender but by nightfall then the fugitives were freezing. actually called 911 begging to be arrested. >> i've never seen two people happier to go to jail think they knew they were going to be dry and warm. >> could you imagine. it wasn't until the next morning police found the men huddled together to stay warm. they were taken away in an ambulance and after receiving treatment they were arrested. armed and dangerous right now the hunt is on for 3 escaped inmates in california. the men accused of serious crimes. >> there's a $50,000 reward. brandi hitt has more on how they got out a maximum security jail. >>reporter: the all outman hunt for these three escaped inmates is expanding in southern california with the fbi and u.s. marshal's office joining the search.
5:45 pm
extremely dangerous and should be presumed to be armed. >>reporter: investigators believe friday's break out from this orange county maximum security jail happened just after the daily 5:00 a.m. inmate body count. the men first cutting through this metal grate in a holding cell. police say they used bed sheets to create a rope like this repelling down. it's believed the shadowy flicker captured on surveillance is one of the men on the roof. >> the immediate thing that jumped out to me was they had help and probably inside help. >>reporter: the next body count wasn't until after 8:00 p.m. giving them a 16 hour head start. one is charged with kidnapping and torture another charged with attempted murder and assault with a debt deadly weapon and another charged with murder. >> i want my son back. >>reporter: his mother now begging him to come home while authorities plea for the
5:46 pm
they say two of the escape he's with ties to vietnamese gangs may be hiding in the community. there were two other escapes from the same jail 27 years ago one also from the rooftop. detectives say they don't believe anyone within the sheriff's department was involved but they are investigating. brandi hitt abc news los angeles. that's it for live on five. chris what's going on at 6:00? >> all new right here on news channel 5. >> a former police chief finds himself on the other side of the law. the police chief was in front of a judge facing a number of charges including assault. we'll have the latest. the state making a move to start putting up protective fencing on overpasses why the change now. we speak to the couple who's been calling for that change.
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r"many patients and their doctors unfortunately are tnot aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. r patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have one roof to take care patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but r we also want them to maintain independence
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