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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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first day of black history month. let's get to our weather and traffic together, starting with meteorologist somara theodore. >> there's no rain coming from the skies so that's the good news. if you were outside yesterday, you noticed the warmup. we were at 60 degrees in northeast ohio. we're at 40 degrees to start in cleveland. we're at 38 degrees in elyria. a cold front has moved through which means the rain is gone. we're not going to be seeing any more rain today. the cooler air will file in behind the front. temperatures are not going to be as warm as they were yesterday. we will be seeing some cooler conditions. it will be windy out there with gusts around 35 miles per hour in some spots. we have an accident right now, 90 eastbound at lorain avenue blocking two lanes. elsewhere, things are looking pretty good. there's volume starting to build.
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a pole is on fire in parma. the fire is out but snow road eastbounds is closed at edge hill drive because of that. and as we zoom in over here, lakeshore boulevard is closed at east 272nd street, power on and off because of a fire earlier and some poles are down. this is i-90 at west 84th street. the accident is still in play that i mentioned earlier. let's head back out to air tracker 5. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we are over top of the innerbelt bridge. those inbound lanes are a little congested but not too bad. things are moving along pretty smoothly. the outbound lanes looking like you're on a smooth commute if you're headed out of the city. we'll keep you updated on any conditions as they change.
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welcome to the team. news overnight, breaking. two people killed in elyria, it's being called a double sarah finney is at the police department with what good morning, sarah. >> reporter: we're learning a man and woman were shot and killed inside of a car. police tell me that car was a local. i want to show you footage from when this happened around 10:00 last night at the floridian apartments. neighbors watched the investigation unfold. according to police, the victims didn't live at the apartments. officials say the man was in the driver's seat and the woman in the passenger seat. their identities are not being are notified. police are searching for a time. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. newschannel5. we're on top of two
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morning. the first out of sandusky. five boys face attempted murder charges in connection with a shooting earlier this month. police say the suspects fired shots into a home, hitting a man in the arm. investigators believe the group planned to rob the victim and they're currently in the juvenile justice center. in california a columbus man is expected to be arraignedded in court today. joel wright is charged with trying to travel to mexico in order to buy or adopt a child under 3 years old and have sex i.c.e. san diego. a major milestone in today cleveland's police department will submit a plan to change the culture inside the department. meg shaw is looking into the plan for you and meg, it is a big day for the department. >> reporter: absolutely,
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the massive reforms are coming to the cleveland police consent decree. this is seven months after the judge signed off on the settlement between the city of cleveland and the department of justice. the plan is scheduled to be submitted today. part of the plan includes a new you use of force policy. all officers will be retrained to follow the new procedures by the end of this year. the plan also requires the department to upgrade their equipment and training, create a new recruitment process, come up with a procedure on how to deal with folks with mental health issues and overhaul the citizen complaint process to improve the relationship between police and the communities they serve. mayor frank jackson says this will cost cleveland taxpayers millions of dollars in the years to come. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel5. now breaking from the live desk, two firefighters hurt
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vacant house in toledo. this photo just coming in from our sister station in toledo. a scam alert to tell you about this morning. american electric power says scammers are calling customers pretending to be with a.e.p. and demanding immediate payment. the calls sound realistic. a.e.p. says they never demand immediate payment and if you're told your account is past due the company says you should check your account status online. an eastlake man due in court today after a deadly drunk driving accident in willoughby. he is charged with hitting two victims. the man is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide
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a new k.-9 9 companion is expected to start training with the organization. after he completes 14 weeks of training he will patrol on the midnight shift. right now donations still pouring in by the thousands to help a retired police officer keep his long-time k-9 partner. a go fund me page was set up for matthew hickey. it raised more than $57,000, that amount in just three days. the money will be used to bid on k.-9 ajax. the dog is considered city property and must be sold at auction. >> i do appreciate it and i don't know how i can ever repay the people. i'm very touched by their enthusiasm.
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will go to other k-9 units to purchase bulletproof vests for their k-9s. an auction date is expected to be set for sometime this week. although we have had a milder winter than normal, if you're homeless, it's still cold. >> the community in cleveland's second district police officers are teaming up to help. for the second year in a row, cleveland police sergeant mitch sheehan spearheaded a campaign and clothing drive to help the homeless. bags filled with socks, hats, gloves and clothing line the district of the second district police station. >> they're homeless and they have nowhere to go and they can't get jobs and the shelters are some of the few places that take care of them. >> they've made a trip to drop off warm clothes at saint malaki. they need your help. the clothing drive continues until february 7th.
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the second district headquarters on fulton road. the start of february means month. >> the cleveland public library will host several events starting this week, continuing throughout the month to commemorate black history. newsnet5 app. this morning. i'm terrence lee. >> i'm jackie fernandez. coming up, listen to this. all eyes on bill cosby. the comedian is due back in court this week. why his attorneys say the out. plus, the countdown is on in iowa, the first caucus votes just hours you away. our own john kosich brings us the latest this morning including why governor john kasich won't be there.
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welcome back. time now, 6:11. we're just over 12 hours away
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tonight. the candidates are making their last hint pitch to voters. anticipation is building. >> reporter: good morning from van meter, iowa. this is not one of the sites this evening to caucus. this is the home of the bob feller museum, the cleveland indians pitcher born here in van meter, iowa. he campaigned with governor john kasich in 2001. he is campaigning instead in new hampshire over the weekend. the candidates are trying to shore up support, to convince them to get out tonight at 7:00 to caucus. remember, the polls aren't open all day in iowa. there are no voting booths or machines. they will gather at churches, schools and town halls. the republicans vote in a secret ballot. democrats break up into small groups according to candidates they support.
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lower than third in iowa and gone on to wish the white house. bernie sanders knows he'll finish in the top three, with only three candidates. they say support by young voters might put him over the top here. >> they see him as a leader for the future, even though people might not think that of him because of his age, but to see 18-year-olds and 20-year-olds gravitate to him like a magnet is very telling. >> reporter: the caucus is won precinct by precinct. the college students are still in college towns. in january of 2008, they were able to help obama because the caucus was on january 3rd. they were still home on christmas break. coming up, we'll have continuous reports from iowa and introduce you later to some high school students from northeast ohio getting a lesson of their lives.
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kosich for good morning cleveland. >> we'll have live reports from iowa as voters head to the polls. you can download our newsnet5 app for complete caucus results. the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting today over concerns about the zika virus. the virus spreads through mosquitos and is spreading explosively through the americas. it's now in 25 countries. the question is should it be declared an international health crisis? if it does make that declaration it will direct more money to fighting it. concerns about the zika virus continue to grow as the sickness spreads through central and south america. now, chuck schumer says he has a plan to prevent an outbreak in the united states. he wants the government to send help to other countries to
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>> we remember what happened ebola. they caught up with it finally and it didn't spread. we want to stop zika before it gets here. >> schumer is urging the world health organization to declare a public health emergency. right now, california us is dealing with severe weather hitting their area, causing at least one death too. a driver fatally struck by a falling tree just last night. strong winds downed dozens of trees and power poles and ripped off rooftops. rainfall caused flooding with more rain expected today and wind gusts topping up to 65 miles per hour. taking a live look outside closer to home, it's a little breezy for us as well. look at the blowing flag. >> yes, terrence we are seeing gusty winds out there. we're expecting wind gusts to
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morning as the front transitions through northeast ohio. let's get to the map. right now we have that cold front p moving to the -- moving to the south of us. this is between the cold air and the warm air. when you get that transition you get a little bit more wind. that's why we're seeing the gusts. the good news is, no more rain today. zooming out, here's the bigger picture. we're seeing a storm out west spark off a lot of watches and warnings, blizzard warnings stretching from omaha to the northern part of the great lakes. we're on the right side of the storm. i mean that both literally and met metaphorically. high pressure will be building in. we'll have sunshine breaking through the clouds around 3:00
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tomorrow, the arrival of the system and notice the positioning of it. the rain is coming our way. it won't be snow because we're near the warm front, so warmer air moves into northeast ohio will help us for tomorrow. 36 degrees today, much cooler, drying out, some sun this afternoon. we're starting off with mostly cloudy skies. in the seven-day of forecast there's a lot of things to talk about. i think that i should discuss the fact that it is going to feel a lot more like winter again as we head into the middle of the week. we're starting off with a live look outside, i-90 at fulton, volume is starting to build. want to talk about a couple of issues. we have an accident blocking the left lane i-90 eastbound at lorain avenue. an earlier pole on fire in parma, snow road eastbound still closed in the area of mind. looking at the big picture, things are looking pretty good,
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to build, kind of typical, 71 northbound. an earlier tree on fire affects lakeshore boulevard, it's closed at east 272nd street, power on and off there. drive times looking good, nine minutes, 271 northbound, richmond to 90, average speeds moving along just fine. now let's head up for a view from the skies with air tracker 5. we are having technical difficulties. you saw our view from the sky and air tracker 5 is looking pretty good right now. all eyes will be on a pennsylvania courtroom this week as bill cosby tries to get his case against him thrown out. cosby's lawyers will be back in criminal court tomorrow but they say it should be for to
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a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit saying the woman involved did not prove her claims. cosby still faces criminal assault charges. his attorneys argue the former district attorney made a deal years ago not to prosecute cosby in exchange for his deposition in a civil case. in boston, dzhokhar tsarvaev's attorneys are asking his conviction and death sentence be overturned. they claim he couldn't get a fair trial in the same city where the bombing happened because of the severe emotional impact. the judge heard arguments but he denied the request in january. still ahead this morning, rumors of retirement in the sports world, why detroit might be saying good-bye to their wide receiver. a repeat win and a repeat day, why he everyone is buzzing about who a tv star brought as her date to the s.a.g. awards. you're watching good morning cleveland.
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tracker 5. we're in the sky,
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we're back with big sports news this morning. the detroit lions' wide receiver calvin johnson may have played his last game in the nfl and is reportedly retiring. he told his family and close circle and friends and coach that very news the day after
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he has battled lingering ankle and other body injuries. the lions have not given up home hope he will change his mind. let's get a check on your weather and traffic together. >> we have some stuff to talk about this morning. we are seeing some slick roads out there because of the rain. but it is dry. that's the good news. we aren't expecting any showers throughout the day. by this afternoon it's not going to be as warm as what we saw yesterday. highs will reach 38 degrees. it is very windy with winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour. afternoon. that's a look at your power of 5 weather. we have an accident i-90 eastbound at lorain avenue and another issue to let you know about. in parma. it's affecting snow road, drive. we'll keep you updated on that. looking at the big picture,
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building as expected, 71 northbound and some other slow picks up. lakeshore boulevard is closed east 272nd street because of an earlier tree on fire and poles down. it's causing power issues too. drive times not bad at all, 10 minutes headed 271 northbound, richmond to 90, with average speeds moving along without any troubles. let's get a live look at 71 at clark avenue and you see that the traffic is definitely picking up out there but no major issues to report. how's it looking from the skies? >> reporter: you're looking at i-71 near the snow road exit, i- 71 south looks like it's moving prettied good. i-71 north -- pretty good. i-71 north a little more traffic but it's moving pretty smoothly. traffic-wise, no issues from air tracker 5. we'll keep you
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>> we love air tracker 5. t hot on the web this morning -- hot on the web this morning, everybody's buzzing about the screen actors guild shows this morning. uzo aduba brought her date from prom to the s.a.g. awards. here's the side-by-side, that's them at the prom and then to the right, now. >> so glad he didn't go with the vest and bow tie combination. trending this morning, an l.a. based artist is making a huge smash on social media. >> he's taking a look at disney move as if they were directed by tim burton. he used the erie style tim
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he brought these elements into everything from bambi, beauty and the beast, and pinocchio. coming up next, the new political emogi twitter is unveiling to commemorate the presidential election. and coming up, how to help police find suspects in a case.
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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>> reporter: breaking news overnight, two people shot and killed in elyria. i'm live at the police department with the latest on the investigation. a major milestone in the road to reform. cleveland police handing in their first year plan, the big changes you can expect to see in 2016. and newschannel5's helicopter is up in the sky. air tracker 5 joining our team. we're bringing you the latest on road conditions. now let's check in with somara theodore and weather. >> you i know everyone's -- i know everyone's wondering if we're expecting rain today. you can see that's pushed to
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front, so no more rain today. we'll be seeing clouds, though. we're waking up to 38 in medina. be sure to bundle up because we'll be seeing winds out there at 35-mile-an-hour gusts. for today, if you look at cleveland, akron, canton, you should see some sun this of evening with temperatures in the mid-30s. this is a live look at 71 at the 94/90 split. you can see that volume is starting to pick up. a couple of issues to tell you about. snow road eastbound is closed at edge hill drive because of an earlier pole on fire. looking at the big picture, you see the volume is definitely building, 71 northbound, a couple other slow spots too but nothing major to report. an earlier accident on 90 has been cleared. lakeshore boulevard is closed
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because of a tree on fire and wires down. now let's see how things are looking from the sky. john rutter is in air tracker 5. >> reporter: we're overtop of i- 4, 480 and 77, things are moving pretty smooth so far. no issues that we can see up here, northbound, southbound, all lanes looking like they're moving at a pretty good rate right now. we'll keep you updated if that changes. send you back inside to the studio now. two people were shot and killed in elyria. >> a man and woman found dead inside a rental car. sarah finney is getting the latest information from the police department. >> reporter: investigators are the investigators are going through evidence, trying to figure out what led to this double shooting.
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this happened around 10:00 at the floridian apartments. according to investigators, a man and woman were shot and killed inside a chevy traverse with new york plates. the car was a rental but the victims were local. they didn't live at the apartments. police say the mans was found in the driver -- man was found in the driver's seat and the woman was found in the seat next to him. their identities are not being released until family members are notified. autopsies are scheduled. responsible. sarah finney, newschannel5. now to news breaking from the live desk. two firefighters hurt after battling a fire at this vacant home in toledo. this photo is coming in from our sister station in toledo. one of the firefighters has a shoulder injury, the other a neck injury. both were taken to the hospital. right now, cleveland police are looking for the two men who
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state troopers tried to stop the driver after discovering the car was stolen. after a brief chase the vehicle slammed into this house on nyak court. >> it was so devastating to see. >> you can see where it just lifted everything up, all the way down. >> the suspects took off on foot and police are asking anybody with information to come forward. a north ridgeville man arrested after leading police on a seven county chase, it started early sunday morning in brook park. police tried to pull over george tiller for speeding. he took off and evaded police for miles. he was going 100 miles an hour at one point. he was eventually arrested about two hours later in delaware county. police say tiller was drinking and driving. cleveland police are taking a major step on the road to reform. today they will hand in their plan for the first year to a federal judge. meg shaw is live at city hall for us this morning.
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police department were -- for the cleveland police department were announced this morning. part of the plan calls for a brand-new plan on the use of force. this of course comes after an investigation by the department of justice concluded that cpd officers had a pattern of using excessive force and violating people's civil rights. the plan says cleveland must create the new use of force policy and have all officers ready to execute it by the end of this year. the 70 page reform calls for the improved equipment and training for officers, the requirement to hire a civilian to head the internal affairs unit and the complete overhaul of the citizen complaint process. this won't come cheap. cleveland's mayor says the reforms will cost cleveland taxpayers $13 million that's just this year. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel5. today's the day
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been waiting for, the iowa caucus is finally here and according to the latest polls out of iowa hillary is in the lead on the democratic side with 45%. on the republican side, donald trump leads the poll with 28%. john kosich is in iowa for today's vote. he'll have live reports from des moines all day long and tonight we'll send the results straight to your phone with our newsnet5 app so you've got to download it now. it's free. john kosich may be in iowa but our governor, john kasich isn't. >> that's because he's staying in new hampshire. he's sending a number of ohio republicans to speak on his behalf in iowa. over the weekend, governor kasich picked up a big endorsement from the new york times. coming up this morning for you, class starts for a k-9.
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spend in school. the major move general motors is making to make self driving cars a reality. all the watches and warnings that have been issued for areas out west may bring us some concern.
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welcome back.
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a new study makes a bold claim, breast feeding saves lives. around the world, one in three children are exclusively breast fed for the first six months of their life. if that rate went up, the research says more than 800,000 lives would be saved every year. it also says children who are breast fed have higher i.q.s and a lower risk of infection. now to this, your yearly physical could be a huge waste of time. that's what some doctors are saying this morning. under the affordable care act insurance companies must cover annual doctor visits. studies have found no evidence that these trips to the doctor actually reduce death or illness. others say the visits help build relationships between doctors and patients and makes it easier to schedule a visit when there's a problem. general motors is stepping on the gas to start building self driving cars. the company created a team and they get to work today. the group's goal is to make gm the leader in self driving technology. this of move shows these cars
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anymore, the company really sees them as something that can really work in the real world. twitter is kicking off election season. users who tweet #i voted or #i caucused will see an emogi with a red check mark. if you do vote or you do caucus today, don't forget to use the hash tags. you never know who is watching on twitter and is going to reward you. i had a friend who tweeted she voted and she got free spanx. this is a bizarre story from google. their domain name accidentally showed up for sale last october. a man paid $12 for the web address. >> he did only own it for about a minute before google realized their mistake and cancelled this purchase.
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which is the numerical amount of google when you translate it. when he said he was giving it to charity they doubled it to $12,000. coming up next, charged with murder, two virginia tech students arrested in the death of a 13-year-old. we have the latest developments. going johnnie free for february, the new movement taking over social media after johnnie's latest drama. air tracker 5 is up in the sky, we'll check back in with
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good morning. welcome to the morning sprint. >> we have 15 minutes of everything you need to know, plus we must introduce you to a new member of our traffic team. we must say a big hello to john rutter. he's up in air tracker 5, watching for any trouble spots on the roads. first, we've got to start with our residence scientist, meteorologist somara theodore. >> good morning, everyone. that's right.
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a lot going on out west, all these different colors here are showing the blizzard watches and warnings issued for omaha, to denver and stretching to northern parts of the great lakes. how will this impact us in northeast ohio. a cold front is pushing through today. that's why we saw rain this morning. behind it, the colder air will file in. it will be colder today than it was yesterday which i might add it was 60 degrees yesterday. this afternoon high pressure comes in which means hello, some sunshine, probably around 3:00, 4:00 you'll start to see sun breaking through the clouds. here's system moving towards us. we're on the good side of the storm. we are right here between the cold front and warm front which means no snow for us. we'll see a good real of rain. it's 40 degrees to start in cleveland, 38 in mentor, 39 in
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some of these spots because you factor in the wind chill and it feels cooler. as we head throughout the day, highs will reach about 36 degrees. we're drying out as you can see, no more rain, some sunshine this afternoon. on the seven-day forecast there's a few things i would like to note and that is temperatures going back to more like winter as we head to the rain tomorrow night. that's a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. roads are a little wet, dealing with wind as well. as for the roads, there's a couple issues, snow road eastbound still closed at edge hill drive because of an earlier pole on fire. taking a look at the big picture, we're starting to see volumes building, 71 northbound, 490 with some slow spots too. we have another closure, lakeshore boulevard at east 272nd street because of a tree on fire earlier and wires down
6:40 am
west 106th street is shut down at madison avenue because of the water main break that we told you about last week. drive times, average speeds moving along just fine. 721 at clark avenue, volume is starting to build. skies? here's john rutter. >> reporter: 71 near -- we've been keeping an eye on 71 all morning here. we found a little bit of traffic here, 71 near the 176 interchange. you can see those left lanes pretty congested here. you can see how long the line of traffic here. if you're on 71 this morning you want to allow yourself plenty of time. you can see how long that line of traffic is backing up. things are starting to track up a little bit. we'll keep you updated on any more developments from the skies. now back inside to the studio. now on the morning sprint our reporters working on two
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>> meg meg shaw in cleveland with a major change on the police department. first let's check in with sarah finney. >> reporter: police are investigating a double homicide this morning. it happened last night around 10:00 at the floridian apartments, which are close to midway mall. a man and a woman were shot and killed inside a rented chevy traverse with new york plates. police tell me the victims were local but they didn't live at the apartments. their identities are not being released until family members have been notified. autopsies are scheduled. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. meg? >> reporter: a major step in cleveland's road to reform today. the cleveland police department will submit its first year plan to a federal judge as part of the consent decree. the plan calls for a brand-new use of force policy and requiring all officers to be ready to execute it by the end
6:42 am
other reforms include upgrades to equipment and training and an overhaul to the citizen complaint process and new procedures on how to deal with folks with mental health issues. this comes nearly seven months after a federal judge signed off on the settlement between the department of justice and the city of cleveland. this won't come cheap for us. the mayor says this will cost cleveland taxpayers nearly $13 million that's just this year. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel5. we've got a scam alert from the live desk this morning. american electric power says scammers are calling customers pretending to be with a.e.p. and demanding immediate payment. a.e.p.'s director says the calls sound realistic and have prompts similar to theirs. but a.e.p. says they will never demand immediate payment and if you're told your account is past due you should check your account status online.
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population in lyndhurst not going over well. they want to use a method called trap and bolt. we can't show you what the process looks like because it's too graphic to put on tv. deer are caught in cages and shot with a four inch metal rod. lyndhurst city council meets tonight at 7:30. several activists will be there to voice their concerns. c.v.s. is joining the fight in the growing heroin epidemic. they are making narkan available in their stores across the state. the drug can reverse the effects of heroin, effectively stopping an overdose as it happens. the drug was used nearly 13,000 times around ohio last year alone. the newest k-9 officer was donated today. after he completes 14 weeks of
6:44 am
overnight shift. donations continue to pour in to help a retired ohio police officer keep his k-9 partner. a did fund me page was set up for a former officer, matthew hickey. it has raised more than $57,000 to buy his partner, ajax. the dog is considered city property and must be sold at auction. the remaining money will be given to a group that buys bulletproof vests for police dogs. a new investigation is getting results today. we reported a pothole to cleveland's hot line. three weeks later it wasn't filled. now the issue is being brought to city council. they're calling the reporting process flawed and potholes need to be fixed faster or the city will be liable for more damage. o.d.o.t. is testing out new technology to help keep you safe. plows are being equipped to modems, gps and cameras. they will keep an eye on changing road conditions. it will collect data like truck speed and location and
6:45 am
plows could have this equipment on them. for the first time, super bowl media day is taking place in prime time. the event will start at 8:00. the players and coaches will be there to answer questions. the event is open to fans who can sit in the stand and watch interview. frustrated browns fans kicked off a new movement called johnnie free february. fans pledge to not talk about manziel for the entire month or until he's kicked off the team. this weekend texas police were called to investigate a dispute between manziel and his ex- girlfriend. no arrests were made. the cavs are on the road tonight to take on the indiana pacers. >> tipoff is at 7:00 tonight. let's keep the winning streak going. we have all the national headlines including the latest on the chipolte e. coli outbreak.
6:46 am
breaking overnight from the live desk, cuba announced they're launching broadband internet service. they're allowing cubans in old havana to order service. this is part of a pilot project. no word on prices or when the service would expand. right now broadband home service is only legal for diplomates and employees of foreign companies. public access just started last year with $2 an hour wi-fi spots. a deadly shooting shuts down a motorcycle expo in denver. an attorney says a correction officer fired his gun during a brawl that left one person dead and seven others injured. he says the officer fired in self-defense.
6:47 am
fired the fatal shot. two virginia tech students are charged in the death of a 13-year-old girl. david eisenhower is accused of killing nicole lovell. police say 19-year-old natalie keepers helped cover up the crime. the 13-year-old disappeared from her home last week. in boston, dzhokhar tsarvaev's attorneys are asking his conviction and death sentence to be overturned. his lawyers claim he couldn't get a fair trial in the same city where the bombing occurred because of the severe emotional impact. todays the cdc could declare the chipolte e. coli outbreak over. no new cases have emerged. a criminal investigation of
6:48 am
they plan to shut down all of their stores next monday for staff meetings on food safety. another american city has major concerns about water quality. just take a look at some of these images you're about to see from saint joseph, louisiana. this is the kind of water coming out of their taps. more than 2400 concerned americans signed a petition, asking president obama to declare a federal emergency to fix that issue there. the first test for the presidential candidates just about 12 hours away. john kosich is live in iowa for tonight's caucuses. he will have live reports all night long and we will have the latest results for you on our newsnet5 app which we will send to your phone if you have our app. it is monday, february 1st. it's the start of black history month. >> cleveland public library and other organizations across the city will host special events starting this week. we have all the details on twitter.
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the forecast with somara theodore. >> we won't see any more rain today. it will be cooler. the front is to the south of us. the cold air is arriving. temperatures will level out in the mid to upper 30s, so definitely cooler than yesterday, mostly cloudy conditions with some peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. and i just want to remind everyone, yesterday it was 60 degrees. can you believe it? >> i wish it was that way today. roads are a little wet. it's windy as well. snow road eastbound is closed at edge hill drive because of an earlier pole on fire. that's in parma. we are seeing the biggest trouble spot, 71 northbound is dealing with heavy volume, so keep that in mind if you're headed out. it may take you a little extra time. >> just a little. coming up on gorge america, robin and -- good morning america, robin and george are in iowa. we'll introduce you to the women behind the men.
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to the candidates as well. we'll see you back here in 25 minutes with a local update.
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