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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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rain, thunder, lightning and high wind prompting a weather alert. ohio. 5. chief meteorologist mark johnson has been watching >> yes, indeed. february 2, the middle of winter and thunderstorms to deal with. we've got a lot of folks reporting a light show. let me show you what's going on outside right now. a wider view of the storm system, you can see the green and yellow. yellows in particular, that is moderate rain. we have also got some oranges mixing in, that's how the power of 5 tells us that is heavy rainfall here, that is all cycling in your direction for
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i have turned the lightning detector, and we are not seeing any flashes. we had a pretty vigorous storm pull up through lorain county to the north of ashtabula, providing talked with a lot of lightning show, but right now, the lighting appears to be out there, so we're not seeing any lightning strikes, but we still have some good and motor rain moving toward cleveland, and he can look at those times, 49 akron, 48 cleveland, 43 wooster to canton, 44 ashtabula, mansfield warming up to 51. discussed will get higher overnight, 30 miles per hour. that's why the weather alert is primarily for the wind gusts, between 30 and 40 miles per hour, mainly a little higher. rain could be heavier, a slick morning commute. cowher could flicker on and off but it will be there will be
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50 today, how about 60 tomorrow? more about that coming up. our other big story tonight, a business bombshell for a big name northeast ohio company. we're live in strongsville with what this means. chris? >> reporter: we are told no jobs will be lost in our stores like this one here at cold road will close. pakistan's sold today, it was bought by texas-based michael's stores. there are about two dozen pakistan's -- arts and craft stores, also west virginia. they employ about 1800 people. now, michael's made the announcement today sing it paid $159 in cash for lamrite west incorporated, the parent company for pat catan's. a spokesperson telling news channel 5 they will continue to operate out of its headquarters as a separate division within michael's. pat catan's is a fixture of the strongsville community since it was founded in strongsville back in 1954. the family even helped build strongsville's high school
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catan's stating. back your live in strongsville, the doors right now remain closed and locked, but the stores will be open again tomorrow morning. the name of course will change shortly. we're live in strongsville, chris flanigan, news channel 5. breaking news out of hawaii tonight. investigators reveal they found dna traces it must months search and rescue operations after two marine helicopters collided off the coast. the families of the marines identified have been notified. no other remains have been found. 12 marines were killed in the crash, the navy will use underwater robots to survey the crash area. more news tonight, two babies are recovering at akron children's hospital after they had to be revived with an anti- overdose drug. a woman and her mother brought the two babies to the hospital in warren unconscious. investigators aren't saying exactly what happened to the 9- month-old and 21-month-old, but when the children are well enough, they will be placed in
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only on 5, a repeat sex offender caught red-handed stealing once again. it is such a prolific problem, police say one man has been arrested, 76 times in the past 22 years. but, what can be done to stop this terrible cycle. 5 on your site investigator has the exclusive audio, as you are about to see, south euclid please did an excellent job handling the repeat offenders, wondering what more can be done. >> reporter: it is a sad fact. south euclid police say 50% of those ushered into their jail are repeat offenders. police say career criminals like 35-year-old christopher moore of east cleveland, release from the south euclid jail at 11:00 am this morning, only to make his way here to the cvs on mayfield and walgreens a few blocks away. police say he was rearrested just 18 minutes later for shoplifting.
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marks is 76 the rest since 1994. >> i have to say i think 18 minutes is an all-time record for us. >> he says repeat offenders like moore could suffer from drug addiction, mental illness or major financial issues. >> is actually a very likable person to talk to. he just suffers from addiction. >> reporter: police say it is the same story for eric williams senior, seen in the south euclid police body cam video. officer peter d'amato catches williams while on control, allegedly breaking into a church. police find this stolen microwave at the scene. police say williams had a warrant for that from little weight. and, it turns out williams was also wearing an ankle bracelet. on parole from another application cleveland. and, the big question, how to get repeat offenders counseling they need? that is if they would be willing to accept it. >> i wish i had that answer. i think if i had that answer i would probably be conducting
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northeast ohio police departments have contacted them and would like to question williams in connection with several other thefts in their cities. reporting live, joe pagonakis. the moments leading up to a horrific crash on i-71 that killed two people caught on camera , in this video, you can see a driver getting on the highway going the wrong way. narrowly missing a car before heading another one. cleveland police say the car driven by kenneth r bannock of liquid collided with lakisha brown's car, killing them both. police believe alcohol may have been a factor but are waiting on toxicology results. new tonight, the northeast ohio regional sewer district wants to buy land from east cleveland to put a retention base and tunnel to hold storm overflowed during heavy rain. the water would sit there until it can be treated to help control pollution that gets into lake erie. some who live in east cleveland are upset telling city council tonight that they did not want to be the holding place for
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>> i am shocked that you all would even accept something like this. like this lady said, about flint, michigan, we don't know what the bottom line effects are going to be about this. that's garbage. >> reporter: the sewer district will present ideas next tuesday. and it is open to the public. speaking of the water crisis in flint, michigan governor will propose tomorrow $30 million in state funding to help pay the water bills for people who live in oakland. the governor will outline his tomorrow. lawmakers next week as part of his new budget proposal. the money will cover the past two years of water bills up until spring with the hope to have the lead problem resolved. have you seen this man? detectives are searching for him. he has not been seen in the weekend his family says they spent the last seven days on
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news channel 5 anchor, frank wiley, tells us what led up to the investigation. >> the man who carries his own everywhere has not answered calls. they say he liked up a room but they have had trouble shaping dark thoughts. >> time in slower. seven days have come and gone, still no sign of the man who left wednesday left company. on a typical nine, lawrence thomas would be seated next to his mom, taking care of her as usual like the 90 disappeared. >> i said, hey, tell him i say hello. i heard him say hi back. >> reporter: the last time pamela thomas myers hurt her big brother's voice. >> every time that happens, hope and fear fill her imagination. >> it scares the heck out of me. >> reporter: detectives are looking but told pamela there's nothing illegal about a 55-year- old man disappearing. but it is unsettling. >> you know, there is no way in the world that he would do this. and at least not call me. he and i were close.
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same company. lastly, the boss said lawrence had not punch the clock, then no called, no showed. so, pamela started spreading fires. >> you might know him but you might know someone who knows him. >> reporter: right now without hands and folded hands, they cling to the notion. get one more look at it right here, he is 5'9", 150 pounds, the lookout for his car, a silver, four-door kemery. if you know anything, call police. hillary clinton celebrating a victory as she continues on the campaign trail tonight. she narrowly beat bernie sanders to win the iowa caucus and that wasn't declared until today. more than 12 hours after they began. it was so close in some precincts, the boat was decided by a coin toss. all eyes are now on new hampshire, the home of the next political contest.
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primary could make or break their campaigns. clinton and sanders already on the ground there, fighting for democratic votes. the republicans there, too. ted cruz playing off his win in iowa, marco rubio as well, after his stronger-than- expected third-place finish. as for the runner up, donald trump and manage night that skipping the last debate may have had something to do with his second-place finish. >> i think some were disappointed that i did not go to the debate. if i had to do it again i would do the exact same thing. >> well, kasich skip campaigning in iowa this weekend is focusing all of his attention on new hampshire. seven of the eight newspapers in that state endorsed him. our reporter was in iowa and will be in new hampshire as well. he will be there for saturday's gop debate right here on abc. catches live reports right here on news channel 5 and updates always on our news net 5 app. if you seem to find excuses to skip the polls on election
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to shame. 102-year-old rulene steineger took place in the caucuses last time. she was born before women have the right to vote. she wrote in her christmas card that she has to live until november 2 vote in the general election. >> it can't get no worse than that. it is something that is all too common and should not be. parents outraged after a man a shot in a park where kids are playing. plus, the disease that has prompted a worldwide health alert has been transmitted in the u.s. for the first time. but, it wasn't a mosquito bite that gave someone the zika virus. spring weather in february. well, the groundhog may say spring is right around the corner, but i say more cold and snow is. i will show it to you, coming up. and it's a situation where seconds can mean seconds between life and death.
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bullet casings littering a local park, the scene that has some parents saying enough is enough. >> it is breaking news at we brought you on , man shot on the basketball court area
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drive, homa bash is live there tonight. >> reporter: we are not live there tonight, and honestly that's because it is too dangerous. that should tell you something. this should also tell you something, thousands of kids out there tony hearing gunshots like this is the new normal. >> this violence has to stop. >> reporter: it is groundhog day on cleveland east side. part of the cuyahoga metropolitan authority. another shooting, flashing lights, gunshots are becoming background nice for these kids. >> i was scared for my life. it was really terrifying. i grew up down here. it was at least 20 shots. >> always 13 and 20 years old that hit the course constantly, that there every day is all too real. >> kids play there, every day, all day. it's sad. >> reporter: more than a dozen showcasing footer the basketball court for a 20-year-
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more than a dozen kids ready to play their own basketball game at the one right center feet away. but instead of throwing hoops, they are circling another crime scene. air tracker 5 catching it from up above. and down below, moms trying to figure out how to make it to another night. everybody. for the community, period. >> reporter: we were just told that that critical -- man is in critical condition at metro suffering from several gunshot wounds. a month into the year we are in the double digits for homicides, 11 at last check. reporting live in cleveland, homa bash, news channel 5. lawmakers in dc have released 300,000 documents in their investigation into massive hikes in judge -- drug prices. news channel 5 pharmaceuticals ceo, martin schrelli, who became known as the world's most hated man after hiking the 5000%. he said in an email that raising the price from $1700 a bottle to $75,000 should be an enhancement.
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pharmaceuticals brought her drugs to drive up prices and companies profit. meanwhile, the obama administration wants to increase spending to battle the nation's heroin epidemic by $1 billion, that money will be used to expand treatment access. it also wants 99 more to help states and local governments with drug prevention and improved access to naloxone. a number of new developments on the zika virus tonight, the one everyone is talking about. a person in texas was infected with the virus through sex. this individual had sexual contact with a sick person who had just traveled to a country where the virus is prevalent. it is the first time the zika virus was transmitted in the u.s. it is usually spread through mosquito bites. the outbreak has been linked to birth defects in the americas. different companies first to try to come up with a zika virus vaccine. the company announced today it has become a research and
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working with other vaccines may to combat the zika virus. center stage as rio de janeiro gets ready for the olympics which are just six months away. it is even getting more attention than budget cuts and water pollution. brazil is at the center of the outbreak, good health officials are assuring that athletes will not be at risk. yet, today, a spokesman for brazil's president advised pregnant women not to attend the summer olympics. new tonight, scientists that u.s. berkeley and public transit are working together in hopes of saving lives the next 10 earthquake hits california. they have come up with an early point detection system that will give trains up to 50 seconds today the brakes before the earthquake starts. >> the other application is automated response, slung in stopping, trains, like part has already done, opening elevator doors at the nearest floor.
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early warning system and an earthquake summit in dc. president obama signed an executive order to reduce risk and lower recovery cost them which should make it easier for earthquake affected communities to bounce back. parts of the midwest shoveling out. after getting slammed by a winter storm. this is what it looked like as the snow started to fall in minnesota. >> take a look at this. blizzard warnings in effect in parts of south dakota, the wind blowing around the snow, whiteout conditions making it nearly impossible to see on the they could see more than a foot of snow there. and the snow also making its way into wisconsin. the shovels were out there as roads. and this is what it looks like you're in cleveland right now. ohio. mark johnson, umbrella time. >> umbrella time. now, we are in the part of this winter storm where we get a little wind, we get some rain and a little bit of thunder. to the weather to the south,
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west and we're kind of right in that, if you got to be in a zone, we are in the right zone to avoid the worst of the weather. >> super windy. >> very, very windy out there. your garbage can lids will be three doors down tomorrow morning, trust me. let's take a look at what's going on right now. first of all, a very wet towel cam shot, live look at downtown cleveland. rain falling study, light to moderate rainfall and it will continue through the overnight. so, you're going to get a lot of wetness coming down on you. here we go, that show you the rain pattern. look at all this rain moving in. yellows and oranges would indicate that we have some moderate bursts of rain. here is the actual cold front. we get this first wave of rain, that should taper off, most likely by the morning commute. from the second wave of rain comes in. the actual cold air is a little bit behind this. so, we may actually dry out for
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colder air arrives by midafternoon and starts the temps falling. here we go with the rain. lots of it overhead, showers. look at the lightning strike that we caught via twitter. nice job, brown from lorain harbor, this is february 2. the rain white house took a direct lightning strike. nice shot. 47 degrees, madonna, o'leary, 49 in akron. notice the temps are warmer back to the west and south. 51 coshocton, mansfield, norwalk, 55 fremont, milder heirship to north and east. by the time you and i get up and go tomorrow morning, middle and upper 50s for you. wind out of the south, 60 miles per hour with cost to near 30. let me show you the 24 mile an hour wind gusts cleveland, ashtabula to youngstown, there's your 30 mile-per-hour wind gusting norwalk. big storm. wrapped up.
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we are not going to have to deal with severe weather, and here's that heavy snow. again, we're right in the zone where we get some wind, we get some rain, but the severe weather, tornadoes to the south, heavier snow to the north and west, we do cool it down and i think by tomorrow night into thursday, we could see a few isolated snowflakes falling down. the wind should also take down. here's 10:00 a.m. still going to be blustery during the day tomorrow, but i think we get rid of those 30, 35 mile an hour wind gusts after the morning commute and again, watch the rain. 58 at 10:00 a.m., 60, and then, temps fall back and by 7:45, mid 40s. tonight, temps going up to near 57, showers, windy, rumbles of thunder. tomorrow, 60 by noon time, falling temps behind it. look at this, thursday, 34. a few snowflakes pier 39 friday, should be lower 40s and dry saturday. and he has got sports coming
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well, looks like march 9 will be the last date johnny manziel will be with the browns after an incident last week. the police investigated, the browns releasing a statement earlier today, john is continued involvement in the instance that run those counter to expectations undermine hard work of teammates and reputation of our organization. by march 9? that is beginning of a new week year. tomorrow is national signing day for high school football players across the country. looking to play at the next level. tonight, euclid quarterback anthony johnson committed to penn state. tomorrow, ohio state will earn plenty of times for northeast ohio. lauren brill headed over to maple heights to meet one future one. >> reporter: success.
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>> when you want to -- >> reporter: that is eric thomas, motivational speaker he listened to on youtube. >> he motivates me because i see a lot of, like, excessive people on tv, rather than look up, how do they really get to be successful? >> reporter: it not great, he and his football coach set a destination. >> with school, i wanted to go to college. we had a conversation about the things he had to do as far as class and weight room and staying out of trouble. he pretty much followed the plan. >> reporter: tomorrow, the six score on a roll student will put his foot on the gas, citing his letter of intent to ohio state.. leaves quite alexi here at maple heights high school, becoming the first ever athletes receive a football scholarship to ohio state. >> it wasn't easy for him, he had to struggle through some classes to make it happened that was going to put in the work, stay after the school, get up early. >> reporter: on the field, he had seven touchdowns since the
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>> especially when you throw it to him, they turn around and play defense. >> reporter: while others have helped navigate here on his journey, he has come to realize that he has held a compass that has guided him to his own success all along. >> never give up on yourself. if you give up on yourself, you're giving up on everything. >> reporter: lauren brill, news channel 5. >> thank you. he will sign the dotted line tomorrow. how about tedd ginn sr.? that he's off to the super bowl to see his son play in the big game. >> you know, i think the super bowl is important. but, i think every game that ted played this year was important. i think anytime that he can showcase himself, in the league, and be a servant and a worker, on his job, you know, we take a lot of pride in that. >> great father, son story.
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there is that radar, look at the rain moving in, going to be been here most of the night. indianapolis. so it morning high tomorrow near 60. all right? it's crazy. but, it's going to be windy as well with gusts up to 30, a wet, sloppy rush. hold onto the wind. >> be safe out there and have a
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