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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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making news in america this morning -- super bowl stunner. peyton manning leading the broncos to a championship, an we begin this monday morning with breaking news from the live desk. and at least one person is dead after a crash on i-90 and willoughby hills. >> and overnight, the car literally split into into two pieces. >> and just the right lane getting by. >> and the coroner on the scene
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and this is on i-90 westbound. a car smashing into a tree on the exit ramp and we'll wring you more information as we get it and first let's get a check on the forecast. >> and we're expecting the next round of winter weather and we're seeing showers but the rain will turn into show and talk about the temps. pretty warm new in spots like menner and 42 and 42 know in cleveland. into the west, the temps into the 30s and farther south, areas like coshockton and 35 in new philadelphia. major changes are underway. we're expecting the rain to change into snow. not only that, an arctic air blast is moving into northeast ohio throughout the week. for now, things are okay. i know things are changing quickly. jannessa, how are the roads looking? >> somara, in-storm tracker 5 realty now, and we're
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we have had a temperature into the upper 40 easier, low -- 40s, lower 50s and stepping into the weekend. we're now tracking the wet weather. i'm travelling along i-90 west and we're going to try and get you rain, eerie and huron county, where the wet weather is currently coming down. you can see the pavement and everything is a-okay. as you said, that storm front is going to start to move in here for your early morning commute. i think that transition is more out toward i-77 and so we'll make that move when we see necessary. right now, things are looking dry and a-okay. corrina. and jannessa, we'll be monitoring whether it's impacting the morning commute. for now, besides the accidents i mentioned, we're looking issue free. a smooth ride free across the board here farther south in akron. things are looking good new into the city today. a couple of slowdowns to talk about on 162 and other than that, not too bad. an 11-minute ride now, 275
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and this is a live look from our odot cam. 271 and chagrin boulevard. not a lot of traffic out there and moving along without problems. terrence. and breaking news from overnight, corrina. an iconic restaurant in canton badly damage and the owners watching asy that pulled off- priceless memories there. the crews put out a small electic fire before returning hours later to put out a bigger fire. the sports memorabilia, including an olympic torch and destroyed. the restaurant has been a favorite spot for pro golfers since the ''s es. the -- '80s. the owner said the firefighters tried their best to do the best they could. >> and for them to care enough, i know you had valuable stuff in there. you? they got out what they could. unfortunately, it's not everything, but, you know. we're insured and things can be replaced.
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>> and officials say the crowds -- under investigation now. the owners say the restaurant will rebuild and reopen. jackie. and terrence, 4:34 now. a sex scandal at a local high school. new pictures of nearly a dozen female students end up online. some of them, including their names. in age shaw is following -- meg shaw is following the developing photos for them. >> reporter: the page was removed january 27th, but this investigation is underway. twinsburg police tell us the site was taken down after an officer received information about the page's existence. according to police, multiple nude photos of teenage girls from the twinsburg school district were posted to the blogging website tumblr. then the police issued a warrant to the company to preserve information about the page and, count related. right now, there are no suspects and no arrests have been made. the police say once evidence is collected from the website,
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of the teenagers they believe are involved. now, they're asking anyone with any information about this website or the photos to call the twinsburg police. in the newsroom, meg shaw, newschannel 5. terrence. >> thank you, meg. 4:35 now. new details in the search of a missing mansfield woman. it could be days before the remains are found. patsy hudson was last seen in july. there was a break in her case until last week when two of her neighbors were arrested. they were found with hudson's credit card. the latest break remains found in several likes in richland county yesterday. they believe they're hudson's but they're waiting for forensic results. police investigating a deadly shooting near the campus of kent state university and that happened at ryan place apartment just yesterday. officers found a man dead from a suspected gunshot wound. at this hour, no arrests have been made.
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dunky who is going into the -- tony dungy. who is going on into the hall of fame. he said don't make a decision. this is an emotional week. >> that was peyton manning celebrating his second super bowl win saying he was night not making decisions on his future just yet. he's 39, the oldest quarterback to ever win a championship. he and the broncos defeated the carolina panthers, 24-10. and one person not celebrating the broncos win, jackie fernandez and hang. payton's little bro, seemed less than thrilled at the end of the game and being looks like he's realizing he's going to win one more to stay the manning with the most super bowl wins. >> i think he just has a stoic face so you don't realize oh, great, now my brother can ride off into the sunset. he's in so much pain and hurting and won one. >> and more noticeable with all of the faces of jubilation there. >> yeah. >> and that is the family, he's staring blankly into the skies. >> yes.
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popular mean, needless to say. >> yes. and it's 4:36 on your monday morning. if you watched the super bowl and you're up with us now, i applaud you. i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. the controversial message some think beyonce was spreading. >> and we'll take it to new hampshire where the governor was preparing for one of the biggest selections of the political career. >> first, somara theodore. >> and let's go straight to it. lots going on in terms of weather. 42 degrees in ashtabula. winds not that bad and things are changing quickly. dry for now and we're seeing rain getting ready to enter the forecast. you can see a rain-snow mix. switching to show -- snow, the later into the evening as temperatures dropped. highs in ashtabula, 38 degrees. and that is a look at the neighborhood forecast. stick around.
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. good morning to you, 4:39 right now. turning to democracy 2016, we're less than 24 hours from hampshire. and all eyes are on the election. john kosich is the only local tv reporter travelling with the governor as he's a final push to win over voters in the granite state. >> good morning from manchester. the governor is leaving nothing on the table today and has four town halls scheduled tonight and the governor campaigning with an extra spring in his step, riding the high of the debate saturday night. the momentum he hopes will carry him into tuesday. >> are you kidding me? this is ridiculous. there is a super bowl today. go home. >> reporter: a packed house of
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see and hear the governor in nash wa. he issued a challenge to his granite state challengers. >> why don't you take down your negative ads and tell people what you want the next 48 hours and let people decide. take all of the nonsense down. >> reporter: he emboldened the state by his new hampshire performance. >> is the air cleaner and brighter today? >> it's been good all along. i looked at the debate as another hurdle. you were running and we were like in the 800-meter hurdle and we're getting through that and close to the hundred meter dash and i always thought we overschmidted the impact of the debates, but since i had a good debate, i hope this is one where we will overestimate. we'll see. >> reporter: the end stage of any new hampshire campaign is relying on ground game which ka -- kasich said plays to his strength. >> we have hundreds of people out knocking doors today. it's incredible the phone calls and we're going to do well. i understand this bus is going
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>> reporter: of course, the next primary and that is february 12th. he said he needed to do well here to continue there. yesterday's comments the first indication of where hey will be on wednesday. john kosich for good morning cleveland, manchester. >> and john will have complete coverage of the primary tomorrow. you can look for his reports on air and on our news net 5 app. and the cdc issuing an apology this morning for a health recommendation that offended women across the country. >> and concerns over north korea's rocket launch continue to grow. what the u.p. is propiece error -- u.n. is proposing.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. . time now, 4:44 and breaking overnight from the live desk, two people are dead and four others hurt in a shooting after a mardi gras parade in
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the police are still searching for suspects. meantime, shots were also fired at a mardi gras parade in new orleans but no one was hurt there. the officers found a handgun in the area and no suspects were named. and this morning, the united nations filed new sanctions against north korea. the country defied warnings by launching a long-range rocket. north korea said it launched the missile to carry a satellite into orbit. the u.s., south korea and japan believe it was a front for a ballistic missile test. the launching follows the wildly disputed claim in january to have tested a hydrogen bomb. and happening today, the trial for a man accused of murder at a cleveland bar. he will go before a jury on aggravated murder charges this morning. he shot and killed 30-year-old william burton jr. last year and that shut down after this and several other violent crimes the last two years. >> and due in court, this man accused of attempted murder
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arrested in connection of a shooting on saturday and that victim was shot several times and is expected to survive. the fbi is looking for a few dozen high school student for the future agents in training program. the division hosted the program last summer. it was see successful, the programs expanding. students get to see up close how the fbi works and get hands on suspicious and there are a few requirements for any student interested. >> they have to have a 3.0, be a u.s. citizens and be in school full-time. a private school or homeschool, public school. it doesn't matter. >> and this year's agents at the training academy starts june 14th. and let's get a check on the forecast with somara theodore. >> and we have some major changes on the way. a descent weekend and mild to end. rain and snow chances are present in northeast ohio and an arctic air blast is on the way throughout the next few days and this is what i want
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and they're under a winter weather advisory and, nonetheless, you can see the temperatures are starting off cooler than yesterday in the 30s. i want you to notice the rain pushing in to parts of cleveland and into sandusky and lorraine as temperatures drop. the rain will switch over to snow and that is where we get the rain-snow mix chance and for now, it's just rain and this is that look at the model. at 8:00 a.m., we're seeing unlawful in areas like mansfield, wooster and elyria and that pink showing the mix between snow and rain and slippery as we transition to the wet weather. the temperatures fall into the day as well and overnight, a good amount of snow. accumulation and we're talking one to three inches between now and tomorrow. and keep that in mind. we have a low for tuesday and things rev up on wednesday and thursday as we expect lake- affect snow to enter the picture and that temperature is not higher. for now, 41 degrees in
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ashland and 35 in new philadelphia and this afternoon, highs about 38 degrees and i really want you to savor it while you can. this is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast and we're talking digits like 9, 8, 5, 6 into the end of the week and that is because of the major arctic blast on the way. we get sunshine in the weekend and we have to make it through the snow this week and that is looking a the the power of 5 seven-day forecast. they're changing today, right, jannessa? >> and you don't sound like you like the single digits. that same arctic air that you're talking about, the clipper that is sliding through this afternoon is already impacting four states to our west. currently under some kind of blizzard warning or winter weather advisory and that same system is tracking our way and you can see this morning is
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bit of wet weather towards wish locations and i am currently just passing avon into the north ridgefield area and that pace right now. and as people are starting to wake up into the west, you need time. along with you saying temperatures currently, at 41 degrees and well above normal this time of the year and we're going to continue to see the temperatures drop. and that could be the slick roadways overpasses and bridges. back to you. >> and good to see that things are okay in terms of rainfall out there and looking at the big picture, and we're looking good. no major issues or slowdowns to talk about. we have an accident coming in and 90 westbound at route 91. keep that in mind as you're heading out this early hour and that is a smooth commute for you into the akron area and
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well and taking you 8 minute -- minutes, 77 northbound and the average speeds moving along without troubles and this is a live look outside from our odot cam and this is 71 at west 25th street and not a lot going on out there in terms of traffic and things moving along without trouble, guys. and some football action not close to the most talked -- talked about part of the super bowl. >> and this morning, it would be about beyonce. >> technically, coldplay had the halftime show but let's be real, everyone is talking about beyonce and bruno mars since her new music video. a lot of people noting the powerful political message behind her song and video talking about the black lives movement, african-american hair and features, her southern heritage and you can see it in the backup dancers, the outfits, black pantherred inspired with their berets.
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>> and at one point, they formed an x. many people saying that was a nod to malcolm x. >> and i loved her outfit, an ode to michael jackson. >> and that was one of the best halftime shows ever. >> and this is top three for knee. >> and that is up there. >> it's good. >> and cold play, their songs back on the itune churches, one, two -- charts. one, two, three. >> yes. and this, leaving you with a look at how wall street left you today.
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good morning and welcome back. we're waking up to changes underway right now and rain falling across portions of northeast ohio and we're stricted to the west side and zooming in. the lighter to moderate showers falling and rain and southern portions of lor ape county and into medina and cuyahoga. and this morning, it's starting off as rain and transitioning into snow. the temperature gets closer to freezing. that rain-snow mix changes over to snow for a lot of us and this is a look at the hour-by- hour forecast. you notice peaks of sunshine will go away as we head throughout the day and temperatures into the mid- and upper 30s and that snow chance persisting throughout the week and how are the roads, jannessa. >> the temperatures in elyria
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and not cold enough to transition into snow. the moisture is currently there. i got off of i-90. we're seeing a light to moderate rainfall. i am travelling along highway 57 and into medina into the bruns week-strongsville. i have seen a ban of moisture heading that way and hopefully going to see more moderate rainfall. as you said, our temperatures still well above normal into mid-afternoon. and that is when we will start to see that drop. back to you, corrina. >> and thank you. good to hear the roads are doing okay. as the morning commute picks up, the temperatures drop and you could see slick spots out there. we're looking good. i want to let you know about one accident coming in, 90 westbound at route 91 and keep that in mind. farther south, things are looking good. no issues or accidents or major delays.
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eastbound crocker to the inner belt and this is a live look from the odot cam, 90 at 271 and there is not a lot going on out there. and to health news this morning, the cdc apologizing for a recommendation. >> and last week, they said women not on birth control should avoid drinking alcohol and that i say the risk of babies is too high. the reaction has been force. many women saying that advice goes way too far. >> and are you serious? is this what you feel comfortable telling your wife, your sister, and your daughter? >> the cdc is saying it's sorry and stands by saying half of all pregnancies are unplanned and many women don't know they're pregnant for several weeks. 4:56, megabus is cutting back services around ohio. you can no longer get services
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and you can only travel to chicago or new york on those double-decker buses. my goodness. and if you can't take the bus, at least gas prices are dropping. the national average is $1.82, down 8-cents in two weeks. drivers in northeast ohio paying less at the pump, gas is going for $1.28 a gallon in bedford. and the time now on your monday morning, 4:57 and in a surprising move, hillary clinton taking time off from campaigning in new hampshire. right before the primary. where she spent her time instead. >> and beyonce and bruno mars, the super bowl dancer getting all of the attention this morning. ahead for you at 5 this morning
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at night.
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