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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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at night. >> and this local school district is the center of an investigation for new pics. where police found naked photos of high school students. >> and first, a look at storm tracker 5. we're keeping an eye on the roads as the wintery mix hits the area. >> and we're waking up this morning to rain, parts of lorain county and into medina right now. this is lighter to moderate rain falling and this is changing throughout the day. we have been talking this morning about that rain-snow mix that is headed for northeast ohio. highs today, this afternoon, rather, around 30 degrees and we're starting warm into the 30s. into the afternoon, things will change. the temperatures dropping and this is what we're talking about throughout the show. why you should stick around. we have knowa arctic air blast on the way and that is not just the snow persisting but temperatures will drop and for
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and in storm tracker 5, somara, you said that arctic air is going to start to move in here. right now, we're still in the upper 30s and to lower 40s. i am travelling along 57 south. i am trying to get to southern into medina, richland here. i want to show you from the radar right now where a good ban of moisture is hitting. it's headed towards you in brunswick and strongsville, the parma area, light to moderate rain right now and you can see that not dealing with too. -- too much. moving out of lorain county. right now, if you're waking up, give yourself extra time. the temperatures cool off throughout the rest of the day and our bridges and roadways will start to get -- [ indiscernible ] and back to you, corrina. >> thank you, jannessa.
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things could get slick as the morning commute picks up. looking at the big picture, looking fine if you're heading out. an accident to report, i-90 westbound at route 91 and farther south, a smooth ride around akron and for drive times, taking you 11 minutes to 90. the average speed is moving along without any issues and traffic is picking up a bit and moving along without any troubles. and to news breaking overnight from the live desk, at least one person is dead in willoughby hills. it involved one vehicle and overnight newstracker on scene for us seeing a car split into two pieces after hitting a highway sign and the right lane is getting by there and police say this is there for awhile and we'll keep you updated on and. breaking news from
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canton in flames. inside, priceless memories. >> and joining us live from baker's cafe, 33 and what is next here, sarah? >> reporter: the owner said he plans to rebuild and reopen and that he feels lucky this morning despite the damage because ingthis can be replaced and people can't. there is a fire truck here still and they plan to be here throughout the morning. yesterday, they were called out here twice. the first fire happened earlier in the morning when the owner small electrical fire. the second blaze was more serious. the firefighters spent time carrying out the memorabilia. items were soot-covered and charred but able to be saved and making it a favorite spot for some of the world's top golfers in the first place. sergio garcia calling it his
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>> and there are pictures of professional golfers any good. you had to be good to make it to the world series of golfer and no you that is gone. you have to be the top 50 in the world and we're blessed they came here. >> the cause of the second fire is under investigation and the owner saying again, he plans to rebuild and reopen. we'll keep you updated. sarah finney, newschannel 5. and police in mansfield making a discov -- disturbing discovery. the officials found human remains believed to be of patsy hudson. she was last seen in july but the family didn't report her missing until december. she did have an argument with her next door neighbors. >> and they turned around and bought all of her cats. she had close to 70 cats running around in the neighborhood. >> and a break in the case last week, remains found in nowhere
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last week, both were arrested on separate warrants and woke card. and they can face more charges. and this morning, the search continues for a driver who entered a -- during a traffic stop and trying to stop the vehicle on state route 225 in portage county. and tracking -- dragging the trooper down the highway, treated and released. the incident is under investigation. and right now, found online. and a local school district at the center of a police investigation. meg shaw is on top of this developing story for you this morning and this is a nightmare for the students and parents. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: i can tell you the site with the nude pictures was taken down and this happened january 27th and twins bug police tell us allegedly several fight -- twinsburg police tell us allegedly
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on tumbler. -- tumblr. the page was removed immediately and just two days later on january 29th, the police issued a warrant to tumblr to preserve information about the blog and the account related. police have not named a suspect in the case and no arrests have been made. and police say once evidence is collected, they will contact the parents of the teen believed to be involved with the page and anyone with information, call twinsburg police meg shaw, newschannel 5. terrence. 5:06 and talk about the reason most of us are yawning this morning. super bowl 50. the broncos celebrating a 24-10 win. look at them there. winning over the panthers. lon miller earned super bowl mvp honors after forcing two sacks. for manning, the victory was the 200th career win and second super bowl championship. and many wondering if he will retire or come back.
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honestly, this is a great way to tire, ride off into the sunset with the two trophies. >> the oldest quarterback to win at 39. and with the super bowl, of course, comes all of the crazy trending moments and lady gag, first national anthem. >> and i like this one. check out the red suit and a lot of people comparing her to effie trinket from the hunger games movie and overall, the consensus is is that she slade the performance. >> incredible. >> and nothing compares to whitney houston. >> never. >> and she's not the only super bowl performer makes headlines. what about this dancing dad? i didn't notice it and that is why i loved to watch it in the morning and this guy is getting caught on camera dancing behind mark aronson, the hottest new mean dad dancing. the fans are sharing this all he has rhythm.
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>> and the next day you go oh, yeah and -- . >> and bruiny mars trash bag jumpsuit. >> and mc hammer is hopefully getting a check for that. 5:07 on your monday morning. i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. >> how others were able to help grant a terminally ill bride her wedding wish. >> and if you plan to go to lunch terrence? >> no. why the popular restaurant chain will be closed. we'll be right back. i'm neil patrick harris and new york i home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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. breaking overnight from the live desk, three survivors pulled from the wreckage of a powerful earthquake, two days after hitting taiwan. one, an 8-year-old girl just pulled out alive and another shielded under the body of her husband and a 42-year-old man also rescued. more than 100 people still believed to be in the collapsed high-rise building. more than 170 rescued and the death toll is at 37. and the race to the white house this morning. we're less than 24 hours away from the start of the first
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a new poll shows donald trump with a growing lead. 32% of voters who plan to take part in the primary will backdrop the race. 16% support marco rubio and 49% back ted cruz. 11% said they will vote -- they will vote for ohio governor john kasich and 7%, jeb bush. and despite the latest polls, the governor continues his campaigning in inform. and john kosich is the only local tv reporter travelling with the governor and brings us the latest. >> reporter: good morning from manchester. the governor john kasich, four town halls scheduled for today. he picked up the endorsements of eight or 9 newspapers with the "boston globe" and new york times. there is one that means as much to him as many. >> and to talk politics, he is to join the company of george
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dole and others. >> there was a piano there and lamar alexander came in and they played the tennessee waltz. >> reporter: you want to run for president, travel to new hampshire and talk to ruth. the passion for the gop and heard it from her father. >> very quote spoken and hated franklin roosevelt. hated him and i remember when hoover lost to him. that was -- you could have hung a black flag out in front of the house. he was wild. >> reporter: we first met her in july when. >> know kasich was courting her support, as you can tell, he won her over. >> and there is a lot of credible. she has ties to the bush family and was shoo george w. bush's state chair. >> reporter: and john weaver is the strategist. >> and shy brought us great credibility and even at 90, she brought us a lot of energy. >> and shares that energy with the support for kasich with everyone, including church friends.
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then they're doing the same thing i am. telling other people. i went to see that john kasich and that is what we said. he's talking common sense. >> reporter: at one point, 3 million people and that is slightly bigger than cuyahoga county and neighbors talking to each other is a big part of the grouped game here. and the game is to get them to the polls on tuesday. and john kosich will have complete coverage of the primary on tuesday and you can look for his reports on air and the news 5 apps. >> and meanwhile, hillary clinton stepped off the campaign trail to make a special trip to flint, michigan. she met with members of the local church where she made a vow to help those affected by the live contaminated water crisis and said, quote, the crisis is i moral and congress should approve $200 million for emergency aid for the city. and it won't be the last
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she's going to be in town next month for a democratic debate that is hosted by cnn. they made the announcement today and a have an use has not been announced and that debate will be on march 6th, two days before the michigan primary. and while winter weather is heading our way this week, a blast of winter is making a beline for the east coast. a blizzard warning in affect for southeast massachusetts. >> and up to 18 inches of snow can fall there today and in eastern connecticut, they can get four to eight inches. classes. and we're expecting some -- [ indiscernible ] and somara has a look at storm tracker 5 this morning and what is the latest on the forecast? >> and that is just rain now and changing throughout the day look at this. the temperatures right now are in the upper 30s. 38 degrees in elyria and 40 in cleveland and parts of millersburg, and you know we
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and for that to be snow and that is why it's rain for now. the system that we have, this area of low pressure is extending from that cold front along that periphery. we tend to see this and that rain building up and it's sweeping from west to east. behind it, there is that shot of cold air we're expecting to last all week and light talk timing on this and 8:30 a.m., we're seeing that rain change over to snow and as that continues to build colder and older -- colder air, we see the rain change over to snow. in the pink, you're noticing that wintery mix and that means roads will be dicey throughout the day and slippery. you can see slush with rain mixing with snow and you can see through wednesday. still, going to be seeing snow sticking around and talk accumulations briefly here. i want you to notice how it builds from west to east and starts off quiet and we get that chance seeing one to three
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like elyria and wooster picking up the bulk of the snow and into wednesday and thursday, that will be the snowbelt and that is a look at your power of 5 forecast. and we'll check in with jannessa. first, a look from odot and this is i-90 at state route 2 and traffic is moving along without troubles and we age picture things to get dicey as the temperature drops and for now, though, looking at the maps, we're a-okay and off to a good start here. 71 and someone -- 77 and 71 northbound, the accident 90 westbound and before route 91 and crews are on the scene there and that right lane is getting by and father ur -- farther south, not a bad ride. things are looking fine and checking out the drive times, without any troubles whatsoever. and jannessa webb is in storm tracker 4 and you're seeing
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changes are in sphere? >> yes, corrina and in storm tracker 5, we're on route 82 and i am trying to get more towards richland county, ashland and into medina where we're finally seeing the transition to a little bit of sleet and snow currently coming down in that area and you can see on route 82 right now. the pavement is wet and temperatures have dropped about 5 degrees and whoever at 35. so, as i was travelling along i- 90, we were into the lower 40s and that is just too warm to sigh any snowfall activities. right now, we're at 35 and temperatures are starting to cool off a bit and if you're waking up, medina and richland county into strongsville and brunswick, you are seeing sleet and i am trying our best to get to storm tracker 5 to where that is currently moving into
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>> and thank you so much. and this morning, a troubling link between adhd and obesity. scientists find girls with the disorder are nearly twice as likely to become obese. the boys are hyperactive and burn off a lot of energy and as active. and you may want to find a backup plan. the restaurant change is locations between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for a food safety meeting and this is after the e. coli of customers. the u.s. justice department is investigating the restaurant for possible criminal activity. and the next story will tug at your heart strings for sure. >> many women dream about their wedding day. for the bride you're about to meet, it was a wish come true. amber is terminally ill and had one wish, a wedding. the staff volunteers and stranger -- strangers made her wish come true.
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as she fights for had -- for hers. >> do you really -- [ indiscernible ] >> when i walked into -- in today and saw her, she looked so beautiful. her eyes were so bright. but that is not a typical day. for her, this is giving her some hope and some brightness in her days and if that is what we can do for her, we're honored. >> her followers, a cake and music, a lot of items were donated to her wedding and it was a beautiful event there. she looks gorgeous. >> stunning. >> ". and time now, 5:20 on your monday and coming up next on good morning cleveland, happy, tiny new year -- happy chinese new year. a special message the facebook ceo has to share. >> and in chinese. >> and more manziel news and plus what the browns head coach is saying about his future: it
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. good monday morning. and we're still talking about the fatal accident in willoughby hills and i-90 westbound about route 91 and crews are investigating the scene getting by right now. and elsewhere, things are looking good.
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with earth having a minimal impact and we'll see rain transition to snow and ice possibly on the roadways and a couple of slowdowns around the akron area and no accidents or major delays to tell you about. ninety eastbound, crocker to the inner belt and what is it looking like? can you really not -- not that busy now, somara and we could see issues. >> and that is during the prime our of rush hour. we see the snow or rain transition into snow and which means things will get dicey and slushy and this is a live look outside from our storm tracker. meteorologist jannessa webb is in there and she's tracking some of the rain and let's go to the radar and areas like medina picking up the lighter rain and into cuia hog aparts of wooster, mansfield and this is what we want to you know about the snow. expecting one to three inches
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terms of accumulation. the snow turns, rain turns into snow this morning and then we start to see wake-up snow under the picture on wednesday and that is a look at the forecast. over to you. >> and manzi heh -- manziel this morning, hess ex- girlfriend accuses him of being abusive and suicidal. >> and hugh jackson expressing concern for both and tells, i hope she's getting the help she needs to move beyond the situation and he added he never talked to her and doesn't know him, but this is not keeping the cast of snl from holding back and taking a swipe about him. >> and acting as cam newton and peyton manning, they sung their own version of ebony and ivory and how cam has a bad rep as a showoff and that white
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to and look at johnny manziel. >> oh, yeah. starting the chinese new year off with great fireworks. the year of the monkey officially begins today. the celebrations they started around the world and here in cleveland. and the neighborhood has several events scheduled during the two-week celebration and we have a link for times and days on the newsnet 5 app. and the facebook ceo along with his wife and daughter are getting in on the lunar new year, too. >> and he's wishing everyone a happy new year. listen to this. impressive they announced their daughter's chinese name to viewers as well. >> so happy new year in chinese. >> impressive. >> i just learned it.
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set, who do you think is flount in chinese? somara theodore. coming up next, you have to stick around for this. another ceo making headlines and this time locally. why he's deciding to give back to the community to a tune of a half million. >> and campus alert, police are looking for two gunmen in cleveland's little italy neighborhood again and good luck.
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. new at 5:30, an iconic restaurant goes up in flames and what the owner is telling us this morning. the roads. one car literally split in half on e-90 and i am getting the latest on two crashes. >> and tracking what could be a messy morning. are dropping. our weather team has you covered. let's start with somara theodore. >> and a lot going on. let's talk about the rain. >> and this is now moving from west to east and areas like lorain, pushing into akron- canton. into this area, the temperatures will drop and this transitions from rain to snow. throughout the morning, we're
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that means it's going to be slushy out there and i want to talk accumulation. and some areas haven't gotten snow and seeing one to three inches of snow. areas like elyria and wooster. that will change as we head through our wednesday and thursday because the wake-up snow will bring more snow and how are the roads looking? >> we're looking okay and seeing a light to moderate rain coming down and getting off of 82 and passing strongsville and as you can see outside and people are starting to get back up and this is a series of two cold fronts that are going to start to move in here. that is what is transitioning. from the radar, i am trying to get to 71 south and i want to
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that is where i have circles there and where some sleet is coming down and not causing major delays but in the afternoon, seeing more >> thank you. we need to get to the breaking news overnight. one person is dead after this hills. morning. the car literally split into two pieces after hitting a highway sign. investigators on the scene and police will be there for awhile and we'll keep you updated. and the coroner on the scene of another accident overnight and this is on i-90 westbound and this is on the exit ramp and we will bring you more information as we get it. and let's look at the roads and just dealing with some rain and that will be transitioning
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telling us and farther south, things are looking good and no major incidents or accidents or delays and drive time is looking good as well and this is a live look from the odot cam. traffic is getting by without problems, terrence. 5:33 and breaking overnight, one of canton's iconic restaurants damaged not once but twice. and the owners could only watch as firefighters pulled out memorabilia, charred and burned and what is the latest, sarah? >> reporter: the owner said he's feeling blessed this morning because no one was hurt and the restaurant can be rebuilt. firefighters still on scene and keeping an eye on everything. that were called out here twice yesterday. the bakers 33 owner said crews put out the fire before returning to battle a bigger blaze. inside, the priceless memento -- mementos including an
5:29 am
the restaurant is a favorite spot since the '80s for golfers. >> and they special people. they do what they do and they care enough to go and can we get any of it out for you. they got out what they could and it's not everything but, you know, and we're insured and things can be replaced. bodies and people can't. >> reporter: officials say the cause of the second fire is still under investigation and that owner saying there are plans to rebuild and reopen. >> thank you, sarah finny. andd now pictures of a dozen female students end up online and some including their names. meg shaw has more. we understand it's been posted on the blog and that is taken down. >> reporter: it was removed
5:30 am
underway and twinsburg police tell us the site was taken down after an officer received information about the page's existence and according to police, multiple nude photos of teenage girls from the twinsburg school district called tumblr. on january 29th, the police issued a warrant to, quote, preserve information about the page and account related. there are no suspects right now and no arrests have been made. and police say once evident is collected from the website, they will contact the parents of the teenagers they believed are involved and they're asking anyone with information about the website or photos to call twinsburg police. 5:35, a disturbing discovery in the search of a missing mansfield woman. the police have found human remains at several locations in richmond county and believe the remains belong to patsy hudson. she was last seen in july and
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her neighbors in custody. they were arrested in tennessee at a roadside camp ground and she disappeared. and police investigating a straight university. yesterday. sorry for the technical difficulties. the officers found a man dead from the gunshot wound and no arrests were made. >> a college soccer player found dead in a creek outside of columbus. the 19-year-old was a freshman at ohio wesleyan university. his body found saturday and his team trying to deal with the tragic news. >> guys were absolutely devastated. everybody like luke has nothing to do with soccer and this is everything to do with luke as a person. >> the police don't know how he died but that they don't suspect foul play. and in cleveland, a case western reserve student robbed at gunpoint and happened in
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two men pulled up to a student in a gray suv and robbed him. the police are looking for the two men. and this morning, the president and ceo much of akron children's hospital is giving back. he and his wife set up a fund foundation. according to, they million dollars. the fund will be used to help organizations they're connected to like the boys and girls club and the red cross. >> great story there. and next on thismond morning, the broncos claim victory. what happened off of the field is getting attention. >> and why the cdc is sorry to women about you it's not backing down on the
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. good morning and welcome back. happy monday morning to you. you are waking up to some rain and snow. if it's not there yet, it's on the way. and we're looking at the purplish color with the pink outline and that is a rain-snow mix. bellville, shelby, miller and vermilion and this is where we're seeing the rain and again, as the temperatures continue to drop thought the morning, this is going to be
5:34 am
see that transition over to snow and into that morning rush hour commute. >> and the cdc apologizing for a recommendation they made that did no the go over well. they said women not on birth control should avoid drinking alcohol and that the risk to babies is too high and a lot of women saying the advice goes way too far and the cdc saying sorry, but they still stand by their advice. and filling out a car before heading to work, the gas prices continue to fall across the country and the national average for a gallon of regular is $1.82 and in northeast ohio, we're paying less and found gas for $1.28 a gallon and this morning. >> megabus is cutting back servicesand ohio and you can no longer get stops in columbus and in cincinnati and you can travel to chicago or new york
5:35 am
and coming up next, a positive pitch. the governor makes a last push in new hampshire and is calling on campaigns to ditch the negativity. >> and then the mapping family celebration and sort of. we have the video that is going
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. we're approaching 5:45 here and breaking overnight, a mid- air collision near los angeles leads to a desperate search over the weekend. the divers recovering two bodies killed in the crash. a 72-year-old woman, a 61-year- old and 81-year-old man are missing. the divers will search again for the other plane involved this morning. >> and this morning issue the united nations promising new sanctions against north korea. the country defied warnings by launching a long-range rocket. it did so, they said, to launch a satellite in the orbit but others believe it was a ballistic missile test and the satellite passed over france where -- san francisco where the super bowl was held an hour after the game ended. scary there.
5:38 am
being part of a plan to blow up an airplane in somalia and a bomb blew a hole in the plane and security video shows one worker handed the laptop to the passenger and he was killed when sucked through the hole in the plane during a flight and two others were injured. and whoever less than 24 hours from the polls opening in new hampshire. and john kosich is with governor kasich as he makes a final push. >> reporter: and governor kasich is leaving nothing on the table today and he campaigned with an extra spring in his test and with that high of the debate saturday night and that is momentum he hopes will carry him into tuesday. >> are you kidding me? this is ridiculous. this is a super bowl today. go home. >> a packed house of several hundred turns out to see him.
5:39 am
>> why don't you take down the negative ads and tell people hours. >> reporter: he emboldedded the debate by his performance. >> the air cleaner and brighter? >> i look at the debate as another hurdle. and when you're running, we were in the 800-meter hurdle. i always thought we overestimated the impact of the debate. i hope this will be one where we will overestimate. we'll see. >> reporter: the end stage of any cam pain is relying on ground game that plays to his strength. >> and woke have hundreds of people knocking doors and it's incredible the phone calls. we're going to do well and i understand this bus is going to south carolina. >> of course, the next primary
5:40 am
he said earlier in the week, he needed to do well here to do bet or there and that is where he will be comed with, as indicated. and john kosich is the only local reporter travelling with the governor of new hampshire and he'll be with him tomorrow and through the primary. see the reports on air and our news net 5 app. and the rain is moving in. how long williate stay -- will it stay? let's go to somara theodore. >> and we're seeing that rain transition to the snow and if you live in mansfield and bellville and areas like shelby, you might be seeing rain-no mix go -- snow mix going on there. is that rain or sleet? that is transitioning and struggling.
5:41 am
four more degrees of a drop, and there well be snow. new london, lorraine and parts of medin a rain for now -- lorain and parts of medin a the temps continue to drop and all will transition into snow. and this is where we're waiting on. the placement of the cold front and we have some cooler air sneaking around and that is where we're -- why we're seeing the rain-snow mix and that is when we're going to see the rain completely turn over to snow and light talk timing and now through tuesday and notice the accumulation and somethings interest says --s some interests. wire kids -- something interesting and things are changing and this is moving through and going to get a good amount of snow in areas like elyria and wooster. one to three inches the next few days and i want you to notice something. it talks about positioning and tells a story o. monday and tuesday, we seed one to three
5:42 am
one to three inches and that is troubles in areas in -- in areas in snowbelt and that is in terps of temperatures. wow, and notice the arctic air blast settling in and overnight lows into the single digits into thursday. i wonder what it's looking like on the road? >> hey, we're seeing a few raindrops like that to the bull's eye area and 71 north travelling into the medina area and those darker greens, the yellow and we're seeing heavier amounts of rain. and you can see that is on the light side and that pavement is wet. the cold front is starring to move in towards western locations and into eerie, huron county and that is where we're going to travel back to get you
5:43 am
sleet-snow mix moisture. it's currently in place and hopefully seeing more snow here. the temperatures drop, and i want to tell everyone we're into the upper 30s and 40s in spots and as temperatures fall, it's going to cause ridges and roadways to get dicey here. wake up and give yourself extra time. >> and thank you, ladies. and looking a the the big picture here, we're a-okay and it's a smooth commute so far and that earlier fatal accident on i-90 before 91 recently billeroo recently cleared and we're moving fine. farther south, thing are looking good. no accidents or major incidents to report for you. drive time, looking good. 13 minutes, 90 eastbound and crocker to the inner belt.
5:44 am
the odot cam on 77 at harvard avenue and there is not a lot going on out there and moving along without issues. and the broncos are getting their super bowl title and they so excited about this. this is a very good time for them. their defense gets most of the credit for the win. everyone is talking about peyton manning this morning. the second super bowl wind and he's the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history at 39 years old. and everyone was asking peyton game. >> and hedommed that question several times and talked about some of his more immediate plans. >> i want to celebrate with my family and teammates and i'm tonight, budweiser. >> bon miller's buying. >> and a spokesperson said that they did not pay him to pension them. apparently, he's the part owner
5:45 am
in louisiana. >> makes sense i was wondering. there is no way he thought to mention that and that is a million dollar reference there. >> his favorite beer. >> and no, he opens them. >> and eli mapping has explaining to do. >> when they solidified win a -- two-point conversion, this happened. the mapping family celebrated but eli and he stared blankly ahead. >> until yesterday, he avoided soup -- had more super bowl rings than his brother. one guy tweeted the video with the caption when your brother brings home a better report card than you. >> and i love that. >> social media can't stop talking about the halftime show. >> and especially beyonce's portion and her dancers were dressed in all black and people
5:46 am
black panther party and that is in the 60s and 70s and her mother tweeted this photo and said -- those are the dancers back stage giving the black power salute. >> and she's bringing up a great conversation and moving in the direction more political and powerful and she is so smart. she dropped her new music video before the super bowl and after, she announced she was going on a world tour. >> and there are no dates here. >> and it's chicago and pittsburgh. i looked it up and detroit. which she will be helping raise money for flynt, michigan. and coming up on your monday morning, wanted. the fbi looking friday next generation of recruits. >> and dragging a trooper down the highway.
5:47 am
. good morning, welcome back. this morning, we're not miss noble. we're in mansfield and expecting to see that rain transition into snow pretty soon. on the surface, not freezing. it's rain on the ground. i thought it was looking at the temperature profile and that is cold through the upper atmosphere in mans shield. and -- mansfield. and that is changing over into snow. there it is, 8:15 a.m. and we see the line go from green to white and highs there? 36 degrees and that is going to be colder, too and talking about the arctic blast settling in as we head towards the end of the week. corrina, over to you. >> and we keeping an eye on the weather transition and the impact on the morning commute. so far, we're issue and accident free. an earlier accident, 90 in willoughby hills and recently cleared. we're clear in that area. farther south in akron, it's this morning. and not a bad ride at all. the drive time is looking good.
5:48 am
eastbound and the average speeds moving along without any trouble and this is a live look from the odot cam and showing us that traffic is moving just fine. 71 at 271, terrence. and corrina the fbi is looking for the next generation of asia. the cleveland office is searching for a few dozen high school students to take part in the future agents program. they started the program last summer and it's see successful, they're expanding. students get to see up close how the fbi works and get hands- on experience. there are a few requirements, though. >> they have to have a 3.0, a u.s. citizens and be in school full time. that can be a private school, homeschooled, public school -- it doesn't matter. >> reporter: this year's future agents and training academy starts june 14th. and next at 6, we're following breaking news from overnight. a deadly light on local highways. corrina pysa getting the latest information into the live desk. >> and chipotle is closing down. it's happening at every location for a few hours.
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next at 6 on good morning
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. an iconic cafe goes up in flames. what the owners are saying about the restaurant's future. >> and plus a local school district is the center of investigation. where police discovered naked photos of high school students.
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our area this morning.
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