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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now at 6:00 a woman attacked inside hopkins airport, how bystanders were able to help catch the man responsible: plus growing concerns over the ohio sex offender system, why neighbors didn't know a teenage rapist lives nearby. first those frigid temperatures in north east ohio some spots hitting digits below zero. >> i mean look at this, below six degrees under clear skies, in medina overnight. and more snow is headed our way. so somara theodore is tracking all of those temps for you. >> i know you guys. it seemed like we were going to get away with it right? we were riding through winter with pretty smooth but we do have snow and cold weather in it. looking at the radar right now this is the residual snow we have left over from yesterday that lake effect snow and now traversing along route 20 so moving this way, north madison, geneva ashtabula up next for a heavier pocket this should be out of your area during your morning commute but we are under a wind chill advisory so it's going to be cold as we
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temperatures feeling like right now, two degrees below zero in wooster as well as canton negative in ash tab you had and that's when you factor in the wind chill. as we head throughout the day highs rich the low 20s. we're going to talk more about that chance for snow returning to the forecast and we could be seeing a major system moving in at the top of next week. kristin? >> not too bad of a friday morning commute want to mention no accidents as of yet but we are starting to see delays especially on the east side, we're talking the shoreway, as well as 90 as people make their way into the city again we are delay free when it comes to that area, but starting to see volume building. when it comes to odot cameras we are showing the traffic is picking up if we take a look 480 and warrensville center road we might have an accident so i'll make sure to check our 5 on your side traffic maps but speeds are moving along at top speeds at this hour. over to you. kristin thank you. breaking overnight from the live desk a suspected police
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ends in a crash. this happened an cedar avenue between east 30 and east 28th street. the car involved had two people inside. it slammed right into a parked car which then hit another parked car and all three vehicles as you'll see are destroyed. well the two in the car taken to the hospital by ems. we'll keep you updated. also breaking a man with a machete terrorizes people at a restaurant in column boss and refuses to stand down to police. that suspect shot and killed by officers. police cornered the man after the attack. he was armed with a machete in one hand, a knife in the other. they tried using a taser but that didn't work. he then lunged at an officer and police opened fire. four victims were hurt in that attack and one critically. well new this morning, for you an attack at cleveland hopkins airport leaves an employee shaken up and puts a homeless man behind bars. >> the assault taking place yesterday and it all started at an atm and the baggage claim area. nick foley live tis morning
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>> reporter: terrence well we are here now in the baggage claim area. we seen our first set of flights come in with passengers making their way in and this baggage claim area is where it all took place yesterday morning. there's an atm behind the camera where police say a female employee got money and withdrew it and made her way to the airport, the elevators you'll see behind me got on to that and that's when investigators say a homeless man got on the elevator behind her and began punching her in the head. that woman got out of the elevator screaming and when a traffic controller and police officer found that man and made the arrest. this is quite a shock for this airport that sees more than 20,000 passengers come in and out of this area each day and that doesn't even include the hundreds of employees that are in or near the airport each day as well. that volume only expected to rise as we get closer to the rnc. passengers we spoke to say it certainly is eye opening when we typically feel secure in airports. take a listen. >> a scary thing to think about
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the situation and hopefully more people can be aware of their surroundings and it doesn't happen as much. >> now police tell us that the homeless man is 5 had year old shelton beard as you said he was taken into custody. the woman is expected to be okay. reporting from hopkins nick foley, news channel 5 back to you. 6:04 now and only on 5 sex offender registries are designed to warn people about possible predators living nearby but no such warning about a tier 3 sex offender for one springfield township neighborhood. sarah is here with us to explain how this happened good morning sarah. >> reporter: good morning terrence . the 18-year-old was first arrested for rape and kidnapping when he was just 15 and now he's back in jail accused of another crime. police believe james lane raped a 12 year old girl inside a summit county home. up to 10% of the more than 1000 registered sex offenders in summit county are under 18. the sheriffs department says it keeps tabs on them but their identities are mostly secret to the public because juvenile
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public registry and police tell us they are allowed to live near schools. it's a disturbing policy even to those in law enforcement. >> i would want to know if my kids are going to school with somebody like that or if somebody is living next door. >> in addition to the new rape charge, lane is facing felony charges for failing to register his address. if you want to see if there are sex offenders living in your neighborhood we have a lincoln our app. jackie? sarah thank you. let's get to a health alert this morning for anyone living in the north high school community in akron. the health department says they have received a confirmed case of tuberculosis within the district. but they cannot elaborate a bit if it was from a student teacher or parent. the health department will be working to notify those who might have been potentially exposed by next week. in ohio the latest round of epa tests revealing four more homes have high levels of lead in their tap water. in addition to the already 30 reported this week.
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submitted water samples for testing. the operator of the water plant under investigation right now accused of waiting months to notify people about contaminated water. recent tests show the villages water plant is lead free. today cuyahoga counties medical examiner along with other county officials plan to release the counties 2015 heroin statistics. the states growing heroin epidemic lead to a record number of deaths in recent years. the announcement is set for 10:00 this morning. terrence? jackie right now the man accused of killing a mother set to face a judge this morning back in january gregory baxter was caught driving 20 miles below the speed limit in a stolen car and when troopers pulled him over he confessed to stabbing his girlfriend tracy bender to death. including murder. three brothers right now in jail indicted in a $4 million food stamp fraud operation. it happened over a period of 12 years . the brothers reportedly used their lorain avenue
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goods to trade customer food stamps for cash and other unauthorized goods. cleveland state students not all too pleased after learning the university is its president again. the university sold his shaker heights home in 2014 after his divorce and they started paying nine. also paying for a decorator. now, he claims the two bedroom entertaining. time is 6:07 only on 5, $15,000 worth of hair weaves snatched from a cleveland heights beauty store. >> it turns out the thieves targeted only the most expensive brands and they smashed the front door of the model beauty shop and they made off with dozens of packs of brazilian and indian human hair. owner bruno kalil already lost business because of it because several customers only want those top shelf extensions before valentine's day. and while he's never had a loss
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>> it's marketing everybody is selling hair, instagram, facebook, they try to resell it right now. >> there's actually been an uptick in hair weave theft nationwide. the stolen hair is often sold on the street out of trunks or in parking lots. well it is the first friday of the christian lent season which means fish frieshad are back and lent is a 40 day period of fasting and usually on friday you don't eat meat. >> so if you go to also our app you'll find a full list of fish fry dates and times. >> good time for fish. love that. also this weekend if feeling lucky the powerball jackpot reached $176 million. but for this weekends drawing it's saturday at 10:59. good luck. 6:08 i'm terrence lee. happy friday. coming up you need to watch out for pep using the new fallen snow as a way to steal from you and your neighbors how the
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plus a verdict in the trial of an nypd officer why prosecutors say his behavior was wreckless.
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it is 6:12 on your friday morning and breaking overnight from the live desk an officer shot and killed while serving an arrest warrant in atlanta, this marks the fifth officer killed in the u.s. in less than four days. officials say major greg barney died following surgery and he was a 25 year veteran. officers returned fire on the suspect who was now in the hospital in critical condition that is the officer there who you just saw. well this follows the shooting death of a sheriffs deputy in colorado on monday. two sheriffs deputies were shot and killed wednesday in maryland and an officer shot wednesday night in north dakotas died yesterday. terrence? information this morning out of new york. a rookie police officer found guilty of manslaughter in the
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also official misconduct. jurors delivered the verdict last night. last november that officer was patrolling a dark public housing stairwell with his gun drawn when he fatally shot an unarmed man. prosecutors said the officer handled his gun wrecklessly and did nothing to help the victim. the officer will be sentenced on april 14 and could face up to 15 years proigns on. and 17 years of silence finally broke in it's a 2020 exclusive every family should see. dianne sawyer sitting down with sue clebold. it is the first time she's speaking publicly about the shooting and you can see her powerful interview you tonight at 9:00 on news channel 5. well call it round two. bernie sanders and hill after clinton on the debate stage last night in milwaukee. their first face to face meet up since sanders landslide victory in new hampshire. hillary clinton had one goal to stop him. but the vermont senator not backing down here, sanders is
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minority voters to prove he can expand his political base. a big issue for clinton is how she's losing the young female vote. >> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified experienced and ready person to be the president and the commander-in-chief. >> those voters will have to decide when they head to the polls next week the next debate for clinton and sanders is march 6. well hot on the web today a hillary clinton plea getting mocked. her campaign sent out an e-mail reading "i'm not kidding, i'm asking to give $1 right this second." someone took a screen shot of this and the hash tag i'm not kidding quickly started trending overnight. also trending this morning a break through that's being called one of the biggest scientific discoveries of the decade. scientists say they witnessed two black holes colliding in deep space. they said gravitation waves
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way to earth like a pebble in a pond. it's something einstein theorized and physicists have been working for a century to prove and now that we know how to detect these waves it opens up a new avenue to understanding the universe. and waves of a different kind also trending this morning, take a look at this surfers in canada hitting the beach yesterday. don't think that's strange? well the temperature was about 28 degrees, somara and snow was on the ground. that did not stop them. >> i have no words. i have no words. >> right? >> okay. >> we'll go ahead and talk about our lake erie where we are seeing lake effect snow being generated just off of mentor as well as ashtabula. let's go ahead and look. so here is what's going on with residual lake effect snow that moved in yesterday and it's sticking around with us in can we zoom in and get closer so you can see what's going on? so it is light to moderate and
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moderate snowfall and it's traveling along route 20 so that is where we're seeing our snow in the snow belt this that it? is it over? no it returns this afternoon. just after 4:00 p.m. that evening rush hour time frame you can expect more snow, everybody will get snow. you'll get snow and we'll see one to four inches of snow possible where those bands persist and stick around into your saturday morning okay? and then we have to talk about the temperatures, the cold air is really starting to dig in here in north east ohio. current temperatures walking out the door right now down to one degrees in millersburg, 10 in wooster and then we factor in this wind chill advisory that sticks with us until february 14 and that means when you walk outside right now, it feels more like negative numbers for our neighbors in ashtabula, canton and wooster as well as new philadelphia feeling like minus four. saturday is the coldest day we've seen all season.
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aware of, we are monitoring another system moving in at the beginning of next week. kristen over to you. >> another one? we just got over the other. okay, well i'm happy to report your morning commute is mostly dry, except for some of those spots out east. you're looking at a live picture odot camera hovering over 71 and bagley traffic picking up but no accidents still let's hope we can keep morning. i am seeing a slow spot here on to pearl road southwest of parma as we make our way into the city that same slow spot looking at on pearl 15 miles per hour just over 90 this morning no accidents though, maybe some areas just a little slick out there as i mentioned from that snow we saw earlier this week. the bridges and overpasses always the first to freeze over the be extra cautious on those. now let's head over to john and 5. >> kristin, we are over top of a scene here in twinsburg,
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scene right now but we don't see any visible smoke or fire or flames here but they are focusing on this house right here on the corner. you can see multiple firefighters on the scene right now but they don't seem overly concerned about anything going on inside of the house. now i also want to point out they do have hoses running from the fire hydrant but again we can't see any visible smoke or corner. fire and emshad along with multiple police units on scene but not much to observe from the air in air tracker and we'll keep you updated on updates from the sky. john, thank you a consumer alert to tell you about this morning. watch for people using the new fallen snow as a way to steal from you and your neighbors. two women called police after they got a funny feeling about a couple of guys knocking on doors asking to shovel snow. they also saw them go around the back of one of their neighbors home when no one answered.
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time and officers were able to catch those guys. >> this just goes to show that neighbors have to watch out for each other and how important the public is in helping us do our job because i have the public calling in on a suspicious vehicle we would have never caught them. >> police say the man did admit to going into one of the homes taking things including a coin collection. you're locking a ever at a mugshot of the suspects and those guys didn't even have shovels. right now a local group of women are making hundreds of quilts every year. >> and it's all for a great cause here. so all the women at fate luthran church need are patches, cotton, needles and thread. the group has been getting together for the past 15 years making what they call care quilts for cancer patients at local hospitals. >> we just enjoy doing it and getting together for a purpose. we have no idea who receives the quilts but they go around and distribute them to their patients. >> last year the women donated 220 care quilts and 15 heart pillows to patience receiving
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cancer center and they hope their actions inspire others to find a way to bring comfort to those who need it. coming up next, a chance at love falls short, how one man says he was tricked into renewing his online dating subscription. plus kanye west more drama surrounding him the lyrics on his new album allegedly aimed at taylor swift and one famous face is offering him millions not to release his latest project. you're watching good morning cleveland on news channel 5. we appreciate it here is a live view from air tracker 5. we'll
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welcome back. our 5 on your side traffic map showing no accidents or incidents however this is the time of the morning where we start to see slow spots let's zoom into our maps and yes, the red. i circled it for you from south point drive to west 14th street is where we're dealing with that. let's get that live odot look 71 and bagley. traffic is picking up that spot not too bad but delays building 71 as you make your way and approach that metro curve spot coming into 90 and looking now at a live shot of air tracker 5 this morning that shot of cold air somara you've been talking about it all morning long we are seeing sum cold temperatures not just the teens, single digits. >> single digits why is the question that i'm going to answer for you now. someone just say somara tell me
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well i want to let you know why we're seeing a shot of cold air. that cold front is getting ready to sweep on through and as it does it is injecting a mass of cold air into north east ohio so temperatures are going to be falling as we head into saturday so this is what you can expect talking single digit temperatures here. how many degrees you'll want i can only give you you one saturday night into sunday it's going to be brutally cold. we have this lake effect snow moving in tonight lasting through your saturday morning and we'll talk timing on that coming up but i just want you to know that even this morning we're waking up to wind chills in the negative so please wear layers . that's a look at the forecast. over to you terrence. well millions of people use online dating sites and the average person spends about $200 a year. >> don't come cheap right? but one north ridgeville man says he did not get what he paid for. he told news can el 5 he was tricked into paying for a new subscription to senior people he received e-mails saying he was favorited and someone wanted to meet him so he paid
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he logged on his in box was empty and his request for a refund denied. >> there were no new favors, not one. and i was disappointed. it's like because that's what i was looking forward to and they said no, you know it's maybe a glitch in our computer, they just send these things out some things get sent out at random. >> the better business bureau says the sites pairing company, people media, they received hundreds of unanswered complaints. so if you file for this kind of scam and maybe feeling a bit sad and especially single on valentine's day have no fear. dairy queen is here for you. >> yes because on valentine's day you can get what they call a singles blizzard treat. just a valentine's day honoring the single folks out there, soft serve ice cream topped with salted caramel, truffles peanut butter cups and topping. >> you can sit alien with your 2000-calories you just ate. trending today americas
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he's looking to expand his collection of rap album and he's coming for kanye west. he tweeted the rapper offering $10 million for his new album and the title keeps changing too by the way. under the terms of this after kanye was would have to release the album to him and him alone so basically his offering to pay kanye not to release the album to the public. the album was already making headlines for lyrics that may diss taylor swift. >> the bad blood brewing between these two again. so the rapper a lewds she wants to sleep with a pop star and says "i made her famous" and there's a curse word in there but i can't say it. >> neither the song nor its lyrics have been released but that loin in question already sparking fire on social media. >> in a way he's using her to get back in the head lines too interesting. well, coming up next we are following a developing story a woman attacked at hopkins
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was targeted. plus disturbing news coming out of columbus after a man starts attacking people at a restaurant. we'll go into break right now leaving you with a look at brandywine. looking great this morning
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good morning cleveland and thanks so much for starting your day with us i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. here is a look at what our team
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amusette it man injuring four people in an ohio restaurant. the latest information just into the live desk. then do you know of a sexual predator is living on your streets? we're looking into this and if the current system is doing enough. plus those temperatures dropping overnight and more snow is headed our way so we start things off with power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore. >> that's right. we've got more snow on the way so let's just focus on the next 12-24 hours how about as we're expecting 1-4 inches and where heavier bands persist that could mean more snow. here is the timing on it. just around that evening rush hour so when you're leaving work headed home you'll be seeing snowfalling and it's scattered in nature which means everyone gets their fair share of lake effect snow as we head through the overnight hours and will stick around until early saturday morning. now hour by hour highs reaching the low 20s today so it is going to be very cold and feel colder with that wind chill advisory in effect until february 14th.
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>> we are dealing with that back up typical spot to see 71 as you approach the metro curve lock at that highlighted it for you and yes, we know this is where it'sreduced to one lane tracking average speeds at 21 miles per hour certainly a she spot circled another slow spot into the metro. let's head outside because i juan to show you that spot on our odot maps crawling along reduced to one lane. we're used to this by now but pack your patience out there let's toss it over to john in air tracker 5 right now. >> kristin, we are over top of 271 a little south of macedonia looking clear on 271 not a lot of folks on the road looks like the traffic is moving pretty smooth in both lanes north and southbound so we'll keep an eye on this down here and also try to find trouble spots for you see where you might be looking out for this morning. back to you. new this morning a woman attacked at cleveland hopkins
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of an atm and it took place as other travelers made their way through the airport. nick foley is there and what have you learned about this attack? >> reporter: jackie we are live here at the baggage claim area where police tell us it all happened yesterday morning. they say a female employee made her way to an atm machine want to show you here. got money out of this machine, withdrew it and then also walked over to the elevator got on the elevator and that is when investigators say a man got on behind her a homeless man, began beating her and hitting her in the head. the woman managed to get out of the elevator screaming for help. traffic controller and a police officer ran after the suspect, tracked him down and made the arrest. this is an airport that sees more than a million passengers come through it each year. in fact it is a number that has been going up since may of 2015 and it is expected to continue to rise as the rnc gets closer not to mention the hundreds of employees like this woman working around the building as well each day.
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is 54 year old shelton beard in custody. the woman is off today but is expected to be okay. reporting from hopkins airport for news channel 5 back to you. nick thank you. a man with a machete terrorizes people at a restaurant in columbus and refuses to stand down to police. we are getting the very latest on this story breaking overnight from the live desk here. that suspect shot and killed by officers. now police say the man attacked several people with a machete inside that restaurant and they tried to pull him over after he drove away. the man later got out of the car armed with a machete in one hand, a knife in the other. police tried using a taser but that didn't work and then he lunged at an officer and police opened fire. >> you know this was a brutal attack and the man walks into people that are just there having dinner and starts attacking them. >> four victims hurt in that machete attack. one in critical condition. police are investigating.
6:34 am
do you know if a possible neighborhood? well one summit county street had no idea a tier 3 sex offender was living right next door and now, he's accused of assaulting a child a second time. sarah looking into the story you'll only see on 5. >> reporter: neighbors are calling discovery absolutely 18-year-old james lane is acused of raping a 12 year old girl inside a home south of akron and this season the first time he's been in trouble with the law. records reveal lane was arrested for rape and kidnapping back in 2013. now pictures of adult tier 3 offenders are on a public registry and people living are notified. but you will not find lane's photo there because he was a juvenile when the first crime occurred. up to 10% of the registered sex offenders are under 18. the sheriffs department says it works to keep an eye on them neighbors of lane. >> i don't care if you're 12 or it don't matter. you rape a little girl or something you're convicted of
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should know about it. >> in addition to the new rape charge, lane is facing felony charges for failing to register his address. if you want to see if there are any sex offend turpitudes living in your neighborhood we have a link at sarah thank you. mangled mains and over grown hooves horses rescued from horrendous conditions in youngstown. firefighters found seven horses when called to a house fire. the animals were living and feeding in healthy stables some with more than a foot of manure inside. >> their hooves are probably in the most horrific condition of any horse i have ever seen since i've been doing animal rescue. >> well the owners will now have to go to court to get those horses back and if they lose, the animal sanctuary will gina don'ting those horses. new information this morning on a bill sent to tamir rice's family. >> the city calling it a case of miscommunication here. mayor frank jackson saying the $500 bill should have never
6:36 am
was paid for by medicaid except for the $500 remainder. the bill was never sent directly to the rise family and said a claim was sent to the person in charge of tamir the city says they asked for a copy of the charges. well another suspect state student. yesterday. 18-year-old nick masahad was shot and child sunday night. the two teenage suspects are charged with delinquency to aggravated murder. also westlake neighborhood will pay tribute to him this weekend. friends will light meadow lane with 200 luminaries and be lit until sunday. well breaking right now this. a live look at that raging fire in new jersey we told you about last hour. this is in hillsboro as you can see the massive five alarm warehouse fire clearly still burning. crews here struggling to put it out strong winds brought alley cold temperatures making that
6:37 am
tell you know reports of injuries. terrence? next on this friday morning, clinton and sanders faceoff with the top takeaways from the democratic debate. another ride removed at cedar point what's coming down and what could take its place but first, somara theodore. >> we are under a wind chill advisory this morning until your valentine's day holiday. temperatures right now feeling more like negative numbers for a lot of us and as we head into the weekend it's only going to get colder so make sure you keep those hearts warm, highs only reaching 18 for your sunday. we'll talk more about snow chances coming up you're
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good morning, to you 6:40 and more changes for cedar point. reports this morning that the park is removing one of its water rides. >> sources telling the sandusky register that crews started to week. we asked cedar point about it and they are not confirming or denying this report but they say they will have news about the 2016 season at an event later this month. now to a recall alert for parents 550 high chairs are being recalled and it's the new baby essential high chair. the consumer product safety commission says the arm bar can bend or break causing kids to fall out. changes on the way for instagram instead of seeing how many likes a video has you'll soon see an actual view counter and still be able to give a
6:41 am
to tap a few more times to see an actual count. a change could help instagram take on its rival vine which shows how many times a video has been looked at. well this story here has a lot of people talking including people in our news room. whole foods soon will let you pick up a bag of kale and get a tatoo at the same time. >> there are new stores will inside. so whole foods says the shops could be anything from fresh juice to a tatoo parlor. >> because why not. whole foods new locations start opening in may. the first one is in la, no word on when we'll see a 365 in cleveland. in downtown, hint hint right? well next on the morning sprint a hair height thousands of dollars worth of hair stolen from a local store, what we are new trend. and snow and speed what's being done to prevent another pile up along a stretch of i90. also we are gearing up for
6:42 am
catch us on facebook starting around 7:05 good morning cleveland will be there and
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welcome to the morning sprint.
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for your friday but 15 minutes of everything you need to know. >> we start with weather and traffic together, somara theodore tracking wicked cold and snow. boy am i doing that let me check for the ledge you got there to make sure i don't fall. so we've got snow let's talk able. this is the remainder snow from yesterday, carried the one and here is the remainder geneva on the lake picking up lighter snow bands, if you live in north madison more no is headed. good news is it's going to clear out in time for the morning commute but more snow on the way. check out this time scale as we push forward through this evening, now i'm expecting one to four inches of snow possible additional as we head through the overnight hours with heavier bands persist that could be a little different, a little more but notice the trend. everybody gets their fair share of snow as we head through tonight, we are going to be seeing scattered snow showers, a little lighter not like what we saw wednesday through thursday. >> thank goodness. now let's go ahead and take a look at the hour by hour
6:46 am
it going to get. how not cold is it going to get. let's talk on that scale temperatures reaching 24 degrees this afternoon and that is because we are under a wind chill advisory so it feels even colder this wind chill advisory is lasting until your valentine's day. here is what it actually feels like out there. temperatures feeling like they are below zero degrees as we wake up this morning in the single digits the actual temperatures though are pretty much in the pre teens and the teens and here is a look at the set up we have at play that cold air sinking and diving deep into north east ohio. blast. day forecast we might not get there but these are the important days saturday and sunday down to the single digits the last thing i want to let you know is we are keeping our eyes on a system that could move in at the beginning of next week. kristin? >> somara not ready for that. i'll tell you though traffic is crawling along 71 and north bound this is at clark where traffic is reduced to one lane. on our maps though, we are
6:47 am
somara you've been talking about all that snow, light snow in lake and ashtabula county it show up on your five on your side traffic maps but 90 has been clear for the most part this morning and not seeing big big back ups as we zoom in though, you could kind of see on our maps that area and i highlighted it there for you the back ups on 71 north from about south point drive all the way past 90 and now time to check in with john and air tracker 5 good morning. >> hi kristin. we are over 71 a little south of the inner belt bridge an area where we usually see traffic backing up this time of the day and that's the case this morning you can see as it goes down to one lynn this traffic really starting to back up again 71 north near the metro curve and 176 and some of the interchange you might be you can see traffic starting to stack up here so if you're headed here this morning want to make sure of that and allow yourself extra time here if
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breaking overnight from the live desk a man with a machete terrorizes people at a restaurant in columbus hurting four people and refuses to stand down to police. the suspect shot and killed by officers. police actually cornered him after the attack. he was armed with a machete in one hand a knife in the other. they tried using a taser but that didn't work so police opened fire after he lunged at an officer. also breaking overnight a car smashes into a utility pole this was chester avenue east 59th street around 3:30. chester was closed down for a little more than an hour at one point wires were hanging down close to the road but chester is back open terrence. now in the morning sprint two stories to help keep you safe. sarah looking into a flaw in the sex offender registry but first we have to go to nick live at cleveland hopkins airport. >> reporter: good morning terrence . we are told by other airport employees that female worker is recovering at home now resting after an attack
6:49 am
police tell us this female employee withdrew some money at an atm machine and then walked over to an elevator got on that elevator when a homeless man got on the elevator with her and began to beat her en the head from behind. the woman was able to get away from the man in the elevator and a traffic controller and police officer ran after the suspect and made an arrest. now this is pretty bold an attack considering that an average of more than 20,000 travelers make their way through the airport every day. a scary scenario to say the least. police say the homeless man is 54 year old shelton beard. he was arrested and taken into custody. again that woman recovering after the attack this morning. reporting from hopkins nick foley, back into the studio. sarah? thank you, nick only on 5 people in a neighborhood say they are absolutely disturbed after finding out a teen sex offender lives nearby. 18-year-old james lane is accused of raping a 12 year old girl inside a home. records reveal he was arrested
6:50 am
officials tell us up to 10% of sex offenders in summit county are under 18. they do not appear on public registries and are allowed to live near schools, however the sheriffs department says it keeps tabs on them in addition to the new rape charge lane is facing felony charges for failing to register his address. if you want to see if there are sex offenders living in your neighborhood we have a link at let's get to a health alert for north high school in akron. the health department says they have received a confirmed case of tuberculosis within the district. but they cannot confirm if it was a student teacher or parent. the health department says they are working to notify anyone who might have been exposed and week. today a cuyahoga county medical examiner along with other county officials plan to release the counties 2015 heroin statistics. the states growing heroin epidemic has load to a record number of deaths in recent years. this announcement is set for 10:00. new this morning cleveland state university planning to
6:51 am
university selling his shaker heights home back in 2014 after his divorce and then started paying for him to live downtown at the nine. now the two bedroom apartment is too small for entertaining and is requesting another home. also new for you another round of testing in ohio . the tests reveal four more homes have high levels of lead in the tap water in addition to the 30 already reported this week. the operator of the water plant there is under investigation accused of waiting months to notify people about the contaminated water. well now to a developing story $15,000 worth of hair weave stolen from a cleveland heights beauty store. thieves smashed the front door off mayfield road and got away with packs of brazilian and indian human hair . there's been an uptick in hair weave thefts nationwide an the stolen hair is often sold out of car trunks in parking lots. right now, three brothers are in jail indicted in a $4 million food stamp fraud operation.
6:52 am
the brothers allegedly used their lorain avenue business, holy land imported goods to trade customer food stamps for cash and other unauthorized goods. now to a traffic alert out thereafter wednesday's 40 vehicle wreck along 90 and lake county. officials are working to make this known problem area safer during snowstorms . the county sheriff is telling us he's looking into brand new technology for the area a room rooman road including possible signs warning drivers to slow it down. he says it will cost money but not as much as the estimated million dollar clean up bill for went's pile p. there's a reason to be happy for the cold weather the medina ice festival starts tonight. the fire and ice tower will be lit at 7:00 if you never seen it is as awesome as it sounds. they light it on fire and there's also ice carving competitions scheduled throughout the weekend as well. well it is the first friday of the christian lent season which means fish fries back.
6:53 am
and many have meat less friday days. >> the church dye o cease has a full list of dates and times which you can find on our app so somara is >> absolutely not. it is freezing but that does fried fish. i'd love it maybe bring it indoors so here is what we're waking up to it feels like temperatures are below zero in wooster and feels like single digits in parts of cleveland, akron and elyria. it's a cold start wear layers especially and kids going to school today hour by hour forecast bringing us about 24- 25 degrees this afternoon so not much hope there. love is in the air and so is that arctic air mass moving in. there for, keep those heart warm on sunday temperatures reaching about 18 degrees. we're going to talk more about those nose chances coming up in the power of 5 forecast the
6:54 am
6:55 am
breaking overnight from the live desk doctors think a detroit woman believed to be infected with the zika virus actually contracted the disease in florida. officials now working to confirm this meantime we are learning about the first deaths associated with the virus three people in venezuela died from complications linked to zika according to the president. so far there is no vaccine and the world health organization just announcing large scale trials are at least 18 months away. terrence and jackie? democratic presidential candidates coming off another debate. >> a lot is on the line heading know that nevada caucus. things got heated between hillary and bernie. the two trading blows about their connections to president obama. on the republican side the seven candidates meet tomorrow for their next debate in detroit. a rookie police officer in new york found guilty of manslaughter in the second degree and official misconduct. last november the officer was patrolling a dark public housing stairwell with his gun drawn when he fatally shot an
6:56 am
that officer will be sentenced in april facing up to 15 years in prison. bill cosby's wife will have to answer questions in his civil lawsuit but she's not going to have to talk about their marriage. a federal judge ruled she can be deposed for that lawsuit but she won't have to answer questions about any private conversations she had with bill. seven women now suing cosby saying he drugged and sexually assaulted them. today the u.s. and russia meeting to work out the terms of a cease fire in syria. leaders say the deal could be implemented next week, however the cease fire does not apply to any terror organization operations in syria. right now the group working out details to expand humanitarian aid. pope francis is traveling to cuba meeting with the leader "eastern orthodox church the historic meeting is planned this afternoon and the first type a pope has met with the russian patriarchs expected to talk about religious reconciliation and the two faiths have been estranged for nearly 1000 years. somara?
6:57 am
seeing temperatures barely break the low 20s today that snow enters the forecast just before rush hour, this evening, so keep that in mind and finally, love is in the air you guys, but so is it going to be very cold, so candles, electric blankets, fireplaces everything kristin? guess what kristin is back. >> you know what it's looking like? >> yes. well look at you. is. yes that is snow however don't panic because you'll see the highway there, you'll see 20 and 90 were green so really not in any major delays no zens you'd think it would be a lot worse right and lake and ashtabula but no. >> moving along just fine. >> that's what i like. oh, there is my baby boy. ending on a high note here. >> yes. >> he's so cute. >> he's been a great baby and i'll tell everybody he sleeps perfectly and he's just an that's not true.
6:58 am
>> no he is an angel. he's the best. >> we missed you. >> join us on facebook live. have a great friday.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. bitter blast.his valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia.e being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sandnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any ground.hat is a low blow. >> and donald trump goesing re-election. >> maybe i get an extra four years. >> as his opponents try to derail his surging campaign.s live. her son was a mass murderer.


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